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RPG War of the Shadows: Episode 1


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[size=1][color=green]All Included or part of this RPG, please forgive me for taking so long to put up this thread. I was unable to get internet for some time, specifically, the night first intended, and it lasted up till now. Forgive me for that, and please enjoy what I plan to be my best work to date.

[B][U]The Chosen:[/U][/B]

Dragon Warrior
Cloud Strife




It is said that God created human's in his image, and that they were to rule Earth while God watched over them from heaven. Satan, however, always in antagonization with God, created his own race, which would eventually become known as the vampire, after Adam and Eve were exiled from Eden. For years, they were simply called demon, or monster. Vampire were created in negative of human kind, made to feed off of the humans. Early man had no defense agains the beasts and for years of humanities early existance, threw out most of the B.C. era, Vampire were the dominate species of the world. Life was bleek for humanity, but then the day came when humanites savior, Jesus Christ was born. Christianity proved to be the vampires weakness, because it was the relegion of God. Vampire still had a vice grip, however, over humanity, for Christianity was still an unpopular relegion amongst the world.

Vampires had a mortal enemy now, but they still fed off of humans like cattle. But they noticed as more and more humans converted the the christian ways that their kind were being pushed further and further into the shadow's of which they were born. Then, when Christ was crucified, many vampire thought that it was a day of celebration, but in all reality, it was a time for fear and paranoia, for the relegion of Christianity would soon spread into the royal families. The day Charlemaine became king of the Franks sealed their fate for good. Charlemaine's Kingdom, spreading Christianity threw out Europe, became Vampire's true mortal enemy, and they resorted soon into hiding in the shadows of the human-ruled world. Monastaries and Churches formed alliances against the un-holy creatures known as vampire, and the hunters soon became the hunted as Monk's created clan's, their prime objective, hunting vampire and ridding the world of the species, which they simply called "over grown leeches".

Later on the the A.D. era, the English Catholic Church and Monastary formed one single and powerful hunters society/clan. Formed under Father Alastor Lowendove III, they called themselves "The Lowendove Brotherhood", and they were recognized by the Queen of Englan, Elizabeth, as their top defense against all supernatural threats, their main target, vampire. The Lowendove for years were known as an honorable force, brandishing the sword of God in the crusade agains the hell-spawn that was vampire. Reknowned for their skill in dispatching vampire, the Lowendove enjoyed the lives of heroes, althought most were Monks and preists of the Catholic Church, some of the most skilled brothers were civilian and orphans who grew up in the custody of the church. From them, the Lowendove slowly became a clan, and the hunter traits passing down the bloodlines of the Lowendove, branching off and with every generation, multiplying. But because the Lowendove had lost much of its original honor code, many of the new brothers abused their power. Stealing and killing without jurisdiction from the Royal law enforcment, the Lowendove slowly became more and more corrupt up until the current monarch of England was forced to disband the Brotherhood, and no longer hold them as Britain's supernatural defense system.

Out of this was born the "Royal Guild of Supernatural Defense" or better known as the RGSD. The monarch of England formed the knew branch of Royal defense under the decree of not to wipe out the vampire race, but rather, form a more peaceful and neutral bond between the human and vampire races. But their main purpose was to erase any supernatural threat, be it vampire or human. For most of the RGSD's existance, there were strictly human agents and most vampires were still very hostile to the Royal Throne, and human race in general. But as time passed, Vampire became more organized and civilized. The slowly became more humane and supressed their blood thirsty nature in order to become more successful in the ever humanizing world. And so, the vampire slowly became more 'neutral' with the human race, still hunting them, but not reaching for over all slaughter without mercy. Some vampire even joined specialized units of the RGSD, maintaning peace between the two species.

