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Assassin Rebirth


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[SIZE=1]By the looks of the PMs I got I think I'll start this.

"Hurry up you idiots! Your as slow as tortise!" Said a rough muffled voice. "I don't see why you people were recruited as assassins."

"Oh! Just shut up Enishi! You don't know how many years I've been under the service of Ino! It's obvious I'm more expirenced then you!" A man who was lagging behind him said. Enishi stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"More? Expirenced? Hah! Years don't matter Kazuya..." Enishi suddenly appeared infront of the man. "But..Skill does." Enishi smirked under his bandaged mouth. Fresh red blood dripped to the ground, Kazuya was shaking uncontrollably. Enishi pulled the kunai which he had stabbed Kazuya with out. Kazuya dropped to his knees and hands, he looked up at Enishi.

"Bastard.." He mumbled. Enishi squatted down to stare at Kazuya in the eyes.

"Either you can continue with that wound and help assassinate Mito and get killed by his people.... Or you can just stay here on your knees and hands and let us obliterate you." Enishi said. All the other assassins in the group just stared at Kazuya to see what his answear was.
Kazuya looked hard at each and every one of them. Kazuya then mumbled words. "What? Speak up Kazuya, we cannot hear you." Enishi laughed.

"I'd rather be slain by Mito's people then be killed by you worthless bastards!" Yelled Kazuya. Enishi was shocked, then he gave Kazuya his sharp eye look.

"You'd rather be slain... By those scums?" Enishi laughed. "I'll just kill you, now." Enishi slowly drew his sword from his sheath, he held the tip of the blade to Kazuya's neck. "You'll never see master Ino again." He then jammed the katana into Kazuya's neck then gave it a little twist, then pulled it out.

He didn't wipe the blood off of it, he just placed it back in his sheath, he looked at the others. He whipped around then started to head to the direction he was going in before he was distracted by the idiot. He signaled the others to come. Minutes of running and jumping they came across a large fortress. They didn't have any plans they moved in shadows trying to be unoticed. They jumped over the large wall of the fortress and raided the castle. Killing everyone, Enishi and three others where traveling up to the top to destroy Mito. Once they arrived they saw that Mito had been surrounded by only two gaurds.

"I'm sorry for being so late Mito, we were held up by an idiot of our own kind, so I just had to kill him." Enishi said trying to sound kind. Mito was shaken by Enishi's words.

"Gaurds attack! Attack!" Mito yelled pointing at Enishi. Enishi tilted his head to the side just standing there. "You fool! Don't think you can defeat my two best gaurds!" Enishi started to laugh. When two of the gaurds reached Enishi they were about to slash at him, but the assassins got them first. "This cannot be! They cannot be dead! Never, they are my best!" Enishi took a few steps toward Mito. Mito crawled back, Enishi raised an eyebrow.

"Oh. I thought you'd be stronger." Enish's rough muffled voice said. He then drew his blood stained katana and raised it above Mito's head and sliced it off his body. "But, your just a worthless coward who doesn't deserve to live" Enishi laughed. They all headed back to the assassin hide out in a far away deserted village. They entered a gate and there stood an old man in a robe. Enishi walked over to him and got on his knees and bowed his head. "Master Ino, we've killed whom you wished, to prove to you we have brought his head." An assassin brought the head over to Enishi. Enishi grabbed it and held for his master to see. Mito's face had his frightened look on.[/color]

OOC: Geez didn't know I'd post that long! Alright guys and gals have fun![/SIZE]
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OOC: Tell me if I did this right or if I need to change it.

Gen sat with his legs crossed in the commanders room, on the east wing of the Shogun's Castle. He had a small glass of sake in his right hand while his other hand and arm hung from the half of his kimono that was pulled over his left shoulder. His eyes were closed as he sipped the glass. Sake, even a simple alcholic drink, rose memories of his past life as a scrappy little kid on the island of Okinawa. Were he learned martial arts from that one soldier. It was funny to him, becuase now, Gen had the power to command that man who taught him so long ago. It seemed kind of backwards, and a bit wrong to him the way that worked, but he was greatful to the soldier for teaching him Jujutsu and starting his passion for martial arts, that would one day lead to his life of luxury....

More thoughts than that were concerning Gen. The Shogun, and man he was most grateful too, had been getting several death threats and such lately. Gen knew something was about to boil over and someone was going to get hurt. If he had anything to say about it, it wouldn't be the Shogun dying.

Gen wasn't a materialistic man, but he rather not go back to the slums of Okinawa, were he would probably become a street thug. So, to say the least, the Shogun saved his life.... and Gen was going to return the favor.

Gen took another sip of his sake and opened his eyes to see his two most skilled soldiers standing infront of him, panting hard. "Master Sukazuma, master Mito, has been.... assassinated."

Gen stared at them with his sleepy eyes, but hte usual happy look on his face was gone. His face was without suprise though. "As I expected...." he said in a solomn voice. "You are dismissed. Thank you for the information. Go take some time off for now until I order you back. Dismissed..." he said with smile slightly back on. The soldiers saluted and left. Gen poured another glass of sake and downed it....[/color][/size]
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A pair of cranes rose from the green fields of rice below. In the early morning, the mist still overshadowed some of the landscape, veiling the majesty of the distant mountains. The mist billowed over her, sprinkling her skin lightly with the dew. The gray mass swirled with the slight air currents that ran through its length, and the first rays of the sun showered gold with the silver. Looking up, Ayami quietly watched as the magnificent light of the sun banished the silver mists of the morning, striking everything touched with brilliant color.

"Mistress Zeng," one of the servants quietly murmured, bowing low with respect. She was modestly clothed, and did nothing to offend, so Ayami inclined her head. The servant quietly moved off, leading Ayami down a path. The trees were just budding, the leaves peeking out in clusters of light green. The sunlight filtered in, warming her chilled back, playing through the fingers of her hands. Brushing a branch lightly with her hand, water drops flickered down, dropping lightly on her scarlet kimono. As they neared the steps of the modest shrine, she motioned the servant away, going up the alone. The hem of her kimono brushed the stone as she stepped up, and the familiar scent of sandalwood greeted her, its scent lingering in the air.

A monk greeted her, garbed in plain robes of gray, and bowed. She also lowered her head, imparting respect to the caretaker of the shrine. Ayami then stepped inside, the dust wafting as she disturbed the air currents. Her sandals she left outside by the door, and her bare feet glided across the chilly floor. Bowing deep before the statues, she noted that her father had not decorated the shrine with gold and jewels, in consideration for his daughter. He knew that Ayami was distasteful of gaudy embellishments, and had kept the interior modest, the only fanciful items shown through the perfect skill of the carvers, artists, and stone masons. She bowed again, and silently murmured a blessing upon her father.

Lighting a stick of incense, the delicate smoke swirled up towards the ceiling, embedding its intricate designs in the air. It moved with her breath, as she murmured sutras. Kneeling, she did not use a cushion, her legs already trained from years in a temple. She needed no comfort; the presence of the gods were enough. She bowed, her forehead to the floor, lying prostrate with her hands palm up in reverence. Completing her morning prayers, she stayed still a bit longer, asking for blessing in her new duties. Standing up, she backed out of the shrine, and the monk bowed. A servant was waiting at the steps, and Ayami nodded again.

The servant bowed, "Mistress Zeng, the first of the fighters has arrived. He is with Master Ishiguro now."

Ayami looked through the trees, seeing the black tiles of the main building. "Has my father asked for me?"

"Yes, Mistress." The servant led her away from the temple, and she followed, ready to meet the first man who had come to protect her father.
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[size=1][color=navy]There was that usual gay laughter of drunkards, mingled with the annoying high laughter of the Geishas. The laughters were simply out of drunkenness at first, but as time progressed, it slowly turned from simple entertainment to that of perverted pleasure. After a few more, the laughter divided, each respective man going to a different corner of the house with his favorite Geisha. Then the laughter subsided, replaced by giggles and the sexual moans of bodily lust.

Maboroshi removed the ceiling board lightly, then slipped down onto the remains of the drunk gathering. The room was thick with the smell of sake, and he thought he could even smell the lust and desire of the men. He held his arms in over his nose; he felt sick at having to deal with such low lifes. No matter.

