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Favorite War/Action Movie?


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OK so my past few threads were horrible...But this, this one I thought through. I'm watching a World War 2 movie right now (Enemy at the Gates)....Yesterday I watched a James Bond Marathon :D :laugh: ....

My favorite War movie is either "the Patriot" or "Braveheart"...So they aren't World War movies but still, you have to admit they are good movies.
My favorite action movie is "James Bond: The World is Not Enough". I like all Bond movies, but that one was the best....to me.

What was your favorite War movie, and what was your favorite action movie? I'm eager to read what you all think and fell about war movies.

PS. Any of you that read my last threads...I'm terribly sorry that they both sucked.:bawl: :therock:
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My favorite action movies are Enter the Dragon and the Game of Death footage in Bruce Lee's Movie Biography. They contain the greatest fight scene's in any movie period.

They didn't require the use of wirework, special effects, or anything, just good old martial arts knowledge and the amazing directing and fighting prowess of Bruce Lee. The impact looked real as can be an some times was real (ala the kick delivered to Bob Wall by Lee in Enter the Dragon).

And thats the vey reason I love those movies so much. Because the action isn't faked. IF you havn't seen either, you need to check them out right away. Rent or Buy the Bruce Lee DVD collection and watch all of his movies NOW if you havn't cuz there a MUST!

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Hmm.. My favorite war movie is a toss up. There are many that I really enjoy.

Such as: Gettysburg. It is a very long movie, but it is very good with Civil War action. It also shows really well the difficult decisions made by leadership.

Also Patton. It is a good biography of World War II's most brilliant general. It shows the true nature of the American way. :-p

I have more, but I won't go into detail.

My favorite action movie.. would have to be any Arnold Schwarzenegger film.. the action genre. Sure some of them are old and somewhat corny. But I really enjoy those movies.

~Dmitri: The crazy Russian-American~
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My favorite Action movies Would have to be:

[b]Pearl Harbor[/b]
[b]Black Hawk Down[/b]

Something about war fascinates me beyond
beleif, you pop in a movie thats about war
and is set back in any time, and im set for life.
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[size=1]Hee, Semjaza is cool like that. In the same light, though, I love [i]Schindler's List[/i]. It's long, and it's incredibly sad, but it's something to remember.

Personally I thought [i]Pearl Harbor[/i] was horrible. I tend to enjoy historical movies of any shape or form, but that one.. no, I'm not even going to start. I'm biased about it, anyway.

I saw some the same Bond marathon, on Spike TV. I've always loved those films, too, but I'm going to have to say the best one of those was [i]Golden Eye[/i] or [i]Tomorrow Never Dies[/i]. The former because it was just very well done, and the latter because I'm paranoid about the media, and I like Michelle Yeow. ^_^

There's a new movie about the Alamo coming out, apparently. I haven't heard anything about that, though - is it supposed to be good? Anybody?[/size]
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[COLOR=royalblue]I have a [b]three-way-tie[/b] when it comes to war movies and they all take place in Vietnam. Here it goes:
[Center][b]Apocalypse Now (1979) [/b] [/center]
[b]Starring: [/b] Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, et al.
[b]Director: [/b] Francis Ford Coppola
Regarded by many as one of the greatest films ever made, this is an extraordinary tale of madness and mayhem on the grand scale. Based on Conrad's Heart of Darkness.
[Center][b]Platoon (1986) [/b] [/center]
[b]Starring: [/b] Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, et al.
[b]Director: [/b] Oliver Stone
Some critics complain that the character development in the story is weak and there is no plot. I think this adds to the story and makes it different from other movies which glorify war. There are no real heroes in this movie and no real villains. There is just a group of frightened men fighting for survival in their own ways and counting the days until they can leave the country.
[Center][b]Hamburger Hill (1987) [/b] [/center]
[b]Starring: [/b] Anthony Barrile, Michael Boatman, et al.
[b]Director: [/b] John Irvin
Because it was released less than a year after Oliver Stone's Platoon, this exceptionally well-made film about one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War was largely overshadowed and overlooked. It's a pity, because in some respects this is the best of the Vietnam films, at least in terms of the everyday authenticity it depicts.

As for the action movies I get back to you on those.
THE FIZZ [/color] :wigout:
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[color=indigo]I really enjoy movies that deal with war for some reason. I guess they usually have quite an enthralling story and the action scenes are very intense. It is hard to lump all movies together and pick a favorite war movie though. There are some outstandingly thought provoking movies like [b]Full Metal Jacket[/b] and [b]Apocalypse Now[/b], and some movies have amazing action sequences like [b]Braveheart[/b] and [b]Saving Private Ryan[/b].

I guess that my favorite war movie would probably be [b]Glory[/b]. It is such an outstanding movie. It was shot well, the acting is incredible, and the story was a beautiful account of a true portion of American history.

