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Castle Rebellion(violence)


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I hope everyone likes this. As you may or may not know, this will be my last Rpg at the OB. Or more accurately, one of the last. I plan to send out a splurge of Rpgs before leaving.
[U][B]Prologue [/B] [/U]
An inferno raged upon a large town, leaving no signs of life. It was odd; though the fire raged furiously upon the town, burning homes, shops and everything imaginable, There was not a sound to be heard. Under the bright stars, it was almost peaceful, like sitting beside a campfire.

Near the fire stood a group, their faces shrouded by shadow. They stood and watched the fire, speechless, helpless. One of them stepped farther towards the flames, the light brightening his disgruntled face. He was out of breath, and in shock. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't find the words. All any of them could do was watch...

It's been a long time since things have made sense. Though, things probably make much less sense to you. Please, allow me to show you just how such a tragedy could come to pass...

[I]Graeling:[/I] Another world aside from Earth. Though much like Earth, it has many notable differences. The landmasses on Graeling are divided into three continents, which remain almost oblivious of each other because of the large ocean that separates them.

[I]Moliness[/I] The water continent, on which this story begins. It is known as the water continent because of the numerous rivers that run through it. They are so numerous in fact that most carriages and horses are unused, and longboats have become the main way of travel. Moliness is not swamp like, though, for the rivers are not as wide as a man is tall.

[I]Gnarwood[/I] A large town in Moliness. Though it's becoming known as the rebellion town, since a group known as Koma has moved in (see "groups" for more details). The town is on the southern coast of Moliness.

[I]Agulan[/I] A smaller town in Moliness. Known as the warrior's paradise because of the extensive market it holds that remains centered on smith's work, and the constant tournaments held. North of Gnarwood, along the same river.

[I]Forlock[/I] The city of fiends. A lawless vile city under the flag of anarchy. All of the kingdom's attempts to rule this land have failed. North/east of Agulan.

[I]Loctine[/I] The kingdom town, or the Royal City, is home to the kingdom of Moliness. A flourishing town in high military fashion. No crime exists here, as any felonies in the Royal City Loctine are punishable by death. Located in the center of Moliness.

[I]Soulphin[/I] The Military City, where the bulk of Moliness' army and arsenal resides. Most locals are trained for war.
*There are dozens more towns than this, just none of great importance. Feel free to create your own.

[B]Groups [/B]
[I]Koma[/I] A large group that has moved into Gnarwood in the recent months. Their goal is to form a new government to rule Gnarwood and the surrounding towns. The kingdom has yet to consider them as a true threat. Their symbol is a red K with a yellow tear behind it.

[I]GR (Gnarwood Resistance)[/I] A secret organization centered on the destruction of Koma and the protection of Gnarwood. Very small, only about three or four members.

*There are dozens of groups, just none that raise high political importance. Feel free to create your own.
Magic wielders, or those who control magic are divided into three groups:

[I]Spell Casters[/I] Basic magic users who can only cast offensive or creating magic. Made with the marriage of two spell casters, or two Counter-Spell Casters.

[I]Counter-Spell Casters[/I] Magic users who cast protecting or healing magic. Complete opposite of a spell caster. Made with the marriage of a mix between Spell Casters and Counter-Spell Casters.

[I]Summoners[/I] The rarest form of magic wielders. (If you want to be one, PM me. I don't want a whole bunch of summoners) Summoners can summon one creature to do their bidding at almost any given time. Creation circumstances unknown.

[B]Signups [/B]

Magic Type
(if a summoner) Creature type/description
(if a Spell Caster or Counter-Spell Caster) Magic abilities (max4)


[B]1.[/B] If you use a spell or type of magic that you didn't put down, I'll come after you, and it won't be pleasant.
[B]2.[/B] No godmodding or super heroes. You can't take on an army alone, destroy the kingdom with your bare hands, survive being stabbed a thousand times (without a healer) etc.
[B]3.[/B] Try to resist being a drama queen. Tragedy is fine; some drama makes it interesting, but don't center yourself around drama.
[B]4.[/B] I have the final vote. If I say your doing or did something that goes against these rules, then don't argue.

