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Yes I just did something so stupid. I need all of you who have posted in this rp, need to redo it. I went to delete my one post becuase I double posted. But I accidently deleted the who thread. Please forgive me everyone. I'm just stupid and tired. I can't see well either at the moment. I am hating myself becuase I did this. Please Sign back up.[/center]

This is my first RPG that I have made. I have taken time and thought into this becuase I want it to turn out perfectly. In order for me to do this I need people who know about the Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) Series.


This takes place after the first series and before Gluhen. It is set in Tokyo, Japan and at a mansion. Schwarz and Weiss have became friends to protect the Mystiker girls. Weiss, Schwarz and Mystiker have been forced into a mansion. Mystkier ran away from Rosenkreuz. not liking how they were. now the Rosenkreuz assassians were out for them to take them back to Rosenkreuz. Schwarz knows how it was there and takes it upon themselves to protect Mystiker and help them hone their special abilities. Weiss and Schwarz have come together in this giving Mystiker extra protection from Rosenkreuz.

Rosenkreuz wants to keep their students in line. Though Mystiker ran away becuase of what they have done to them. All they did was get abused mentally and physically. Especially Zsuzsanna. She was already mentally unbalanced as it was. But the torment of her mental abilities didn't help it much. Rosenkreuz would stop it nothing to get their little pets back. Schwarz knew how it was becuase they went to Rosenkreuz as well and hated it. So they are giving Mystiker extra protection and helping them with their special abilities.

Weiss does not have special abilites like Schwarz or Mystiker. They only help protect Mystiker wanting the best for them as well as Schwarz does.


Aya (Ran) Fujimiya - PiroMunkie
Yohji Kudou - Terra
Ken Hidaka -
Omi Tsukiyono (Mamoru Takatori) - TeRRaFLaMe

Brad Crawford (Precognative) - Doukeshi03
Schuldig (Telepathic) - Geist
Farfarello (Just can't feel pain.) -
Nagi Naoe (Telekenic) - Braidless Baka

Zsuzsanna Kudou (Telepathic) - Noëlle
Kala Crustov (Precognative) - Annie
Iolanthe Vedette DeVaries (Telekenetic) - Arcadia

Sei Gen (Disable Abilities) - Metatron [b]Bad Guy![/b]

These spaces are taken becuase they helped me get information and helped me with ideas to pull this RP together. And if you are interested in this RP but don't know enough or any information at all. Please PM me and I'll inform you about it. *Bows* Have a nice day. ^.^


~Sign up Sheet~

Special Ability: (Schwarz and Mystiker)
Weapon: (There are certain ones and you better get them right.)
Description: (Please have a pic or a good description about the person. I expect the right stuff.)
Bio: (For Mystiker and Weiss)

I am going to be very picky about this. And you better know what you are doing. I will post mine after a few people have posted theirs up.


~ Please use correct Punctuation!! That does mean capitalize at the beginning of your sentences. Use commas, periods, and those to shift keys you have![/i][/color]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]It's okay spit happens..

Name[/b]- Kala Crustov

[b]Age[/b]- 20

[b]Special Ability[/b]- Precognative

[b]Weapon(s)[/b]- .45 Colt x2

[b]Ethniticity[/b]- Russian

[b]Description[/b]- [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=sentimentalgraffiti&image=44]Kala[/url]

[b]Bio[/b]- Kala was born into an aristocratic family in Prague of the Chech Repulic, Russia. The Crustov family was very rich and prestigious throughout Russia. The were known for their intelligence and great acknowledge for economic affairs. They owned many banks and stockholds. Kala attended the best private schools money could provide.

Her childhood consisted of learning economics and preening herself into a lady. She was brought up strict and forced to mature faster than the rest of the children her age. At the age of 11, Kala was began to dream of poverty and depression, and saw her father and mother drifting away from her. This dream continued to haunt and torment her every night throughout the year.

Then on Kala's 12th birthday, Prague experienced a drastic drop in stocks. The economic status plummeted to the ground, and the Crustov family crashed right along with the drop. Everything they had was invested and the crash of the economic markets took everything they had. The once proud and rich Crustov family was reduced to lower class standards. Kala's father couldn't take the change and killed himself. Kala's mother slipped into a maddening depression and was placed into an insane asylum.

