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Your Top Albums of 2003?


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This might be a bit early for this. There's still some stuff coming in December that I'm very interested in... but what the hell, I might as well get this started. If there's something upcoming in December that you're very interested in... say so. I won't care. As long as it released in 2003, you're good.

I'm hoping to see a lot of random stuff in here, but I'm half suspecting a ton of top radio hits as well... not that that's always a bad thing.

Anyway, I have some requirments for this thread. [b]PLEASE list reasons as to why you like the release and why you feel it should even be included in a list. Something more than two sentences would be nice as well. [/b]. Other than that, it's free game. Try to keep it around 10 or under, but if you don't, whatever. Feel free to list a few disappointments as well. I did lol.


These are in no real order, I hate ranking stuff that I enjoy enough to consider my "top" anythings.

[b]On the Might of Princes - Sirens[/b]

I am not a fan of emo in general, I'd say. I don't even know what the hell it includes anymore. Every other band today seems to put out emo stuff. Most of it's whiny, another section of it is nothing but yelling. On eBay, seemingly any old clothes some idiot wants to get rid of are marked as "emo". Don't ask me why.

This band seems to fall somewhere on the outside of that, thus making them worth my time. This is better produced than their previous two releases. I think it's for the best, as it sounds great. They lose that home-recorded, intimate vibe, but they come out with some really great sounding, vibrant songs.

Worth checking out.

[b]Marilyn Manson - Golden Age of the Grotesque[/b]

Being a big Manson fan, I had been looking forward to this since Holy Wood. I actively searched for news and by the time it leaked, I had to have it. I couldn't stand the idea of people enjoying this while I got to wait. It didn't help that it leaked nearly 3 months before it was to be officially released.

At first it was hard to be impressed. The audio was basically FM radio quality, thanks to the the recording method (it was ripped via a PC's line in thanks to the CD's copy protection). I'm really anal about audio quality, especially in this case because the bass was nearly non-existant. With a release as beat-centric as this one, bass is rather important lol.

Anyway, I finally got the CD and made my own final opinions. I have no clue how some magazines (Kerrang for example) could call this the band's best. It's hardly bad (in fact, it's quite good), but it has nothing on Mechanical Animals or other previous releases.

There's some really solid songs on here. Tim Skold's (ex-KMFDM) influence is extremely apparent. Sometimes I wonder if his inclusion (I believe he was originally on as simply the producer), was part of the reason Twiggy departed -- a lot of it makes traditional bass almost pointless. The shift in music is expected, as none of the band's CDs really sound very similar. They're all decidedly Manson, but they have their own edge. This is no different.

My main issue was that of the writing. A good deal of the songs are up with what I expect. Even if you don't enjoy the subject matter, I'd have to say that Manson himself is one of the better actual lyric writers around right now (at least in that genre). Spade, for example, has some really nice verses. There is some great wordplay in here (particularly in Ka-Boom Ka-Boom, which is my favorite track), which has always been one of my favorite things about the band. Metaphors still abound, but they're hardly something you can't figure out yourself with some digging.

Despite the good points, there was a lot of the CD that just feels really self-serving. In particular "The Better of Two Evils", which I still cannot get into to this day. From what I can tell this CD's theme is simply a "**** you" to pretty much everyone that has been in his way, but at times it gets too straightforward, I guess.

Still, solid work and surprisingly better than most other stuff I've heard this year.

[b]The Blood Brothers - ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn[/b]

Sometimes I wonder what exactly I see in this release. It's not exactly a marvel of musicality (is that a word?), it's not accomplishing anything new. It just manages to work a lot of energy into a nice punk/hardcore release that pushes a lot of the boring mall punk ******** that permeates popular music out of the way.

Plus they get bonus points for being one of the few bands that put something out in the past couple years with two singers that doesn't include some white kid trying to rap. Instead you get some scream-y, punk-ish vocals (which aren't unlistenable, I actually like them) and another guy who does a little more subdued stuff. It's a nice combination and I think it is pulled off well.

Instrument-work is nice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it remains fresh and interesting. Plus they have some cool synth worked in from time to time, which ups the fun for me :D I'm not big on hardcore, but this is some really solid stuff.

[b]Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own[/b]

The fact that I got this for less than $10 new is a travesty. I don't know why so many seemingly haven't bothered with these guys, but they're among the best of the dark-minded rock bands I've come across.

Their last release had a lot of problems. One thing I don't like on CDs is when vocals are constantly buried under the wall of sound that the rest of the band creates. That was the problem with their last CD.

With this one, they've managed to overcome that... and somehow by doing this, and becoming a bit better at what they do, they've managed to totally surpass the average quality they previously had. Some might disagree with me, but I stick by this

This is really great stuff. It's far more edgy than BRMC and that, coupled with what I mentioned, makes it a great release.

[b]Ween - Quebec[/b]

I'd have to thank Lambtron from Gaming-Age and his constant mentioning of Ween for this. I only own this and Chocolate and Cheese at this point, but god these guys are awesome. For some reason I always figured they were some ****** 80s rock act and never gave them any attention. I admit my stupidity.

Quebec is awesome. It has the weirdness that I grew used to with Chocolate and Cheese, but it also keeps the rocking qualities too. The opening track makes me feel like I'm listening to bizarro-Motorhead.

After that, I don't really know how to describe my feelings on this. It just rocks.

[b]David Bowie - Reality[/b]

If any other band put this out as one of their first releases, it would be freaking amazing. However, being David Bowie, I guess different things are expected. He can no longer get away with "good" material thanks to his heyday.

A lot of people probably thought that was returning thanks to Heathen, which was excellent. The only problem with it was that it was so mellow that I couldn't bring myself to listen to it all that often. I can see why Bowie did a full tour with this release rather than Heathen, it's just more concert-material.

Reality goes in a totally different direction, but I wouldn't say it totally forgets what was accomplished on Heathen. It's really solid stuff, and definitely deserving of being put in here. It's upbeat, fun to listen to and well composed. Some of it seems a bit odd, but that adds to its fun. No complaints.

Plus if you got the limited edition copy, you get a really nice revision of Rebel Rebel. It's a more subdued, "lounge" version. Nice stuff.

[b]Constantines - Shine a Light[/b]

Another fine Sub Pop release. I prefered Modern Sinner Nervous Man, but that was rather short by comparison (3 tracks versus 12). As such, I play this more often... more good stuff to listen to in an equal amount of space.

