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Sign Up Black Horizon [Rated R for Language, Violence, Heavy Gore, Sexual Perversion]


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Black Horizon [Rated R for Language, Violence, Heavy Gore, Sexual Perversion]

[color=2244CC][size=1][i]Note: I want only serious RPers in this RPG. I want people that will make intelligent posts. I want people that will make more than three line posts. Also this RPG will contain many spoilers about the movie Event Horizon... Hell, I'm summarizing the entire damn movie. Turn away if you want to see it through your own eyes on a TV. I suggest you see the movie, but it's not a requirement. With that said...[/i]

The year is 2040. The infamous and revolutionary space ship known as the Event Horizon has disappeared. Powered by an engine that harnessed a black hole, the ship was supposedly able to travel great distances in the blink of an eye. The ship vanished after passing one of the outer planets of our system. No one knew where it went.

2047. The Event Horizon suddenly appeared near where it disappeared and began emitting a distress signal. Dr. William Weir, the creator of the ship and it's unique engine, joined up with the crew of the ship Lewis and Clark, led by Captain Miller. Weir hoped to salvage the ship and save it's crew. Determining where the ship has been for the last seven years is also a must.

Upon arriving, the crew is nowhere to be found. They begin setting the ship up for travel back to earth, when people begin to die. Some try to kill themselves while others seem to be killed by an unseen and extremely violent force. The crew is found slaughtered. While attempting to find some record of what happened to the crew, the group finds a video recording. It showed the crew immersed in a perverse sexual bloodbath. People cutting holes in each other and having sex with the wounds. Sodomy. Gouging. Strangulation. Masochism. Everything and anything you could possibly think of. And above it all towered one figure. A man, or so it seemed, with cuts lining his body, eyes carved out. In latin he spoke "Save me from hell."

While still readying the ship for departure, a member of the rescue party informs everyone he made an error in the translation of the latin. "Save yourselves from hell" is what it actually said. Dr. Weir, the creator of the ship, eventually becomes drawn to the ship, which is now believed to have traveled to a different dimention. A dimention of chaos and, quite literally, hell. Wier attempts to kill everyone, but three escape by detaching the part of the ship with the engine from the main part.

When finally back at earth, the survivors awaken to a rescue team of their own. One of the rescuers opens his visor to reveal Dr. Weir. Perhaps the demons hadn't been destroyed.

2101. The events of that mission were never made public, mostly because of the unstable account of the only coherent member of the Lewis and Clark that survived. The mans he claimed was Dr. Weir from the rescue mission was named Daniel Moore and looked nothing like the doctor. She was stated insane and locked up for observation.

The Event Horizon has been detected again. Fully whole, despite the accounts of what happened. It's on a course to earth, as fast as it's normal engines can take it.

Another rescue party has been formed. Another mission has been made to recover the unique ship. The crew hasn't been told what supposedly happened the last time.

[i]Name:[/i] Nothing outrageous please.

[i]Age:[/i] 27-54


[i]Assignment:[/i] Engineer. Security. Weapons. Pilot. Etc... I am reserving the captain spot for myself.

[i]Personality:[/i] What your character is like.

[i]Appearance:[/i] Descriptions. No pictures.

[i]Short Bio:[/i] When I mean short, I mean no longer than two paragraphs or 20 lines. Thankyou.

[b]A Last Note[/b]
Some people may get killed off in this RPG. Don't feel bad if this happens to you. I might end up killing my own character if I think the RPG would become more interesting from it. Thankyou for your time and don't let this last bit discourage you. I might reincarnate you as a demon of the ship. :demon:[/size][/color]
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This is great. I've recently found a small love for this movie, and I had an RPG withdrawl (thus why I came back), so this is perfect. [SIZE=1]I love you.[/SIZE] :shifty:

[b]Name:[/b] Kenneth Rales

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Assignment:[/b] Security

[b]Personality:[/b] Kenneth is commonly a fairly friendly guy. He often helps out with errands and has a very upbeat attitude. A golden boy of sorts. However, sometimes he is picked on by bigger guys (while Kenneth is large himself, he's not much into hurting other people) and so he backs down, hiding his anger and deppression inside. A time bomb waiting to explode.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kenneth has short, messy, brown hair. He usually wears army fatigues from his 4 years in the military. About 6'2'', Kenneth weighs 210 pounds, mostly muscle weight.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Kenneth was born in an average size town in Texas. He went through school, passing with grades from low B's to A's, but struggling in mathematics sometimes. Once he reached High School, Kenneth's mother had died of lung cancer from smoking. Kenneth quickly recovered from the loss and moved on in his education. Often being picked on by stronger guys, Kenneth tried not to harm them, creating witty retorts, angering them more. After he graduated at 18, he enlisted in the military for 4 years, earning a college education. He has been an astronaut for the past 5 years.
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[b]Name:[/b] Sam Tiller

