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Ranma 1/2

Queen Asuka

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[color=hotpink][size=1]I looked at the official directory thread and I couldn't believe that we didn't have a thread for this series. I think its a good a time as any to start one.

So who here actually likes this series? For all of you InuYashu nuts, it was also made by Rumiko Takahashi and InuYasha borrows a lot of elements from this show. I find Ranma mostly light-hearted fun, for the most part. It's a romantic comedy about this guy named Ranma who becomes cursed so that when he's hit with cold water, he turns into a girl. Not to go into lots of detail, but he has three fiances and a load of enemies, various ones among them also cursed to turn into a nice crew of animals.

So tell me, do you like the show, what episodes/movies/OAVs have you seen, and what characters are you particularly fond of? I'm pretty interesting in seeing if others want to discuss this series. I thought it would breathe a nice breath of fresh air into this forum.[/color][/size]
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Oh, Ranma has many more than three fiances. His father's been working that angle since he was a baby.
I love Ranma, not for it's deep and subtle plot (ha!)--but for it's obvious, classically Takahashi humor. I've seen a bunch of the episodes (I can't keep track), mostly from the Hard Battle--I think that's what it's called--season. I love Ryoga, even though he's a bit . . . off, and I've been looking for a yellow headcloth just like his for the longest time. We share an acute sense of direction. :)
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I'm aware that he has more than three fiances. I'm just stating that Akane, Ukyo, and Shampoo are the main ones, not to mention Kodachi and Kuno hanging all over him all the time.

I really like Ryouga, too. He's such a sweet character and he loves Akane so much, and yet he can never get the attention from her he deserves. He's so cute! He's the only male character on the show that I absolutely adore. Ranma just sort of annoys me because of his huge ego.

I haven't really watched a ton (I've seen a few from the first season, and then I own some here and there, and seen all the OAVs), but I've read a lot of episode summaries and I've kept track of some of the manga. One of my favorites is the one where they could to the beach and Shampoo has the "love pills" I believe. It's good fun. ^_^[/color][/size]
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I love Rumiko Takahashi style. She has a great way of putting that ackward crush/love tension between couples. Ranma 1/2 has a nice blend of humor and wonderful, colorful characters.

I have all the DVD box sets, OVA's and movies. I think the series, due to the length, has a tendency to drag a bit in the middle. It feels like filler episodes. On a side note, if you have the last DVD box set there is a Ranma Farewell Party footage in the extras, I was there! Woo Hoo!

I have so many favorites. One of my favorite characters would have to be Ryoga. I think he is very sweet, a bit lost and naive, but sweet. Another favorite would have to be Genma as a panda. I know, shocking isn't it! I love how he uses being a panda as an excuse to get out of doing things. You will see him playing with a tire or a ball. There has been more than one occassion where he has tried to be adopted by different wealthy people so he wouldn't have to do anything but be a pet panda! I love it! But I think the number one favorite character would have to be Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High! Every episode with Kuno is a great one. Like the one with the Phoenix!

Oh, but let us not forget the Scribbled Panda! She is soooo cute! It is a very bizarre episode and I really don't know what Ranma's hang up about being around her was. Every guys should be so lucky to "date with" a panda!

