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Sign Up Brave Fencer Musashiden: Thirstquencher's Revenge [PG13] (image heavy)


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[size=1]I have had this RPG written up for about a year or so now, lol. I figured I would give it a go and see what happens.

To begin with, those of you that wish to join do not have to have experience playing the actual game of which this RPG is based. This storyline does not have much to do with the plot of the game itself, and the part that does is explained somewhere amongst all this typing. Secondly, I shall be selectively choosing those who will play in this RPG based upon your sign-ups. Those who make it, make it; those who do not, do not. Period.

By a PG13 rating, I mean there will probably be casual swearing and violence which could get fairly graphic depending on the player.

With that aside, let us begin.



[i]The Legend of Musashiden[/i][/center][/size]
[b]O[/b][size=1]ver one hundred and fifty years ago, a giant monster suddenly appeared in the Thirstquencher Empire, neighboring country to the Allucaneet Kingdom. This monster was known as the Wizard of Darkness and was a huge creature made almost entirely of a powerful crystal known as Binchotite. After easily destroying the Thirstquencher empire, the monster made way for Allucaneet, seeking the bountiful supply of Binchotite believed to be buried there. The monster destroyed everything along the way. It is believed that many creatures were born of this destruction as the Wizard of Darkness had a strange effect on everything that crossed its path.[/size]

[b]U[/b][size=1]pon hearing of the Wizard of Darkness? approach, King Allucaneet ordered the Hero Summon spell to be cast. The Hero Summon is a magical power that is handed down, generation to generation, amongst only the princesses of Allucaneet. A closely guarded state secret, this power is only used as a last resort when the kingdom is faced with great danger. It grants its user the ability to summon a hero through incantations made over a specially prepared crystal of Binchotite. The summoned hero called upon to defeat the Wizard of Darkness was a two-sworded fencer named Musashiden. Musashiden accepted the princess? task and set out on a journey to defeat the Wizard of Darkness.[/size]

[b]M[/b][size=1]usashiden and the Wizard of Darkness battled fiercely for a long time. Even for a hero like Musashiden, The Wizard of Darkness proved a formidable foe. Finally, with the help of Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence, Musashiden was able to seal the monster within a magical ward.[/size]

[b]I[/b][size=1]t is said that Musashiden then divided the power of the monster into the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky, and then sealed them within five crests. These five crests became known as the Five Scrolls and in the years to follow passed into myth along with the legend of the brave fencer, Musashiden.


[b]A[/b] [size=1]decade less than a century have passed since the Wizard of Darkness was defeated. The Allucaneet Kingdom has since prospered with great peace and overall wealth of the society. Their neighbors, the Thirstquencher Empire, have long since been rebuilding and repairing the horrid destruction caused by the Wizard of Darkness. Their wealth was depressed, and their morale was even lower. In the midst of this depression, an ominous force approached the throne of the Thirstquencher Empire. He offered Emperor R. Senic, the ruler of the Thirstquencher Empire at the time, great prosperity and power beyond his wildest dreams. All he asked for in return was the throne. With little reluctance, Emperor R. Senic agreed, and this frightening power took over the rule of the Thirstquencher Empire.[/size]

[b]I[/b][size=1]ndeed, ten years later, the unknown force?s promise was well at hand. The Thirstquencher Empire had found itself in economic stability, gaining more power every day, and Emperor R. Senic was its right-hand man. He was put in charge of the empire?s entire army, which grew larger each day. Prideful citizens of Thirstquencher rallied together, supplied with only the newest and best defensive and offensive weaponry of the times with credit due to the greater economy. The ruling force of the Thirstquencher Empire was pleased with what it had done. It had the whole empire at it fingertips. With the overwhelming success that it had brought them, the force knew that Emperor R. Senic would do anything of which it told him. So, it turned its powerful eye towards a not-yet-conquered neighbor of the Thirstquencher Empire, of which it seem to have a grudge against, Allucaneet Kingdom. To control Allucaneet was its plan from the beginning, but he knew that the ruler of the kingdom would never step down. The Allucaneet Army was quite expansive, so it had been holding back the idea of invasion. Now, though? now the time was right. The force filled Emperor R. Senic?s mind with the idea that Allucaneet was the reason for his country?s depression. That if it were not for their abundance in Binchotite, the Wizard of Darkness never would have passed through their empire. Deceived, Emperor R. Senic built up a keen hatred for Allucaneet Kingdom.[/size]

[b]I[/b][size=1]t was only a matter of months until Emperor R. Senic had readied his troops for invasion. On that fateful day, the Thirstquencher Army stormed the Allucaneet Kingdom. Their main area of attack was Grillin Village, which lie just outside of Allucaneet Palace. The entire village was pillaged and burned. A majority of the people escaped into Somnolent Forest, a handful of people were taken prisoner. The Allucaneet Army flooded out of the palace and clashed with the troops from the Thirstquencher Army, but the Thirstquencher Army was just too big. During the battle, Princess Poisson of the Allucaneet Kingdom ran down to the deepest floor of the palace accompanied by Butler Lobe, Scribe Slink, and Steward Femurson; three statesmen who aid King Allucaneet by looking after the princess. They push through large wooden doors into a vast room with a specially prepared crystal of Binchotite in the middle of it all. With all of her hopes she chanted the Hero Summon spell, and from the Binchotite crystal came the legendary Musashiden ready with his swords: Fusion and Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence. The princess informed him of an evil power that had came to rule over the Thirstquencher Empire, and he accepted the mission. Single-handedly, Musashiden leveled a majority of the Thirstquencher Army as the rest ran away towards Twinpeak Mountain, an area northwest of Grillin Village. Emperor R. Senic retreated back to the Thirstquencher Empire. Musashiden arrived not long after, confronting the mysterious force that seated the throne. The force had its own agenda and trapped Musashiden in a powerful Bincho Field, a diamond-shaped force field of Bincho power, but not before Musashiden launched his two swords through the ceiling of the castle and off into nowhere. For he knew that it was the swords the force wanted, not him. Angered, the force kept Musashiden prisoner along with the people from Grillin Village who were also trapped in Bincho Fields: Mayor, Reverend, all the miners in Binchotite Mine, and four Knights of the Allucaneet Army that happened to be patrolling the area at the time. Emperor R. Senic was sent back to Allucaneet Kingdom where he took over the throne of the palace. King Allucaneet, Princess Poisson, Butler Lobe, Scribe Slink, and Steward Femurson were all captured and sent back to the Thirstquencher Empire where they suffered the same fate as the rest of their people. The Knights of the Allucaneet army were driven off into Somnolent Forest.


[b]A[/b][size=1]nother decade has passed. The Allucaneet Kingdom has since been perverted and darkened from Emperor R. Senic?s rule over it. Grillin Village was rebuilt and people were allowed back into it. The village remained fairly sovereign, but still under the close eye of Emperor R. Senic and his troops. Somnolent Forest has become plagued with monsters, while Twinpeak Mountain has some creatures, but mostly guards. The Force, as it became known, continued its godly rule from the Thirstquencher Empire. It would not take Allucaneet for its own until the two swords of the brave fencer Musashiden were in its possession. Especially Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence, and all of its power. To this day, neither have been found. Rumor has it that The Force and Emperor R. Senic have begun creating an ?Ultimate Weapon? for world domination.[/size]

[b]U[/b][size=1]pon Twinpeak Mountain, another hero awakens?


