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RPG The Turks: Perspective Upon a New Conflict [Coarse language, excessive violence]


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[b]One space is still open in the recruitment section.[/b]
[color=navy][i]"You do realise what you're doing, don't you... Mr. President?"[/i]

[b][A quick inhale of the near-burnt out, cigarette][/b]

[i]"On behalf of the government, we request you do not feel offended that we do not centralise our jobs around your organisation."[/i]

[b][The glowing ash and embers singe through the documents sitting neatly infront of the young man, away from the governmental figure.][/b]

[i]"We are not offended, Mr. President. But we are not acceptant of your proposal."[/i]

[b][The governmental representative stood aside the President, stirs in frustration.][/b]

"Then we shall end our contract as planned."

[b][The President signs in the most elegant of signatures, 'President of RESISTANCE'.][/b]

"Mr. President, I do not feel we should give in to this so easily. Just look at them, they're no more better than criminals."

[b][The representative whispers in the left ear of the President, whilst the young man smirks.][/b]

"I do not think you are in the position to dishonour the organisation that is known as 'The Turks'."

[b][The young man speaks in a calm tone at the representative, while the representative's eyes traverse his surroundings, searching through his mind for a way to exit the trap he has just entered.][/b]

"It is a criminal act to mock the President you underdo--"

[b][A gunshot echoes in the modern, metallic walled room. The bullet penetrating the forehead, exiting at the back of the head with the blood and mangled brain parts spraying the once clean floor and tainting the left side of the president's head.][/b]

[i]Good day, Mr. President.[/i]


[font=book antiqua][b][u][center]Chapter 1: Another day, Another Large Sum of Gilders[/center][/u][/b]

[b]The Turks:[/b] Character development as usual at the beginning of an RPG. Just follow my lead.

[b]SENTINEL:[/b] Character development aswell for you. Just go about your business [b]but[/b] remember to reside in the area of the warehouse in Sector 3, you may want to contact your leader who is in your Headquarters in the Golden Saucer. Describe it however you want.

[b]Neutral (Raiha):[/b] Somehow, meet a member of SENTINEL. ^_~[/font]


[color=navy]Midgar, the city that never sleeps. Ever since the destruction of Meteor, the city has never been as lively, yet the constant dark skies still loom over the buildings that make up the city. From it's dark and dreary alleys, to the bright neon shopping districts, there is always a sense rejuvenation due to the recent construction project made by the organisation that is known as, The Turks.

Reformed, the previous Shin-Ra headquarters is the origin and strong point to The Turks and new army equivalent that is known as the 'Task Force'. However, due to the tight security, not much is known about the interior of The Turks Headquarters, and therefore, the citizens ignore the buildings' and organisations' existence due to the new government known as RESISTANCE that has taken control over every single area of The Planet...

"Sir! Sir!" And enthusiastic voice called followed by fast paced footsteps, echoing along the huge reception room from the elevator. The voice belonged to a man dressed completely in a light-blue inform with a black visor that covered the face, who seemed to also be armed with a short, black truncheon. "Sir!"

"Yeah?" A young, 'cool' voice replied, this time, the voice also belonged to a man but there seemed to be an essence that overpowered the enthusiastic soldier. This man was sitting on a sofa in the reception room, right leg crossed in the other with is arms resting on the top of the sofa. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with an untucked, white shirt and shiny black shoes to match his sunglasses. His hair was a crimson colour which matched the colour of the sofa.

The soldier descended down the curling stairs, ran past the reception bay and stood in front of the relaxing man. Catching his breath, he saluted and eventually spoke, "Sir... I... have..."

"Yes?" The young man questioned incquisitively.

"I... have..." The security soldier-like man struggled to speak.


"I have... tightened security. The train leaves at 21:57 pm. You better get going if you want to carry out the job in Sector 3. I've got the car ready for you, Rude and Elena are waiting."

"Cool." The man stood up, stretched whilst yawning and continued, "Rude driving again?"


"Great." The man said sarcastically and began to walk off to the exit which led to outside of the front of the building. "Have a good night."

"Thankyou, Reno." The Task Force worker turned around and headed over to the counter of which three women carrying out administration work sat, talking excitedly and laughing at random intervals. He then tried to make attempts to flirt with them.

The suited man known as Reno pushed the glass door and stepped out, appreciating the cool air that was shrouding Midgar. After descending the short stairway, he looked forward to find a newly polished, black car waiting silently with black tinted windows so it was impossible to find who was inside. Impressed by the car, Reno approached the door and opened it to find Rude, Elena, Van and Murisai looking through their black sunglasses and nodding simultaneously at him.

The car was similar to a limousine yet it wasn't as long and was faster than a chocobo. With a leather interior, a mini bar and little table in the passengers area, it was a very impressive vehicle. Closing the door behind him, Reno sat and regained the posture he had inside the reception area.

"Nice car Rude. How much was it this time?" Reno spoke as the bald, stronglooking man started up the vehicle.

"Only 70, 000 Gil. I got a discount from Jedd's Autoshop." Rude replied, applying pressure to the accelerator and reversing out of the facility of The Turks Headquarters.

"Not bad. I guess things are well with you guys?" Reno eyed the blonde Elena who was the only female in the car, the Wutai helmeted Murisai and the neatly shaven Van.

Murisai nodded whilst Van replied, "Sure are."

Elena was fingering through some papers she had resting in her lap, she then pulled out a sheet and read it very thorougly whilst Rude drove the car at a high speed through the streets of Wall Market and onwards to the new Wall Train Station.

"Okay, so what's the job we've gotten ourselves into this time Elena?" Reno asked reluctantly hoping it was something interesting.

"Well, ever since your 'incident' with the representative of RESISTANCE, we've had a call from an underground group residing somewhere in the ocean near Junon, an underwater base of some sorts. Apparentley, they've been recieving trouble from some 'organisation'--" Elena was interrupted by Reno suddenly.

"The organisation that killed Frost!?"

"Calm down. We're not sure of that yet, but either way, we're catching the train to Sector 3 and infiltrating a warehouse of theirs. Apparentley there is something of great danger to this underwater group and they want us to either recover it or destroy it." Elena continued whilst still reading the piece of paper.

"Boom..." Rude spoke aloud randomly, startling everyone except for Elena.

"Oh yes, Rude thinks it's a torpedo of some sort, found in the ruins from the attack from Emerald WEAPON. So that torpedo may be planned to eliminate this underwater group."

"Whatever it is, my blade's been getting thirsty for some action so I say we get there straight away." Murisai played with the hilt of his katana slowly, smirking at the thought of some combat.

A quick screech occurred as the car containing the important Turks members turned into a parking slot to the side of the track which was right next to the Wall Train Station. The car's engine then stopped and Rude pulled out the keys before he stepped out of the car and slammed the door. Elena tidied the documents together and stuck them under her seat, hidden from view and then also stepped out of the car. Murisai, Reno and Van followed when Rude locked the car, stroking it gently at his beauty of a vehicle.

"Let's go." Reno stated, leading the group which formed an arrow head formation. At the ticket turnstiles, the ticket warden knew exactly who this group was and stuttered as he stepped back. "Five people to ride the express line."

"Um, that'll be... 17 Gilders... please, erm, sir."

Reno reached into his pockets and pulled out a pouch containing 20 Gilders, "Keep the change," he said and proceeded through the turn stiles onto the empty platform.