I don't expect any of this to become a problem, and if there is then PM me, and I'll try to do something about it.
That's it! Here's my signup.

Name: Loaden
Age: 17
Gender: male
Description: Short messy silver hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Wears an open sleeveless trench coat with silver engravings. He wears a white turtleneck shirt underneath, and black and white pants. Black thin boots.
Personality: Cold and quiet, sometimes aloof. He has a hot temper, and seems to enjoy nothing but his work.
Weapons: A thin long katana with a dragon hilt, throwing knives.
Magic Type: Summoner (but Loaden's oblivious to it.)
Creature Type: Dragon creature
Description: A lime green creature with a dragon's body, a serpents head, and white feathered wings.
Bio: Nothing could be remembered about Loaden's parents or himself until he was seven. At seven years of age, the leader of GR (which was then only a guard of Gnarwood) took him in and gave him a home. It was of Loaden's own decision that he started practice of sword skills, among other lethal techniques. He learned quickly, and by 13 he was assassinating those who may have endangered Gnarwood. Though he didn't kill anyone of great importance until he was 16, when he assassinated the new governor of Gnarwood, who was suspected of fraud. Now he works mainly to destroy Koma

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[color=purple][size=1]Hey, I don't know why you're leaving, but this sounds like it's going to be a pretty cool rpg. Also, I'm not going to be back until Monday, so feel free to kick me out if things are moving to fast for me to catch up. I'll PM you some info on my character to see if it will be alright.[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Ashton

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender:[/b] Unknown (Generally thought to be male)

[b]Description:[/b] Long, white hair, red eyes, wears a baggy midnight blue tunic and tights, black boots and gloves, and keeps his face and body covered in a midnight blue cloak.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ashton is not very quiet, but he is not known for idle talk. Being a counter-spellcaster, he is more of a defensive fighter and he usually manages to keep a clear head in battle. Because of these traits, he is respected by his fellow warriors, despite his young age.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Two long daggers

[b]Magic Type:[/b] Counter-spellcaster

[b]Magic abilities (max4):[/b]

[i]Masochist[/i] For a short time, turns the enemy's physicl attacks against themselves.

[i]Hunger[/i] Steals a little bit of life force energy from an enemy to heal an ally.

[i]Blackhole[/i] Creates a vacuum that sucks in offensive spells.

[i]Flux[/i] Creates the illusion that the spellcaster is sliding on their feet at random.

[b]Bio:[/b] Although Ashton is rumored to be from Forlock, the rumors are only half true. He was actually born and raised in the Gnarwood but he was kidnapped and brought to the Town of Fiends at the age of 10. At 13, his captors tried to sell him into slavery but were unsuccesful. Seeing that no one wanted him, they scarred his face and threw him out in the streets with a secret he has just begun to believe a couple of years ago. His parents paid for his kidnapping. Since that day, he has joined the group Koma and trained under a counter-spell caster by the name of Vangeles. Even though Ashton has only trained for 3 years, his skill at spell casting is much greater than it should be. It is almost if something was increasing his powers...[/color]
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[COLOR=Darkred]I'm glad to be in this.....you always make the best RP's. The one I'm thinking of I won't mention because I'm embarassed by it. :haha:

Name: Dalyk

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: About 6 feet tall, he has long, thick, black hair with a white flash going through the center of his mane right above his dark brown eyes. He typically wears black leathers under a blood red cloak. He carries a longbow across his back along with a quiver of arrows.

Personality: Dalyk is fairly friendly, and hates to be left out of anything. He feels a great need to belong in a group, but tries to act like a loner. He gets angry very easily, though.

Weapons: Longbow and arrows, as well as dagger hidden in his right boot.

Magic Type: Spell Caster

[I]Flamebolt[/I]: Fires a bolt of fire from his fingertips. Dalyk can control the size of it.