I've seen them compared to the Pixies. I suppose the wall of sound they go for at times could be comparable, but overall I just don't see the relation. I don't think that these guys have what made the Pixies as special as they were... that said, they're sure far better than what Frank Black/Black Francis has become with the Catholics. "Show Me Your Tears" managed to interest me though, so I'm sticking that on this list too lol.

Really solid release and I don't know that much I could say would do it justice. Great stuff. Again, another must own.

[b]Menomena - I am the Fun Blame Monster[/b]

I don't remember why I bothered with these guys. I remembered hearing about them somewhere, and upon seeing the booklet art... I just felt some need to own it. It's very, very hard to find, although I eventually stumbled into it online.

The thing I like about them is that unlike a lot of recent bands that rely on long instrumentals, they still have lyrical sections that are actually worth listening to. I could listen to this all day, it's just really relaxing and great to listen to.

Plus they use saxophone. Who the hell does that anymore? Not many bands that I can think of. Bonus points for the excellent use of xylophone and piano.

[b]Anathema - Natural Disaster[/b]

It's amazing how little I see these guys spoken of. They're one of the front-lining metal bands out right now, I'd say. Natural Disaster probably doesn't compare to the amazing releases known as "Judgement" and "A Fine Day to Exit", but it's pretty damn close. If you're in the US, you'll have to import, sadly. I feel it's worth the price.

The sound has changed over the years... I'd say it was black/death metal at first, but at this point they've moved onto bigger and better things. That has been evolving more and more over the past few releases. The same basic core remains, obviously... it's just somehow different, even from the last release. There's a new edge to it. They've managed to do what they do best, but made it more accessible without actually taking away any of their integrity. I think it was pulled off well, I'm sure others probably don't.

Entire thing is amazing, some of the tracks really stick with you. Must own, I think.

[b]Frank Black - Show Me Your Tears[/b]

When I first got this, I can't say I was disappointed. That's not because the CD was amazing, but simply because Frank Black and the Catholics just really haven't been anything special. A few good Frank Black albums and some subsequent average-stuff doesn't leave one optimistic.

And so I wasn't. The CD was good, but it didn't blow me away. Sometimes it still hard to realize that this is the same guy responsible for the Pixies. The sound and writing style have changed dramatically.

I gave it more chances though, as in the end, Black has rarely let me down. This CD grows on you. Especially the obvious irreverence to so many things that it presents. Don't give up on it too quickly. It's pretty damn good, but no "Teenager of the Year".

[b]Muse - Absolution[/b]

Another CD I had to pay import prices on. I'd have to say it was worth my $24.99 though. I doesn't compare to "Origin of Symmetry" due to some points where I feel it falters, but I much prefer it to "Showbiz" (strangely the only local release of theirs... I'll never understand that).

It's really great stuff though. When listening to it on the street, I sometimes smile to myself. So many things about it are just done so well. It makes me giddy just hearing parts of it. Even the intro with it's marching sound is something I play, while I usually skip intros and outros on other releases.

There are a few tracks I don't listen to as much, but on average I love it. The use of non-standard instruments in this type of music is always a nice thing too. Any band that uses grand piano (or what I assume is grand piano, who knows) kicks ***. Plus there's some great use of mandolin in here too.

[b]String Cheese Incident - Untying the Not[/b]

Another band makes use of sax, thus deserving of being on my list. The rest of the release is pretty kick *** as well... the instrumental sections in particular can be simply excellent. I could listen to Orion's Belt all day for just that reason. The way it completely jumps around genres at times, and still manages to pull them off flawlessly, is great. There's even an Irish sounding song called "Valley of the Jig".

The vocal areas are great as well, and I don't know that this encompasses one thing either. Parts sound almost like a country barbershop quartet and others sound just like rock. It's all great.

I think this is totally worth owning.

[b]You Am I - The Cream and the Crock[/b]

Yes, it's a greatest hits collection. No, I don't give a ****. You get a nice mix on here, and that's all that matters. I guess they're similiar to what people would think of when they think of 60s/early 70s rock. Most of it is upbeat, it's all well written, well played... good all around. I'd play these guys over most of the current "the" bands going for a similiar sound.

If you're into rock and haven't checked these guys out, do yourself a favor and do it. I don't regret the $25 I paid for this 2CD set.


So that's my list of favorites for now. I don't feel like writing more, although I have others I'd like to add, such as My Morning Jacket, Holopaw, Grandaddy, The Wrens, Death in Vegas, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Funeral for a Friend, Mogwai and The Raveonettes.



[b]A Perfect Circle - Thirteeth Step: [/b]Disappointment does not mean BAD. This is a solid release, but I expected more. A few kick *** tracks and a bunch of dull ones do not make me happy after Mer de Noms. Good, not great.

[b]godhead - Evolver[/b]: What the hell happened? They seemingly went for a more guitar based sound this time around, and I feel they fell on their faces. Too many forgettable tracks for me to be impressed.

This after their three previous releases that were all excellent. 2,000 Years of Human Error took what godhead was, upped the production and removed the redundancies... it all seems thrown out the window now.


So there you go. Hopefully this will turn out well.
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I sort of agree with you on the Manson album, I was a little more disappointed with it. I don't think it holds up well against the last two. He moved away from the NIN influence which was a great thing, but now the music is kinda tired, like boring versions of the songs on the last two. I also finally got absolution and was impressed! BRMC also good but not the best.

My picks:
Serafin: no push collide

cool UK band, i actually heard a song from playing Madden 2004. Its got a lot of emotion, kinda like MUSE, but no piano's.

Foo Fighters:

their new album is great, pretty straight forward and a lot louder than their last few albums where they started playing mainly slower songs.

Sorry, two sentences is all I could muster. Really I've been listening to a lot of older stuff thats new to me!
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There's a few songs on there that I would have disposed of. This Is the New *hit is entertaining and it works for an opening song, but I still feel it was an odd single choice. The same with mOBSCENE. Why that was chosen, I have no idea. It sounds a lot like something off of Holy Wood. In fact, I would think people could mistake it for Disposable Teens.

There's still enough solid tracks on it that I'm able to enjoy it. It gets high energy enough that I can get into it and the instrumental work is still pretty exact. I'm happy overall.

