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Digimon Lords


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[i]July 13th, 2005: Existance of a paralell universe is confirmed. Research on how to enter it begins.

September 12th, 2005: A man is accidently sent to the paralell universe, and is never seen again.

March 7th, 2006: Scientists figure out how to trigger a portal to the paralell universe. Animals and robots are sent, but none can be returned.

January 21st, 2008: Animals successfully returned from paralell universe.

January 25th, 2008: A man is sent to and successfully returned from the paralell universe.

March 5th, 2008: An armed expedition is sent to the paralell universe.

March 10th, 2008: The expedition is returned. Only 7 of the origional 15 have survived. They report seeing many kinds of strange creatures, some nice and some not, but almost all capable of speech.

June 15th, 2010: One of the creatures is captured. When questioned, the creature says that it and the other creatures of the paralell universe are called Digimon, and that the paralell universe is called the digital world. The Digimon also reveals the workings of the digital world (basic things like digivolution), and about the Digimon Lords (this information comes later).

November 2nd, 2010: People with devices called Digivices are discovered. They are found to have Digimon that live with them. The human-Digimon partnership is revealed (basic Digimon partner stuff).

January 8th, 2011: Creation of Digital Institution of Research One, or DIROne, a research facility devoted to studying Digimon and the digital world. It has living quarters, places for keeping captured Digimon, specialized equipment for studying them, and the most advanced computer network anywhere.[/i]

Since the creation of DIROne, research has proceeded at the standard rate: very slowly. Among other things, the high casulty rate has made it hard to gather data. Then, some humans with Digimon partners agreed to go. They all returned, which was a first. So, DIROne began searching for humans with Digimon partners. Those who agreed to help were taken to the facility. Those who didn't were also taken, mainly to lessen the risk of the public finding out about the digital world and Digimon. The ones who agreed to help are sent into the digital world by DIROne officials to gather data and, very rarely, to capture Digimon. Eventually, one group managed to meet a Digimon Lord, and they learned a few things about the Digimon Lords.

The Digimon Lords are extreamly powerful Digimon who basically watch over the digital world. Each one is based off of a certain Digimon (meaning that they look a lot like those Digimon). IN addition to their powers, each Digimon Lord has a unique abillity. The group also learned of the orgion(sp?) of the Digimon Lords, something which only the Digimon Lords themselves knew at the time.

The DIgimon Lords were origionally normal Digimon. One day a long time ago, they all happened to be in the same place at the same time. There was a Kabuterimon, an Ikkakkumon, a Birdramon, a Gatomon, and a Growlmon. They discovered what looked like a rift of some sort, and entered it. Inside, they gained great power. They emerged as the Digimon Lords. Kabuterimon became LordKabuterimon, Ikkakkumon became LordZudomon, Birdramon became LordPhenoixmon, Gatomon became LordMagnadramon, and Growlmon became LordGrowlmon.

Not even the DIgimon Lords know that there is another like them. A few months after the humans learned about the Digimon Lords, another Digimon, a BlackGrowlmon, discovered the rift and entered it. He became LordMegidramon.

Unlike the other DIgimon Lords, LordMegidramon doesn't desire to watch over the Digital World, but to control it. Unfortunately, the only ones who know of his existance are kept under his control, so knowbody knows about him. Until now.

The Digimon Lords are as follows:

LordKabuterimon: Based off of HerculeseKabuterimon. Larger, and colored red and black. Has the ability to create a copy of any insect Digimon. The copy is identical to the Digimon it's a copy of in every way except one: it's controlled by LordKabuterimon. LordKabuterimon can destroy the copy at will, and he can only have one copy at a time.

LordZudomon: Based off of Zudomon. A bit larger, with a black shell and darker fur. Carries two hammers instead of one. He has control over water.

LordPhenoixmon: Based off of Phenoixmon. Larger, and a dark red color, with the wings a dark, yellowish orange. When defeated in battle, LordPhenoixmon is revitalized, meaning that he must be defeated twice before he is truly defeated.

LordMagnadarmon: Based off of Magnadramon. Larger, with fur a darker pink. She can heal most wounds, on other Digimon or herself.

LordGrowlmon: Based off of WarGrowlmon. Larger, with no blades, but his arms are armored, as are his legs. The armor is black. He is able to draw energy from other Digimon, but only to a certian extent.

LordMegidramon: No description needed here. Just look at the attachment. He has the abillity to corrupt Digimon. A corrupted Digimon becomes totally obedient to him. Some Digimon can resist being corrupted. The corruption generally wears off after about a month.

