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[Color=#707875][Size=1]Welcome one and all to a little RPG started by myself to give thanks to the long running series of games by Lucas Arts heralding the adventures of [b]Guybrush Threepwood[/b] and his greatest nemesis the zombie buccaneer [b]Le Chuck[/b]. These games have kept me laughing for years and so it is only right that they should be given a fine RPG in which to have another adventure on the high seas.

Now it is true that I haven't played all the Monkey Island games however I have played the last two and read up on the story of the first two. If ye haven't played the games and are unfamiliar with the locations then I would suggest that ye do so now or you could be a bit lost in the RPG to come. It will be set about thirty or so years after the end of [I][b]Escape from Monkey Island[/b][/I] and will feature some of the cast and locations from the previous games. Welcome one and all to [I][b]The Treasures of Monkey Island[/I][/b]. Now it will be a bit different for a number of reasons.

[list][b]1][/b] This will have a much more piratey feel to the RPG than a traditional Monkey Island RPG but will still have the same humour, think Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island mixed.

[b]2][/b] It'll be mainly locations from Monkey Island that will be used so character knowledge won't be that important apart from a few, [b]Voodoo Lady, Murry, Elaine Marley-Threepwood, Guybrush Threepwood, and Le Chuck[/b] may make appearances from time to time, however it will be brief.[/list]


[I]In a dingy, dark, grog filled bar on a certain Island known as Melee in Caribbean, a young man sat in a corner listening to the stories of a particularly weather beaten seaman. The sailor was regaling his young friend with fancy tales about swash buckling, sword fights and mounds of boot, more than any man could spend in a lifetime. The young man was listening intently to the stories, desperately wishing to quench his thirst for adventure. He had come to the Caribbean on hearing such stories when he grew up, he wanted to be a pirate, to feel the wind and foam on his face and sun on his back, to fight off other pirates for booty, to pillage and plunder and have hearty adventures. The elder man chuckled and called for another round of grogs so he could quench his parched tongue, he pulled a grotty looking map from inside the red coat he'd been wearing and placed it down on the wooden table.

Carefully he pulled off the piece of string, which held the parchment in a roll and unfurled it. The map was clearly years old and had passed from hand to hand, grog stains covered it's outer edges and dirty finger marks were clearly visible on several points of the map. The man smiled as he gazed at the map, no doubt he'd used it on many adventures, though the young man. The map seemed to detail the entire Tri-Island area and even parts beyond it's outer borders such as the pirate infested port known as Puerto Pollo. The old man ran his fingers along the map as he traced over every route he'd travelled on his adventures from Melee to Phat, and from Lucre to Monkey. His finger lingered on the latter as if he wished to regale his companion with another tale of high seas adventures but he let it be.

The old man looked up, his blond hair was now near grey, and his beard back to it's original size but with a similar color to his hair. He called for the grog and signalled for his young friend to come closer. He drew his hand using his own and placed his companion's fingers over Monkey Island and then spoke. "Legends speak of the dangers of Monkey Island, and of the marvellous treasures which it keeps within the vaults of it's borders. But there's many a good Pirate, better than ye has gone to his grave, [b]or worse[/b] seeking that which is not of this world, and I would warn ye laddie. Do not seek this if ye value yer life in more than silver 'nd gold ". His breath reeked of grog and the young man pulled away in either fear or disgust at the smell, the old sea dog let loose a great laugh and called once again for his grog, cursing the bar wench for her lack of speed.

He rolled the map together and handed it back to his young companion, he slammed his fist on the table and laughed heartily as if a wave of nostalgia had hit his port side. "Ye'll be havin' great adventures laddie, as I have had in my many years", he sniffed hard and rubbed his eyes and spoke again "but beware for even the men in greatest favour with Lady Luck always have to pay some dues". He drew his pistol forth and shot towards the bar, yelling that he wanted his grog now, the serving girl ran forward at great pace to give him his drink. He drank it deeply before getting up from his chair and tossing her a leather bag that jingled with the sound of money, he handed the map to his young companion and wished his luck on his travels as he walked out the door.