With a few quick steps, he was out in the hall. There were three different couples from what he could discern up in the ceiling, and his sensitive ears gave him a good sense of where each of the couples were. He went off to side of the house, then trailed around to the magnificent garden. Sure enough, there was one couple, working it out. He watched them for a moment, then in a quick bound, was two feet above the two, blades drawn. The man didn't see it, but the Geisha did. She was just about to scream when the blade pierced through the man's heart, then the Geisha's in one deft move, drowning her voice out as blood spilled out. One down, two to go.

He kept his blade drawn and this time went to the dark corner of the house, a small bedroom, probably for children. A few groans informed him that those inside were by no means young. He opened the Shouji door just slightly, then went in. The groans stopped suddenly, and he came out again, the blade still bloody. Two down.

The last couple was in the deepest location, the magnificent bedroom. Maboroshi didn't bother for stealth this time. He took care of the potential witnesses, so all he needed to do now was to kill the remaining two and it will be done. He went up to the Shouji door and kicked it down.

The two were inside, each head turned towards him. The man had a somewhat angered, embarassed look, the half-naked Geisha had a look of terror. Maboroshi twirled the blade around, showing off the blood for the two to see.

"Ono dono... Oinochi choudai itashitaku sanjyoitashimashita... (Master Ono... I am here to take your life...)"

The Geisha screamed, the man called Ono quickly leapt back and drew his blade. The Geisha tried to scamper away, but in one leap, Maboroshi landed in front of her, then severed her head with a horizontal sweep. Ono gasped, then gripped his blade tightly, beads of sweat trickling down his forehead. His eyes darted around, obviously in hopes of a rescue.

"Hoka no yonin nara mou shindemasuyo (The other four are already dead)"

Maboroshi smiled sympathetically, watching the color slowly drain from Ono's face. He took one step forward, then slowly raised his blade above his head.

"Oinochi choudai itashimasu (I will graciously take your life now)"

Ono saw the young man before him suddenly disappear, then reappear in front of him, except there was two of Maboroshi now. In panic, he swung his blade wildly, then in the next second, a straight Tsuki (stab) from behind impaled his neck. Maboroshi retracted the blade, and the body fell with a dull thud, coating the Tatami flooring with crimson blood.

Maboroshi took a white piece of paper from his Obi, then wiped the blood off of his blade. He sheathed his blade quietly, then melted back into the shadow. A light tap of footsteps were heard in the ceiling, then silence. Nothing left to enjoy it except the six corpses.[/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]Katzumi sat in the middle of a bloodstained room, filled with bodies, her eyes closed. The only sounds she heard were the low and gentle purring of a cat from outside and the slow dripping of blood. She smiled as she remembered the earlier screams, the smell of their fear. She slowly stood up, opening her eyes. "This was fun..." she whispered, walking out.

"Come," she ordered, immediatly being followed by a small black cat. She sat in the shadows for a few moments, checking to make sure that the hunted's head was secure in her bag. When she was finished, she slung the surprisingly light bag over her shoulder and began walking down the road. Some people stared at her, mostly because of her odd form of dress, and the fact that her bag was half red, half brown.

[i]"Damn head... It's still bleeding,"[/i] she thought to herself. She reached the local pub and entered quietly. A few moments after she entered, the smell of drunken men filled her nose, almost making her gag. "You... stupid.. PIGS!" she yelled, making everyone stare. "Much better," she said. She walked up to the bartender and showed him a picture of a large man with a very strange haircut.

"You seen 'im?" she asked. The murmer began growing louder, but Katzumi was busy and didn't give a damn. The bartender, a little nervous seeing the blood on her bag, nodded and pointed to a man in the corner, flirting with random waitresses. She didn't thank him, but not killing him was a good enough of a "Thank You" that she'd ever give. She walked over to him and stood in front of his table.

"Excuse me, but I'm a little busy right no--" he began. But she interuppted him by throwing a few of her shuriken at his vital points. As he began drowning himself with his own bodily fluids, he managed to attract attention. Several bodyguards tried to jump Katzumi, but she dogded all of them and dragged her katana over each one's back, making them scream in agony. "Good-bye," she said, pushing her katana through each one's throat one at a time.

"And now... for you," she whispered, looking back at the hefty man, "You, Hiyo, will die." With a flick of her wrist, a two shuriken went straight through his throught and heart. He fell to the ground. She pulled her various weapons out of the dead body and wiped the blood on a rag she grabbed from a waitress. She turned around, an insane smile dawning across her normally bored face. "Now for you all!" she shouted, going into a frenzy and slaying every person in there.[/color][/size]
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"So how did you lose you're eye?" One of the Geisha asked Taro.

"It's quite a story. My group and I were trying to hunt some boar when all of a sudden a monster comes from the bushes brandishing a giant knife. I fought him off and killed him with my bare hands. But the problem was he was fast and cut my eye right out." Taro said with a heart laugh. His ears picked up something entering the room. As the door opened Taro grabbed his No-Datchi and was about to stike until he saw it was only Gen comming in with a bottle of Sake.

"Well who do we have here? A man too afraid to use weapons?" the large man said with a smile.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][i][size=1]OOC: I changed her name from Yansi to Anzu....


"Anzu...what...why...did you..do this to..me.." a greying man bows at Anzu's feet. Blood spilling from his aged body. Anzu stepped back, grasping her blade. The man tried to crawl towards her, but Anzu kicked him in the throat, sending him reeling backwards into the wall of the hut.


"What, Master? You wish to live?" Anzu spat, slowly twirling the blade, moonlight dancing base to tip. The man's blood dripping from Anzu's hands.

"I...helped..you...and this..is how you..repay me!? You..are a whore!" the man threw a dagger, only for it to be slapped away by it's cousin katana.

"Bastard!" Anzu thrust forward, driving the blade into the man's skull. His body twitched, choking on blood and his pride.

A small thud drew Anzu's attentive stare to the floor below the man's feet. A scroll, neatly rolled and tied with a single red ribbon. Anzu released the man from the wall and knelt to pick up the scroll. Sneering at the man she called "Master", Anzu began to dress. The stark white and soft purples and pinks of her kimono harshly contrasted the darkness of the room. Anzu looked at the scroll, a single character was stamped in the center of the paper, forgiveness.

"Heh, you ignorant fool. Forgiveness is for those who cannot bear the shame of their sins. I will not give you the pleasure of dying peacefully and entering the afterlife with grace," Anzu grabbed her blade and cleaned it.

Entering the early hours of the cool morning, Anzu slowly walked down a small path in the forest. Looking once more at the scroll, Anzu noticed more writting. Another mission:

[b]"Name: Yota
Age: 34
Location: Kyoto

Information: Yota, heir to mass fortune of the steam engine industry. Uses the industry to smuggle drugs into the city. Is forming a large group of men to overthrow his father and Kyoto. Has been traced to many crimes of murder, connections with local gangs, various accounts of illegal prostitution.

Mission: Kill Yota."[/b]

Anzu smirked, rolling the scroll and slipping it into her robes. A soft sheet of rain fell, droplets sliding down the ivory hilt of her katana. The sweet smell of pine and rain filled Anzu's senses, granting her peace. All was lost as a snap from a twig jolted Anzu from her meditative state.

"Who's out there?" Anzu rest her hand on the hilt.

No noise was made. All that was in Anzu's ear was the sound of rain. Her dark eyes darted around her surroundings, skeptical of everything in sight. Just as Anzu was about to continue, a small rodent emerged from the brush. Anzu quickly drew her sword and sliced the animal, sheathing the blade before blood was allowed to settle.

"Now that wasn't very nice," a calm, witty voice echoed lightly into Anzu's ear.

Whirling around, the katana resting against a throat. Anzu gazed, but could not make out the face of this person.

"You watch that weapon of yours, woman," the person planted a fist into Anzu's stomach.

Anzu grunted and stumbled back. Instead of attacking, she stood still, awaiting further actions from this mysterious figure.

"Who are you?" Anzu stood straight.

"That is none of your concern. I am not here to harm you, I was just passing through. Now if you'd kindly excuse me," the figure began to walk away.