The date that this RPG starts is December 19th, 2012.

Here's the sign-up form, with my character as an example:

Name: David

Age: 17

Appearance: About 6 feet tall, with short, black hair and brown eyes. He is of average build. He wears shorts and a t-shirt that has "I'm trying to see things from your point of view, but I can't stick my head that far up my ass" written on it. Pinned to his shirt is a button that says "My god can beat up your god".

Personallity: Very determined. He never gives up. He's a fast thinker, and seems to be able to quickly come up with a plan. He doesn't like to act without information, but will if he has to. Nothing ever seems to shock him. He's also very smart.

Choice(Came to the facility willingly or unwillingly): Willingly

Digivice Color: Purple

Bio(Doesn't have to be too detailed. Be aware that they can't have come to or been taken to DIROne before it was created, that they must go there at some point, and that they currently live there): David's life was basically a normal one until his 13th birthday, when he discovered a Digivice(In this RPG, the DIgivices are circular, with a screen in the middle and four buttons evenly spaced around the side). He then met his Digimon partner, Guilmon.
Aside from the presence of Guilmon, who only himself and his parents knew about, David's life continued to be pretty normal until he turned 16. A few days after that, he was found by DIROne agents. After they explained everything to him, he decided to go with them. His parents didn't like it, but they knew that they couldn't do anything about it.
David quickly became a valuable field agent for DIROne. Whenever he and Guilmon were sent on a mission, be it alone or with others, they always completed it. He was part of the group that gathered information on the Digimon Lords, and is responsable for it's success. He also became an expert with computers, taught by DIROne's computer techs, who are the best in the buisiness.

Digimon(descriptions are required for ficDigimon):

Rookie: Guilmon
Champion: Growlmon
Ultimate: WarGrowlmon
Mega: Megidramon
Other(Not required): Gallantmon

I think that's everything. PM me if you have any questions.
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b] Kenzi

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kenzi has strawberry blonde hair, pulled up in a messy ponytail, designed so that wisps of hair fanned out every direction and the longer wavy strands hung to the base of her slender neck. Tiny braids criss- crossed over her scalp and disappeared into the ponytail. Stormy grayish, blue eyes and she wears an outfit of a blue, waterproof, durable, hooded jacket unzipped with a white t-shirt inside, navy blue pants and blue and white joggers. She wears a pair of silver, reflective, custom made sunglasses over her eyes but she takes them off when not needed.

[b]Personallity:[/b] Kenzi is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Kenzi loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Kenzi is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." She has a very close relationship to her digimon partner. She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly, she's very smart and good with technical systems like computers.

[b]Choice:[/b] Willingly

[b]Digivice Color:[/b] Blue

[b]Bio:[/b] Kenzi lived a normal life until one day after school on a Tuesday. She was 12 and was tired from school so she decided to have a nap. During her nap, her computer had lit up and a digivice was thrown out of the monitor and landed on her blankets. Kenzi woke up later and looked at it. When she pushed one of the buttons. The screen lit up and a circular portal opened in front of her. Kenzi watched as a yellow fox creature walked out, Renamon. They soon got to know each other and became quite close. It wasn't until her last year's birthday when DIROne Agents showed up at her house and explained everything. Kenzi decided to go with them and help. Kenzi met up with David when she got there and together they worked with the computers and became top field agents with their digimon. David and Kenzi worked together with the case of the Digimon Lords, finding out as much information as possible. While she was working with them, she became even better with computers than she already was.


[b]Reremon:[/b] Bubbles, Metamorphosis
[b]Viximon:[/b] Killing Stone
[b]Renamon:[/b] Diamond storm, Rapid Kick, Power Paw, Flaying Kick
[b]Kyuubimon:[/b] Dragon Wheel, Fox Tail Inferno
[b]Taomon:[/b] Talisman of Light, Talisman Star, Talisman Spell
[b]Sakuyamon:[/b] Dragon Helix, Spirit Crusher, Talisman Sphere, Twin Blades of Beauty, Amethyst Wind, Crystal Sphere, Scepter Dash[/COLOR]
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[color=teal][b]Name:[/b] Mika

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Appearance:[/b] She's about five foot ten, long blonde hair with black going through it, and dark blue eyes. She usually wears a black and purple belly shirt, purple vest with black trim, black leather pants, and black boots. Don't worry, this is the only thing she feels comfortable in.