I've still not bothered with the new Foo Fighters release.
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[b]Radiohead: [i]Hail to the Thief[/i][/b][/center]

[size=1] This CD is worth hearing. It is most definitely one of my most favorite records of this year. Not just because it's Radiohead, but because it's actually decent if you listen to it enough.

It might come off as esoteric and whimsical at first, or heavily vague, or any number of things. But that is only because it takes time to get into this CD. And most any good music will do that to you.

It starts off with "2+2=5." The song itself is amazing, but my first few dozen throughs through the song didn't make me like it. It was only after listening to this song enough to where it just felt like it worked that I actually grew to enjoy it. It has to be one of the higher tracks on the CD most definitely.

The song at first sounds vague, uncapturing, dull, boring. And it's like this at the beginning in some accords. It starts off rather slow, and builds up. And eventually, it explodes in an amazing sound that is Radiohead in their catharsis.

The lyrics for this song are also interesting, and Thom Yorke sings them in a way that captures them in their essence, especially when the song explodes in its center. And just like it came, it ends. The end of it is sudden, but works well.

"Sail to the Moon" is next. This song reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd...and the influence is obvious. Radiohead also did a cover of "Wish You Were Here." The song itself is one of the more melodic songs on the album...well, at least in a serene sense. The song is calming, hypnotic, interesting. One of my favorite songs on the album most definitely.

Next up on the CD is "Sit Down. Stand Up." This song even took me [i]longer[/i] to get into. It has much less rythm than "2+2=5" did, and it also is much slower paced. It also doesn't explode, or anything, but remains mostly a sigh throughout its entirety. But it works after you listen to it enough. And the lyrics, "Walk into the jaws of hell," and the other later lyrics of the song keep your attention in a vague way. As the song goes, it also gets more and more easier to listen to, and when it comes to the point where the lyrics, "Gonna rain drops," keeps repeating over again, it works even better; especially the more you listen to it as well. A decent song, but not the best on the CD. But it still is amazing.

"Backdrifts," is a really interesting song. It sounds so surreal. Most of this album sounds surreal--that's just the "new" sound of Radiohead, I guess. It starts out with this really interesting sound. The sound is hard to describe...but it's interesting. And then the drums are added, and that is mostly the basis for the melody of the song. The rest of the song is Thom Yorke's voice. It all comes together well to make a pretty good song. It also takes a while to get used to this song, but stick with this record. You'll grow to like it.

"Go to Sleep," implements guitars. Anyone that is familiar with Radiohead's older sound should be able to easily enjoy this song. Again, Thom Yorke's voice adds a surreal beauty to the song, and the hypnotic way the guitar is played, with the drums coming in eventually, works well. Another good song. The lyrics for the song are also pretty capturing--especially how Thom Yorke sings, as always. True to its name, this song makes me want to go to sleep; or so I think lol.

"Where I End and You Begin." Another song that starts out with only synth noises, a la "Backdrifts." Then goes on from there. The drums gain dominance mostly, and the song itself has a nice feel to it. Thom Yorke, again, comes out and makes the song what it is.

"We Suck Young Blood" is next. This is probably one of my favorite songs. It is grotesquely beautiful in an odd way. Not sure how to explain it, but I love the way Thom Yorke sings here yet again.

"The Gloaming." I love that sound at the beginning...it sounds like that popping sound that old record players made, I think that's the best way to describe it. Another good song if you listen to it enough. It's notable to say that "The Gloaming" is an awesome title for a song. And that record-sounding-poppingness-noise is played throughout the whole song. It's nice if you play it loud especially, lol.

"There There," is probably the song I'm least aquainted with on this record. It was the first single released, and it just hasn't really caught my attention. There's better things to be heard on this record, in my opinion. But the lyrics themselves in the lyrics speak well to me: "Just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there."

"I Will," is probably the shortest Radiohead song ever. It's one minute and fifty-nine seconds in total length. But it is still one of the best songs on the record despite this. It just works well, and the lyrics, which speak of war, and such, seem right in this song.

"A Punchup at a Wedding," is probably my third or second favorite song on the record. It works well, as it seems this whole record has. It takes some listening to, as with this whole album, to get used to. But it works. The lyrics especially are interesting: "You had to piss on our parade." I've never heard this saying before, so I thought it was awesome when I heard it, lol.

Next up is "Myxomatosis." Myxomatosis is a fatal disease which kills rabbits, or something to that extent. Besides this, it's a damn awesome title for a song yet again, I think. The song itself has this interesting synth noise that is something like a lawn mower in comparison (sorry, I'm not good at naming what the song sounds like, lol, just know that it's a cool sound). Another one of my favorite songs on the album. "But now, I don't know why I, feel so tongue-tied," is the stand-out lyric of the track, probably. A good song that takes a long time to get used to. But a good song nonetheless.

And lastly we have "A Wolf at the Door." This song is [i]amazing[/i] from the first time you hear it onward. Thom Yorke sings so quickly in this song you can't even keep up with what he is saying, and what he says is said with a passion. He says it in a way that sounds like he's sick to hell with what he's talking about, and sick as hell with annoyance. It works well. One of the most easily listened to tracks on the whole album, if not the most easily heard song.

It especially grows amazing in the middle, when Thom Yorke just goes beyond singing and what he's saying just becomes a bat beating at you. Very well done indeed.

The lyrics for the song are also amazing. It also has the f-word in it, lol.

Anyways, that's enough for now. More later.[/size]
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[color=indigo][b]Marilyn Manson - Golden Age of the Grotesque[/b]

I actually didn?t buy this CD right away because I loathe mOBSCENE, which was the first song that I heard from this CD. I worried that Manson ran out of good music and was just prepackaging an image (which is more of less how I feel about mOBSCENE). After hesitating and waiting to hear reviews from a couple of my friends (Tony included) I picked up the CD.

Obviously I don?t find all of the tracks stellar, but the CD in its entirety is incredible. I agree that the lyrics (whether or not you agree with the message) are some of the most creative yet, and the instrumentals on most of the tracks (I am infatuated with the percussion on ?Use Your Fist and not Your Mouth?) compliments the lyrics in the typical MM eerie style.

Again, to agree with Tony, it isn?t there best release but it is head over heels better than nearly everything else that has been released lately, at least everything in similar surrounding genres that I have heard (which is limited).