Anzu squinted to make out the figure of a man. A young man, not much older than she. He wore a blade as well. Anzu dismissed the questions in her head and continued to walk down the muddy path.

[b]That man..he had a weapon as well... Why did he not attack?[/b][/color][/i][/size]
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Guest Midnight Rush
The night sky was cloudy, and no light was to be found. The pure darkness hurt Toda Hideyoshi's eyes, but he was glad to be alive. Toda Hideyoshi was a powerful daimyo that had become a vassel of Ishiguro in his rise to power; Hideyoshi had led Ishiguro's armies to victory in the final battle.
He had been riding from his home, the great Osaka Castle, to visit the Shogun in Edo, when his party had been jumped by a man wearing black. Hideyoshi has quietly crept away while his 200 elite guards fought this mysterious highwayman. He had watched from the bushes as the one man massacred his modest guard, and he ran in horror.
That was two hours ago and he thought he had escaped yet another attempt on his life. A swelling of relief filled his body and he laughed aloud, "Stupid to waste his time on the guards! Stupid to think he could kill me! Hahaha!"
A cold voice called out from the forest, "Talking was a big mistake old man."
Hideyoshi felt a searing pain in his stomach and he looked down and saw a long sword dripping with his blood. "I give you a choice: you can die here with honor or be my messanger" the voice said.
Hideyoshi loved his life, he was the number 2 man in the realm, so he said, "W-w-hat message will you have me deliver and to whom?" The sword withdrew and he felt a bandage being tied around the wound very tightly.
"You will live for roughly 2 more days with that wound as it is. You will tell Ishiguro exactly what I am about to tell you. Tell him that the Sei-ken-jin is very much alive, and that arrows won't help him this time. Tell him that in 14 days time the Ro-ken-jin wll come to Edo. Tell him what happened tonight. But most of all tell him that the next time he sees a man in black O-yoroi, it will be the last moment of his life."
Hideyoshi tunrewd around and saw a sight he hadn't seen since the days of the war: A fully armored man that towered over him like a giant. THe man's expression was masked by the ebony mempo and the horned kabuto helm gave him the look of a demon.
"I will deliver this message tonight."
"Advise him to gather his best guards.... he will need them."

The shadow-man was gone, and Hideyoshi found a horse and painfully rode to Edo.
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[QUOTE=Shiguru]"So how did you lose you're eye?" One of the Geisha asked Taro.

"It's quite a story. My group and I were trying to hunt some boar when all of a sudden a monster comes from the bushes brandishing a giant knife. I fought him off and killed him with my bare hands. But the problem was he was fast and cut my eye right out." Taro said with a heart laugh. His ears picked up something entering the room. As the door opened Taro grabbed his No-Datchi and was about to stike until he saw it was only Gen comming in with a bottle of Sake.

"Well who do we have here? A man too afraid to use weapons?" the large man said with a smile.[/QUOTE]


"Not afraid, just rather not. Now I would shake your hand, but I'm in fear I would develop liver cancer.... or the clap." Gen replied with a wide and freindly smile. Both men burst out into hardy laughter. Gen and Taro were good freinds for a long time, and both new of each other's battle record. Their respect for one another ran deep.

"Your one of a kind, Gen. You know for a fact what is brewin' around the castle nowaday's, and you still refuse to carry a weapon. Don't you consider that a bit careless?" Taro said with a smug smirk on his face, knowing the answer already, he just enjoyed hearing the answer.

"Who said anything about no weapons?" Gen said with his usualy freindly smile, holding his fist up, rolled tight.

"You have yourself a point, Gen." Taro complied. He knew, of all people, the power held in the body of Gen. No spear or sword could outmatch his body. Taro was one of the few people to match him in a fight, and that was with him using his precious No-Datchi.

"Taro, my freind, why don't you find a real woman? Instead of bargaining sex with the Geisha's?" Gen asked his usual question. He too, knew the answer.

"Because, I'm not one to settle down..." was Taro's answer always. But he hoped to someday, find a woman worthy of being his wife, deep in his heart. Gen could feel it. Taro got up from his seat, still carrying a bottle of liquor, and walked out the door with Gen. "So, whats the plan... we both know of the assassination threats on the Shogun, so what are we going to do about it?" Taro asked Gen in all seriousness. Taro smelt of alchohol, but he had a heavy tolerancy, more than any other man in the castle. He was the resident beer drinking champ. Kind of funny to see a man who is supposed to be the Shogun's protector drinking his mass in alchohol.

"Well, I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine, Taro." Gen started, "The assassin's haven't been around the castle, we've hunted for spies, but we turned out with none, so all we can really do is stay alert for aslong as we can."

"Thats just great. All we need now is you to be even more lethargic! HAHAHA!" Taro said with a hardy, loud laugh. Gen smiled, but they both were solomn on the inside.[/color][/size]
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As they laughed and sat down to drink some more Gen couldn't help but laugh at the woman joining them.

"He told you one of his 'eye' stories didn't he?" Gen asked with a smile. The woman nodded and told him the events that Taro described previously. Gen laughed at the end of the tale while Taro just smirked.

"Are you done now?" Taro questioned looking at the shorter man. "I almost got some tonight before you ruined it." Gen laughed even harder at the last comment.

"First off, you are hired to protect, not to bang everything that moves. Second, you are going to get the clap if you continue to do this as often as you do." Gen said said between fits of laughter.

A creaking of boards caught Taro's alchohol enhanced hearing (yeah, he gains power from drinking!) as his face turned serious in an instant. Hearing another slight crack he grabbed his No-Datchi, burst through the paper door while running at full speed. The assassin turned and froze at the sight of the large man before him and drew his ninja-to.

Taro smiled as he stepped forward and drew his 6' blade. The Assassin rushed forward sword blazing, Taro saw this and sidestepped the strike only to watch as the ninja's foot tapped the wall lightly and he performed a graceful backflip after kicking off of it.

Reaching up with his free hand Taro grabbed the ninja and with his powerful alchohol induced strength he slammed him face first to the hardwood below. The crack of bone echoed through the hall as a puddle of blood came across the floorboards. A small dagger shuriken shot into the ninja's palm as he rolled over and threw it at the large warrior.

The one-eyed Kenshi smacked it away before it made contact with his flesh. His large hand shot down like lightning and picked the assassin up before throwing him through the wall of the castle and into the room where Gen was sipping Sake and hitting on the woman Taro was going to sleep with. Jumping up off the floor and looking at the fallen assassin with surprise he looked at both the groaning and broken form and then at his large friend.

"So, it was a real enemy this time?" Gen said with cold features

"We'll I'd wink at ya, but you know... the eye." Taro smirked, "Why don't you see what you can get out of him. There have to be more in the castle."
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[size=1][color=darkred]OOC: Undeafeated could you please..Uhm, what's the word I'm looking for, space out your paragraphs, I really don't like to read posts like that, sorry. Everyone else glad you noticed the thread.

In a forest near by a small village splashing could be heard. Enishi was washing his sword in the river, wiping the blood of Kazuya and Mito off it. On his back he had many scars from Ishiguro. The man he hated most.

"I will kill that man. With my hands, I won't let anyone stop me. With these scars on my back I will make a vow and will kill those in my way." Enishi mumbled. He then stood tall, on a tee there hung a large sack filled with sand. Enishi removed the sheath from his side and set it on the ground. He stood infront of the sack just staring at it. He then started to slowly raise his leg in the air. He left it in the air for a little bit then brought it back down to the ground. He then kicked the sack making it swing back and forth. He jumped at it and kicked at it. He then heeled it.

He kicked the side of it with his right leg then switched to his left leg. He elbowed it. A rustle was heard from a nearby bush, he quickly drew a kunai and threw it at the tree behind it. A male voice came out, it was kind and smooth.

"I see you haven't lost your skills, Enishi." He said.

"Ichiro, first son..." Enishi turned to face the shadows in which the man lurked about. "Of Mito." A soft chuckle was heard. Ichiro walked out of the shadows with a small smile on his face.

"So did you have fun killing my father?" He asked still smiling.

"Your father was not a fighter. He was, very weak. He was a coward. You told us he was strong and well trained samurai. And I took that damn mission." Enishi said quite annoyed.

