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RPG Bell And Book And Candle [R]


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[color=seagreen]You are authorized to post here if you have been PMed by me in the last 10 minutes. Show up uninvited, and I just might refer you to a few moderators.[/color]
[i]The Lady of the Pard was resting calmly. Reclining in the treetops, watching the world vault out beneath her. The Driad was crawling away through the tree branches. They had exchanged pleasant words and commented on the state of things, compared magical auras, and traded a few alchemy tips. Then, as usual, the Driad dissapeared into the woods without a sound.[/i]

"Ta-eh Naray."

"Don Evenlai."

[i]Her friend had come and gone, and now she was alone again. The weather was cooling, she could feel the changes in atmospheric pressure. Clouds were slowly gathering. It looked like it would be a pleasant evening.

She leapt down, garments flying around her body. The fur along her collar rippled smoothly and twisted with the displaced air. Kellnine smiled and inhaled deeply. Humus, decaying leaves, moss, ferns, and low hanging vines. Rowan berries trailed down her figure, staining her white skin pink, like the color of her scarf. She turned to look up at the blackbirds eating the fruit. They twittered at her and she chirped back.[/i]

"Eat well my friends."

[i]The tall metamorph walked off through the grasses, taking pleasure in each strand that touched her body. She smiled and kept on walking. This would be a very good night. She could feel it. ....no responsibilities, no intruders that she could sense, no belligerence to combat....how dull. Ah well. If her senses were not betraying her, something was headed in her general direction. Something big. Something bloody. Something....fun....[/i]

Translations from Driad-speak to Common tongue:

"Goodbye my friend."

"Until next time."[/COLOR]
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The tall thin blonde- haired woman looked out at the wilderness around her. Although the scenery was beautiful, nothing quite compared to the water-side. Although the moisture on the ground gave her a taste of home, it was not quite able to suffice. It didn't give her all that she was looking for.
The air was too quiet for her, and soon memories of the Siren's song filled her head. With her training to become the next leader she had to be able to pick out the best singers in their tribe. The five present singers were in her great, but as the aged thier voices became tired, and she could hear it. But with thier ae also came wisdom. They knew how to harmonize fluidly hiding any blemishes that one may carry.
Her thoughts of home began to depress her, the thoughts of her love made her cry. Tr'shiel, a siren, was crying for her mate. The one she had loved for over 50 years. Now gone, sent away in order for her to keep in line with her family traditions. Her thinking of what they had done soon angered her. Yet she could not scream, for although a Sirens song was hypnotising, their scream was filled with death.She did not wish to unleash that power upon the innocent creatures that surrounded her.
To try and keep her pain away she began to hum. It was a childhood song that she loved to hear her mom sing. One that she heard other young Sirens like herself practice. A song filled with sadness, but yet joy. Soon her hums became words. Her words not too audible, but yet able to comfort her.
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Johanas walked down the road extremely slowly, taking in the beautiful night around him. Insects chirped cheerily in the underbrush. Night birds flew overhead on wings of silence with gazes that pierced all. The moon hung in the sky like a gigantic drop of molten silver into the cooling water of a blacksmiths barrel. He turned his hooded face up to it and smiled, his eyes turning from a glowing red to a lighter purple. The night had a way of calming him. The mystery and silence of nocturnal creatures was beautiful. Praise Ryn for such a thing as night time. Only she could be capable of creating a time when most races dream.

[b]Johanas-[/b] "Simply beautiful..." He adjusted his hammer and continued to walk down the road. There was a town not much further ahead. He should reach it by morning, and then he could preach the teachings of Ryn to any that would listen.

What a grand life.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]The night air was cool against his skin, but yet it was tense. There was that feeling of uneasiness and yet peace. This was the perfect night to be out.

Aidain grinned as his wing feathers rustled a little, they seemed to collect the moonlight in them and they seemed to glow with a brilliant white aura. His brown eyes were alert and ready, his body was tensed for action, unfortunately fighting wouldn't come to him, he sighed regretfully and flared his wings and flew to the upper branch of a large pine tree, he folded his wings out and slumped against the main part of the tree and slowly dozed off.

