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Sign Up The mage's relic.

Prince Van

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Do you believe in Time Travel? You don?t? You think it?s not possible? Try telling that to the past.

It was in the medieval times, there was a Mage. A Mage who didn?t bother with wars of battles, instead he wondered what would happen in the future. He imagined different things, and he wanted to see the future one-day. Being one of the most powerful Mage?s of his time, he created a Relic. This Relic was able to switch the places of people in the future, with people from the past. The future would switch with their family in the past. Though the Mage knew it would be years before anyone would use the Relic, and he was in doubt about anyone knowing how to us it. The Mage kept a hold of his Relic for all his life, and didn?t dare let anyone touch it. Though, because in these times there was chaos and fighter, thieves stole the Relic. The Mage could never find it again.

The Thieves sold it to other people for gold, other people lost it, other people found it. One day it was in the hands of a greedy King. He tried to find out what it was, and what it did, but could never figure it out. He grew angry, and threw the Relic away. There was a great battle soon after that, and the Relic was buried by mistake under the ground with all the battles, never to be found again.

Though in the year 2004, you and a few friends were on a Trek, tour whatever you want to call it. You all decided to wonder off, and found a strange looking object. At first, you didn?t dare touch it, but being the curios bunch you were, you did. And the next thing you know?

You had switched times places with your Ancestors. You went back the medieval times. None of you meant to touch the Object, none of you knew what you were doing. So what next? Well, you have to get back to your own time. How? That?s what you need to find out. You must all try to live the medieval way, learn magic, learn how to fight, learn everything you can, only then will you unlock the power of the Relic, and finally return home.

Vicky did the back story not me.

Basic character layout.

Age: (12-18)
Bio:Not exactly life story just info about your self.

Later on in the RPG you will learn magic.The only way to learn amgic is to learn it off an enemy, it will work like a blue mage in final fantasy a person uses some magic on you annd you learn it.The only thing is only me and Vicky can say when someone learns magic to avoid god-moding.

Hope atleast three people sign up.
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Name:Mariko Yashida
Personality:Overly perky,(like all my other chars lol)she will always try and comfort someone no matter what.
Appearance:Black silky hair wich is as long as teh bottom of her shoulder blade.Her eyes also black,are slanted becuase she is Japanese.Her physical feature is quite fraile looking,though alot of the boys in her class find her very hot.[url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/44-5.htm[/url] pic of Mariko
Bio:Yup you guessed it...Mariko was the bright one to say "Lets touch it and see what happens!"this is probally why the group is where they are now,or tehy just touched without even listenting to her.Either way,they all blamed her which she thought was funny.So they didn't even bother blaming her anymore,beofre and after the inccident,Mariko has had a crush on Jim since she met him.Sometimes she dreams of her and Jim going on little dates here and then.

OOC:This sounds like alot of fun
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[SIZE=1][B]Don't forget the small change, Cloud ^_^

[U]Name:[/U] Alan "Ares" Anntoi

[U]Age:[/U] 18

[U]Gender:[/U] Male (forgive me... the picture is just too cool)

[U]Personality:[/U] Many people are fooled by his act, but Alan is really a joker. He always got into trouble, and was always the creative one. He normally dresses up and puts on acts as different people, like a serious tough guy outfit and tough guy look, however in a few seconds it all turns into a joke. Though Alan knows when it's time to get serious. Unlike his friends, Alan won't bother about "consquences(sp?)", he doesn't think ahead, he just goes for it. Alan is also very protective to his friends and family, for exsample if you called one of his friends, Alan wouldn't take it as a joke, he'd take it as an insult to him.

Most people believe Alan is much older, though he isn't. He looks tough and rough in this, but this is he so called "pose" in which he does acting out characters, which later turns into a laugh. See his bio for how he got the clothes.

[U]Bio:[/U] He's Welsh, through and through. Growing up he was disrespectful, angry and annoying. Most of the time he would cause trouble among the kids in the street, and sooner of later his family had to move. Alan wasn't bothered. He met his friends one day, and got the nickname Ares, and AAA (Triple A) because of his name. Everyone called him Alan Ares Anntoi, and sooner or later he became to joker, imaginative and one of the oldest members of the group (though some were as old as him). Though some of the group were as old as him, he looked one of the oldest. Most people thought he was in his 20's, but in all honesty, he wasn't.

When his friends went on the tour, he convinced them to wonder off. At first, they all went into the back room, were Alan put on some Medieval clothing and armour. They were then chased by the manager, which led them to the Relic. Alan was still busy acting like a Roman Warrior, when they were sent back in time. Then Alan thought it was a good job he had took the clothes.[/SIZE][/B]
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Name: Jim Mishima
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Jim is one of those kinds of poeple who always thinks about the, "what if's...". He's kind of a jumppy person sometimes when he is surprised and all, he's also very honest with his friends when it comes to advice. But basically Jim is just as normal as anyone could be.
Apperance: [url]http://www.theotaku.com/outlawstar/wallpapers/Jim640by480.jpg[/url]
Bio: Jim grew up with a normal family and great friends throught his life, two brothers in college and mother always at wok...thats why Jim hangs out with his dad or his riends (which ever one is available at the time) Jim loves to go hang out with his friends at school, other than going to biology class his friends are the best. He's known them for about 5 years now, he lives next to Mariko and they always walk to school together. She's pretty wild sometimes and the funny one in the group. Although when they were wondering out of the group on the feild trip it was her who touched the mysteruious thing they saw and got them stuck in the medevil times. But they all know that Ares will be a good leader and try to lead the gorup back home where they belong.