Kala being the only child, was put into an orphanage. She held herself higher above her parents and was not affected by the sudden shove into the dirt. However, she was miserable in the orphanage and kept scaring the other children with her prophecies of their future. Kala was shunned from the other children for her unusual and frightening ability. The founders of the orphanage told Prague Officials. Kala became frightened and ran away at the age of 14. She escaped local security, but didn't last long against Rosenkreuz guards. Kala was captured and taken to the school. She spent the next five years in the school, tortured and beaten at times.

Kala hears about Schwartz and learns about a Brad Crawford. Strangely to Kala, she develops a crush. Once, Kala actually, and quite literally, ran into Brad. He helped her with her books and said "hello". This made Kala blush, she's never had a guy talk to her, or look at her the way Brad did. Ever since then, Brad always gave her a wink and a smile whenever he saw her. One day, Brad was wandering through the school's courtyard and saw Kala reading. He introduced himself and asked for Kala's company. She smiled and followed Brad to the mental institution, there she met Zsuzsanna.

The two became good friends. Kala visited Zsuzsanna often. Kala's calm, silent, and mature demeanor bonded with well with Zsuzsanna's tormented soul.

Unfortunately, things started to change in the school. Punishment became far harsh from when Kala first entered the school. Teachers began instructing the students on how to use their abilities in unfair and unjust ways. Kala and her friends decide they've had enough and run away from the school. What will happen to them, Kala only hopes they can escape.[/color][/i][/size]
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[i][color=lightpink][B]Name:[/B] Zsuzsanna Kudou

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Special Ability:[/B] Telepathic

[B]Weapons:[/B] a katana, 2 Normal Daggers

[B]Nationality:[/B] Half German/ Half Japanese

[B]Picture/Description:[/B] [url][/url]

[B]Bio:[/B] Zsuzsanna grew up in Berlin, Germany. She had a good family to grow up in. Slowly her and her win sister Simone grew apart, and got into many brawls with each other. She accidently got stabbed by Simone in the leg on their 10th birthday. So Zsuzsanna and Simone had to be parted as so, Zsuzsanna was transferred into a private school called Rosenkreuz. Her parents knew of her telepathic abilities as a child, but her sister didn't have any special abilities at all.

The only problem Zsuzsanna had in her first year of Rosenkreuz is that she started to go insane. They put her in the mental institution area, in a cell right next to Farfarello's cell. They talked at times about how god had betrayed them. But often she saw a red haired man named Schuldig come and visit Farfarello and check up on him for Brad Crawford. One day Schuldig came and visited her as well, knowing only 2 other people who came to see her at all, and those were on the days she behaved.

Soon enough the beatings and mental abuse Mystiker recieved from the instructors at Rosenkreuz. She talked with the other two individuals of Mystiker and planned a way out of the school. Only when Zsuzsanna was forced to kill the doctors in the labritories at Rosenkreuz that pushed her to leave the school with the other two.[/color][/i]
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[size=1]I hope the bio is all right. I don't know much past the series, so I might need some help. ^_~

[b]Name:[/b] Iolanthe Vedette DeVaries

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Special Ability:[/b] Telekinesis

[b]Weapon:[/b] Besides the fact that she can hurt you without ever having to touch you, she carries around a small dagger and, oddly enough, pepper spray.

[b]Ethniticity:[/b] French-American Hybrid

[b]Description:[/b] A very lithe, supple figure, elegant and graceful, but not without a woman's subtle curves. Her hair is long and dark, the ends curling slightly, and she often ties it back in a loose plait. More often then that, a hat is worn. Her eyes are a deep, smokey gray, clever but shadowed. Fair skin, full lips, and slender, nimble fingers. Besides some internal scares, she's got a couple external scars on her back and stomach from various "lessons."

[b]Bio:[/b] Vedette (she really hasn't been called Iolanthe for years) was born in southern France, the daughter of an American business man working overseas and a French Photographer. Despite her mother's apparent fame, she lived a rather reclusive life for quite some time. Every now and then a speck of power would show itself, but her mother did her best to suppress it.

Then, one fateful day on the playground, Vedette didn't appreciate the way some snarky boy was treating her so she hit him. Naturally, the boy didn't really enjoy that either, and so he pushed the little girl to the ground and called her dirty names. Vedette, furious, pulled her hand back to hit him again. When she lashed out, however, she never made contact with the boy, but the boy definitely made contact with a tree a couple yards back.

