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Anime What's your favorite anime quote?


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What is your favorite anime quote and why - give details.

My favorite is part of my signiture below, but all the Tenchi series contain some great quotes.

This one is my favorite as it was one which Tenchi said just after Ryoko started to attack him at school, following his inadvertedly freeing her from the shrine. It's my favorite as it just sums up the desperate, but somehow inappropriate, thought of a young schoolboy fearing for his life.

PLEASE NOTE: No short spamming here - give good quotes with context - and WHY its your favoured quotation.
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Heheheheheh.... Yeah... I remember that quote.... I'm sorry I just can't stop laughing. Ok. I'm done. My favorite quote would be from Trigun:
Wolfwood begins to shoot the bad guys...
Vash - What happened to "Thou shall not kill?!?!?!?!
its always funny when he says it:D.
If you never heard of Trigun, Wolfwood is a priest... sorta...
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Duo Maxwell, having just 'rescued' an injured Heero Yuy from a govenrment hospital, remarks, "Why did I even bother to rescue this guy? He's antisocial, thinks he's Evel Knevel, and hardly talks!" As if not speaking was worse than being a suicidal recluse... (By the end of the series, though, I think Duo decided that rescuing Heero was worth it, after all. :love: )
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[COLOR=indigo]I have quite a few different favorite quotes from anime
One of my favorites is from PallaPalla-PallaPalla doesn't like you so you have to die.
This is good because it was said to Tuxedo Kamen
Another is You're the disillusioned typer who cries himself to sleep every night aren't you? said by Meryl to Vash
But the most truthful quote is By Duo Maxwell-If we weren't idiots, we wouldn't be soldiers.
The most thought provoking is from Tamahome-Breathing for no purpose is a waste of life
That reminds me, I have to change my signature!
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Hum....there are so many great anime quotes. Some of my favorites are already mentioned. Like "What happened to thou shall not kill? What kind of churchman are you anyway?" from Vash. And of course, any Duo quote is great!!! although i can't think of my favorite one right now..i'll get back to that.
I like my sig. quote. And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You know, they say you can tell if someone is lying by looking into their eyes...

Ok, i just found another one! this one's from Yu Yu Hakusho.
"Yusuke Yuramesi (sp?) Age: 15. Survived by everyone. After going through a big ordeal to get his life back, Yusuke had a brief chance at freedom, until he was EATEN BY A FISH!!!!"
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[size=1]Hmm... Well, my favorite anime quote is probably from FLCL.

The very first episode, and Haruko is speading down the road on her motor-bike, straight towards Naito and Mamimi. She hits him, he goes flying, and she goes through this whole deal about "ta-un"...

Mamimi: "That's not Ta-kun.."
Haruko: "Oh, that's good. Because if it was Ta-kun, he'd become just another statistic.. Death by motor-bike."

I dunno why I like that one so much, but I do.[/size]
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Well my faverite quote would be from...jing king of bandits.

In the first episode after he rescuse the double mermaid the mom (i think it was the mom) started to cry the mayor said she always use to do that but they never made gems and then before jing jumps of the building he says There are tears of sadness and tears of joy but they are far from the same.

Theres somthing about how he says that the makes it cool.
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"I'll make you so in love with me.... that every time our lips touch you'll die a little death." Would be my favorite quote, though it's from the Paradise Kiss manga, not an anime, and it's not actually said out loud. I wish I could be confident enough to think such a thing! It showed such a change in Yukari's character, in my opinion. And it made me wanna cry. (But I'm always crying about something :D )
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Guest angelaanime
I have a number of favorite quotes. Here are 2 of them.

Taikobou: I don't have freinds, i have Dim Wits....

Love them both because.......well i thought they were sorta funny.
And now i say them.
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[i][color=lightpink]Ohh I have a couple anime quotes that i love so much, I did one of them to my boyfriend once and he just started laughing so hard. I found it cute and hilarious.

~ "See I have boobs and everything." *puts (insert guys name cuz i dont remember it now. lol)'s hand on her boob as she says it*~Chidori from Ayashi no Ceres.


And my second quote that i love so much, is becuase when i heard it i was half awake and just listening to what they were saying, and started to laugh about it, it was funny indeed. Well its actually a conversation but its good. It's from Saiyuki (episode 2.)

Gojyo: *opens a beer can and takes a drink* God D*mmit. This ones hot...Goku get me another beer.

Goku: Get your own beer, jerk off.

Gojyo: Ok. You're going to get me another beer or I'm going to take this can and shove it up your whiny little ***** you got that?

Goku: You just try and see what happens ***** head.

Gojyo: oh ya?

Goku: You're just trying to find an excuse to touch my *****, arn'tcha?

Gojyo: You little *** don't project your fantasies on me.

Goku: Alright! That's it. Pull over. I'm taking him out.

Sanzo: *very angry* Your little unrequieted love affair is starting to get on my nerves. Get a room!

Hakkai: Good move their Sanzo.

Sanzo: I thought so Thanks.

Hakkai: Oh my. Awful quiet back there guys, are you making out?

Gojyo: Shut up Hakkai.

