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RPG The Legend of Zelda: The Return of Ganondorf


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Kia woke up in her little house made out of a tree. She got up and got ready for the day. As she was about to leave, she remembered that Link was coming to visit today. She did a little dance and ran out of the house. She was greeted by her fairy, Koru. She went to the training grounds for her little sessions with one of the Kokiri boys. She had promised to help him learn some basic fighting. "Eh," She said as she got up there... the grounds were empty. " Hmmm... he must have forgotten about his lession today." Kia walked down the small hill and decided to go visit the Deku Tree. She hopped the stones and walked into the Deku Tree medow. He seemed to be resting still, but she couldn't blame him, she was up quite early. She sat down by him and sighed. There was never any activity in the morning, but that was her faorite part of the day. She did admit to herself that she was still a bit sleepy, so she layed back. She looked at the early morning sky and listened to the birds sweet tunes. She closed her eyes and drifted of into a deep sleep......
OOC: Okay, hope that's okay for a start, yeah I know it's boring, but it'll really start soon! ^_~
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[color=royalblue]Link was riding on Apona through heyrle(sp) field twords the kokiri forest. "I bet everyone will be sleeping when I get there." he reached the entrance of the woods then stoped for a second. "I wonder what people will say once they see how much ive grown." he jumped off Apona and walked into the kokiri forest. just as he thought everyone was still sleeping so he was just walking around. "its been so long since ive come back." he walked over to where Kia was sleeping and shook her a bit. she woke up and looked at link. Then link said "im back"[/color]
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OOC: Maybe you should post this in the sign-up area so everyone knows that it's started.

IC: Link rolled down the steep slope on Death mountain. He zig zagged past rocks and jumped over the spider monsters. He came to an abrupt hault when he reached the gate that led out of the mountain area. The guard noticed him waiting and clicked his spear against the ground and the gate slid open. Link gave a small thanks and then headed threw the town, deciding he should walk, not wanting to run over any chickens.
He greeted the normal people he greeted almost everytime he passed threw. He finally found his way out of the village and rolled his way down the stairs to Hyrule.

"It's good to be out of that mountain!" He exclaimed stretching his limbs as he rolled out his ball shaped form. He decided, for the day, he would go and visit all the other people who lived in Hyrule.
"First stop, Lon Lon Ranch!" He rolled over the bridge and began up the hill to the Ranch.
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Just some more corrections.(Hope I'm not getting annoying.Sorry)
[b]Lord Prozen:[/b]Hyrule and Epona
[COLOR=darkblue]Mika woke up in her tree house.She sat up in bed and her blue fairy floated over.

"Morning Machi."Mika greeted as she got out of bed.She realised that Link was visiting Kokiri Village again.
"OH he's coming back!!"Mika cheered.She got changed and grabbed her weapons and strapped them on.She always carried her weapons.She put on her twin daggers,her double-edged sword,her quiver full of arrows,her Hylian Shield and then she grabbed her bow.It was made of a young willow so it wouldn't break easily.

Mika ran out the door and slid down the ladder.She ran to another ladder and climbed up quickly.She knocked hard on the side of the house.Machi floated up beside her.

"Kia!!Kia!!Get up!!"Mika called.

Mika walked through and gasped.There,beside the bed was a figure in a green tunic with a shield and sword strapped to his back.He had a range of other things too.He was wearing a green hat and blonde hair came out around the edges.

"Link?"Mika whispered.
"Mika.It's me!I'm back."he said looking at her.

Mika ran forward and hugged him.They were the only two Hylians in the village.Machi flew over and said hi to Link.

Kia sat up and hugged Link.They started to all talk to each other and asked Link about what new adventures he had been on.Link laughed and told them stories of his adventures and the two girls and the fairies listened intently.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Ok, Ohkami, just to clear some things up. I, to, am a Hylian as are some others that live in the forest. Plus I was in the Deku Tree Meadow when I fell asleep. ^^;; But I guess I'll just start it back at my house. Just thought I might say those things!