Unfortunately this did not last for long, he awoke to the quietness of the forest and took flight again, this time towards the nearest village to get some rest in at the inn. As he furled his wings in for a light landing he saw a few people on the outskirts of the village just staring at him like he was some messanger of death or something else. His wings furled, he entered into the local inn, there was a large hound sleeping near the large fire place and teh inn keeper was slowly drinking some sort of alchol, Aidian pulled out some coins and dropped them in front of the man's face.[/i]

"I think this should be enough for a room for the night?" [i]The man looked at Aidain first and then at the money and grinned.[/i]

"It's fine, just be out of here before everyone else wakes..."

"Don't worry, I don't need to be told." [i]Aidian said as he headed for the stairwell, the stupid man. Did he think that Aidian had never stayed at an inn? He'd had to deal with such ignorance before, other times inn keepers or other places threw Aidian out because of his wings, they considered him a freak. As he slumped onto his bed he propped his sword against the head post of his bed and fell into a more comfortable sleep.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Garl sat on the barstool with the usual ale filled mug in his hand. As always, he was getting drunk, and he liked it.

Luckily for him he's a dwarf, and has a stronger liver than humans and elves. They just couldn't handle the booze a dwarf could. The only thing he didn't have was an elves pocket book. They had plenty of money with them; but for a dwarf mercenary money could get a little tight at times. That's when Garl stopped drinking and started killing.

Garl got another mug of ale and looked around the fire lit room. It was dark outside, so the fire cast shadows in the corners and on the ceiling where the smoke from the pipe smokers congregated. He always liked it when a barroom had this look to it. It always seemed more like home.

Garl finished his ale, "Tender, give me another ale!"

"Don't you think ye've had enough?"

"I'll tell ye when I've had enough!" Garl responded in a gruff and angry voice. The tender only shook his head and retrieved another ale for the dwarf.[/COLOR]
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A dark pair of eyes glittered in the shadows as the coming sun dawned upon the world, casting it's life giving light upon those below. Peering out into the day Belial, the dark lord of arrogance chuckled, resting his chin on his fist as he perched upon the covered ledge that overlook the plains beyond him.

[i]Another day and yet more work to do[/i] Belial grinned and ran his hand through long dark hair, looking up at the golden clouds with a mocking wink. All's fair in love and war as it were. Adjusting his coat and tunic he turned on his heel and headed towards the carved path that lead down the the earthen floor.

OOC: Okay that's a little short and I will edit it I promise but on monday 'cause I have to leave for london now but I will be back. ^_^
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Wandering aimlessly through the country-side, Ruben noted the sun's position in the sky. Midday break was almost over, and he was soon due back to the keep, shovelling out the latrines. His inititial enthusiaism for the job had worn off.

People avoided him [whether his smell or features] and his superiors were arrogant little stuck up dwarfs, with no necks, and plaited beards. Ruben was already waiting for the day he could swing one of them around by it...

but Ruben feels odd. He feels... angry almost. Angry at the world, at everything. The earth lines [magnetic fields] are not right, there is something changing. Lately they have been moving, twisting, as if they were in pain. If they could speak, Ruben is sure they would be screaming. As a troll/ogre cross, Ruben has acquired that gift of the trolls, the ability to... sense the lines that cover the whole world.

Right now though, the lines seem to be driving him crazy. He feels annoyed, the lines are eating away at his patience, swinging his normally placid mood. The blood rises, it consumes, it lusts. For other's blood.

Especially that fat little head dwarf....

Taking his anger out on a sprite [think messy endings...] Ruben found a temporary release.

Then he almost cried... he'd just killed something... it didn't matter that it would re-incarnate back at it's natural spring, he... had killed the little bastard for a reason.

The moodswings were volatile.

[i]He headed back towards the keep, break was almost over[/i].

[b]Looking forward to this RPG Raiha!![/b]
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[i]Sun. Healthy, nourrishing sun. Beautiful, gloden sun.[/i]

Nothing could ever compare to the feeling of warmth that accompanied the exposure to the sun. The strentgh and energy flowing through your vein. Being infused with the glowing stamina of the day.

Circalliel stood up and pulled his robe over his now dark green back. This one was a great day. The day that brings new opportunities, new visions, and possibly new adventures.

A faun walked out of the forest just as he noticed it. He didn't look at him. He didn't need to to know it was.