Goku: Ya, shut up.


Well I thought you would like those. [/color][/i]
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I think that three crucial anime quotes, which have been said by many extras and many villians should be noted; as they are all the last words of so many of them:

"Isn't that some kind of new mobile-ARGH!'


"What...impossible...this cannot be..."

They might not be very funny - but we should hold every respect for the deceased...

Well, that's enough respect for now. Any more funny quotes from well-known series like Tenchi, Gundam Wing, Evangelion, etc. anyone?
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[size=1]Heh, I might get killed for this, but I think Pokemon has some of the funniest lines. It's that dorky sort of humor - gets me every time. I especially love the one episode where Ash and Misty are on a branch above a river or something, talking about what happened to Broc, and Ash says, [i]"And then came the storm."[/i] Oh, it always cracks me up. Eh heh. Heh. .....Yeah.

To add [i]another[/i] Duo quote, from Endless Waltz: "If you're joking, that's cruel. But if you're being sarcastic, that's even worse!"

Oh, and I always thought it was funny when Quatre meets Trowa for the first time in GW and he says, "Good bye, friend Trowa! We will meet again!" I always imagine him saying that and then laughing psychotically like he does later when he's tripped up on ZERO. Very amusing.[/size]
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[color=darkred][size=1]"You lead me to this you mortal freak, its your fricken fault!" also "So its true you can do more than just talk trash after all" and dont forget "Pure... Unrestrained... Evil." yep my favorites, and all from Dragonball Z. The list goes on and on, but Im to lazy to type anymore, heh. There all qoutes from Majin Buu (Fusion saga) I think there sweet cause they just sound.. like somthing someone evil would say.. yeah know?[/size][/color]
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[color=royalblue]Well my, [b]"fav #1 quote"[/b] is a simple one and often use in Inuyasha.

It is [b]"SIT BOY!!!"[/b] From Kagome. :p
Yes yes, that just got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard and to be able to control a man that way would the best thing in the world. I wish I had a few of the rosaries of my own for some of my ex's. :laugh: :devil: :love:

There are a few others that I will post later in an edit when I can get them right.
THE FIZZ [/color] :wigout:
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Guest Sango774
this 1 is soo funny ok here it goes i think this was in ep 32 of inuyasha

(inuyasha sitting by a cliff)

kagome:nothing was going on between me and koga

inuyasha: what did really go on between you two?


kagome:sango can i borrow kilala for a minuite

sango: sure why??

inuyasha:she misses her wolf boy already -_-

kagome: I"M GOING HOME STUPID!!!!!!!!!


i think thats really funny ^_^
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D*mn is this a hard question. Lets see....

Ah yes, FLCL, "Ukelaile no good" mygod was that funny. In the anime and manga I crack up every time I see/hear it.
"ITS THE CLIMAX!" The alien girl screamed before attepting to pound the crap out of Noata. SUch a great ending line. The way she said it all evily was cool.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kyo no Ryu [/i]
[B]"ITS THE CLIMAX!" The alien girl screamed before attepting to pound the crap out of Noata. SUch a great ending line. The way she said it all evily was cool. [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=hotpink]You could take that quote so far out of contex and it would still be funny. *pulls mind out of the gutter*
I could still find more quotes how about:
[b]Kino Makoto from [i]Sailor Moon[/i][/b]
Her best one was when all five of the inners were trying to be SNow White in an episode of Sailor Moon R. She says-I have the largest breasts. Well, DiC changed that to 'I have the most talent.'
Keep reaching for your dreams Mako-chan!
[b]Gourry from [i]Slayers[/i][/b] Has some very funny lines. My favorite from him is when he first meets Lina:
I thought I was saving a luscious damsel in distress, not some flat chested kid.

[b]Mihoshi from[i]Tenchi Muyo[/i][/b]I think this is from the OAV, but her best are:-
We Did it, we caught a real live bad guy!
And-Don't move, because if you move I'll shoot and if you shoot it'll really hurt.
Speaking of [b][i]Tenchi Muyo[/i][/b] Who can forget Tenchi's dad?
With quotes like-
Are you becoming a juvenial delinquent and
Stop complaining, remember, you should always put off for tomorrow what you can do today!
you know he has to be here![/color]
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Out of all the anime I've been watching, I can think of about five quotes that are my favorite.


When Miroku holds Kagome's hand:

Miroku: "Then do me this favor; I wish for you to bear me a son."

Kagome: :eek:
Inuyasha: "Huh? :mad:


Toto-sai: I think I remember him saying this.
"Can you Inuyasha open/widen your jaw alittle?"

Inuyasha: (Opens his mouth) "Is this wide enough?"

Inuyasha: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!":moron: :faint: :cussing: :cussing: :angry2: :bawl:

Boy, that crack me and my brother out of our seats.

[B]Cowboy Bebop[/B]


Jet: "Ya?"

Spike: "There are three things I hated most; kids, pets, and women with attitude."

Jet: "Ya, so?"

Spike: "So tell me this Jet. WHY DO WE HAVE ALL THREE???"

