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RPG -Oakenot Tournament- [The Ultimate of RPGs]

Dragon Warrior

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[size=1][I]Welcome, welcome! You must be one of our twelve competitors for the Oakenot Tournament. This is not gonna be an easy ride, I tell you what. But don?t fret, partners, since it won?t be as difficult as I make it seem. If you?re a good roleplayer and a strong problem solver, you?ll do fine. Why, to stop yourself from being voted off, you can even form alliances. Doesn?t matter to me. Just as long as someone gets the boot, ye here? So let?s not wait any longer! Oakenot starts now![/I][/size]


[indent]Alright, you guys, here?s the deal. This is the first round! Introductions. Your character doesn?t know the tournament has started yet. They?re just going through the docks to get to the ship that?ll take them to what they think is round 1. This IS round 1! Read below to get a better idea of the rules and objectives.[/indent]

[indent][size=1][b]:::Objective: Round I[/b][/indent]
Alright, the idea of round one is to go out there and give your character an introduction to the tournament. The setting is the docks near Roland Corp. and you are walking through the cheering crowd to get to the boat. Now, there is a path where the competitors such as yourself walk along, but on either side of the path are people cheering for YOU! They are fans who will be watching Oakenot Tournament! Oakenot will be on live TV, but don?t shun to make yourself look good.

So pretty much, make your character?s introduction about how they react to the screaming fans, making it to the ship, and so forth. You may post you got on the ship, but do not post anything after that. What goes on on the ship is totally different.

[indent][b]:::How to Win the Round[/b][/indent]
To get the Immortality or just plain do well in this round is post an interesting and nicely done introduction. Follow the rules I laid out below for the round.

[indent][b]:::Rules: Round I[/b][/indent]
The rules for this round are as followed:
[I]- Be sure to make your character act like how I described them. That?s a big part.
- Don?t Godmod (example: Roland picked up the ship and chucked it over Roland Corp.)
- Only post one post in this round. Any other posts will be ignored.
- Your post must have good grammar/spelling. Make sure not to use the thesaurus too much when trying to make your post sound good.
- Keep your post from a minimum of 3 paragraphs (3 sentences each) to a max of 6.
- Your character?s travels shall be from anywhere on the docks on the trail to the ship. No posting anything that takes place on the ship.
- Have fun![/I][/size]

[center][b]Once everyone has posted once, I will announce all the stats of the first round. Then you can vote. Until then, have fun! QUICK NOTE: Roland is not there. Do not post you?re talking to him.[/b][/center]
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OOC: LOL, DW, are you using your *****'s account? And also, an elimination already? Thats really tense.

[i] As the ninja jumps on various roofs and glides with the wind's current. He hears a roaring loud cheer from the crowd. He stopped on the nearest roof to the boat and Cogan saw at least 4 contestants on the red carpet leading to a massive cruise boat itself. A huge man with sunglasses, a man that is seemed to be wearing an eyepatch, a devil like creature, and some dumb chubby man were the people he noticed the most. They were waving to the Oekanot Tournament Fans. Cogan smirked, "What fools. They seem not even focused on this tournament. Oh well. At least they're not all human"

Cogan crouched and arched his back and prepares to lunge into the unaware crowd. The air breezes in front of his face and the band flowed smoothly behind his head. He tucked his sword into the rope that hugged tight on his chest. Then he lept downwards with such speed from the roof. Gravity pulled him further and faster until he's just a black and red blur. He passed by the red demon, and then the built up celebrity, then the pirate, and finally the short small man. Cogan turned his whole body to land on the back of the soles of his leather black boots. He slowly raised his heels. As he stopped, the crowd was in "oohs" and "aaahs". Followed by an earpiecing scream from the girls and the boys's shouts of cheer. Cogan has made 1 goal in his trip, and thats to get an outstanding obation.

Cogan smirked. "Heh, at least I made some girls hot for me" He walked towards the boat, but something was troubling him. He felt a sensation behind him. He turned around and saw a girlish shadow on the floor, but no one had that kind of shadow. "So, someone of my calibur of stealth is one of my competiters." thought Cogan. "This'll be worth the journey" [/i]

Heh. thats 1.
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[color=blue][size=1][i]Stupid ninja. He nearly landed on me...[/i] thought Shadow as she pulled herself off the ground. Several "oohs" and "ahs" came out of the crowd. Shadow didn't seem to hear them.

As she walked by the new arrival, she turned her head sharply and glared at him. When she walked passed him, she 'dove' into the ground. In her "shadow mode" she practically swam underneath everyone. This was what she loved. Just 'swimming' atop the ground, popping up at random intervals depending on the occurance. Now, at the docks, she felt... 'trapped', so to speak.

She hated all the people, she hated all the noise. She wanted to leave, but resisted. [i]These fights and prises better be worth it. This is practically killing me![/i] Shadow complained silently. Suddenely, in her shadow mode, she was stepped on. It didn't hurt, or bother her, but she thought of it as a very disrespectful act that must be punished. She sprouted from the ground in a swift and quiet motion. Only a few of the contestants noticed. She lunged at the offender, intending to rip a limb or two off.[/size]

Hm. Who's going to stop me?! ^__^[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Harpith sat perched on a rail, not too close to the crowd. She surveyed everyone and saw two contestants make their ways down the path. She smirked and looked around for signs of any of the other contestants.

Harpith had heard that there was another harpy in the contest. She couldn't wait, she would beat the other and be the most famous harpy in the world.

Harpith pumped her wings and leaned forward. Her talons let go of the rail and spiralled into the sky. The wind coming from the sea lifted her above to get a better look over the crowd to the contestants. She saw a flash of a black thing jumping around that looked like a ninja and a strange black figure that resembled a shadow.

Harpith tilted her wings and flapped them slowly, yet steadily to hover. A crowd member looked up and spotted the hovering harpy.

"It's a harpy!! She's a contestant!!" she screamed to the rest of the crowd.

Harpith sighed and floated close to the ground before landing. She looked around as people closed in and cheered loudly. She placed her wings over her ears as best as she could to try to block out the deafening sound.