After two minutes of waiting, the whistle of the approaching train sounded loudly as it stopped in front of the group, steam billowing underneath the base of it. A red, square hatted head poked out from the doorway and shouted, "This is the 9:57 pm express line, board please."

"Here's our ride." Elena stated, this time taking the lead and presenting the red hatted man with ID verification. Approving he nodded and allowed the group to board and made the final call for any passengers until he shut the door again and gave the signal for the train to start up again.

The trains were exactly the same in appearance on exterior and interior as they were before the loom of Meteor, however, RESISTANCE stopped the security checks and therefore, crime incidents rose significantly on trains. Walking down the narrow carriage until he reached a sit next to a boarding door, Reno sat down and closed his eyes, it was definitely a tiring night for him. The other four found their own space in the carriage while Rude stood up, staring into space through his sunglasses, it was certainly a sight to see a carriage filled with five people dressed in the same suits.

The train finally pulled off and began it's journey towards Sector 3. As it travelled past the lamp-lit station and began to descend the spiralling track around the huge industrial pillar, the pilot of the train made an announcement through the intercom, "You are now riding the Express Train, next destination, Sector 3. I repeat, the next destination is sector 3." *Beep*

Van opened his suit jacket and checked felt in his pocket to ensure he had not forgotten his pistol and he hadn't. He then pulled his sword out of it's sheath and flicked the blade which made a high pitched echo throughout the carriage. Elena watched Murisai as he breathed upon his crossed arms and then took his sunglasses off, playing with the ends.

"After some renaissance, I've made a plan. The warehouse itself is not very large, therefore, security is lacking on the outside. We shall approach the front entrance and then enter. Assuming there is a short corridoor, we shall regroup there and discuss what to do next." Elena spoke monotonously as she stated the instructions, however, a long pause followed.

"Great plan..." Reno stated sarcastically but in a joking way of whichElena smiled and laughed to herself.

"It'll be like the operation in Rocket Town." Rude smiled to himself as thought back to his memories even though Murisai and Van were oblivious to what they were talking about.

"Yeah. But this time without Cloud somehow always managing to kick our ***." Reno spoke up and also laughed to himself which was very out of character for him, due to his hate of defeat.

Suddenly a huge crash was heard and then a violent rumble followed passing through all the train carriages. An explosion had taken place somewhere along the track causing the track to snap completely whilst the train continued until it neared the gap in the rail track. The pilot of the train applied the breaks harsly throwing all five members of The Turks forward to the door that led to the next carriage. Barely stopping before the gap, a 'beep' was heard and a mesmerised pilot spoke, "Due to... unexpected circumstances, the train will have to stop, we ask that you do not panic and do not attempt to exit the train under any time."

"Holy ****!" Reno screamed, pressed against the wall, "I'm not staying here." He then found his legs and kicked the nearest boarding door until it broke off of it's hinges. Walking over to the door way he looked down and jumped at how high he was. Using his left arm, he found a ladder that led to the top of the train, swung round and began to climb it while signalling the others to follow him.[/color]


[font=book antiqua]And that's the beginning of the RPG ^_^. It would be a good idea for members of SENTINEL to note that they were behind the explosion on the rail track so talk about that as you, members of SENTINEL, obviously were trying to eliminate us Turks.

This RPG is not going to die.[/font]
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"You know they probably won't die, right?" Roland said, in a sort of half-question. "If it were this easy, we wouldn't even be dealing with them."

"Well, even though it might not work, it's still worth a try," Sofia replied. "It's no small loss to us if it doesn't work." She shrugged slightly, as if to emphasize the minor loss of a Midgar train.

"Yes, but you never know how many innocents we could lose," Blaze countered. Roland turned his head slightly, then leaned back against the wall a bit more. That wasn't really unexpected; Blaze saw himself as a sort of champion for the people, or at least it seemed that way to Roland. Honestly, Roland didn't really care what happened to the people - to him, they were just as guilty as the Turks.

Sofia turned her head and looked into the distance.

"Right about now, I'd say," she remarked. A few seconds later, a large explosion sounded off. Even though the three were far enough from the explosion to not be in any danger, the pure noise still rang in their ears. The train came to a sudden stop, narrowly missing dropping off the path in which it was riding on. "See, no innocents lost."

"No Turks lost, either," Roland grunted. "Just as I predicted." He turned and walked back towards the entrance of the Sector 3 warehouse. "I'll be back in the warehouse if any of you want me - I'm tired of watching our plans go up in smoke." He walked silently back into the warehouse and shut the door behind him. Blaze and Sofia may or may not have followed him; either way, it didn't really make a difference to Roland. He was a reluctant follower in this plot, anyway.

"If it were up to me, we'd just ambush them and blow their god damned brains out," Roland remarked to himself, walking up the stairs to the top floor of the warehouse. "I don't see the point to all this meticulous planning - they're making them out to be more than they really are." Roland wiped the dust off of the doorknob that led into his chamber and opened it. This was a testament to how old the warehouse really was - there wasn't even a door that required the use of an ID card to enter.

"That's them," Roland muttered, barely making out a few shapes climbing down a ladder near the broken down train. His eyes were still extremely sharp, even after an extended period of living in civilization. "I just knew that they'd still be alive after that...they're too resiliant to be killed that easily." The more he thought about it, the more he realized that his ambush plan wasn't really feasible, either. After all, if they were really as resiliant as Roland thought, and they were, who was to say that a simple ambush would kill them?

"I need a drink," Roland said to himself, pouring a glass of water. He thought to himself that he should probably contact the leader of SENTINEL, but decided to delegate that task to someone else. He didn't really like the man, anyway; he didn't really like anyone in SENTINEL for that matter. Sofia would probably be the best choice to report back to their leader, since she was the most eloquent speaker of the three - she was also the one most like their exalted leader, which was probably why he liked her so much. Who knew, really? These really weren't things that Roland paid much mind to most of the time.

Roland took a long drink out of his glass and set it down on the table. He sat down in the black leather chair located by his desk and got comfortable. He then proceeded to nap for a short while.

OOC: Well, that's about it. I was on limited time, so I apologize if the chapter wasn't up to snuff, heh. I'm glad to see that the RPG has gotten off to a good start, though ^_^
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[color=teal][i]Blaze looked at the door Roland had exited through and shook his head, grinning broadly.[/i]

[b]Sofia:[/b]He doesn't know about your plan?

[b]Blaze:[/b]No. I made sure of that. I have to run to Wall Market. Make sure the thugs keep them busy...I'll need a few minutes to get some supplies.

[i]Without waiting for a reply, Blaze strode out of the warehouse, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it. The nicotine-free brand from Wutai was all he'd let past his lips into his lungs. He'd even scoffed the mako-infused cigar his father had once smoked...

Blaze sighed when he reached Wall Market. Some debris from the WEAPON attack still remained. He quickly strode up to the large pipe in the wall.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Mona? Where's your father? I need some...oh, ****.

[i]The teenager's body slumped to the floor, a large dagger protruding from her back. Blaze rushed into the back, finding Mona's father, his supplier, in the same condition. Blaze sighed and walked to the crates, pulling out four cartons of his cigarettes. Then he pushed the crate aside and opened the cellar door. He smiled and grabbed his spare materia. He fitted them into the stocks of his guns, the Twin Snakes. He sighed grimly, making a mental note to give Mona and Scipt a proper burial after his plan was set. All he needed was one more thing. He walked into the weapon shop and emerged with a carbon bangle on his arm. He fitted a Fire materia into it, feeling it sap his bodily strength for magical strength. That was all he needed.