IC: Kia listened quietly and interested to Link's many stories. When he finished, she shared what had been happening as well in the forest. "I'm suprised you have waited three whole years to come visit us again! I mean, you practically visited us every week for the first two years after you had beat Ganondorf! Why the wait?" Kia rambled on in a scolding voice. She looked to Mika who was nodding her head in agreement. Kia looked back to Link, who was looking at his boots sheepishly. "Hmmm.... have you heard from Saria recently? We have all been dieing to hear from her and waiting to hear what she has to say about being a sage." She moved on. Kia got up to give Link a look over. "My you sure have grown in the last three years."
"As have the two of you." He replied.
"You must give us a tour of Hyrule one of these days!" Kia and Mika said at the same time.
Link just laughed. "Yes, I guess I do need to, but first we must take a walk through the forest. It's been so long since we have walked together.... the three of us."
Kia smirked,"Well, that's mostly your fault, now isn't it? But, it would be nice, so yes, let us walk!" She dragged the two of them out of her house and they started to walk along in the early morning light.
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Ganondorf once again awoke to see what he saw everytime he did wake up, floating in a pure white void. He sat up, but he was still floating. He remained still for several minutes, as if he was meditating.

Suddenly, Ganondorf formed fists from his hands as he stood up, his arms stretched out from his sides, dark energy surrounded him as he started to scream aloud.

The dark energy around Ganondorf surrounded him completely, making a small barrier. In minutes the once white void had becomed changed into a void of black and purple. He then started to hear the sound of glass cracking over his screaming. But suddenly he stopped, and the void returned to white, and the dark energy around him was gone.

Ganondorf lied down, still floating as he breathed heavily, sweat on his face. He closed his eyes.

[i]"Curses, I was so close again. Doesn't matter. I have all the time in the world. But soon I will be able to destroy this cursed void and return back to Hyrule, and get my revenge. Besides, I am aware of what happens everytime try to escape. Hyrule becomes a darker place,"[/i] Ganondorf thought to himself as he soon fell into a deep sleep.
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Mika ran forward and hugged him.They were the only two Hylians in the village.Machi flew over and said hi to Link.

[color=#707875][size=1]OOC: I'm Hylian too, Ohkami. A helpful hint, read other people's sign-ups to re-assure yourself of certain info.


[i]Kai slowly opened his eyes. He was resting atop the cliff that led towards the Lost Woods. It was a pretty bright day, not to mention sunny. He had to quickly close his eyes again, in order to not get blinded. He heard a yell.[/i]

[b]Kai:[/b] Wonder what it is...

[i]He got up, not bothering to pick up his sword, shield or bow. He searched around the village, looking for where the noise was coming from. He then came to look towards Link's old tree house.[/i]

[b]Kai:[/b] Wha...? There's a light in the window. Could he be... back?!

[i]He strapped on his sword sheath, shield, and bow. He then rushed off down the cliff path towards Link's house...[/i][/color][/size]
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Kay walked out of Hyrule Castle. Her sister was such a burden to her. "Go find Link and tell him I need to speak with him," Kay said mocking her older sister. She walked slowly to Kokiri forest, becoming ever so cautious as the sun went down. She started to run...she knew monters have been popping up and she only had one arrow left. Finally as the moon was just starting to come up she arrived at the forest. She enered the forest but proceed to the lost woods. She kept going every which way but ended up at the front of the mazed woods again. Finally she decided to sit and wait by the woods' entrance for Link.