Harpith flapped her wings to get above them and flew down the pathway. Some of the crowd followed her, running and screaming.

"That crowd's loud!" Harpith murmered.

Harpith noticed the shadow-like contestant sprout from the ground and lunged to attack one of the cheering fans. Harpith banked steeply and yanked the person out of the way. The man looked at her, but she was staring at the violent shadow.

"What's you're problem?!" Harpith crowed. "Tired of them walking all over you?"

Shadow growled angrily and lunged for Harpith, she just flapped her wings and flew higher, out of her reach. Harpith grinned and spread her wings as she spiralled towards the boat that was still a few metres away.

As she neared she saw the ninja.

"Hey ninja man!" Harpith called.

He looked up at her.

"Do you know that shadow?" Harpith asked, flapping down next to him.
"No. And I don't think I know you either." he said.
"I'm another contestant." Harpith said, flapping and flying ahead.

More breezes lifted her and she landed on the rail of the boat. She preened herself and waited for others.[/COLOR]

One for me, hope Kitty and G/S/B don't mind me using their characters. If anyone wants anything changed then let me know.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]With his sword held aloft GrattaNite saluted the peasants who had came out to meet him, and the other contenders, as they boarded the ship which the King had ordered him to go to and follow the instructions of Roland, due to his liason which he and the King shared. Having been a Knight in the service of the Kingdom of Metallica for many years he had never seen such wonders as this 'Roland Corp.' and it's technology but the King had ordered him to the this area not knowing what he would face and so he came. The one thing he knew how to deal with was the common people whom he served with all his valour, and so for being there for him today he would reward them for coming to greet him. He pulled on the reigns of his horse and addressed the crowd.

"My people, I know that you may have hard lives and I am most grateful of your presence and I swear by my code to honour this alligence that you have to me this day and always remember that when I fight, it is for you!" Once more his sword was above his head and his horse drew it's front legs into the air and the crowd cheered once more as GrattaNite spurred his horse forward along the path where the crowd had parted to let him pass. The crowd seemed to be in love with him and it filled him with pride, he knew with their strength added to his own he could surely bring honour to his Kingdom, to the people and to himself.

As he rounded the last corner he saw what appeared to be a shadow creature lunge at a Harpy which proceded to fly off into the sky, once it was out of reach the shadow turned onto the crowd once more. [I]'What devily is this, where the weak and innocent are attacked by those with power, I will not stand for it'[/I] He thought as he lept from his horse, sword drawn and shield raised, with purposeful strides he made it to the shadow before it could reach the innocent. "You their, shadow-beast," He called to the creature, "Have at thee!" And he dived toward the shadow with his sword extended before him and as he went he recited the Knights Code of Honour in his mind.

[CENTER][I]'A knight is sworn to valor.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His word speaks only truth.
His Shield shelters the forsaken.
His courage gives hope to the despairing.
His wrath undoes the wicked.
His image brings peace.
His code breaks the darkness
His legend brings light'[/I][/CENTER]

Driving any thought toward his own saftey from his mind he prepared to defend the helpless and uphold his honour. Just as he reached the Shadow-Beast it had disappered in a flash, back to the shadows from whence it came, GrattaNite made sure that the damsel was no longer in distress and after a large thank-you from her he jogged back to his horse and mounted it, heading once more toward the ship. [I]'I shall keep my eye on that shadow,'[/I] He thought to himself, [I]'It has no honour and is untrustworthy because of that'[/I]. With a few feet left of carpet he raised his sword once more and galloped toward to the other contendors he could see, hoping to get the measure of them before round one began.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Ludvik looked around at the screaming crowd, and saw a few other people ahead, or whatever they were. They were TINY! Well it was just Ludvik's size. Ludvik looked down at the screaming fans, and scratched his head. He wondered if they were cheering for the others, or just him. The fans were kind of loud, but Ludvik was fine around them. His footsteps sounded loud on the ground, well, he was extremely big.

Ludvik walked along, up right, making sure the fans noticed him (well he was pretty hard to miss). He smiled at some of the fans. Ludvik began to walk along the path again. He stopped once and sniffed the air. The women below him was putting perfume on. Ludvik raised his eyebrow, then clapped his hand over his mouth. He pulled back his head, and sneezed loudly, sneezing out a hot fire.

"Don't.... spray that... stuff near m-m-m-" He said, before sneezing again and burning part of the carpet. Ludvik sniffed. "Sorry..." He muttered. He start down the path again, and noticed the Harpy, or, whatever it was. "Is that a Chicken? Or A Harpy? Ah... I think it must be a Harpy." He laughed to himself. The looked closed, and shrugged. "No I'm wrong it's a gaint chicken..."

Ludvik walked down the path again, every now and then stopping and showing off a little. He stood up straight again and folded his arms over his strong chest and walked slower this time. The fans didn't bother him too much, he wasn't too bad tempered. Ludvik scratched his hand, then rubbed his horn still wondering about the Harpy and the other lot. The screams of the fans got louder and louder, and Ludvik covered his ears (does he have any?), shaking the sound out.

"Now THIS is annoying..."[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Jack grinned happily as he practically skipped his way down the carpet, now THIS was a warm welcome! This was new to him; usually people would attempt hanging him or beating him because of his plundering hobby. He remembered this one time when he met this Will guy, but that was another story.
He looked ahead of him to see how far he was from the boat; he was playing a little game with himself. How many Wallets can Jack get before making it to the boat? This is way Jack was so good in large crowds. He wasn't too far from the boat, but he wasn't too close either, he looked at the contestants that were already there; the ninja guy had caused a distraction earlier, causing Jack to get a nice pocket watch from an unexpected fan...
"I think we'll get along fine." Jack said happily as he made his way closer to the boat.

His ears perked up a bit when he heard a group of fan girls screaming for him, it was a bit scary... being they were all in their 30s and were probably already married... but that meant jewelry! Jack quickly leaped over to where the girls... or ladies... were almost ripping through the "Stop here and don't go any further or else a celebrity will get mad" rail. Just to impress them, Jack pulled out his pistol and twirled it through his fingers, which seemed to make the ladies melt and almost become part of the floor like the Shadow girl. Jack leaned in a bit as they squealed happily, he extended his left hand out near one of the ladies purses, but before he could make a grab for anything one of the ladies grabbed him! Jack was suddenly crowd surfing the fans!