[b][u]Important Characters[/b][/u]
[b]The Force -[/b] An unnamed power that rules over both Allucaneet and Thirstquencher. It resides in the Thirstquencher Empire where it keeps many prisoners in Bincho Fields. It seeks the sword Fusion, and the Sword of Luminescence in order to gain complete power and control, and will do anything in its power to obtain them.
[b]Emperor R. Senic -[/b] The vice ruler of the Thirstquencher Empire. He oversees Allucaneet Kingdom and the Thirstquencher Army. He is an extremely powerful man in both military and sheer personal power given to him by The Force. Though, he is no where near as strong as The Force.
[b]The Ultimate Weapon -[/b] A rumored secret plan in creation by both The Force and Emperor R. Senic. No one knows what it is, what it looks like, or what it does.
[b]Musashiden -[/b] The legendary hero that once saved Allucaneet Kingdom from being destroyed by the Wizard of Darkness. He was the possessor of the swords Fusion and Lumina until The Force locked him in a Bincho Field just after he was able to dispose of them. He remains trapped within the tallest tower of Thirstquencher Castle. [ [url=http://bfmtr.mysitespace.com/images/musashiden.jpg]image[/url] ]
[b]Princess Poisson -[/b] The [former] princess of the Allucaneet Kingdom, and descendent of Princess Fillet, the princess who summoned Musashiden to defeat the Wizard of Darkness. She alone has the power to use the Hero Summon spell.
[b]Wizard of Darkness -[/b] The giant monster defeated by Musashiden all those years ago. Also known as Dark Lumina, an infamous legend.
[b]Minkus -[/b] Little nocturnal creatures who leave pink dung around the place. [i]Very rare[/i], and rather fast. They only come out at midnight and disappear at six in the morning. If caught, they possess a Longevity Berry that can dramatically increase one?s durability. Each character may find two of these. [ [url=http://bfmtr.mysitespace.com/images/minku.jpg]image[/url] ]
[b]Thirstquencher Guards -[/b] For those of you that have played the actual game, these guards are nowhere near as ignorant as the enemy soldiers found in the game. They are commonly armed with a sword and Bincho Gun (Thirstquencher only), which fires small but painful shots of Bincho Power. [ [url=http://bfmtr.mysitespace.com/images/soldier.jpg]image[/url] ]

[b][u]Legendary Swords[/b][/u]
[b]Fusion -[/b] A light-weight, special sword with the ability to assimilate enemies' abilities. Fusion is shorter than Lumina and causes lesser damage. However, it allows quick, continuous swipes.
[b]Lumina -[/b] A powerful, heavier sword than Fusion. Scrolls may be attached to the sword to gain new abilities. It is the only sword that can break a Bincho field. It causes nearly twice the damage of Fusion. However, the Lumina sword cannot perform quick swipes continuously like Fusion.

[b][u]Important Items[/b][/u]
[b]Dran Coin -[/b] Dran are golden coins used as currency in Allucaneet. Their values are marked in: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500. Dran [i]can[/i] be lost/stolen, but no friendly fire (do not steal other players? money).
[b]Bincholon -[/b] A main source of energy for any character; it is made of Binchotite crystal. It can sometimes be found when an enemy is destroyed. It is absorbed into a person?s body and increases their Bincho Power, which is necessary to perform spells and stay conscious. The more Bincho Power you lose, the weaker you become.
[b]Antidote -[/b] A special medicine that can cure nearly any poison. It comes in the form of a plant with a long stem and groups of three leaves found occasionally up the stem. One stem of Antidote may only be used once. Can be bought at the Grocery or found.
[b]First Aid -[/b] Medicine that helps heal any wound that is not poison. Can be found at the Grocery. First Aid packs can be used three times before having to purchase a new one.
[b]Mint -[/b] Refreshing tablets that reduces a person?s tiredness. Can be purchased at the Grocery. Come in packs of five.


[center][b]Grillin Village/Somnolent Forest[/b]
[b]1. Inn[/b]
[b]2. Bakery[/b]
[b]3. Grocery[/b]
[b]4. Restaurant[/b]
[b]6. Toy Store[/b]
[b]7. Bank[/b]

[center][b]Twinpeak Mountain[/b]
[b]1. Hell?s Valley[/b]
[b]2. Aqualin[/b]

[b][u]Character Classes[/u][/b]
Class names are merely categorical. So if you are a Soldier, that does not mean you were part of the Allucaneet army. It simply is a one word summary of what your character is like. Also, all Classes may carry up to [I]four[/I] items unless stated otherwise in their description. Players can only carry their allotted number of items. If you find an item that you know you want, but your stock is already full, you must drop an item. That item will remain there if you decide to pick it up at a later time. Pouches, bags, or other means of storing things do not count as items.

[b]Soldier -[/b] Although Soldiers are the most protected when it comes to armor, they may only carry one primary weapon (shield is included, but optional*), have low dexterity, and they move the slowest of the four. However, they are stronger, more tactical, and exceptional close-range fighters. May know one small spell.

[b]Wizard -[/b] Wizards are the least armored of them all. However, they are the [i]only[/i] of the four that can harness Bincho Power into a more powerful state and use it to create and cast spells. They may have one primary spell, a small secondary weapon/item, may carry up to [i]six[/i] items, and know up to three secondary spells (these will not be as strong). They are faster than the soldier but slower than a ?Hero?, have a low dexterity, but are exceptional long-range fighters.

[b]?Hero? -[/b] With the Legend of Musashiden in the hearts of the people over time, hopeful citizens tried to become heroes/heroines themselves, but, of course, are not real heroes like Musashiden. They are somewhat protected, may carry a primary weapon and a smaller secondary item/weapon, may know one small spell, and they move faster than both the Soldier and the Wizard. ?Heroes? have a high dexterity. They can fight averagely close up as well as at a distance.

[b]Thief -[/b] Thieves are the fastest, have a high dexterity, but are lightly guarded. They may carry a primary weapon, and up to two smaller weapons/items. However, if they choose to use two smaller weapons/items Thieves may only carry [I]three[/I] items, and four if they choose to have one. May know one small spell. They can fight averagely close up as well as at a distance. (Thieves are good friends with the Pawn Shop owner, and are often getting things for him.)

*[b]Soldiers Only:[/b] If you want, you can carry a large weapon as your primary weapon, you may have a medium-sized weapon as your secondary. Such as a broad sword as your main weapon, then having maybe a quarterstaff as your secondary. However, this means you will not be carrying a shield.

You may also notice that each Class has its ups and downs. The ups are obviously a plus, and the downs are just how you start. You can develop whatever it is your lacking over time and experience.


[b][u]Sign-up Sheet[/b][/u]
[b]Age:[/b] (Keep it relatively young. Pretty much anywhere between 13 and 20.)
[b]Class:[/b] ( Soldier, Wizard, ?Hero?, Thief )
[b]Bio:[/b] (If you live within the village, be sure to mention any special role within the community such as a job or what-have-you.)
[b]Starting Point:[/b] (anywhere where there is a ?special? item shown on the map, such as a Scroll, is off limits to start. No one even knows where those are. The octagonal area of Hell?s Valley is off limits, as is Aqualin.)
[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b]
[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] (a secondary item does not count as one of your other items)
[b]Spell(s):[/b] (Unless you are a Wizard, your spells cannot be Elemental [Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Sky]. They must be something different. It can be anything such as telekinetic bullets or a temporary shield, and of course are utilized through Bincho Power as any other spell is.)


*sigh* Now, with that all out of the way, let us begin the sign-ups.

There is another hoard of information just waiting for those of you whom I select as worthy to be in this RPG. It includes all of the maps and all of their information, as well as other things. ^__^ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or catch me on AIM. My screen name is Deific Evil. Good luck![/size]
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Hm...I'll have a try. I gather that there's a slightly lighthearted feel to this story, considering the place/character names and stuff. I'll give it a shot. ^_^

[color=#707875][b]Name:[/b] Keizo Zuka

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Class:[/b] Hero

[b]Description:[/b] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/Keizo.jpg[/img]

[b]Biography:[/b] Small boys are always getting into trouble. And as far as small boys go, Keizo Zuka is certainly quite experienced with mischief. Keizo's parents discovered his natural inclination toward trouble making when he was at the tender age of five. At this age, he attended a small kindergarten on the outskirts of Grillin Village. Within five days of his attendance, a swift, sharp knocking could be heard from the front door of his home. His mother opened the door, only to find a frazzled-looking kindergarten supervisor, holding an energetic (and completely oblivious) little Keizo by his collar.