OOC:I'm also Hylian as well...
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Kia, Mika, and Link walked throught the forest. They talked, laughed, and watched the beauty of the day. They finally reached the Forest Temple in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Link walked over to the stump Saria had always sat on while she had played the ocarina all those days. He sat down, took out his ocarina, closed his eyes, and played the song Saria had played. I joined in and soon later Mika was playing along as well. The song brought the area around them alive with life. Animals came out, many plants unfolded. The sound of the music engulfed them, the minutes passed by. Finally he stopped, as did we. "I miss her." He whispered. Kia looked to the ground, but there was a sound of a voice. She looked up, she saw the others heard it as well. It sounded like a voice. "Hello?.... Hello?! Who is this calling me? Wait.... is that.... is that you Link???" Kia was positive it was Saria.
"Ye--- Yes! It's me!" Link yelled in reply
"Link! Yes, I knew it was you! It's so good to hear from you!" Came the cheery voice of Saria.
"Saria.... Saria!!! It is I too! Kia, you do remember me... don't you?" Kia yelled.
"Kia! Yes yes yes! Of course I remember you! How could I forget one of my best friends? It's so good to hear from you all!" She replied.
"Mika is here as well!" Kia added," So, tell us, what is it like top be a sage?"
"What is it like to be a sage you ask? Well, it's all right." She giggled, " All I really do anymore is make sure Ganondorf is kept in the void and watch over all of you. Oh no! I'm soooo sorry guys, but I need to go.... it seems Ganondorf has been trying to get out again. Duty calls. Please, call for me later. I wish to talk to you again soon. Good bye!!" Her voice faded into the distance.
"Good bye" Kia yelled. Mika's and Link's farewell softly echoed after hers.
"I hope we can talk to her soon......" Mika said as they started walking back to the village.
[i]Me to, I truly hope we can. Better yet, I wish she could return to the forest.... for at least a day. I am longing to see her face again. It wouldn't have changed a bit, but mine will continue to change.[/i] Kia thought. They entered the village, Kia wondered what they should do for the rest of the day. By the time they got back it was just about dark. The Kokiri kids were doing the last bit of playing, training, and shopping they could for the day. She smiled and took a good look at the forest, for soon she would be seeing Hyrule.
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Kay spotted Mika, Kia, and Link as walked out of the Lost Woods. She stood up imediately. "Are you Link?" She asked. "Yes, I'm Link. Why? Who are you?" Link replied. Kay frowned as she mentioned her sister, "I'm Kay. And my older sister, Princess Zelda says she has a new prophecy. She claims that Ganodorf will return soon and that you must go and defeat him once again," Kay said flatly, "she also wants you to go back to Hyrule castle so she may speak more with you of this so called prophicy." Link looked a bit confused, "Zelda has a sister? Oh Well. Did she say when he would return?" He said. Kay put her arms behind her head and said with an attitude "yeah...she said he's coming soon." "That's not exactly what I meant," Link said. Kay started walking off, "Oh well, my job is done here, so I'm off. If my instintics are correct,as they usually are,we will meet again and next time won't be a happy reunion." She said leaving the village, she knew also what will happen in the near future. She had to train...
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Kia, Mika, and Link watched as Kay left. Link was the first to speak. "Well... that was strange."
"Indeed, it was very strange." Mika said. Kia she kept looking at the area through which the girl had just left. Somehow, just somehow, she felt like she knew her. Mika poked her hard in the side. Kia turned around see Link and Mika stareing at her. Kia shook her head and apologized. They walked to Link's house and said good night. He had decided to stay for the night and in the morning they would head out for Hyrule. Mika and Kia went their own ways and headed to their houses.
Kia opened her door and sat on her chair. She sat there thinking for a few moments, then got up and had some bread for supper. She soon tried to sleep, but could not. Kia got up and walked out into the cool night breeze. She watched all the spirits roam freely through the dark. She looked up to her fairy, Koru. "What's wrong?" Koru asked in his high voice.
"I'm not sure, there are so many things on my mind, I just cannot sleep. I'm sorry for keeping you up as well. You may sleep if you wish." Kia replied. So Koru hid inside her tunic's collar. She felt his tingling warmth on her neck. She quietly headed down the ladder. She walked through the small village, smiling as she passed all of her friends houses.[i] Maybe I should be on guard duty more often now that I know Ganondorf is coming. I have noticed more monsters popping up lately. To bad the Deku Tree isn't fully grown yet, then he could protect the forest on his own. After all, I am the forest guardian untill he is older.[/i] She thought ending with a sigh. She went up the hill to the training grounds. She sat on the fence, took out her ocarina, and played. She felt she could do this for the rest of her life. The sweet sound echoed through the forest and was caried everywhere by the wind. She felt Koru relax in her collar and the spirits gathered around.
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[color=royalblue]Link heared Kia playing her ocarina and went out to talk to her. "what are you doing still up Kia?" Link asked her. "I just couldent sleep" replied Kia. "why? is somthing on your mind?" asked Link. "yes actully" she said. "that girl who had that message for you....I dont know why but I feal like I know her." Kia said. "but how could you know her?" asked Link. "I dont know." replied Kia. "well if were gonna be heading for Hyrule tommorow then you should try to get some sleep." said Link. Kia smiled and said "yea I guess your right." then they both said goodnight and went back to their houses.[/color]
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Kia hesitated before she opened her door. She turned back and looked at the village once more before she went back in. She let Koru out of her collar once she reached inside. He floated dazily around and then rested on his little lofted bed. Kia layed on her bed and fell asleep rather fast.
Kia awoke earlier in the morning. She got up and say that Koru was still sleeping. She went over and grabbed her breakfast. "Mmmm..... Nuts, berries, bread, jam, and Lon Lon Milk!" She looked again for something else and found an egg. She cooked that to go along with everything else. After she had eaten, she woke Koru. She put the sleepy fairy in her collar. Kia walked out in to the village. She jumped to the ground, not bothering with the ladder. It seemed as she was up early again.[i] All for the better. I can pick up supplies and tell the Deku Tree we are planning to leave. Then I can be ready to go![/i] She thought cheerfully. [i]At least the shop is open in the early moring.[/i]She thought as she hopped the rocks across the water to the little shop. She was happily greeted by the little shop keeper. "What may I get you today, Kia?" He asked, with a warm smile on his face.
"Hmmm, I need some arrows, a Hylian sheild, and some potions. One of each potion please." She replied looking everything over. Kia watched him as he jumped for each thing, he put everything on the counter.
"One hundred fifty rupees, that's what it all come up to!" He said as he watched her take out the money. She handed it over, gathered up her things, and said thanks. She walked out of the shop and went home. She gathered all the things she needed for the journey and put them in her pack. She slipped it on her back and left again. This time she went past the shop to the Deku Tree Meadow. She entered the tree's home. Kia was relieved to see he was awake. "Hello!" He called to Kia.
"Hi! I came to tell you that Mika and I will be leaving for a few days." Kia told him as she aproached him.
"That's fine, you are going with Link. Am I correct?" He replied.
"Yes, we are going to see Hyrule for a few days. It's been so long since I have been around Hyrule."
"Wonderful. I hope you have a good time!" He said happily.
Kia ran back into the village and gave the Deku Tree a friendly wave. Kia trained and talked with Koru as she waited for Link and Mika. She finally sat down to rest when the sun had fully risen. She looked at the sky and watched clouds go by.
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OOC: Sorry for lack of postage