[b]David Bowie ? Reality[/b]

I am quite a Bowie fan, and I really do enjoy this album. It seems a bit more light-hearted than some of his other recent works (namely Heathen), but it just further proves that David Bowie can create nearly any type of music and pull it off in an exquisitely beautiful manner.

Songs like ?New Killer Star? and ?Looking for Water? seem to me to be a mix of both classic David Bowie and the Retro Garage Scene (or at least that is what I call it, bands like the Strokes and White Stripes) pulled together with extremely unique lyrics. My favorite song on Reality, ?The Loneliest Guy? reminds me more of Bowie?s more grandiose songs like ?Life on Mars?. It is a very solid album, and I was very impressed with it from the moment I bought it.

[b]John Mayer ? Heavier Things[/b]

Although I didn?t think it was quite the album ?Room for Squares? was I thought that Mayer?s newest release still had enough catchy tunes to earn a spot on my list. Although his sound has been referred to as ?an asthmatic trying to copy Dave Matthews? I really think he stepped out of the cliché with this album.

His addition of a permanent band (obviously due to his fame) allowed him to back away from the predominant use of the acoustic guitar (which was actually the aspect I preferred about ?Room for Squares?) and allow the instrumentals to blend a bit more. He still does a superb job painting a picture with obvious phrase mingled in a phenomenal way (for example the bridge in ?Clarity?). It is an excellent album if you enjoy melodic pop-rock.

[b]Ben Harper ? Diamonds on the Inside[/b]

In my mind Ben Harper is the most versatile musician on the planet, and ?Diamonds on the Inside? just reaffirms my conviction that he can play anything. Although there is little if any uniformity within this album, the jumps from folk to funk to alternative to blues doesn?t seem at all disconcerting. His voice is incredibly versatile and he is able to lend sincere well thought lyrics to all of his songs, which is an astounding feat.

Although I wouldn?t suggest this album over ?Live from Mars? I would say that it may be his greatest studio album to date. The only real fault I can find with the album is ?When she Believes? which just seems like a terribly substandard track on this album.

That is pretty much all that I can think of off the top of my head, maybe I?ll come up with others over the next few days.[/color]
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I was going to name all of the albums I bought this year, but then I realized that most of them were released in late 2002. So here's a list of the two CDs I bought in 2003 that were actually released in 2003. To overcompensate, this post will be incredibly long.

[b]Dwele - "Subject"[/b]
At first, this CD seemed really slow. Then I realized that I liked relatively slow music, plus it wasn't [i]that[/i] slow. It has a blend of comtemporary R&B, Neo-Soul, and smooth jazz. The smooth jazz made the CD seem slower, but it also gave it a really nice mellow feeling.

"Truth" is an interesting song. It's about getting into a relationship, telling someone you love them and they're "the one," but you know you don't mean it. You're only saying it because you don't want the relationship to end. The song is an apology for lying about ones feelings.
[quote]If what we said was fact
We probably still wouldn't have love
But we would love what we had
But we don't
Reailty is we lied
Now you and I must say goodbye
Can't you see the
Barenaked start to speak?

I'm a young man
The world is mine
I should've been
Straight with you from the beginning[/quote]
In "Subject," the title track of the album, Dwele talks about what goes into writing one of his songs. He thanks a certain girl for the inspiration for most of his songs. The lyrics and his singing are good, but the production just... lacks. Sounds like the music was made with a xylophone.
[quote]I studied your curves 2-fold
Like an artist to sculpture, I hold
A creation derived from you
You're welcome, lady.
Thank you.

All I ever needed was a subject.
All I ever needed was a subject.
All I ever needed was a subject.
All I ever needed was a subject.[/quote]
"Kick Out of You" is all jazz. The music consists of light drumming (just the symbols, I think), bass, and a piano. It's a very general love song, but I find the smooth jazz element most appealing.
[quote]Trust me baby I confide
In your love
Time away makes me come back to...
You can't deny
Anyway that we coincide is love
All we know is to love with our souls
While dripping love's liquor
I get a kick out of you.[/quote]
I love "Lady At Mahogany." It starts off with a spoken skit where Dwele (after a recent break-up) goes out with his friends to a jazz/soul club named Mahogany. Then Dwele starts singing the rest of the skit. There, he meets a young Lady poet, and tries to avoid his exgirlfriend. The song gets interrupted by the Lady, who goes on the stage of the club and does spoken word poetry directed toward Dwele and his intrusive ex. The song has no set format. No chorus. No bridge. It's just a 4 1/2 minute skit sung to high-bass jazz/soul music. With a poem in the middle.
[quote]Lady of Mahogany
I'll do for you
Why is it that my ex girl's all up in my grill?
Must be that new Colgate
No, wait.
I feel some jealousy.
While she's getting a soda, I'm gonna slide
To the sofa
And proceed
To kick monopoly to lady of Mahogany[/quote]

[b]Black Eyed Peas - "Elephunk"[/b]
Taboo, Apl, Will.i.am, and new-girl Fergie. This is one of those hip-hop groups you wonder how it got into the mainstream, because it sounds little like most mainstream rap. For one thing, this CDs seriously lacks negativity; sort of. Their songs sound more like rap before the "gangsta rap" craze hit in the early 90s. Think MC Hammer, only with an updated sound and money. They can get very stupid or very serious, depending on the song.