Word eventually got to the people at Rosenkreuz and so it was arranged that she should attend the private school so that they might examine, understand, and further develope her mysterious powers. However, the school wasn't as great as it was made out to be, and Vedette grew bitter with the harsh treatment and her parent's apparent lack of concern over her situation. (Truth be told, her parents were ignorant of the ways of the school and their daugher's hardships.) So one day, her spunky attitude got the better of her and she spoke out against one of the instructors.

She was soundly beaten.

After that Vedette kept much better control of her anger, and though she hated it, learned to live with the constant abuse and even the rapings. She kept silent for the next couple years, watching and waiting for the right moment, growing increasingly bitter over the ways students were used and abused. Within the school, she made friends with two others, and only them - she learned that the fewer friends you had, the less they had to use against you. So she guarded not only her own emotions but her friends closely, and eventually the three decided that enough was enough. They'd heard things about Weiss and Schwarz and found in them a means of escape, a means to freedom.

The only problem facing the girls now is how to keep that freedom from the ever hungry, scratching claws of Rosenkreuz...[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Noëlle [/i]
Yes I just did something so stupid. I need all of you who have posted in this rp, need to redo it. I went to delete my one post becuase I double posted. But I accidently deleted the who thread. Please forgive me everyone. I'm just stupid and tired. I can't see well either at the moment. I am hating myself becuase I did this. Please Sign back up.[/center][/color][/i][/B][/QUOTE]

[color=orangered]O_O;; Can I just not and say I did?

[b]Name:[/b] Nagi Naoe
[b]Age:[/b] 16 (15 in the series, but for the sake of this, 16)
[b]Special Ability:[/b] Telekenisis
[b]Weapon:[/b] Telekenisis
[b]Ethniticity:[/b] Japanese
[b]Description:[/b] You had the pics before, can I have some time to find them again? @.@
[b]Bio:[/b] (exempt)[/color]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Aya Fujimiya (a.k.a. Ran Fujimiya)
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[strike][b]Special Ability:[/b][/strike]
[b]Weapon:[/b] A katana, Nihonto.
[b]Ethniticity:[/b] Japanese
[b]Description:[/b][url=http://img.atpictures.com/weisskreuz/wkruez44.jpg]Image 1[/url], [url=http://img.atpictures.com/weisskreuz/wkruez49.jpg]Image 2[/url], [url=http://img.atpictures.com/weisskreuz/wkruez39.jpg]Image 3[/url]

[b]Bio:[/b] After finally avenging the hopstitalization of his sister, the [i]real[/i] Aya Fujimiya, on the man whom put her there, Reiji Takatori, and seeing his sister come out of her coma, Aya-san began to make the transition back to being called by his real name, Ran. However, he still responds "Aya," and still wears that one earring of his sister's on his left ear.

Ran was not the first of Weiss to here of the Mystiker situation. In fact, at first he was very skeptical about even taking up the mission considering their past experiences with Schwarz. Not to mention this came soon after the waking of his sister. All Ran really wanted to do is spend time with her, and take care of her for a while. However, business was business, and being that the other three members of Weiss are more "girl crazy" than he, they were looking forward to the mission. Ran decided to take on the mission hoping that the seemingly peaceful actions between Weiss and Schwarz were a good sign.

Ran is still a bit uneasy about the mission, feeling a bit under the microscope being one of the few people with any extraordinary special ability. Although, he knows he has Nihonto, and that is all he has ever needed.[/size]
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[i][color=lightpink]You are all accepted. ^.^ Annie says she has a really good feeling about this RP. I am very excited on when to start it up. All we need is 4 more people.

[center]Ken Hidaka

They are the ones we need still. Sign up please!!![/color][/i]
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I can't believe I'm signing up for Yohji instead of Ken. (Ken used to be my by-far favorite Weiss member.) I am a betrayer of my own beliefs.

AAAAnyway ...