As he walked out of Wall Market, three thugs emerged from Mona's "house". Two of them held bloody daggers. Blaze grinned and forced his braid back behind his head, drawing out the Twin Snakes. The thugs saw him and rushed at him. Nobody in Wall Market reacted to the lightning and ice residue in the air, nor did they react to the resounding noise of gunshots.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Damnit.....the Turks'll be at the warehouse soon. I have to hurry. Poor Mona....

[i]He picked up his heels and ran for Sector 3, keeping his guns out. He wouldn't have much time to prepare for his ambush if he didn't get there before the Turks....[/i][/color]
I'd like to apologize to everyone again. Let's do this!
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]The female bent her body under the strain from carrying the little girl, but refused to fall onto her face. Instead she focused her energy and walked her up to the door. As soon as she had opened it, she sank to her knees and let the little girl slide over her shoulder into her arms. Her parents were gone, and the small child had found her in the alley. She had begged her to take her home, and she had. It wasn't in her to refuse the request of a harmless little child.[/i]

"....are you alright?"

"Mmm.....yes. Thank you miss."

"When will they be home?"

"Soon. You better go now."

[i]Mercenary, Loren Fingeon shrugged and placed the little girl in bed, tucking her in carefully. Then she opened her window and slid out gracefully, landing on her feet behind the house. Her back bent straight once more and she adjusted her shotgun in its shoulder sheath. Then she turned and walked away, her shoulders steady, her footsteps light and firm.[/i]

"Who's the chick?"

"Dunno.... ...what's she doing on our turf?"

"Who cares. I bet she's got alot of **** on her. ....wanna find out?"

"Yeah...rush that *****."

[i]The older female heard their whispers, then saw them rise from behind crates and benches. Instantly she had whipped her knife out, screaming like a banshee, catching the first of the gangbangers in the wrist. He yelped and pulled away, only to be pushed back by his comrades. She hissed at him, her eyes snapping red, then hurled her knife into his face, catching him directly between the eyes. The other two....whatever nerve they had failing, turned to run, only to be shot down by bullets from her firearm. She snorted and reloaded.[/i][/COLOR]
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The clanking sound of five pairs of shoes descending the metal ladder echoed ominously through the train tunnel as the Turks climbed to a lower section of the spiral track, below the gaping hole opened by the explosion. Droping one by one back into the tunnel a safe distance away, they continued the remainder of the way on foot. It wasn't a long walk, but an enexpected delay nonetheless.

Rude trailed at the end of the single file line, watching their backs for any sign of ambush. His brass knuckles itched on his fingers, as if they were crying out to be used.... Or warning of an imminent attack? Rude shook off the thought as he shrugged the shotgun holster on his back into a more comfortable position, focusing his concentration on the shadows of the dank tunnel around them. Only the occasional fluorescent light, buzzing with a soft hum, illuminated the dark path leading down to the Sector 3 slums.

Up ahead at the front of the line, Reno was commenting on the near disaster that lay behind them. "Nice job on the intelligence," he said with just a hint of sarcasm.

"Don't blame me," Elena shot back defiantly, "blame that scrawny little ***** that got the info on this route." None too pleased with having to hike down the tunnel, Elena seemed even more caustic than usual.

Reno just chuckled at the haughty, blonde Turk, having known full well what her response was going to be before he voiced his remark. That was one thing about working together with the same people for a long time; they really learned how to get on each others' nerves.

"It really wasn't her fault," Van spoke up before Elena could respond again.

Smirking, Reno looked back over his shoulder. "Who said I was even talking to her?"

His deep voice sounding for the first time since they had left the wrecked train, Rude spoke. "Who else could you have meant." It was technically a question, but it was said in such a way that everyone knew it was a statement. And that was another thing about working together for a long time; people just got to know each other too damn well.

Letting out a low chuckle, Rude continued to watch the party's back, knowing that Reno didn't have a plausible answer.
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[I]Damn those SENTINEL ********![/I] Elena cursed on her mind as she stepped in yet another pond of smelling ooze. Tunnels were Elena's least favorite place, even though her job was described as underground activity. She was most comfortable in tall buildings, such as the Turks HQ. She wished she could be there that moment as well, just sitting on a comfortable leather chair, shouting orders through a microphone, with a slutty secretary fulfilling her every wish. She wanted to be... well, the best adjective she could find was "excecutive".

But no, she was stuck here in slimy subway tunnels with four sweaty goons who had guns for penises and penises for brains! Reno was the worst. Elena glanced at the red-headed man with disgust, as he made yet another one of his arrogant comments.

Rude, who walked some way behind him, wasn't much better, but at least he kept his thoughts to himself instead of blabbering them out everywhere. Elena hadn't formed much of an opinion on the two other guys, Van and Murisai, but they were both [I]men[/I], so nothing good was expected from either of them.

But it wasn't the time to act just yet. It was still time to observe, making mental notes on everybody and everything. Elena Foxtrot was aiming to the top, and nothing could ever stop her from reaching it.


[I]OOC: Heh, I wrote some seriously feministic stuff there... Wonder if I've found a whole new side of myself? Anyhow, don't worry about Elena seeming a bit one-sided now, she'll learn her lesson... ;)[/I]
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[size=2][color=#CC0000]Murisai's eyes began to blur as he took long strides into unknown darkness, straining his eyes and ears, hearing with each step the squelch of some foul-smelling puddle, or the click of his metal shoe-heel against rusted grating. He walked gingerly behind everyone else and had somehow against all odds had managed to keep Reno's voice and snide comments to the female, Elena, blocked out. The only things he could see clearly was his sheathed sword and his elaborately detailed gold and black mercanary helm, topped with fiery red and white feathers that was strapped to the side of his belt. He touched the hilt of Takendaro-Hokoshi and a surge of warmth jumped into his fingers and engulfed his hand in a feeling that only one of Murisai's most treasured possesions could bring. He felt power and longed for combat, presently he sighed loudly, but no one seemed to notice. Murisai probably didn't hear them notice.

With his head bowed, he walked running his right hand over the side of the large pipe-tunnel the five of them were venturing through. He felt every contour, shoddy welding job, bolt, crack and rough area as it slipped past his elegantly long fingers. When there was suddenly a gap in the pipe's smooth contours, Murisai stopped and turned to wave a hand at this gap in technology. He walked down into the gap and came across a metal grate blocking his way, he clasped it with one hand and thought before slowly drawing Takendaro..


A roar of flames and a sharp scratch of metal-on-metal that erupted and echoed through the pipe recalled the other four Turks to Murisai. There he stood, a glowing white sword swallowed by flames in one hand and an empty sheath in the other. Behind him was what used to be a full grate, but with a square cut out of it perfectly, the edges still glowing gently red from the heat of the Fire spell that had possessed the blade of the Takendaro.

The others seemed to acknowledge this gesture with gratitude, he recieved nods from all and smiles were seen in Murisai's flickering light.. a few muttered words beyond the capability of Murisai's self-limited hearing and everyone continued. He sheathed his best friend, sighed, and walked on.[/size][/color]
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[color=teal][i]Blaze dashed through the pipe, reloading the Twins and keeping an eye out for the pip he knew they'd have to come out of. He reached it and jumped atop it. He reached into his pocket, glad his jean jacket had such old things.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b](into radio)Sofia, this is the Fox. Trap's set. You got the Gatling Gunners ready while I was gone? They ARE coming out of the pipe, though, right?