"Hah, that sounds like my father." There was a long silence. "Oh! And Sensei Ino wants you." Ichiro felt a cold breeze run by him. "He's always in a hurry to reach Sensei Ino." Ichiro shook his head laughing quietly to his self. Enishi entered a small house and kneeled before his ruler.

"Sensei Ino, you sent for me?" Enishi asked as he bowed his head.

"I have another mission for you Enishi." Said Ino's rough voice. "This mission will be quite difficult, we need to kill a man named, Tsuki. His last name is not known. You will not do this mission alone so we must wait for one other to do this mission to come back from their mission."

"Why? I'm strong enough." Enishi said quietlly.

"Tsuki is a skilled warrior. Enishi, please I don't want to lose you. You are one of my favorites. You've not failed one mission, I don't want you to fail this one." Ino said as he placed a hand on Enishi's messy hair.

"I-I understand." Enishi hesitated as he lowered his head more. "Sensei Ino, I understand."[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]The moon shone down on a river flowing through the night. The words "Assassinate Katsuhito" repeated in Shi's mind repeatedly. He ran along the rooftop of an estate, Katsuhito's estate. He looked around "No guard" he thought scanning the court yard.

He swiftly jumped down into the court yard. As soon as he landed he realized this was a trap. "D***" He thought as a group of 5 warriors approached him. They were led by a tall broad man who wore samurai armor. "You are a fool, you shall not live to regret this day" the man said taking his stance. "You are ninja, I have slayed hundreds of your kind as I shall slay you" the man said watching Shi take his stance. "We'll see" Shi said unsheathing his Ninja to.

Shi quickly ran at the man and lunged with his sword. The man batted the blade point into the ground with his forearm. "Now you die ninja" He said raising his Katana over his head and striking. Shi moved just enough to dodge the attack "Who ever said I was a Ninja, maybe Im a ghost". Shi quickly thrust his shoulder into the man knocking him back two steps. Turning counter clockwise he drew his wakizashi and slashed. The man struggled to breath as he fell, his throat bleeding. The guards where shocked and troubled. "He killed Katsuhito" They murmured.

Shi picked up His Ninja to and sheathed both sword. He motioned for the remaining guards to attack. Two of the guard dropped their weapons and tried running. Shi drew two throwing knives and threw them both meeting their targets spine. "Coward" He mutterd under his breath. The two guards attacked him at the same time. The battle was not long for he disabled their limbs and broke their bones. They fell over unable to stand from their injuries. Shi looked at them coldly before jumping back on the roof and running off. "Another job done" He thought now running the country side.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
"Who has he summoned to guard him?" The Ro-ken-jin asked Gyoko, the Madame of the House of the Blue Leaves.

"His daughter Zeng, Taro, Gen, and a few foreigners I haven't heard of." She replied to her best and oldest friend.

"Hmm. No one there that can match me alone... but I'd rather not go against them together... Gen is the biggest worry.. Tell me more about this Zeng, its a shame.. I never enjoyed fighting women."

"She fights with several Chinese styles and I've heard she is trained as a ninja. All of this is speculation of course, but it is rumored that she is quite formidible."

"I see... Zeng is Ishiguro's daughter..? Gen might be a problem..."

"Yes Ayami Zeng is his daughter. Sukazuma Gen is far too fast for a spear or a regular sword... You will need to use the Southern Cross's speed for him... just remember you're not the only one trying to kill Oda. There are several ninja clans and assassin's guilds who have him on their list."

"I killed 200 of the Osaka elite last night... I apologize... I know that many of them were regular customers."

"Yes... a few of my girls were quite upset, but this is the Floating World and they must get over it. Love is an illusion."

"Right.... Anyway, I am released from my vow as soon as Ishiguro is dead."

"Yes, we look forward to the day you can become a customer again, my friend."

"Yes... do you think Hideyoshi will deliver the message?"

"I think so... if not I can ask Ryoko to have one of her girls slip the message into Oda's lap."

"Well, I'm going to Edo in a little under a fortnight.. you'll know if the message reached the courts. If it hasn't in three days contact Ryoko with instructions."

"Of course Yo- er Sei-ken... I hate not using your name until this business is over... do it quickly so things can go back to the way things were. We all miss her.. she was the greatest of us all, but nothing can bring her back. Nothing."

The Ro-ken-jin smiled at his friend, knowing that things could never be the way they were. But at least they could be better. "I'll see you soon, I am going to visit Ino and ask him about Edo castle's security levels. Keep Ryoko informed as I said, I may need one of her girls' as inside help... I don't know yet."

"Good bye." Ryoko said.

The Ro-ken-jin had been wearing a black kimono embroidered with silver flowers, but he changed out of that quickly, giving it to a maid, "Put this with my other effects." Then he had a local fisherman who had fought in the fuedal wars help him into the O-yoroi. It was complex and difficult to become properly suited up, but they managed quite well.

"What is your name, sir?" The Ro-ken-jin asked.

"Mura, my lord." The fisherman replied.

"I could use competent assistance.. Would you like a job?"

"Well sir... I am indertured to my lord, Hideyoshi-sama."

"5 koku a week, and I'll provide clothes for your family as well as a horse for you."

"Hide-who? You've got yourself an assistant, my lord."

Meanwhile, at Edo, Hideyoshi had arrived, struggling terribly with his wounds. They redressed his wounds and took him to see the Shogun. Gen and Taro were present, as were several guard captains of minor importance.

"My lord Ishiguro-sama, I bear a message."

"What is it Toda, old friend?"

"The Sei-ken-jin is very much alive and arrows won't help you this time. In 14 days time the Ro-ken-jin wll come to Edo. I was jumped by him, and he slaughtered 200 of my best men! He chased me into the forest and wounded me, offering me my life if I would deliver this message. He says that the next time you sees a man in black O-yoroi, it will be the last moment of his life."

"He killed 200 elites by himself?" Gen asked, not looking impressed, merely curious.

"Yes. It wasn't even difficult for him, it was like a baker's knife through butter."

"I see. That gives us 13 days till he arrives. Master Sukazuma, prepare a reception for him." Ishiguro said, outwardly pale and not a little afraid.

"Yes sir."
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[size=1][color=navy]Maboroshi sighed quietly in exasperation, then trudged into the darkening forest. The dark wasn't necessarily due to the approaching dusk, but more due to the thick foliage of trees that impeded the light from coming in. The forest held a rather depressive atmosphere and seemed to contain not one living creature save the ancient trees that were, of course, the cause of all the depressive aura. Maboroshi sighed in annoyance, then continued in.

It was another job, to be truthful. His job for the day was to go bury Master Ono, who was probably crossing the River of the Dead, and another. Master Ono was the easy one. The hard one, the one he was heading for now, was supposed to be some head of a local group of Onmitsu (ninjas). That was nice and all, but couldn't they pick a location for a hide out that would be easier for him? Like a nice little Ryotei (restaurant) located on Main Street instead of a freaking endless forest?

From what he was informed, the Ono person and this little group of Onmitsu were the local distributors of drugs and prostitution. If he guessed correctly, they probably held a monopoly over the entire business in the region as well. Not that it was any of his business. As long as he got payed, he cared little for who his blade tore apart.

The forest cleared up, much to Maboroshi's joy, and unfortunarely to Maboroshi's dismay, the clearing was filled with roughly a dozen Onmitsus, all of them pretty damn well armed. Maboroshi stopped dead in his tracks, then looked around at the gathering with an annoyed look. Most, if not all of them had some sort of weapon pointed at him, most prominent the shurikens. A little green glint on the edges told Maboroshi that they probably were poisoned. A burly man was sitting on what seemed to be an altar in the middle of the clearing. He was clearly the leader. Maboroshi scratched his head for a moment, then addressed the leader.

"Ehto... Kumajiro dono desuyone? (Er... I take it you're Master Kumajiro?)"

The burly man smirked for a moment, then with apparent triumph, answered.

"Sou... Hyakuningiri no Kumajiro to wa orenokoto... de, kisama ga ore wo koroshinikita Maboroshi toka iu bakaka? (Yes... Kumajiro the Slayer of One Hundred is I... and, I take it you're Maboroshi, the idiot sent to kill me?)"