Great series, I recommend it to anyone who like Rumiko Takahashi's work! :)
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Well, unfortuneately I haven't [I]seen[/I] any of the shows, but I own volumes 1-9 (soon to be 10 or more) of the manga. I absolutely love Ranma...It's so funny how he could care less about nakedness when he's in his female form. "Don't you have [I]any[/I] femine modestly!?" Akane to Ranma in manga volume 3. One of the best quotes from Akane... So far... I'd love to actually watch the show, but until I aquire some money, I will just have to live with the mangas (which I don't mind). I do have to say that I prefer P-Chan to Ryoga any day (P-Chan being Ryoga's curs-ed other form) I think that Ryoga as a little black baby pig is sooo cute! Especially because he can be close to Akane without getting to embarrased over what he might say. I don't know how Akane doesn't notice that Ryoga and P-Chan both have the same yellow bandana/coller. Oh well... I guess it's alright... I have noticed a lot of similarities between Ranma and InuYasha... In fact, my InuYasha fandom led me onto Ranma and Maison Ikkoku (though I can't find anything with Lum as of yet -_-). I think everything kind of 'borrows' from Ranma or Lum (whichever came first). But I don't mind. I still love everything Takahashi puts out... Ranma kinda started my Panda phase... I kinda became slightly obsessed with pandas when I saw Genma. Hehehe... He and Soun are wonderful parents...
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No one has mentioned any of the characters that they dislike from the series! I know there has to be some that just get under your skin. For me that character would have to be the Ghost Cat. I think it has to do with how desperate he is to find his bride. The VA is really annoying to me. When I hear the Ghost Cat's voice it just bugs me! The VA does an excellent job doing a "cat" voice, but he is just so whiney. Ugh. Crazy stalker cat!

Another character I really don't care much for is Picolet Chardin II. It just seems really gross! Thinking about how [SPOILER]pratically eats girl Ramna really grosses me out! He has more than half of Ranma in his mouth! Ranma wakes up and wonders why it is so dark. The long lips and tongue just bother me.[/SPOILER] After I read that manga I didn't feel like eatting anything. Worse was seeing the anime! ewww!

What about everyone else, are there characters you can't stand?
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I love the ghost cat episode! But that's probably just because I love any episode with Shampoo in it. She is, hands down, the best character in the entire series.

As for Kuno, I don't know if I'm a big fan. I enjoyed feeling sorry for him in Nihao my Concubine, but when I see him in the episodes I get a bit irked. He is definately a boob-grabber. Well, maybe I like him more than I think. After all, he just wants the love of Akane and "the pig-tailed girl." One thing I don't understand is why are all the male characters so obsessed with Akane? She (seriously, lol) is not cute and she has a major attitude problem. It just baffles me.

Oh yes, and if you want to see Lum, she's in the series Urusei Yatsura, which I believed was dubbed into English under the name "Those Obnoxious Aliens."[/color][/size]
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[color=darkblue]I've come to love Ranma 1/2 a lot over the past couple of years. Having first heard about it from the oh-so-lovable Tony (or Semjaza Azazel), I ran a search for it at my library and was surprised to find it in the catalog.

Through that method, I've been able to see the first three seasons (though we do have the fourth, but I can't watch it on my DVD player. --; I really wanted to hear Richard Cox try to play Ranma...), both movies, and the "Best Of" collection. I've not been able to lay hand on the OVA, though...

I really love all the characters, but Ryoga (man, he's sure got one heck of a fanbase here), Mousse, Kodachi, and Cologne really stand out to me. Ryoga's my main favorite because he's been through so much, yet he never gives up (and because half the stuff he does is so hilarious), but Mousse runs a close second due to sheer pity. I mean, he loves Shampoo so much, but it's never returned...unless you count that scene in "Nihao, My Concubine!".

Kodachi interests me only because of the fact that she's come up with some of the most ingenious methods of cheating I've ever seen an anime character use. That laugh's nothing to sneeze at either, lol. Cologne is only a favorite of mine because she's the only one who could remotely keep Happosai in check (about 30% of the time).

The story, though it does lag at certain eps, was overall good with what I've seen. My favorite episodes would have to be "Am I Pretty? Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood" and "A Tear In the Girl-Delinquent's Eye? The End of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge" simply due to the sheer hilarity of the both of them. The latter of the two had me laughing so hard by the end of the match, and for Ranma to win that way...lol.

It's not hard to see why it's considered a classic, lol. It's really a nice series to get into, especially if you're just getting into anime or a die-hard Takahashi fan.[/color]
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I saw a few TV episodes and some Christmas thing. I thought the anime adaptation didn't add anything to the manga so I never went out of my way to see the anime after the TV eps. I have read pretty far into the manga and I will probably finish it one of these days.