As far as favorite action movies, I would have to say [b]Enter the Dragon[/b] is at the top of my list. Although it may not be my absolute favorite, I have watched it nine billion times more than any other movie, so sheer numbers win again I guess?.[/color]
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I love war movies. I don't really have a favorite, though. I like them all about equally. I'm going to try to list all of the war movies I have ever seen:
Stalag 17
Saving Private Ryan
Enemy at the Gates
The Patriot
Schindler's List
Kelly's Heroes
The Hunley
The Great Escape
Rat King
Brave Heart
Gods and Generals
A Bridge Too Far
Escape from Sobibor
April Morning
Band of Brothers

Uhh...That's it for now.
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Even though war is hell, it has inspired many great movies. I have trouble choosing a favorite, so I guess I'll just list some of my favs:

[size=1]BlackHawk Down
Tora Tora Tora (No Love Triangle crap, Yaay!)
Enemy At The Gates
Saving Private Ryan
Full Metal Jacket

....I think thats all of um'.:D
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[color=royalblue]I'm just going to come right out and say it, I'm the biggest chicken that ever clucked. I prefer Comedy to horror any day, but as for action, I like action.
Best action movie I've seen recently is The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan. Interesting and well done. I just wish my mom would've let me sit thru it w/o making me get up. Yes ppl I saw it on HBO
Okay, best war movie?
I really can't tell you since I've never seen a war movie, the best guess I can give is Pearl HArbor because I read the book. I find this better because you can stop reading and you don't hear people screaming.
Of course the reading doesn't always help-I've read Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Meyers and one of the chapters really freaks me out, sometimes I skip thru it.
Oh, off topic! Did anyone notice the patches on the soldiers BDU shirts in We Were Soldiers? Those are 1st Cav patches![/color]
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[color=silver][font=times new roman][b] Hmmm well WW2 got one of my top picks there that no one had mentioned until then...Tora, Tora, Tora. While its abit dry it recreates the pearl harbor attack flawlessly and has stood up well after all these many years.

Otherwise id also go with saving private ryan or black hawk down. Both recreated the gruesome realities of war and didnt shy away from anything.

Gettysburg is also another wonderful war film that was beautifully done and quite accurate(Its a crying shame though that gods and generals failed to live up to its predecessor)

Lastly ill go with the tuskegee airmen movie and glory because they showed how hard it was for african americans to gain acceptance in the military, and the lengths those first pioneering soldiers went through to prove there worth.

Oh and action movies...I havent too many as of late so ill just go with kill bill because it was a geniune piece of art.[/color][/font][/b]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Heaven's Cloud [/i]
[B][color=indigo]I guess that my favorite war movie would probably be [b]Glory[/b]. It is such an outstanding movie. It was shot well, the acting is incredible, and the story was a beautiful account of a true portion of American history. [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]I did a book report on the book version of that...and later that year, we watched the movie during history class. I really appreciated it.

I suppose my favorite war movie would be [i]The Sound of Music.[/i] Which might be an odd choice, but still. I do love it.[/SIZE]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sara [/i]
[B][SIZE=1]I suppose my favorite war movie would be [i]The Sound of Music.[/i] Which might be an odd choice, but still. I do love it.[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=violet]If I had known I could do something like that I would've picked Gone With The Wind.
Why? It's a theatrical classic-one of the first movies in color and it got banned in a few cities because of Clark Gable's line to Vivian Leigh at the end. You know-Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
Oh, and the fact that most of the movie also revolved around the Civil War (american) Like when Scarlette made the dress [spoiler]out of her drapes and when she visited that hospital when Ashley (I think that's his name) got his leg amputated.[/spoiler]
Oh, I had to watch Glory in my U.S. History class. It involved the battle of Anteitam and the first battalion of Black soldiers.
Sound OF music was also a good movie. But I think it was centered prior to WW2.
The best part was in the convent when the nuns go up to the reverand mother and say[spoiler]Forgive us mother for we have sinned, then hold up the wheels to a car[/spoiler][/color]
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I totally agree with Double B, i dont like wire work in action movies. I like to see pure martial arts.. Bruce lee is good but im a fan of the old van damme movies like wrong bet the quest and bloodsport. Thier awesome, They fully get me pumped up before i go to karate training. Tis cool. oh and mortal kombat movies have a few good scenes too.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by cesar906 [/i]
[B]The best war movie is is pearl harbor [/B][/QUOTE]

Post quality is severely lacking cesar (you know its spelled caesar right?). Anyway, I'm suprised no one has mentioned Band of Brothers. Yeah, I know, it's a miniseries. So what? It's got the production value of any movie and the quality (if not better accuracy) of Saving Private Ryan. the best catch? It's based on REAL people and REAL events. Almost nothing is fabricated in this movie, folks. They even interveiw the men after the last epsiode.

I found myself breaking into tears.
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My two favorite are Svaing Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Band of Brothers is just great. I 've noticed that they both have the same kind of grey sheen over everything. Colors aren't too bright and it always seems kind of overcast.

Oh, and if you watch, in one of the episodes, you can see Tom Hanks(I think) as a chaplain.
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King Rat. (not rat king.) is my personal favorite. The book by James Clavell was much better though. Which is unfortunately true for most movies based on books. (i.e. harry potter) Other greats include Pork Chop Hill, Zulu, A Bridge Too Far, The Great Escape, Bridge Over the River Quai. Action is a whole 'nother story.

I have seen too many friggin action movies to count. I will try and make a short list of my favorites.

The Game, Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, Spawn, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Granted, not action. but a great movie nonetheless.) The Jackal, U-571, Indiana Jones I-III, Ronin, Reservior Dogs, The Fugitive, Con Air, All of Tom Clancy's movies.

By far, my favorite psychological action thriller is Memento.

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How can you talk about WW2 and not say "The Longest Day"? I think that that has got to be my favorite war movie. After learning more about WW2 this year, it made me apperiate the sacrifices our armed forces make even more.

As for action, i'd have to say that Indiana Jones, and the orginal three Star Wars movies. These are clasics! (ok..i can't spell) Growing up watching these movies have had an effect on me, and what i rate films by. There have been some great movies out there, but i don't think that in there time, they could compare with these two.
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