Maboroshi smiled faintly, looking very out of place among the entire legion of Onmitsu, all of them dressed in black.

"Ehemah... nanda, boku no yatoinushi koroshichattandesuka? (Well yes... does this mean that you killed my employer?)"

"Sou... kubi, soko ni aruze. (Yep... his neck is right there)"

Sure enough, the severed head of a man slightly past his mid fourties was hanging from a nearby tree. Maboroshi tilted his head for a moment, then turned around.

"Jyah iiyah... kane moraenainara boku mo anata nanka korosuhitsuyounaishi... (Well, forget it then... if I'm not going to get payed, it will be a waste of time killing you...)

Kumajiro chuckled grimly, then held up his hand. A flurry of shurikens were let loose on Maboroshi, each of them missing him with a miniscule margin. Maboroshi stopped, then slowly turned around again. Kumajiro chuckled, then spoke with a deadly voice.

"Souwa tonyaga orosanae... (Well, it doesn't exactly work like that...)"

Maboroshi sighed, then faced Kumajiro, standing confidently, his hands hanging loosely by his side.

"Mah... soudesu ne... maekin morachattashi... yappari anata wo koroshimashouka... (Well... I suppose... I was payed half upfront... I suppose I should kill you then...)"

Maboroshi smiled lightly again, then drew his blade slowly. The Onmitsus froze slightly, looking towards their leader for cue. The leader laughed hysterically, amused by the bold challenge, then reaching to the side, picked up a huge Naginata.

"Kozou... sonnani shinitaika? (Boy... are you that eager to die?)"

Maboroshi smiled politely, and with a slight chuckle, returned the challenge.

"Ie... shinunowa anatadesu. (No... you're the one to die)"

Kumajiro smirked for a moment, then slowly drew the Naginata back. His eyes lost all sense of amusement, and turned cold and bestial. Maboroshi, on the other hand, still had that light smile on his face, as if he was amused at the situation itself. Kumajiro crouched slightly for a moment, then in a blink of an eye, rushed forth, bringing the Naginata in a full horizontal sweep at Maboroshi. Maboroshi held up his blade boredly, and a clash of steel, followed by a dull, heavy thud was heard.

"Shoubu... aridesune... (The game... is set...)"

The Naginata blade was sliced completely in half, the tip of the blade lying a few feet behind Kumajiro. Maboroshi smiled appreciatively, then took one step forward at the dumbfounded Kumajiro, bringing his blade all the way back in mimic of Kumajiro's previous attack.

"Anzu san, Kanshashimasu."

With that, he returned the exact same Nagi sweep, and Kumajiro's look of surprise was torn in half as his upper face was severed from his lower, and an eruption of blood followed shortly. The burly body shook slightly, then crumbled down, dead.
Maboroshi sheathed his blade slowly, then looked around at the twelve members of the Onmitsu clan with the same innocent smile.

"Hoka ni, imasuka? Boku no shigoto wa owarimashitakedo nan nara kokode minna shimatsushitemo iidesuyo? (Anyone else? My job is done here, but if you guys prefer, I can free you from your body right here.")

There was no reply, no movement, nothing save the terrified look, obvious even under the black mask. Maboroshi shrugged, then left the clearing, following the path he took. His job for the day was done. He hoped to get a quick snack at a nearby tea shop before continuing on his way.[/size][/color]
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The meeting room was empty, already deserted by the inhabitants. She slid the door silently closed again, wondering where the fighter had gone. There was a strange scent in the air; it pricked her nose, and Ayami waved her hand, trying to waft it away. It irritated her, invading her quiet peace with its promise of chaos and turmoil. [I]Alcohol. Expensive sake. Cheap women.[/I] She abhorred them all, but she knew it was necessary in some cases. However, it made her wonder what kind of hired fighter this was, who had already consumed such large amounts of sake by midmorning. She hoped that her father was thinking clearly, and then admonished herself silently for questioning her parent.

[I]A presence.[/I] She continued walking down the quiet corridor, giving no sign that she had detected the foe that silently stalked her now. In the assassin's eyes, she was helpless; no weapons, no guards, and most of all, a mere woman. The enemy swooped down from the ceiling, a dark bird of prey, two blades ready to take her blood. Immediately she fell back, surprising her opponent by falling underneath him, but he quickly recovered, swiftly cutting down towards her open body. Unknown to him, he was caught in her trap; the only way he would leave was by death.

Twisting a blade out of his hand with her feet, Ayami gracefully twisted her body around his, striking sensitive pressure points. She flipped his stolen blade into her hand, gazing at his covered face. Her voice was calm, her words uttered with no emotion, "Who sent you?" The assassin didn't answer, merely narrowing his eyes and taking another stance. He was [I]fast[/I], rushing to meet her with blazing fury. But he stopped, his eyes growing wide... Slowly, a thin line appeared on his forehead; it quickly lengthened, and blood spurted out, distorting his departed features. His head slowly parted into two halves, his body falling to the ground. The crimson blood darkened his clothes, going on to stain the wood floor.

Ayami stood, looking at the scene quietly, and then dropped the assassin's blade onto his body. [I]The bloodstain will be hard to get out of the floor[/I], she thought indifferently. Suddenly, there was a crashing noise from above; she followed the sounds, swiftly ascending the steps to a few floors above. The unmistakable smell of sake and perfume reached her nose; the metallic scent of blood soon followed, coupled with injured groans. A serious expression on her face, she tried not to scowl at the damage in the hall. The screen doors lay torn and shattered, splinters littering the expensive wooden floor; there was a gigantic hole torn in the wall to the adjoining room; and another pool of blood stained the floor.

Avoiding the broken doors, she entered the room silently, taking in the scene. Gen and Taro froze, stopping their interrogation of the would-be assassin. Ayami bowed respectfully; after all, she was a "mere" woman, and she would not shame her father by being rude. Gen bowed in return, his face hiding his own discomfort. She had met Gen Sukazuma before, when she had arrived in the castle. She also knew that he slightly disapproved of her mother; the feeling carried on to her, and Ayami knew that she was only just tolerated by Gen.

Her voice was calm as she greeted the two, "Sukazuma, my humblest apologies for interrupting." Even though his rank was higher, she afforded him no extra respect; theirs was an uncomfortable but forced alliance. She motioned to Taro, "And may I ask who our most honorable guest is?"

Gen answered stiffly, "He is one of the men here to protect Master Ishiguro. His name is Shinjuku. Taro Shinjuku."

She bowed again, keeping her eyes low to the floor. Looking around, she noted with distaste the geisha that appropriated the room. Gen noticed her silent contempt; with a little angry blush, he dismissed the geisha with a sharp gesture. They left, a sharp jangle of colored kimonos and covered laughter at the strange new woman.

Taro, feeling no need to hold back, laughed, shaking his head. "Gen, she calls you Sukazuma?" He hadn't heard anyone call his friend that for quite a while, except in stiff, formal occassions. "Well, you can introduce me to her, as the other women are gone."

Gen went stiff again, and turned to Ayami, who waited. "This is Mistress Zeng, Ayami. Daughter of Master Oda Ishiguro."
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"Thank you Sir Sukazuma." Ayami replied with a stiff and souless reply, a gesture of manors, nothing more. Gen's eye twinged a bit when she turned. He hated being called by his last name. It gave him a bit of ensecurity and a feeling of unfreindliness, or even hostility.Tora and Ayami went on to have a casual introductory conversation.

Gen hid his distaste for Ayami, he was not one to make people uncomfortable, so he brought his foul comments down to a slight suck of the teeth while she talked with Taro. This whole perdicament was escalating far quicker than Gen would like. He was still new to the idea of military tactics. In fact, the only reason he had such high rank was because of his efficiency as a fighter. His plans were basic and he didn't not plan on relying on his own men to be major parts of the defense. He knew that the castle was built so that any one trying to get to the Shogun would have to come from the North, East, South, or West wings, Gen being the main guard of the East wing and several talented warriors guarding the rest and several other parts of the castle.

"Sir Sukazuma, I suggest you prepare a reception for an attack..." Ayami said smugly to Gen who looked at her tiredly with a tinge of hostitlity clouding his mind. The tension between the two was unseen, but both knew of its existance.