As the world began to grow modernized, and industrialization took over Europe and England, the vampire's began forming guilds and organizations, in order to civily and humanely maintain their race. The larges of the organization was called the "Vampiric Alliance of Civilization" or VAC. This organization made sure that the race of vampire was fed the human blood that suplemented them, while still beign a civilized organization and mainting a freindly relationship with the RGSD. But the VAC still held arms, in the case that rogue hunters tried killing fairly 'innocent' vampire. To both the VAC and the RSDG's dismay, a new enemy prevailed. But actually not new, it was truly the newly revived Lowendove Brotherhood, a large clan of vampire hunters, made up of the blood decedants of the original Brotherhood, aswell as taking in freelance hunters. The Lowendove Brotherhood waged silent war against both the RSDG and the VAC, based on racism and jealousy of lost glory. The war has lasted till this vary day...[/size]

[size=2][U][B]The Story[/B][/U][/size]

The year is 2009, the war between the Lowendove and the two organizations of peace have drawn to a stalemate. Much blood has been shed, and that blood is bitter with deceit. But a new enemy has emerged. More dangerous, more hostile than the Lowendove. They are a vampiric clan, swearing a creed to return vampire to the top of the food chain, and masters of all civilization. Using terrorist and guerilla tactics, this renegade group of vigilantes have killed members of all three factions. The Lowendove, for hunting vampire. The Vampiric Alliance of Civilzation for being in league with humans. The RSDG, for being a major source of defense for the human world. They have commited several crimes ranging from arson to near bio-logical terrorism. The renegade's have grown so far to be successful in their cause. And they have now dubbed themselves the "Blood Brood".

Ever since the day the Blood Brood has emerged, the three organizations have stopped their fighting, and turned their attentions towards the Brood. But alone, they have proven unsuccessful. The Brood is slowly eating away at each once grand civilizations, and only two options remain. Join together in temporary alliance, thow aside the bad blood and differences, and take down the common enemy. Or, be destroyed completely, and eventually surrender the human race to the massive numbers of the Blood Brood. A desicion must be made, and the human race depends on it...[/color][/size]


[size=2][B][U]The Sides[/B][/U][/size]
[B]The Royal Guild of Supernatural Defense:[/B]

The RGSD is a high-funded orgnaization and can afford high-grade weapons from silver-nitrate bullets to holy gun turrets. The members have more modern fighting styles, ranging from martial arts to military tactics training. Members of this group have freedom to use what they want, be it guns or swords. Well balanced in all areas.

[B]The Vampiric Alliance of Civilization:[/B]

Much like the RGSD, the VAC has high enough funding to be able to afford high grade arms. The members of this organization come from all over the world, because the VAC has several branches in different countries. This allows many different and various fighitng styles to emerge from the group. They are good hand-to-hand fighters and close range fighters because of their vampire abilites.

[B]The Lowendove Brotherhood:[/B]

The Lowendove aren't very fanciful of guns, other than small arms, such as berretas and Desert Eagles, loaded with blessed bullets. They much rather use traditional english swords, knives, weaponized crosses, and other strange and customized weapons made for their purpose. They are mainly a hands on group and use their blessed weapons to an advantage against the vampires.

[B]The Blood Brood:[/B]

The Blood Brood is blood thirsty by nature and have a ruthless way of fighting close up. Many times going itno an apparent berserker mind set. The Blood Brood is more than just that, often times they use Guerilla tactics and terrorism, using other sides weapons against them or holding up weapons silos, sometimes even taking hostages. They make their means in any manor they can think of, and they simply don't care about the lives of others. They use most of the times either their bare hands or military rifles such as the AK-47 that they steal from goverment and police facilites, so they too are well balanced in long and short range combat, but not as indepth as say the VAC or Lowendove.[/color][/size]

London, England
Januraury 24th, 2009
10:34 pm[/B]

Small, white flakes of snow dropped softly on the grimey streets of London's lower south side. The homeless and prostitutes gathered around canister fire's on scattered street corners. It was a cold night, late, and dark. Perfect night for any form of shady work. Perfect night for hunting, aswell. The shadows were crowded with lives and the lifeless. But that was in the shadows. The streets were empty, almost hollow. The wind whisteled over the snow covered road, like the screech of a banchie. Only one man roamed these cold, empty steets. Dressed heavily in black, covering all visible parts of his body. Atop his head, a black hat covered neck lenght black hair. A long, black over coat covered over the person's shoulder's loosely, even though the individual was well built. Black shoes and garmets covered the body. The person carried a dreadful, fearful aura, catching the uneasy stare of any who he passed. A predomenant figure on this individual was the large, dark chromes breifcase he carried on his right side.[/color][/size]