"Bloody hell!" Jack yelled as he was nearly dropped by some smaller kids. He bent his neck up to see how far from the carpet he was, he wasn't too far, but he wasn't too close either. Jack suddenly felt some tugging at his pants and shirt; he quickly pulled his hat off, not wanting to lose that over anything. No offence to the crowd, but he liked getting his clothes ripped off in the proper place at a proper time... this was not proper!

Using his skills from being a very handsome pirate, Jack quickly leaped from the tops of the crazy crowd and onto the gravel, before anyone could realize it; he was already half way back to the safety of the red carpet. People tugged at his clothes and some even tried to pull his hat away from his clenched hands, but he wasn't slowed down...too much... With a desperate leap, Jack flew from the crowd; he was now about 7 feet from the carpet. With a thud, he landed sideways on the carpet and rolled over, pushing himself back up onto his feet.
He looked down at his clothes that were now very ragged looking, even more ragged then they usually look!

With a smile he waved good bye to the crazy ladies and firmly put his hat tight on his head, which jingled slightly with a few parcels he had "borrowed" when running through the crowds... Now all he had to do was commodore the ship!
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[color=green]With a sudden puff of mauve smoke, which smelled like burnt cabbages, Victan the Sorcerer appeared. Wearing stunning robes of navy blue and carrying an ornately carved staff that he was using as a walking stick, the magical figure began to walk down the red carpet toward the boat. The crowds on either side of him, which had been exposed to the nasty smelling smoke from his transportation spell, gave him nasty looks and rude gestures.

Victan hated rude people. Screwing up his face and pointing his staff at his nearest antagonist, he began to chant in a low voice.

[b]Victan[/b]: ?Hocus Pokus, jibbery jat! Make that man turn into a rat!?

A faint wisp of smoke escaped the end of his staff, but nothing happened to the man. Victan scowled, he really needed to take night classes in hexes. He?d never been good at them?

After walking farther down the carpet, careful not to trip and look stupid, Victan?s fans began to greet him. A great wave of applause greeted him, intermingled with cries for cures of various ailments. He never liked healing other people?s problems, all kinds of things could go wrong. They might be contagious, he might hurt them by accident, his staff might break halfway through the spell and standing in one place that long was just asking for something to fall on you. Shuddering at the thought, Victan bowed to his fans.

He hit his head on one of the poles that held up the silk rope separating the crowd from the contestants. Victan began to blush and hurried along, determined not to make a fool of himself. Although, after that bump on the head, hadn?t he already done that? Now determined that he wouldn?t do that again, Victan hurried down that last few meters of carpet that seperated him from the boat?[/color]
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[i][font=Verdana][size=1]Ooper pulled on his long brown coat, as he stared in disbelief down the red carpet at the beginning of the dock. For a small man he needed a to take more than a few deep breaths to calm him down, he thought simply "If I don't get into gear soon I might as well kiss the prospects of that new Porsche goodbye". Ooper though a very good hearted and kind little man had a small tendency to get a little over-excited and muddled at times. "Blast and fizzlewhip" he cried, as he realised that he'd left his toolbox a few meters behind him as he'd been prepared to walk down the carpet. Another two or three deep breaths made him feel a little calmer but not totally calm yet, he raised his leg a few inches before taking what seemed like the first of a thousand down the long carpeted wharf. [/size][/font][/i]

[i][font=Verdana][size=1]The docks were filled to the brim with of people, they were cheering for those who'd been lucky enough to participate in the Roland Corp. competition. Ooper became very aware of the sheer magnitude of what he'd gotten himself into, he gave a nervous laugh to himself as he began his march toward the boat at the other side of the dock. "There are so many people" he thought, it was startling to behold the sheer number of people in the crowds. The cheering that filled the air had surpassed all other sounds, Ooper began to stride in a almost vain attempt to look confident. He held his hand into the air and waved at all the people to his left and right as he walked down the red carpet, several of his fellow handymen held their hammers high in the air as they too filled the almost over powering applause of the audience. Ooper realised just how small he was in those few seconds, there was a saying he knew about nervous people feeling six inches tall, Ooper felt less than six centimetres.[/size][/font][/i]

[i][font=Verdana][size=1]Ooper could see as made his way further down that there were dozens of photographers right at the beginning of the gangplank to lead onto the ship. Ooper briskly attempted to smooth down his hair and clothes before he reached them, he throat was dry from thanking the people for turning out and he felt even more nervous than ever... He began counting down the steps before he reached them, "Three, two... woah... fiddlesticks." he cried as he tripped on a piece of the carpet that had not been fully straightened out. He lay face down in a heap upon the colored ground covering fabric as cameras all about him went off. Ooper could only guess as to how red his face has become after that accident, he stood up, brushed himself off and then just laughed in good fun as he made his way up the gangplank.[/size][/font][/i]

[font=Verdana][size=1][b]Ooper:[/b] Heh heh, I hope I won't do something like that again.[/size][/font]
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A little old lady wearing a tall witch's hat makes her way down the red carpet, chuckling quietly to herself. A small bag with rose decals is tied to the end of her staff, filled with her personal items and a copy of Reader's Digest. (she never remembers what the articles were about after she reads them, but it just doesn't seem right to go to the restroom without reading material.) Her parcel was getting to be too heavy for her old, creaky joints. Oh, well, Mana could fix that with a simple Spell Of Weightlessness. She turned to face her bag, then raised her hands and traced the mystic symbols in the air while dancing the magic dance.

The crowd grows strangely silent as they watch the venerable witch at her work. The parcel shudders, then trembles, then quakes. It rises slowly into the air by fits and starts, until at last it is..... a purple chicken!?!

[I]Oh, dear. How will I survive without my things?[/I]

As she stands watching the chicken prance about in front of her, Mana hears a familiar voice:

"Hey! Manie! Over heeeear!"

"Eh? You talk?" Mana asks the chicken.