IC: Link rolled over and stopped at the intrace to the Kokiri forest. He had never been here before, but he would really like to see the Link he was named after again. He hadn't seen him in a few years. It was because of this Link that he had become much braver over the years. He took a deep breath and rolled over the bridge leading to the village. He added on an extra burst of speed, just incase anything attacked him.

As soon as he crossed the bridge and entered the village something tripped over him and he heard a few people yelling. [I]What did I do know?[/I] He thought to himself as the yells suddenly stopped. He heard metal being scrapped. Weapons? It must be. That metal sound was the sound of a sword being pulled from a scabbard. As he was curled up he grabbed the hilt of his dagger and then sprung out of the ball position and spun around to face the enimies.

There were 3 of them. Each had a fairy floating next to them. There were 2 girls and a man. Wait... Link knew that man!
"Link?" The goron Link asked as his eyes rested on him. The Hylian Link squinted at him for a minuet and then he smiled. "Well if it isn't my little goron Link... Didn't expect to see you here." He put his sword up and then walked over to the goron to greet him. The two girls had a baffled look on their faces.

OOC: I wasn't really sure of all the people who were going to Hyrule. Tell me if im wrong.
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OOC: Of course, even Azel's best friend (Link) forgets about him. Maybe you people should read my sign-up. I go with Link on all our journies. :bawl: By the way I to am Hylian.

"Long time no see." said a familiar voice. Everyone jumped and turned around. They saw that Azel -Link's best friend- was there the whole time.
"Oh! Azel! I'm sorry you must've been here the whole time!" said The Kokiri Link with a sweat.
"Don't worry. *sigh* I'm used to it." said Azel gloomly.
"And I guess that no one is even the slightest bit happy to see me back. Even when Link got a hug. Like always my friend" Azel walked up to Link. "You get all the girls." finished Azel.

