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The White Lasin [PG-13] {For Violence, and the such}


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]The White Lasin, a mixed group of races joined together to save the world from certain destruction. The White Lasin is made up of followers of Gaia, Sun, and Moon; the three main gods that created the world Azeroth. Together they succeed, apart, they fail.

The followers of Gaia are made up of the inhabitants of the Gaia Lands. These inhabitants are usually elves, of any race. Though they are mostly Wood Elves, and Wild Elves. The elves like to keep to their forrests, but are willing to help others when it is needed.

The followers of Sun hail from the human city of Talisov. Occasionally a dwarf will live in the city, but the humans are racist towards anything non-human, so anything else tend to stay away. With that in mind, it is obvious that the humans only help themselves, and only when there is profit.

The followers of Moon come from the Forrests of Troglinar. They are a mysterious group of people that can be just about anything, elves, dwarves, humans, any sentinent race. Most tend to stay away from that forrest, for fear of their lives.

This group of diverse people must band together to fight the evil that is plagueing the lands. If they do not, the world will be consumed in darkness, by the Dark Lasin.

You may think that the Dark Lasin is a group like the White Lasin, only evil. You would be wrong. The Dark Lasin is actually a single being, capable of many evil deeds.

The Dark Lasin is a energy an energy so pure, it absorbs everything it comes in contact with. The Dark Lasin will take the light away from the earth. It will take time as a slave, and manipulate it to do it's own bidding. And it will steal the souls of all who live on the earth, and feed on them, draining their power, using their spiritual energy as it's source of power. As long as there are people on this world, there will be power for the Dark Lasin.

The Dark Lasin is not alone, though, it has manipulated evil races to do it's bidding. Most come from the Black Caverns, the races consist mostly of Orc and other goblinoids.

The others, are from the Caves of Despair, they are the fearsome drow, the dark elf that despise their surface kin. But, as always, there is room for exceptions....

What is desired of you. I will note, that I will harshly choose whom I allow into this RPG. All the rules of the Forum will of course apply.

The most I want are good detailed posts, with good punctuation. I know many are capable of that.

For Characters, there must be at least one follower of each of the gods, and they must be of their respective races as listed. The followers of Moon I will be leniant on.

Yes, you may be evil doers. I need a Dark Lasin, it may be an energy source, but it can still take solid form, so keep that in mind. It can also communicate any way it desires.

Yes, you may be orc, goblinoid, drow, and the such. But keep the Drow limited, and no copyrighted characters. You know what I mean.

I will allow at least two drow to be good, if they are they must be followers of Gaia, or Moon. No exceptions.

Nor will I allow any "Neutrals". Period.


Sign Ups!




Class: (Fighter, Ranger, Thief, Bard, Illusionist, Wizard.. that kind of stuff)

Weapons: (Midieval type weapons. No guns, Katana's or of Japanese influence. The Japenese didn't have these types of mythical creatures so I want no influence from them in this.)

Affiliation: (Follower of Gaia, Moon, Sun, Dark Lasin, you know.)

Personality: (I want something better than: Quiet, keeps to him/herself, doesn't make friends easily.)

Description: (Make it good, pictures are allowed.)

Bio: (I'll be lenient on this, but not much. I don't really want a sob story.)

I think that is all I need, if you have questions feel free to P.M. me here or on AIM: solidsnake68645

My character shall be posted very soon.

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[color=blue][size=1]I'll join. I like these mythical-medieval RPs.

Name: Known to humans as Nikkie and known to elves as Nienna

Age: 79 (Looks around 18)

Race: Elf

Class: Fighter

Weapon(s): A double-sided broad sword and a dagger

Affliation: Moon

Personality: She is quiet towards any race other than elves. She dislikes humans for their greed and intolerance of other races, so she plays pranks on any daring enough to come into the Forrests of Troglinar. She has made quite a reputation for being sneaky and unpredictable. She feels that she has to take charge in a situation, making her sometimes run into battles or dangerous things without thinking.

Description: Long brown hair and piercing green eyes. She wears a long blue shirt with a knee-length skirt and sandals. (Do elves dress like that?) She also has long ears and pale skin.

Bio: Nienna traveled to the human city of Talisov with an elven negotiator when she was only 3. She had been mocked and threatened when left alone, and when with the other elven man humans threw tomatoes at them. The negotiator then left her there with two humans who would act as her foster parents. She never knew why until she turned 12.
She found out her parents were royalty and that she would be in danger if she stayed in the Forrest. When she was 13, she moved back to the forrest and was treated like an outcast.