"M'am, Sir Hideyoshi has already informed and suggested this." Gen replied to her. He hated it when people pointed out the obvious to him, as if he were a simple minded fool. Most people of his rank or above, with the exception of the Shogun, thought Gen to be a simple minded savage from Okinawa. Racism, basically. They resented his rags to riches story. But Gen only excepted it with a smile and this adjitated them. But in the case of Ayami, she just got on his nerve's with her smug attitude.

"Good, then I will leave you to it..." Ayami said as she walked to the door, bowed, and went on her way.

"Cute girl..." Taro said with a smirk. Gen gave him a raised eyebrow.

"Only on the outside my freind... only on the outside." Gen said walking to the door himself. "I suggest you get ready, Taro. Something big's gonna happen soon...." Taro nodded seriously, and left aswell.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=darkred]OOC: Somehow the assassin's haven't really met each other I wonder why. Ino's group of assassin's are the only ones after Oda because of Enishi. But meh.

Enishi was still kneeling infront of Ino whom was enjoying a bottle of sake.

"Enishi! Join me!" Ino said. Enishi still having his head bowed replied.

"No, I wish not to get drunk before a mission, sensei."

"Oh, I see. Smart of you Enishi. It seems as if no one else would be coming rather soon. I think we shold put this mission to the side."

"Sensei, I shall go with Enishi." A familiar voice voice said.

"Ichiro, are you as strong as you think you are?" Enishi asked still having his head bowed. Ichiro walked toward him, and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Of course, Enishi! Have you not seen me fight? Now if I can get Sensei Ino's confirmation." Ichiro looked at Ino and smiled at him as he always did.

"Ichiro, you may go. Fight along the side of Enishi." Ino said. "The rest of you! Stay here! Neither Enishi or Ichiro need your worthless help!" Ino was talking to the other assassins.

"B-b-but Sensei Ino! Enishi-san might need help!" Said an assassin whom was at the side of Enishi since he's been here.

"Taka! Shut up! I-I can handle this on my own!" Enishi yelled as he turned his head to look at the assassin. "Listen to Sensei Ino! Or I shall cut off that tounge of yours so you may not talk that way to Sensei!" There was a long silence. "Ichiro let us leave, and go to Tsuki small castle." A cold breeze could be felt and Enishi and Ichiro were gone.

"Don't worry Enishi I will not let you fail this mission!" Ichiro said as he leaped tree to tree. Soon they came across a small castle in Yokohama.

"So this is Tsuki castle? Heh, not to many gaurds. Fool."Enishi laughed while hiding behind bushes.

"Don't under estimate Tsuki, he's a great fighter." Ichiro said as he turned his head to face Enishi, still having that smile on his face.

"How would you know?" Enishi asked quite concerned.

"Let's just say he knows himself very well." Ichiro said as he hopped to his feet. "I'll go through the gate and meet you at the top floor of the castle! You must climb it!"

"Why must I cliimb it?" Enishi asked quite harshly.

"So you don't get caught and use your strength on these gaurds! I can take them! You save your strength for Tsuki!" Ichiro then ran for the gates of the castle. Enishi watched him as he dissapeared into the mist.

"Fine. I'll climb it." Enishi said as he ran to the back of the wall and jumped over it. He then quickly started to climb up it. "This would make me lose strength more then killing those gaurds. That bastard Ichiro is up to somethign idiotic." Minutes later Enishi made it to the top. He jumped over the fencing and entered the shoji screen. He saw Ichiro in different clothing then he was before. He was wearing a black hakama top with golden lining, and a red hakama "Ichiro what the hell are you wearing?" Enishi asked almost yelling.

"You haven't found out yet you idiot?" Ichiro laughed then looked at Enishi smirking. "I am, Tsuki!" Enishi's eyes grew with shock.

"I-I-I knew that it'd end up like this..." Enishi said. There once again was a long silence then suddenly the clanging of swords. "You-you trader! I sensed something bad about you!" Enishi yelled as he repelled [i]Tsuki[/i]'s slash.

"I had to take this throne after my cousin died! Do you have an idea of who my grandfather is?" Tsuki laughed.

"I do not know and I don't care!"

"Sanada Yukimura!" Tsuki then drove his sword through Enishi's side.

"I said I don't care!" Gasped Enishi as he kicked Tsuki straight in the chest, making him and his sword go far not within range of Enishi.

"Heh, don't think you can beat me Enishi!" laughed Tsuki.

"I will wipe that awful smile off your face and pull out that tounge with my hands so you don't speak anymore non-sense!" Enishi yelled quite annoyed. Tsuki raced toward Enishi with his sword infront of his face. Enishi repelled him. Enishi then felt a sharp pain enter his stomach, he looked down to see that Tsuki has stabbed him with a kunai. Enishi pulled out the kunai and had thrown it at Tsuki which he had easily dodged. "Heh, clever...Tsuki." The blood started to seep through Enishi's clothes. "Yet... I still got you.."

"What are you talking about, Enishi? You barely touched me!" Tsuki yelled. He then felt quite cold, and started to shiver. He dropped his sword and dropped to his knees.

"Needles....Poisen needles...It's something...I don't really use.." Enishi said as he inclined his head. Tsuki looked at hi wrist and saw a needle, he looked at his chest he saw two needles, and looked at his left shoulder and saw one more needle.

"I-I-Impossible." Tsuki grunted as he started to cough up his own poisened blood and collasped on the tatami mat floor.

"I'll tell Sensei Ino, that you died just for him. Or I'll tell him that you were Tsuki...I think I'll tell him that you were Tsuki. And now...I will let you die...Painfully." Enishi walked over to Tsuki and kneeled down next to him.

"I know...Where your sister is...Enishi." Tsuki stopped inbetween some words to cough up blood.

"What?" Enishi said quite shocked. "You, you know my sister?" Enishi shook Tsuki.

"Yes...Your sister...She's quite...Beautiful."

"After all these...Years...I have forgotten her...I've even forgotten her name....But how do you know her?" Enishi yelled.

"Oh, I went...To...A meeting...To meet Ishiguro."

"Oda Ishuguro?" Enishi asked almost yelling.

"Yes, your sister....Would bring us...Sake to drink...I just couldn't...Keep my eyes off her." Tsuki coughed up more blood. "One night...I just talked to her for a little while...She told me about her childhood...And you were in it."

"What's her name?" Enishi asked once again shaking Tsuki.

"It's...Aya..-" Tsuki was cut off for that was his last breath and the poisen had already spread through out his body.

"It's what? What is it! What is it Tsuki! Tell me!" Enishi then stood and drew kanji for hate on the back of Tsuki's back. Then jumped out the window and headed back to the Assassin hideout.

OOC: Sorry Cyriel if I kinda changed some stuff. ^_^; Sorry.[/color][/size]
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Taro walked out of the room with a dark expression on his face, he didn't like having to wait like this, which was why he wasn't a tactician. He was a true warrior, he had killed many ninja's and other assassin's in him time but if what was said about this Rokenjin fellow. 200 men was a lot to do by one's self, while Taro himself had more they were in the heat of battle and nothing more. Men like that were not to be taken lightly.

Walking into his guest room he grabbed his wakizashi and strapped it to the sash around his breastplate. With a sigh he pulled out the wooden eye his father worked so hard to buy for him and sighed. "Tonight may be my last. I want you to know I respected what you did for mother and I, and nobody looks down upon you. Perhaps I can tell you in person if things go sour tonight."

It was the same speech he gave before every battle, but he ment it everytime. A knock from Gen startled him as his blade was drawn and ready in the blink of an eye. When Taro saw who it was a smile etched on his face once again.

"It was your speech to your father wasn't it?" Gen asked understanding, he'd seen Taro do it once when they fought in a small battle a few years back.

"You know it. I'm ready for whatever comes, let's hope it's soon. I hate waiting... it's a real buzz killer." Taro smirked. Gen let a small smile appear as they walked from the room.

"So, what is our defensive stratagy fearless leader? Are you just going to set up standard blockades? These guys are pro's like us and they know how to get past every trick in the book." Taro questioned as he picked up a sake bottle discarded from last night.