[B]RSDG Headquarters, London[/B]

Two men, well aged, sat around in a lavishishly furnished sitting room, gathered around a fire placed in two over-stuffed chairs, chatting casually. The smell of cigar smoke filled the air as the two, older men conversated. Their distinct, rich voices filled the room with intellect, and class. The seemingly younger, more healthy of the two spoke up, the fire shining on the half glasses bridged on the tip of his nose.

" You know, threw out my years here at the RSDG. And threw out my years as tactical missions planner, I've found that spies and moles are some of the most efficient tools I've ever imployed." he said with a deep, rich voice, almost matching the glossed wood of the over stuffed chairs legs and arms. He took a deep drag of his cigar, and placed it on the ashtray beside him.

" They may be useful, but if caught, the whole plan falls apart quickly. Their a gamble. I never really liked the use of them." the older, plumper one said, puffing out a smoke ring himself, and placing his elbow on the chair arm.

" That is a true factor. Thats why I hand select my own, in the missions that I employ." the younger man said, tapping the ashes off his cigar and raising it to his mouth.

" But our agents all go threw the same training programs. Selecting individual's would be redundant." the plumper man said, raising his eyebrow in question and taking a long drag.

" My freind, when did I ever say I was selecting [I]our[/I] agents..." the younger said with a smile, chewing on the end of his cigar slightly as he stared at the now suprised older man...[/color][/size][color=darkred][size=1]

The dark figure carrying the chrome breifcase stepped up to a rusty, green door. A heavy, gloved fist raised from his large overcoat. It slammed against the rusty door hard, three times, making a strange metallic thudding. A slit in the door opened, and a pair of fearful, crimson eyes shown threw. They spoke a dark voice. " Password!" they grunted.

The dark, shadowy figure spoke in whisper. Cold and dry. " Alucard." the figure spoke, standing firmly, like a statue. The eyes in the door's slit grunted, as its brows raised. The rusty old door opened, and a loud rush of voices and grungy music came from the inside. The dark figure slowly stepped in, the snow melting off of his clothing and wetting the floor around. The figure continued walking with heavy feet, threw out the wild, rampid crowd filled with fanged men and women. All taking part in rave like dances and strange, hypnotic rituals of cutting and such. The tall dark figure ignored all of this as he stepped up to a man who overlooked all of this from his large, metal chair. He stopped and stared at the man in the chair for sometime. He dropped the case and kicked it over to the man in the chair.[/color][color=green]

"You know, its looked down upon highly by the higher chairmen to imploy those outside the agency." the plump man said with a grunt, laying down his cigar and picking up loosely a glass of light rum.

"Yes, Yes, I know well enough. But, this particular mercenary owed me something." the younger man said, still retaining his smile. He began puffing out smoke.

"And what exactly may that be, 'Ares'?" the man scoffed agrivatedly. He bottom upped the glass and consumed the small amount of rum, exhaling loudly as he cheeks blushed a bit.

"He owes me his life, Alastor. I spared it, long ago..." the younger man said. He put out his cigar in the ashtray and picked up a glass of wine he had beside the ashtray and guzzled it, then lightly setting it down.[/size][/color][color=darkred]

The man in the metal chair bent over in the chair and lifted up the metal case to his lap, opening the case, he looked inside. A smile spread across his face, revealing his sharp fangs, he licked his teeth. "Excellent. Excellent." he said closing the case. He then picked up a black breifcase by his own side and held it out. "Your payment." the man in the metal chair said.