"Derax! It's been a long time. What brings you here?" He said, finishing to readjust his clothing. The faun looked concerned.

"Well, I was going to fish out from the small lake near the old Ludarai ruins, but... Well, I think you should come and take a look yourself." He finally said hesitantly.

Circcalliel frowned. This what not exactly what he expected.

"Go before me, I have one things or two to do first." He said, closing his eyes and sitting down.

"Uh, okay sir. I'll meet you there, then."

[i]By the heart of Alluana, mystical forces. Tell me what is going on![/i]
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[color=crimson]Kenneth walked through the forest, sword resting on his shoulder as usual. Silently he avoided causing damage to the woods around him, just out of respect for the spectator that was definately somewhere in the foliage ahead of him. It was more than likely some form of guardian, hopefully a benevolent one- one that wouldn't attack a wanderer.

He was careful to not damage the plantlife beyond what was needed to walk- he had not even the few minutes he guessed it would take him to defeat the guardian to spare. He became amused as his ears picked up the guardians movements.

He could not see mainly because he was letting his hair casually drape around him- he was that self confident, even with his reputation and pages in history. He stopped walking suddenly and sat down, taking out a small flask of strong alcohol. He started to drink, trying to milk an appearance out of the guardian- just for causal amusement, he hadn't had an expierence with one of such position in a long time.

Silently, he waited- and finally, it took the bait.

Out of the trees lept the guardian, Kenneth arrogantly not even looking up. He took one last drink of his alcohol before secureing the top of the flask, placing it back onto his belt. He stood and cracked his neck, followed by his knuckles.

"Are we going to fight, talk, or stand silently?" He said, finally glanceing up..[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]The Lady of the Pard smiled serenely at him, completely uncaring that she was in the nude. He blinked, not showing any other emotion....and she gave him the eyebrow. With a steady movement, he rose to his feet and waited for her to answer.

When she did, her voice took his better judgement away. Silk brushing against ice.[/i]

"....we could do all three."

[i]She was purring now, he could sense it. One look into her eyes and he could see the feline curling her tail in amusement. Or maybe something else. With slow movements, she walked up to him, quite unconcerned that he had a weapon within reach, and that he was an Asura. His eyes followed her movements as she walked in a circle around him, eyeing him like one would a statue. Then she stopped in front of him again, her hair failling around her shoulders, covering absolutely nothing. The scars on her body were numerous, but didn't detract from her beauty....like the claws of a cat, raked over her stomach and thighs..... then she spoke again.[/i]

"But that could grow monotonous."

[i]Her smile widened ever so slightly and she blew a kiss in his direction. He saw the magic burst off her fingertips. Instantly, he made a move to block it, only to find that the land around them was shimmering slightly, then dissapeared entirely. It was replaced by a waterfall and a quiet pool surrounded by water lilys and low hanging branches. She grinned at him once more and crossed her arms.[/i]

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[color=crimson]Kenneth seemed to be calculating something- thinking, pondering. There would be no more amusing thing to do than to trust her- the monotony of life had been wearing on him, in recent weeks. His sword dropped to the side as she continued to play the role of the seductress.

With a quick movement she moved, hitting his sword into the water. He remained emotionless, hopeing that he would not have to kill the guardian. She lept with clear extraordinary agility into the air- but midjump transformed into a large feline, something quite fearsome indeed. She was aiming for his neck, but he took both of his hands and slammed them, open palmed, into her chest, knocking the breath out of her with his force- her large paws, armed with claws that you would not want to mess with, barely missed ripping through the lightly armored clothing and the neck behind it.

Somewhat unnerved, she fell infront of him, regaining her breathe and senses quickly enough- but he had enough time to make a sprint twards the pool and his weapon. Reaching into it, he grabbed his sword and pulled out his hand quickly- a mix of irritation and pain ripping upwards from it.

She was good. That was holy water. That normally would have ripped a demon apart, but he had previous exposure to it and had built up a small, pitiful tolerance- but, it was pretty good for someone of the dark. Turning around he was just in time to watch her leap- this time, with much more speed. Sorely underestimating her suprising gain in speed, he barely managed to keep a good precentage of his chest this time.