Gen gave a questioning look "Is that even safe?"

"I dunno, but it's really good. But stop ignoring my question."

"I don't know what we're going to do just yet... But we're going to have to re-write the book somehow." Gen responded with a grim expression.
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Another soft knock on the door, barely heard. But it was heard by both of the men in the room. Gen's hand immediately went to his weapon, and the tension in his face showed that he was strung as taut as a bowstring, ready to unleash his skill upon any enemy who dared interrupt.

Taro, on the other hand, motioned to Gen, winking with his one good eye, "It's a woman's touch."

Making true Taro's predictment, Ayami walked silently into the room, her posture perfect with her delicate grace. Not even looking at who occupied the room, she bowed, her eyes low to the floor in respect. Turning to each, she inclined her head, "Sukazuma...Shinjuku...I hope that my presence is not a problem." Her tone, although polite, gave no question that she meant to stay.

"No, no problem at all, Mistress Zeng, " Taro answered, a humored expression on his face. Gen, on the other hand, was irritated again, and restrained himself from drumming his fingers in impatience.

Turning again to Gen, Ayami started to speak, "Sir Sukazuma - "

Gen's patience snapped, and he waved his hand sharply. She fell to silence immediately, absolutely obedient. It still annoyed him, this pretense of servility on her part. But he took a breath, and made the first step at being actually civil; he figured that in this case, they had to be more than just reluctant allies. "Please, Mistress Zeng, no title. Gen will do fine."

She bowed her head again, her expression unchanging, although she was mildly surprised on the inside. "...as you wish...Gen." That being done, Gen could breathe a little easier; he didn't feel so guilty about being slightly...hostile towards his employer's daughter. However, he noticed that Ayami didn't invite him to drop her title also. Instead, she merely continued, her voice maintaining its quiet, lady-like volume, "Gen, as you are the head of my father's defense, and the appointed captain of the castle guard, I am under your command. I humbly beg that my undeserving person is allowed to accompany your noble selves in the defense of the Shogun." Ayami bowed her head again, and waited, unmoving.

Gen clenched his teeth; there was that pretended obedience again, when in truth, everyone knew that Ayami Zeng was able to do almost anything she pleased. He was getting a headache from all of this veiled discomfort. Sighing, he bid her to rise, and she did, her eyes still lowered in respect. He almost wanted to refuse her permission, but knew that at this time, he could not afford to make mistakes due to personal conflicts. "Mistress Zeng, I will permit your presence. Please serve with honor." Making to leave the room, he was stopped again by Ayami's quiet, but commanding, voice.

"Suza -...Gen.... I apologize, but...due to concern for my being, my father has ordered that I should not leave your presence." Her eyes flickered, showing that she didn't like the arrangement any better than he. "But...should your battles lead you elsewhere... Well, no one can tell where blood and blades will lead us..." How obvious she made the clue was quite laughable; in the midst of battle, it was quite easy to lose track of one another...

Taro almost laughed.

OOC: The changes are fine Hatake.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Enishi jumped over the gates of the assassin fortress and ran over to Ino, and kneeled before him and bowed his head.

"Enishi, where is Ichiro?" He asked.


"Who killed him?"

"Me." Ino's eyes grew with shock.

"But why?" Ino asked.

"Because, sensei..He was Tsuki." Enishi said looking up at Ino. "My mission was to kill Tsuki. So I did." Enishi's sight started to get blurry. He shook his head to focus it, but he ended up collapsing. The last words he heard came from Ino's mouth was; "...-Tend Enishi's wounds!" Enishi then started to dream about his past while he was out.

"You killed my mother! You bastard!" Said a smaller version of Enishi.

"I got annoyed and I needed to kill her. She's always getting in my way!" A rough voice said which belonged to Oda.
Enishi growled, he then threw the dinner table to the side, and jumped onto Oda punching him in the face. Oda threw him off and bashed him against a wall.

"Do you want to die to...Brat?" Oda asked. A little girl then entered the room and tugged on Oda's pant leg. Oda whipped around. "Oh! Aya..-"

Enishi awoke still not knowing the name of his sister. Enishi threw the blanket off of him and put on his vest.

"I'm gonna pay Oda a little visit.." Enishi mumbled to himself. He then raced out the gates. Running as fast as he can to Oda's castle in Osaka. Once he appeared at the gates he jumped over them and started to climb up staying in the shadows. It was quite quiet. Everyone was sleeping maybe. Minutes later Enishi finally made it to the top. He saw a window and jumped through it. There before his very eyes was the man he hated most, sleeping. "We meet..Again Oda..You'll die right now you scum."

Enishi quietly drew his katana from its sheath. Oda then awoke and saw the assassin. He screamed loudly. The scream could be heard from through out the castle. It startled many people but three people came barging into the room ready to attack. Two men and a girl.

"Bastard, you weren't suppose to scream until I have killed you!" Enishi laughed then sheathed his sword. "I have no intention of killing you scums yet." He was talking to the two men and the girl. He headed for the window and took one last look, at the people around him. The girl caught his attention, for she seemed very familiar to him. He squinted his eyes and stared at her hard.

He then retreated by jumping out of the window.[/color][/size]
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A lone figure rode on a slender pitch black steed , his eyes were burning in a cold lifeless flame , and staring at the path in front of him . The wind whistled in the woods around him . He was seeking the castle of the shogun Oda . The sun sent it’s bright rays from between the silver clouds , the man then suddenly stopped , pulling his horse , as it sounded it’s neighs .
His ear had picked up a faint sound of fast light steps , and when he stopped the sound was clear . He was now sure that he was not alone .

Then the sound stopped , the area was so silent that his ear was able to pick up the sound of his stealth enemies’ breath out of the songs of the forest sparrows .
A sudden , and violent movement followed his pause , the assassins jumped out from many directions , they were as light , and as fast as a shadow . A grim grin was on his face , as he dismounted his horse .
“ I thought you dogs only attacked at night “ He muttered .
“ These dogs will send to the after life stranger “ Their leader said as he jumped from a tree to join the three , that preceded him .
“ I doubt it … “ He said with a grin .

With this the leader of the assassins signaled the assassins to attack . The approached cautiously , as the Arab moved his cloak a bit , and pulled his whip from around his waist , and moved in front of his horse .
The three assassins lunged at him at once , his whip then lashed out in the air .
The spike at it’s tip went through the first one’s neck , as he gurgled with his own blood . The other two continued to approach , so he quickly drew back the spiked tentacle , and sent it to the other assassin’s forehead .
Only one was left , and he was too close for a whip , so the warrior’s left hand quickly went for the scimitar on his right .
A vertical silver blaze ended the third assassin’s life , his sword was broken in half , and so was his skull .
“ This cannot be ! “ The leader of the killers muttered .
“ You will die here , and now ! “ He shouted , as he drew his blade , and dashed at the cloaked man .

The warrior drew back the whip , and wrapped it around his waist , then he pulled the other scimitar from it’s sheath .
His hands were on his sides , his blades gleaming in the sun . The assassin lifted his blade , and sent it down to the other man’s head .
The Arab blocked the blade , and launched and array of slashes to the assassin’s chest , and stomach .
Then pushed back the blade that was still over his head , and took the assassin’s head with whirl slash . It rolled over to the side , leaving a bloody trail .
A silent , and grim glance his eyes took at the bloody scene . He pulled out a small cloth from his pocket , and removed the blood from the silver blades .
Then he mounted his horse , and continued in his way with so much of a blink from him . After a while he reached the castle , the guards stopped him .
“ Who are you ? “ One of them asked .
“ I am one of the warriors your master requested “ He said .
“ How can you prove this ? “ The other asked .
Then the chief of the guards came out .
“ Let him pass ! “ He said .
So they opened the gate . The man welcomed him , and was about to take him to his master .
“ You were expected earlier “ He said .
“ I had some business to attend “ The warrior replied grimly .
“ Before I meet your master , take my horse to your stables , and make sure that he is properly fed “ He said .