"No, over here, you old joker you!"

Mana realizes the voice is coming from the crowd. She shields her eyes from the sun and gazes in the direction of the voice. "Eloise! How have you been!" Mana shouts.

About five or ten (they change every time Mana counts them) senior citizens stand gathered at the edge of the crowd, holding up hand-sewn blankets that read "Mana is swell!"

"Awwww, isn't that nice!" Mana is filled with happiness as she walks over to her friends, "All you youngsters turning out to see me off on my little old sea cruise!"

Joseph, an old WWII vet in a wheelchair, grasps Mana's hand in a firm handshake. "Do us proud."

Mana has her very own fanclub! With that thought in mind, she cackles cheerfully and heads off to the ship. The purple chicken follows close behind.
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[size=1][color=blue]Condor looked grumpily down upon the huge crowd of people cheering for the contestants of the tournament, was this some way of worshiping them. He grumbled something under his breath and then flew from his perch, which was in a small tree a short distance away from the red carpet. He had watched a female harpy fly by earlier, he didn't expect to see another one, but he would soon take care of her. Instead of flying high above the crowds, he glided down, hovering only about three feet from the red carpet, everyone seemed to watch him more than cheer, being not a single sign of a grin was showing on his face.

Realizing that no one seemed to like him, Condor grumbled something angrily and then, with a beat of his wings gained about ten or so feet, doing a spiral as he went. That seemed to make the crowd a bit more enthusiastic and a small cheer came from some people. Condor thought he heard someone yell: "Look! A big blue chicken!" but he wasn't quite sure. He wouldn't have been surprised if someone had said that, he got that alot from [i]humans[/i]

He swooped over and perched himself on the side of the boat, opposite of the female harpy. They locked eyes for a brief moment. Two harpies would go into this tournament, but only would come out as victor. [/size][/color]
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[size=1]The loud sound of rapidly moving helicopter blades filled the air. Rocky sat inside it, waiting to make his big entrance. As a movie star, he just had to come in cool. It was just his... 'thing'. He fiddled with a pen that he had brought along for the trip. The Co-Pilot of the Helicopter looked back at him.[/size]

[size=1]"What's the pen for, sir?" he asked.[/size]

[size=1]"Well, Jeeves... this is my Autograph pen. I don't want anyone to be a fan of mine and not get an autograph. I might sell it to the leader of my fan-club on the internet. She'd enjoy it very much." replied Rocky.[/size]

[size=1]"I see, sir." Jeeves sniffed the air. "New kind of cologne, sir?"[/size]

[size=1]"Yes actually. I bought a different kind for everyday of the year. Do you like it? It's Banana Cream." explained the beefy star.[/size]

[size=1]"Very good smell, sir. Oh, it seems like we are here. Is your parachute on tight?" questioned Jeeves. Rocky fastened a parachute to his chest.[/size]

[size=1]"It is now." said Rocky.[/size]

[size=1]"Good luck, sir." said Jeeves and the Pilot in unison. But it was too late anyways. The door in the back had already swung open and Rocky jumped out. As he was about a Kilometre from the helicopter he pulled the cord on his parachute bag.[/size]

[size=1]The back opened up and the parasol-like-blanket flew out. It's force jerked Rocky and he went up a bit but eventually slowly sailed down. A booming voice came from the helicopter. It was Jeeves speaking to the crowd.[/size]

[size=1]"Hello one and all. It is time to introduce your favourite movie-star.... ROCKY STONE!" with that Rocky landed in the middle of the red carpet. He loved that introduction. Naturally, he had written it himself.[/size]

[size=1]The crowd cheered wildly at their number one actor.[/size]

[size=1]"Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" Each time they yelled his name, Rocky's mouth grew bigger along with his Ego.[/size]

[size=1]He raced to different sides of the red carpet, signing many pictures of himself. This was what Rocky did best, sign autographs. He loved doing it... for his fans of course. He smiled more and more with each autograph he signed. When he reached the end of the velvet road he had made his decision about the pen.[/size]

[size=1]"This is my famous Autograph Pen! Who ever catches it, gets it!" he yelled, and he threw the pen in the middle of the carpet.[/size]

[size=1]Many members of the crowd raced towards it, running right through the rails. Lots of security officers struggled to get the crowd back together. It even seemed like some of the officers were trying to get the pen for themselves.[/size]

[size=1]"Wish me luck!" shouted Rocky, walking up the ramp leading up to the boat.[/size]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]"Like oh my God, do you people ever SHUT UP?" Lenthal yelled at the crowd and returned to her cell phone. "Daddy? Are you still there?"

"Yes honey." Crackled the voice at the end of the line.

"Why do I have to do this stupid game again? I would have more fun at the island beach-house."

"Because, you have to stop making us buy you new cars after you wreck your's. I'll tell you what; you win that new porsche, I'll buy your' next car."

"Really Daddy? Thank you. Can you hold on a sec?" Lenthal put her father on hold before a response could be heard. She stepped over what looked like an overweight cat with a coat on and positioned in front of a crowd of photographers. She assumed flirtatious positions as they happily clicked their hearts away. All of a sudden, she was hit in the head by something. She looked at what it was. A pen. She looked past the pen at a crowd of people rushing towards her.

Lenthal went back to her cell phone. "Daddy, I have to go."[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[size=1]The sound of the ship departing was a deafening resonance that members of the crowd had to cover their ears tight. Most didn't mind their eardrums being blown out; they'd do anything to wave their favoirte contestants on their way. The contestants waved back (well, most of them) and enjoyed the brisk takeoff. It was a good start.

Just as it seemed everything was goin' good, Roland appeared. "Hey there, partners," was his official greeting of the day.

Everyone turned to see the hunky cowboy businessman. "I am Roland, but I'm sure you already know that."

"Not really," came a creaky voice from the group; most likely Mana with her bad memory.

"Anyways," Roland continued, "Little did you all know, that was your first test." A sudden surge of "What?" and "Huh?" and "What the dizzle?" came from the participants. Everyone was up in a panic, aside from Rocky, who was too busy working his three hairs over with gel. "Now, now, no need to get your spurs in a tangle. Things'll be alright." Relief swept over everyone for the matter of seconds Roland didn't speak. "Well, I guess you should panic because one person is already leaving and we haven't even left Roland Corp. off the horizon yet."