It's a cliche to say "oh, the manga is better" but when it comes to Takahashi's works there just doesn't seem to be anything special added in the anime. Of course a lot of the adaptations are pretty old, which can often mean goofy music and not much animation (the music in Ranma doesn't do anything for me). I liked the recent Rumic Theater with the short stories and Mermaid's Forest though.

When it comes to the characters, I feel that all of them in their own way manage to wear out their welcome with me. It mainly has to do with how unbelievably long and simple the manga is.

Shampoo stands out somehow. She seems to be fairly good-natured and straightforward in a cast of cranky schemers. She also comes across with a lot of sensuality.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]That's because Shampoo is the coolest character on the entire show.

I also enjoy Nabiki's character. She's so sneaky and laidback. She's the only one in the Tendo family that seems to be sane (though she does have her moments). I think it's funny to see how she's always hanging around Kuno. I always thought that they'd be a very cute couple.

I LOVE the episode were Tsubasa comes (the cross-dressing kid?). The part where he was dressed up as the mailbox was absolutely hilarious. Oh, and the episode after that one, the one with the cursed bra. I got that videotape for my birthday a few years ago and I never had some much fun watching anime with my friends as I did that day.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Ranma 1/2 is undoubtedly one of my favourite animes to this day.

There are well over 100 episodes, 6 OVAs, and 2 movies, and a huge cast of characters each with a past, and future, as remarkable as the other. It is impressive how Rumiko Takahashi manages to link the storylines amongst them together.

Arguably, seasons one and two are unique from the rest of the series because it introduces the twists and turns of each character, but just becomes more and more repetitve as the show goes on. -___-

Each character is just as bizarre as the next, from different backgrounds and fighting styles, but have all come to achieve the same goal - eliminate Ranma for one reason or the other.

My favourite character is Mousse, especially when duoed with Cologne. He is always mistaking her, or something, for Shampoo when hes's not wearing those thick glasses, and his style of fighting is hilarious, "Master of hidden weapons", just one swing of his arms then a horde of chains, shurikens, kunai, knives come flying at you from his over-extended sleeve. ^__^

I enjoyed the scene when Mousse lost his glasses and grabbed Cologne whilst screaming out: "Shampoo!!!", and realises Cologne's wrinkly old skin and asks: "Shampoo? Did you pickle yourself overnight?" and gets hit over the head by her staff.

There is the occasional love scene as well as all the comedy though, which gives it a nice little mixed genre, yet again it is rare and usually occurs of Ranma "accidentally" saying something nice about Akane and then blows it off by critisicing her almost immediately afterwards, lol. Ranma 1/2 [i]is[/i] a classic and one of a kind anime, there are similar versions of it such as Love Hina, but they hardly step up to the compelling uniqueness of Takahashi's work.[/COLOR]
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:tasty: Ranma is pretty cute when he's in boy form. I've only read the first 3 volumes of Ranma from my best friend, and I'm hoping she'll get #4 sometime this weekend. I haven't seen any of the episodes or movies. In fact, I didn't know they existed until I came to this Thread...I feel so stupid...:sweat:
Ryoga has got to be the most dull sensed person in any manga or anime. I mean really, it was just 300 yards he had to walk. I loved how in the background there were photographs of him in other countries and other cities. They're all like "You came here?!" and everyone around them is laughing....It is funny, but I felt sorry for Ryoga...