As the supervisor spoke in a heated tone and with wild arm movements, little Keizo occupied himself by fighting with a nearby blueberry bush. The blueberry bush won.

Most parents would be horrified and disturbed at such aggressive behavior. But not Mr. and Mrs. Zuka. Rather than scold little Keizo, both parents decided to enrol him in a nearby Ninjitsu school. They hoped that such an activity would allow him to better focus his aggressive tendencies.

As Keizo grew older, he gained control over his somewhat unpredictable behavior. But he also desired to move further afield; to explore and to challenge himself in new ways. As a result, little Keizo would sometimes sneak out of the village at night, toward the forest, where he'd practice his skills against various monsters (who had become increasingly prevalent in the forest during Keizo's childhood).

When Keizo began to learn more about the history of his little town (particularly the invasion by the Thirstquencher Army), he became even more determined to develop and focus his skills and Bincholon-based abilities. He wanted to do [i]something[/i] to free his town and country. Of course, little boys are not able to undertake such monumental tasks on their own.

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Grillin Village

[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b] Ninja Sword

[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] Smoke Bomb.

[b]Items:[/b] I haven't decided about this. I may have to edit.

[b]Spell(s):[/b] Ninja Telekinesis. [/color]

I hope that's suitable. ^_^"
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James[/i]
[B]Hm...I'll have a try. I gather that there's a slightly lighthearted feel to this story, considering the place/character names and stuff. I'll give it a shot. ^_^[/B][/QUOTE][size=1]Yes, this will probably be more light-hearted, much like the game itself. I tried to keep as much to the feel of the game in this RPG. I especially enjoy the names of things, lol. It took me forever to figure out "Allucaneet" stood for "All you can eat." ^_^;

I must say I enjoy reading your bio, lol. It was very funny, like the part about the blueberry bush. ^_^

Do not worry too much about items. They can be such things as food and drink to just little trinkets that assist you. Like I mentioned, the post I make when I decide who will be in this will include all of the maps and further information about them, such as what kind of food is available in the bakery, grocery, etc. as well as other various information.

I did not mention any of that stuff here just to let people be a little creative with the kind of food or drink they may have, or the items they may have since there is no place in Grillin Village that would seel trinkets aside from maybe the Pawn Shop.

So I am not going to think any less of anyone's sign-up if they do not have that area filled out. It can be done if\when they are chosen to be in the RPG, and know exactly what is available.[/size]
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Hhhmmm. This seems to be quite well thought out... I'll have a go at it.

[color=darkred][b]Name[/b]: Ruben Thorne

[b]Age[/b]: 17

[b]Class[/b]: Theif

[b]Description[/b]: Very short, about 1.3m, solidly built, and weighing 50kg, Ruben could easily be mistaken for a younger child. He is reasonably muscled, and dresses all in black. Slightly baggy cotton pants, a canvas shirt with a smooth black leather vest, which contains many hidden pockets. He also has a black cloak over this, which he childishly delights in swirling around dramatically.

[b]Bio[/b]: Ruben was very inept at school as a child. He wasn't dumb, just lazy. He had no motivation, no wish to learn. Plus, why learn, when you can pull pigtails? Much more fun, especially the squeals. Eventualy, out of exasperation, his parents removed him from school. So he was forced to help around the home. Ruben was prone to lazing around, day-dreaming, until one day... he thought of stealing. How fun would that be? So, he went into the town, and shop-lifted from the grocery store. Wow, what a rush.

From then on, he became very dedicated to improving. He is fast, handy and conniving. He has been caught three times, but not for a few years now. Recently, he has felt an urge to be more... hip. i.e. poseur. Which explains the cloak.

He has also made several... expeditions into the palace, and knows his way around. Very useful to any attempts.

[b]Starting point[/b]: Hollow tree in Somnolent Forest

[b]Primary Weapon[/b]: Short stabbing sword, approx 60cm in length, blade dimmed with grease to avoid reflections.

[b]Secondary weapon[/b]: Pair of throwing knives in boots.

[b]Items[/b]: [At this stage] Stale bread, cheese

[b]Spell[/b]: [Is this allowed?] Mini-Thorne. Creates a small Ruben-sprite which can get into tight places.. or out of them.[/color]

Hope this works. Any pointers?
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[size=1]Baron Samedi, your spell is okay, but I would put these limits on it:

1) Only one can be made at a time.
2) They have no attack or defense power; meaning they hold no use in a battle, but act moreso as "errand runners."
3) Each one only exists for a duration of two minutes, relatively.

The reason I limit it so is because having a spell which creates something that thinks and moves independently is enough already for a character who is not of Wizard class. ^_^;

Okay, I am going to post my sign-up to keep this thread a bit more alive, heh. I know some might think "Hey, your starting place in Aqualin! I thought that was off limits!! :mad::mad::mad:", but the reason it is off limits is because I am starting there and certain events happen there at the start. ^_^


[b]Name:[/b] Kamikasai
[b]Age:[/b] 13
[b]Class:[/b] Hero

Those are the swords Fusion and Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence, in his hands. However, he does not actually have those, yet.

[b]Bio:[/b] At the start of this RPG, Kamikasai finds himself alone with another mysterious figure at Aqualin. He does not know much of his own history aside from his name. The figure with him tells Kamikasai how he got where he is, and what he was brought here to do - save the world. Kamikasai goes into denial about what the figure tells him, but is given no choice in the matter. He must either accept his task, or die with the rest of the world. The figure arms him and supplies him, and then leave him with his quest. He must gather all Five Scrolls, what Legendary Armor he can, and destroy the Thirstquencher Empire once and for all. However, he cannot do it alone, and will need to overcome his self-doubt and figure out who exactly he is in order to do so.

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Aqualin
[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b] Katana
[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] [ none ]
[b]Items:[/b] Canteen full of Aqualin, Pouch with one loaf of Bread, One pack of Mint
[b]Spell(s):[/b] [u]Bincho Shield[/u] - A protective sphere of Bincho Power that surrounds Kamikasai, and dissipates once it is hit. Against a normal enemy it provides full protection against a physical attack, and only half against any magic attack. Against any ?bosses? it provides no protection.[/size]
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[b]Name[/b]: Jan Lee

[b]Age[/b]: 13

[b]Class[/b]: ?Hero?



[b]Bio[/b]: A boy who drew up in Grillin Village, Lee comes from a family of martial artist. But he was a lucky one, for his parents wanted NOT to teach him their fighting art?well that was there idea when they saw the endless amount of energy within this one boy. At home, he would do nothing but run around and play with action figures. When they tried to occupy his time by telling him to do things around the house, it would always get done very quickly. This would lead back to more playing with action figures!

So, at the age of four they would send him to school, they thought that once at school the boy would calm down and be tired from a hard day?s work and not run around much. But they were wrong; he always had to energy to run around the house, jumping and leaping from chair to chair, not wanting to touch the ground. Because, heh, ya know, the ground was always hot lava! It was the last straw, one day his father would grab the boy from out of the air (Lee attempting to leap at a dog that would act as an enemy) and began to teach him their ancient martial art.

At first Lee thought that it was just some ragity ol? kicks and punches his father was teaching him, but then later on as the training went by. He began to enjoy this and wanted to better himself in fighting. Plus, something he wouldn?t normally do, was ask his parents about the history of his family and this village.