"What?!" shouted one voice, unidentified. Others followed with questions and crude statements.

"Alright, shut up!" Roland said more roughly than he meant to protray. "Let me explain. I tested all of you on how well you did your entrance and how well you worked with the crowd. Now obviously, some of you didn't get the crowd's attention very well, but others-" Roland's gaze moved over Rocky and various others, "-was more than to be expected. And so I shall now explain who gets the first Immortality."

Zookies suddenly, out of what seemed like no where, overwhelmed the ship's main deck, most carrying chairs and others serving drinks to the contestants. "Have a seat," Roland offered and they all did. Roland mimicked and took a seat himself. "Now then, let's start off by saying a few things about your performances. [NOTE TO ACTUAL PLAYERS OF THIS RPG: This round was actually all about how well you wrote your post and how well you protrayed your character, not audience reaction. I had to somehow make it seem like this was a real reality show or whatnot.] First, there were some pretty good ideas you people had. I noted many of you were quite comical in your acts. Some examples would be Jack over there [K.K.C.] and Ooper with his odd ways [Lynx]. Comedy can help you succeed in this game and don't be afraid to show your humorous side. God knows this tournament needs a bit of a joker now and then.

"Having said that, I was disappointed on how some of you didn't look over your work very well, it seemed [in other words, some of you didn't spell check/grammar check/proof read]. I found a minimum of one error in every introduction so I'm not just poking fun at a few of you.

"But the errors were completely covered by perfomances, by far. I was impressed, partners. Some of you really just acted like yourself and did well with your introductions such as GrattaNite [Jokopoko] and Rocky. And speaking of you GrattaNite, I couldn't help, but notice you referring to me as Ronald. Please, it's Roland. I'm not some cheap clown selling fast food, I'll tell you right now. Last thing I need is that floatin' around, got me?" Roland smiled and continued. "I also noticed an old man dressed as a WW2 veteran. I guess he reads those fantasy books about that world called Earth or something. That author has a big imagination. Anyways, back to the serious stuff, most of these performances were outstanding. Some could've been better. Others topped the rest by far, but tied with many so it made it hard to come to a decision."

The group went quiet and even Rocky stopped doing his hair up.

"I was leaning towards GrattaNite, but he did say my name wrong." Roland then smirked with that statement. "He even had a little poem. Well, Gratta, if you think a poem will get you anywhere, there's something you didn't expect: you're right. It did get you far. But not far enough, sadly. You didn't get the Immortality.

Many people had excellent character performances. Jack and his thievery, which, might I add, I noticed from the ship." Jack hid his face in his hat, but noticed the parcels inside so quickly put it back on his head. "Ludvik even got in there with his 'big giant' antics." The demon grinned a little. "But the character that had the most [i]oomf![/i] and did everything like he always does was Rocky! Congrats, Rock, you get the Immortality!"

Rocky smiled as if it were nothing. "Of course," he said smugly. The others seemed a bit down, but Roland only made it worse.

"Don't feel safe yet. It's time for voting. Before round 2 begins, I need you all to tell me who you think should be gone from this game. Refer to round 1, if you want. Maybe another experience. Whatever. I just want all of you to vote. Round 2 will begin when I get the last vote in and reply once more. Have a good evening." With that, Roland stood up and went into his cabin, many Zookie servants following closely behind.

The elimination has begun.[/size]

[indent][i]Round 1[/i] [b]Immortality[/b] goes to [u]Rocky Stone[/u] [Lrb]. No one may vote Lrb off this round.[/indent]

PM me which member you want off or contact me by AIM if you have me on your messenger (don't rely on IM, though). Here's the list of people you may vote off:

[size=1]K.K.C. [Jack]
G/S/B Master [Cogan]
Kitty [Shadow]
Ohkami [Harpith]
Jokopoko [GrattaNite]
Vicky [Ludvik]
Boba Fett [Victan]
Lynx [Ooper]
Xander Harris [Mana]
O'Lick [Condor]
Radaghast [Lenthal] [/size]
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[center][size=1]You have all decided and we have come to our conclusion of who shall be voted off this awesome, bad *** ship. I'm sorry to say, but Radaghast, you're going to be taken back to shore. Thank you for participating. You may post one more post either telling your feelings, showing you leave the ship in one of our small boats, or both.[/size]

[b]Time for Round 2![/b]


At this time, you are all seated in the large dining hall of Roland's gigantic cruise ship. Food is served to you and you enjoy the sweet melody of a group of bards off to the right of the feast. Only Radaghast doesn't join you, for he is packing and preparing to leave this evening. Everyone grows quiet when Roland enters and sits at a table on a higher up platform before everyone. He seats himself and clears his throat.

"Hey there," he begins, "You have all passed the first round, but that's only the tip of this 10-Gallon hat. The next round is even more challenging since it's gonna be confusing as hell!" Everyone gives odd looks and Roland continues. "Let me explain. As all of you have recieved, there is a small card saying [i]Round 2: Mystery[/i] on it. What the mystery part means is what this round is about. The idea of this round is to guess what I'm looking for. In other words, I'm not gonna say the requirements for this round. You figure out yourselves. Maybe I want a neat 3-paragraph assignment or maybe I want a humorous story about your life. Who knows. You post. The only real rule is to not spam. I hate spam. Both kinds.

So, I leave you with that. If you're still confused-" as he says this, Zookies pass out brochures to all the contestants, "-these brochures will help you understand better. Good luck." Just before Roland makes his exit, he finishes with: "The round begins now!"


[indent]You heard the cowboy! This round is gonna be intense. You may not know what to post, but trying to guess what Roland wants is the key to this event. Maybe he wants you to just post more than once. Maybe he wants you to post a dreadful tale of horror. Whichever, you decide. This round is up to chance and the one closest (or in some cases, right on the dot) to what Roland expects, they get the Immortality. Voting off for this round will be explained later on.[/indent]

[b]:::Rules- Round II[/b]
-No Spam

[b]:::Info- Round II[/b]
-If you're gonna roleplay this event, then start it in the dining hall. That's where your character is currently.
-Don't involve yourself with other contestants this round since it'll mess up any of their ideas... wait... that could help you out, aye? Maybe.
-Think creative!