This was not a normal guardian, but he still couldn't go on the offensive. Sword in hand, he begin to defend himself as much as he could, focusing on parrying and dodgeing to getting hits in.[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She snarled at him then went into a full stop legs locked slightly to prevent any extra movement. He raised his sword, this time watching her with some caution. Apparently, she was carrying a soul that wasn't her own. Either that or the water had done something to him. Kellnine flexed her limbs gloriously, revelling in her other body. Kenneth took the opertunity to swing at her. Common courtesy nonwithstanding, she opened her mouth wide and snapped her jaws down on the blade.

The two were stalemated. He shoved and she merely put more strenth into her lockjaw. The Asura gave her a look and she snorted back at him. Finaly, he pulled with all his strength and just as he was about to let go, she opened her mouth and he went sprawling. The sky vaulted above his head and he couldn't sense her anymore. Aside from her laughter grating in his ears, he could see nothing.

He was up in a flash, sword out, only to find that she wasn't a panther anymore. And the laughter was growing more and more pleasant. Instead of a huge long limbed feline a simple humanoid girl wasstanding on the surface of the holy water, hands folded. And for a second, he caught a glimpse of her completely dressed' fur collar, scarf, long skirts, the whole nine yards. Kenneth sheathed his blade, he couldn't sense her gathering any magic around her body anymore despite the swift and vivid illusion. Kellnine's eyes flashed a brilliant silver and the rain begain to fall. Her hair shed the water in rivers as she looked to the sky and held her hands out, palms up, relishing the feel of the droplets. Kenneth discovered to his great pleasure that the percipitation was not holy.

She brought her head back down again and looked at him gravely.[/i]

"Come in. Kenneth."

[i]That she knew his name was decidedly disconcerting...then again, she must have contats...being a forest guardian and all that.

Kellnine was smiling, the terrace behind her had opened up and afforded him a narrow stone pathway from the edge of the pool to the entrance.[/i][/COLOR]
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Ruben cursed in annoyance... this sticky mud was sapping his energy... the fields had been only slightly damp on his initial pass through, but now, as he was in a hurry to get back towards the keep, it was slowing him down.. it was a mire.

Roaring in anger, he wrenched himself out of the muddy area. Running towards the keep, Ruben was struck by a sudden nonchalance.. it didn't matter. If the stuck up little creature gave him trouble... he'd pay for it.

As Ruben leisurely strolled into the first of the alleys for clean-up after break, a small creature came charging towards him, screaming. It lashed out with a whip, and caught Ruben on the ear.

"Where the fuck have you been, you big dumb ogre, you're half a driscoll [about 1hr and 15 mins] late? You're gonna get a serious ass kicking, I'm gonna have your ass up in front of the Lord, you're screwed this time, no guiding permit for [i]you[/i]."

Calmly, without realising what he was doing, Ruben grabbed the creature by it's beard and swung it around... the pressure on the dwarf's jaw was too much, it broke, then slipped out of it's sockets. The skin ripped, blood fountained, and the dwarf's body slamnmed into the wall of the inn. Throwing the mangled jaw onto the ground, Ruben left quickly, before the guards were alerted.

He headed for the South Gate, hoping to escape into the forest. He was challenged by the guards, but they didn't attack. He kept getting closer, closer, and they were backing away. Whirling, Ruben lifted an empty wagon and threw it straight at the guards. Caught too close together, they were trapped beneath it. One had avoided the misfortune and suffering of his companions, and left in a hurry, doubtless to gather some re-inforcements.

Ruben stalked out of the gates, avoiding the fearful gaze of the peasants.

[i]He headed off into the forest[/i].

[b]OOC: I am kind of envisioning a three way meeting, after Raiha and DeathKnight's fight... but if that cramps your style, I'll just do something different. It can be the same forest as yours, or if you wish otherwise, a different one.[/b]
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OOC: KOTR.. I hope you dont mind if I introduce our characters...If this is a problem I will edit my post....THANK YOU

[COLOR=purple][SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]

Tr'shiels voice continued its melody for hours, and the sun around her began to sink slowly. As she sat by a tree the animals of the night began to stir and she lowered her voice as to not affect them. She knew how useful it could be, but the dngers in her voice were to many to name.

As the stars began to come into view, a full moon rose out of the east. She stood knowing that now was the time to continue her journey on. Westwasr she went trying to find a village to rest, but it would probably be after dawn when she found it.