[b]Age:[/b] 30

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Assignment:[/b] Pilot

[b]Personality:[/b] Cocky. Loud and boisterous. He's funny at first, then people start to get annoyed with him.

[b]Appearance:[/b] 5'5, 140 pounds. Sam is shorter than most of the men on the mission. His face has soft features from not having to rough it on the field. He's always had the comfort of being a fly-boy. His blonde hair is in a crew-cut; his long hair from his earlier life wouldn't fit in the helmet. He wears a blue pilot suit over his light build.

[b]Bio:[/b]Sam was born in Wisconson. During his education, he was always the class clown. People could'nt resist him. His life picked up even more when he turned 16, and got his first car. He always won races, even did crazy tricks while driving. He was forced to enter the military after school, because his family did not have enough money for him to enter college. He impressed, and annoyed his superiors. His driving skills converted into flying skills when he entered a flight simulator. He eventually went past the simulator, flying missions in all major wars. Shooting down 150 enemies. He was one of the Air Force's first picks when they decided to try the Event Horizion mission again...
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Name: Brooke Haven


Gender: F

Assignment: Terrain Consultant/Scientist

Personality: Tough to handle personally and physically, Haven hates nothing more than letting a GUY handle a job. She has a chip on her shoulder for all males and prefers to refrain from socializing. Hates cocky people. Ace in hand to hand combat and
secretive about all aspects of her life.

Appearance: 5' 7 Brown eyes and dirty brown hair. Enjoys dressing in army pants and tank tops with combat boots, even on vacation. That is, if she ever took one. Tan skin from being stationed in Panama for undisclosed reasons. She also acquired a scar on her neck there. Cause, also, undisclosed.

Bio: Brooke grew up like any army brat, barbies and machine guns. When she was 12 her father, a pilot, dissappeared over Bermuda and that changed Brooke forever. His loss and sent her straight to the military. She hated not knowing just what happened.
Secretly searching for her father has led her everywhere. She takes any mission with mysterious circumstances. In the back of her mind she may be searching for the truth. So when Event Horizon came up, she didn't think twice.
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[b]Name:[/b] Vincent Hope

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Assignment:[/b] Weapons

[b]Personality:[/b] A very talkative and charasmatic young man, he exudes cofidence and is very likable. He likes to talk, but can be very buisnesslike when he needs to be. A optimist.

[b]Appearance:[/b] 5'10", with blue eyes and black hair. He commonly fresses in a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket. At other times he wears a dark blue, all purpose jumpsuit. He has a light tan.

[b]Bio:[/b] Vincent grew up in California, and enjoyed doing hands on work. He especially liked watching the Navy ships in San Francisco harbor. He joined up and became a weapons officer for a frigate. After a few years in the military, he transferred out and voulounterred for the mission.
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[b]Name:[/b]Arthur Sayed

[b]Age:[/b] 29



[b]Personality:[/b] Usually quiet and reserved. He gets annoyed with people easily and hates having others tell him how to do his work or having people mess with his work. He is also a practicing Muslim.

[b]Appearence:[/b] 5'11" with dark tanned skin. He has black hair and brown eyes. He is usually dressed in a dark green cover-all with plenty of pockets for tools and other knick-knacks.

[b]Bio:[/b] Born in Britan to Whemat and Zia Sayed, Iranian immigrants, he's always been interested in machines. At age 13, he took apart and reassembled his family lawn-mower. He loves math, especially physics, almost as much as he loves tinkering. He volunteered for the mission for the chance to see the[i]Event Horizon[/i]'s inner workings.
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[size=1][color=2244CC]Ok, so far everyone's in. Vegeta rocker, you need to changed your assingment. Kinetic changed his about ten minutes before you posted, so he had first choice.
[b]Name:[/b] Allen Chubb

[b]Age:[/b] 36

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Assignment:[/b] Captain

[b]Personality:[/b] Usually an extremely compassionate person. Under pressure he often makes the decison that will better his crew. Pleasent to be around. A mediator. Has intimidation on his side when he wants to use it.

