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Sign Up The Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf


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This will take place in the land of Hyrule, same places, same people, same locations as in Ocarina of Time.
[I]A few years back Link had defeated Ganondorf, the great king of evil, and the six sages locked him away from the land of Hyrule. Link was finally free from his long and hard journey. He decided to settle down and live in Kakariko village. He also now worked at Lon Lon Ranch for a living. As the years moved on, Link grew older. Link often visited all of his friends in the Kokori Forest and would sometimes stop by to see the Gerudos, who were no longer doing the evil deeds Ganondorf had set them to. Link was also doing a fair share in the work of rebuilding the Hyrule castle town as well as the castle. Just as Link thought everything was back to normal.... horrible things started happening, monsters were popping up everywhere again, days were darker always filled with rain. Link knew something bad was going to happen very soon.[/I] And this is where our story starts. Do take note that this is five years after Ganondorfs imprisonment. So Link is Twenty-two.

[b]RPG sign up:[/b]

Name: (Your characters name)
Age: (Characters age)
Gender: (Characters gender)
Appearance: (Characters appearance, please make it detailed.)
Bio: (Characters personality, history aka past)
Weapon: (Characters weapon(s), max is 4)
Magic Powers: (Characters magical skills aka powers, max is 5)


[b]My character sign up:[/b]

Name: Kia
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearence: Kia wears a Kokori green tunic along with brown boots, brown belt, and her hair is blonde with a green ribbon holding it up. She has a necklace with the pendant of the forest on it. She has aqua eyes and thin pink lips. So pretty much she just wears what Kokori's do.
Bio: Kia is one of Links closest childhood friends. She grew up just as Link did, she is a Hylian but was taken in by the Great Deku Tree when she was abandoned right by the forest. As she grew up in the forest, she practiced many martial arts and sword skills. She had also developed a crush on Link over time and was heart broken when he had to leave. As the time passed and she waited for link she became the guardian of the forset because of all of her skills. She protected all of the Kokiri's from the monsters that invaded the forest. One day a strange man dressed in Kokori clothes came to the forest, later Kia found out it was Link. After seven long years he had returned. He came and went, he told Kia of his quest and she agreed to wait for him to finish. When he was done, the monsters vanished and Link returned. He stayed in the forest for about two months and then left for his new life. Kia always looked forward to his visits.....
Weapon: Kia has a forest rod, it holds special powers within it, with all the powers of the forest. She also have a short blade sword and a long bow and arrows.
Magic Powers: Kia has a force field, a power called Courages Ivy, which wraps the foe in a strong ivy that weakens the attack power and leaves you burning. She also has healing powers.
Okay, hope that's good enough!
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[color=royalblue]Name: Link
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearence: see the picture Ohkami posted
Bio: He grew up in the kokiri forest thinking he was a kokiri but he is actully a Hylian. He got a fairy from the great Duku Tree and he helped the Duku Tree then started on his adventure. He found the master sword, locked Ganondwarf away and setteled down in Hyrule.
Weapons: Master sword, Long bow (with ice, fire and light arrows) Hook shot and bombs. (I know its past the limit but can I have the Hammer too?)
Magic Powers: Din's Fire, Nayru's Love and Farore's Wind.[/color]
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Name: Link (Goron Link)

Age: 15 (i guess)

Gender: Male

Appearance: He looks like any normal goron except he wears a thick black belt that carries his weapons and he wears a black parka.

Bio: Link is son of Darunia and was named after the legendary hero of time Link. His father became the fire sage so he was raised to become the next big goron boss. Over the 5 years he has become much braver then he used to be and likes to travel around away from the mountain alot. He is smaller then most gorons so his speed is greater when rolling. He wants to make his father proud by advancing the gorons, but right now he doesn't want to be the boss. He wants adventure.

Weapon: Goron Hammer, Dirk, and Bombs

Magic Powers: He has a pair of drum sticks that he made out of rock. Like the Ocarina, he is able to play beats with the sticks and warp to different areas. He is also able to make a small rock shield that uses up magic and lasts for a minuet or so.
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[color=#707875][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Kai Ambrose

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] Look at my banner.

[b]Bio:[/b] He was born a few weeks after the birth of Link. His parents, though, were killed when he was at the tender age of 3 months old. He, like Link, is also a Hylian but taken under the Great Deku Tree. Since that, he's been raised in the Kokiri forest. He was born with a natural liking to weapons. He's very talented in the way of swords.

[b]Weapon:[/b] See attachment...

[b]Magic Powers:[/b]

[center][b]Ultra Power Spin:[/b] Much like Link's normal Power Spin, but much more powerful. It also has a wider range of attack.