She brushed off her robes and covered herself with a navy blue cloak. The cloak was heavy enough to keep her thin body warm and she was greatful for it. She began once again to walk through the forest. Not too far along she came upon a small road. It went through the cneter of the forest and had a clear view of the night sky above her.

She took the road hoping her rest area would lie beyond the boundaries. She took only a few steps before she felt as though she was being watched. The light of the moon refelcted many eyes that night but one pair seemd fixed on her as she walked, her paced quickened a bit and she listened. The eyes stayed on her tiny frame as she picked up the speed. Soon a cat-like shadow jumped in front of her.

The eyes were bright yello and perfect slits, were seen looking directly at her. As she frew out her small weapon it seemd that the creature had no intention of backing down. The determination in its eyes would not fade. She only stood there watching and hoping, but her mind soon went blank and none of her teachings became available for her to use. The creature began to circle her. Looking her up and down as if reading her.

As the creaute began to move in for an attack, loud footsteps could be heard breking the now silent night. Both Tr'shiel and the animal turned toward s them. A figure moaved amoung the shadows of the night. He stopped not too far from Tr'shiel and the creature. The man repostioned his weapon. He ran toward them scaring the animal away.

Seeing the animal now gone he came up to Tr'shiel.

"Are you okay?" he asked," Please let us go on before it comes back."

They both moved along the road. Tr'shiel spoke nothing. He also remained quiet. Tr'shiel soon looked towards the male who rescued her. Holding her head down she finally spoke to him..."Thank You."
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[color=009966][i]Iris was walking in-between the trees, easily making her way through with the grace that comes naturally to elves. The forest was somewhat large, and the only small path through it was was covered with ferns, brush, and dead leaves, making it hardly distinguishable from the surrounding overgrowth. Finally she came to the edge of the small forest and moonlight hit her full in the face; she pulled back the hood of her cloak just for a moment to get a better view of it. Of all the celestial bodies in the sky, she loved the moon the most. Its rays were calm and relaxing and illuminated everything for miles around.

She walked calmly along, not caring it was getting colder in the night air, nor caring that she was in plain sight in the light of the full moon. In the distance she saw the smoke coming from the evening fires, and then rooftops, and then the houses of a small village. The town seemed friendly enough. There would be at least one tavern there, and she could eat and rest and be ready to leave by morning.

She found the tavern easily and opened the door. Light from the common room and the warmth from the fire greeted her as she closed the door behind her and walked to the front counter. The innkeep was drying out a mug with a somewhat-clean rag, and when he heard the door open he turned around, set down the mug, and tried to set a business-like manner about himself.[/i]

Innkeep: "What can I get for you? A room for the night?"

[i]Iris nodded and set down three coins. The innkeep scooped them up and tossed her a key. She caught it in one hand and turned towards the staircase. Once she reached the top, she turned to her left and counted. One....two....three....fourth door. She unlocked it, entered, and shut it behind her. She took off her traveling cloak, one of her pouches, and her sword and set them down beside the bed. She left her room and locked it, not only with her key, but also with a small charm she cast on the door. She went downstairs to the common room and ordered some sliced potatoes, then sat down at a table close to the fire. [/i]
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His mind lingered in between the real world plane and the astral plane. He floated amidst the web of power that sustained their world and strange forms floated nearby. He didn't look at them. He followed what seemed to be a Line of Fire.

"Oh, God!" He exclaimed, awakening hurriedly.

He stood and placed his hand slightly at his side. Magic gathered around them in a swirling of black and green, a ribboon forming and twirling around him. Then it exploded into green leaves, leaving nothing to be seen.


Derax was almost at the Ludarai ruins when a plant started germinating right in front ofhim. It quickly grew a 1-meter diameter tulip-like button that opened, revealing the gardian mage.

"It's been a while since I've used that spell." Circalliel said, rather exhausted.

"So, let me guss, from the heat, the lake has turned to lava?" He asked.

"Yes. How did you know?" The surprised faun asked.

"Now is not the time. If this node is not undone in the next twenty-four hours, a volcano will appear here."

"What!?" Derax exclaimed. "How can we dispell this thing?"

"It's a Fire Line that whirled on itself. I'll need a Sun Stone to undo it. I must travel to Azerzas."