"That.... won't be necessary." the dark figure said, with a voice as cold as the shadows. Out of his pocket, he held in his hand a small, black cylinder with a red button at the top. The dark figure pressed down on the button and instantly, the case held by the man in the metal chair exploded loudly, sending blood, bones, and organs flying across the now shocked and panicking room. The dark figure opened up his over coat revealing an array of weapons. He drew out two weapons and began firing off rounds into the panicking crowd. Those that escaped the rush of gunfire ran out threw the door, stomping over the red eyed doorman to get out of the building. To their dismay, however, was a firing squad of SWAT dressed soldiers. The last thing they saw, were the letters, RSDG across the breast plates of the firing squad as the gunfire echoed threw out the cold, grimey streets of the mid winter London neighbourhood.

After the gunsmoke and sparks setteled, the dark figure stepped out of the firey building over the ashed corpses of the dead vampire and pulled from his pocket, a small black cellular phone. He opened it out and dialed a single number. Bringing it to his ear, he spoke in a still cold voice. "Mr. Arestapoli, mission is accomplished."[/size][/color][color=green][size=1]

"Good, Good. Your payment shall be coming soon. I thank you for your services." the younger man's voice came from over the phone. Happiness and satisfication was in his voice. He hung up the phone and spoke to himself. "Now, the hard part comes. We've gained their attention, now, we draw them out." David Arestapoli spoke. He raised from his overstuffed chair, and bid farewell to his plump, old freind, and began his way to his quarters, ready for the missions that tommorow would bring...[/color][/size]

Okay! Now the first post is down in this so highly awaited RPG. Lets get things rolling. I hope to make this great![/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]She looked up to the sky, it was black and faded to gray in certain places. She smelled the air as the snow fell down. Playing with the string within her hands, looped within the "Chained Hang," she put it over her eyes. This she found helped her in the cold to smell. Ashes, humans, and one smell familiar. The scent of one RGSD member in particular. Although she knew not who he was, before she had walked past him on the street.

Removing the string Zenjia stared at the ashes on the ground. She had awhile to spare until she would have to go back to Empress. Therefore, what better to do then this? She sat ah top a buildings roof, every so often getting the snow out of her hair. Looking down upon what had drawn her, the RGSD and the current event of his mission. The main missionary was leaving. Quickly tying the string back to her belt, Zenjia jumped down to the ground. Landing on her feet palms to the ground she started off. Fallowing behind the RGSD member always a few feet behind.

Going down two streets, they came to a cross. The light turned red and the man looked behind him and smirked. He turned his attention forwards again, the sign turned green and the man walked across. [i]"Did he...Did he know I was here?"[/i] she whispered to her self. Running quickly across she disappeared into an alley. Taking out her string she climbed up a fire escape and to the roof of another building.

Currently three building away, she began getting closer dwindling the string. While at the same time, getting any tangels out. Ready to play a little game. But he stopped; like he was waiting. Zenjia ran to four more buildings ahead further down that turned inwards spliting off to four different alleys. Swiftly she ran setting a stringed trap in three of the alley ways.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]She hummed a lullaby while she was waiting. Others cutting a wide berth around her, Irie was quite alone in the crowded den. For now, Nicoleta was out, briefly away. But still, it was boring without her, and Irie wanted to have some fun. Patience was not her strong point. Flicking back her hair from her face, Irie stood up from the grungy couch where she had been seated.

One of the braver vampires called out to her warily, "Irie, what are you doing?"

"I'm going out. Tell Nicoleta I'll be back late." She smiled quite innocently, and then walked out the door. No one stopped her - no one wanted to lose their heads.

Walking out onto the cold streets, her feet crunched in the snow that had started to gather. Crisp and clean, this night. The snow hid the grime that layered the city, making it a beautiful, glowing orb. Surreal. Untainted. Irie could only smile as she brushed the flakes off of her shirt; she appreciated beauty unstained. Innocent and virginal. She almost laughed. She [I]did[/I] laugh, quietly, when she saw the girl.

