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Rebirth of the Fallen Kingdom

Inuyasha Fandom

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Long ago, there was a kingdom, but it faced many forces, all of which were out to destroy it. No one on earth knows about it, nor remembers its name. This Kingdom over looked Earth, watching it and loving it's beauty as it shone over the kingdom.This kingdom, known as the Lowne Kingdom, was the envy of so many, for the people had longevity, and spectral powers. But, this place was a sanctity, and a stronghold for the weak. This was a reason so many other wanted to destroy it, for it was a becon of hope.

The Queen of Lowne, an enchanting beauty, used her powers to protect the people, as did her knights.She had a round of her closest knights, her own directly under her rule.

The queen gave birth to one child, a son, and raised him to be the future king. But the Queen considered al of her people to be sacred to her.

The son was named Kurama, and he loved to gaze at the Earth as it slowly slid through the sky, and he loved it's mant colors. And, at last, he found love, a princess from Earth.

But, fate was not kind.

The Darkness seeped into the minds of those who wished to befall the Lowne Kingdom, and all of them attacked. These forces were led by a wicked sorceress, named Akona. But she too was ruled by a power stronger than herself, a power that would destroy the Lowne kingdom.

The queen's knights and people were desacrated, and her own son was caught in the crossfire, as well as the woman he loved so dearly. There would have died, had the Queen been delayed any further.

The Lowne Queen saw her only son launch himself into the air, into an evil essence tha made debris and shattered bodies float,to save his love. The prince,rose into the air, reaching for his love, wanting to be with her. At last, held his lovers' hand, before they were torn apart by a malevolent power. Unconcious, the two drifted upward, the prince shedding tears he would not remember.

The Lowne Queen, Her kingdom desacrated, used the last reserves of strength to seal away the evil. But, it was only temporary. The queen used all of her power, and it exausted her to the extent of Death. Her scepter had worked............

With her final wish, she broke the Lowne Crystal from her scepter, and used it to send the children of Lowne to another world, and another time in the future.. Her last breath taken, she gazed up at all of the shimmering balls that were the people of Lowne. Her own son one of them.

The Darknes has been released, and it has now set its sghts on Earth, wishing to take its energy and rule it all, spreading hatred and suffering through out the planet.

You are one of few people who are riseing to this call, Each of you wwith dormant powrers sleeping inside you, as well as your memories of your life in the Lowne kingdom. Something is happening........... and you must fight it.

Name: Kuro Shuichi

Age: 17

Who he was on lowne: The prince

Powers: he uses his mystic powers of the elements to save people.

Personality: he's cheerful usually, and very perky. HE's also a goofball, and when it comes to the battles he will face, he will be a coward. But, his freinds will always be able to count on him. In the beginning, he has some memories of being on lowne, but he remembers nothing of being the prince.

Trnsformation: When Kuro Trnsforms into the mighty Warrior of Lowne, he wears flowing white pants, like that of a shrine maiden, and a tight for fitting shirt with billowy sleeves that can be seen through.
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name:kanburei mizukage


who he was on lowne:one of the queens knights

powers:he uses the mighty force of water, to protect his allies and destroy his foes

personality:kanburei is a calm, peaceful young man, but if it is needed his rage is overwhelming. he values friendship and honor, and he will do everything he can to keep it that way.
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[B]Name:[/B] Sare Hitaro

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Identity on Lowne:[/B] The Princess of Earth

[B]Powers:[/B] She uses the mystic, secret language known to nature and the Earth, whispering soft words to waken the deep earthquakes, or the slinking vines of the forests. Sare is in complete harmony with nature when she is in control of her powers.

[B]Personality:[/B] Up close and personal, she's very nervous and timid around other people. Extremely introverted, it's almost impossible to get through her defenses and become a friend of hers - her nature just seems to be very wary. She spends most of her time watching other people and wishing that she could be just like someone else. However, she is cut off from people because of her bond with nature and the Earth. It manifests that she should look upon other people with admiration, but shrink away, wary of personal relationships. Instead, she finds her joys elsewhere, one being in ballet, which she adores. She has danced since the age of 10, her grace and beauty showing itself naturally when she performs the serene movements. She cannot bear to see anything hurt, and shrinks away from pain. Also very innocent and naive, people often are attracted to her by her gentle, friendly nature, and puzzled when she shies away. However, she is definitely not weak, and can pull her own weight when she has to.

[B]Transformation:[/B] see attachment
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Chimé "Chi" Iteki
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Identity on Lowne:[/B] A young but powerful and experienced Mage.
[B]Powers:[/B] Many magic spells that vary in power. The more powerful spells she uses the more drained she is, so she can't use a lot of powerful spells at once or she'll faint because of her age.
[B]Personality:[/B] Chi is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Chi loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Chi is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly.[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]Name: Katzumi "Kat" Hiriguma

Age: 17

Identity on Lowne: One of the Queen's Knights

Powers: Controls the element of air (or wind), enabling her to glide and fly, create tornadoes and small hurricanes, and summon a small bubble which acts like a forcefield. She can't fully control her attacks, so she tends to stick with gliding, flying, and using her bubble.

Personality: Very quiet and disobediant. She keeps to herself a lot. She is also quite violent. Although she dislikes people, she helps others when she thinks they need it. This makes her likeable by young children whom she saves from being bullied and such. Though she is very dislikable, some still have befriended her.
Kat spends most of her time practicing her artistic and musical skills. She's been playing the guitar since she was five, and she's a great artist. Many are surprised when they discover her talents because of the way she acts.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Ralience (Alliance with an R in front)

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Who she was on lowne:[/B] Adopted Daughter of Akona, guardian of Princess, and the only Shadow Knight on Earth

[B]Powers:[/B] She uses many spells and elements to help, but she prefers to use hand-to-hand combat. She controls the elements of shadow and moon. She also is able to copy others' powers, but only a certain amount can be used or she uses a lot of energy.