"But Azerzas is two days' walk away from here!" The faun noted.

Magic forces were already surrounding the mage. "Not for me," he said, straining.

[i][size=1]Note: Circalliel's Flower Travel is pwoerful, but rather exhausting, even for himself. He can still cast minor spell, but casting it twice a day is very demanding when you feed on sunlight...[/size][/i]
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OOC: Not at al Ms. Reyes. I see no problem.
[color=2244CC][size=1][b]Tr'shiel-[/b] "Thankyou." He looked down at her, eyes glowing a compassionate red.

[b]Johanas-[/b] "No need to thank, miss. As Ryn says 'Help those in need, and when you are in need, they will help you'." He smiled. She smiled back still a little wary of the large Rengale. "So, if you don't mind me asking, where are you headed?"

[b]Tr'shiel-[/b] "I'm headed to the next town on the road. And youself?" He chuckled a little.

[b]Johanas-[/b] "I'm headed toward the same place. I plan on preaching the Word of Ryn to anyone that will listen. Perhaps I can gain a few more followers to the good religion." He smiled again, and shifted his hammer. It often dug painfully into his robes. "By the way, we don't know eachother properly yet." He stopped and held out his large hand. "I am Johanas Milintarian, Priest of Ryn and the Rengale people."

[b]Tr'shiel-[/b] "I'm Tr'shiel Zogaurd." She took his hand and shook it, hers virtually disspearing into his. They both smiled and contiued walking.[/size][/color]
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[color=crimson]Yeah, that sorta cramps what we want to do. We'll meet up with you all later, for now let me and her.. mingle. ;P

"[i]She is fortunate that I didn't get a chance to use my full list of skills. Still.. she was holding back too[/i]," He continued thinking, cracking his neck with a quick jerk from side to side, "[i]I am curious about this one- as she seems curious about me.[/i]"

Glancing at the pathway across the pool, his eyes narrowed considerablely at the water. They traced the pathway around to the terrace. "[i]No trace of magical energies. Might as well follow her inside..[/i]"

With brisk, paranoid steps he walked across the pathway and onto the terrace, glareing at the water with hatred. Arriving at the entryway to what he percived to be her home, she stepped inside, leaving him to decide on his own wether he wanted to follow or not.

He arched his eyebrow, peering inside, and then back out into the forest. The positive aspects of what he could meet up with inside far outweighed just continueing on his journey. With the hesitation in his mind out of the way, he stepped inside..[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She gave him a look, then pulled aside the curtain-like flower vines and let him view her living space in full measure. He stepped in, and was embraced by her distinctive scent. Moonflowers. Alot of them. Not a holy plant, but fresh and clean smelling, and also a little unerving. He was standing at the mouth of a huge cave with a long sloping roof. Disconcerting defiently. He took his eyes off the stone ceiling and let them sweep from side to side, taking in the view. The long vines trailed down here and there, forming natural decoration. To his left he saw a warm comfortable looking futon, circular....presumeably for when she was in panther form. Next to it was a low wall sconce, with a torch burning with some sort of magical essence, giving off a cool violet light.

It filtered down through what looked like simple magic, dispersing gently and at no fixed rate. Aside from the futon, he also saw a rug, made from rattan fibers, then a long sloping runway that led downhill. He didn't bother with that. On the right wall he noticed several shelves containing parchments and scrolls. Of course, he stepped over to investigate, reading some fo the titles outloud.[/i]

"An expert's guide to Alchemy.... .....getting in touch with your Real self... Transmuation and Side-effects. ...A history of Naiads. Driads. Nymphs. Moonflowers and you."

"Travellers bring me them on whims..."

"Decapitation for felines. How to slaughter. Home Roasting. The art of war. Guardians and their territory. The works of....?"

"Ochkik Haddah."

[i]He gave her an odd look, then stood up again and let his eyes rest on the futon.[/i][/COLOR]
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The villager had witnessed many a powerful spell before, but he estimated a giant bright yellow flower growing inside 2 seconds was something worth staring at. Then it burst, and an aged elf stumbled from it to come crashing at his feet. For a good ten seconds, the simple farmer was left staring. When he rushed to help the apparently exhausted man, he started moaning.

"Mr 'Lliel! Ie Tough Ie'd die Before Ie'd see you again!" He exclaimed. The elf kept mumbling something.

