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It?s the year 5013, and fashion statements have to be the [I]last[/I] thing on anybody?s mind. Wearing flip-flops on the street could result in serious burns, sometimes even deadly, to your feet, as the ground burns with heat and seeming anxiety.

Anxiety? For what?

It was nearing the time of Raid, which, for the past thirty years, has been a time of peril. For the past thirty years, bombs have dropped like rain, killing those within a 5-mile radius. The only safe place was underground.

No, there was one other place. A place called Haven.

Haven was a grove of tree?s magically protected in the middle of the desert, covered by an illusion. Only a chosen few and those lucky enough can find it.

For 30 yrs, people have gotten into the habit of diving underground when Raid came. For 30 yrs, the tradition of celebrating about Jesus and the Crone was cast away in an attempt to preserve humanity, as were race, culture, and any religion.

For 30 yrs, teens grew into grown ups, grown ups to old folk, old folk died, and babies grew to teens. For 30 yrs, these people were killed one by one by Dyran, the enemy government of Lacunas. For 30 yrs, all hide in their basements and root cellars, hiding anywhere they could, some still getting caught by the poison gas and impact from the bombs. Now, they wait, wondering who will die, and who will live to pray they will live after next Raid. All hold their breath, and wait for the bombing to begin.

Only, none does.

All is silent, no bombs explode, no poison gas seeps into unprotected spots to kill the occupants, and nothing pollutes the air. The temperature drops from 102 degrees to a bearable 95. Everyone waits for a day and a night, and still nothing happens. People come out of hiding, crowding the streets on awestruck groups, all packed together. A murmur or relief and awe sweeps through the streets of Lunar.

All but nine teens, 3 at the YMCA fields, 3 at the third floor library, and 3 at the outskirts of town. The trio at the outskirts are a group of two girls and one boy. They control elements. The group at the Y are all boys, and they are telekinetic. The three at the library, all girls, are alters. They can alter matter?s many forms. All can use telepathy, though none know that anyone other than the others in their group have these powers. The powers they are unaware of are the ability to change into an animal and ?talk? with the animal they ?borrow? the form of. Last but not least, they can teleport.

The trios all stare, wide eyed, at one another, their thoughts circulating. ::This isn?t right.:: ::Something?s gone wrong.:: ::Way weird.::Nine others hear these thoughts, Sensatives. Nine others now feel the dread of doubt. Twelve yr old twins, a mother, three junior high students, and three teachers. They all have the potential to do what the nine teens can.

They must contact the government of Lunar, Yranmill. They must try to help. They must find out what Dyran has in mind, and why they delay.[/size][/color][/font]

[size=3]They must save Lunar. [/size]

[font=arial][size=2][I] Okay, I think that?s okay. You know the rules- no spam, good grammar, blahblahblah. I need [u]at least[/u] the nine teenagers, if not the Sensatives also. Remember-

3 elemental mages
3 alter mages
3 telekinetic mages

The sign up sheet is-

Name- {First and last, if not his/her middle name(s)}
Age- {That should be a ?duh?.}
Gender- {Another ?duh?. Female or male? Sorry, no neuters.}
Appearance- {Looks? Go into detail please!}
Personality- {I [I]really[/I] shouldn?t have to explain this one.}
Power/Control- {Telekinesis? Element? Alter? What? If an element, which one? You can have a max of three.}
Group- {Outskirts? YMCA? Library?}
Bio- {Another ?duh?. At least a paragraph, people! I would like you all to MENTION any ?perculiar? behaviors, also?}

Here is mine-
Name- Shaylee Lauren Leah Damai Moore
Age- 14, almost 15
Gender- Female
Appearance- 5?6 ½?, 132 lbs, waist length jet black hair, thick, silky, loose, w/ blue, green, and silver streaks, green eyes w/ gold flecks, thick black eyelashes, short black jean shorts, black tank top from Fang w/ silver Celtic knot design and blue glitter, black ankle socks, black and blue No Boundaries tennis shoes, silver anklet w/ clear beads hanging off it, identical bracelet, long, tan arms and legs, long sharp features, black leather chocker (thin) w/ a black onyx rose head hanging off in a silver clasp, large silver hoop earrings w/ black onyx rose heads hanging off, and her cladagh ring.
Personality- Like her clothes, dark. Often protective and impulsive, stubborn as a mountain, shyly romantic (She rarely shows anyone this).
Power/Control- Water, ice, moon/darkness
Animal Form- White/Siberian tiger w/ green eyes
Group- Outskirts/elemental
Biography- As a young child, Shaylee, called Shay, lived off of the forbidden tales of hope and survival told by the old wives. Her parents were taken away from her when she was five, and killed right in front of her. She rarely lets herself care for anyone now, afraid of what would happen. Around the third grade, when she was nine, she began to ?hear? other peoples thoughts in her head, and those gave her the perspective of each side of an argument, if there ever was one. In sixth grade, she met two other?s who could also hear others thoughts, a boy and a girl, and they became outcasts together.