[b]Personallity:[/b] Mika is too fast to think. She'll jump into something with out thinking, but luckily she aways finds a way out of trouble. She's very smart and some what the brains of the group. She has a lot of determination. She'll never give up, unless she basicly can't move.

[b]Choice:[/b] Willingly

[b]Digivice Color:[/b] Black

[b]Bio:[/b] Mika was only 10 when she got her Digimon. Her parents had just gotton her a new computer. She had fallen asleep at the computer that night. A round black Digivice appeared out of the computer screen and landed next to Mika. Followed my the Digivice was a black Gatomon named Shadowmon. Mika fell in love with Shadowmon and formed a close bond with her. At the age of sixteen and half, DIROne Agents showed up at her house. They told her everything. She quickly agreed to come. She grabbed her stuff, Shadowmon, her Digivice, bid her parents goodbye, and left with the agents. At DIROne, Mika is head of the computers. She helps everyone to and from the Digitalworld, if she isn't going herself. She's one of DIROne's best field agents beside David and Kenzi. She's also very interested in getting data on the Digimon Lords.


[b]Rookie:[/b] Kittymon - Basicly looks likes a big kitten with black fur, blue eyes, and pink stripes all over her body.

[b]Champion:[/b] Shadowmon - Basicly looks just like a Gatomon, but with black fur, pink where the purple is, no gloves, and a silver ring on her tail.

[b]Ultimate:[/b] DarkAngewomon - Basicly looks like Angewomon, but everything on her is black and she doesn't have the mask or helment on.

[b]Mega:[/b] BlackMagnadarmon - Her name describes everything.

[b]Other:[/b] Catwomon - She looks a catperson with black fur, pink hair with black through it, and blue eyes.[/color]
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Name: Kantro Sercon
Age: 15
Appearence: About 5'6'', long black hair in a ponytail. Mainly wears clothing that are loose and limber for him to move. Has red and black eyes considering he had laser surgery to get that eye color.
Choice: Unwillingly
Digivice Color: Red
Bio: During grade school, Kantron was picked on and bullied a lot. Then, when he was about 11 years old, he had got on the Internet at his home and an egg came out. The Digimon inside soon became a Gabumon. Then, at 14, the DIROne Institute found out about his Digimon and had to sedate him to get him to the institute. Many people got their noses broken when they poked him with the needle.


Rookie:Gabumon(Blue Blaster, Horn Tackle)
Champion:Garurumon(Howling Blaster, Claw Strike)
Ultimate:Weregarurumon(Wolf Claw, Wolf Kick)
Mega:Metalgarurumon(Freeze Missile, Ice Tackle)

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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment

[B]Personallity:[/B] Angel is distant, cold, and somewhat isolated with a hint of determination, fearlessness, and a side of darkness. She tends to keep people guessing about herself.

[B]Choice:[/B] Willingly

[B]Digivice Color:[/B] dark silver with black

[B]Bio:[/B] It had been nearly more than 5 years since Ankokumon and Angel had been together. Ankokumon was a true friend to Angel, as was another digimon that Angel had known before. His name was Kaninmon. Now, Ankokumon and Angel work together along with the DIRone agents. Angel is one agent that tends to work alone and she is the one agent that all stay away from. Her past is still a mystery and no one knows what she may do next. Her moods tend to change as well. You never know what she might do or how she may react.

[B][U]Rookie:[/B][/U] Ankokumon- She has the body size of Strabimon. The small, yet powerful body and the claws. A fox like face appears on the shape of her face. With slim, slender, agiled legs, they are similar to Renamon?s. She bears a black stripe under each eye and has dark silvery blue fur with white tips on her ears, tail, and stomach. She also wears black finger gloves. Around her gloves are spiked bracelets and around her ankles as well.
[B][U]Attacks:[/B][/U] Shadow Kick,

[B][U]Champion:[/B][/U] Karumamon- A wolf-like creature with silvery blue fur, 3 large, wolf-like tails, metal-like claws that retract back into her paws, a black stripe under each eye, and her white tips on her stomach, tail, and ears, a black strip down her back, and a large black collar-like ring around her neck. A large spiked ball hands from the collar. The spiked bracelets and anklets are now around her paws.

[B][U]Ultimate:[/B][/U] Kitsuninemon- A female version of WereGarurumon is what they say she is. She has the paws like WereGarurumon, but the paws are more finesse and graceful and the claws are slightly longer and sharper than those of WereGarurumon?s. She has a long, thin-like, fluffy tail that is white tipped as well as her ears. With finger gloves on each paw, the spiked bracelets appear on her ankles and wrists. Finally a belt is created with spiked stars that are studded onto the belt. She has a black stripe down her dark silvery blue back. Another difference between WereGarurumon and Kitsuninemon is that she has angelic wings that speard out about 1 meter each. She wears black knee ripped pants and an X shaped black shirt.