"What do you say? Ie can't hear you!" He asked in concern.

"Need... Light..." He managed to moan.

"But iet's full of iet! The sun ies hiegh and there's no shading!" He said, surprised.

"On... Back..." And he collapsed.

"Oh god!" He quickly undid the belt and opened the back of the robe, before falling back in petrified disgust at the thick, leather-like skin. Terribly wrinkled, it seemed to [i]writhe[/i] with need. It stopped moving and uncrumpled itself. He couldn't hold it. He yelled. And missed the satisfied sigh from the laid man.
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[color=crimson]He swung his sword off his shoulder and set it down, setting it down on a part of bare floor. Casually, he strode on over to the futon and plopped down, hair falling over his face.

"Enlighten me."

Kenneth paused, glanceing up to her.

"Why is a guardian letting an asura into her sanctum?"

She pondered a bit, seeming to tease him a bit with silence before shifting her stance a bit, staring directly into his eyes.

"I thought you seemed a bit unique. I am also curious as to why someone such as you is wandering idlely through a forest- especially with such careful steps, avoiding to damage the plantlife."

He leaned back with a grin on his face, tapping his finger on his knee. Failing at his attempt to come up with a good excuse for an out-of-character sense of respect for life for an asura, he just shrugged. She smiled at that and nodded.

"If you want to know why I am in your forest.. well, I don't have a good reason. I just wander."

He got a bit more comfortable and gave her a serious look, "So, how do you know my name? And give me a better explination as to why you let me in if you know who I am."[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]"Like I said before...it's monotonous. Same thing every day. Rise early, sleep early, watch the rain, snow, and hail fall. Protect the forest from intruders, talk to strangers....frisk with driads..."

"Idyllic? ....and you still didn't tell me how you know me."

"Idyllic no. Boring yes. And as for that last question, I'll ask you to delve deeper into my....lair."

[i]She silently padded through the hall and headed towards the dark corrdior. He hesitated for a moment, then joined her. She held up one hand, a light pouring from her curled fingers, illuminating the passage in the bizzare room. The asura blinked. No cobwebs, no spiders....no nothing. It was all neat and clean, perhaps with a fetish....for cleanliness? The slope ended and opened into another cavern, this one slightly smaller and elongated. Shelves, and a long low work table. Vials of all sworts, powders, potions, philteres, and was that a forge? No...just a small armoury.

Several fascinating magical objects caught his eye including the Hand of Glory and what looked like a spiral bracelet. He was about to touch it when she caught his hand with lightning speed and drew it back.[/i]

"Better not."


"Do you want it to force you into a hormone induced haze and pass out before my eyes? That is of course...after it compells you to beg me for sex."

[i]The expression on his face answered that. She turned his attention towards the far wall. A black stone, carved into yet another circle, blank and smooth. She approached it and it became a mirror. The mirror revealed the forest in several different locations. And then it transmuted itself into water and splashed down around their feet. Kenneth blanched visibly, only to find that it was not holy water.[/i]

"Stop playing....."

"But we likes....playing."

[i]She grinned at Kenneth and kicked the water, which quickly reformed itself into the black stone.[/i]

"A Transfiguring Stone. Likes to show off....is rumored to be all knowing."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]The moon was still hanging overhead, it was rather peaceful looking to Aidian, but yet he snorted and tried to sleep but he just couldn't for some reason, it was like his soul was calling out to him to go outside and see what was new in the world, but yet he managed to manage some sort of sleep, though it was fitful and irratic.

The next day he awoke only to see the pink and golden crest of the sun rising, Aidian stood up from his bed and stretched his arms and back and flared his wings to stretch them out. After his little stretching ritual Aidian picked up his sword and re-attatched it to his side. He quietly opened his door and peeked out of it and down both sides of the hall, after confirming the hall was clear he opened the door all the way and walked out with his boots clomping softly on the wooden floor and then down the steps. As he passed the sleeping inn keep the corner of his mouth played around into a grin.