In seventh grade, she almost let herself fall in love with a really sweet and cute girl in her Algebra class, but shied away, afraid of her liking another girl. When she noticed she still liked boys, too, she became even more frightened, and almost shut out her only two friends. When Shay and her friends found out about their powers, they made sense to them, as they corresponded with when they were born, and what their Zodiac signs were. As Shay?s was Pices, born on 3/13/4999, she had control over water and ice. Her moon sign was Aquarius, and, according to Astrology, she was a moon child, because of the way her personality leaned towards her moon sign. Now, she stands with her friends, and waits.

I have my hopes up for this one, so you had better do a good job! I'm not gonna be nice this time, so if it doesn?t come to my standards, then your not in((Sorry!)). Sign away, mon otakus![/font][/size][/I]
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'Ello :D I'll join.
[size=1][b]Name-[/b]Pippin Skylark
[b]Age-[/b] 16 years old
[b]Gender-[/b] Male
[b]Appearance-[/b] 5'9'', 117 lbs., short and scruffy blonde hair, blue eyes, numerous scars. Those are some things you could describe Pippin by. As for his outfit, he's one to wear unusual garments. Anything he can find, really. What he currently wears is a raggedy black sweatshirt, dirty khaki pants (mud and stains make it almost not look it's normal tanned color), black boots that are a bit too big for him, brown biker gloves, shades, and lastly, a long dark cloak with a hood. The cloak was easily taken off a person he found on the streets. He wasn't sure if they were alive or not.
[b]Personality-[/b] What would your personality be like if you were him and barely making a living? He has a dark and monotonous soul and a similar social life, one he often doesn't believe in sharing. He can be quiet, but he usually chooses to be loud. He gets himself into all sorts of trouble and therefore, puts him in an even deeper hole.
[b]Power/Control-[/b] Lightning, Dark (as in curses/hexes), Fire
[b]Animal Form-[/b] Fox
[b]Group-[/b] Outskirts
[b]Bio-[/b] Life has been hard for Pippin. Who was his parents? Who were those men that kept giving him food when he was younger? As far as he can tell, he's been scrounging off the streets and other uncanny places for as long as he can remember. Survival was in his blood, obviously, and he's kept to himself being a very skilled worker. His mind is often troubled by thoughts he never knew he would think. Perhaps they aren't his own. He's wondered that sometimes.

Naturally, even without parents or any true life in the real world, he kept to his studies. He went to school and made the few friends he still hangs out with today. The ones that didn't believe he was some bum. He had places to go nowadays. He kept clean. He was still intelligent. He was just very mischievious and adventurous. He tries to keep his standards high and has been told that he could go far in life, but most told him to forget all hopes and dreams.

[i]You get a bad start, you'll never get far.[/i]