[B][U]Mega:[/B][/U] AngeAlcemon- I?ll get a description as soon as I can remember.

[B][U]Other:[/B][/U] LadyKalimon- A sorceress digimon who wears no shoes. An anklet of charms are wrapped around her ankles and streams of tiny, silery ribbons are braided in her hair which hangs down to her waist. A dark blue silhouette veil covers her face, but only her eyes are seen. A tattoo and a rare charm of some sort adore the center of her forehead. At the base of her neck is a large tattoo that connects the tattoos around her wrists. She also has tattoos around her ankles as well. The outfit she wears is similar to that of a belly dancer?s. She wears a crown that has the ears of a wolf?s and she has the tail of a wolf as well. Jewels and charms are embedded into the crown and at the tip of the ears are two piercings. Her clothes are dark blue with black trimmings and her hair is dark blue with streaks of light ocean blue.[/size][/color]
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Name: Tsai
Age: 18
Appearence: 5'5 with black hair and blue eyes. wears a cap, glasses a vest and shorts.
choice: willingly
Digivice colour: Gold with silver edges.
bio: Tsai is a boy from kyoto where he was picked on for wearing glasses until he finally cracked and knocked the bully on his back. Later that day when he was checking out the internet when he got a strange email from someone containing an even stranger egg containing a Demi- Veemon.

Once the orgonization found out about his digimon they took him to a facility where he got extremly angry and caused one of the doctors to be extermly sore in the nether regions but he was recaptured.

In-training: Demi-Veemon (Bubble)
rookie: Veemon ( Vee headbutt, Vee punch)
champion 1:Veedramon ( V-nova blast, Tri horn attack)
Ultimate: Aero- Veedramon (V- Wing Blade, V-slash)
mega: Phoniexmon ( Sacred Fire)
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Name: Vash

Age: 17

Appearance: Dark brown eyes and black hair. He wears a blue shirt and black jeans.

Personality: Outgoing. He has a tendency to think a little too long before doing something. He is usually a dreamer, but he is pretty intelligent.

Choice: Willingly

Bio: Vash lives in the city of Tokyo. His life was fairly uneventful. But, during the summer of his fourteenth year, Vash literally found a digivice laying on the ground. He picked it up, allowing his Digimon partner, Terriermon, to bio-emerge into the real world. Since then, he has become very close to Terriermon.

When DIROne found out about Terriermon, they convinced him to come and be a part of them. Since then, he has always completed his missions, being an Agent.

Digimon: (Rookie) Terriermon
(Champion) Gargomon
(Ultimate) Rapidmon
(Mega) MegaGargomon
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those who come unwillingly aren't usually sent on missions. They're taken mainly to prevent the general public from finding out about Digimon and the digital world. Edit the agent part out of your bio, and you're in.

Marcus and Arika, you still need to edit your sign-ups.

I'll probably start this tonight.
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Name: Ami

Age: 16

Appearance: 5'3", she looks a little bit like Kari, Yolei and Davis. She has Kari's shirt, Yolei's backpack and Davis' pants and coat he wears in the digital world. She has cerulean blue eyes, a cross between Matt and Kari's hairstyle. Her hair is dark blue with light blue streaks.

Personality: Ami's personality is like every human digidestined put together. She is also an artist, her favorite thing to draw are Digimon, real or her own. She has a slight crush on Matt.

Choice: Willingly

Digivice color: Cerulean Blue

Bio: Ami's life was just perfect until her tenth birthday when she found a purple digivice next to her computer. She picked it up and stared at it. Then, two DIROne agents came to her house and asked her if she'll come to the digital world. She accepts and is taken to enter the digital world. Once she was in, she met a digimon named Veemon and they instantly became pals.

Digimon: Chibomon, Demi-Veemon, Veemon, Ex-Veemon, (Digiegg of Courage) Flamedramon, (Digiegg of Friendship) Raidramon, (DNA) Paildramon, Imperialdramon
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[size=1][color="#FF9900"]In the future, Takuya, I'd appreciate it if you alerted us moderators of the offending post by pressing the exclamation point at the top right instead of just posting spam.

Also, Feyrbrand, please make sure that the RPGs you're interested are current and active. It's best to keep to the first couple pages of the Inn for that.

This thread is closed.[/color][/size]
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