[b]Appearance:[/b] About six foot. Pale grey eyes. Light brown hair nearing towards blonde. A well toned body. Usually dressed in black jeans and a black tshirt or tanktop.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Allen was raised in a highly military family. After highschool he was pushed by his father into the service and took a loving towards space ships. He used to be a security officer on a lunar patrol ship, but moved up the ranks after a series of lucky breaks. He became a captain at the age of thirty two and was ordered to lead the mission to the Event Horizon three years later. It has taken nearly a year to get to the ship. The stasis pods will let them out soon, nearly two days away from the ship.[/b][/color][/size]
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[color=#707875][size=1][b][Edit][/b] I've just come back to edit my bio to fit in better with my posting in the Adventure Arena thread.

[b]Name:[/b] Van Ambrose

[b]Age:[/b] 54

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Assignment:[/b] Ship Doctor

[b]Personality:[/b] A very kind and caring man, Van likes to keep to keep everyone healthy and in good form while on this voyage. As he is by far the oldest person on the mission, he tends to look upon the others as his own children, with the same love and care he would show his own.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Stands roughly 6'1" in height and is of an athletic build. Van looks slightly worn for a man of his age with chin length white hair specked with grey and a slight but rough beard. His eyes are a deep but piercing blue with the look of knowledge and wisdom behind them. He usually dresses in a blue long sleeved shirt and tan chino trousers covered with a white lab coat.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Born and raised in a family where medicine was the only option of profession, one would think this would serve to drive Van away from it. But in fact the opposite was apparent as Van quickly developed a love for aiding his fellow man. His profession led him to join the military as his speciality seemed to be in space born illnesses and space sicknesses, he volunteered for the new Event Horizon mission as it peaked his interests.[b][/Edit][/b][/color][/size]
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b][size=2]Man, I haven't seen this movie in years, but I sure as hell remember it! Freaky ass movie! Gotta love it though..

Name[/b]: Tex Crandell

[b]Age[/b]: 27

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Assignment[/b]: Forensic Investigator/Psychologist

[b]Appearance[/b]: 5'2" 115lbs, slender but built, bronze skin, chin length, wavy, dark brown hair, honey/caramel eyes. Wears green and brown BDU's, black combat boots, brown tank top, dog tags hang around her neck, brown leather gloves. Clothing you wouldn't normal find a Forensic Investigator wearing, but she is in the military.

[b]Personality[/b]: Tex is skeptical and stubborn. She is normally quiet, taking in her environment and surroundings. She's strong and honest. Tex usually holds an air of mystery to her. She doesn't really open up due to not trusting many people. She has to be, being an investigator. Just don't piss her off. You know what they say, the quiet ones are usually the most psychotic.

[b]Short Bio[/b]: Tex was born and raised in the small town of Martha, Oklahoma. She was your normal tomboy and played in the mud with Hotwheels. Blowing up Barbies and dismembering stuffed animals was her hobby. At the age of 13, Tex joined the local volunteer fire department. She joined the Air Force Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps in her freshman year in high school. During her high school years she took a psychology class and became fascintated with the human mind. She also took part in a small investigation and fell in love. She graduated and went to college for forensics and psychology. At the age of 21, Tex joined the military and quickly climbed up the chain of command in the Special Investigations Division. Her surperiors approached her to investigate the strange events on the mysterious case from the [i]Event Horizon[/i]. She had no idea what she was getting into....[/color][/font][/size]
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[color=2244CC][size=1]I'm leaving one more spot open, hopefully for a female member of the crew. As things stand...[/size][/color]
[list][b]Kinetic[/b]- [i]Kenneth Rales (Ship Security)[/i]
[b]Radaghast[/b]- [i]Sam Tiller (Pilot)[/i]
[b]vegeta rocker[/b]- [i]Brooke Haven (Terrain Consultant/Scientist)[/i]
[b]Orien_Xel[/b]- [i]Vincent Hope (Boarding Security and Weapons Expert)[/i]
[b]DuoMax[/b]- [i]Arthur Sayed (Engineer and Repair Man)[/i]
[b]KnightOfTheRose[/b]- [i]Allen Chubb (Captain)[/i]
[b]Outcast[/b]- [i]Van Ambrose (Ship Doctor)[/i]
[b]Annie[/b]- [i]Tex Crandell (Forensic Investigator/Psychologist)[/i][/list]
[color=2244CC][size=1]I'm going to watch Event Horizon, to put myself in the mood, then write the first post of the RPG. Sign ups are open for any that want to sign up still, but I will only be letting one more in. See you all in an hour and a half.[/size][/color]
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[color=royalblue]Name: Satell Megelani

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Assignment: Communications specialist/RN

Personality: Calm, saturnine at times, very sarcastic when under pressure, but a very good operative. She responds well to challenges, and even better to confrontations.