[b]Starting Point[/b]: Grillin Village

[b]Primary Spell/Weapon[/b]: Self

[b]Secondary Weapon/Item[/b]: Lotus Fan

[b]Items[/b]: (Are these ok?) Two very small gourds, both filled with water. Loaf of bread.

[b] Lotus Fist[/b]: A technique that allows Lee to shatter anything with his knuckles (only has mastered this with his right hand), against a normal enemy it would be devastating. When used against a ?boss? it hardly does any damage.
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Ooh! Sounds supercool! I'll RP the character that's most like myself... And has almost identical personality and powers too!
[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] none, but calls herself Alpha
[u]Age:[/u] 15, maybe
[u]Class:[/u] Wizard (I'm surprised there are no other wizards so far!)
[u]Description:[/u] She has long, straight, dark blue hair, indigo eyes, and is about 6 feet tall. She wears a short-sleeved blue shirt and a medium-length black skirt. She wears long black gloves with big aqua "gemstones" that glow when using her powers, and knee-height boots that look similar to them. She also wears a fiarly tall, dark blue witch's hat with the same type of gemstone on it in two coils around the hat, ending at the point. She also wears a black cape and has a green heart-shaped necklace.
[u]Bio:[/u] Not much is known about Alpha; legend has it that she just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Because of this, many people thought she was a goddess or something; she was born as almost an adult rather than a baby. And she could almost master her special powers. Throughout her life, she has lived underground, deep in a state of what seemed like meditation. Some say she actually lived in a different dimension. She was said to be a "spirit behind her creations"; from Alpha's mind came forth a few magical creatures that lived on another planet, some of which contained traces of Alpha's powers. But, when she was about 14 years old, she decided to finally come into the real world and test out what she could do.
When she finally discovered her powers, she earned the nickname Alpha, and she was called the "Queen of Psychic Power". But later on, she escaped to Twinpeak Mountain, where she lived for the rest of her life.
[u]Starting Point:[/u] Twinpeak Mountain
[u]Primary Spell:[/u] A psychic blast, which is her most powerful attack.
[u]Secondary Weapon:[/u] A staff, with the same gemstone on it as in the description (It's more like a primary weapon, but I had to put a spell in there)
[u]Items:[/u] a 20 Dran Coin, bincholon, and a couple of mints (is that OK?)
[u]Spells:[/u] (Can I have more than one if I'm a wizard?)
Psy Fire - A fireball attack combined with psychic energy. (Fire)
Song of the Siren - Has some healing and hypnotic effects. (Water?)
Glare - May paralyze or stun the opponent. Also can overwhelm weak-minded opponents.
Alpha also can use telekinesis and has some hypnotic powers.
*Note: Psy Fire actually is not as strong as her primary spell.

Hope my signup's OK... Alpha's not invincible; she has her weak points, like her lousy physical strength and defense...
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[size=1]Nefertimon, to better your chances of actually being chosen for the RPG I would try not to be so sensational about your character -which I may understand could be a bit difficult being a Wizard -, particularly in your biography.

For example, the part about defending Grillin Village is very shakey, because it is not needed at all, nor is it logical that a child would defend a town. The Thirstquencher Guards that reside in the town are there to defend it. It is there job to mkae sure nothing comes and tries to destroy it or take it over.

Also, keep in mind your secondary spells [i]are[/i] in fact secondary, and are thus not as strong. Choose which one you think would be the most effective as your Primary Spell keeping in mind elemental spells are naturally more powerful than regular. I might also add that your "Song of the Siren" spell is not Earthly. "Earth" relates to that of the phsyical aspect of earth, such as rock, granite, and dirt.

In your items, you do not need to have any money listed. That will be given to those who make it in the respective post. Also, as I said in the original post, Mint comes in packs of five. So you would not just have a "couple" of them, unless you mean a couple of packs which would count as 2 items meaning you have 10 Mint all together.[/size][quote][i]Originally posted by Nefertimon[/i]
[b][color=indigo](Can I have more than one if I'm a wizard?)[/color][/b][/quote][size=1]... and that tells me you did not read the original post well enough. You would know that answer if you had read it completely. Shame on you ...

Yes, you can. You can have a max of three secondary spells just as you had listed.[/size]
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[size=1]Hopefully this will work for you. ^_^

[b]Name:[/b] Melon Straubarri

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Class:[/b] Wizard

[b]Description:[/b] Average height and build for her age, Melon?s most defining characteristic is her light green hair. She wears it long and in separate braids, and has a tendency to chew on it whenever she?s nervous. Decked in simple brown robes, she is able to hide an amazing number of things in them.

[b]Bio:[/b] Melon?s family has always produced wizards, and as a baby, Melon herself had shown very good signs of having the family talent. She learned to speak quickly and often crawled around the house curiously, wanting to know about everything. When she sneezed, peculiar things happened ? lights went out, windows blew open, and glasses exploded.

However the more she grew, the more her parents doubted their original predictions, for Melon was turning out to be a rather clumsy girl. She often turned up late for her daily lessons, and had quite a tendency to fidget and/or zone out during them, much to her instructor?s dismay. And you could be quite certain that her parents wouldn?t let her anywhere near the cooking and dishes for fear that something catastrophic might occur.

At 16 now, Melon?s grown up a little bit more and has a greater control over her mind and body, though she?s still prone to slip up a bit. She?s very proud of her spells, especially when she actually gets them off right, and practices very hard so that it stays that way. Occasionally strange things will happen still when she sneezes, something she has grown to dread.

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Grillin Village

[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b] [u]Dragon?s Kiss[/u] ? Elemental attack that focuses on fire. Melon blows her enemy a kiss, resulting in a bath of fire and one very hot enemy. More often than not a very dragon-like roar accompanies the fire; the loudness of the roar is directly connected to the strength of the attack.

[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] A charmed watch, with a simple silver chain. When Melon swings the watch, it acts as a pendulum and slows her attacker down.

[b]Items:[/b] One First Aid Pack, a canteen of water, fruit.

*I didn?t want to max her out with items yet since I?m not quite sure what?s possible and I'd prefer her to have some left over storage room in case she picks up some fun things.

[b]Spell(s):[/b] [u]Hold Still[/u] ? An earth spell. Vines shoot up from the ground and latch onto the enemy, holding him/her/it in place. It buys her time (in the form of an extra turn) and/or allows for any companions to get one attack in.

[u]Early Frost[/u] ? Ice spell. Creates a box-like encasement of ice around the attacker that stops him/her from making any physical attacks. Magical attacks can get still get through, but their potency is decreased by one half.

[u]Cats and Dogs[/u] ? A sky spell that halts an enemy?s magic ability for one turn. A cartoonish cloud appears above the attacker and pours rain on them, canceling any spells made. It doesn?t do much for physical attacks except makes the person very wet and most likely angry.[/size]
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I wasn't sure from your introduction if wizards needed Bincholons to cast spells, or if Bincholons only enhanced the spellcasting ability. If they do indeed need a Bincholon, I'll have to change her bio slightly so she has a Bincholon when she casts her first spell.

[b]Name:[/b] "Pooka" Pao

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Class:[/b] Wizard

[b]Description:[/b] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=527134[/img]
with dark brown hair

[b]Bio:[/b] When Pooka was born, everybody started calling her a "wittle Pooka" in semi-disgusting baby talk, simply because she was such an adorably fat and tiny baby. Now she's known by nothing else, unfortunately enough for her.

When Pooka was ten years old, she decided she didn't like the monsters in Somnolent Forest and that she would become a hero to kill all of them off. She was able to procure a small sword from her mother, who had had similar dreams when she was a child, but was so weak she could barely hold it. Even so, Pooka stubbornly continues to drag the sword along, proclaiming to everybody who will listen that one day she knows her "hero powers" will be bestowed upon her so she can righteously attack the monsters in the forest next door.