I'm sure you all know "Where Is The Love." It's the anti-war, anti-violence song featuring Justin Timberlake. It's basically about how there's way too much violence in the world, and we need to remember to love one another. It also touches on the war, questioning its purpose. It's basically a plea for gangs, cults, nations, and individuals to stop killing one another.
[quote]Whatever happened to the value of humanity?
Whatever happend to the fairness and equality?
Instead of spreading love, we're spreading animosity
Lack of understanding leading us away from unity.[/quote]
"Hey Mama" is a dance song, as well as a type of intro. Even though it's the fourth song on the CD, it where the members get the chance to tell you who they are, and their style. They also get the chance to tell the ladies to get on the dance floor and shake it.
[quote]Y'all know
Who we are
Y'all know
We the stars
Steadyrockin' hard
On yalls boulevard
And lookin' hard
Without bodyguards[/quote]
"The Apl Song" is Apl's ode to his native land, the Philippines. I have to mention this song, because all but a handful of my friends are Filipino. Plus it was just plain good. The chorus will be completely impossible to follow if you don't understand Tagalog, but there's still a good reminder of how some people live across the world. Apl recounts his living in a hut and moving to the US when he was 14. It's also worth noting that if you have the heart and talent, you too can make it in the music business.
[quote]How would you feel
If you had to catch your meal
Build a hut to live and
To eat and chill in
Having to pump the water out of the ground
The way we put it down
You'd like what was around
Like land for farming
Water for fishing[/quote]
BEP call on Papa Roach for a angsty punkish type rap song named "Anxiety." It's a general vent for frustration. Its rock sound makes it seem out of place toward the end of the CD, but it works out if you don't mind hearing one angsty song amidst several party/dance song. It's a lot more vague than most angsty songs by other artists, as this is BEP's only one. So it's good in a general sense.
[quote]Shackled and chained
My soul feels stained
I can't explain
Got an itch on my brain
Lately my whole aim is to maintain
And regain control of my mainframe
My bloods boiling, its beating out propaine
My train of thoughts more like a runaway train
I'm in a fast car driving in a fast lane
In the rain
And I'm might just hydroplane[/quote]

And that's the two best albums I've listened to all year... well, out of the ones that were actually released this year. In fact, those are the only two. Period. I bought Outkast's new double album, but I haven't gotten around to listening to the whole thing. What I've heard so far is good. I might reply later, after I've gotten a good listen.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]

[b]The Blood Brothers - ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn[/b]

Sometimes I wonder what exactly I see in this release. It's not exactly a marvel of musicality (is that a word?), it's not accomplishing anything new. It just manages to work a lot of energy into a nice punk/hardcore release that pushes a lot of the boring mall punk ******** that permeates popular music out of the way.

Plus they get bonus points for being one of the few bands that put something out in the past couple years with two singers that doesn't include some white kid trying to rap. Instead you get some scream-y, punk-ish vocals (which aren't unlistenable, I actually like them) and another guy who does a little more subdued stuff. It's a nice combination and I think it is pulled off well.

Instrument-work is nice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it remains fresh and interesting. Plus they have some cool synth worked in from time to time, which ups the fun for me :D I'm not big on hardcore, but this is some really solid stuff.[/B][/QUOTE]

I agree with you on this band (except for the two singer nonsense), though I, for the life of me cannot find this CD anywhere.

[b]mewithoutYOU: A-->B Life[/b]

I know, you're probably think to yourself, "WTF, mate! This album cameout last year." Well, your probably not thinking that but just go with it. Anyways, despite this being released last year, it's still my favourite album this year (a guess because I did not obtain it until this year.) Musically, It's a post-punk album, bordering on hardcore that doesn't sound like anything else (which seems to me to be the in-thing to do these days). One of my favourite things about this band is the lead- singers vocals. He's got one of those love, it hated it, voices that can ultimately decide your opinnion on this band. Despite the few that hate his voice, I love it. He's almost screaming but not, sounds like he is going through biological changes but is to old to be, and through all this he still has time to sing a beautiful acoustic hidden track.
Still worth $15.

[b]Coheed and Cambria: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3[/b]

Their first was great but this one really sets the bar, that is their music, higher than many thought was possible. It's tough enough to be an "emo" band and come up with original stuff, but these guys do an amazing job of it. Not only do their songs defy time (by going on 8 min.+), but in one song they'll go from rock, into a hardcore breakdown, back to rock, on to pop, throw in a few 80's metal riffs, and have time a polka baseline in all of this.
Note: To any of you who think this sounds like another Mike Patton side-project (which thinking about it myself, it might). Don't worry, they sound nothing like Mike Patton (Thankfully!).
Still worth $14.50.

I'll add more to this list when I have time to think of it more... On to the dissappointments! (lol)

[b] The Fire Theft: S/T[/b]
Being the Sunny Day Real Estate fan I am, I was really looking foreward to this CD. But alas, the three SDRE members of this band decided to change SDRE's sound, into something a bit more classic rock oriented. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problems with classic rock, but SDRE was really good the way the were. Their old sound really complimented, lead singer, Jeremy Enigk's vocal, their new sound, not as much. Still, the high point of the CD is Jeremy's amazingly high pitched vocals.
I think many SDRE fans will still get into TFT's sound but as for me I didn't.

(I will occupy this space with more later.)
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[COLOR=deeppink]I wonder what Dancing Hitler is dancing to. That said, here are my choices for album of the year. Get ready to sharpen those pitchforks for me.
[b]Up by Shania Twain[/b]-Okay, so it came out at the end of 2002, but I love the two disc set. The first song-[i]Up[/i] is very upbeat and makes you think that even if everything is going bad for you, you can only go Up and make things better. Yeah, I'm an optomist. [i]She's not just a pretty face[/i] is very empowering. and [i]Waiter Bring me Water[/i] Is funny, I'm sure many of us girls have had a sudden urge to do such things to our dates.
[b]Natural Selection-Fuel[/b]-I heard it on tv and wanted it so I got it. [i]Thirst for the Water[/i] INteresting song. You could pretty much tell a story from it. Guy is with one girl. Guy wants to be with other girl but is worried about breaking the 1st girl's heart so he leaves the other girl. [i]Die Like This[/i] This is my absolute favorite song on this CD.
[b]Faceless-GodSmack[/b]-No real reason, but I figured since i went so far as to steal this one from my husband's CD case I must like it. THe last song on this album tho has teh same beat as the one from their self titled album, anyone else notice this?
On a final note, I can't stand Marylin Manson. His voice reminds me of cats in a blender. But hey, that's just me My husband likes him enough tho.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]What is your thoughts on the two singers then...? I'm not quite sure what angle you were going after with that comment lol. [/B][/QUOTE]

I not a fan of the two lead singer stuff, and if The Blood Brothers weren't as good as they are I probably would hold it against them. At least they aren't like From Autumn to Ashes, who, by the way, put out another disappointing CD of 2003. They have a double lead singer thing going and suck at it.
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[size=1] These guys are pretty amazing. One of the best, and most sounding-different rock bands that've came in a while, anyway.

I haven't boughten their smash hit, [i]White Pony[/i], but I did download some of that. In comparison, I'd say that that album is better than this one. But that is beside the point.

This band has a heavily moany eerie sound, heavily melodic and heavily differing-sounding. Their vocalist has a perfect voice that accentuates every song, and evey song on this album works well enough after you listen to it enough.