[B]Personality:[/B] Being the adopted daughter of Akona, Ralience distanced herself away from people. She trusted no one, kept her secrets hidden, and put her past behind her. She tends to have a tough-girl image, which she is. She likes to fight, she has a certain amount of patience before she gets "violent". There are two people in the world that she protects, the Princess and herself.

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Ralience has two silver dual fans that have a poisonous liquid inside the metal that ejects itself once it pierces the skin. She also has [URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000ninja.jpg]twin ninja blades[/URL] and her nails are able to extend to about 6 inches.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Lucifer

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Who he was on Lowne:[/B] An Ex-general of Akona's demon army

[B]Powers:[/B] Uses Flame and Darkness elements to cause destruction to foes. Has wings that incease his power but he only sprouts them when needed. Although his Darkness element is stonger he prefers to use Fire because Darkness was the power he used while a general this is also why he hides his wings plus being alble to blend in.

[B]Personality:[/B] Very quiet and distant often mysterious but if there is ever anyone in trouble he is the first to help. In battle he almost goess berserk out of habit of his old fighting days. Likes to sit out late at night and look at the stars and sleep.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Carries a Black sword.

*EDIT* just for anyone who was wondering

Appearance: looked like this on lowne [URL=http://animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=4]http://animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=4[/URL]. He wears different clothes on earth except for when he fights then he looks like this. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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All right!!!!!!All of you are in. We will start this on wednesday, cause i have court to attend latter today and won't have time today or tomorrow.


sign-ups are still open, but we need to keep in mind that the only person (if you are a good guy,) you have to trust is my own. None of you can remember he is the prince, either. All of your memories are fragmented at best.
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Name:Kyirii (Kyi) Dakuwa

Age: 15

Identity on Lowne:Jinkka, Kurama's protecter (jINk-KA)

Powers:The power of the plantlife and keeper of love.

Personality:Cute ,funny and witty. He hates bullys and would protect his friends....that is if he had any.....

Transformation: His sea green eyes turn violet color and he wears a flowing pants that are red and light, and a silky see through shirt whit flowing sleeves it is also red.Kyirii's red hair also turns silver and is in a long pony tail ,and he has wings.(and he has a glass rose scepter )

(* this story is like sailormoon ....the qween did the same thing Usagi's mother did...my fav anime ~_^ *)
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Name: Earned the nickname Flash by townsfolk whom he met in the forest. However he knows nothing of his real name.

Age: 18

Who he was on Lowne: Defender of the Lowne Crystal within the scepter.

Powers: The ability to manipulate light, changing it to any brightness, heat, direction and so forth. However he cannot create his own.

Personality: Easy going and easy to talk to, however he usually stays alone and does not go over to talk to others unless he already knows them. He is not usually talkative unless osmeone he knows is around. He now spends most of his time wandering forests in search of shards of the Lowne Crystal. He does not know that his duty was to do this but he found something interesting as he held one, his power was stronger and the magic swelled in his very vains. He felt a strange quest when he touched one he stumbled by, almost like an ancient memory, so he searches for more. Hopefully to one day gather them all and restore the former power of Lowne and his own spirit.

Transformation: After a blinding flash(where he got his name, however he doesn't mind anything you call him) he emerges stronger with a spear in hand and is more able to concentrate his powers, however this doesn't happen much. With each jewel shard he gathers his transformation becomes stronger, as of now he has one and this is as far as his form goes... now...

is that ok?
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Name: Ryoji Kinezono

Age: 17

Who he was on Lowne: A Dragoon in the Queen's army

Powers: Control over Lightning and Electricity (Shocking, yes?) Able to summon forth thunderstorms and zap foes.

Personality: A bit on the wild side, though he's very courteous to any woman he meets. (For reasons we shall not get into at the moment...) Does whatever he can to help out, or just lift everyone's spirits. A schmuck in the truest sense of the word, he feels obligated to join to restore his former home, and because he's very, VERY bored.

Transformation: After getting shocked by 1.21 jiggawatts of electricity, (read: a whole hell of a lot) Ryoji emerges weraing Dragoon's Armor and carrying a really, REALLY, big sword. His short black hair turns a platinum color and lengthens down to his legs. His eyes turn from Burgandy to a light greenish-blue, and his streams of lightning flowing from his skin.

So, you like?
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Name: Kannst Mgorrir

Age: 19

Who he was on Lowne: A great and powerful Psychic, who was in the queen's army, and felt a strong attatchement to her.

Powers: Psychic extrapolation of kinetic energy through his left eye(Power to blow stuff up with his mind through his left eye)

Personality: A very aloof man, who has always had a special something, but never knew how to use it. Gets embarrassed very easily and tries to stay away from most people. He is an intelligent and thoughtful guy, and normally would seem like the kind of person you would like to meet. Nobody knows why he is so incredibly intelligent. Also, nobody can explain why he is blind in his left eye.

Transformation: After experiencing extreme emotional stress, our Kannst becomes a tall and fairly muscular man. He has a large straw hat (Japanese style) that normally covers his face, excepth his left eye. He dons light armor, and doesn't talk out loud, rather he sends thought waves into those around him. He becomes a very confident and loyal fighter.
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