"Sir, sir, the young man enquired, who is it that I may thank for this map and a fine ship ?", the old man turned and responded "Ye may mostly thank the powers of Lady Luck, but ye could also thank an old sea-dog named [b]Guybrush Threepwood[/b]." He turned again on his heels and walked out the door without further word to anyone... The young man sat in his chair and thought back earlier in their conversation, the old man's voice echoed in his head "For any high seas adventure ye'll be needing three things, [b]A ship, a map, and a good crew[/b]." He could scratch two off the list but he'd still need a good crew of sailors, he finished his grog and walked out of the bar in search of his final necessity.[/I]


Now my friends and fellow corsairs, that is the story set, I have left it purposefully open for the ability to allow the story to flow easily from one part to another. As usual there are some rules to the RPG but they are as much from your good as mine and will help with the running of the story.


[b]1] Post Quality and Post Quantity:[/b] This in reality is fairly simple and I feel should require no further explanation other than: Posts are to be of good quality i.e. that you have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Posts are also to be of sufficient quantity i.e. they are to be more than three paragraphs or at least 21 lines, in reality that is not much.

[b]2] Character Speech and Mannerisms:[/b] As this is set in the mid 17 century, people are still using the older manner of speaking such as "Ye" but not "Thy" as that's a bit too old. As for mannerisms, guys you're pirates act like one, you can be a murderous scoundrel or a heroic scallywag, I myself will be the latter rather than the former.


[b]1] The Crew:[/b] Yeah you guessed it, that's you guys, you'' be the main driving force in the RPG and will participate and share in the adventures. You can meet with the main character that will be an NPC and I'll give his details later.

[b]2] The Ship:[/b] The ship, ah here returns the [I][b]Sea Cucumber[/b][/I] [Monkey Island III] to her former glory and power. I hated the [I][b]Dainty Lady[/b][/I] from Monkey Island IV and decided to bring back this ship, she's a fast little creature but not that well armed.

[b]3] The Mission:[/b] All will be revealed later.

[b]4] Locations and Characters:[/b] As I said some of the characters from previous games will feature here, some will be NPC or you can sign up as them as crew for the ship. As for locations I plan to visit a few as with any other Monkey Island adventure.

[b]5] Most Importantly:[/b] Have fun, and remember that this is a Monkey Island adventure with the same kinds of humour and events such as insult sword fighting and sea combat for booty.[/list]


[B][I]Character Sign Up[/b][/I] [b][There will only be 7][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] [Your Name, you can add a catchy nickname to it]

[b]Age:[/b] [Your age try to keep it above 20]

[b]Gender:[/b] [Male or Female]

[b]Home Island:[/b] [What Island are you from]

[b]Previous Job:[/b] [What you did before you were recruited]

[b]Position:[/b] [What position will you hold in the voyage]

[b]Weapon:[/b] [Only one try to keep it to a cutlass, pistol etc]

[b]Personal Belongings:[/b] [Any personal items you carry]

[b]Description:[/b] [What you look like, if you want a picture that's fine]

[b]History:[/b] [Your life until now]

[b]Personality:[/b] [What you're like to others]


[b][I]My Character Sign Up[/b][/I]

[b]Name:[/b] Van "Dodge" Ambrose

[b]Age:[/b] 49

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Home Island:[/b] Melee

[b]Previous Job:[/b] Sword Master

[b]Position:[/b] First Mate

[b]Weapons:[/b] Spanish Rapier, the blade is 46" in length and 1 3/8" thick, the hilt is gold fashioned in a spiral shape at length 8" so all together the sword is

[b]Personal Belongings:[/b] An old Accordion with his initials V.D.A, which Van likes to play while not working.

[b]Description:[/b] Van stands about 6'3" in height and weighs about 230 lbs. He is well built and his muscles are very clear. He has dark grey well trimmed hair that comes down to his chin and a goatee of the same color and neatness, deep dark blue eyes, and a roguish smile on his face most of the time. Usually he dons a green coat with brass buttons over a plain blue shirt and a pair of cream pants with white socks to the knee and a pair of black boots with brass buckles.

[b]History:[/b] Born and raised on Melee Island and probably immersed in piracy since before he could walk, Van has always loved life on the sea and the thrill of the clang of a sword with a well timed jibe thrown in to boot. Ever since Van was a child he'd go down to Melee docks to speak with the sailors coming in off the docks and to listen to any new insults and counter-insults that had been though of. His father was a pirate, like almost every man on Melee, but Van's father was different in the fact that he was one of the most famous and wanted men on the sea. His ship [I][b]The Corsair[/b][/I] never came into port without a hold full of booty and his father would always have plenty of grog to go about in celebration of his latest deeds and good fortune.