[b]Sofia:[/b]Yeah, we got 'em aiming right at the pipe. And yes, the Turks are confirmed in the pipe. It's your show. Just hope Roland hasn't found out yet.

[i]Just then, the swordsman, leading the group out of the pipe, appeared. Behind him was the bald man, the chick, and the redhead. There was another that Blaze didn't recognize, but it didn't matter. Blaze checked his guns, making certain that his Added Effects were in place next to the Lightning and Ice, then checked his bangle to be sure the Elemental was with his Fire. He aimed carefully, then fired two shots simultaneously. The lighning- and ice-charged shots hit the ground right in front of Murisai. The swordsman whipped around, preparing for battle, as Blaze smirked vicariously.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Welcome to the nightmare, Turks. Swordsman, I wouldn't turn around if I were you. Wutai trained as you were, even you can't face two Gatling Gunners with your back turned!

[i]Two large, gun-toting mechs appeared from behing a whole bunch of junk. Rude cracked his knuckles, making certain his brass knuckles were all ready. Reno sighed.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Let's fight!

[i]The Turks separated, two each taking on a Gunner, leaving Murisai to handle Blaze. Blaze had jumped down and pulled his guns to bear, but Murisai lifted his sword, catching one of the Twins and keeping it at bay. Blaze levelled his other weapon, just as Murisai raised his flintlock, deadlocking both weapons yet again.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Damnit. Should have expected as much from you, Murisai.

[b]Murisai:[/b]Damnit, Blaze, why'd you leave the Pagoda? Why'd you pick THEM?

[b]Blaze:[/b]Pick who? I'm just fightin' for *grunt* The Planet! And for my FAMILY.

[i]The weapon deadlock continued, but blaze had one up on Murisai. He fired the Twin locking the sword, the electrified bullet hitting the blade and jolting Murisai enough to make the blade and gun separate. Blaze backpedaled, aiming carefully at the now-recovering swordsman. Then the Fire spell hit him.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]****!!!! Sunuva....materia. Damn you, Murisai.....[/color]
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Sofia turned off her radio, knowing she had no way to help out Blaze. He and Roland made an interesting pair: both reserved, perhaps even aloof, but with markedly different world-views and goals. Although neither of the men were very similar to [i]her[/i], that made observing them doubly interesting.

In any case, if Blaze didn't report back in time, she and Roland would need to bail him out. And the last thing Sofia wanted was to incur Roland's wrath--thus far he'd been incredibly reliable, one of the few people she allowed to watch her back.

Yes, it was best to wait. Blaze wouldn't let himself be snared by the trap that he himself had set.

She adjusted her close-fitting blazer, hands straightening the deep blue ribbon which lay folded neatly at her breast. One of Sofia's gloves--normally an immaculate white--was smudged with soot. Sighing, she used her teeth to peel it free, and then tossed the wad of fabric to the floor. Their leader would now be waiting for her report, but she wasn't in the mood to explain their failure. And despite the fact that Blaze had planned a quick return, he might not materialize for hours.

Smiling slyly, Sofia slid upon the warehouse door. Regardless of all his attempts to be uninteresting, she was perfectly happy loiter around with Roland; she knew exactly how far to push him, and so they'd reached a grudging understanding. While Sofia could tease him to ease her boredom, a quick glare or sharply spoken word would tell her when to change the subject. Besides, she always found it pleasant to discuss the prospect of dead Turks.

Roland's eyes snapped upon as he heard Sofia's footsteps echo through the building. She had a proud, confident stride, and rarely chose to conceal her comings and goings. Even without his heightened senses, he would've had little trouble recognizing who approached him.

"What?" he asked.

She settled back into the nearest chair and lit a cigarette, effortlessly flicking her lighter shut before slipping it back into her pocket. "Oh, nothing in particular. Is that water?"

Roland glanced briefly at his half-filled glass, wondering if Sofia was even capable of getting drunk. "It's not vodka, if that's what you're thinking."

"How disappointing." The blonde crossed her legs, elegant as always, and exhaled quietly. Her smoke-laced breath curled through the air between them, dissipating into silence.
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Roland was never sure as to exactly why Sofia talked to him. He did not care for her company in the slightest and he knew that she wasn't interested in him at all. Of course, Roland's thoughts on this issue were still clouded with the naivete of his days on the farms of his youth and his travels in the wild. He could never truly understand someone like Sofia; however, that didn't make her any less annoying to him.

"You should know as well as anyone that there's no vodka here," Roland said in a matter-of-fact tone. Sofia laughed. Roland's somewhat naive nature made him very interesting to listen to and very fun to taunt. For all his grit and intelligence, Roland had still not adjusted well to society. And that was a fact that Sofia took great pleasure in taking advantage of.

"Yes, I'm sure that you have no vodka here," Sofia replied. She drew in another breath slowly and quietly. Roland picked up his glass slowly and drank the rest of the water. After he was finished, he set the glass down. The glass shook slightly before settling down. Sofia knew that this simple action was not a result of Roland being nervous; as uncomfortable as he was around people, Roland was not one to succumb to nervousness. Roland was probably on a short fuse that night. A pity, Sofia thought, since she usually had much more time to toy with Roland.

"Where is Blaze?" Roland asked, with a hint of impatience. Sofia let out another breath slowly. The gray cigarette smoking flowed slowly towards Roland and seemed to wrap itself around his face.

"I'm not sure where exactly he is," Sofia replied calmly. "He went out for a walk." Roland looked out the window. The shadowy figures he saw climbing down the ladder moments earlier were now gone. More than likely, Blaze had gone after them.

"He went after them, didn't he?" Roland asked.

"Well, you're not so slow, after all, are you?" Sofia asked, with a slightly humorous toned. The icy glare Roland sent her way told her that he obviously did not take to that question very well.

"Never mind," Roland said. He checked his guns to make sure that they were loaded and, when he saw that they were, he put them back into their holsters. "I'd like to go a night without hearing any smart comments from you, if that's not too much to ask."

"Of course not," Sofia replied. She put out her cigarette and tossed it aside gracefully. "Just as long as I can come along for the ride."

"I don't give a **** what you do," Roland replied flatly. "As long as I don't end up dead and the Turks do, I could care less what happens." Sofia smiled...that was exactly the way that [i]she[/i] felt about all this.
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Her eyes narrowed and she scanned the alleyway. Nothing. Then she smiled and sheathed it gracefully, in one fluid motion she had stowed away her gun, sheathed her knives once more, and rose to her feet. She bent down at the waist, legs straight, and laced up her corset boots. Then she straightened once more and brushed her hair back with her fingertips.[/i]

"Enough of that."

[i]She turned her head and walked down the alley, smiling to herself. As she walked, her ears flicked and she turned her head. A man and a woman exited a werehouse, and headed to what was probably another garage. She grinned and walked in. The doors locked automatically behind her, but apparently could be opened again by an access code.

She shrugged and walked around, looking absentmindedly through files on the desks. Sentinel. She shrugged and sat down on the desktop. Nothing to do but wait until people came back.[/i]

"And in the meantime....."

[i]She smiled and leaned back, her arms resting behind her head. Her legs crossed gracefully and her eyes closed as well. Her perfectly trained mind slowed down to take in the slowness of the space around her.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue] Guns blaring and the rustling of shells rebounding off of the metal surroundings was beginning to drown all other noises. The two Mechanical droid like machines, a Mini-Gun in each hand rotating with every shot made, began to seperate behind two wooden crates just beyond the metal, chain fence. The mechs were piloted by obviously SENTINEL agents or soldiers as they sat in the open cockpit, a handle in each hand controlling one arm and leg each, pushing and pulling to make the machine run.