[i]Energy Sphere[/i]: Creates up to 4 energy balls which he hurls with his will.

[i]Wall[/i]: Creates a wall of force in front of him which can only be broken by relatively powerful counter-spells.

[i]Teleport[/i]: Instantly transports Dalyk to a place that he can visualize clearly.

Bio: Dalyk grew up in a small town called Mith, a town ruled by two warring factions. Dalyk's parents were pitted against each other in the battles. His father was a spell caster and his mother was a counter-spellcaster for the other faction. As corny as it sounds, when they couldn't defeat each other, the fell in love and moved to Gnarwood to raise their son in peace.(As corny as that is). When Dalyk turned twelve, he and his family joined the GR, since they resented the self imposed rule of the Koma. Dalyk learned from his parents the art of spell casting. They taught him to be careful with his magic, to not cause wanton harm. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][i][size=1]What? You are leaving the OB? I won't allow you to go down peacefully, Tyler.*shakes fist* Well, I will give you the pleasure of having me in your last, one of your last, RPs...However, I cannot give you a complete character without your consent on whether I can be a summoner (I'll be PMing you)

[b]Name[/b]- Fuyu (last name unknown)
[b]Age[/b]- Appears to be around the age of 18
[b]Gender[/b]- Female
[b]Description[/b]- [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=ayashinoceres&image=11]Fuyu[/url]
[b][u]Weapons[/b][/u]- 6 foot staff with a moon-shaped amethist medallian.
[b]Magic Type[/b]- Summoner
[b]Creature type/description[b]- White tiger

I'm sorry, I can't finish at the moment...[/color][/size][/i]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]OOC: Yay im a summoner ^_^

[B]Name:[/B] Chyme
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=magnacarta&image=6]Here[/URL] Hope an image is ok
[B]Personality:[/B] Distant and confident but is pretty level headed. He can appear to be arrogant but is far from it. He is generally satisfied with normal activities but he lives for battle. He is slow to anger but explodes when someone pushes him to much.
[B]Weapons:[/B] Sword in picture
[B]Magic Type:[/B] Summoner (Doesnt know it though)
[B]Creature Type:[/B] Dark Knight
[B]Decription:[/B] A figure standing about 8' clad from head to toe in black armor.His left eye glows bright yellow through a t like shape in his helm. Everything but his eye is black. He carries black broad sword which is about 5' in length and about a foot wide.
[B]Bio:[/B] He was born to a Wealthy family in Loctine. His parents tried to train him in magic but he showed no apitude for either craft. They sent him to Soulphin where he recieved military training till he was 12. He returned to his parents and lived with them till 13. He then was sent to Agulan where he was trained by a master swordsman by the name of Girai. Girai became family to him and he was very sad to leave. Girai gave him his sword and armor as a good bye gift. Now 17 he returned home again to his parent who were amazed by his skill but dismayed by his cockiness and arrogance. They sent him to Forlock hoping that these qualities might be left there. In Forlock arrogance can get you killed and somethings arent worth dying for. He returned home after a year to find his parents waiting for him just like all the other times before. He was different this time he was confident and down to earth. He had heard about the struggles in Gnarwood and wanted to help the resistance. He left home and journeyed to Gnarwood where he is currently searching for a member of the GR and hopefully join thier ranks.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Squall I hope this is ok, if not PM me and I'll make changes.
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Here be my character, there's lots of people that want to be summoners, so I think I'll be breaking from the crowd

Name: Kir sol'fel
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Description: Kir stands at 6'7, weighing 199 lbs of muscle. His muscular frame is covered with heavy, well made chainmail vest and leggings. His Ice blue eyes flare with a cheery light and magical intensity, when they're not hidden behind strands of his long thick, black hair.

Personality: Kir, at first glance, is a laid back, gentle behemoth of a man, that enjoys strong drink, and beatufull women. He's slow to anger, but those that know him know it doesn't mean he won't draw his sword over an insult, He enjoys a challenge and takes several things as such.