[center][b]Good Luck![/b]
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[color=green]The flaking paint on walls of the dining hall, the cheap yellowish lighting and the stained dinner tables cast an air of mystery over the room. Victan looked around, noticing that ?Roland? and all of his assistants had disappeared as suddenly as they arrived.

This ship certainly was a mysterious place?

Putting on a cowboy hat, which he?d conjured out of thin air, Victan walked from the hall towards the stairs. The others were still in the room, all but Ooper were casually eating from a scrumptious looking buffet table loaded with gourmet foods. As he passed the table on the way out he grabbed a chocolate.

Biting into it as he started up the stairs, Victan nearly choked as the first bits of the chocolate touched his tongue. It was cream and nougat, his least favorite chocolate. Cursing under his breath, which caused boils to appear on a passing waiter, Victan reached the top of the stairs.

It was then that a scream filled the air, a high and shrill woman?s scream.

Without a second thought, Victan hurried towards the cabins where the cry had emanated from. He charged down the hallway towards the stairs that lead to the next deck, conjuring himself into some Sherlock Holmes-esque attire as he ran. After getting up the stairs and finding himself in yet another seedy hallway, Victan stopped to look around. The third door down on the left side was open...

In the cabin was a woman who was crying and shaking. Around her stood three men. As soon as she saw Victan, she began to talk.

[b]Woman[/b]: ?You must be Victan, the sorcerer!?

[b]Victan[/b]: ?How?d you kno- Why yes, I am. What seems to be the matter??

[b]Woman[/b]: ?A most terrible thing has happened! I came back to my room and found my diamond necklace missing. I left it on my dresser before I left for lunch. When I came back, it was gone. I locked the door, and the only people with keys are my husband, the bellboy and myself.?

[I]Victan thought hard for a moment. This wasn?t good. He?d been drawn into a mystery. Mysteries could get dangerous, and he hated danger?[/I]

[b]Victan[/b]: ?Hmmm, where to begin??

He snapped his fingers, causing the bellboy and the husband to appear in the room. Both looked utterly bewildered and slightly disoriented.

The bellboy was still dressed in his deep red uniform with gold colored buttons. There were several bills hanging out of the boy?s back pocket, along with what looked to be ticket stubs.

The woman?s husband had lipstick smeared on his collar and a half unbuttoned shirt. He breath reeked of beer, and he swayed slightly as he peered around the room.

[I]This is going to be interesting?[/I][/color]
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As Cogan nibbled on his chicken leg WITHOUT his face mask, he saw Victan with a very strange cowboy hat walking into the hall. The room was quite dull. The lighting was bright but there was some dull rusting on the light bulbs which blocked much needed light in the room.

[i] Wonder what that guy has in mind...." wondered Cogan. [/i]

Cogan packed up triffles into his pocket, grabbed another chicken leg, put on his mouth mask, and walked out of the dining room. Occasionally biting into the chicken leg and spilling meat crumbs on the floor....

The ninja walked normally following Victan. It seemed like the sorcerer didn't even noticed Cogan or even hear his footsteps. When suddenly a scream filled the hall and Victan immediately reacted to it and ran towards the stairs.

[i] "Huh, so Victan wasn't deaf.... Oh well." said Cogan. He picked one of the triffles and ate the chocolatey bar. Then he threw the meatless chicken bone at an unexpected man servent behind him....[/i]

"Hey watch it!" said the servant. Then he balled his 2 hands into fists and raised them up. The servant was buff and taller then Cogan by at least 2 inches. He wears the same attire as the bellboy. Except that it has a logo of Roland Corp. attached to his chest

"So you want to die?" exclaimed Cogan as he reached for one of his shiruken in his belt.

The man ran up to Cogan but before the servant knew it, Cogan threw a fast shiruken that one of it's 4 blades penetrated the servant's skin and broke the voicebox. The man servant screamed like a little girl and Cogan watches as the fountain of blood was made in the man's mouth. He fell on his knees continuing to scream but a gurgle came out instead.

"What kind of man screams like a puny Japanese school girl?" retorted Cogan as he ran up to him and pulled the long blade from the rope attached to his back. Then he parted the servant's head from the body, silencing the gurgle scream.

"His clothes may prove useful to me..." mumbled Cogan. Then Cogan grabbed the hat and put the head under his clothing. Next, he grabbed the body and dragged it across the wooden floor. Leaving a trail of blood.

Part 2 coming up ^_^.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Jack stood next to the table which was piled up with food, he was quite hungry from walking down that long red carpet, plundering from his creepy crazed fans, and of course all his damn thinking for round 2. What the hell was this Roland guy thinking!? Jack wasn't used to thinking this hard, and he was beginning to get a head ache, or was that just the watch he stole digging into his head. Pulling out his cutlass, Jack stabbed a muffin which Condor was about to grab and bit into it; before Condor could explode in anger from his muffin being snatched away, Jack turned on his heal and walked out of the room still trying to think of what he should do for this very mind hurting task.

[i]"Maybe he wants me to look for an idea for round two because he can't think of one! But... he already gave us the task... though, that still could be the task, he said it was anything, but... wait... eh..."[/i] Jack stopped thinking, for he now felt very dizzy as if he had just spent a night at a local pub. He sat down next to a chair next to a telephone and rubbed his head, trying to think of commandeering a ship to ease his wounded brain. He hungrily stuffed the rest (3/4's) of the muffin into his mouth and looked around the deserted hallway, no one... he sighed, stealing would have helped him.

"To hell with it!" Jack said angrily as he jumped up, knocking over the chair and bumping into the table which the phone was on, causing it to clatter to the floor. He then stormed off; finally coming to the conclusion of what he would do for round two, find something to do for round two! It was brilliant, of course, as good lookin' as Jack was, everything about him was brilliant.[/size][/color]
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Mana cackled uncontrollably. The silly young 'un wanted her to do whatever she wanted to! Mana considered herself a well-mannered old witch, and normally would not do anything too deviant. But the boy said to do whatever she felt like!