Name: Yohji Kudou
Age: 22
Special Ability: N/A
Weapon: Garrett wires (thin wires that can be thrown from his wristwatch, used to strangle or restrain enemies)
Ethniticity: Japanese
Description: [url]http://weiss.eternity.nu/images/yohji06.jpg[/url] (from the best fansite ever!!! hahaha ... okay ... it's really late here.)
Bio: Yohji is a ladies' man if ever there was one. Suave, cool, and always ready with a romantic "heartfelt" gesture, he's nearly guaranteed to be able to get any woman to fall at his feet. Though he's the oldest member of Weiss, he often doesn't act like it, and usually cracks joke and generally serves as the comic relief for the group. During a mission, though, he's all seriousness, and if it's something that personally affects him, he can be very tender.

(Sorry I was so slow on the bio ...)
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[size=1][color=olive]Enter the bad psychotic guy. [i]
[b]Name:[/b] Sei Gen

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Power: Shut Down:[/b] Put simply, it disables the powers of the other gifted humans, essentially depriving them of their sole means of defense.

[b]Weapons: Watou:[/b] When Japanese pirates stormed the shores of ancient China, they decimated the local militia time and again with the Nihontou katana they carried. Over time, the Chinese adopted the katana and crafted it to fit their preferences, which eventually evolved into the Watou. Watou is almost an exact replica of the katana, except that it is modeled after the less used ?Tachi? blade. The ?Tachi? blade was used in ancient Japan solely for the purpose of killing, a stark difference compared to the Nihontou katana that has an aspect of decorative beauty to it.

[b]Nationality:[/b] Japanese/Chinese

[b]Style: [/b]Garyu Watoujutsu


[b]Bio:[/b] The reason Gen was born into this world was through one of those rather unfortunate means, specifically speaking, rape. His mother was a Chinese immigrant to Japan, his father was probably one of those crazed vagabonds that roamed the streets of the Tokyo metropolis. His mother somehow managed to raise him to a tender age of 10 before wasting away from malnutrition and exhaustion. Gen was left all alone.
However, the fates smiled on him. Through a sheer stroke of luck, he came across a pyrokinetic, one of the former students of the Rosenkreuz. The pyrokinetic apparently couldn?t handle the exhaustive education of the school, and his sanity stepped off the stage and let insanity take the show. Of course, insanity deprives all forms of rational thinking, including respect for the life of others. Thus, the crazed pyrokinetic decided to torch little Gen. Quite a surprise it was, when Gen just wouldn?t catch fire. Try as the pyro might, nothing. Not even a little poof of smoke. And so, he was found. Rosenkreuz wasn?t entirely sure what power he had until a while later, but when they did find out, they made good use of it. To increase his somewhat lacking offensive capabilities, Gen also studied the Watoujutsu during his free time. He seemed to have a knack for the thing, and though he hasn?t studied the style too intensively, he is the undisputed wielder in the school.
Currently, Gen is one of the most advanced students in the infamous school. Quiet and calm but with the silent note of insanity constantly playing around him, he was the shunned one even within the limited society of the gifted. However, he is secretly feared all the same, for most do not know what exactly his powers are. Many probably would not want to find out.

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[b]Name:[/b] Schuldig

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Special Ability:[/b] Telepathy

[b]Weapon:[/b] Not sure

[b]Ethniticity:[/b] German

[b]Description:[/b] [url]http://blaze.hopto.org/bradcrawford/profile/schuldich2.jpg[/url]
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[i][color=lightpink] Yay! We have a Schuldig. Now I'm just going to think maybe we can all just play as Ken and Farfarello. Like make them do something within a post somewhere. I'm not saying every post, just random ones. You have all been accepted. ^.^ [/color][/i]
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Sorry for taking so long to post!

Name: Omi Tsukiyono
Age: 17
Weapon: Projectiles
Ethniticity: Japanese
Description: [url]http://animeart.com/i/a/weiss/1/4.jpg[/url]
Bio: The youngest member of Weiss, and son of Takatori.

Sorry about the length of the bio, couldn't think of much other important stuff to put. ^_^;;;
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[i][color=lightpink] Alright I have a plan. We all Kan work together and play Ken and Farfarello. Just to inform you for who don't know. Farfarello is insane and adores knives. He has something against god and likes to hurt him. Ken is a soccer player and teaches little league soccer for children. (I think that is right..becuase I saw it on the anime. ^.^) He loves children and fights with Yohji alot. Now I'll get this started up today or tomorrow. I hope you have fun with this. [/color][/i]
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Terran Sung

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Special Ability:[/B] A true illusionist with the powers of a telepath and telekinetic. From a failed experiment, heightened senses and a great healing factor was shown.