Sorry it's so small but I really have to go.
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Kia blushed at Azel's reply. "Sorry. Gah, sometimes I get to cought up in things. It's great to see you! But why must you always stay in the shadows? No wonder people never see you." She said. She smiled and gave him a friendly hug. Then she turned to the goron who had also appeared. "Who is this?" Kia asked puzzled. Link walked over and introduced them to his goron friend. Kia turned around to where Azel was, only to see him creeping back into the shadows. She took his hand before he completely disappeared and pulled him back out in the open. She gave him an odd look, as he did the same.
Kia had an interesting time talking to the goron named after Link and Azel. After awhile she realized they were running behind on the plans they had made.[i]Oh, screw the plans for now. We can wait till tomorrow. Plus, I've never talked to a goron before.[/i] She thought to herself.
When the sun told her that it was noon, she left the others to get some food for everyone. She rushed to her house and came back with a full lunch for everyone. After they all had their share of food, they decided to give the goron a tour of the forest.
When the day was done, the goron stayed in Link's house for the night. He had decided to leave in the morning when everyone else would be heading out as well.
So, everyone said their good-nights and went to their houses. But Kia caught Azel going the opposite direction of his old house. She caught up to him. "What are you planning on doing?" She asked softly.
"Hmph. I'm going for a walk, what does it look like? Why do you insist on bugging me?" He replied flatly.
" 'Bugging you'? I hardly call trying to spend time with you, 'bugging' you! Besides, I thought you wanted to be noticed." Kia said harshly.
"Sure I want to be noticed. But you are noticing me to much!" He mumbled.
"Feh! Fine, I'll just leave then. Geeezzz Azel, moody much? Anyway... later." Kia said as she turned around to leave. Azel stopped and reached out for her hand.
"Wait.... don't leave. I guess I would like some company on this little walk. I mean, it's been so long since I've talked to you." He said.
"Eh? Oh, alright." Kia said in reply as a smile spread on her face. So they walked into the forest, talking all the way.
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The last ray of light fell apon Hyrule Field as Zoe stood on top of the castle roof surveying the land. "It's just so beutiful", she said to herself as she took a deep breathe of air. She looked down and saw her little sister playing in the city before the bell tolled to bring up the gate. "Everything is so peacefull, why does it have to end." She looked over to the temple of time and sighed. "Why do all the prophecies have to come true? Why can't we live in peace forever?" she thought.
"Zoe! Zoe!" came Zelda's voice from down below. "Come on inside or your catch a cold!"
"Coming," Zoe said as she slid down the roof and jumped off. "Catch a cold, yeah right, like that would ever happen. "Come on Kay!" she yelled as she entered the castle. Kay relutatly followed as the evening bell rang.
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It was a sunny day outside, this was the day that Link and the others were suppose to go to Hyrule Castle right? Well, he hadn?t known that, not even them, the Gerudos had known about that. They having the time of their lives, being free from the clutches of evil and Ganodorf, and went about their lives still sharpening their skills. Having children every now and then somehow, and they always being females in which would become great warriors to protect their lands. A sunny day I had said right? Well, that day had quickly turned dark as a black cloud hovered above the Gerudo lands.

Everyone in that village would look up at the all of a sudden dark day, and in a flash of lightning a figure floated above them all. From where they stood, everything on that figure was darkness except for its right eye, which was a crimson color. Another thing that was noticed was its cloak which was blown with a dark wind,? Hello my fellow Gerudos?? spoke the figure looking down upon all of them.

None of them had answered, just looked upon each other knowing that the figure was a male and the only male that had been born was Ganodorf. After a few more seconds of whispering one of them had called out to the figure asking,? Who are you? You could not be a Gerudo! The only male Gerudo was sealed a few years ago!? after that was said; voices arose from the crowd of females, agreeing with what had just been said.

?So?you want to know who I am? Heh, well, to put it bluntly?I am your new master??

?New Master? What is THAT suppose to mean??

