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Sign Up Pokemon: Rogue League


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There is a pokemon league hidden somewhere. Small Modern Village like towns are scattered through huge lush forests, Mountains, Plains, and Deserts... This place is called... Rogue Continent. It was givin its name for it was like an Outcast Continent... Unknown to the other Regions.

In the middle of a forest is a school. Once kids reach ten years of age they have the choice to go on as trainers or go to this school. Older kids go through 2-5 years of skill raising and schooling. At the end of your 2nd 3rd or 4th year you are given the choice to continue or leave with your licence... 5 years is max.

Each student lives on campus and goes to classes 5 hours a day... The rest of the time is for hanging out, study, or practice battles with practice pokemon the school provides... But here we are at the end of the year. Its the last day of school. Students are again...given their options... Stay or Leave. Only the fifth year studens are forced to leave.

Those who choose to leave are givin a starting Pokemon and sent out with their starting cash. Will you go out on the Journey... or sit around...surrounded by books?


Ok this sign up is different than normal... I will let anyone sign up.. but follow the rules. I will choose Four people to go on to the real play so make your sign ups count!. (and the main point of this is that you are chosing to leave the school...) and the pokemon around here are the normal ones like bulbasaur - tyranitar and then the newest hoenn pokemon too. No made up ones.

First Name:

Last Name:


Age: [i] (11-16) [/i]

Year finishing at School: [i](year 2 3 4 or 5)[/i]

Desired Starting pokemon: [i](List three to five basic Pokemon like houndour, torchic, pidgey and so forth.. no evolved stages or babies... pickachu electabuzz magmar wobbufett jigglypuff clefairy and any other normal basic pokemon that evolve from babies are choosable...just Not the babies.)[/]

[b]Hometown:[/b] ( There four main cities and six small villages...
[b]Cities:[/b] Vanilla Hill (A small city built on a hill in the Grassy Plains), Edgewood (A normal city build in the center of the Froest which is near the school), Lapine Falls (Small city build on and around a large waterfall), And Frost City...(Built in the snowy area on a tall mountain.)
[b] Villages [/b] The villages arent named. They are known by the area they are in. six areas contain villages. [b] Desert, Forest, Plains, Jungle, Mountains, Beach)[/b][/i]

Appearance: [i](Picture or very good descriptions)[/i]

Personality: [i] (How your character thinks, acts, and such)[/i]

Last thing... You gotta send me a PM sample post of how your character would be when alone in the woods with their partner... need some talking...good descriptions, perhaps a sample of how your character battles. But send this to me in a PM.


I hope you people reading this try out... Ill post my sign up later...
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[color=#707875][size=1][b]First Name:[/b] Van

[b]Last Name:[/b] Ambrose

[b]Nickname:[/b] Has none, most people call him Van

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Year finishing at School:[/b] Year 5

[b]Desired Starting pokemon:[/b] Torchic





[b]Hometown:[/b] Vanilla Hill

[b]Appearance:[/b] Think Brock from Pokémon Advanced

[b]Personality:[/b] I'll get back to you[/color][/size]
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First Name:Genim

Last Name:Hurmaru



Year finishing at School: 3

Desired Starting pokemon:Eveeve,Houndour,Murkwow,Seasenl,

Hometown: Lapine Falls

Appearance: Shoulder lengh black hair w/ 2 red strips in front, tan skin,brown eyes,wears a dark red shirt and black pants,a black and red pack.

Personality: Thinks pokemon can be true friends and trust her pokemon.Specal attack the cold shoulder,dosent talk much.One of the top students in her class.Started school at age 9 because her parents bribed the school with cash.Comes from a rich family.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]First Name:[/B] Hidama

[B]Last Name:[/B] Kyoukan

[B]Nickname:[/B] Starr

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Year finishing at School:[/B] 4

[B]Desired Starting pokemon:[/B]
[B][U]Eevee:[/B][/U] evolves into Umbreon
[B][U]Charmander:[/B][/U] Fire
[B][U]Squirtle:[/B][/U] Water
[B][U]Chikorita:[/B][/U] Grass
[B][U]Beldum:[/B][/U] Steel/Psychic

[B]Hometown:[/B] Edgewood

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attatchment- Her hair is dark ocean blue with shimmering light blue streaks. Her clothes are black, blue and the light purple. Her eyes change colors according to her emotions.