Five or six, with light blonde hair that seemed to be spun of spider silk. The girl's eyes were a bright turqoise, inquisitive and staring at the falling snowflakes. She was in a fine ermine coat, and her shoes were dainty and shining. Irie could almost feel the silken touch of the child's skin. She smiled - this girl was beautiful. Young, but still a blossom to be cherished in this season of winter. Irie waited.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Two hours later, the little girl's eyes were frightened, moisture gathering in tears that slid down silently. They froze on her cheeks; it was a cold night, and would be deadly. But still, it didn't ruin the flower's beauty. The empty countryside was silent, in awe at the child's delicacy.

"Oh, little blossom, don't be afraid," Irie crooned to the child, wiping away the frozen tears. "You're so pretty, like a flower. But you don't want to wither away, do you? I would help you...but Nicoleta won't let me. Leaves a trail, I guess, and then where would I be? But not to worry, little darling, I won't let your beauty go to waste. You won't have to watch yourself grow old. You'll stay young like this forever. Just stay still now..."

The girl froze as Irie's cold hands stripped her of her clothes. The ermine coat had long been lost, but now Irie slipped off the girl's shoes, and the rest of her light clothing. The girl's skin was white, pale, with an almost bluish tinge. Delicate and perfect.

Irie started to cry softly. "..just...just stay still for me, alright?"

The girl whimpered, shivering in the deadly cold of the night. Snowflakes melted on her pale skin. "Please let me go home...I'm cold..." She started to cry again.

Irie's voice grew hard, "Stay still. Hush. You'll be beautiful. Now, look up. Look straight up...at all the snowflakes. See how pretty they are? Yes, just stay right there.." The girl's turqoise eyes were fixed on the dark sky. Irie quickly took out a needle, thin in the use of acupuncture, and quickly pushed it in several places. The girl didn't feel it; she remained staring at the sky.

"Good. Now you won't move, will you? Now I can make you beautiful," Irie smiled, putting the needle away. She was correct - the girl wouldn't move; she was paralyzed by the points pressed by the needle. Irie turned away, and started to carry the first pail of water towards the girl. Many others waited in the freezing night.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Irie sat, slumped in the grungy couch once more. The others watched her with caution, but for the most part, she was carefully ignored. Nicoleta was elsewhere again, but Irie was no longer bored. Flipping on the television, she turned channels to the news stations.

"...and early this morning, the body of Maria Angelica Gable was found. A few miles outside of London, the five-year old was found in an empty field by the farmer who owned it. She was naked, and frozen in a standing position on top of a pile of broken glass. Police say that the girl was repeatedly covered with water, and several pails were found nearby, along with her clothes...." The camera showed police lines everywhere in the field that was quite familiar to Irie. The girl was still on top of the glass, still staring into the sky. The sheet of ice that covered her encased the perfect beauty, and every delicate part of her was heightened by the light of the ice.

Irie stared. "...how..pretty. That's so sad." Watching for a few more minutes, Irie turned the television off, playing with the thin chains wound around her waist..[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman][I]Oh, gods, not now.[/I] Her eyes blurred in pain as she felt the sharp call. She clutched her stomach as one of her fellow VAC members glanced over. She smiled wanly. ?Its nothing,? she said, and gasped. She dropped to her knees, and he knelt next to her. Steffanie smiled.

Damien held the small beaker to her lips, and she greedily sipped the warm velvety liquid. Closing her eyes, the vampire licked her lips as the cup was brought away. Able to stand, Steffanie did so, and thanked her friend. ?I remember.? She said. Damien said nothing, and went over to his couch. Steffanie reached for the cup where he had set it, still steaming, on the table.

She tipped it to her lips, and tasted the fresh blood. Not human, no ? never human. It was cat-blood, and very soothing. Her eyes half-closed in the way of a pleased cat, and she rolled the ruby-colored liquid around on her tongue.

Steffanie swallowed it, slowly, then set the cup back down. She got up, and paced. ?Where is Reaper?? She asked. Damien shrugged, and no one bothered to fill her in.

OOC: Hey, guys, lets get this going! Before I lose interest! [-_-*] ::swats her alter ego:: [@.@][/color][/font][/size]
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OOC: Fine :<
Miles parked himself in what appeared to be a rather run-down bar in the south side of town. It wasn't too far from he started from, but it also wasn't a place you'd find a priest often. He looked slyly to his left and then to his right as he took a seat at one of the booths in the corner. Water was quickly served to him in respect of religion. What do you know? The bums of the city had respect! What class.