The starting track--"Hexagram"--is amazing in its own. Whenever I listen to it and I'm in the right mood, I'm still amazed. The basis of the lyrics for the song are simply, "Worship play, worship play," repeated over and over again, pounding you. There's other lyrics dispersed throughout the song as well, but those are the most prevalent throughout, and are what make this song what it is.

It's hard to exactly describe this band's sound. They are definitively rock, but they just go and break through this barrier in some ways too. They don't sound exactly like rock, but they sound like something completely else.

This record doesn't disappoint at all if you listen to it enough. Again, just as with Radiohead, it takes time to get into this CD. You have to listen to grow used to it.

At first I thought every song on this CD sounded the same--which, generalized, they do to an extent--but they don't. The lyrics are an obvious difference, but the songs themselves will capture different emotions in you, and different reactions. Their sound tastes bitter sweet, though. It sort of paints everything fuzzily and drugingly. At first you won't be able to understand some of what the lyrics are that are being sung, and as you listen more and more, the songs become more of your own. It's like this with any good song or CD. The more you listen, the better.

You should listen to this band loud. It's what they deserve. They're pretty amazing.

Listening to the Deftones is something like dying over and over again--it's heavily morbid music that just won't die, and it endlessly brings you up and down. I wouldn't recommend this album for certain if you're just getting into this band, since from what I've seen many consider their earlier album before this one, [i]White Pony[/i], to be better. So I'd start there if you want; or you can just get this CD. It should be cheaper at this point than [i]White Pony[/i] anyway. I got my copy of [i]Deftones[/i] for $10 when it first came out, so maybe you'll still be able to find it for that cheap.

This is one of my favorite bands for sure, though. They're worth checking out.[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiHorsewoman [/i][B][COLOR=deeppink]
On a final note, I can't stand Marylin Manson. His voice reminds me of cats in a blender. But hey, that's just me My husband likes him enough tho.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

Heh. I can see this viewpoint. lol There are times when I feel he growls far too much... especially live. The guy isn't the most amazing vocalist, but he definitely CAN sing... as evidenced on Mechanical Animals. I'm not sure why he's gone farther away from that into more of a scowling voice, but eh. It does fit the overall tone of the band.
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Myself, I'd have to recommend Linkin Park: Live in Texas DVD/CD. This is the best Linkin park CD by far (at least in my opinion), mainly because this is [i] pure Linkin Park[/i] with no digital enhancements at all. The vocals are superb, and the DVD has some pretty cool scenes. (It's also got more songs than the CD).

I give it a 10/10, and you should give it (or get it).
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Continuing where I left off...

[b]Outkast - The Love Below[/b]
Normally a duo, rappers Big Boi and Andre 3000 of the group Outkast have decided to each record a solo CD, and combine them into one 40-something track double album. Big Boi's hip-hop centric album "Speakerboxxx" exudes all of the lyrical flow and hard-hitting basslines that Outkast has been known for, while Andre 3000's "The Love Below" uses all of their R&B/soul influence (with the hip-hop influence, of course) and pure cartoony wackiness-- which they are also known for.
Because I've been listening to "The Love Below" non-stop, I'll just review that half for now. I'll get to "Speakerboxxx" at a later date.

One thing that amazed me as I listened to The Love Below was how each song and skit were written and arranged to tell a story. A love story, no less. Because nearly every track is critical to the story, this will be a very long post.

"The Love Below" is the introduction. It uses nice ballroom music, and Andre sings a few lines. Nothing more than an intro, really.

"Love Hater" sets up the whole story. A jazz song, Andre uses goofy lines to describe how everybody needs somebody. Then he says that [i]somebody[/i] is a love-hater (a hater of love).
[quote]Everybody needs someone to rub their shoulders
And scratch their dandruff.
And everybody needs to quit acting hard and ****
Before you get your *** whooped
Everybody needs somebody to love
Before it's too late
It's too late...

Love hater
Love hater
Hater of love
Love hater
Love hater
Hater of love[/quote]
"God" is a spoken skit where Andre prays to God (who he discovers is a woman) to send him a good woman. You never heard God's replies, but Andre thanks her in the end with an "alady."

"Happy Valentine's Day" is one of the funniest songs on the CD. Andre is Cupid. His job is to run around and shoot people with his arrows of love (or his bullets of love, if he needs to crack the pistol). He complains about how the other holiday mascotts get more attention, at first. Then he addresses a "playa" about how he can run, but Cupid will eventually catch up. I can only assume he's chasing after the Love Hater.
[quote]Now when arrows don't penetrate
Cupid grabs the pistol
And shoots straight for your heart
And he won't miss you

That's alright, 'ause yall won't believe in me

You won't believe in me
But you would fancy leprechauns
Or groundhogs
No thank you, Easter Bunny

There's all this talk about Santa Claus, but love will rule supreme[/quote]
"Spread" is about meeting a girl, and taking her home for a one night stand. A good portion of the song is pretty graphic, but there's a funny bunch of sound effects after the first verse where you hear a car speeding, it brakes, people get out of the car and run [i]really[/i] fast, open a door, and zippers unzip. Not very deep on its own, but it ties in to the skit that comes on afterward.

"Where Are My Panties?" is a skit where you hear the thoughts of Andre and woman the morning after. At the end, Andre asks himself if she's "the one."

"Prototype" is where the story gets into full swing. Continuing from the end of "Where Are My Panties," this is a slow song where Andre contemplates the woman being the one for him. If she isn't "the one," then she's probably the prototype. Nice play on words, there.
[quote]I hope that you're the one
If not, you are the prototype
We'll tiptoe to the sun
And do the thangs I know you like

I think I'm in love again[/quote]
"She Lives In My Lap" features spoken vocals by actress Rosario Dawson. In this song, it seems the "one night stand" girl is engaged to him, or at least going steady.
[quote]She stays alone
Never sheds a single tear
She stays in the coolest moods
Clearly woman of the year
She and all her girlfriends, they go out dressed to win
She comes back to the cooler side of town
But she lives in my lap