?Heh, simple?? replied the figure,? either you give up your freedom and your land?or I have to take it with force?so?its your choice, the easy way? Or the hard way? It wouldn?t much matter to me, I know the outcome of each one??

With this, the figure would heard the unsheathing of many weapons sweep throughout the crowd. A sigh coming from him as this happened,? Well?it looks as if we are going to have to do it, the hard way?? and with those words said, he brought his hands out of his cloak, and then rested it on the sheaths of his daggers.

A loud battle cry came from the Gerudos once he had swooped down from the air, they instantly following his movements as this happened. He went for one Gerudo who would seem to be standing there awaiting him, and with a swoop of his left hand, he swung his dagger right toward that one. That Gerudo easily blocked the attack, both of their weapons ringing throughout the valley. But at the same time as this, he would push forward, sending a wave of psychic energy toward everyone. The Gerudo he fought being blown into a nearby house and leaving a dent there.

Landing on the ground now, he would duck down as a spear?s head went sweeping above his head. Now, using force with his legs, he would push off upward to slam the blunt edge of his blade into that unguarded Gerudo?s side. Once this happened, he quickly lifted himself into the air to dodge the many incoming weapons that were targeted at him. Landing up top a house, he would sheath both of his weapons and then take out a few kunais, holding them between each finger. Flinging them toward most of the Gerudo, he would watch as half of them fell on their knees from an injury.

Now launching into the air, he would acrobatically do aerial flips with his legs straight and landing in the middle of a crowd of Gerudo. Easily evading their attacks, the unknown figure would ram a fist, knee, palm, and elbow, into many of them around him. In the course of 5 minutes, he had defeated everyone in that valley, and stood proudly with his arms crossed over his chest. Those midnight blue eyes of his would look down at most of the Gerudo, who would seem to try and stand, but fell back down from injuries.

With a grin across those vile lips of his he would speak,? Hah, you foolish Gerudo. You shall bow down to your temporary master, for now on call me by the title Master Hiro?? that grin had widened once he heard the reaction of the rest of the Gerudo,? But shortly, we will be visited by Lord Ganodorf?!?

OOC: This is just the beginning, I have to find a few things before I can destroy the seal on Ganodorf so the guy who Role Plays him, sit tight! You?ll be coming out very soon. Oh..and I ask that no one control my character please, every reaction could shift my way of planning things. ^.^ [/size][/color]
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It was day and everyone was heading out to Hyrule. As Kia and the others left for their fews days she thought of the night before when she had taken that walk with Azel.[i] He really isn't as bad as he seems when you actually talk to him. He was nice last night, he just needs to be noticed more often and given more attention.[/i] Kia thought as she walked along the path ahead of everyone. She looked back to see Azel walking a little farther from the rest, looking at the ground as he walked. She then looked at Mika and Link happily chattering behind her. Kia also remembered that the goron had left earlier, right before they had to visit other parts. At the current moment they were heading twords Lon Lon Ranch to borrow some horses to make the journey easier. Kia looked ahead to see Koru floating happily in the sunlight. She looked around.... it had been so long since she had been in Hyrules open lands. She looked in every direction, but wait, that was odd. When she looked at a certain patch of sky, it was as dark as night. If she could recall, that was the Gerudo lands. But soon the sky cleared. She shook her head.... was she seeing things?
When they had reached Lon Lon Ranch it was just about noon, maybe a little sooner. As they walked into the ranch grounds, a beautiful song came over them. Kia soon learned it was a girl named Malon, the ranch owners daughter. Link introduced them to Malon, they all recieved a warm welcome. Malon seemed to be a rather nice, bubbly girl and Kia took a quick liking to her. Malon had invited them to stay for lunch, they quickly accepted.
After lunch they had a little tour of the ranch and were soon off with some horses. Kia had wished to stay a bit longer, but knew they had to go on.
[i]Next stop.... Hyrule Castle Town! I've always wanted to see the castle and the big town Link had told so much about.[/i]Kia thought gleefully.
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A surge of pain shot through Zoe's body, almost like she was electricuted, as she stood on top of the roof, this time of the Temple Of Time. It was mid-day and the city was bustling with the market people trying to sell their goods.
"What is this pain i am feeling?" Zoe thought as she grabbed her chest. "Could this mean...?" She looked toward the direction of the Gerudo lands and saw a black and omnious cloud hanging over it, and then in a flash it was gone. "No." Zoe said to herself as she slid off the roof, and ran into the Temple of Time.
"Please Impa," she said as she fell on the knelt on the floor before the Door of Time. "I need your help. I don't know what to do!"
There was silence, and then like a whisper came Impa's voice. "You are strong enough. You can do it?"
"But what about...?" Zoe began.
"They are coming. Go and great them." came Impa's voice as it soon vanished.
Zoe stood up, and walked out of the Temple.
"Don't worry Impa, I'll protect them." she said as she walked out into the market place.
"Hey! Princess Zoe!" came the voice of a little boy. "Will you come eat lunch with us?"
"Sure!" Zoe said as she took the little boys hand and followed him. "Better than eating in the castle." she thought to herself.
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As Kia and the others rode out of Lon Lon Ranch with the horses, everything seemed just as planned. It was nice to feel the breeze flow through her hair and have the warm sunshine fall on her face. She wasn't that sure how to ride a horse and neither did Mika, so they were starting out slow. Which was nice, because she didn't want to miss a bit of gorgeous land. All of the sudden her horse, Sasha, started speeding up. "Woah, slow down girl!.... YEILD!!!! STOP!" Kia said rather loudly. But Sasha just kept going fatser! The air stung her eyes and her hair was billowing wildly behind her. "Help! How do you stop this thing!!" She yelled, she got no reply so she looked back at the others. Thier horses were going crazy too! Mika had been flipped off her horse and she was sitting on the ground, horror spread across her face. Azel was trying to calm his horse as his was going in the different direction and Link doing the same. Kia looked forward but realized to late her terrible fate. Just as quickly as she was on Sasha, she was thrown off, she went flying and hit the Castle town wall, and then slipped into the moat.... unconcious.
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OOC: I'm gonna post once more time before anyone else does. It seems it's only a 3 person Rp at the moment, maybe we should await other people to post after I do? ^.^