Pooka's family is known to have wizard's blood running somewhere through it, but it hasn't shown up for generations. When Pooka was twelve, both she and her parents were surprised when, in the middle of a fight about bedtime, a gigantic, bulbous red flower grew out of the ground and sprayed her parents with some sort of poison. Pooka then burst into tears and wailed (as anybody who had inadvertently poisoned their parents might be expected to do), upon which her parents were healed.

Since then, the Paos have been attempting to convince their daughter of her wizarding ability, but she is in complete denial of it, still dragging her mother's sword everywhere she goes and promising she'll be a great hero someday. Still, she's found out that her covering her ears and yelling to avoid listening to someone else can come in handy, as it invokes her primary spell (see below).

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Grillin Village

[b]Primary Spell:[/b] [i]Idunwa Nahearit[/i]. When Pooka holds her hands over her ears and screams, a tempestuous wind picks up behind her, aggressively buffetting the target. Can lead to the target's confusion, as well as inflict some physical damage.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Her mother's sword, which she generally cannot wield because she is still too weak to pick it up off the ground.

[b]Items:[/b] one packet of mint, one loaf of bread

[b]Spell(s): [/b]
[i]Anger Flower[/i]. The previously mentioned spell that causes a flower to grow out of the ground and spray poison onto its target.

[i]Crybaby[/i]. The previously mentioned spell that healed her parents of the poison she caused them.

She doesn't know of any other spell she has so far.
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[size=1]Heh, I should also probably add that Bincholon is not neccessarily an item. Characters naturally have a set Bincho Power. Bincholon is not really something a person can phsyically carry around since it is pretty much a concentrated form of energy. It is pretty much absorbed once you touch it.

Each character has a set amount of max Bincho Power they can hold. Soldiers, Theives, and Heroes are all pretty much the same, and obviously Wizards can hold more. As experience progresses, people will be able to hold more, but in relativity. A Soldier/Theif/Hero will never be as skilled with magic as a Wizard is, but a Wizard will never be as good of a fighter as a Soldier/Theif/Hero.

Bincho Power is attained either just by finding a random ball of it somewhere - these are usually smaller, thus not holding as much - or if an enemy is defeated they leave their Bincho Power behind and is available for the taking.

So yeah, do not worry about Bincholon. I doubt it will ever become much of a shortage. Make room for more useful items. ^_^[/size]
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[color=hotpink][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Rosalynn

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Class:[/b] Thief

[b]Description:[/b] Tall for a girl, at about 5'7." She has long rose-colored hair that she lets flow down her back. She is very beautiful with mischevious blue eyes. She wears a crimson colored dress with a white apron, trimmed in ruffles. Despite her innocent look, she's quite the bad girl.

[b]Bio:[/b] Ever since she was a young girl, Rosalynn, called Rose for short, has worked at the village bakery with her mother. She is skilled in the culinary arts and loves to bake things for people. The secret to her stealing technique is more of bribing than anything else. She just lures people with her attractive pastries, and gets what she wants out of them.

She's smart and sophisticated, knowing what she wants when she wants it. Although her family has been well off, she still finds is amusing to take from people now and then. She doesn't feel guilty because she always lets the victim know what she's taking and why, and always leaves them a tasty reward.

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Griffin Village Bakery

[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b] Two small daggers that she keeps hidden in the folds on her skirt, strapped to each leg.

[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] An emerald ring on a silver chain. No one knows where she got this ring, but rumor says that there is something legendary and magical about it.

[b]Items:[/b] [i]I'll edit this later.[/i]

[b]Spell(s):[/b] [u]Angelcake Hypnosis[/u]. Rose uses this spell when she wants something particularly bad. It uses the illusion of a bakery full of fresh-baked cakes to distract the person, which then she takes their items.

[i]Not very good, but I tried. If anything needs changed, let me know.[/i][/color][/size]
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I gotta give it a try...

[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Zephir

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Class:[/b] ....eheh Wizard...

[b]Description:[/b] A shrimp, a small boy about 4'5. Has short black frizzy hair, with a red stripe going down the center. His eyes are icy blue, as cold as the biggest glacier itself. He wears a hat of his old master: a straw witches' hat, very battered and torn. He wears a dark red tunic, that is overly large for him to wear, tied together with a lether rope. On his non visible feet, he wears sandals, nothing too stylish, just a pair of wooden sandals. His hands are bare, but on his left, is a mysterious blue jewel, engraved deeply.

[b]Bio:[/b] Zephir is an orphan, that was born with a mysterious jewel engraved in his hand. 'Was' a wizard in training four years ago. His old master, Do'Yevurk the Mystical, told him he had great power deep within him, waiting to be unleashed. His master was like his friend. He lived with him and trained every day. They shared a great bond.

But then, the unthinkable happened...

Do'Yevurk was called to help out Emperor R. Senic, who was supposedly ill with a great disease. It was an ambush. Do'Yevurk was outmatched by the Guards and was killed. Surely enough, the word hit the streets and soon got to Zephir. He couldn't take it. Why did they kill his master? He began to cry, without a mother, or father to return to, what was he to do? As he cried, the jewel started to glow brightly, and then stopped when he calmed down.

It was then he decided to run away from the Empire. He took spell preps and provisions and ran off into Somnolent Forest. He would wander for four years, not knowing his way around, untill he would reach Grillin Village, and thus, where his adventure starts...

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Grillin Village entrance

[b]Secondary Item:[/b] The jewel on his hand. It has activated, but he does not know that yet...

[b]Items:[/b] Leftover stale provisions*he didn't finish them, instead learned how to hunt in the forest*, Encased spider, Dirt from the earth, smoke bomb x3

[b]Spells:[/b] [b]P[/b] Image Illusion-costs: 1 smoke bomb, creates a smoke figure of himself, lasts 30 seconds, image cannot move.
[b]S[/b] Spider crawl-costs: one spider, after enchantment, the user must eat the spider, they have the ability to crawl up vertical objects, lasts 1 minute.
Mini Missile-costs: a steady heartbeat, when one is relaxed, he can cast a small magic missle, with the speed of the hearts tempo, does very little damage, can cast x3 a day.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Well thats it, hope its good...
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[color=#707875][size=1]Looks fun! It has a great concept, I'll give it a shot! ^_^


[b]Name:[/b] Kaizen, or Kai for short.

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Class:[/b] ?Hero?

[b]Description:[/b] About 5'5", he's a little smaller than a few of his friends. He has light brown hair that's naturally spikey, as well as light brown eyes. He wears a light silver cloak that comes down to his shin, which has a hole located on his left shoulder. His hood works in two ways, he can use it as a stealth hood that covers his entire face with the exception of his eyes, or he can use it as a hood. On his hands, he has gloves that come up to his palm.

[b]Bio:[/b] Kaizen, or Kai as he likes to be called, was quite the mischievous boy when growing up. He did simple things, like putting salt in someone's drink. He giggled along with his little friends as if it were some giant prank. When he turned 6 and went off to 1st grade, he had more fun then when he was in "Kindy", as he liked to call Kindergarten. He his his teachers pencils, poured sand on a boy's head, and let loose three ladybugs he caught outside inside the classroom. One child has an odd allergic reaction to bugs. He was later told out, scuffed by his collar, and had to stand in a corner.

As he grew, he knew to make his pranks stealthy, only telling two to three accomplices. He aslo grew in the way of being "innocent" around his elders.

When he turned nine, he began to train himself in the way of the sword. He started out with a Kendo. He accidentally bruised one of his classmates when they tried sneaking up behind him. He was prohibited to train for a week.

As he grew, his attidtude changed towards his friends, family, and elders. He still occasionally pulled a prank here and there, only when he saw a ripe moment to pull one, of course. He was always required to do his classwork and chores before going out and training. His older brother often trained with him, as well as friends at times.