Eternally will those words haunt him. He insists on not excepting them. He knows he'll be someone someday. His powers only humor his forever calling...[/size]
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[font=Arial][b][color=navy]Name-[/color] John Tills[/b][/font]
[font=Arial][b][color=navy]Age-[/color] 19[/b][/font]
[font=Arial][b][color=navy]Gender-[/color] Male[/b][/font]
[b][font=Arial][color=navy]Appearance-[/color] John is tall and muscular, and always where?s a navy blue baseball cap. The hair that is visible is pure white and shoulder length. John's eyes are emerald green and appear distant. He has a small gotee that is always well trimmed. Is always wearing a leather necklace he got from his dead girlfriend that has a small snake medal on it. Where?s skin tight navy blue long sleeved shirt. Wears a black dress shirt, unbuttoned, over the navy blue one. Has a black wristband with a snake, also given to him by his dead girlfriend. Wears loose black cargo pants that cover his shoes, which are also black. [/font]
[font=Arial][color=navy]Personality-[/color] Quiet and distant ever since his girlfriend died. Doesn't like people that whine and doesn't like watching innocent people being hurt.[/font]
[font=Arial][color=navy]Power/Control-[/color] [/font]
[font=Arial]Telepathy (Mind reading)[/font]
[font=Arial]Telekinetic (object moving)[/font]
[font=Arial]Mind control (self-explanatory)[/font]
[font=Arial][color=navy]Group-[/color] YMCA[/font]
[font=Arial][color=navy]Bio-[/color] John as a child was loud and fun to be with. He had an O.K. child hood and thought it couldn't get any better... until he met Samantha. He met her in 7th grade and they fell in love. They where perfect for each other. When they where in 8th grade, John started to get headaches and started to hear things. He thought he was going insane until an old man came to him and said not to be afraid, that he had a great gift. John was comforted by the old man and believed him. John went on to practice his skills in his room and on people at school. In 11th grade, John felt that it was time to tell Samantha about his gift. At first she didn't believe him, then she asked him to read her mind. [/font]

[font=Arial]At first he was against it, but then she persuaded him to read her every thought. Everything was going good until John started to get a headache again. Next thing he knew, he was holding her limp body. At first John thought he just knocked Samantha out, but he checked for a pulse and couldn't find one.[/font]

[font=Arial]Ever since that day, John rarely talked to any one and hasn't used his powers, afraid of what it might do to them.[/font]

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[quote name='FirePheonix727']Hey Steph, can I use my original Sign-up from UV? Wait... crap, my place has already been taken! ARGH! Darn you... uhh, how can I change my original to fit in to the story Steph? Pleeeaase? :sweat:[/quote]
Yes, of course, you can. ^^ So far, you are all in. WHoever signs up for the ppl, they are the players. I'm not saving any spots!
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Alright, here it is.. though I did have to make some major changes, thanks to DW... grrr... ah well... dangit Steph, couldn't you have saved me that one spot? You said yourself it was one of my best...

Name: Isaac Paul Ghentro

Age: 15

gender: male

Appearance: 5'10'', though he appears 5'8'' because of his posture (explained later). Black-gray hair that comes down over his ears in a straggely mess, deep, deep blue eyes. His features are soft, but wary, like a wolf's. He stands and walks with his legs slightly bent at the knees, as if he's more comfortable nearer the ground, though when he's running, his whole body seems to sink a little, as if aerodynamic(sp?). He wears a simple blue-gray shirt, and a thin gray jacket. He has blue jeans, but no shoes... instead, he wraps his feet in old cloth.

Personality: Isaac is solitary and mostly a mystery, though works extremely well in his group of friends, mush like a wolfs in it's pack ((hint *nudge*)) He's quiet most of the time, but very talkative if you bring up the right subjects. He is quietly romantic, but you wouldn't guess by looking at him.

Power/Control: Telepathy, Telekenisis, and emotion warping (^^). His animal form is, you guessed it, a wolf, with black and gray hair, and the same deep blue eyes.

Group: YMCA (gah... I hate sports centers...)

Bio: Isaac, though most of his old friends called him Paul, was born in one of the more distant towns, where things weren't so constantly chaotic.. but the fear was always there. When Isaac was seven, a bombing raid came through, destroying the little that they had built up, and killed every near him... The only reason he lived was a large peice of rubble witch came down almost on top of him, keeping the intense flames at bay. Having no one to take care of him, he wandered around the wilderness, as ravaged and desolate as it was, and searched for... anyone. It was nearly a year, during wich he developed almost wolf-like skills in tracking and survival. He dicovered he could literaly smell the scent of people... and so he followed it. Upon reaching the small community, he could hear their thoughts... a surprising and slightly disturbing abilty. Although it came in handy, he heard everything. Their fear, their dreams, and worst of all.. their fantasies, wich I would rather not go into detail about. He eventualy met two others like him... they were wary of each other, but became friends. Although he would probably give his life to defend them, Isaac finds that he doesn't share most of their ideas of fun and humor... perhaps it was his life in the wasteland. He longs now for something, or someone, who can restore order to his chaotic mind...