And so life was good for Van, his father was a wanted yet loved man who kept his family in very good keepings. At 14 Van began to take an interest in sword fighting and asked his father to teach him, his father was proud that his son wished to become a pirate like himself and agreed. On their first lesson, his father gave Van the sword which he now still keeps and began their lesson, Van was no novice to the sword and he was able to keep decently up with his father's insults. However his father was a master and very soon Van had lost, yet he wasn't deterred if anything it increased his wishes to become a pirate.

His became quite adept at sword combat quickly and became equally fascinated with all parts of nautical life, at 16 he began to study the maps and sea charts of the Tri-Island Area and served as a navigator on several small trade vessels. It was here that an old sea dog named Edward Van-Helgan first taught him to play the accordion, it was something Van enjoyed tremendously and he kept at it for hours playing to entertain the crew from one voyage to another from Melee to Puerto Pollo. His life has been pretty much one ship to another although his skills have grown tremendously in sword fighting and he is the Sword Master of Melee Island. He is also a mean accordion player and when not working hard he likes to keep the crew in good spirits playing. At the moment he is down at the dock waiting for Lady Luck to give him one last good voyage on the foamy seas.

[b]Personality:[/b] Van is a laid back character and likes to take things in his stride, he likes to give advice when needed and keep the ship going in good order. He's real passions lie in his accordion playing and you'll often find him somewhere playing it away to hearts content.[/color][/size]
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Oh my! You are a good person for making this. I've played all these games as well as many times over and it's my favorite computer series. Of course, I'll join. I'm editting this post right now. Just wanted to get a spot XD

Name: Damario the "Buttoneer"

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Home Island: Phatt Island

Previous Job: Button Salesman (ya know, the ones you pin on your shirt)

Position: Helm :<

Weapon: Cutlass

Personal Belongings: Buttons

Description: (I'll draw a pic later, but for now...) Average male height, skinny, a hat bigger than should be, mostly green clothing, a nice flowing cape, messy-looking boots.

History: Damario's father's father was a button salesman. Damario's father was a button salesman. Now he's a button salesman. He left home in Phatt Island to work in Melee, hoping for better business. He was wrong, since Melee had pretty much the same amount of need for his buttons than Phatt did. He'd rather be doing something else, but when you weren't sent to school and instead given a button selling job, what can you do? The only thing he studied was ships. What a lame life -.-

Personality: No school equals not too bright. He also tries to sell buttons even when not on the job so he can get annoying. He doesn't make too many friends and often the children are scared of his overly-large hat. Go figure.
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*grins* Oh this is gonna be good ;)

[b]Name:[/b] Esmarelda Gumply

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Home Island:[/b] Melee Island

[b]Previous Job:[/b] Waitress in the local Scum Bar

[b]Position:[/b] Navigator

[b]Weapon:[/b] Set of pistols

[b]Personal Belongings:[/b] A pack of tarot cards, and a grey kitten called "Poofy".

[b]Description:[/b] Elda's tall, pretty, pouty, with long blonde ringlets. However, she doesn't dress as the prissy type, more than willing to muck in, fight, and generally get her hands dirty. Usually, unless she's trying to impress, her ringlets are sadly tied up in a sort-of-pony-tail.

[b]History:[/b] Elda's mother was the Voodoo Lady's rival for a good many years. However, the Voodoo Lady always seemed to have the better spots for business, and always seemed to attract those who would believe the sky was purple if she told them it was so. ([i]Guybrush*cough*Guybrush[/i]!) And as such, Elda's mother never really made it as a seeing lady. Because of this, Elda's always firmly believed she can see the future, and can read the stars (leading to an amazing sense of direction at night). Eventually, she moved out of her home and went off to "make her millions" - winding up as a waitress in a scum bar for all her efforts. She's now desperate to take on a different path, to find a ship who'll have her, and to go somewhere where she can make a living out of peering into people's futures, like she always said she could. And does anyone remember Madme Xima? In the Goodsoup Hotel on Blood Island? With all the "Death" cards? That's Elda's grandmother. (And yes, we're all doomed... O_o)

[b]Personality:[/b] Ready and willing to steal, plunder, fight, and insult pie eat for her cause, Elda's ready to take the rough seas with the plain sailing. She will obey her captain, and those above her in rank, but can be very rebellious in relation to others around her.
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Name: Jordan "Shakespeare" Crane

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Home Island: Plunder Island

Previous Job: Servant then Actor

Position: Lookout

Weapon: Two Ring Swept Hilt Rapier
An elegant swept hilt rapier in a style that was one of the most popular at the beginning of the seventeenth century. This type of hilt has a simple clean line and the pommel has a slightly tapered barrel shape in profile but is keeled in the plane of the blade. The grip is bound in twisted steel wire.