Chains were upon most of the Gerudo, some of them rooting in the dungeons for disobeying the laws of Hiro. Many pure black figures of monsters walked about the Gerudo Valley, at the peak of the valley sat a mini-castle, which had evil emitting from every inch of its structure. Inside it, Hiro sat in his throne, resting his head on his right fist as he sat, until a Gerudo ran into the room.

?We have the locations,? she would say before throwing a map toward Hiro. The map stopped right in front of him before unfolding itself and he looked upon the locations.

?Hmph, good work. Tell the people of the valley they can rest for the day, I?ll have some of my monsters guard the place,? he would reply before walking out and stood in front of his castle. With a smirk over his face, he levitated into the air, shifted himself so he would be pointing toward Death Mountain. His form and body had disappeared in a show of dark purple light, he appearing right in front of the Goron Village.

Entering now, the mysterious boy would look down to see a few Goron?s rolling around, the children having fun, some working. One of them had stopped and walked over greeting him, but the only reply he would get was a hand. Forming around the hand was concentrated energy, it only taking a second to gather before that Goron was blasted. The beam wasn?t able to go through its hard skin, but was strong enough to leave a light dent in him.

?What?s going on?? asked a Goron who was coming from the side, once seeing this he would call out, summoning more Goron?s to come.

?Where is he?? Hiro asked them.

?Who do you speak of?? one answered.

?Your leader, the Fire Sage?Darunia??

?Why do you want to speak with him??

?Why must you ask questions? Bring me the Fire Sage, or prepare, for battle?!? declaring this, Hiro would slide his right hand down to the hilt of one of his daggers. The Goron?s surrounding the young boy, who would seem to stand there without a care, his long cloak somewhat flowing in no type of wind.

Everything was silent as this was happening, the female Gorons (if there is any) running into their houses with their children and quickly moving a bolder in front of the door. Dead silence was over the boy and the crowd, until one of the Gorons stupidity cried out, a battle cry I would say. Running toward Hiro, that Goron would swing a large rock fist toward him. It would seem Hiro had disappeared, the Goron looking around until he found him. Hiro stood on one of his knuckles, and then raced down his arm unsheathing one dagger before slamming the dull blunt edge of it into that Goron?s neck.