The finished product... I actualy didn't have to change mush except for the Bio... meh.
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Even though I am male in real life, I shall attempt a female role in this. I tried once before, but the RPG never got off the ground.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Red][B]Name- [/B] Laura Templeton

[B]Age- [/B] 14

[B]Gender- [/B] Female

[B]Appearance- [/B] Laura is about 5'7" tall, though she isn't exactly sure. She is of comfortable build, still young. She has straight, long, thick, red hair, that has hints of blonde and burnette in it, but the red is the primary color. Her eyes are of a crystal blue, and very pretty. Her cheeks are also lightly covered in freckles.

[B]Personality- [/B] She can be moody at times, but she has a great sense of humor. She likes it to be quiet, very much like the way she is most of the time. She opens up to people fairly well.

[B]Power/Control- [/B] Alter

[B]Group- [/B] Library

[B]Bio- [/B] Laura was able to avoid most of the Raid with her mother. Her father was killed before she was even born. During school she would always hear about the peaceful times before all the Raids, and felt envious. She wanted things to go back to the way things were then.

Throughout school she stayed away from most other human contact, until she met her two current friends. Once she met them she opend up more towards people, but still kept her distance from large crowds.

She even dated a boy for a few months, but it didn't work out when she finally discovered her powers. She accidently found herself able to read her boyfriends thoughts and saw that all he thought about was getting into her pants. She would not have any of that. She quickly punched him in the nose, breaking it, and left him.

That had to have been the hardest sign up of my existence here. I certainly hope I am not the only one that signs up for the library... *evil glares* females better start signing up..
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Very nice, Dmi-Conrad! LOL I remember that from your Elfwood stories!

Okay, we need... three girls(1 library, one element) and one boy(the Y). I am actually VERY honored to have Dmitri-Dragoon and Dragon Warrior think this is worth while to sign up for. ^^ I've watched you guys, and I respect you. Seriously. ^^ Will you be in my family? (Instead of can I have an autograph... LOL)

Oh, and I forgot to put the Animal Form part on the sign up sheet, but yu do need to include it. So those of you who caught on, yayness, and those who didn't... fix it!
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Guest Midnight Rush
well now Goddess, thanks muchly for giving me the honor of villain/villian (sp?)

Here he is:

I won't give this guy a girlfriend (Ryoko was too perfect, easily *THE* ideal girl ::gets wide eyed and dreamy:: ::forgets what I am doing:: ) though...

Name- Michael H. James

Age- unknown, those who have seen him guess late twenties

Gender- male....

Appearance- Michael stands a full six foot five inches tall, and bears his height with nobility and poise. He is a Caucasian with slightly tanned skin and fierce green eyes (think the shape and intensity of Hajime Saitoh's from Kenshin). His tanned skin contrasts sharply against his pure white hair. Very athletic build, looks like he worked out alot, but not one of those shinny gross bulgy bastards in muscle shows. Has a cross shaped scar on his right hand and a large tattoo of a Geisha on his back (she is holding a fan and a sheathed sword).

Personality- Intense and focused at all times, Michael lets nothing stand between him and his goals. He is ruthless, murdering on whim. He has a strange sense of honor (it will explain itself in the story), which gets him into a lot of fights.

Power/Control- His only powers are his extreme talent with both gun and Japanese sword, as well as resistance (NOT IMMUNITY) to elements and a VERY strong resistance to all forms or mind control. Also is immune from poison (see BIO for why).

Group- rumored to be President of Dyran (he is... although the teens dinnae know it)

Bio- Michael James is the great grandson and heir of L. Julius and R. Julius (I couldn't resist, I'm sorry Ste-er goddess; they won't come up in story tho... I promise ::gets wide eyed again:: ), who so long ago founded the Dyran Corp. The Dyran Corporation specialized in defense industries. Over the years it slowly evolved into a private army, then into the malicious government known only as 'Dyran' today. Michael's father, John H. James ordered the RAID for un unknown reason. Michael shares his father's distaste for those outside the organization. Rumor has it he has a close circle or friends, although no one knows for certain. Michael's current quest is to find out what happened to the subverted wonder drug that "escaped" Dyran laboratories. He has heard the rumor that the drug, when combined with the toxic waste that coveres the world, gave unnatural power to a group of young people in a small town. He is very curious to determine what happened to them...... His poison resistance came from his father's mother. His father's mother was like that awesome cute ninja girl from Ninja Scroll in that she had the poison that transferred during any physical contact. His father's father died during the sex that made Michael's father, however the woman became pregnant and her son was born without the ability to transfer the poison, but was completely immune from it.
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment

[B]Personality:[/B] It seems as though she has none, but she is distant from most people and she has an attitude and she tends to stay quiet. But, a word of advice is to not to bother her.