Weapons: A simple yet well made Longsword bearing his mark, a sword encased in pulsing, magical energy,dangling from a loose hanging swordbelt. And twin razor sharp battle axes bearing the same mark, crossed on his back.

Magic Type: Spell Caster- Fire blade: Kir casts his flare spell, focusing it into his weapon insted of his foe, the blade comes to life with searing heat as magical flames dance of off it.

Ice blade: Kir focuses his ice magic into his blade, making it frost over. Enemies struck with it feel winters chill bite, along with the sword's when struck with it.

Thunder blade- Kir focuses his thunder magic into his weapon. Arcs of purple electricity trace up and down the blades edges, electrocuting any foe that it touches

Bio: Kir grew up in the militaristic city of soulphin. Being around the smiths, soldiers and weapon stores had great influence on the young boys impressionable mind, and he became determined to become a soldier in the Loctine Royal army. Until his potential magic ability was discovered by the local Elementalist casters guild. Almost Immeadiately, he was tested and inducted into the guild's halls, where he recieved training in the elemental casting arts. He soon forgot joining the Loctine army, but he never lost his desire to learn Swordsmanship, and set out to earn money to hire a trainer. At 16, he found his mentor with the FeindSlayers mercenary band, where he trained and worked for 9 years, earning a reputation as a powerfull and skilled Swordsman. at 26, he left the band in good standing, returning Soulphin to work as a smith, and part of the local militia, where he lives to today.

Hope that works for ya's! :D
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange][B]Name:[/B] Tanji Milkeyes

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Description:[/B] Tanji is 5'6", with deep chestnut hair(dark brown-red with gold streaks). It falls to her butt in waves, and is very thick. Her eyes are dark grey with a black rim on the outside, and a white rim on the inside, and slanted. SHe has thick black lashes. Tanji has a deep tan all over, and long limbs. SHe wieghs about 121 lbs. Wears short black shorts(cut-offs), and a robe that goes to her knees. Its a dark grey, and is open down the front except at the chest where its laced by white leather. It has a large hood. She eather wears sandals or no shoes.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, but always with a smirk tugging at her lips. Her face is always passive, and nothing in her mind passes through her eyes. SHe is practically un-readable. Practically. You can tell when she's mad, but cause her voice becomes unusually calm and level. She has a short temper.

[B]Weapons:[/B] A quarter staff(oak wood, 5'), a short fighting knife

[B]Magic Type:[/B] Spell Caster -
[I]Silence Wall:[/I] A wall of pure silence extends to twenty feet around her. It lasts until she calls it off.

[I]Mind Frenzy:[/I] Caster chooses what the person thinks, or drives them mad. Often makes them think things aren't real, or that things are were they aren't.

[I]Pain Transfer:[/I] Whatever pain she is in she can send to someone else. She refrains from using this unless the pain makes it impossible to do anything.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in Agulan, Tanji's parents were killed by a party of raiders when she was two. She went to live with her childhood friend, Davvyn, and they became very close as time went by. Dav was like an older brother to her. A year older, and tall, Davvyn was the town girls obsessions. Tanji often stayed in the shadows, and, when he recieved his first blade, he was neevr alone. Girls from all over made calf-eyes at him. Davvyn was killed in a fight with one of the girls fiance, and Tanji was devistated. She found his sword, and flew into a rage. SHe almost killed herself, when her friend, Daiana, stopped her. Tanji ran from home, and never came back.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Alright! I've been approved to bea summoner... thanks Squall! Man... now I feel conformist ^^

Name: Kuya Nirman

Age: 18

Gender: male

Description: Kuya stands at 5'11'', has dark red hair, and deep green eyes. His build is light but not flimsy. He wears a dark green long sleeved shirt, with a dark red tunic-like garment over it, similar dark green pants, padded boots, and glasses that cover most of his eyes.

Personality: Only talkative around people he knows, and sometimes a little morbid. Otherwise, he's generaly percieved as eager, curious, and outgoing. Be warned... if he needs to, he can screw with your head.