Flipping off of that one, he wouldn?t land on the ground, just hovered above it. He did a gesture with his left hand, challenging the rest of them to come at him. And as he suspected, they did, some ran, others rolls, some jumped into the air trying to attack him, but most all of the attacks had failed. A large wave a psychic energy swept throughout the crowd, and in the matter of seconds, all the Gorons who had decided to fight him were dented into the wall. Hiro hadn?t known why he would always unsheathe his daggers; he never ended using it at all.

Walking up to one of the fallen Goron, he knelt down and grabbed that one by the throat. Easily lifting him into the air, he would tilt his head to the side and ask,? Where is the Fire Sage? Tell me, or everyone here dies??

?He?he?s in the Fire Temple! Please, don?t kill anyone, just do what you need to do and leave!?

Dropping the Goron now, he would now land on the bottom floor, then, carry onto walk toward the temple. Where he had sensed what he had needed? [/size][/color]
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[color=royalblue]OOC: sorry I havnt been posting much. :( i've just been busy lately.

Link couldnt get control of his horse so he eventually jumped off and rushed over to Kia. Azel eventually jumped off his horse and went to check on Mika. Link was shaking Kia. "Kia! Kia are you ok! wake up!" but she wouldn't wake up. Link picked Kia up and carried here over to where Azel and Mika were. "you ok Mika?" asked link. "yea im ok. but what about kia?" said Mika. "shes unconcious right now but I think shes gonna be ok" replied Link. "I think we should go find an in" Azel said. then went into Hyrule and found an inn. They put Kia on a bed and sat in the inn for a while. "im gonna go take a look around" said Azel, and he left. "hey Mika can you go into town and look for some healing herbs for Kia?" asked Link. "ok" replied Mika and she left. Link stayed incase she woke up while they were gone.[/color]
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Kia woke up, everything was in a blur. [i]Huh? Where am I?[/i]She thought. She looked around to see Link looking back at her. "Link? Where are we? What happened? Where is everyone?!" She blurted out rather quickly. Kia then caughed out some water, some blood came along with it. She sat up quickly, but was filled with a surge of pain throughout her body. She grimanced and layed carfully back down.
"I'll explain everything later, just rest for now. We are in an inn, so we should be safe." He said calmly.
"Could you at least tell me what happened to me?!" She snapped.
"Oh, sorry." He sighed. "Our horses went nuts and you got flipped off, got rammed into the Castle town wall and fell uncontious in the moat. Good thing I was able to get off Epona, I wonder what's wrong with them?" He told her.
"They felt an evil presence.... they knew something was going to happen. As did I.... I felt it." So explained with her eyes closed.
"I see.... what was wrong? What evil did you sence? Oh yeah, I told Mika to get some healing herbs for you... so she should be back soon." Link said, waiting for a reply. He then noticed Kia had fallen back asleep. "That's it, you need to rest." He whispered.
OOC: I kind of agree with Shanghai, we need to go a little slower, but not to slow or the thread will die. Ok, is that alright with everyone? I hope the others will post soon! ^_^ Otherwise, be on your way and post, just take that in note! Thank you!
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Kay ran into the inn, and soon found the room Link was in. "Link? Are you in here?" She cried as she knocked on the door. Link answered the door, shushing her. "Quiet down, Kia is sleeping. What's the matter, anyways?" Link said quietly, letting Kay inside. "This time, I'm not gonna beat around the bush. Someone has attacked the Gorons and the Gerudos. Even my sisters are confused. I think that this evil being that has attacked the Gorons and Gerdos may have been sensed by your horses and caused them to freak out. Just a theory of course." Kay explained rather quickly. "Hmm, you said before Ganondorf will escape soon. So do you think he has?" Link asked. "No, he hasn't escaped yet. Not that I know of. Well, I'm honestly confused just as much as you are. I told you this stuff yet again because my sister told me to. So now I have to go." Kay said heading toward the door. "Later! And tell everyone I said hi." Kay left and shut the door quietly behind her. As soon as she left the inn, she headed toward the Temple of Time. Something was telling her to go there...
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