He slowly sipped away at the dirty water. He put it aside, aware of its contents evidently being toxic if one drank enough of it. Miles admired the patrons of the pub and honored them with a smile. A small one, at that. Miles found it humorous that these bums had things to talk about.

Miles had nothing to talk about, though. This thought traced his mind and left his expression cold. He hadn't had anything to talk about in ages. God? Yes, maybe that. But was that truely all? Was all that was left for him was to follow in God's lead? Was it shameful to have no life of your own or honorable to be God's right-hand man. Pish-posh.

"It's a load of crap," Miles muttered out loud to himself. He reaches into his robes and stroked one of his silver berettas. He was eager for the hunt. Would it ever come, he wondered. Yes... yes it will.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]A soft, elegant, silk-like voice sounded out in the wind. This voice belonged to Nicoleta, also known as the Empress, the leader of the Blood Brood. She was unlike the others that followed her. No, she was more, much more. She was a sophisticated vampiress, filled with class, suave, and elegance. She was the perfect disguise of a human, yet all knew her and avoided her. Her voice rang out as she spoke the words that slipped from her rose red lips.[/i]

"A white carpet is lain for those who step down onto it. Yet...a red stream glides over the still ice. And I ask myself, who defied my words?"

[i]With a swift turn, Nicoleta walked into the shadows and kept all eyes off of her. She could feel the presence of home at the moment, yet she was so far away. Nicoleta walked and walked, until she emerged out onto a large courtyard filled with statues that was placed in front of a darkening, old mansion. Her eyes glanced into the doors as she saw the shadows move along. A low growl vibrated in her throat as she walked up the steps and slammed the doors open. The eyes of all the vampires were upon her. They bowed their heads in respect as she walked her way towards her red, velvet arm chair. Her movements were graceful, as if she was gliding on water and ice. She sat and her fingers rapped the top of the arms. Wary eyes glanced back at her and to others. She spoke.[/i]

"Tell me, my children, who had caused such a death tonight? Hmm? Who defied me and walked out of these doors?" [i]Nicoleta's eyes gazed upon the news. The pictures of Maria Gable were shown, her naked body covered in the deepest and purest of snow, while she was layed upon the tips of glass. Nobody answered.[/i] "Come now. Do not be afraid. I ask again, who defied me and walked out of those doors?"

[i]Irie gazed to the Empress as she sat upon the couch. Her eyes cast down, Nicoleta turned her gaze upon her. Her eys narrowed and waited for Irie to speak.[/i] "I defied your words, Nicoleta."

"So... that child was your work, then?" [i]Nicoleta rested her chin on the back of her hand, while the other was pointing towards the television set.[/i]

"Yes, it was." [i]Irie's eyes were still cast down. She was afraid to look into the eyes of the Empress.[/i] "Forgive me. There not much to do at that moment. I saw her and...[/i]

[i]She was cut off when the Empress stood and Irie looked up.[/i] "My young Irie. Kugjung hajima. (Do not worry.) You are young and one of my favorites, therefore, no harm shall come of you." [i]Nicoleta held Irie's chin in the palm of her hand. She then swept her smooth fingers along the side of her face. Nicoleta looked around her, taking in everyone who watched. There was one vampire that was missing.[/i] "Where is Zenjia? Has she gone out as well?"

[i]Murmurs were heard around the room. No one had seen the vampiress. They dared not question her as well. Nicoleta smiled sweetly to Irie and walked away from the crowd. She walked to the stairs and towards her bedroom. As soon as her door was shut, the army of vampires began to make noise. Irie sat there watching the still life picture that she had created. Nicoleta admitted in her mind, it was a beautiful, sculpted work of art, yet her words were defied and Irie had created this art. She dismissed it and thought of other problems, such as the RSGD.[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Darkness filled the room, the temperature plummeted, freezing the mercury within. A single candle flickered, it's small amount of warmth drew upon a daring moth. In this creature's greed for a sense of heat, it plunged into the flame, obliterating into ash. A muffled chuckle arose and echoed.