That's it. Sorry if anything's wrong. I'll fix it if there is.

EDIT: Oops! Forgot the class! Oh, and I upped the age, too.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Actually Kitty, it looks pretty good. I'd prefer the age to be a little higher, but you are from a mysterious region. So I'll accept it. Good Job :)

Now then, my character.

[b]Name:[/b] Gavin Duniben

[b]Age:[/b] 245

[b]Race:[/b] Drow/Gray elf mix.

[b]Class:[/b] Fighter

[b]Weapons:[/b] Two Long Swords. Both are close to identical. They are of the same length, and make. Both have wicked barbs towards the middle of them that cause even more damage.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Follower of Gaia

[b]Personality:[/b] Tries to be as light-hearted as he can be. Tries to make as many friends as possible at any given point. When people aren't giving him the curious eye, they are giving him an annoyed glare.

[b]Description:[/b] Gavin stands at a even six feet. He keeps his long flowing, dark grey hair tied up in a pony tail, to keep it out of his crimson eyes. Usually, to let him move better, he wears black studded leather, and a cloak that matches his eyes. He of course has the pointy ears of his race, but his skin is that of another story. Since his parents were of an odd pairing, his skin didn't turn the black of the Drow, nor the paleness of the Gray elf. It has a dark, almost glowing grey hue about it. It is unusual enough to scare off cowardly enemies.

[b]Bio:[/b] As stated before Gavin was born of mixed parents. His mother a fallen Drow priestess, and his father a kind elven blacksmith. He had a somewhat happy childhood. His mother was a kind woman, even being a drow, thus why she was a fallen priestess. And his father was able to provide a good life with his occupation.

Gavin was born in the Gaia lands, and the nature of the people caused them to easily accept he and his mother into their society. But he still had to endure some taunting from some.

As time passed, he grew older, and more adventuresome, and his father found it was time for his son to find his way in life. At the young age of 50, Gavin was put into the Academy of Wizards. After spending five years there, he decided magic was not his forte, and pleaded with his father for another course of training.

He was granted the request. He was put into the Academy of Warriors, where he was taught the best technique's of many races, ranging from Dwarf, Elfkin, Human, and some Orc. He loved the new course, and was able to fly through the 20 years it recquired.

When he graduated his father presented him with the two swords that he would learn to love, and trust with his life.

Up to present day, his parents are still alive and well, and Gavin is ready for anything.[/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Name:Ronan Attens

Age: 24

Race: human

Class: Ranger

Weapons: A wooden longbow with gold trimmings and silver runes, and a long curved dagger with a silver hilt and a white blade.

Affiliation: Sun

Personality: He has a long temper span, so it's difficult to get him very mad. He still gets angy none the less, and very easily annoyed, but just not into fits of rage. He's bright, but sometimes forgets to think when he's acting, which he becomes very annoyed about when he's warned about it. [i]"Oh yes, let me go and think about thinking, that sounds like fun."[/i]

He very much enjoys archery, as he does traveling and music(he is quite partial to the flute). He does not keep the same attitude as the steriotypical man, for he makes decisions more based on honor and decency than wealth and power.

Description: He has an athletic build and stands at about 6'4". He has short brown messy hair that is sort of make-shift spiked. He has brown eyes, and wears a blue long sleeve shirt that's buttoned up the middle and tucked in. A brown leather strap going diagonally across his chest carries his backpack and arrows.

He has a black belt with a golden buckle saying: IA, the symbol of the imperial army. He has brown pants, and a buckled on holster for his knife on his left leg. His pants tuck into his brown boots that rise four inches below his knees.

Bio: Ronan was a proud son of a noble blacksmith, who taught him not to act only for wealth and power. Ronan took up archery at a young age, just for sport. He became very good, the favorite at the annual tournaments and contests. After a while he became an archer for the Imperial Army, rivaled by few in his division. The king, who did think like an average human, became very suspicious of those around him, as most men do. He sent Ronan's unit into Moon territory to keep tabs on them, and to make sure they weren't plotting against him. The unit wasn't exactly welcome, but they were tollerated none the less.
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Name: Jerith Arkum

Age: 29

Race: Human

Class: Theif/Fighter

Weapons: Short bow, a dirk with elven runes engraved upon the blade. The dirk was "given" to him as a "gift" from the elven community of the Troglinar Forest.

Affiliation: Moon

Personality: Extremely self confident and charming. Likes to flirt tremendously and has a totally sarcastic sense of humour. Seems to be a nice person on the outside, but, like the moon, holds a darker secret within. Stubborn and strong willed, he likes to go against whatever people tell him to do, though he does possess a certain sense of loyalty to those he deems worthy.