"Heeeee YHeee YYHeee!" Mana felt like laughing for no apparent reason. So she did. Long and loud.

Soon her slender frame began to shake and cough, and Mana felt like taking a drink. A great big drink. For that she would need a great big cup. One at least as big as her head. She yelled out some arcane incantations, and a gigantic pewter goblet appeared several feet above the table, blocking out the artificial light. It must have weighed over a ton! The goblet fell down onto the table with a mighty crash, destroying it and scattering food all over the room! The ship rocked violently with the added weight. Mana then had a strange urge to pick up some of the food and throw it at her host. So she did.

With a high pitched cackle that would give even the sturdiest man a headache, Mana cast a spell to turn the goblet into a three headed ostrich just for the heck of it. The ostrich spit too much, though, so the crazy old sorceress took away it's heads and watched with great amusement as it ran around directionless. A part of Mana thought that this was a bad thing to do, but then she reminded herself that there were no rules anymore! She could do whatever she wanted! Perhaps Roland wanted them to be cruel to animals in this round. No one knew what they were supposed to do! As she cast a spell to make the chicken wings and mashed potatoes get up and dance, Mana realized that pure chaos was more fun than she had ever thought it would be.

Round two was simply splendid! :D
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[COLOR=Navy]Harpith cocked an eyebrow as Roland announced that they had to guess what he was looking for for Round 2. She sighed and looked at the food on the table in disgust. She looked around and saw the other contestants shovelling the food into the holes in their faces that they called a mouth. Harpith screeched angrily and flapped off her perch of the back of the chair and flew out of the dining hall. Harpith landed on the ground in another hall and walked around. Her talons made small clicking noises as she walked across the floors.

[I]'I wonder how I can get out of this building.'[/I] Harpith thought as she opened different doors and looking inside.

She stuck her head through a door and frowned. There was a large four poster bed and lots of fancy things.

[I]'Posh people'[/I] she scoffed silently.

Harpith screamed with frustration. She just wanted to go outside. Why was it so hard to find an exit. She spread her wings and flapped slowly. She levitated and she flew down the hall and turned corners. The building was like a maze.

Suddenly she heard a roar from one of the rooms in the new hall she was in. Harpith looked around looking for the source of the sound.

"Who's there?" she called. The sound echoed in the emptyness.

She heard the roar again. Harpith flapped to the room she thought she heard it from and gasped. There was a large monster inside. It looked like a cross between a spider and a man. He had the body parts of a spider with a human head and upper torso. It grinned at her and revealed it's sharp fangs.

Harpith glared angrily at it. It clicked it's front legs together and licked it's lips.

"What are you?!" Harpith yelled.
"Hahaha, I'm a Spidren. Not like you need to know that because I'm going to have you for dinner." it said.

It shot a stream of sticky grey string from it's spinneret on his stomach at Harpith. She pumped her wings and avoided the stream. The spidren cut it the end off his spinneret and prepared to shoot another jet. Harpith inhaled deeply and screeched in a high pitch. The spidren yelled angrily and tried to block the sound out. The sound echoed out the door and down the hall. As the spidren was distracted, Harpith flew up close and clawed at it's eyes and face.

Harpith ran out of breath and slammed the door on her way out. She flew as fast as she could through halls until she was far from the spidren. Then she realised that she was lost. She gasped for breath and her eyes searched the hallway.

She grinned as she finally saw the exit. She flew out the door and took off into the sky. She sighed as she felt the wind around her and no confinements like ceilings or walls. Her stomach growled so Harpith flew closer to the ground. She flew fast and caught something in her talons. It was a mouse. She ate it in one mouthful and continued to hunt for food to satisfy her stomach.[/COLOR]
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Ha ha! The first ever 2nd post in the same round post ^_^. Didn't make sense huh? If it did, then congrats, you win a free discount to Hobo Land! The saddest place on earth ^_^.

As Cogan dragged the headless corps into the laundry room, he tucked and inserted the blood covered blade into the rope on his back. Cogan entered the room but he looked outside first before locking the room, in case someone suspicious was going to come by. Then Cogan stripped the body off of it's clothes except the purple Barney boxers with the words, "Naughty Boy" all over it. Cogan moaned in disgust. Then he swiftly changed into the servant clothes. He was very surprised that it smelled very fresh and clean. The pants were very baggy since the servant was inches taller then him. Fortunately he found stilts on the cubbard near the Laundry Detergent. Cogan put them on and walked on it just fine. It just proved to him that walking on a steel cord was a good training exercise. He put his black ninja clothes behind the layer of the red jacket. Then he walked outside when suddenly he saw Harpith in the hallway. Cogan tried to talk, but then he realized that it would give out his identity. He fixed up a deeper tone, but it sound like he was singing, but Cogan quickly fixed it up so it would sound like the man he slaughtered.

"Do you know anywhere to get some mice?" squawked Harpith.

"Um, Miss, I don't think there's any mice or even a mouse on this boat." faked Cogan

"Oh ok," said Harpith with a disappointing tone.

[i]"It's time to strike. Time to fulfill my quest. Assassinate a contestant." whispered Cogan.[/i] He drew a hidden shiruken from the back pocket and swung it at Harpith's neck. The strike didn't kill Harpith but it made her shriek in pain and agony. She screamed in a high pitch but it ended shortly since her air was literally knocked out of her lungs. Blood gushed out of the neck and Harpith suffered from temporary paralysis. Cogan, using his stealth skills, quickly ran towards another hall and hid in the darkness and shade of the shadows...
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[B]OOC:[/B] Here's my Post 2 of the Second Round. How could you do that to me G/S/B?! Waaaaaaaaaah!!! >='(. Anyways, sorry about the length, kinda shotty, I know but I don't know what G/S/B wants.

[COLOR=Navy]Harpith groaned on the floor. That bastard must have been another contestant that was trying to get others out of the game by assassination attempts. But Harpith didn't give up that easily.