"Isn't it amazing how humans are similar to the ignorance of a moth, Reaper?"

"It is quite an intriguing concept," a few more candles errupted, illuminating a dark feminine figure.

"Do you know of what I speak?"

The figure stood and walked over to a candle. She played with the dancing flame with her slender fingers. Her breath puffed. Her empty eyes gazed around, fixing on a man.

"Yes," Reaper nodded and snuffed the flame with her forefinger and thumb.

The man walked casually towards Reaper and leaned against the stone pillar. The Russian turned to fully face this man, her arms folded impatiently. Her long fingernails tapped and drug along her pale, cold skin.

"I want you to go and see what and who is responsible for this disturbance."

"Yes, sir," with this Reaper turned sharply on her heals and exited the room.

Her dark, satiny hair floated on the breeze. Her heels beat fiercely on the old, hardwood floors of the deep mahogany decored corridor. She enters an elegant, rich parlor. Dark blues and royal purples lavished the walls and tapistries. Several others lay lazily on the loveseats and sofas. Every eye followed Reaper's heavy and suave movement.

"Reaper! I have been looking all over for you!" a young girl pounced in direct path.

"Away with you," Reaper reached over and pulled an overcoat from the hat stand.

"Where are you going?" the girl stood against the door.

"Out," Reaper threw on the coat and shoved the girl aside.

"You are going to hunt, aren't you? Can I go?"


Annoyed, Reaper slammed the door, throwing her into the blazing winds. The snow began to fall thicker and harshly, biting at her lips. Her eyes gazed about the frozen city, not a soul in sight. The wind carried a strong scent of death, arousing Reaper's senses. Her pace gradually picked up, her thoughts focused and merged, resulting in one word.

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[I]22:33. Wednesday October 4, 2009. [/I]

The doors to the RGSD burst open as four fully armored and armed soldiers walked in brandishing automatic assult weapons, combat shotguns and several exlosives as well.

As thier combat boots echoed on the white tiled floor they seemed to be scanning the area. Turning the corner they stared at the light blue walls and floresant lights throughout the structure through thier face masks. It was hard to believe this is an offically sanctioned agency by the looks of the interior alone. It looked like an office building.

Turning the corner they entered and armory/locker room and started to remove thier gear. First came thier helmets/facemasks and then thier neckguards and combat vests.

A white man turned to look at a tall blackman who was pulling a ciggarette from his vest pocket and spoke in a thick British accent.

"Sir, why are we hunting werewolves?" he asked. Captain Jamael Mestanabe or better known as "Mr.Jacobs" to his men turned.

"Why are you so concerened Roberts? The pay is better, and you get to use fancy weapons." Jameal asked as his blue eyes stared right at the shorter man. "I get it. You damn brits, you can't stand too much excitement. Hunting a 6 foot tall hairy creature with inhuman strength and senses is kind of boring. I mean you almost **** yourself when it pounced from the bushes next to you."

Roberts simply stared at the smiling American as he started to speak. "But it's out there in the country. And it was only going after some small farms."

"There were 30 people dead because of it. We had to go after it." one of the other teammates said before heading to the showers.

Mr. Jacobs grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist before turning to the man. "If you really must know, I transferred because Vampired aren't as fun to kill. They are simple when you break it down. Silver, Garlic, Sunlught, Decapitation, or a lot of damage will kill them. Besides, it should be exciting to take down a werewolf, if you wanted you could have taken it's head and put it on your wall." he smirked before turning and going to the showers.

After the shower Jacobs dressed in a black t-shirt, Forest camo pants and some old combat boots as he walked into his superior's office. The elderly man stared at him as the black soldier sat down.

"You did well Mesta.." he started

"I would appreciate it if you reffered to me as Mr. Jacobs or just Jacobs." Jameal stated.

"Okay, Jacobs. You did well this time. But we have to take you off your current assignments by request." the elderly man sighed.