Description: Long, dark blonde hair almost always tied back, Dark brown leather pants and black leather boots, a white shirt with a white vest underneith. He wears several leather bracelets on his right wrist, silver rings on the fingers, most notably the large thumb ring with a black onyx center. A silver cross adorns his neck along with a brown leather choker. All this is topped off with a supple, brown leather jacket he wears over the top. All of his theiving equipment, such as lock picks and satchels etc are kept in a handy utility belt that he has slung about his waist

Bio: What is there to tell. He was born, he grew up and much like the rest of the population took up a profession that has keep him from starving in a dug out hole under a tree. His parents, well they're still alive somwhere in the forest and he likes to visit on holidays purely for his mothers cooking you understand.

Born in the forest he has lived his life in the community, occasionaly venturing out to hone his skills in the various cities of Azeroth. He'd like to thing of himself as a master of his chose skill because of this.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]My my, I did not expect anymore to show for this.

To be truthful, we have enough to start this, but, the big but. I would prefer that we have equal amount of people from each area, and I still need a Dark Lasin. Though it/he/she could be a NPC, though that would take the fun out of the end.

So, we have enough followers of Moon, we just need Sun, and Gaia, and a bad dude. Hit some of your friends up, see if they are interested.

Great job on the characters too, so if you haven't figured it out you're all in. :P

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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Senrai Megelani

Age: 300

Race: Sidhe

Class: Sorceress/Wanderer

Weapons: Simple curved blade with double prongs on the handle and edge. Leafblade in a thigh sheath.

Affiliation: Dark Lasin

Personality: Happy most of the time, generally cheerful, and a very sweet girl. But when provoked, or exposed to darkness of any sort, she becomes very violent, subject to swift burts of power, and lashes out indiscriminantly.

Description: see attatchment. Underneath the armour is a simple white tunic, and a skimpy one at that.

Bio: The daughter of a wanderer and a forest sidhe. Her power came by accident. One evening she was walking through a dark forest and came upon a stream. Of course, she touched the water, and was infected with darkness. By sheer force of well she keeps it from consuming her, instead she lets it lie, and does nothing to provoke its growth......she lets others do that for her.[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Salus Galen

[b]Age:[/b] 49

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Class:[/b] Fighter/Sorcerer

[b]Weapons:[/b] A staff with a cross across the middle, and a loop on top. It forms the shape on an ankh.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Sun

[b]Personality:[/b] When he was younger, Salus was ambitious and full of unrestricted anger. However, time and his travels have humbled him. While he may seem at peace most times, he often expresses his frustration under his breath.

[b]Description:[/b] Shedding the robes and gowns typically worn by wizards, Salus wears a white cloth shirt, boots, and a brown leather jacket. He also wears a necklace that ties a smaller ankh around his neck.

[b]Bio:[/b] Salus grew up in the human city of Talisov, dreaming of becoming a great fighter. Throughout his childhood, he trained himself to be one of the greatest fighters with a staff in his age. However, at the age of 15, his parents were killed by an evil wizard named Deshu. Seeking revenge, Salus left home and pursued a life of magic, so that he may one day kill Deshu with the very spell he killed his parents.
31 years later, he returned to his home in Talisov victorious. With Deshu dead, Salus lives the rest of his days in peace as a farmer. He keeps his power secret from most of the nearby villagers, but he remains a very powerful sorcerer and a fairly decent fighter.
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[COLOR=teal] I always end up being bad in the end anyways, so why not just start bad?

[b] Name:[/b] Dark Lasin

[b] Age:[/b] Really, really, really old.

[b] Race:[/b] Originally from the ancient and long forgotten race known as the Nazrugii, the Dark Lasin has ascended the restraints of a corporeal form and can no longer be considered a 'race' as such.

[b] Class:[/b] Sorcerer, yet again it has ascended beyond such a thing.

[b] Affiliation:[/b] The true source of evil...

[b] Personality:[/b] The Dark Lasin is an evil and impossibly corrupt 'being'. While not the original or source of evil the powerful entity that many worship as the Darkin Lasin is a vast and brooding entity, it's tactics are fickle and it ever seeks to bend the world around it's foul will. Commanding many legions of orcs the Great Tormenter often takes guis and walks among his enemy, wrecking havoc in all that he can, and takes delight in witnessing the aftermath of his own malicious deeds.