Once he turned 14, he had a completely new outlook on his ways and life. Of course, a prank here and there was always "light fun". His parents gave him a Light Sword for his birthday. He know liked to travel from home, only for a few days at a time though. When he learned of the attack of the Thirstquencher Army, he became determine to become more experienced in using his sword. That same year, he learned of his Bincholon abilities and began to train and use them. His parents found out something was odd when the found a plant outside burned to the ground.

The day he found out about the Thirstquencher Army attack he became [b]very[/b] determined in helping out his village over the fear of losing his family and friends.

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Exiting the Inn of Grillin Village

[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b] Light Sword

[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] Small daggers in a notch on his belt.

[b]Items:[/b] A First Aid kit, a mint, a a loaf of bread.

[b]Spell(s):[/b] -Cure: Can heal 15 HP (I hope this is ok If not, I'll edit it. ^_^)

-Invisibilty: He can become invisible for 20 seconds. It takes a lot of energy for him to use it, which is why he rarely uses this spell.


Ok, I hope this is ok, but if it isn't, just IM me. ^_^

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[B]Name:[/B] Cane Atalot

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Class:[/B] I'll go with Soldier, as it's the only unused one.

[B]Description:[/B] See attachment

[B]Bio:[/B] Born and raised in the Thirstquencher Empire, Cane exemplifies the qualities valued in the army. He is strong, clever, and swift with his sword. His father was a lieutenant in Emperor R. Senic's invading army. It was during the aftermath of the invasion that his father met his mother. Taking a liking to her, he decided to settle in Grillin Village, withdrawing from his army position.

Growing up it was discovered that Cane was a voracious eater and would consume anything that appeared remotely edible. This resulted in unusually severe cases of gas. His parents decided it may have been a genetic defect, or a trace of Wizardry in his mother's blood.

Cane learned much about warfare and combat from his father whilst he was growing up, though he could not lift the sword until he was 16. Before then, his father taught him the movements with a stick for a sword and a large scrap of bark for a shield. Numerous times in the training Cane was sent into the forest to retrieve a new shield. The threat of monsters eating him alive taught him to be quite swift. A later incident also convinced him not to imitate the mating call of squirrels.

As his father reached senility, he convinced Cane that the markings on his breastplate and shield were necessary to obtain victory and any objections would result in him being thwapped in the back of the head.

[B]Starting Point:[/B] Grillin Village

[B]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/B] A plain sword.

[B]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/B] Heart Shield.

[B]Items:[/B] Two Mint tablets and an Antidote stem.

[B]Spell(s):[/B] Intolerable Belch-after eating large amounts of food (or absorbing Bincholon), Cane gains this ability for a short period of time. Disgusts even the hardiest of tavern-dwellers and causes a person to reel in stupor for a few moments.
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[size=1]*drum roll* And the [b]Chosen Ones[/b] are:[list=1]
[*] [b]Keizo Zuka[/b] [I]Hero[/I] (James)
[*] [b]Ruben Thorne[/b] [I]Thief[/I] (Baron Samedi)
[*] [b]Kamikasai[/b] [I]Hero[/I] (PiroMunkie)
[*] [b]Melon Straubarri[/b] [I]Wizard[/I] (Arcadia)
[*] [b]?Pooka? Pao[/b] [I]Wizard[/I] (terra)
[*] [b]Rosalynn[/b] [I]Thief[/I] (Queen Asuka)
[*] [b]Zephir[/b] [I]Wizard[/I] (Xra)
[*] [b]Kaizen[/b] [I]Hero[/I] (Lan)
[*] [b]Cane Atalot[/b] [I]Soldier[/I] (Ben)
[*] [b]Raso Aramai[/b] [i]Solider[/i] (Break)
[/list=1]I am actually a bit surprised about the shortage of Soldier?s, heh. Looks like Ben knew how to play the field. ^_~ Anyone who has not read all of my posts on the first page, I would reccomend doing so. I explain things a bit further there, especially those people who were a bit confused about the concept of Bincholon.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the maps of certain areas of this RPG along with some descriptions and what enemies are commonly found in them and what their assimilated ability is. The abilities marked with an * are active once they are absorbed and wear off after a while.

Keep in mind that, on the Grillin Village/Somnolent Forest and Twinpeak Mountain maps, the thin paths are just the walk-able area. Along the side there may be heavy brush, water, or whatever else.

[center][b][u]Grillin Village/Somnolent Forest[/u][/b]

The deeper the shade of green is, mean the area is higher in elevation. Unless there is an arrow joining the two colors together, then you cannot reach the other level without climbing. The Legendary Brace armor is needed in order to climb.

[b]1. Inn -[/b] The best place to get some decent sleep. Sleeping here allows your health and Bincho Power to recover fully, as opposed to sleeping outside. It cost 80 Dran to sleep here per time, and 5 hours pass every time you sleep here.
[ Always Open ]
[b]2. Bakery -[/b] Recover lost Bincho Power by eating bread and drinking milk. Bread costs 120 Dran and milk costs 70 Dran. Both can prove useful but these products will spoil if not used within a week. Water can also be bought here for 25 Dran. It does not spoil, but does not help you as much as Bread or Milk.
[ Opens - 10:00 ; Closes - 19:00 ; Closed - Tuesday, Thursday ]
[b]3. Grocery -[/b] Sells various items to increase your health such as medicines, Antidote, and Mint. Antidote is 250 Dran, any First Aid packs are 175 Dran, and Mint is 100 Dran.
[ Opens - 9:00 ; Closes - 19:00 ; Closed - Wednesday ]
[b]4. Restaurant -[/b] A place for villagers to get together and socialize. Useful information may be obtained here, but it does not help your health or Bincho Power, so do not waste money buying things.
[ Opens - 19:00 ; Closes - 7:00 ; Closed - Sunday ]
[b]5. Pawn Shop -[/b] Any items gathered may be brought here for appraisal. Certain items may prove to be useful, while others can be sold. Prices vary depending on the item. It is also a place to gamble for more Dran, but be careful.
[ Opens - 11:00 ; Closes - 20:00 ; Closed - Skyday ]
[b]6. Toy Store -[/b] A variety of action figures may be purchased here - check back often for new arrivals. The older toys are, the more expensive become. Starting prices are 500 Dran.
[ Opens - 7:00 ; Closes - 17:00 ; Closed - Monday ]
[b]7. Bank -[/b] Store your Dran here if you believe you are carrying around too much. It costs 200 Dran to activate an account, and at least 20 Dran must be put in each time. You may also store non-perishable (do not spoil) items here for a cost of 10 Dran per item. However, only five may be kept in stock at a time.
[ Opens - 9:00 ; Closes - 19:00 ; Closed - Saturday ]


[I]Grillin Village[/I]
[b]Thirstquencher Guards -[/b] They will only be armed with a sword and shield here. However, it would not be wise to attack them being that you will be arrested on the spot. Unless you intentionally piss them off, chances are they will not try to attack you.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Stun[/u]: Temporarily paralyze some of your opponents.]