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[quote name='Panda']What about everyone else, are there characters you can't stand?[/quote]
Well I can't stand Mousse!! He's soo annoying (part of it is because he reminds me of my ex) Aside from that, I don't like Mousse because he's soo stupid about some of things he does...It's just really dumb how he does some things... Kuno is mildly annoying because of the fact that he's the only one at their school who doesn't know Ranma's secret. And there's this one guy (I can't remember his name) who is in love with Akane and he takes pictures all the time and he looks sickly... He's really odd.. and likes voo doo and the sort... I really don't like him.. But Happy is really funny (for some reason I can picture Myoga's or Totosai's voice as Happy...heheh) Stupid perverted master... He's 10 times worse than all of the leches I've ever seen in any anime!
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Oh, Queen Asuka, I definitely did not mean to insult your Ranma intelligence. I just find it humorous that it is possible for a teenage boy to have so very many promises to keep. :)

Ryoga is my favorite character by far, although I do rather like Ranma. I just wish he'd get over himself and give poor Akane (uncute as she might be) a chance. There's obviously a connection between them, but they're both so ungodly stubborn that they won't admit it. It's the same kind of thing as in Inuyasha, but there are more mature reasons for Inuyasha to be the way he is toward Kagome.

I don't really like Happosai. He's just a dirty old man, and he looks like Myoga the flea. (They're almost the same size. *heehee*) I do think it's awfully funny that Ranma and Akane's father are so whipped by him that they'll allow him to destroy their home just to avoid his "wrath" . . . .

And Shampoo does rock. Even her cat form is cute!
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I love Ranma 1/2! I haven't seen the first episode or anything but I have seen 12 of the episodes. (even though it did take about 3 ep. for me to understand what was going on.) My favorite character is Mousse because well um... I really don't know why I like him so much. I really enjoy the show and hope to see more of it soon. :D
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[color=darkviolet]I've seen a few episodes of Ranma, but I honestly can't remember too much from them. Probably because my memory is going. I do remember one of the movies tho when the guy steals Akane (did I get that wrong?)

Anyway, my favorite part in that is the beginning when Happosai steals someone's bra and then starts yelling 'a brassier! a brassier!' That is one of my favorite lines from the movie.

I think it's funny when Ryouga [spoiler]turns into a pig. The first time Akane sees him she names him P-chan. It's funny too when Ranma tries to kill P-chan after he finds out that P-chan is Ryouga[/spoiler]

Ranma 1/2 is a light hearted comedy that you can enjoy even with its complete lack of cement plot. I think I may end up buying a few DVDs this weekend to refreash my memory and cheer me up a bit. That and Princess9[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]I merged your thread with the official Ranma 1/2 topic.


For all those who want info on Ranma 1/2's special moves then this is for you.
first of all, it's not complete so if there's something missing then I don't know about it.
secondly, I just wrote this for kicks. I just want to share my knowlege.
lastly, I'm writing this because of my extreme devotion to the Ranma 1/2 series.

Kachuu tenshin amaguriken - chestnuts roasting on an open fire: attack with supersonic fists
Hiryuu shoten ha - flying dragon ascension wave: uppercut mixed with cold and hot battle aura to make a huge whirlwind
Hiryuu kourin dan -falling dragon descension wave: just like hiryuu shoten ha but with a downward strike
Mokou takabisha - dominating fierce tiger: attack with confident battle aura
Neko ken - cat fist: allows a person to act and fight like a cat
Gourmet de foir gras - gourmet de foir gras: move hands so quickly that the food on the table seem to disappear

Bakusai tenketsu - breaking point: destroys any kind of rock with one finger
Shishi hokou dan - lion's roar blast: attack with depressed battle aura

Dachokyaku - ostritch kick: kick straight up
Hakuchoken - white swan fist: punch with hidden swan potty
Takazumeken - hawk's claw strike: strike with hawk's talons attached to his feet
Kerian-ken - egg bomb strike: throw explosive egg bombs at the enemy

Happo-daikarin - happo-fire blast: attack with coconut-sized bomb
Happo-daikagin - happo-mould blast: attach with coconut-sized bomb full of mould