Personal Belongings: A small hip flask full of very strong rum, in case of emergencys.

Description: 5,7 and lithely built perfect for clambering up and down a mast. He has long dark hair and a stubble like beard. His grey eyes are smokey and disturbing. He takes pride in his appearance and can sometimes come across as a fop. He is dressed in a white shirt with frilled cuffs that stick out of the black leather coat that he wears over the top of it. His pants are a simple dark grey that go down to his calves. he doesn't wear shoes on the ship but when he goes offshore he dones knee-high black boots with leather straps and buckles up the shin.

History: Previously a servant to the great pirate family of Blood Island, Jordan was made redundant at the age of 15 when the tourist trade of the island dissipated and the family when bankrupt. Setting out in a small boat he found his way to the famously busy seaport of Plunder Island. Landing there he set out to make a name for himself. He found this easier said than done. Scrounging a living from chicken grease and swamp beasties he soon found himself wandering the lands of the Plunder Swamp with little or nothing in the way of work. Stumbling across the hut of the voodoo priestess she pointed him in the way of the town theatre, who were, coincidently, in need of a little assistance.

Therefore, Jordan found his way there and soon came under the tuetelage of great actors. Learning the ways of the bard he was known as one of the greatest shakesperian actors of Plunder Island. But still he longed for more...

Personality: Often quoting shakespeare randomly he earned the nickname "Shakespeare" from his fellow crew mates. He can be seen as haughty and foppish at times but is a very solid character with great trust in his friends. Sharp and quick witted he is deadly in a duel, though has only participated in staged ones.
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Name: Frederick "Bucket Face" Fedrek

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Home Island: Melee

Previous Job: Helmsman

Position: Common Sailor

Weapon: Rapier

Personal Belongings: cup

Description: Frederick, or Bucket Face, as all but few people call him, is 6'1" tall. He weighs a measly 172 pounds with long black hair and hazel eyes. Bucket Face keeps his hair in knots and curls and twists, with the most grungy appearance by using a mixture of bees-wax and grog as a "shampoo". He has a slightly purple scar on his face from when he was hit in the face with a bucket.

History: Bucket Face grew up on Melee Island, smelling the sea, hearing the sailors, and learning new insults just like any young lad on Melee should. Never knowing whom his father was, Bucket Face decided to become a Pirate for he thought his father to be a land lubber. At the age of 16, Bucket Face hired himself off as a Cabin Boy to a small merchant ship. 4 years later, and quite a few snide remarks, he was still a Cabin Boy. When he turned 20, he embarked on a Pirate ship, to loot, plunder, and insult with the best of them. One stormy night, the ship he was on started to lose its course (For the helmsman fell asleep) and Bucket Face ran to the helm...and found his "only, deeply, truely, most super love" as he likes to call it. When the Captain awoke...he received a hit in the face from a slop bucket, which left its imprints on his face for life...Hence the name "Bucket Face." Ever since that fateful day, and his best, as he sometimes says, he became a helmsman, hiring himself out to any ship needing a helmsman, studying maps, learning compasses, and a little bit of sword-fighting. Now, 17 years later, and quite a few voyages mind you, he decided to embark on a quest of fortune fame, and a great chance of dire insults.

Personality: Bucket Face is a loud, obnoxious, smile while insulting you type of scally-wag. The only people he will not insult are those whom can best him in an insult, or sword-fighting competition. He always has a comment to put it, and loves to sneak behind people to give them all sorts of surprises.
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Name: Olaf "Scar Head" Harnagen

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Home Island: Scabb

Previous Job: Flooring inspector.

Position: anywhere needed

Weapon: Cutlass

Personal Belongings: A black parrot.

Description: Tall guy at about 6' 4". Wears green pants, a blue shirt, black boots, and a White coat. Black eyes, and black hear that goes stops right above his shoulders. And he sometimes wears a blue hat.

History: When he was a child growing up on Sabb island he wanted to grow up to be a pirate, but when he went to Melee to become a pirate, they told him that he should become a flooring inspector. Olaf then learned the art of insult sword fighting when he was inspecting the floor of a pirate ship. When he turned 22 he found that flooring inspector jobs suck, and the pay is horrible, he then found a black parrot that he named Cutesy Buttons, and he kept it as a pet, and taught it to dance. When he turned 24 he decided to follow his dreams and become a pirate. After a long day at the bar he found a ship called the Sea Cucumber that needed members. He joined in hopes to become a well known pirate. He needed some money too.