"Rude, Van! You take the right one! Elena, come with me." Reno signalled to Elena as she ran at incredible speed behind a narrow, metal pipe. The two sat down with their backs pressed against the pipe as bullets narrowly soared past the tops of their heads. With the pipe that they exited in view, Murisai had casted a [i]Fire[/i] spell, a flame burning on the ambushers chest. Applying pressure to his arm, Murisaid ran forward with his helmet shaking until he eventually joined Reno and Elena, heavily breathing.

"Agh!" Screamed the ambusher as he beat the flame on his clothing until it was eventually put out. The ambusher rolled over, his two pistols firing directly at the three taking cover behind the pipe. With no choice, the three leap frogged over the pipe only to find the Mech hiding behind the crate reloading it's left gatling gun. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Reno led the swordsman and blonde behind a stack of metal crates, breathing even more heavily than Murisai.

"Rude! Van!? We need some covering fire!" Reno shouted in desperation, there was no reply in words, however, Rude could be seen climbing the other Mech, punching the pilot directly in the head several times as the Mech stumbled backwards and forwards. However, Van turned to see the ambusher once again with reloaded weapons, firing, but fortunately he retaliated with a shot of his gun, barely missing the head and causing the ambusher to duck once again.

Reaching behind him, Reno pulled out his electrical charged staff and smirked while Elena surveyed the enemies, planning how they would eliminate this enemy. Murisai on the other hand was reaching into a little pouch and pulled out a glowing, little sphere which he loaded into the flintlock pistol.

"I'm going..." Reno stood up and slowly climbed the crates until he stood up at the Mech who was beginning to run towards his troubled partner. "Heh." Reno located an exhaust in the structure of the Mech and jumped down, chasing the Mech until he caught up and rammed the staff into the exhaust. With a flash, the electrical emissions electrocuted the pilot until smoke and steam began to rise out of the exhaust. Attempting to pull his melee weapon out of the exhaust, Reno realised it was stuck.

"Oh ****." Reno let out, however, with a very loud shot, Murisai had dislodged the staff, enabling Reno to regain his weapon just before the Mech fell on it's side and exploded.

"Reno, heads up!" Elena jumped upon Reno causing the two to dive out of the way, he reason being a very well aimed shot had been fired. The second Mech fell after Rude with bloody hands, jumped and kicked the head of the Mech as it collapsed the chain link fence.

[i]Silence.[/i] The smoke and dust overwhelmed the area and warehouse, but in the spotlit distance, a well-built man and beautiful blonde woman could be seen approaching in the distance. As the rest of The Turks stood, they gathered at the gate of the fence that seemed to have been knocked down by the Mechs.

"Looks like we fell for it..." Elena spoke, clenching her fists at the smirking woman who neared her.

"What do we have here?" The woman spoke, flicking her hair back and laughing.

"Shut up Sophia. Let me handle this." The man next to her walked at an increased pace, holding a very well crafted pistol at Reno's head.

Turning their backs, the Turks began to walk only to find their ambusher with two guns aimed at the heads of Murisai and Van.

"Noone, [i]ever[/i], burns me..." The ambusher spoke, struggling to resist the trigger happy sensation he had. The Turks then tried to walk in seperate directions until the three enemies were reinforced by a circle of more men and women, aimed with weapons varying from shotguns, clubs, pretty much any basic weapon you could think of. The Turks were trapped, and on the verge of death it seemed.

"We've been in this situation before, have we not?" The well-crafted pistol toting man spoke, staring at Reno who seemed to still be keeping his cool, even though his head was tilted by the barrel of a pistol.

"It seems that way."

"Why are you here?" The man with the upper man questioned, driving the gun into Reno's head in frustration. "Answer me!"

"We were here to rob you. It appears you're holding something of a threat to some aquaintances we have." Reno spoke as the other Turk members stirred in their spots except for Rude who seemed to be getting angrier with being at a disadvantage.

"Well you've come to the wrong place, and it looks like you won't be turning back either, fool." The man spoke, beginning to squeeze the trigger. However, Reno caught in the corner of his eye a man dressed in blue and a navy bureau, sunglasses on his eyes. The man was on the roof of the warehouse, peering through the sights of his sniper rifle.

"Oh I don't know about that..." Reno smirked in amusement once again as the sound of a shot made the surrounding group jump and turn, except for the exception of one man who stood still with a trail of blood trickling down his forehead, who then slumped to the ground dead.

The sniper than raised his thumb at The Turks and jumped down alongside other members dressed the same, however, they seemed to be carrying what seemed a missile of sorts.

The blonde woman looked down at her blood stained hand in disgust and turned back to her opposition, "Why you!?"

Immediately, Elena threw her fist near the ground causing a flash which stunned the surrounding group. "GO!"

Pushing through, The Turks ran back to the pipe and took a left of which they fled towards the track and followed it all the way back to the Wall Station, not ceasing to run or look to the right of their enemy, SENTINEL. Bullets rained upon them, but failing to be hit, The Turks carried on running until they neared the station once more, Rude with his hand delved into his pockets to pick out the car keys.

Reaching solid ground, The Turks jumped the steps, past the now dozing Ticket Warden and entered the car after Rude had unlocked it. "Let's go home and contact our employees for our pay."

Out of breath, Murisai, Reno and Van nodded while Rude concentrated on driving back to the Headquarters.

"I doubt we're going to get anything, we did fail afterall." Rude spoke aloud as Reno smashed his fists on the mini-table in the center of the car. Rude then warned, "Watch it."

[i] And so The Turks escaped their demise this time headed for Headquarters as the car glistened in the moonlit night.[/i][/color]


OOC: Good going guys. The chapter's not over yet. ^_^ ( A note to SENTINEL, do not pursue The Turks this time, as I have something planned.)
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[color=teal][i]Blaze coughed as he regained his senses, which he wished he hadn't. His careful eyes examined the surrounding area, mainly the rooftops, for the sniper. He found more than one. Sofia, still reeling, was directly in the path of one's scope.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Sofia, look out!

[i]Roland's senses were aware of the blood spattering his clothes, his face, and his left hand. He heard multiple ice-tainted bullets fired until the hammer hit the stock with a dull [/i]click[i].

Sofia looked carefully ahead of her, seeing Aris breathing heavily, his right hand clasping his left shoulder, his left hand holding the unsteady Ice Twin. He was out of ammo, but there were four dead snipers. they had been foolish neough to forget that materia bullets' range was multiplied by four. Aris turned around, dropping his right hand. His eyes seemed glazed. Aris, blaze's partner who'd arriver right after the sniper, was injured as well.[/i]

[b]Roland:[/b]Aris, you'll live. We've got to get to the warehouse. You deserve that for the stunt you pulled, Blaze. An ambush on the Turks...if they were weak enough to fall against such an old ploy, my explosion would have killed them.

[b]Blaze:[/b]It didn't even kill civilians. The train is still on the track! And who do you think killed Frost?! Aris and I!

[i]Roland ignored him and his wounded partner. Blaze led the way into the warehouse, keeping his Lightning Twin out. A loud noise in the corner of the main room called forth a single shot, directly to the left of the sound's origin.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]Any worse at aiming and I'd be smoking through my neck.