Weapons: A two-foot wagizashi.

Magic Type: Summoner
Creature type: dark animal
Description: it stands at 3'0'' when it walks on all fours. it has black skin with several redish highlights along body curves. It looks most like some form of dragon, though with a longer snout, much shorter tail, and no wings.

Bio: Kuya's parents were traders who traveled along the numerous rivers in a long boat, going from town to town, trading goods. Due to the constant travel, Kuya was exposed to many of Moliness' cultures. When he was twelve, his parents found a nice place to live in Agulan, and settled jsut outside of the city limits. Kuya would often go into the city alone, watching people go about their business. On one of these little trips, a warrior who had apparently run out of students spotted Kuya on the street and nearly begged him to let him teach. Kuya agreed and the man taught him a few sword tricks.

Everything was going pretty smoothly until a random bunch of thieves raided his home and took his parents hostage. He had been in the town as this occured, and when he approached his home, he was immeditaly confronted by the thieves. When they nearly killed him, his magic took hold of him, witch he did not know he had, and unleashed his summoning creature. The creature was still weak, but scared the thieves away.

A few days later, he took off on his parent's long boat and again began traveling. He thought this would prevent something like that ever hapening again. For several years he was successful. When he was 15, he came across Gnarwood and decided to stay, as he was running low on supplies. He grew attached to Gnarwood.

When Koma moved in, he saw an excellent opportunity... he had always figured that the current goverment must be weak if they allowed bands of thieves to wander at will. He joined Kuma at age 17, and has served them ever since.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Suzaku Getsushirin

[B]Age:[/B] unknown, but looks to be of the age of 18

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, cool, distant, and isolated is who Suzaku is. She keeps her intentions and emotions concealed within her, but at the moment of battle, Suzaku lets loose all emotions. She also has some sort of energy that trails behind her, something that makes people wonder who she really is.

[B][U]Draca's Fang:[/B][/U] A double edged broad sword. The blade is made from the stone of obsidian and is completely indestructible. The hilt has the emblem of her family's heirloom, which is a black orb with two crescent moons facing eachother, with an eight pointed star in the middle of the moons. Draca's Fang is named after the Dragon of Darkness and Blood. It was said that Draca guarded this sword as well as the orb upon the sword. No one, except Suzaku, was able to wield the sword and use its powers. They did not know that when Draca died, he would give his last breath and powers to the sword.

[B][U]Talons of Ellidain:[/B][/U] Twin silver dual fans given to Suzaku from Ellidain, the gryphon anthro. Made from the strongest silver, Ellidain had created these fans to fly through the air and from the true hand of Suzaku, strike her enemy. Giving a part of himself to the fans, Suzaku uses the fans with pride.

[B][U]Orb of Getsushirin:[/B][/U] The heirloom orb that hangs from Suzaku's neck has powers unknown to man. Found by the first Getsushirin of her

[B]Magic Type:[/B] Spell-Caster

[B]Magic Abilities:[/B]
[B][U]Daichi no Dori:[/B][/U] An Earth Spell, meaning "Anger of Earth". Suzaku will be able to create small earthquakes and fissures and throw down hails of stone at her enemy.

[B][U]Commuto Forma:[/B][/U] Also known as Shape Changer. Suzaku will be able to take on the form of anything she wishes to be, but this can only last a short period of time, and is able to attack with its powers. This is a Psychic spell.

[B][U]Shadow Reflector:[/B][/U] A dark spell that creates sort of a mirror and feeds off of dark spells and black magic. It also is able to send back any spell that it does not feed off of, back to the caster of the spell with double power.

[B][U]Judgement of Zodiacs:[/B][/U] An all element spell. It is unknown of what Zodiac shall be used. All 12 have different spells and different attacks.