[I]Somnolent/Wandering Forest[/I]
[b]Thirstquencher Guards -[/b] Armed with a shield and lance. Very quick and very powerful. They will hide in the brush and charge out from there.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Lance[/u]: Tosses a telekinetic lance at opponent.]
[b]Man Eaters -[/b] Little white blobs with eyes and a mouth. They can stretch their mouths open enough to swallow an entire person. Sneaky little creatures.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Satiate[/u]: Bincho Power slowly increases for a short amount of time.]*
[b]Hop Flowers -[/b] Large, pink flowers that lay closed on the ground. When one comes too close it opens up and chases after the person bouncing on its roots.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Hop[/u]: Able to jump longer distances, but wears off once the targeted obstacle is cleared.]*
[b]Magicians -[/b] Floating figures in purple, hooded cloaks. They can disappear and reappear to avoid things as well as temporarily shrink any opposition.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Shrink[/u]: Temporarily shrink your enemies (about a foot tall). Squish ?em!]
[b]Sleepies -[/b] Man-sized mushrooms. They stand upright asleep until woken by the presence of another. They wobble after their prey and shake a white dust at them which makes them tired. To many hits of this and you temporarily fall asleep where they can just start hitting you. Often found on narrow walkways where it is hard to pass them.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Sleep[/u]: Temporarily makes you very tired. All actions are reduced to a slow speed.]*
[b]Poison Plants -[/b] Scattered about the forest. They cannot move because they are stuck in their pot, but they can shoot a series of three poison blobs and stab you with their needle-nose if you get too close. While the poison blobs will not actually poison you if hit by them, they do burn the skin.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Mint[/u]: During the period that it is active, you cannot become tired.]*
[b]Bee Plants -[/b] Found in the Wandering Forest. Similar to the Poison Plants, except that they cannot shoot poison. They merely stab at anything that comes near them.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Perfume[/u]: Temporarily surrounded by a cloud of fragrance. You cannot be harmed by any normal enemy while this lasts.]*

[b]Thorns -[/b] Thick vines covered with giant thorns that lay across the path. Cannot be cleared by a normal jump.
(must assimilate the Hop ability from a Hop Flower)
[b]Steam Leaks -[/b] If Steamwood begins to break down, some of the various pipes that run through certain areas of the forest will begin to leak a scalding steam.
(must fix Steamwood)

[center][b][u]Twinpeak Mountain[/u][/b]

Pretty much just assume that any empty space is water with a current. The three light blue areas above the two mountains signify calm water, except for the middle area which is a waterfall.

[b]1. Hell?s Valley -[/b] It was once a high security prison. It takes four switches pressed simultaneously to open the gates.
[b]2. Aqualin -[/b] The source of all water that flows through Twinpeak Mountain. The water at this summit can help restore some health and cure any poison. Also, when it is mixed with a bloomed bud of Mysteria, a special flower found in the center of the Underground Lake (Binchotite Mine), it creates Remedy which can prevent certain things from happening ?

[b]Thirstquencher Guards -[/b]
[b]1.[/b] Armed with a shield and lance. Very quick and very powerful. They will hide in the brush and charge out from there.
[Assimilated Ability: (See Above)]
[b]2.[/b] They will be armed with a sword and shield.
[Assimilated Ability: (See Above)]
[b]3.[/b] Armed with Bincho Guns.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Gunshot[/u]: Shoot telekinetic bullets at your enemy. Rapid fire is possible.]
[b]Man Eaters -[/b] Little white blobs with eyes and a mouth. They can stretch their mouths open enough to swallow an entire person. Sneaky little creatures. Found on the base areas of Twinpeak.
[Assimilated Ability: (See Above)]
[b]Magicians -[/b] Floating figures in purple, hooded cloaks. They can disappear and reappear to avoid things as well as temporarily shrink any opposition.
[Assimilated Ability: (See Above)]
[b]Sleepies -[/b] Man-sized mushrooms. They stand upright asleep until woken by the presence of another. They wobble after their prey and shake a white dust at them which makes them tired. To hits of this and you temporarily fall asleep where they can just start hitting you. Often found on narrow walkways where it is hard to pass them.
[Assimilated Ability: (See Above)]
[b]Poison Plants -[/b] They cannot move because they are stuck in their pot, but they can shoot a series of three poison blobs and stab you with their needle-nose if you get too close. While the poison blobs will not actually poison you if hit by them, they do burn the skin.
[Assimilated Ability: (See Above)]
[b]Mosquitos -[/b] While they are not all that dangerous, they are quite annoying and can make you itchy. If it gets bad, the bites can be healed with Antidote.
[Cannot Assimilate]

[b]Water -[/b] It may sound silly, but no one has the ability to swim. So falling in the water would be a bad thing.
(use Water Scroll to form temporary bubble around you, or build a raft.)
[b]Long Falls -[/b] You are on a mountain path, meaning the higher you are up, the farther you can fall. Obviously if you slip off an edge and fall down a ways you are going to get hurt.
(just do not fall off, lol)
[b]Water Pour -[/b] In each mountain, there is an area where you pass through a hollow area. In the hollow area is a series of landing with a gap between them. Periodically, a stream of water will pour from above which will push you down into the pool below if you get caught in it.
(time your jump right between the end of one stream and the beginning of another.)
[b]Shakey Bridge -[/b] Mid-way up the mountains is a bridge connecting the two of them. However, it is very damaged with several missing wooden planks missing out of the bottom.
(be careful with your footing.)

[center][b][u]Binchotite Mine[/u][/b]

Pretty much any area except for the paths at the main entrance all have paths that stand above a vast cavern. So falling would not be a good thing.

[b]Poison Sleepies -[/b] Similar to the regular Sleepies, except that their dust poisons you.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Toxin[/u]: Feel temporarily poisoned.]*
[b]Bincho Eaters -[/b] Similar to Man Eater except that they do not try to eat people, rather their bites will absorb Bincho Power from their prey. They are not seen at first, until they drop from above.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Rip-off[/u]: For a short amount of time, every hit you take slightly boosts your Bincho Power.]*
[b]Flyers -[/b] Pesky flying rodents. Found in the empty, cavernous areas of the mine. They will line themselves up with their prey and fly in quickly for a quick bite and fly away.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Firefly[/u]: Temporarily surrounded by light so you can guide your way through dark areas.]*
[b]Snakes -[/b] Often found in groups rolling down the sides of the walls of the mine. They are not poisonous, but their bites can pack quite a wallop.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Antidote[/u]: Cures any poison you might have acquired.]
[b]Giant Ants -[/b] Found in any area right of the Air Duct. The ants areabout twice the size of a normal person, and not only have the sharp pinchers by their moths, but can release poisonous blobs of liquid Binchotite from the back end.
[Cannot Assimilate]
[b]Fire Fish -[/b] Found in the Underground Lake and the area where the Well feeds from, the fish leap from the water and shoot balls of fire at unsuspecting victims.
[Cannot Assimilate]

[b]Boulders -[/b] Continuously fall down the walls in some areas of the mine.
(time yourself right, and you can get through)
[b]Binchotite Deposits -[/b] Binchotite exists in its natural state as a liquid and is very poisonous if touched. Some rooms have large pools of this with only narrow walkways to get oneself through.
(do not fall in and you will be fine)
[b]Air Vent -[/b] On the map, it is the octagonal shapes between the Scrap Depository and the Underground Lake. The top shape with where the actual fan it. The blades go on and off. Do not go through it while it is going. If you are above it while it is going, you will be lifted up into the air, and left for a free fall once it stops. It is best to climb down the wall below it once it stops.
(wait until the blade stops, and climb up or down the wall)

[center][b][u]Ice Palace/Thieves? Hideout[/u][/b]

I am going to take the time to point out that this place?s title as the ?Thieves? Hideout? does not apply to characters whose class is Thief. The Ice Palace was once a fortress for a certain sanction of the Thirstquencher Empire. Obviously this place is frozen over completely. The medium blue is the main level, the light blue means it is above the main level, and that dark blue area is a Pitfall. Also, the red area straight from the main entrance as well as the spiral staircase are all ramped. Being that they are covered in ice, you cannot walk up them without the armor of the Legendary Shoes. Arrows that can be seen through an area simply means there is path under the above object.