[i]Blaze didn't lower his gun, even though the recoil had increased the blood flow from his wound. It hadn't been an ordinary sniper shot.[/i]

[b]Roland:[/b]Who are you?[/color]
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"We fell for that [I]big time[/I], didn't we?" Rude commented, as the five of them were gathered in Turks HQ's conferess room.

"Shut up!" Reno snapped. The man was sulking in his chair, sitting as deep in it as possible.

"We all messed up," Elena said coolly. "And we have only ourselves to blame. We should have more plans, take more things into consideration..."

"We're only humans, Elena", Rude said with a slight smirk.

[I]"Speak for yourself, jerk. Humanity equals weakness."[/I] Elena noticed that she had lately had similar thoughts in an increasing amount. The supressed inner side in her said that she was pushing herself too hard, aiming too high, but she also felt that her life had no other purpose than to be the best - the lesson taught to her by her late father. Later, her icon Tseng, the former leader of the Turks, had encouraged these thoughts, but only after the mass destruction caused by the mysterious man Sephiroth she had begun to dream about a glorious future. She knew she was holding the keys to the throne of the entire Planet, but she also knew it wasn't yet the time to use them.

She let her eyes go through all her companions in the room, pondering if any of them would deserve a place next to her - only one step lower, of course. But then the thoughts shattered as she realized it was still soon to think about such things. If she wasn't careful enough, she could lose everything before she even had anything. She regretted her foolish act of bravery earlier that night. What had she thought? Was she really ready to give up her life for the other Turks, a bunch of moronic hogs?

Definately not, she said to herself.

[I]Definately yes[/I], her inner thoughts argued.
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[font=Verdana][size=1]Sorry about not posting here sooner but I'll endeavour to do so now. Zidargh what kinds of Materia are we allowed to use for this ?[/size][/font]


[i][font=Verdana][size=1]Van was busy checking the clip in his pistol while Elena was thinking to herself and Reno was sulking over a scratched knee and a burst ego. He looked over at both Rude and Murisiai who were both in deep contemplation, Van was usually the one to break these kind of awkward silences with a joke but he really didn't feel like it now. He carefully checked each of the bullets before loading them into the clip and re-assembling the pistol, Van wasn't a gunner by nature but it was always handy to be able to hit something from a distance rather than getting clobbered up close. The mood in the room was very similar to an animal licking it's wounds after a lost fight but hell it was close enough to their actual situation to do. Van understood why Reno was pissed off, in truth he was a little agitated too at these shits who tried to play with the big boys.[/size][/font][/i]

[i][font=Verdana][size=1]He pulled his sword from the sheath, it had been resting on his knees while he worked with the pistol. The blade was sharp enough to split a hair but they didn't fight many hairs in this business. He stroked at the short goatee around his lips and chine before running his finger along the top of the blade, there was some residual oil stains from those robotic gun-totting cretins they'd encountered but that would clean right off with a wipe of two. He took out a handkerchief from his top pocket and began to run it along the blade removing the nasty stain from the silvery blade. Placing it back within the sheath he noticed that there was complete silence in the room, Elena was thinking to herself, Reno still bore an angry look, Rude and Murisiai was still just motionless. This was just too uncomfortable for Van, he hated long silences and decided to break the mood.[/size][/font][/i]

[font=Verdana][size=1][b]Van:[/b] We'll get those bastards next time. [i]Jokingly[/i] After all we [b]are[/b] the Turks.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][b]Rude:[/b] He's got a point Reno we've come out of worse situations.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][b]Reno:[/b] [i]Still frowning[/i] Yeah maybe, but still we're not as sharp as we used to be. Hell before we'd have never been caught in a trap that obvious.[/size][/font]

[i][font=Verdana][size=1]The mood seemed to have lightened a little but Van really couldn't think of anything else to say, that was before Murisiai made a very good point about what had happened... [/size][/font][/i]


[font=Verdana][size=1]Sorry to drag you in like that Break but I can't think of anything else to say...[/size][/font]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]She slid down from the table top, her body moving in what could only be called a serpentine style. Her walk was definetly sexy, but what caught their attention most was the double barreled shotgun resting easily in her hands.[/i]

"Mercenary Loren Fingeon. Looks like you need a healer."

[i]Her eyes sparkled playfully and both Blaze and Roland stood down partially. Aris looked inscessed at her cool demeanor, but obviously she wasn't very much of a threat, otherwise bullets would bey flying. Aris and Sofia exchanged a glance, then looked back at her. She grinned slightly.[/i]

"What are you doing in our base?"

"Having a look around."

"Do you have any materia?"

"Oh....now that would be telling."

[i]In a trice, Roland was up against her, gun pressing into her right temple, left holding her gun. He forced it towards the ground while she arched instinctively away from the cold metal on her head. With no false moves, she reached into her pocket and drew out four materia. One Life materia, A summon of some sort, one command, and one blue support. She blinked at their reaction.[/i]

"What's the summon?"

"None of your buisness."

[i]The pressure on her forehead increased and she grimaced.[/i]

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[color=teal][i]Blaze grimaced as his wound drove his blood from his body. he oculdn't take it anymore. He cast Fire on himself, cauterizing the wound and ceasing the bloodflow.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]Damn, you're nuts.

[b]Blaze:[/b]Wutai trained. I'll injure myself greatly if it will prevent death. Besides, the elemental materia I have connected to the Fire raises my resistance to it. I just wasn't expecting the fire assault by my old......friend.

[i]Blaze nearly spat the word as Aris sat on a crate, focusing her Cure materia's energies into her own body, then into Blaze's. Blaze had no idea what the look in her eyes was for. Sofia knew.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]What, is something on my back? Am I burned irrecognizably? Is it....my BRAID?!?!

[i]Blaze instinctively grasped his mark of graduation from the Pagoda of the Five Angry Gods, the most distinguishable feat in Wutai's training. Luckily, it was still there.[/i]


[i]Sofia simply laughed lightly as she and Roland went to get cleaned up, Blaze's gun trained on Loren.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]What? I'm not with the Turks. I'm just a mercenary!

[b]Blaze:[/b]I only trust myself and my guns. And if I can find it, my sword.

[i]Blaze felt absently at the strap to his father's old Gradius, a long katana his father had forged. When Blaze had returned to Rocket Town, he'd learned that Cid had hid the weapon someplace because it was forged by Gladi Kitsune and would have been searched for voraciously by SOLDIER. Blaze sighed. He hadn't found it yet, and it was supposed to mold perfectly to him. Not too powerful, not too weak...

Aris took her own firearms out of her holsters and trained them on Loren as Blaze relasped into his wishes for vengeance. Loren, luckily, had not shown any connection to the Turks. Otherwise, blaze would have made sure there weren't even ashes left of her.....[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]She spoke softly, her eyes tilted in Blaze's direction. He turned to look back at her, and her eyes flickered gold, silver, then back to a clear honey brown.[/i]

"I was born and raised in Wutai."

"Is that where you got that summon?"

"Godo gave it to me as a sign of goodwill."

"So you were never formally trained."

[i]She grinned at him and rested her hands on her thighs.[/i]

"Not formally, definetly not conventionally if that's what you mean."

[i]Aris rolled her eyes, still watching her every move. Loren shifted her thighs, and then her shoulders, her holster changing positions. Like an accident, the strap of her shirt fell down to her shoulder. Loren looked down at it, shrugged and looked back up. At the same time, the other strap fell as well. Instead of moving her hands, and possibly risking lead entering her body, she grinned and crossed her arms losely over her chest.[/i]

"So..... ..........this is what you Sentinel's do."[/COLOR]
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[color=teal][i]Blaze revealed his own summon, leviathan as well, but he never used it. For one, he didn't have the space in his guns, for another, it sapped his strength too damn much. He lowered his guns, noticing Loren's dropped straps. He didn't, couldn't, reveal it stirred something inside him from long, long ago. He'd admired Loren when he was in Wutai. He just couldn't show it.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Alright, I'll trust you.