[B]Bio:[/B] Hidden away in the darkest corner of her mind, Suzaku regrets the day she had ever been born. She was the only Getsushirin with the power to overthrow everyone in her family and they all feared it. Destroying everything in her path, walking the footsteps of Chaos, and letting darkness consume her, Suzaku was not a young child of bright light, but a woman of fear and apocolyptic chaos. Everything she had ever done, everything she had said, every blood that had poured from innocent people, she regrets. And nothing would make her remember those days. It is all but a mystery as to why she had done that and that is one thing she shall never reveal to anyone.[/size][/color]
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Guest Midnight Rush
Music for this Char: Point of No Return (Kansas); Headstorng (Trapt); Shoot to Thrill (ACDC)

Name: Onesimus
Age: 40+
Gender: Male
Description: Standing 6'3" tall, he is a majestic and grave sight to behold. His striking green eyes seem to be alive as a burning flame, the penetrate into the soul of any who look into them. He is well built, extremely athletic, and carries himself with a precision and effieciency not seen in many. He has short cropped wavy black hair that he generally sweeps back, revealing a few strands of grey near the temples. He has the death's head look, with tighly stretched skin, not a hint of wrinkles outside the forehead. His mouth is moderately thin, bound in what seems to be an eternal frown. He is the sort of man that children feel an awe for, as do adults.

For any combat/diplomatic/situational situations he wears:

A Roman Centurion Armor set crafted of the purest adamant (Dragon scales). Light as a feather but hard as the Living Rock, its edges are trimmed with the finest gold. The helm has a huge red horsehair plume atop of it, and the arm guards and knee gaurds have six inch blue-steel spikes on them (at the joint). The armor looks exactly like Pious Augustus' does on Eternal Darkness.

Personality: Grave, merciless, rational, strict honor, ambitious, courageous, decisive, reckless, headstorng, gargantuan ego (for you California Mountain Snake), and tricky (Cottonmouth <3 so dam gorgeous... ).


The Field Gladius "Legion Keeper": THe Field Gladius of a forgotten civilization's greatest general: Caius Marius. The sword gives courage and wisdom, as well as a keen edge of adamant, gleaming in the darkness, and keeping the wielder free from paralysis.

The Gauntlets of the Westernesse: The hand sheaths worn by the men who sailed from the West many aeons ago. They gleam green when an enemy is around.

Black Dragon Scale Mail "Soul Keeper": HIs adamant centurion gear made from the scales of a black dragon.

Feanorian Boots "Flame of the West": Black boots with a red tiger stripes on them. They bear the words: Onitsuka Tiger, In Memory of the Dragon. They give Onesimus great speed and acrobatic ability as well as light in dark places.

Magic Type: Black Mage (Spell Caster)

1. Ars Arcanum- A tri-bolt of fire, ice, and lightning forms and elemental snake and acts as a seeker missile against his foes. Extremely hurt-ey-ful.

2. Deus Ex Machina- The Entire area loses its light as the target begins to well with pure green energy. As it culmanates, the energy explodes, leaving the target ravaged with immense force.

3. Serpens Encantus Vocat- Onesimus uses his power to call forth into his body the spirit of the Snake Charmer. This lasts but a short time, but while it does he has the full abilities of the Snake Charmer, the Man who ruled the Deadly Vipers.

4. Australis Crux- The Southern Cross spell summons the nuclear energy of the seven stars that comprise the Southern Cross, forming them into a missile shaped like the True Cross. This missile is ablaze with green fire, killing without question its targets. However, this much magic is extremely costly: For Onesimus to cast this, he must give up his life.

Flaws/Weaknesses: His soul is in his green eyes. If he loses them, he's toast. He cannot sneak around, becasue his presence causes a mild edginess, alerting guards and such. He loses to the heroes in the last battle no matter how unlikely.

Bio: Not born of the Water Continent, this mysterious man arrived here some years ago sailing from the West in his black ship, Ulfang. Since his arrival, terrible things have happened: Towns have just disappeared; things crawl into cribs, and in the morning there is no baby; monsters have spewn forth from their secluded dungeons; plague has ravaged the land; robbers and bandits and lawlessness have flourished both at sea and on land; children lose all will to live.... Could he be the cause of all of this madness?

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