Personality: A nice guy who doesn't really take anything seriously, and is only a little serious when it comes to his plundering. He always smells of Grog, yet never seems to have a hangover.
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[COLOR=green]*Is impressed by the storyline; and by the way the games and RPG seem to have been blended*

My hat's off to you Outcast...

[b]Name:[/b] Jedgar "Maelstrom" Nieta

[b]Age:[/b] 59

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Home Island:[/b] Trader?s Atoll

[b]Previous Job:[/b] Scholar, Sailor, Wanderer and Philosopher

[b]Position:[/b] Anywhere needed, so long as he gets on the ship...

[b]Weapon:[/b] Pike.


[b]Personal Belongings:[/b] A long Red Traveling cloak with a hood, waterproof of course. A leather backpack that is designed for wearing under a cloak. A small sword care/repair kit.

[b]Description:[/b] [IMG]http://www.crimsongypsy.com/images/cloak4thm.jpg[/IMG]

[b]History:[/b] Born the son of a wealthy merchant on Trader?s Atoll, a bustling mercantile island located right between Phatt and Plunder Islands, Jedgar was given a complete classical education by some of the archipelago?s finest minds. By the time he graduated from the University of Trade, as per his father?s wishes, he had mastered arithmetic, studied the sciences of chemistry and physics and read almost all of the great works available to him. However when his father directed him to take charge of the family?s bookkeeping operation, which Jedgar found tedious and menial, he declined. This infuriated his father, who was determined to have his son follow in his footsteps. After many heated arguments, and a few fistfights, Jedgar was disowned by his father.

Normally this wouldn?t have been a problem for a young man with Jedgar?s talents, as he was qualified for almost every academic career available in the area. This led him to pursue a new career path entirely. He assumed an alias and enlisted as an ensign on one of his father?s trading ships, without his father?s knowledge. He slowly worked his way up the chain of command one of the many trading vessels in his father?s fleet, the [I]Trader?s Luck[/I].

Ten years came and went. Every day Jedgar put everything he had into his job, and finally reached the position of captain of what was now his father?s finest trading vessel. Until the fateful day that his life came crashing down on top of him, crushing in one day what had taken a decade to achieve. A band of pirates attacked his vessel, and a battle ensued, in which Jedgar handily defeated the pirate through the deft use of tactics taken from one of the classical novels he had read long ago. Not only did he manage to preserve his cargo that day, but also brought back the pirate vessel and it?s treasure intact. It was after this event that his father demanded to meet the man who had given his company so much. Jedgar couldn?t avoid the encounter, although he could predict the outcome with certainty.

Just as he predicted, his meeting with his father was not a reunion of old friends. Upon discovery of the true identity of his heroic captain, Jedgar?s father flew into a rage and had Jedgar driven from his home. Using his considerable influence, he had Jedgar exiled from the Trader?s Atoll. Sent away on the next ship that came into port, Jedgar was dumped off the vessel several hundred feet off of Melee Island. After swimming ashore, Jedgar found he had been blacklisted as a sailor, and couldn?t find work.

Since that fateful day Jedgar has wandered Melee Island, contemplating anything and everything he finds of interest. He has also become a crusader for just causes, training his skills with a pike in isolation; then using them to combat the forces of evil and chaos that pervade Melee Island from time to time.

He is now an old man, but by no mean has he lost his sense of adventure; and would leave in an instant to get back on the high seas?

[b]Personality:[/b] Guarded and reserved, most of the time. Jedgar doesn't talk much, and is a silent observer most of the time. He doesn?t feel comfortable around large groups of people, and is a little paranoid. However if you get to know him, and manage to earn his trust, he acts more like a mentoring grandfatherly figure.[/COLOR]
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[color=#707875][size=1]Alright, all current applications are accepted so that means I can start the RPG. So as it stands here's the soon to be crew and their positions:

[b]Van Ambrose:[/b] First Mate [I][Outcast][/I]

[b]Damario:[/b] Helmsman [I][Dragon Warrior][/I]

[b]Esmarelda Gumply:[/b] Navigator [I][Braidless Baka][/I]

[b]Jordan Crane:[/b] Lookout [I][doukeshi03][/I]

[b]Frederick Fedrek:[/b] [Position needed] [I][Shikaku Kitoku][/I]

[b]Olaf Harnagen:[/b] [Position needed] [I][Ryo the Tamer][/I]