The man called on a low ranked guard , and told him what to do , so he took the horse.
After a short walk in the castle they reached the warlord’s chamber .The warrior took his boots off , and moved the hood back from his head , then entered .
Oda waited for the man to bow , but he did not .
“ So you are the Arab warrior , that the coasts speak of his sword ?! “ He asked .
“ That is true “ He answered .
“ Very well then . The Geisha near the door will show to your room , feel free to examine the castle before night fall , to figure out your maneuvering in here “ He said.
“ Is that all ? “ The man demanded .
“ Your name I have not yet had the honor of knowing it “ Oda said .
“ Asim Harith “ He said .
“ You may go now “ Oda allowed .
Asim got up , and went to his room , he put his things there . Then he started to wander in the castle to take a look at the structure , for his mind to figure out a battle strategy , and perhaps meet the other warriors that were summoned to fight the assassins . His weapons he still carried with him .
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Guest Midnight Rush
It was mid-day and the Ro-ken-jin had just arrived at the house of Ino. He was tired and very interested to see what the master killer would know. He knew to be on guard at all times, but he wasn't worried too much.

He told a maid that he had arrived and she went to fetch her master. A few minutes later, Ino and the black armored man were chatting in Ino's garden.

"I haven't seen you in a very long time. Why do you come here now?" Ino said.

"I believe you have information regarding the defense of the Shogun's castle at Edo." The Ro-ken-jin replied.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you are Ino, and theres not a Madame in the world that hears more news than you do."

Ino laughed at this and said, "I'll tell you all I know... for a price."

The man in black handed him a bag full of money. "This is 500 koku... I suggest you start talking."

"The Shogun's chambers are accessible from four directions: North, East, South, and West. Each of these directions are protected by a great warrior and a group of hyper-elite guards. Sukazuma Gen guards the East, and no one knows the assignments of the others. A Gai-jin is at the castle, looks like the traders that the Chinese use to get to the West. Anyway he's supposed to be quite deadly, name's Asim something or other. Zeng and Taro presumably each have their own wings, but I'm not sure. If I were you, I'd attack from the East. Gen will be hard to kill, but other than him you'll have no real opposition."

"I was thinking the same thing. By the way, I've heard that your organization is out to kill Oda as well."

"You hear correctly."

"If your man reaches him when I do, your man will die along with Oda. No one will take my prey, of that I assure you."

"We will see... we will see." Ino said, worrying about what to do with this black clad man. Kill him now? No, I doubt I could, I'm too old. Enishi? Maybe... but I need Enishi alive for now, this one could probably kill him.

The Ro-ken-jin had left by the time Ino looked back from his thoughts.

At Edo Castle, Ishiguro looked at a note stabbed into his bedpost, it read:

"Five days are left. Be ready."

Ishiguro couldn't think of anyone who could have put the note there. Last night it had been just him and his courtesan, and they had made love into all hours of the night.

Oda called, "Guards come take a look at this!"
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Ayami entered the room, bowing quickly to her father. "Father?" Gen and Taro quickly followed her in. They looked at the note silently, until Taro went over and ripped the note away. Ayami circled around the room, closing all of the shutters to the windows, and dismissing all of the servants. She returned, and the bowed again, "Father...I suggest that you move your quarters. Apparently, this wing is too large to defend effectively; there have been too many night visitors recently to be comfortable."

Much too many... This was the fifth time that someone had gone unnoticed into his private quarters; it did not speak well for the skills of any of them. [I]Failure[/I], she thought to herself, [I]is not an option[/I]. [I]My life will be given before the blood of my father is even in sight.[/I]

Oda Ishiguro was still upset; he waved them out of the room, "I will think on it. Leave."

Bowing themselves out, all left, and Ayami reopened some of the shutters on her way out, letting light filter back into the room. Before she left, she saw her father by his bed, covering his face with his hands. A knife seemed to twist in her heart; never had she seen him look so...helpless. Forsaken.

[I]No, not forsaken. I have not left him, and I will never let him be helpless.[/I] Blinking her own tears from her eyes, she felt her spirit sink... [I]I must protect him. I will. From this point on, no one shall pass by my hand.[/I] She silently closed the door, leaving her father to his own dark thoughts. Thinking of a few days earlier, she remembered the laughter of one of the would-be assassins...

[I]"Bastard, you weren't suppose to scream until I have killed you!" Enishi laughed then sheathed his sword. "I have no intention of killing you scums yet."[/I]

Her eyes flew open, and she bit her lip, running her fingers over the cords of her scarlet obi. [I]There is no way that any of those men shall pass by me. Not until my blood stains these halls, and my last fury haunts them beyond death.[/I]
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OOC: My character does not use weapons, or atleast, doesn't carry one on him, so if you would make note of that, it would help to further his fighting technique. Thanks.

Gen looked at the Shogun, Oda, a father in his eyes, just as much he would be too Ayami. He had a highly sentamental relationship with him for years. And he felt a bit sorrowful to see him so helpless, with such a plight awaiting him. Gen grimaced and looked over to Ayami, who's eye's where hiding tears. He felt a bit, less hostile, less adjitated by her presence, once he saw that emotion. That proof that she too was a human with emotion. He felt as though a bit of weight was lifted from his shoulders. He knew that she was just as dutiful to her father as he was.

"Master Oda, I shall protect you with all that I am." Gen said out of the blue while staring at the Shogun with the rest of the group. He felt like, he needed to say that, like the Shogun needed to hear that bit of reassurence that he would be protected by those he were close. The shogun had an empty smile on his face to show them he knew, but he still had the same sorrowful expression on his aged face.

"I too, father, shall protect you with my life. With my blade, and everything that I am." Ayami followed Gen's lead. Her eye's dried up a bit as her chest swelled with pride. Gen glanced at her out of the corner of his eye's, and closed his own. He smiled. [I]Maybe.... she's not so bad after all... hmm...[/I] he thought to himself.

"Well, sire, I'll do my best. And that would be the best an old drunken man could do. Hope thats okay." Taro said aswell with a strange posture and a huge, hardy smile. Ayami smiled aswell. The Shogun looked up from his sad expression, and fore that moment, he was cheerful.

"I am glad.... I have such a loyal following." he said, but then stopped himself, "No, a loyal family." he said with a smile. They all looked up with dutyful eye's and smiles on their faces. They were ready, ready to fight, and ready to die... happy.

OOC: Hope that didn't contrary to anyone's thoughts on story line.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=navy]OOC: Koku? That's more along the lines of property instead of currency. For example, one would say a Daimyo has forty thousand Koku, which would be a measure of his entire wealth, including property, rice output, and all that. I'll just stick with 'sen' for currency.


Maboroshi sat on the bench located outside of a rather shabby looking tea shop, sipping the tea innocently, blending in perfectly among the laborers that just finished their days work and were on their way home. The only thing conspicuous that separated him from the others was the sword hanging from his waist, but none would have dared take a guess that he hacked away the life of seven people that day. For Maboroshi, it was a clean conscience. To him, he was the same as the other laborers. They worked, got their pay, and came by to take a quick break, perhaps joke with their co-workers before heading home. Maboroshi also did his work, got half his pay upfront (the other half, sadly, wasn't payed due to his employer's death), and was sitting in front of the tea shop, drinking the tea and eating the rice cakes. He didn't care to mingle with the others, but nonetheless, he fit in perfectly.

"Ehto... kyowa sanbyakusen ka... mah ato suujitsu wa korede iideshou... (Let's see... I made three hundred sen today... well, I suppose this would last me a few more days)"

He stood up slowly, then smiling politely to the other laborers that grunted and nodded to him in farewell, paid for the tea and the rice cakes, and left the tea shop. He was headed towards the nice little conflict brewing in Oda's castle. In his hands was a red envelope. In it was his new assignment. One of the workers were, in fact, a messenger. Maboroshi carelessly threw the red envelope away on the side path, and continued along, opening up the letter and glancing through it. The letter read thus.

"Maboroshi, your services are required again. I employed you once. That decision is not part of my regrets. You will be payed handsomely. You know where to find me."

Maboroshi's face curled into a thin smile, as he shredded the letter carefully, letting it fall in small pieces into a nearby river.

"Mah... mouchotto kaseidokeba... ikkagetsuwa motsudaro... (Well... I suppose this would support me for a month...)"

Maboroshi smiled softly to himself, then stretching his arms, headed for Ino's abode.[/size][/color]
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