[B]Personality:[/B] Starr is a girl that you should not mess with. Although she may seem calm, quiet, and tranquil, she is more than that.

She is a girl who never gives up. She is fearless, perhaps too fearless, vibrant, understanding, loyal to few people, confident, noble, unselfish, fair, and good.

Starr does not judge, show her emotions much, has a small attitude but it quickly changes within situations, defensive aboue her beliefs and friends.

But she is also sarcastic, cool, somewhat aggressive, serious, at times cold, dangerous, deadly- when its needed, and a girl you should not mess with.[/size][/color]
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[color=firebrick]I'm no expert at pokemon but this might be fun so here goes.

Name-Kain Kaedo


Year Finishing at school-4

Desired starting Pokemon-Heracross(if i can have),Rhyhorn,Dratini,Cyndaquil



Personality-Kain is sarcastic,aggressive,straightforward,and very independant.He can hardly ever depend on people for anything and the only things he really trusts are his pokemon.In school Kain was said to have great potential as a trainer because he trusted and loved his pokemon and his pokemon felt the same towards him.

When Kain is in a battle depends on his knowledge of pokemon and fast thinking to pull him threw.

Hope this is good!I'll send you your sample post tomorrow.[/color]
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First Name: David

Last Name: Mironi

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Year finishing at School: 5

Desired Starting Pokemon: Absol, Charmander, Totodile, Bulbasaur, Mudkip

Hometown: Lapine Falls

Appearance: About 6ft. tall. He has brown eyes and brown hair, which he keeps short. He's thin and well-muscled, due to the fact that he works out a lot. He almost never wears anything but shorts and a t-shirt, which are normally white.

Personality: David's the one to turn to when things get ugly. He never gets distracted, thinks very fast, and doesn't back down. If he decides to do something, he's going to do it, and he won't stop until he does. He enjoys Pokemon battles, and can usually be found battleing another trainer. But he dosen't care about winning as much as he does about having fun. He makes sure that he only battles people who he thinks have a chance of beating him, and he's always willing to help others get better.

I hope that's ok.

Blanko, it's not clear to me exactly what you want me to PM you. I think you just want an example of an RPG post, in which case you have plenty of my posts to use. If you want something else, tell me and I'll send it to you.
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First Name: Nathan

Last Name: Reynolds

Nickname: Nate

Age: 14

Year finishing at School: 5

Desired Starting pokemon: Houndour, eevee, Charmander

Hometown: Vanilla Hill

Appearance: Nathan is about 5 foot 3 inches tall, and weights 1oo pounds. He's wather weak for his size, and never has the guts to stop bullies. He normally wears a black bandana folded around his head, with a black visor backwards over top of part of it. He wears a black shirt with a red Dragon on it, and black jeans with a white dragon on the left leg. Has a chain hanging down from clips on both sides, one attached to his wallet, another attached to a pcket on the side. He wears tan boots, that make the already longer-than usualy pants look even bagier, thought they aren't.

Personality: A quiet person, he only talked whe nti's needed, and doesn't answer stupid questions. Prefers to stay as far away from authority as posible, so he always sits in the back. He will gladly defend what is his or what he beleives, weither he shouldn't, or not, though he knows he's probably gonna lose.

And i'll have the pm for you tomorow.

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FN: Kyo
LN: Kyoshiro
NN: Kyo no Ryu
Age: 12
Year: 4
DSP: Charmander(MY FAVORITE!), Totodile, Treeko, Pikachu, Syther
Hometown: Frost City
Appearance: 4'11" black fuzzy hair, purple eyes, blue tunic, blue jeans.
Persona: quiet and acts crazy until he's around friends when he becomes cheerful and friendly. Go figure.

shouldnt there be a bio?
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This Brings back so many memories!!! *crys*

First Name: Nitsuke

Last Name: Cazoma

Nickname: Nit

Age: 12

Year finishing at School: 2

Desired Starting pokemon:

Cyndaquil - Fire

Evee - Normal

Charmander - Fire

Treeko - Grass

Growlith - Fire

Hometown: Mountain Village

Appearance: *see attatchment* and she has a black bandana on her forehead. Black shoes, not black boots.