Xi fang xiao - memory loss technique: lets one person have memory loss

Aoi kazuchi ken - blue thunder strike: strikes from above
senpu-ken - whirlwind strike: strikes with a whirlwind made by his sword
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Guest otaku_ignea
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I am a huge fan of Ms. Takahashi although I haven't read very far into Ranma 1/2 (just Vols. 1-5 so far). I love her drawing style, especially in ranma and Inu-Yasha. She's got a knack for designing characters...*points to avatar and siggy* and you can guess who my favorite character is...[/COLOR] :D
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Guest unknown101
hey all you ranma fans listen up theres a petition going on over at adultswim.com and the thread has been there since june so theres a preety good amount of support for it its 10 pages long!just head on over there and find out how to sign the petition you never know this just might work anythings possible oh and dont worry about it being edited to much cause they've suggested possibly blurring the boobs out.i think this could work i mean comedy shows on adult swim get away with murder i mean debbie on sealab shows her boobs all the time and there are sexual refrences on there other comedy shows too so i think with enough support and attention this could work heres the link to the anyone has negative thoughts on this keep them to yourself but anyone who wants to sign go on over to adult swim.com cmon ranma fans show your support!!!!!!!!!!

[color=navy]First things first--your post is rather hard to comprehend. It's possible to be enthusiastic [i]and[/i] use proper punctuation. Secondly, you should refer to the Directory when you want to post anything related to a specific show.

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[COLOR=Navy]Ranma may be funny and all, but I hope that they don't replace InuYasha with Ranma if they do.

I like the series, don't get me wrong. I've seen the first season of it, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If Ranma does show on Adult Swim, cool...but if it replaces InuYasha, I would really be mad.[/COLOR]
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Personally, the thing is that if Ranma COULD go to Adult Swim at all, it could go anywhere, and personally, Ranma on AS would just hurt the block. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome show, but it just doesn't feel like an adult show. The only thing really innapropriate in it is the nudity, and that isn't even real nudity and if AS could air that with a TV-PG/14, then Toonami could do the same just as easily and take the show, and since they aim at teens instead of adults, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Personally, I think Ranma isn't AS material. Inu-Yasha isn't AS material. Case Closed isn't AS material. Full Metal Alchemist isn't AS material.

So what IS AS material?

Cowboy Bebop is AS material. Trigun is AS material. FLCL is AS material. The Big O is AS material. Witch Hunter Robin is AS material. Wolf's Rain is AS material. Lupin is AS material. Samurai Champloo will be AS material. Ghost in the Shell will be AS material. And sadly, no matter how terrible it is, Reign is AS material.

So I just feel BS&P should grow a backbone and let Ranma air on CN outside of AS.
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[COLOR=SlateGray]I watched this series for the first time yesterday after seeing some fanart of it and having Legacy talk to me endlessly about it on AIM chats.
It just so happens that the first episode I dowloaded was...'P-P-P chan, He ain't good for nothin!' I think that's it name.
Anyways, first episdoe I see and...Ranma and Ryoga are both naked :eek: okay, Ranma was in 'girl mode' and I've noticed how pretty he/she is but Ryoga.... :tasty: oh he's lovely.

So, it's yet another fan for his growing little club. But he really is so funny, and obsessive >_> I've just bought the first volume of the manga today and so far I'm finding it hilarious. Not to mention I'm looking to buy all of the seasons on E-bay...if I can actually get enough money -_-.[/COLOR]
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Ranma 1/2 on Cartoon Network? Im a little skeptical about that...I thought they would never be able to get that past FCC. Yeah, I could see how it might not be considered "adult" material, but things like having Ranma-chan/Ranko-chan often completely naked in the series don't really sit well with them.

As for it ever getting on [adult swim]...

Ramna 1/2 is on their "[B]Don't bother to ask[/B]" list. They won't say (offically) why they doubtful they'll get it. But it seems that everyone at the [adult swim] boards is putting their money on the nudity. :D
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n-n-n-n-naked?That will never get on adultswim.Especially since they said they didn't like to show yaio or yuri my guess is because the nudity and nastyness.Hmm,is this manga or show really that good?I might take a look at it...Also does anyone know where to download the episodes?
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Guest Christopher
I've always loved Ranma 1/2. So many people say this anime sucks but this is one of the best, and not to mention funniest, animes ever. My favorite character would have to be the great Ranma him/herself.
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