[b]Poison Flowers -[/b] Similar to Hop Flowers, except the their hit rubs off a poison which makes a person ill.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]X-Ray[/u]: See through walls. Can be used once per assimilation.]
[b]Waddles -[/b] Penguin-like creatures with very sharp beaks. They will slide on the icy floors in attempt to ram their victim. After a few hits from an opponent, their head will pop off revealing a Bincho Gun that fires at random while it moves around at random.
[Cannot Assimilate]
[b]Ice Plants -[/b] Similar to the Bee and Poison plants, except that these fire a series of three shots of ice spikes. Upon a hit, the person will be temporarily frozen in a cube of ice. Physical damage is taken by this.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Crystal[/u]: Surrounded by a protective sphere of ice. Protects you from one hit, then it shatters.]*
[b]Kung Fu Wolves -[/b] Crazy wolf-like creatures often found in packs of at least three. They hop around in the ?crane? stance like that of the Karate Kid and leap at an opponent with a mighty kick.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Boot[/u]: An unnecessarily powerful kick.]
[b]Hurls -[/b] Giant, bipedal, gorilla-like beasts. While they do not actually bring any damage to you, they can toss you about uncontrollably into possible hazards.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Hurl[/u]: Toss most enemies hard against the wall or any possible hazards.]
[b]Stomps -[/b] Humungous, steel monsters that look like a very small mountain. They will float in the air until something passes under them, in which they drop themselves to the ground.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Steel[/u]: Temporarily become steel and break through certain things as well as be invulnerable.]*
[b]Clones -[/b] Geometric, humanoid creatures with no special detail to them. Upon coming within the same room as a person they immediately copy every move of that person. You move forward, it moves forward. You go left, it goes left. You jump, it jumps. It may not seem all that dangerous, but they are electrically charged and acquire a mock version of whatever weapon the person they are following may have.
[Assimilated Ability: [u]Clone[/u]: Create an unmoving copy of yourself and it works as a time bomb.]

[b]Pitfall -[/b] That dark blue area on the map.
(do not fall in, or you die. Simple as that.)
[b]Ice Spikes -[/b] Impenetrable spikes of ice that stick up from the ground. Often found in large groups.
(walk around them, or melt them with the Fire Scroll)
[b]Steel Spikes -[/b] Steel spikes set up in blocking a path.
(must assimilate the Steel ability and charge through them.)

[center][b][u]Thirstquencher Empire[/u][/b]

[b][u]Allucaneet Kingdom[/u][/b]

[b][u]Legendary Armor[/b][/u]
Obviously there is only one of each Legendary Armor piece, you are all free to find your own pieces of armor similar to these, they are just not ?Legendary?. Also, these Armor do NOT count as items.
[b]Legendary Brace -[/b] Allows a person to climb with greater ease up or down steep walls.
[b]Legendary Belt -[/b] Allows wearer to jump higher and with greater agility.
[b]Legendary Vest -[/b] Increases attack speed.
[b]Legendary Goggles -[/b] Appraise items by yourself on the spot.
[b]Legendary Shoes -[/b] Reduces slipping on frozen and surfaces, as well as reducing fatigue.
[b]Legendary Cloth -[/b] Used to make Legendary Quilt or Legendary Gloves.
[b]Legendary Quilt -[/b] Reduces tiredness faster than if you just fell asleep (outside the Inn).*
[b]Legendary Gloves -[/b] Increases critical attack.*

* If you choose to find the Cloth Armor, you must choose between the Quilt or the Gloves. Consult a Knitter in Grillin Village to get whichever you choose made.

[b][u]Five Scrolls[/u][/b]
Each scroll possesses its own unique powers and can only be used and freed through Lumina. (do not count as items)

[b]Earth Scroll -[/b] Originally found at the top of one of the peaks of Twinpeak Mountain. The Earth Scroll allows its users to create earthquakes, stun enemies, make boulders fall, among other things.
[b]Water Scroll -[/b] Originally found down a well. The Water Scroll allows its user to walk on water and shoot water bubbles (rapid fire possible), among other things.
[b]Fire Scroll -[/b] Originally found on Dragon Island. The Fire Scroll allows its user to attack, melt ice, and light some objects on fire, among other things.
[b]Wind Scroll -[/b] Originally found in a cave somewhere in the well. The Wind Scroll allows its user to create cyclones, go against strong wind, may dig holes in some places, among other things.
[b]Sky Scroll -[/b] Originally found beyond the Wind Crest in the area next to Steamwood. The Sky Scroll allows its user to hover off the ground at any distance. The user can go up,down, left, or right; but not back or forth.

[b][u]Concept of Time[/b][/u]
A day consists of 24 hours, and a week has seven days (nothing unusual, I hope). The day of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Skyday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some shops in Grillin Village will be closed during certain hours or on certain days.
[b]Tiredness -[/b] Increases as time passes. It can be reduced by sleeping or eating Mint.
[b]Health -[/b] Slowly increases as time passes if you have lost health as long as you are not hit by anything, but at the same time you lose Bincho Power.
[b]Bincho Power -[/b] Decreases as time passes. It can be regained by sleeping in the Inn or your home, or partially assimilating an enemy so you get some of their Bincho Power instead of their ability.

No one has this ability at first. This will be attained near the beginning of the RPG, though. Until then, you cannot use this ability. When you are able to assimilate an ability, know that using the ability slightly reduces your Bincho Power each time unless you do not complete a full assimilation in which you gain Bincho Power.

You can learn new spells throughout the duration of the RPG. Spells can be found on anything from written a scroll (not like the Five Scrolls; actual paper) to chiseled in a slab of stone. However, the language of which the spell in written in is unreadable; not even recognizable as a spell, just scribbles. It must be brought to the Pawn Shop to be deciphered and appraised (with the exception that you have the Goggles Armor, in which you can appraise it on site). Of course, if you already have you maximum number of spells you have to choose whether or not you want to substitute one spell for another.

[b]Everyone starts with 1000 Dran.[/b][/size]
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[size=1][color=CC0000]Piro - You said I could sign up, so I hope it's not too late! ^_^;

[b]Name:[/b] Raso Aramai

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Class:[/b] Soldier

[b]Description:[/b] [IMG]http://www.gamecritics.com/feature/artgallery/zelda64/art04.jpg[/IMG]

Like that I guess, but with a red tunic instead.

[b]Bio:[/b] Raso is the son of a Knight of the Allucaneet Army who disappeared into the Somnolent Forest about ten years ago along with a lot of other Knights and never returned. His mother owns the Grillin Village Inn, so the family are quite well known around Grillin Village.

Ever since his father became a part of the Allucaneet Army, Raso was about nine-years-old and decided that he wanted to be a fighter like his father. He practiced up in his room in the Inn with dummies made from straw and a wooden sword he made for himself, the sword techniques came to him naturally. From these humble beginnings of training emerged a fighting spirit rarely found in anyone from the Allucaneet Kingdom in these dark times.

On his thirteenth birthday his mother gave him a double-edged sword, as she knew how much it would mean to him that he actually had a real sword. From this age up until today he has been visiting the parts of Somnolent Forest near the village, so he wouldn't bump into any people from the Thirstquencher Kingdom. Here he'd slay common monsters for experience, and to help keep them from ever coming into the village.

Rumour spread of an "Ultimate Weapon" being created by Emperor R. Senic. Raso, feeling that he's had all the training he needs, decides to leave the Inn and join a group of fighters in order to bring down this potential menace...

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Upstairs in Grillin Village Inn

[b]Primary Spell/Weapon:[/b] [u]Night Sword[/u]: The sword given to Raso on his birthday, it's about 30" long and he looks after it very well.

[b]Secondary Weapon/Item:[/b] [u]Iron Shield[/u]: A suprisingly light iron shield that looks battered.

[b]Items:[/b] Canteen of water, Two packets of Mints, One loaf of Bread

[b]Spell(s):[/b] [u]Chant of Hastening[/u]: When cast, this makes Raso about as fast as a "Hero" would be, if not a little faster. It lasts 15-30 minutes, and drains energy pretty fast, making Raso get tired quicker.[/size][/color]
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