But she lives in my lap
But she lives in my lap (forever my fiance)[/quote]
Next comes "Hey Ya" which I'm sure some of you know. However, beyond the goofy music video where Andre plays an entire band, is a message. It's a song about breaking up, probably meaning that the "love hater" and "prototype girl" are splitting up.
[quote]If what they say is "nothing is forever"
Then what makes--what makes--what makes
Love the exception?
So why-oh why-oh
Are we so in denial
When we know we're not happy here?[/quote]
"Roses" is also one of the funniest songs on the CD. This one is about an ex-girlfriend. It also features vocals by Big Boi, who took time out of his half of the CD to do a little rap on Andre's half.
She's the reason for the word "b***h"
and-get-to-some-baller-or-singer-or-somebody-like-that-and-puts-on-her-make-up-in-the-mirror-and-crash-- crash-- crash
Into a ditch[/quote]
"Good Day, Good Sir" is a funny skit featuring Bentley Farnsworth, better known as Puffy's/P. Diddy's manservant. Andre is listening to violin music, when Farnsworth passes by. The two have a classic conversation involving a confusing sequence of words where Andre has no idea what Farnsworth is talking about. The incredibly fake British accents add to the humor, as they try to sound dignified the whole time. A woman passes by them both, leading to the next song...

"Behold A Lady" is the search for a nice girl. A lady. Not like all of these heffers you normally find.

In the end, the CD has no conclusion. The final track "A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre" is a summary of Andre's life up to this point. He starts just before he and Big Boi began their career as Outkast, moves on to his relationship with soul singer Erykah Badu, and ends it on an incomplete note. After all, his life isn't over yet.

And now that I've wasted a few minutes out of your day (and at least an hour of mine going over this CD), I hope at least one song sounds appealing to you, as this is probably the single best compiled piece of hip-hop released in mainstream America.
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  • 2 weeks later...
I wanted to post here before the year was over so here it is. My most favorite Album of 2003 is:

[B]Iron Maiden: Dance of Death[/B]

I got this as soon as I could for I am a huge Iron Maiden fan and since there hasn't been a new album for three years (I mean one that wasn't just a collection of their best songs or a live album) . The 13th CD of Iron Maiden starts of with the drummer Nicko McBrain kicking off with a "one-two-three-four" before going into the first song, "Wildest Dream." The vocals seemed a little off to me but it was a great opener.

The second song, "Rainmaker" was alot more better and the guitar solo was great, as well as the vocals. The next song, "No More Lies", started slow and melodic, but got completely loud when it reached the chorus. The same goes for "Dance of Death," but they are both powerful tracks.

"Montsegur" is alot like their older songs, for it is alot more darker themed then the other songs, as well as "New Frontier", which is a musical sibling to an older song, "Number of the Beast."

Only two tracks didn't really seem to reach me, and they were "Gates of Tomorrow", and "Age of Innocence." Some parts sounded like the vocals seemed to be way off. I'm not saying these two tracks are bad, just not as good as the other tracks.

"Paschendale" is another one of those songs about a battle in a war, such as "The Trooper." This one tells the tale of a battle in Germany during WWII. This is one the of the longest tracks on the CD, and is one of my favorite songs along with "Dance of Death" on this CD. "Paschendale" has great lyrics and vocals, drums, and guitar solos.

The final song, "Journeyman," is the slowest song and not one of my favorites but its a great closer.

Overall, this is a great album that any Iron Maiden fan should get. The band has been alive for 20 years but they haven't changed a bit in their style. Well, not by alot.
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3 j-rock albums caught my attention that were released this year:

"666" by Hyde (December 2003)

I'm not the best at describing songs here.. but I really like this album's more hardrock tone. He's come a bit from his pop-rock L'Arc~en~Ciel days and it's good to see him with some more edge XD plus he's hot too XP

"Crescent" by Gackt (December 2003)

While I am somewhat unimpressed when I first got it.. because when I got it, I already heard 6 tracks (b-sides and radio singles XP), I still have this album on constant repeat. Again, this album is a little bit more harder than his previous pop work. The hyde/gackt duet "Orenji no Taiyou" is there, which makes all the album worthwhile.

"Another Story" by Janne Da Arc (February 2003)

Probably my favorite album this year. All of the tracks are enjoyable, and have a much more ....eeeh.. well, it's hard to describe. It's still somewhat pop-rock-ish, but that's a good thing to me :D

I suck at describing - -;
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Im a little behind, so i'll try to catch up. in my opinion there have been so many great albums out this year its hard to single them out. now CD's released this year, i dont know how many i've already baught, but CD's that have been previously released and i baught this year is different. CD's that have been released this year that i enjoy are as follows-

Blind Guardian Live -
these germans know what good metal is, and with a two disc set for only 18 bucks that beats any other metal right there. there classic sound is quite amazing and the way hansi sings is incredible. Ranging from acoustic ballads such as "In the Forest" to heavy metal songs as "The Soulforged" they are great.

The Early November - The rooms too cold -
what a great album from a brand new band. Their first release, the "for all of this EP" was quite possibly the best new band i've heard last year. Now that their new full length has come out it is mind blowing what teenagers can do with music and creativity. every one in the band is lesse than 20 and yet they have the skill and know-how of music as if they were 80 year old men who still want to play so they join weird jazz bands. any ways, thats my opinion

The Starting line - "Make yourself at home" EP -
another outstanding peice or work from such a young band, especially since 4 of the six songs were recorded in the back of a tour bus while on the road, and all the drum tracks were recorded with a old Casio "learn-how-to-play" keyboard. what a great acoustic album.

Further Seems Forever- How to start a fire
i can go on and on about this band. they are my #1 (tied with blink 182) but wow...from the moment the CD starts to the time it ends, its one large trip of melodical perfection. I saw this band in concert not too long ago and the singer even held the mic up to my face for me to sing on the very last song. that was quit possibly the best night of my life...but wow. This band is the best.

other good albums of the year-
Blink 182 - untitled (<-- By the way, great album)
Mae - Destination: Beautiful
Thursday - War all the time
Something Corporate - North
Watashi Wa- the love of life

im sure i've forgotten alot of good albums that i would love, but i can't remember them. well thats my two cents.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kami [/i]
[B]"Another Story" by Janne Da Arc (February 2003)

Probably my favorite album this year. All of the tracks are enjoyable, and have a much more ....eeeh.. well, it's hard to describe. It's still somewhat pop-rock-ish, but that's a good thing to me :D [/B][/QUOTE]

I can't see why everyone is raving about this album being so great. It's a good album, but I think GAIA is just as good. But both albums aren't anywhere near as good as their first two, "D.N.A" and "Z-HARD", which in my opinion are Janne Da Arc's best works. Their indies mini-album "CHAOS MODE" was really great too.
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Guest lavalamp
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kami [/i]
[B]"666" by Hyde (December 2003)

I'm not the best at describing songs here.. but I really like this album's more hardrock tone. He's come a bit from his pop-rock L'Arc~en~Ciel days and it's good to see him with some more edge XD plus he's hot too XP

The album did nothing for me. HYDE has such a great voice, and I felt it was ignored in "666". I've been pretty annoyed with how much attention he's received lately. I guess it's because he's from that incredibly obscure band [get it] by the name of L'Arc-en-Ciel. This is where we cough.