*Hope thats alright*
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Vivina Mora Keefer


Gender: Female

Personality: Vivina is a very sweet and fun loving person. She always enjoys making new friends. She is normally very come and relaxed but she has a short temper.

Appearance:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/22-4.htm]click here[/URL]

Bio: Vivina has split personality, in one she is very sweet and nice and the other she has a short temper and lashes out at people but never her friends. MAny poeple don't like to go near her because of this, but that does not matter to her. In school she is very smart and has one of the hghest gpa's in the school. When they went on the class field trip she was having fun looking at all the stuff. She is a bit up set when her friend Mariko touch the strange object and was transported to a different time. She did get made at her though knowing that Mariko was a curoisus person.

How is that? Let me know if anything needs changed.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name: [/B] Kenjiro Takeda.

[B]Age: [/B] 18

[B]Gender: [/B] Male.

[B]Personality: [/B] Very proud and negative, he is the pessimistic of the group, always finds a 'but' in everything, when someone has an idea he always says: "It won't work". Laid-back but quiet, sometimes craks a joke but he prefers sarcasm (He loves sarcasm), he doesnt look very friendly, but deep inside (Very deep, lol) he cares about people. Gets really angry when someone touches his hair (Don't ask...).

[B]Appearance: [/B] [COLOR=SlateGray] [URL=http://theotaku.com/dothack/pictures/hack_sign05/image_02.jpg]This[/URL] guy.[/COLOR]

[B]Bio: [/B] [COLOR=SlateGray]When he was a kid, he wanted to be a Magician, he always liked magic, but as he grew, his dream was shattered by his Father, who always told him to get a real job. He works a night shift at a Coffe shop and doesnt get much money for it. He never liked to work.

When they went on the trip, he was not interested in what other kids were doing, so he sat next to a tree and started "looking for some peace" (Sleeping), before he could count his first sheep, saw the other 'kids' with the relic, he felt some curiosity (Something rare in him) so he came closer to them and then... You know what happened. He's not very interested in returning home and his 'Crappy life' like he says...

Let me know if there is something wrong. [/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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All of them are perfect.

Well it doesn't look like anyone else is joining so here's my character.

Name:Leon silvers
Personality:Persisent, he will never give up no matter the odds.Secretive, always keeps to himself.
Bio:He was the one who stood back and let them do what they wanted, he never thought it wouldn't matter what they did.They dragged him into this mess and he intends to get back out of it, if it's on his own or with the others.
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Name: Reis Terras

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: He never gives up on what he believes in and prefers to be alone, but doesn't mind certain people.

Appearance: Reis has short black hair with silver tips. He has brown eyes and tan skin. He wears a black shirt with a white dragon on the front, with a black button-up jacket over it unbuttoned. He wears baggy black jeans and white nikes.

Bio: Reis has always hated his life since his whole family died in a huge fire. When he had gone out to the forest he had thoughts of suicide going through his head, but then he noticed a group of people ahead. When he went to see why they were all gathered together he found himself sucked into the past.
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[COLOR=Blue]Ok time to type


Age: 12


Personality:Bubbly, trustworhty, shy[with older boys] and caring

Appearance: Height 4ft 9, has short cut black hair. Wears her farther's madalian around her neck. Also wears baggy jeans, white, t shirt.

Bio:All she loved to do is to be a aventurer and go on loads of different quests. But her over protected dad wouldnt allow it. She wears her farthers madalian because he says that it would protect her from evil and give her magical powers [yeah right! she thought]. [/COLOR]
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Name: Kedo Aisheda

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Competitive, atheletic, he is very short tempered, but it isn't too bad.
Appearance: Stands about 6'4" he has blonde hair and brown eyes. He has a scar across his right cheek. He always wears something where he is warm not to hot or too cold.

Bio: Has almost a perfect life but he has some problems but he doesn't like to talk about them. But other than those problems he has an awesome life he is great at sports and loves to play videogames with his bro but his bro went to college so now he just with his parents.
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oooo...sounds cool ^^ May I join?

Name: Imi Kagami
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Loves boys, but is very serious around everyone so she doesn't show it. She doesn't have many friends because she never really lets anyone get close. People who she condisers as her friends will see her other side, the caring and probably a little too over-protective side. She is a good friend and ally to have, even though she won't admit she actually cares!

Appearance: [URL=http://img72.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/Anime/Imi.jpg]Click meee![/URL]
She's about 5'7'' and has a large scar across her chest which she doesn't like people to see. Her eyes are a bright green with practically no pupils...she uses this to her advantage...scaring people is fun :p She is usually either smirking or frowning....or being a grouch. She wears that black top with baggy black pants and a long brown cape to keep her warm.

Bio: Had a very violent past. Her parents were killed when she was just a baby and she was taken in by the local church to be raised. She never believed in God and was beaten by the priests because of it. When she was old enough she left the temple to travel by herself to find new things (loves to gain knowledge). She never lets anyone get close now because she doesn't want to have the pain if she lost them. She has always wanted to practice magic.
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[quote name='sunofexiles']Ahem..Spydaweb,why is it that every rp i join you have to come tag along?Its getting really,really,really annoying.[/quote]

The only reason why i follow you is because our friend tells me to and keeps bothering me until i go in the rpg.
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