[b]Ultima Bow:[/b] A [u]very[/u] powerful bow that contains 20 arrows on average. [b]MUCH[/b] more powerful than the light arrow. It takes up alot of his energy though. That's why he rarely uses it.[/center]

Hope this is ok. ^^

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Name: Ganondorf
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Appearance: Go Here: [url]http://www.zelda-world.com/ImgartOT/new/ganondorf.jpg[/url]

Bio: A male gerudo, which is believed to only be born every 100 years, who soon became the leader of the Gerudos and then went on a search for the triforce and used Link to open the seal. For seven years he terrorized the land of Hyrule until Link, Zelda, and the sages sealed him into the sacred realm.
Weapon: Sword (I know its from SSBM but it looks cool)
Magic Powers: That light blast attack, the ability to warp and levitate.
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This is for helping purposes for [b]Lord Prozen[/b]
[u]I'll sign up tomorrow.I promise.[/u]

The attachment is a picture of Link for a description.

The Medallion thingies you're talking about are:

[b]Din's Fire:[/b]Creates a large ball of flame around you that expands and kills nearby enemies and lights torches.

[b]Nayru's Love:[/b]Makes a temporary Barrier and temporarily makes Link Invincible.

I Hope I was of some help.

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[b]Name:[/b] Azil Peregrine

[b]Age:[/b] 24

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearence:[/b] Azil (boy) wears pretty much all the same stuff as Link, I mean he even has blue eyes and blonde hair. He carries his sword at his side and quiver/bow on his back. He doesn't have that funky hat thing though.

[b]Bio:[/b] Azil was Link's best friend. He actually went along with Link on aaall his journeys. He never got any credit because Link usually got all the glory (not on purpose) but Azil didn't care, he just wanted one girl and he knew he couldn't have her so he went on fighting in Link's shadow (not literally, Lol). He is also the protecter of Baby Deku Tree. Which is now not a Baby but still a kid.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Bow and Arrows and Sword. Azil was offerred the job of being the Forest Sage but declined because of his adventureds with Link and also he had to stay comitted to the Deku Tree. So all his arrows have this green glowing energy at the tip and when he fires it makes a long stream of green. Same with his sword.

[b]Magic Powers:[/b] Basically the thing with his weapons which is Farore powers. He comes from a long line a forest people, they only know Farore magic. So here is some (i'll add later).

Hope that's good!

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]Okay guys!! Listen up! The RPG is now up and running. I still hope to get more people to join, but I am just anouncing that it is ready. So those of you that have already posted your sign up, go ahead and start the RPG. Hope to see ya all there! ^_^[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Sorry I'm Late!!!

[b]Name:[/b]Mika Sanai
[b]Appearance:[/b]Mika has chocolate brown hair and vibrant emerald eyes.She wears something like what Link wears except it's all blue and she doesn't have the elf hat.
[b]Bio:[/b]Mika's a Hylian girl,born and bred.But when she was younger she ran away from Hyrule and all of the glamour.She ran across Hylian Field and into a large log.Mika was confused but kept walking and soon she reached a small village called Kokiri Village.She was interested and started to get to know people.Then she met Link and Kia.They soon became close friends and talked alot.Mika continued to stay in the village and soon became friends with everyone.She realised that all the people didn't grow.They continued to stay the same year after year.Mika was shocked but soon adapted,even though she was getting older.She even got her own fairy named Machi.
[b]Weapon:[/b]A pair of daggers in sheaths on her belt,a bow with a quiver full of arrows,a double edged sword in a sheath on her back and a Hylian Shield.(She also has a blue ocarina.Very similar to the Ocarina of Time)
[b]Magic Powers:[/b]Mika can control water.Whatever way you can think of controlling water she can do.She can also do a bit of healing.[/color]
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Guest Azure_Skies
Name: Azure

Age: 16

Gender: Female last time I checked
Appearance: I come dressed in fine feathers and shining armor, I have long platinum-blond hair that in thrown into a loose ponytail.

Bio: I come from a land far away to which I was bethrothed to a sick minded man named Sorra. I murdered him to escape enternal torture and thats how I ended up here

Weapon: I bear a lance that folds upon it'self to easily be concealed, I also have a broadsword which I used to cleave my fiancee's skull...

Magic Powers: I can heal the half-dead and can summon demon birds and eagles to mutilate my opponent...