[b]Jedgar Nieta:[/b] [Position needed] [I][Boba Fett][/I]

[b]Positions needed to be filled[/b]



[I]Deck Hand[/I][/list]


Ok so I suppose you're all wondering what luckless fool of a captain we're going to get stuck with and who will more than likely maroon us on some Godforsaken Island in the Tri-Island area without any hope of being rescued until two RPGs from now. Well here's the Captain:

[b]Name:[/b] Dominic Turner

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Home Island:[/b] Jambalaya

[b]Previous Job:[/b] None

[b]Position:[/b] Captain

[b]Weapon:[/b] Old yet well maintained Cutlass given to him by Governor Guybrush Threepwood

[b]Personal Belongings:[/b] Grotty old map of Tri-Islands and other secret items kept in leather bag

[b]Description:[/b] A goofy pencil necked boy, in the words of Old Mort the Grave Digger on Blood Island, these words would accurately describe Dominic Turner too, he stands roughly 6'2" in height and weighs no more than 125 lbs. He has short black hair and dark green eyes, he dresses in a blue overcoat which needs a new set of buttons [I]Hint, Hint[/I] and wears brown trousers and black knee high boots.

[b]History:[/b] Born on Jambalaya Island only a short time after it's redecoration and depiratication, Dominic Turner had to live in the squalor of theme restaurants [I][Which have been closed due to law suit][/I] and crappy grog related emporia [I][Both of which were burned to the ground in separate "accidents"][/I]. Such was the life of Dominic Turner in childhood and not that pleasant, with out of work Characateurists assaulting people in the street for work. However life in the port soon returned to normal and the Island once again became Pirate-Friendly and Anti-Tourism, the grog bars and pirate paraphernalia stores soon reappeared in strength and life returned to Pre-Mandrill times.

Dominic always wanted to become a pirate and hoped to make a profession of it, from hearing stories of other goofy pencil necked boys who had gone on to become great pirates. He signed on a local fishing boat and hoped to make a half-decent cabin boy, however in a freak storm only 150 yards from port, he was thrown from the boat and washed up on Lucre Island, at the other side of the Tri-Islands. He washed ashore and was picked up by a friendly Bank-Manager turned Grog Maker and taken to be treated for his injuries. When he came around and was asked his name, Dominic replied and the man was a little startled for reasons unknown. He took his young cohort to Lucre Bank and brought him back to the old Vault where he said he had something for him.

The old man brought Dominic out a chest labelled [b]TO DOMINIC TURNER, OF JAMBALAYA ISLAND[/B], Dominic opened the chest and was astounded by what he saw, gold, a small sized but very valuable pile of Gold. He reached in and touched it and found a piece of old parchment, unravelling it carefully he read it aloud, ignoring the fact that people may have been listening. After finishing he dug through the gold and found another piece of paper held in a piece of watertight leather, he placed it in his pocket and took his gold and looked to rent a ship to Melee Island. While on his way to Melee Dominic's ship was robbed and his small amount of gold plundered, he was tied to a barrel and flung towards his target Island that was only a few hundred metres off his current predicament.

Washed ashore with nothing but his map and his clothes Dominic decided to enter the Scumm Bar Kudu-Jerkey Pretzel Eating Contest, having been starved while on his voyage to Melee, Dom beat of his competitors easily and won the free grog card. Sitting at the table was an old gentleman who appeared to have some look of a seaman about it, he motioned for Dominic to come near and that they would talk, Dominic told him of his predicament and that he knew not where to turn next. It is from here that our hero's story commences.

[b]Personality:[/b] Takes the term [i]"Dumb as a Plank"[/i] to a whole new level, Dom's heart is in the right place most of the time, if only his head was more often.[/color][/size]
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YAY! I don't have to cook! LOL! I just hope he doesn't try to start a mutiny with spandex noodles =\...*ahem* Anyways, I call gunner..he he he...FIRE! CANNON BALLS! BOOM! HEHEHE! heh...*ahem*..Yes, I shall be the diabolical..I mean, I shall be the gunner...just don't expect me to hit sutff all the time....
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[color=#707875][size=1]Ok well since people seem to be enjoying themselves, I'll give you a bit more good news: the RPG will be up Thursday evening so keep an eye out for it.

The main character will be in the Scumm Bar looking for sailors for the voyage so try to make your conversation interesting and detailed.

Oh and [b]sign ups are closed[/b] as I have all seven crew members although positions may become available.[/color][/size]
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