I thought the ring across the net was relatively funny with his album's debut on the oricon. The Gackt fangirls were definitely pulling their hair out. Gackt's album, however, is still in the top 30. Bittersweet?

As for your last comment:

"No comment."
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I don't have much money so i usually limit myself to one cd a year.
Yeah it sucks, but it makes me think long and hard before i buy one.
In this instance, that cd was Smile Empty Soul.
This self titled album is one of the greatest things i've heard since Hybrid Theory.
The track they released (Bottom of a Bottle) is not even a sample of what they can do. There is not a single dull song and no shortage of variety. Just when you get tired of the heaviness, a kick butt acoustic comes up. Maybe if i critiqued the stand out songs a bit you will catch my drift.

This is War, this is an awesome acoustic song that speaks against war. It doesn't get preachy or opinionated, it just tells what goes on from a detached point of view.

With this knife, a song about when someone you love leaves you, you want to cut out the part that cared about them. Maybe that will ease the pain.

I definetly reccomend them.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mitch [/i]
[B]...it's actually decent if you listen to it enough.

It's true, I did not like this album at first, but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me.

I'm gonna do a top 3, since most of the albums I bought this year were not from this year, and I should get to some homework.

In no particular order......


[SIZE=3][b]D-d-don't Stop The Beat -- Junior Senior[/b][/SIZE] [/center]

When I first bought [b]D-d-don't Stop the Beat[/b], the Cashier told me "The second you put this CD on, your house will be one non-stop dance party... Well, non-stop until the album ends.". I smiled and said "I know."

Junior Senior's insanely catchy "Move Your Feet", quite possibly the best single of the year, was the beginning of my amazing journey through Junior Senior's Music. I first heard it when they performed live on a show covering each day of the Glastonbury Festival. The single became a hit and later my brother and I deemed it and "Crazy In Love" Our official Theme song for the summer.

Although I am too lazy to do a song-by-song analysis, this album is easy to dance to, even if you don't know how (a la moi), catchy, and unique. Each song is in similar fashion, though individual in it's own theme.

But kids, it has a parental advisory for a reason.


[SIZE=3][b]Hail to the Theif -- Radiohead[/b][/SIZE] [/center]

I'm not really a Radiohead fan. To me, they always seemed like "Let's be depressed in as many ways as possible!". This album, when first listened to, nearly proves this, but after more and more listening, I found that That's not what [b]Hail to the Theif[/b] is about ( I haven't picked up any other Radiohead besides The Bends since, so I'll keep it to the album..). I examined the lyrics and found that Thom Yorke really [i]is[/i] a genius, or close to it-- I thought it was really annoying when Radiohead fans drilled this saying into my head until listening to [b]Hail To the Theif[/b].

Of course, I can't deny that it is depressed and sort of creepy. Thom Yorke's moaning and groaning seems abrasive (am I using this word correctly?) on the ears at first, but I became completely absorbed in Yorke's voice after the first few listens. The bleepy bloopy background sounds surprisingly don't get old, and I'm told that there's way more in other Radiohead albums, so don't worry that the music is completely electronic. The actual instruments being hearable is a plus, too ^_^.


[SIZE=3][b]Speakerboxx/ The Love Below -- Outkast[/b][/SIZE] [/center]

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[b]PLEASE list reasons as to why you like the release and why you feel it should even be included in a list. Something more than two sentences would be nice as well. [/b][/QUOTE]


I will say just this: If you do not own [b]Speakerboxx/ The Love Below[/b] , get it.
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its a little late but I wanted to put in my two cents anyway. these are in no order by the way:

Outkast-Speaker boxxx/the love below

mever got around to buying the CD but from all the songs I've heard out of it its fantastic. they really blended hip hop with so many other music styles.

Blink 182 (self titled album)

Blink 182 was already one of my favorite bands but in their new CD I felt they put way more emotion into their songs.

White Stripes-Elephant

my friend turned me on to this band and i really have started to enjoy jack and his sisters simple riffs. his voice is so mezmorizing too.
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My top albums this year were... all Australian. Let's see...

1. Frenzal Rhomb - San Souci. I love this album. It has spent the most time in my CD player this year. And its only half an hour long.

2. Hilltop Hoods - The Calling. Awesome album. I can't describe it it's so good.

3. The Herd - An Elefant Never Forgets. Political hip hip that pays out Bus and John Howard. And rather good beats.

And yeah. they're my Top 3 albums.
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1) Fabolous: More Street Dreams Pt.2: the mixtape

All you gotta do is listen to the lyrics and you'll get hooked. The metaphors he uses are sick. The'll leave you wonder where does he get this from. I suggest everyone MUST pick this album up. All the songs are tight.

2) G-Unit: Beg for Mercy.
I mean all the songs are tight exept 1 or 2. And who don't like 50 Cent he was sweet by himself but wit Lloyd Banks,and Young Buck an unbeatble trio. Two of teh sweetest songs on teh alnum are " poppin' them thangs" and "my buddy".

3) 50 Cent: Get Rich or Die tryin

The most hyped album of the year. Not much more to say other than it went platinum within a month of its release and is just tight. There's one funny track on here about Ja Rule called "Backdown". It has 1 or 2 crap songs but thats about it.

4) Chingy: Jackpot

Chingy is one of my favorite rappers, although his albums have some pretty good songs, it's not the best for a debut. Songsthat you should recognize right off da back are " Holidae In", and " Right Thurr". It has about 10 other good songs and the others are kinda wak. Another thing is his voice. It sound childish and country at the same time and it gets annoying after a while.l Since this is just a debut hopefully his next will be better.
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