I hope you like my resume'
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Name: Kay
Age: 20
Gender: female
Appearance: long blonde hair, brown boots, Zora tunic(made for a girl though)blue eyes.
Bio: I'm princess Zelda's younger sister. I refused royalty and ran away. I became an outlaw.No one knows much about me...
Weapon: Bow & Arrows, sword, and a ocarnia she uses to preform spells (I recieve it later in the story in the temple of time).
Magic Powers: I can materialize items, heal, and unlock locks.
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Name: Zoe
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Zoe has long blonde hair, and is usually wearing a blue dress that goes down to her knees. She wears tennis shoes, and under her dress she has a blue pair of shorts and a blue close fitting top.
Bio: Zoe is Princess Zelda's twin sister, and Kay older sister. Princess Zoe is younger than Zelda by a full minute. Zoe is sort of a tomboy, but is always willing to help her sisters out. She really doesn't care that much about the whole royalty thing, but stays in Hyrule to protect the people. Zoe is an execelant fighter who was taught by Impa. When she fights she wears her blue outfit, which is why she always has it on. At one point, it was thought that Zoe had a part of the Triforce within her. Altough most people think Zelda got it all, it has never been proven that Zoe doesn't have a small piece of it. She wishes to protect her people...no matter what the cost.
Weapon: A sword like the Sword of Time, that the sages gave her when she was little, and has been using since. Bows, and arrows she uses only when nessicary.
Magic Powers: She has a great ability to heal, and was giving as instument, a harp, that can transport her anywhere she needs to be, and also the ability to control the wind.

hope this is ok Conna!!!
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Another Rp I've wanted to join, I hope this information will be enough.

Name: Hiro

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing as tall as Older Link wearing blue puffy pants and a blue sleeveless shirt. Under the shirt he wears a long white-sleeved shirt in which sleeves are well rounded. The blue and white clothing is both decorated with many golden symbols and a neat gold outline, but over most of this his long cloak covers. His hair spikes upward (think Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho) and is red/silver. An Eye being midnight blue, the other looking the same color but when looked at differently in the light it is crimson. On his forehead wears a golden headband with a blue gem in the middle of it.
On his arms he wears blue and golden arm guards, the guard on his right hand having a jewel in crested to its forehand.

Bio: A boy created from Ganodorf?s last breath before he was sealed away by the sages. He was made for one purpose and one purpose only, to release the seal on Ganodorf. But upon being created (looking the age of 14 or so) he hadn?t known what his purpose was and set out to find it. Wandering around the fields of Hyrule and learning many things, and now to his knowledge his ability to easily use weaponry and magical abilities. (Meaning he is a Gerudo)

Weapon: Two daggers sheathed on each side of him, the sheaths being the same color of most of his clothing and an unbelievable amount of kunais.

Magic Powers: Unlike Ganodorf, he developed the ability to use psychic abilities. (Meaning he can levitate/warp, lift things, blast things with concentrated energy, etc.)

[b]Din?s Rage[/b]: A technique summoning the darkness within Din, it creates a black flame (the hottest type of fire) around the user in a sphere. By command it can be used to expand or become smaller, also can be used as some type of barrier.

[b]Nayru?s Heartbreak[/b]: A technique the summons the darkness of Nayru, instead of creating barrier around the user it creates a barrier around the opponent. The barrier is filled with water so it would be best to knock the wind out of the opponent before using this technique to drown them. Barrier can easily be broken.

[b]Farore?s Shifting Current[/b]: A technique used to beckon the darkness within Farore, not as powerful as the other techniques but could be used as a good combo with Nayru?s Heartbreak. It makes the air around everyone but the user thine so it would be hard to breathe. [/size][/color]
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Name: Lord Kyzidious

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Crimson tunic, black leggings, long black cloak coming up to large golden shoulder flanges. Behind this centered on his back is his quiver, with the bow to the left and staff to the right. His daggers are set along either thigh. He is around 6'4", light set, though muscular. He has long black hair set in a ponytail and green eyes.

Bio: Kyzidious is from the line of ancient rulers that long ago ruled the land now known as Hyrule. When the people that would become the Hyrulians came, they banished the ruling line into a far away and lost land. He seldom speaks of his past, but it is clear that he is a wanderer, endlessly searching for adventure.

Weapon: A long black staff is his main weapon, though he carries a pair of long daggers and a short bow.

Magic Powers: Can heal people, but rarely does as it taxes him greatly. He is can augment his running and jumping powers allowing him to run up to ten times as fast and jump ten times as high. He can fire magical energy blasts from his staff though using these too much rapidly tires him.
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Guest Kanoske
Name: Kanoske

Age: 16

Gender: male

Appearance: Kanoske is a 6'5" muscular teenager, usually wearing a sapphire blue tunic. He has short spiked black hair with sapphire blue tips. His sheathe for his sword matches his uniform sapphire blue and gold.

Bio: Kanoske grew up away from his parents. He stayed in a shrine with his older brothers to become a master swordsman. There was a battle for the shrine he trained at. He, and his brothers fought to keep the shrine safe from the invaders. After hours of klinking of swords, many of the invader's men had fallen, like his brothers. He then retreated to a nearby underground spring to train. After a few years, on his sixteenth birthday, he went back to the shrine to free his master from their clutches. He managed to save his master from them. Kanoske is now a traveler who helps small villages defend themselves.

Weapons: A large sword made of the blades of his brothers swords, the Thunder Blade. A large bow and a quiver that holds 40 arrows. Also his first sword which as been cut down into a dagger.

Magic Powers: Electric shielding
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