The air was cool and damp, the stone street echoed emptily with his bootsteps, he was basically the only one up this early, most of the other people were still in bed save for a few like the blacksmiths, bakers, and maybe a few of the religious for the morning mass or whatever. Aidian really didn't care, these poor pathetic humans were nothing more than that of pigs that wallowed in their own filth and superstition, it was amazing how something like a lightning crack was considered an act of god when Aidian knew it was nothing but lightning. Of course there were those few humans that stood out from the crowd and Aidian respected them greatly, and he enjoyed seeing children playing around carefree, it was the adults really that Aidian found disgusting, it was the children and those few adults Aidian respected.

As he came towards what appeared to be the bakery Aidian flared his wings and took flight, he wanted to fly rather than walk some more. As he ascended into the sky he saw the baker walk out of his shop and stare upwards in amazement. Aidian did not fly too high seeing as how he would get cold if he flew very high, actually he only flew for a few short miles and then landed and began to walk along a small path that led to a large grotto of trees, he entered catiously with his hand upon the hilt of his sword, he was ready for anything. While he walked further in Aidian could hear a waterfall, he walked further on and saw the waterfall and the waterfall was feeding into a large pool that then fed into a stream, it was perfect.

Aidian took off his sword and propped it against a small rock, he then removed his tunic and then the rest of his clothes and slipped into the pool and began to wash himself off in the pool, his wings got wet but Aidian didn't care because they would dry off rather quickly. As he was swimming around Aidian felt some sort of uneasiness, like he was being watched, he quickly sank underwater and then popped his head back up and saw no one. Whoever was watching him obviously knew how to follow someone, Aidian grinned again and then kept on swimming.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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The two walked along to the village in silence. As Tr'shiel continued to look at him, she bean to think of her man. But soon the thought left her head. She didn't want to start thaose thoughts up again and then cause....

"Is everything okay inside of you Tr'shiel," Johanas asked looking down at her.

Um, inside of me, what do you mean by that?" She asked.

"You seem very troubled, is there something that you wish to talk to me about?" His eyes looked solemn and clear, she wished to tell her tale to thre young man, but everything would be revealed in due time.

"Well its just that you are the first man I have seen in years," he loooked at her strangely but she continued to talk. "Well as you may have guessed I am a Siren."

"Yes I did guess that..." he started nodding his head. "But what does that have to do with being the first man you've seen. I know the male of your species are around, so you must see them..."

She held her hed down, "Not me, I cannot see a male of my kind until I finish my training, but even when that day comes I will not want to see them."

Johanas listened to her as she spoke but he still admired the enviroment around him.

"I fell in love, which in my species is forbidden..and wit that I was locked up never to see a man until I had been cured..."

"I see," he replied, "But that is not a reason to run away. You fight to change people, even if they do not agree, running away is never an answer."

"Running," she looked at him squarely, " ... the only running Im doing is running back to him. With him at my side will I be stronger to make a change."

Johanas sisnt wish to reply just yet...but the phrase now seemed to burn in her heart as well as his...."but what if I dont find him...." she said it under her breathe but Johanas still heard her. The two continued walking, now turning their conversation to his teachings.
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[You mind this Domon?]


The sharp retort of a dried branch breaking echoed throughout the forest. Animals scattered. Swearing, Ruben slammed his fist into a tree. These damn forests were so hard to go through, especially without making a noise. Ogres were not really made for stealthy tracking, they were more suited to blundering.

I mean, what kind of crazy fucker could possibly navigate through this trash? Someone a lot smaller than Ruben perhaps, but certainly not him himself.

Ruben lowered himself to the ground and prepared for the third day without food. He gradually slipped into slumber...

[i]There they were, spread out for.. miles. No... more. As long as one could imagine as far as... as the world can be, surely.

Green, blue, red, black, white, nameless colours, lines, ropes, threads, writhing in agony, as, one by one, dark patches spread. They formed everywhere consuming, covering converting, consuming........... ........ .. .[/i]

Ruben woke with a start as his brain alerted him to the sounds of water... the tone of the waterfall had changed. It sounded fuller...

[Due to their underground lifestyle, Ogres and Trolls have the ability to distinguish the 'depth' and 'density' of something by the subtle variations in tones as they knock on tunnel walls. Very useful for plotting tunnel routes.]

Suspecting some form of prey, Ruben slowly go to his feet. Being extremely careful, he edged towards the location of the waterfall. Very slowly, and delicately, he picked his way around the branches.

He edged closer to the pool, to see a...
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