I love it. :laugh: :laugh:

[B]Blue Seed[/B]

Momiji: " I can't die now. I've never went shopping, I've never wore pretty close, I've never went on a date, and I'm still a virgin.

Well, if I'm gonna die, then I want you to kiss me."

Kusinagi: "You're a kid. I don't kiss girls wearing kiddy panties."

Momiji: "YOU PERVERT!!!!"

This is my last favorite quote I know.
[B]Fruits Basket[/B]

Anyone know this character name Ritsu?


Man; that killed me. I love that monkey. He's so funny. :laugh: :laugh:

Anyways, that's all I can think of. There're alot more, but only five remain on top. I love those quotes.:)
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my favortie has to be from FLCL episode 3 after an innocent bystander by the name of ninamori noitces naotas cat ears and what does haruko say " kitty-kitty meow"

i like this phrase for two reasons

1 it just scream damn that kicked ***

2 its the only one at the moment i can remeber
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Guest MetalSonic700
How about this?
or maybe

All great quotes from Akira, accept the last, its just cool. Lets not forget this ultra cool set of quotes from Yugioh!

" My Grandpa's deck has no week cards, but it does have Exodia! EXODIA! OBLIDERATE!"

" Consider this a message from Seto Kaiba himself, YOU LOSE!"
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One of the most stunning quotes in anime acting history is from Cowboy Bebop. I believe it was said by Vicious right before he killed the final elder on his execution day. "And you will shed tears of scarlett." It was one of the most evil thing a villain could have said to his former master. If you watched it you would know what I am talking about.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiHorsewoman [/i]
[b]Kino Makoto from [i]Sailor Moon[/i][/b]
Her best one was when all five of the inners were trying to be SNow White in an episode of Sailor Moon R. She says-I have the largest breasts. Well, DiC changed that to 'I have the most talent.'
Keep reaching for your dreams Mako-chan!
[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]
Dude I remember that episode! That was back when I wacthed it with my older brothers cause they likes the girls in short skirts. I was like why is she puffing out her chest like that? Heh thank god they swicthed frim Dic!

Now some of my Favorite anime are from Fruits Basket.(I can't really remember much from any other anime's....) In episode five when Kagura is running out of the house cause she and Kyou had a fight(can't she just leave my Kyou alone?! He hates her anyways. Plus they're cousins....) so she wasn't looking where she was going and the paperboys wassn't either apparently. He said "It is I your neighbor hood paper boy! Here to bring you the daily paper!")or something alone those lines) then he ran into Kagura thus changing her into her zodiac animal. Then it went into toal chaos. Hee hee

Then in episode six when Torhu's friends come over Shougre is cleaning a table and smiling with his eyes closed and he sings "High school girls! High school girls! 1,2,3 highschool girls! I wonder what kind of girls they are?". Then Kyo says with his eyes closed and resting his chin on his fist" A yankee and a physic" and Shougre goes into shcok. It cracks me up every time. That whole episode was awsome.
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Cowboy Bebop:

Ed: Pudding! *Tosses Blob into her mouth* Mmm... can't eat anymore...:sleep:
*Ein barks at the cow*

EIN (Subtitles): Thank you.

*The cow moos back*

COW (Subtitles): Oh, it's no problem.
*Spike continues his journey up the stairs. He encounters a bullfrog. Spike

BULLFROG: Hey, mister. This is a stairway to heaven. You know that, right?
SPIKE: An obnoxious little frog...
*Spike continues walking up.*
BULLFROG: I don't care anymore... I warned you!
*The hospice.*

GUARD: Nobody here would want visitors. And you need an appointment to see someone. Or did you come here for inheritance?
JET: Nothing of the sort! Actually, this girl's twin brother is here.
ED: Papa!
GAURD: Girl...? Is she really a girl?
ED: Papa!
Jet feigns sadness.
JET: A-Actually... it's a long story...
*The hospice.*

JET: We finally tracked the long-lost brother to be here.
ED: Papa!
JET: It was a shock to my daughter... She has been insane ever since... and I thought about having her meet her brother just once.
The guard dries tears from his eyes.
GAURD: You can go.
JET: I can't thank you enough.

Big O:

Dorothy: Your a louse Roger Smith!
Roger: ...People are not Ruled by their memories!

There are more...I just can't remember them right off hand....
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"I will thank him, but in my own way. I'll kill Zechs. That's how I'll show my gratitude."
~Heero Yuy
I can't remember the specific scene that that quote was in, but it stuck in my head none the less. I really liked it.

~Domon Kashu
That quote just seemed like the bottom depths of rage to me.

"It takes stupid people to do cool stuff, that's why it's cool."
~Haruhara Haruko
Heh, that was great when she said it, while introducing the next episode, right at the scene when that one girl pointed an uzi at the back of Naota's head.
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Guest Teammayhem
hmmm.... my favorite is from the Cowboy Bebop movie (what a surprise, eh?)

At the beginning, when spike and jet foil a convinence store robbery, a robber comes out of the bathroom after all the other robbers were captured. He takes an old lady hostage. After spike yells at jet, he yells at the robber
"and you, you take too long to take a ****!"

I was laughing so hard.
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