[b]Loren:[/b]Hah! Godo said trust was firmly embedded in your nature. It's a shame you had to leave the Pagoda. You were Godo's best student.

[b]Blaze:[/b]What about his daughter?

[b]Loren:[/b]Yuffie rebelled a WHILE ago. Remember, she was part of Cloud's team?

[b]Blaze:[/b]Oh, yeah. I could have sworn she was intent on learning his Art. I mean, she was when I was there, at least.

[b]Loren:[/b]In case you hadn't noticed, she was intent on learning an "art" or two from YOU.


[b]Loren:[/b]She was obsessed with that SOLDIER sword you carried, the thing that seemed like a copy of Cloud's Buster Sword, but smaller. She wanted to learn swordsmanship.

[b]Blaze:[/b]Ah. Always wondered why Godo had me use my Lock spells.....thirty times in a row.

[i]Loren laughed gently as Blaze removed his jean jacket, then his shirt, to inspect the not-fully-healed wound in the upper-left hollow of his chest. His Fire had done a good job of cauterizing the wound, but he was still bleeding slightly. He sighed, and went to bandaging his wound as Aris crept up behind him. Big mistake.

The lightning-charged bullet, the last in Blaze's clip, hit the wall next to Aris' head.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]Yowch. Never sneak up on a SOLDIER/Wutai trained gunman....

[i]Blaze smirked briefly.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Aris, no more healing. I'm gonna live with this small injury. Yuffie gave me worse....

[i]Aris nodded her head quickly, seeing the scar on Blaze's back that looked like it had been caused by a large, thrown blade of some sort. She turned and followed Roland and Sofia to get cleaned up and go to bed.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Damnit, guard duty again.

[b]Loren:[/b]Need some company? Looks like your superiors are going to turn in, so I have to stay the night.

[i]Blaze simply nodded curtly as he raided the crates near the door for fourteen clips for his guns, sliding twelve into his special clip-pockets in his jacket's inner lining, the other two going into his guns. He sat down.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]You wanna talk? I gotta give my Twin Snakes a cleaning, so I guess I'll be free to talk for a little while.

[b]Loren:[/b]You've changed. A lot.

[b]Blaze:[/b]I grew up.

[b]Loren:[/b]Growing up won't make a man so scarred, his chest is unrecognizable. And it won't make said chest as muscular as it has.

[b]Blaze:[/b]I thought you meant emotionally. Muscles are from working out nonstop for four years. As for the scars.... I was on Junon's gun when WEAPON attacked.

[b]Loren:[/b]How'd you survive?

[b]Blaze:[/b]Godo's ki-to-blade absorption. Broke the sword. I woke up after gettin' beaned by a low-level Shinra guy, and there was pollution and mako residue everywhere. It made me sick, so I quit SOLDIER.

[b]Loren:[/b]What about your parents?

[b]Blaze:[/b]Their death was the reason I went to Wutai.

[i]Loren just stared as Blaze tossed that off casually, as if it was just another thing that happened in life. It was, she knew, but people just didn;t cope with it that quickly. Blaze was hiding something.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]Something wrong? You're not the same Fox that I knew in Wutai.

[b]Blaze:[/b]I can't believe you remember that name. God, that was a long time ago....

[i]Blaze and Loren lapsed into a conversation, the main door shut and only one light on. Nobody without fifty kilos of plastique qas getting through that door, so Blaze relaxed. Visibly. Something he didn't do.[/color][/i]
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"Then that's something we've learned about ourselves, and our enemy," said Murisai. "Next time won't underestimate them."

Rude nodded his head slightly in agreement while cracking his knuckles as if in anticipation. "But right now, we have business to attend to." The others turned to regard him with quizzical looks, and he elaborated. "We must inform our clients of our...shortcomings. They will wish to prepare for any possible backlash that may result from this turn of events."

"You make it sound so damn casual," Elena sulked. As always, she was taking their defeat a little harder than she should.

Rude just shrugged in response, pushing his shades farther up the bridge of his nose. It was work, and it didn't always pay off -- there was nothing they could do about it now. However, he didn't envy Reno the job of telling their clients.

"Damnit," came Reno's response. He hadn't had to report failure since the Turks' mission to stop Cloud, and he wasn't at all happy about starting again. The conference table shook slightly as his clenched fist hit the surface, then silence. . . .

"We'll get those bastards next time," Van repeated more solemnly this time.
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]"I remember everyone that leaves, even if they were presumed dead."

[i]She sighed and rolled over, then leaned on her stomach, her bandolier clicking musucaly against the concrete floor. He eyed the numerous shots in her belt and then raised his eyes to hers.[/i]

"Which spells are they?"

"Demi. And two are Ultimas, but I never had to use them. A couple are silver bullets, and some are Destroyers."

"....where did you get your hands on Destroyer bullets?!?"

[i]She grinned at him playfully, drawing her knife and propping herself up her elbows. With cool motions she slid it against her whetstone. Her hair fell in her eyes and she appeared to be considering the question. Bullets that exploded upon contact were extremely rare, filled with a special chemical that vaporized the enemy... ......and finding a skilled worker to make them for you in the first place was next to impossible.[/i]

"Gil talks. ....but Mythril says more."

"The weapons seller on the Eastern Continent."


"That knife has an enchantment on it too...... ....wouldn't happen to be anything huge would it?"

"Bio. A nice little surprise for everyone that thinks I'm all about brute force."

[i]She winked at him roguishly, the sound of her sharpening knife filling his ears. He smiled and continued cleaning his weapon. She put everything away, save her summon, and rolled it across her hands and fingers fluidly.[/i]

"You know the only thing I've learnerd out here, away from home."


"Never dishonor yourself. It sticks to you closer than blood..... ....my mother taught me that in spite of herself."

"You never talked about her."

"How many girls learning the art of merenary want to talk about their whore of a mother? Much less their bastard fo a father."

[i]She sighed and rested one hand behind her head, the summon gem winking in the flourescent lights. Blaze leaned over and looked at her again. Her eyes seemed to be very far away, and her smile was almost wistful. Then she turned and looked at him.[/i]

"There's only one way I'll earn my hire."[/COLOR]
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[color=teal][b]Blaze:[/b]Earn your hire however you like. I only know a woman like you shouldn't have to do anything dishonorable.

[b]Loren:[/b]What about you, huh? How about your family? You never spoke about them except that they were dead.

[b]Blaze:[/b]...........I have one uncle that lives.


[b]Blaze:[/b]He...he gave me this.....

[i]Blaze produced a single bullet, a large, red capsule embedded in the tip.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]Oh, Christ, you, too?

[b]Blaze:[/b]A Destroyer. My uncle stole it. He had it sent to me when i was only eight, unable to understand such things.

[b]Loren:[/b]You found out about the dishonor he'd done to the family when you were in Wutai, didn't you?

[b]Blaze:[/b]I found out when Cid gave me the ride back. And I swore that when I find my uncle, this bullet goes into him.


[b]Blaze:[/b]He.....stole it....from my brother's dead body. After he killed him. My brother made these bullets.....he was taught by the weapon smith on the Eastern Continent.