Personality: Nitsuke is very carefree, but very headstrong as well. She is good at thinking up stratigies, but has alot of trouble remembering tips that other trainers and teachers have taught her.
She doesn't like giving up and she doesn't mind losing unless it was unfair... you don't want to be around her when this happens... everyone has a temper.
She thinks up a lot of wierd things and sometimes freeks people out how her ideas will work. She likes to joke alot, but most of the time they arn't "caught". She has loved Pokemon ever sense she first set eyes on them when she was little.
When she is insulted she just lets it roll off her sholders and then she is on her way, but when someone else is insulted or picked on she will take it seriously and you probably won't want to be around her...again.
When she turned 10 she wanted to leave on her journey right away and learn on her own, but she decided she would need to know a bit more and went to the school.
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First Name: Kayla

Last Name: Shirnam

Nickname: Kay

Age: 14

Year finishing at School: 3

Desired Starting pokemon: Growlithe, Eevee, Oddish, Dratini (in order of, um, wantness)

Hometown: Vanilla Hill

Appearance: Short light pink hair, cut in a bob or sorts. Purple eyes. Wears a white T-shirt with a bright blue star on the front, flared jeans, brown hiking boots, a lavender headband, and blue fingerless gloves. Carries a pink backpack with wings on it. Always wears a silver locket around her neck.

Personality: Bright and cheery, Kay is almost never depressed. She worries about those who are depressed, and will always try to cheer them up. She's quite smart, yet gets distracted easily, gives the impression that she's a scatterbrain. She is always observant, and notices even minute details. She will always help someone in need, friend, stranger, or even enemy, at any cost. She makes friends quite easily, and even reserved people will generally open up to her. She's also an excellent listener, and when the mood strikes, gives excellent advice.
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Um Remember i need a sample RPG Post PM... Ill hoose the select few for the rpg later depending on their sign up and sample pm... Although i may have posted and rpged with some of you before i still need a new sample in my PM box.

Those with decent samples and good signs ups will go on to the play... The reason i didnt put up BIOs for requirements is because its up to you if you want it or not but remember you dont have your pokemon yet so watch it.

my sign up

[b] First Name:[/b] Samantha

[b] Last Name:[/b] Tapping

[b] NickName:[/b] Sam

[b] Age:[/b] 16

[b]Year Finishing At School:[/b] 5

[b]Desired Starting Pokemon:[/b] Scyther, Houndour, Charmander, or Torchic

[b] Hometown:[/b] Ocean Village

[b] Appearance:[/b]

[b] Personality:[/b] Shes stuborn and irritating at times. She doesnt give up and fights for what she believes in. She speaks her mind and sometimes her mouth gets her into trouble... Aside from all that... if you get to know her... Shes very sweet and kind.


Oh by the way... there are 12 gyms ... one in each large city... and one small one in each village... 4 + 6 = 10 which = 2 Gyms are hidden and special.

There are tournaments in Edgewood at times but when they come up depends on my decision.

Shops are located in each area...along with pokemon centers... and um...

these pokemon centers are NOT like the game.. You dont just walk it hand them the pokeballs they heal them and send you on your way. Make it a little more realistc... like the TV show.

Shops and centers are in the villages only and super marts/ malls and hospitals are in the cities...

Just some infor for ya... i will repost this when i start. I am slightly already choosing the in list an the out list. so if you havent sent me a sampe pm please make it good... its what determins your inness or your outness... o course if your sing up wasnt to good that might go against your final score too.

Ill post up my final decision here in a few days once i get samples from everyone... or at least everyone WILLING to send them to me. Those who did not send them... um.. I sent you PMS.
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I am starting the play thread now....so it will be in the Adventure Arena

My choices were hard but now final.

Blanko (Duh)
Kyo No Ryu

Ok.... this is my final choice... It was hard lots of sign ups and samples were good...but i had to choose the one that blended best with this type of rpg. Good Evening and goodnight
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