She slowly and painfully pushed herself off the ground and flapped her wings. Her furious piercing eyes searched the area for signs of the disguised assassin.

"Come out and face me!!" Harpith yelled, she could feel the blood running down her neck and dripping onto the floor below.

"Face me if you dare you weakling! One on One!!" Harpith taunted.

It was silent. She could hear her own breathing...and that of another's. Harpith looked around. It had to be one of the stealthier contestants. She had ruled out the females and the large contestants. It was a male, and very stealthy. Then it hit her.

"I know it's you Cogan." Harpith said cooly, flapping her wings steadily.
"How did you know it was me?" he said, remaining hidden.
"Because of you're stealthiness, size and voice." Harpith said, trying to look for the source of the voice.
"Why don't you just reveal yourself! Are you scared of me, human?!" Harpith spat angrily, tired of waiting, her eyes blazed angrily with fire.[/COLOR]
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OOC: You setted yourself here. You were such a perfect target, it's hard not to XD. Besides, Cogan is thinking that killing/slaughtering something is what Roland wants (but it will be revealed later ^_^)

[i]"Should I come out, or come out like a man," thought Cogan.[/i]

"You'll see me again soon enough," said Cogan. "This is not what I have expected of you."

"Just come out!" yelled Harpith. "Or else, you'll come out anyway!" Then the green female condor sucked in air and prepare the horrify screech.

"Harpith, remember this." announced Cogan. "I will be back in Round 3, the fighting will be near then, Harpith. Remember that." Then Cogan tip-toed away......

Cogan walked towards another hall. Suddenly, he heard Harpith's wing flapping heavily around the corridors.

[i]" She's getting close, the effects of the shiruken must've wore her out." mumbled Cogan [/i]

Cogan's heart raced, Harpith was getting closer, but Harpith was closing in on him. Cogan got an idea, he raced towards his room and close the door, then he locked it. Cogan quickly changed into his ninja clothes as Harpith was in the hall that Cogan's room is. He cursed softly and he saw the airvent. Cogan's mind clicked and swiftly opened the vent's entrance and using his small frame, he crawled at a fast pace....

Harpith was at the door. Unlimited anger filed her as she filled up her lungs and released an ear piercing shriek that broke the door into just 3 inches length of wood in piles. To her surprise and frustration, he wasn't there. She found out that the vent was open.

[i]"So he went through there. Too bad I can't fit in there." thought to herself[/i]

Harpith made a scream of anger and walked away from the wood floored room.
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[COLOR=Navy]Harpith trudged away angrily. Cogan would have made a good meal to satisfy her stomach. Harpith fluffed her wings with a "hmph" and flapped her wings gently. She was woozy from the blood loss. It was still bleeding and she needed help. She flew as fast as she could through the halls before she lost consciousness. But it was too late. As she reached a hall, a few turns away from the dining area she fell from the sky and lay rumpled on the wooden floorboards. She was out cold and she was still bleeding.

The next thing she remembered was waking up in a white room. She was on a simple bed. She was covered by a white sheet and she was lying down. She blinked her eyes. She flapped her wings in a test and they were still good. She pushed away the sheet and looked herself over. Nothing had been changed. Then she felt something at the back of her neck. She reached a wing around and felt it. It was a bandage. Then she remembered everything.

The shouting match with Cogan after he had slashed the back of her neck. Then she had followed him to his room, where he had gotten away through an airvent and then she tried to get back to the dining area, then she fell unconscious.

Harpith flapped off the bed and went to find the nurse.

"What happened?" Harpith demanded when she found the nurse.
"Oh, a servant found you unconscious on the ground and brought you here, to the Infirmary. You're neck was slashed at the back so I stitched it and bandaged it." she explained.
"Thank you,I must leave. Please tell me the way to my room from here." Harpith said, calming down.

The nurse told her which way and Harpith flapped off with a final thank you to the nurse.

Harpith opened the door to her room and flew to the perch next to the bed. she bared her teeth angrily at the thought of being attacked by that stupid ninja. She would have to be more cautious of "servants" next time.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Ludvik stared down at the brochure on the table the Zookies or whatever passed out to people. Ludvik raised his eyebrow and smirked.

"Hmm... what are these for...? It reminds me of that holiday I took... the one with those weird people on that island... I didn't know if it was possible btu I got sunburn on my shoulders..." Ludvik muttered. He rested his head on his arm and sighed. "Why am I talking to myself?" He asked himself. Though the holiday he did take was pretty weird, most of the time he was chasing people off the island because they said he was from hell. It wasn't a vacation, it was more of a horror island, for the people and Ludvik.

[I]How does he expect people to win this round if they have no idea what to do...?[/I] Ludvik asked himself. [I]Oh well... I might as well go to sleep right here...[/I] Ludvik thought himself. He closed his eyes and dozed off slowly, before resting his head on the table and snoring loudly.

[I]Then he found himself back at the holiday island he went to years ago... the palm trees bent over slowly in the wind, and the waves crashed calmy on the sand. It was like going on holiday again this time he knew what was going to happen.

"That stupid brochure... has to bring back old memories doesn't it?" Ludvik said to himself sitting down on the sand. He lay back on the floor and stared up at the sky. "Thank god this is only a dream I can just wake up anytime..." Ludvik laughed. Something wasn't right, it was a lot more peaceful than before. He heard the sound of something flying threw the air and sticking in the ground. Ludvik opened one eye, only to see a spear shaking in the sand beside him. "I think this is where these weirdo's come..." Ludvik said calmly sitting up. "Oh well... time to wake up..." He laughed to himself. Another spear flew through the air landing right beside him. "What a rip off... I thought when you know it's a dream you wake up...?" Ludvik growled to himself. He saw a few people in the distance, as if they were running at him. Tiny or not, size didn't matter when you where out numbered. "Uh-oh..." Ludvik gulped.[/I]

The demon suddenly shot awake, looking around. Thank god, he woke up. He didn't have to go through that stupid holiday again, but if he saw Roland again he was going to kill him... or maybe not...

"I hate holidays..." Ludvik groaned.[/SIZE][/B]

OOC: brochures remind me of holidays!
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