[B]Power:[/B] Dark/Death, Psychic, Moon

[B]Group:[/B] Outskirts

[B]Bio:[/B] Kilani tends to hide her past. She believes that her past is hers to know and if one should know it, then they shall learn to never to open their mouth and say such things of her past. She keeps it a secret and it shall still be a secret.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Orange][SIZE=1][list][*] Name- Mara Lynn Heartlocke [*]Age: 16 [*]Gender: Female [*] Group- Library
[*] Appearance- Mara's apperance matches perfectly to her personality. She dons a simple ivy green dress that ties behind her neck and plain white slip-on shoes. She has curly raven hair and kind, brown eyes. She has very fair skin and is at the height of 5'4". She has a scar of a swirl upon her right forearm.
[*] Personality- Mara ia a very compassionate and giving person. She has somewhat of a troubled past, but she has always found a way to battle away the memories with a smile. She is very cheery and bubbly, but tends to slip into fits of daydreaming and dwelling on the what-could-have-beens. She is always willing to compromise, as long as it is fair. [*] Bio- Mara is very open with her past. Her parents were killed during a raid, leaving her an orphan. The kindness of those who have helped her and the cruelty of those who refused to during her life has given her an unbiased view in regards towards human nature, giving her the ability to related to anybody. She has spent most of her life drifiting from people to people, never holding on too long in one family. [*] Power- Healing/ Alter
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Name- Kayin Cloud
Age- 16
Gender- Male
Appearance- [url]http://www.myimgs.com/data/THova/KayinCloud.jpg[/url] (without the sword)
Personality- He is very protective and gets along well with others. He is sometimes shy and does not always say what is on his mind. He likes to be serious but can have a sense of humor.
Power/Control- Telekinesis, Telepathy
Group- YMCA
Bio- Kayin has no memory of his true past. His parents simply told him he was adopted. The fact that he was adopted still bothers him. What bothers him more is that he knows his parents are hiding his real past from him, and he knows without his telepathic powers. His parents continue to hide the truth from him even now, separated from each other...
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Three after I sign up. I've never played as a female before (In case you're wondering, I am a male), so this will be a new experiance for me.

Name: Vaxla Chaengre

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Around 6 feet tall with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. Average build for her height in all ways, but very fit. Looking at her, one can tell that she frequently works out (Shouldn't she be at the Y?).

Personality: Very determined. She never gives up. She's also a fast thinker. Very smart, too. She can seem offensive, rude, or downright mean at first, but she's actually a very nice person when you get to know her, though she can and will hold a grudge. She's also a high-functioning autistic, and if you assume she's not very intelligent because of the autisim, she'll hate you for the rest of her life. She has trouble precieving the emotions of others and generally has no clue what emotional signals she's sending to others. She often has no cule what her facial expression is, and the same goes for her tone of voice. She also has trouble getting anything from the body language of others. She tends to unintentionally be very offensive, which is why almost nobody really ever gets to know her. Her hobbies include reading and working with computers (We still have those, don't we?

Power/Control: Alter

Group: Library

Animal: Tiger

Bio: Her life was pretty normal for the time of the Raid until she discovered her powers at the age of 11. She has since mastered them (The ones she knows about, that is), although the only others who know that she has them are Laura and Mara, who, by the way, are quite used to the way she acts (meaning the autistic charictaristics(sp?)).
Her parents were killed when she was 16. Since then she has dropped out of school, started and still is educating herself, lives by herself, is unemployed, and uses her powers to get the money she needs (100% authentic to everyone but her, seeing as how she uses authentic money to know what the money she makes should be like). The only people she still gets together with are Laura and Mara, and she does so often.
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Okay! Thats it! Sign ups are still open, but I'm starting this! The ppl in are:

Dragon Wariior/Pippin(outskirts)
Undefeated/Michael(Dyran Leader)

Okay, that?s who we have. The spots for Sensitives are still open.
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Name: Dalmorse Riinji
Gender: Male
Appearence: Blonde hair cut short and spiked. Blue jump suit and black gloves. Thin and always has a salamander or pheonix symbol on a chain.
Personality: Filled with emoiton that he needs to set free. He loves everyone and loves life.
Power/Control: Flame, Fallout (meteor showers, exc.), Immunity (power to deflect most powers used on him)
Group: Sensative
Bio: A very bright teenager with the a will that rivals that of MLK Jr. He tends to have a more femamine outlook on things and acts fruity giving people he may have just met hugs. He is strait though. He would be a passafist, but he believes that being completly passive will lead to beging destroyed. He fights only to protect himself and thoughs that are worth protecting. He will try to talk first though. He also loves to laugh.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well, i guess i'll join you, [i]imouto-chan[/i]... if it's all right.

Name- Ayane Hitomi Kitsune (Aya)
Age- 12
Gender- Female
Appearance- Dark blue eyes, brownish-black hair. A nice school-outfit is her usual clothing, consisting of a blue pleated skirt; white blouse; jacket of the same material as her skirt; a red tie; and knee-high socks, with black loafers. She tends to look like a well-dressed little girl. (see attachment for picture)
Personality- As people go, Aya looks very very proper. Looks are deceiving. She's rambunctious, humorous, a generally happy-go-lucky kid. Her general attitude is that of someone like Vash the Stampede: "What can go wrong as long as I do the right thing?"
Power/Control- Telekinesis, telepathy (strong)
Group- Sensitives
Bio- One of a set of twins, the elder. Aya and her sister are bright, and tend to surprise people with how much they know about history and foreign languages (although they mainly speak English). (For more, see her sister.)

Name- Chiana Remia Kitsune (Rem)
Age- 12
Gender- Female
Appearance- Dark blue eyes, brownish-black hair. A nice school-outfit is her usual clothing, consisting of a blue pleated skirt; white blouse; jacket of the same material as her skirt; a red tie; and knee-high socks, with black loafers. She tends to look very prim and proper.
Personality- As people go, Rem looks very, very proper. Her outer shell looks something like her heart would. She's calm, gentle and inwardly strong, although not very outwardly. She remembers her friends' birthdays, loves to cuddle animals, and is very polite to senior citizens. Quiet is her thing, but when she's with her sister she has been seen to smile and (wonder of wonders) laugh.
Power/Control- Telekinesis, telepathy (strong), clairvoyance/premonitions.
Group- Sensitives
Bio- One of a set of identical twins, the younger. Rem and her elder sister are bright, and tend to surprise people with how much they know about history and foreign languages (although they mainly speak English)

Rem's first name means 'treachery', and in a way, her family is involved in Dyran's plans. Her mother was extremely bright and was working on a plan to cleanse the world of all that made it evil in her eyes (pretty much everything). After their mother mysteriously disappeared (she left Aya in charge, saying she was going out shopping, and was gone for weeks before the kids left to search for her), Aya took charge of Rem to keep them out of an orphanage, their biggest fear. Rem has been heard to say that she wishes they could be adopted, and Aya has been heard to curse at her, reminding her that no one would adopt a pair of kids.

Rem and Aya are budding telepaths and telekinetics, and although their powers are limited right now, when they are together they frighten people with the way they seem to read each other's mind and communicate without any words at all.

Separation is the biggest fear of the twins, and if it ever happens they won't know what to do.[/FONT]
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Name: Kiruna Etsune
Age: 15
gender: male
Looks: middle sized, platinium blond hair, short eyelashes, hazel eyes, wears, mostly blue and black zipoff pants, likes to wear ankle socks. tan skin.
personality: quiet out of the way, fighter.
Romance: too quiet to reveal one.

I will edit this later k?
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  • 2 weeks later...
Okays! Sessy, babe, no. And Bry, I hate to say this, but he can't have powers. They are to strong for him to be JUST a sensitive. Seisitives(let me clerify for all of you) are telepathic. Period. That is it. They have the power to do what the other mages can, but they don't.
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