[B]Weapon:[/B] silver dual fans and katana

[B]Ethniticity:[/B] Korean

[B]Description:[/B] Alas, yet another attachment.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born into a world of death, chaos, and power, Terran was being turned into the greatest weapon Rosenkreuz had ever seen. She was the descendant of one of "them". It was her duty to do what she was created to do.

Terran had shown her powers at the age of 3 and since then her father had ordered experiments be brought upon her to see what her mental, physical, and emotional attributes would show. It would also show what her weaknesses and strengths were. As well as show if she could stand to pain.

During one of the experiments, something had gone wrong and she fell unconcious. The tests showed that her mental attributes had gone up as well as her emotional and physical. The signs showed that her senses were more aware and that she was awake.

Two hours later, she awoke to find herself in her room. She stepped out and walked to the training room. She reached for her katana and she began to train. She was quicker, stealthier, and stronger. Her senses had heightened and she was much more aware. It was as if she had 6 senses. Her powers were also greater.

At the age of 16, Terran was sent with Sei Gen to bring back the Mystikers and bring down those who try to get in the way. She was the ultimate weapon and the Shadow Assassin.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][i][b]Name:[/b] Ken Hidaka, a.k.a. Siberian

[b]Age:[/b] About 19 years.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Bugnuk, a glove-like weapon that have retractable claws. [url=http://goddesscypris.homestead.com/files/Ken027.jpg]Here?s an example.[/url] He also skilled in several forms of martial arts ranging from Kung Fe, Karate, and Capoeira.

[b]Ethnicity:[/b] Japanese.

[b]Description:[/b] [url=http://goddesscypris.homestead.com/files/Ken001.jpg]One Ken. Aww.[/url] , [url=http://www.geocities.com/orfosandayain/weiss/ROFL.jpg]Two.. ahem.. Ken.[/url] , [url=http://groups.msn.com/WhiteCrossWeissKreuz/kenspics.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=85]Three Ken.[/url] , [url=http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/hidakaken/kenfootball.jpg]Four.[/url]

[b]Bio:[/b] Youji may be a heart breaker, Aya may actually break through people?s hearts, and Omi might be cute enough to steal a heart or two; but in Weiss, Ken is the sweetheart. He was born Kenji Sakae Hidaka on December 23, 1980.

His childhood was pretty normal. Good student. Popular child. A perpetual charmer, and never separated from his best friend, Kase Kouichiro. He was the boy next door, and a phenomenal athlete bringing his team in the J-League world wide fame. In his second year he was framed for drug use and illegal gambling and was discharged from J-League. A warehouse explosion and fire almost took his life six months later, but he was taken in Kritiker for his promise of great talent. He was introduced to Omi as the second assassin initiated into Weiss and has served loyally ever since.

He still loves soccer, and adores spending time with and teaching children. He had hoped to find those behind his set-up and also avenge his friend, Kase who had also appeared to be a victim, only to find that it was his best friend who drugged him to set him up and led him into the warehouse in an attempt to kill him.

A bit short-tempered at times, Ken is an all-around nice guy for the most part, sometimes sensitive, and occasionally on the clumsy side. He enjoys photography, taking pictures of the few innocent joys left in the world and keeps a wall of his room plastered with pictures of things that serve as reminders to why he?s become what he has. Also an avid motorcyclist, he loves a stretch of open road to let go on. Outride the ghosts of the past, perhaps.

He loves to torment Omi, ridiculing Youji whenever he can. He was a bit unsure of whether or not he liked Aya, but after everything the group went through together, he had formed a strong bond with them all.

The second youngest of Weiss, he takes his missions very seriously, his at times child-like attitude becoming anything but when on the job. He is an arduous believer in honest and justice, abhorring evil in all its forms and willing to fight it by any and every means necessary. He hates liars.

He was a bit skeptical of working side-by-side with Schwartz, and still is to some extent. He doesn?t know if he can ever trust them, but he does believe that Rosenkreuz is the greater evil. Mystiker intrigues him, but he has suppressed his urge to pry so far, still wary of those who were under the thumb of evil, even if it wasn?t totally by choice. He still remains charming and witty, almost always wears that boyish grin (even if it may just be a mask), holding onto finding the joy in every day.

I hope that this is alright...[/i][/size]
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