[b] Description:[/b] The Dark Lasin no longer has a form, though he can appear as almost anything he chooses, he usually takes the form of a poor young woman or a stern middle-aged man when trying to decieve the peoples of the world. When commanding his army from the shadows of the vast underground caverns that most inhabit the Lasin apears as a vague black mist hovering around the corners of the viewers vision, most believe that this is his natural form and the one in which he takes rest, should he need to take it. When marching into battle the foul lord takes the form of a massive fiery man, clad in a master-crafted suit of black full plate.

[b] Bio:[/b] We I don't really want to write this as what ever I write changes the way Dragoon's world works, I can come back and edit if you PM on how you would like the world to feel.

Hopefully I got everything, oh and excuse and spelling mistakes, normally I would run my posts through a spell checker but I simple didn't have the time. I also need to warn you that I have a habit of posting alot, both in quantity and frequency.


[b]EDIT:[/b] If it is ok with everyone, to keep the mystery, suspense and my amusement high, I would like to be able to play four or five uninfluential[sp?] characters at the same time. This way I can keep just who the real Dark Lasin is a secret, though I will post where it is obvious who he is, and keep all you goody too-shoes guessing. And if you can't get anymore people for evil characters, like orcs and drow, I can play them too. Don't worry I can just put them all into one super-sized post, I can do it!

This link leads to a thread where I played 2 characters: [url]www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34331&perpage=15&pagenumber=7[/url]

And this to my most recent post as of editing: [url]www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=35418&pagenumber=2[/url]

Sigh I need to get a life...[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Excellent. Good job on the Dark Lasin Skedy. Since he's your character, I'll leave it at that.
Also, remember that you also have Raiha on your side. But you can multi-task characters. As long as it doesn't get confusing to you, or the others.

I am awaiting one other person, they told me they were working on a character, but if they haven't put anything up by Tuesday night after I get off work, I'll start this thing. So be prepared, I'll probably send a PM out to everyone when it starts.[/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=teal][size=1] Ok, as requested I?m posting another character as the Dark Lasin will begin play imprisoned. I have left his affiliation out because I?m not exactly sure what I should but him down as and I have also skipped a big chunk in his bio to keep an air of mystery about him.

[b] Name:[/b] Draak Mor?

[b] Age:[/b] 68

[b] Race:[/b] Lizard folk

[b] Class:[/b] Ranger

[b] Affiliation:[/b] n/a

[b] Appearance:[/b] At 7?8? Draak has an intimidating presence. With broad shoulders and a large lumbering tail the lizard man walks with his head high and is a proud warrior at the worst of time. With an aqua green pelt of thick scales Draak carries little more protection than a large treated turtle shell as a shield.

[b] Bio:[/b] Draak grew up in a small swampland village with the rest of his people where he was raised in the ways of nature, as is common among his race, and eventually trained in the arts of weapons. Draak now travels the lands north of his homeland in search of orcs after he returned with his hunting party to find the whole of his village slain by the foul creatures.[/size][/COLOR]
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I'm In, this sounds good!

Name: Triell
Age: 21
Race: Human
Weapon: Staff with a small energy ball on top of it
Class: Wizard
Affilitaion: Moon

Personality: A very shy person that does not talk that much to people he does not know. Although, it is not likely he will not help someone in danger, he will fight t protect and save. Tirell is a hater of the darkness, and plans to get rid of it even if it means his death.

Description: Triell is about 5'7'' with a medium built body and short red hair that cmes to his ears and match his ruby red eyes. He wears a type of black colored belly-shit with two long sleeves and a red vest over it. He is also wearing typical black pants extending to his feet, he also walk arond bear-footed. He has a belt that carried little bottles of potions that are assorted in different colore all around his waist.

Bio: Triell Once grew up in the Human city, but when growing up he despised the other for being cruil to the dwarfs, so he moved to the forest of Troglinar. There he spend his chldhood studing healing echniques and learned about the different races of peope in the land. Triell was aso tought that darkness is the most destructful thing in the world, and only light can save the people from it. When Triell was about 18 he traveled around and saw the world he lived in, some parts of it were magestic and others simply horrid. Triell studied more attacks to defeate the darkness and now journeys t set out for his mission of truth.....to destroy and darkness that plagues the land.

I hope i'm not breaking any rules or anything like that, please tell me if I did.
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Well Mage, I really don't need another follower of Moon. I have two on that already. As well as sun. I guess no one likes the whole Gaia approach.

Anyways, mage, you can go Gaia, or you can be a follower of Dark Lasin, a bad guy as you know. It's up to you, I'm sorry, but I would prefer not to have more than two of each follower.

Do as you wish. Also, this has already started up, and I am expecting someone else to sign up, though what she will do is beyond me.
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