Appearance: Tall, limber, spiked black and brown hair, mellow yellow eyes, big hips, slender waist, light skin. Definetly the knockout aisan variety, if a little taller, with six peircings in all on the body. Most of which are in the ears, and two found elsewhere. Skin tight long sleeved shirt, form fitting Dickies, and a pen over one ear.

Short Bio: Daughter of a Chinese ambassador and a U.S. agent, Satell is a hodgepodge of everything fascinating about both her parents. She's quick thinking, learning, and acting. ....likes white wine, being harassed, so she can squash the opposition, and clean manila folders. ....and she likes being relocated swiftly and suddenly.[/color]
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Up to you whether or not you accept me.. I want to sign up.

Name: Ruben Thorne

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Assignment: Security Officer

Personality/Bio mix: An agrressive/charismatic personality, Thorne is an ex-rugby Union player. Leading the All-Blacks to victory, 5 years ago, Ruben retired from the team, due to his age. He has an extremely aggressive and pro-active nature, very useful in rugby. He decided to enter into something more quiet... and probably way more boring after his exit from the sport-world. Body-guard to a scientist who's experimental delvings into gene manipulation on humans had severely annoyed some people. Eventually, this scientist was found dead in his lab... he had experimented on himself and the result was grotesque. His body had increased 700% in muscle and weight, but his heart had remained the same. Very messy.

Ruben had found some scientific contacts and was recruited for the rescue attempt. More there for protecting the sometimes discordant scientists than any external threat, Thorne is anticipating a routine, if boring salvage mission.

Appearance: 2.1 metres tall, weighing 98kg 52% of that is muscle, Thorne cuts a very imposing figure. Heavily muscled arms and legs, short dark-brown hair and blue eyes, several scars and a broken nose combine to make his a very formidable opponent.. on the field or anywhere else.
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[color=2244CC][size=1]So I lied. You're both in.[/size][/color]
[list][b]Kinetic[/b]- [i]Kenneth Rales (Ship Security)[/i]
[b]Radaghast[/b]- [i]Sam Tiller (Pilot)[/i]
[b]vegeta rocker[/b]- [i]Brooke Haven (Terrain Consultant/Scientist)[/i]
[b]Orien_Xel[/b]- [i]Vincent Hope (Boarding Security and Weapons Expert)[/i]
[b]DuoMax[/b]- [i]Arthur Sayed (Engineer and Repair Man)[/i]
[b]KnightOfTheRose[/b]- [i]Allen Chubb (Captain)[/i]
[b]Outcast[/b]- [i]Van Ambrose (Ship Doctor)[/i]
[b]Annie[/b]- [i]Tex Crandell (Forensic Investigator/Psychologist)[/i]
[b]Raiha[/b]- [i]Satell Megelani (Comm Specialist/RN)[/i]
[b]The Baron[/b]- [i]Ruben Thorne (Security Officer)[/i][/list]
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OOC: KOTR I already PMed you as to if I am able to join....but here is my sign-up just in case you do say yes...


Name: Trini Angelos

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Assignment: Medical Assitant

Personality: Laid back and inquistive. Will look for things to get into at times, but is very serious and focused when it comes to work. Can be stubborn and competitive when some one tries to outdue her at her own work.

Appearance: 5'8", has dark brown hair which is worn in a ponytail of bun. Eyes are hazel. Thin and yet atlethic looking. Not overly muscular. Caramel colored skin. Mosly wears bigger pants, to move around in and not show off her figure, and long sleeved tops.

Short Bio: Was born to a middle income family in Southeast America. Grew up and joined the Space Medical School. She became a medical assistant at 25 and has since been working on a few national and international stations.

While off at Med School, she was in a bad relationship, this caused her to cover herself up more, but her personality was never truly effected. Now works to keep herself from opening up to many men.
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