[i]Loren just looked at Blaze with sympathy in her eyes.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]What about your dad?

[b]Blaze:[/b]Wasn't too bad. He worked on the shuttle for a while, kept things going. Eventually, he took to monster hunting and began taking me with him. Worst thing we ever bagged was a Red Dragon. That wasn't too tough, but it wasn't a picnic. On that trip, Dad told me about materia and about mako....we were close. My mom.....she was the most beautiful woman Dad would ever swear to seeing, though I've seen one that can compete. She taught me to cook, to sew, to do most of the mundane household things. Dad taught me the beginnings of sword combat. He'd been in SOLDIER before he met Mom.....

[b]Loren:[/b]They died.......

[b]Blaze:[/b]Yeah, they died. My uncle fed Shinra information that my dad was resisiting them. It was my uncle's attempt to get the bullet back. It had first served as a warning to my father.....it saved my life. Reno wouldn't touch me while I had it around my neck.

[b]Loren:[/b]Blaze....who's the girl that could compete with your mom?

[b]Blaze:[/b]I'd rather not say.

[b]Loren:[/b]Is it Aris?

[b]Blaze:[/b]Hell no. Too damn......subordinate.

[i]Loren smirked briefly, knowing the feeling.[/i]


[i]Blaze trained his senses onto the door, as if trying to see through it.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Loren, get down. I HATE this goddamn group.....

[i]Blaze raised his pistols, setting them to semi-automatic fire and lifting the door about halfway. In front of him stood a group of maniacal-looking fanatics. Loren recognized a few.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Come to finish what you started with Mona, eh?!

[i]Blaze lit one of his cigarettes, grinning. He twirled his guns as the gangbangers in the group pulled out shotguns and magnums.[/i]


[b]Gangbanger One:[/b]Take the bastard out and get the piece of *** behind him!!!!

[i]The thought of some action aside from killing drove the bangers into a frenzy. Unfortunately for them, Blaze chose just then to cast Fire.....on a gunpowedr barrel.

Chaos reigned as he fired his pistols in three-shot bursts, casting Lightning, Ice, and Fire at random intervals. Then, an unusually smart banger pointed at him just as Blaze shot him through the chest. A large, green light hit Blaze squarley into the warehouse, Loren slamming the door down. The bangers retreated, their leader dead.[/i]

[b]Loren:[/b]Blaze, what was it!?!? What happened?!

[b]Blaze:[/b]Ultima......*cough* It hurts....a lot......

[i]Blaze was bleeding profusely from many wounds. This wouldn't scar, ultima never left scars. This was worse than Yuffie's ninja star. Blaze's eyes wouldn't focus, his breathing grew ragged.[/i]

[b]Blaze:[/b]Feh. It ain't so bad.....guess I'll just have to get Life'd later on....if I can't get Aris down here soon.

[b]Loren:[/b]You idiot. Ever the courageous "I have to do it because nobody else will" type....

[b]Blaze:[/b]Hehe. Guess so. That girl, Loren.....was you. The one more beautiful than Mom.....at least......to.....*cough cough* me.......[/color]
Sue me, I like drama!!!!
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Loren gritted her teeth, her knuckles growing white with strain, and she stood up very slowly, as if carrying a very heavy burden. Whatever it was, it was welcome. She forced herself to stare at Blaze, her hand automatically droping to her spell materia. Life. She let him faint, then placed it under her chin and smiled to an unseen joke.[/i]

"Bring him back to me."

[i]".....return to your body, simulacrum, Blaze."

She focused, eyes tightly shut. Instantly everything blazed white, the wind roaring in her ears, the sounds she had heard so recently flashing back to her. She felt like she was soaring, but she knew it was simply her body being carried on the ethric towards his own soul. Her body of light met his in a single moment. And she felt his recognition break over her like a wave.


"Yes... ....come back with me."

"You...cast Life?"

"I've had it this whole time...I thought you knew that."

He could feel her amusement, and it was like a lifeline, dragging him back with her. Dragging wasnt' right.....escorting was better. Loren drifted back to her body and stood tall once more, reaching down to pull him up to her. His eyes blurred, glazed, and then opened. She smiled in relief and kissed his forehead.[/i]


"...I feel .....strangely fine."

"You should, I used the body of light to call you back to your physical."

[i]He looked at her in disbelief, then remembered something she had said earlier about informal training. Probably the magic that a select few women practiced in Wutai, he had never stayed long enough to learn it. She smiled at his expression and placed a hand over his ripped shirt. Feeling his scars under her fingertips, running a hand over them, the other on his shoulder.[/i]

"And I would do it again."[/COLOR]
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"Well, well," Sofia said softly, watching Roland wash his hands. "What will our dear leader think of [i]her[/i]?"

Blaze and Loren were still in a different area of the warehouse, and he could probably have heard their conversation if he concentrated hard enough. But Sofia's words made him instantly suspicious. "Learn some self-control," Roland growled. "We've already had enough problems with your pursuit of Aris."

She shrugged, smiling smugly, and flicked her hair behind her shoulders. "And just when I had started to wonder whether Blaze was actually asexual. Far be it from me to come between a man and his lust."

Roland chose to ignore her comments, instead cleaning and polishing his guns with the efficiency of an expert. Someone needed to explain their current situation to their leader, and he still felt that Sofia was the best candidate. She would probably take care of it on her own time, but the addition of a new SENTINEL member might create some complications.

Sofia, of course, seemed utterly unconcerned. Arms folded, a cigarette dangling lazily from her lips, she leaned against the nearby wall and eyed his guns with an odd combination of envy and curiousity. She may have disliked putting weapons to their proper use, but she certainly had no difficulty admiring their artistry.

"Perhaps we should go back," she finally suggested. "To the Golden Saucer, that is. Our newfound friend will have to meet the leader."
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"We'll have to go back in the morning," Roland said. "It's too late to get a ride to the Golden Saucer without rousing some suspicion, I think." Roland squinted slightly and eyed his guns up and down; they were cleaned with expert precision and polished to a shine. As soon as he was satisfied, he slipped them back into their respective holsters, soundlessly.

"Whatever you say," Sofia remarked. "Though, it would be far better to catch the boss right now, rather than tomorrow."

"Why is that?" Roland asked, clearly suspicious.

"Well," Sofia began. "He's obviously going to know about our failure by tomorrow. Our leader is not ill-informed, as you know."

"Yes, this is true..." Roland muttered.

"And, I'm guessing that he will be plenty angry at us," Sofia said. "Especially since we came out looking just as bad as The Turks did." Roland grimaced. He had to admit, Sofia had a good point. The boss would definitely not be happy and giving him time to stew over the less than stellar results of the attack would not be a smart thing to do. Loren complicated things, as well; Roland had no idea whether or not their leader would be accepting of this newfound member.

"Fine," Roland sighed. "We'll try to find a way to the Golden Saucer right now. God knows that I don't want to deal with that fool of a leader when he's pissed off and has had time to stew over it."

"Good," Sofia smiled. "Glad to see you've come around."

"Shut up," Roland replied. "Why do you have to be so irritating?"

"It's a mystery," Sofia said, blowing some more smoke at Roland. He responded in kind with another icy glare. If Roland hadn't glared at her like that at least five times a day, Sofia would probably be afraid of that glare. Roland's cold blue eyes were not exactly reassuring of his sanity.

"I'll go get the other two," Roland said. "I don't trust you around the girl." Sofia laughed as Roland strolled over to Blaze and Loren.
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