Jacobs was stunned. "What? I chose this for a reason. You people asked me to come here, and this is the best place for me."

"Look I'm sorry but a friend requested this transfer after seeing your record. It says here you have quite a lot of experiance in urban combat as well as wilderness training."

Jamael closed his eyes. "Who asked for the transfer? Was it Arestopali or whatever the hell his name is?"

"I cannot say."

"Like hell you can't. Is my team comming with me?"

"No. They are off active duty. They have refused vacations long enough."

Mr. Jacobs stared at the old man before turning and exiting the office. He was gonna find out who requested the transfer, and get some answers immediatly.
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[SIZE=1][B]A figure stood under the shadow of the Big Ben, looking down at the ground. His hair was golden, his eyes were covered by his hair, and his left hand had a metal glove over it. Kevin had joined RGSD only a few weeks ago, maybe a month, he wasn't sure. They hadn't set him up on any missions, yet. Though he was asked to come to the HQ, today. Kevin had no intention of coming anytime soon... or maybe he would go.

He sighed heavily, then began to quickly pace the streets of London. It was a dry night, yet cold. The winds were brutal tonight, and the air slightly damp. Kevin didn't catch the name of whoever called him, but frankly, he didn't care. Any old mission was good enough for Kevin, with good reasons he would kill for the fun of it. His father used to do it, but Kevin wasn't like that. He was on a side, and wasn't betraying people. After all, betraying friends was no fun, but betraying anyone who was un-truthworthy was as loyal as dieing for a friend. And what would Kevin know about betrayal? Everything.

It seemed such a long walk through the streets, and of course the HQ was far away. But Kevin didn't mind the walk. It brought back good and bad memories. Sometimes the days he'd feel so free and able to anything he wanted, sometimes the days he would hide behind the bins and hope no murderers or kidnappers saw him. Or the good days, when he could easily bribe money out of losers. Memories... they had their moments...

He continued his walk, which still seemed like forever. The roads, streets and ally ways were silent, not a single movement. Though Kevin always knew, the most silent streets held the most dangerous creatures. That was from past experiences... In anger, he clenched his fist tightly. Atleast the RGDS had something to offer, instead of all those other weirdos on the streets. It wasn't much they had to offer, atleast not in Kevin's eyes, but alas... it was something.

"Looks fancy..." Kevin muttered to himself, followed by a shallow chuckle. He came up to the HQ of RGDS, at long last, but what did they have on offer this time?[/B]

OOC: Sorry for the short post, I don't know what to put ^_^;;[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]She stood again, after a few minutes, her mind trying to find something of interest. The girl with turqoise eyes was already old news, and swiftly forgotten by Irie. Stalking the walls, the other vampires stayed away in their quiet, discontent groups. Their Empress was home, so they waited in tense excitement.

But Irie was bored, once more. So she walked down the halls, finding her way to her mistress's room. Without knocking, she walked in. "Nicoleta?"

The beautiful vampiress brushed back her silky lengths of hair, coming out of her deep thoughts, "Yes, little Tengu."

Irie smiled at that. 'Tengu' was her petname, and something only the Empress was allowed to call her. She walked over to Nicoleta, and sat at her feet. "Nicoleta, are we going to do something soon? I'm bored." She sounded like child.

The Empress sighed, touching Irie's cheek again. [I]The RGSD is looking for her...under the name of Eerie. How fitting.[/I] "You're bored again? But you were just out tonight, against my wishes I might add." She tugged on Irie's short tresses, and then sat back, an elegant hand resting on the arm of her chair.

"Well, I thought it might be fun," the young vampire said sullenly. "Besides, they were bothering me - I was getting a headache just sitting there. And you said not to kill them, so I went out."

"Mmm, you're right little Tengu. I [I]did[/I] say not to kill them..." Nicoleta's eyes became darker, as she went back into thought. [I]I need all of them alive for now.[/I] The RGSD was not going to go down easily...and her numbers had already lessened slightly due to Irie's madness.

Irie's voice interrupted again, "Besides, Zenjia went out too. Why isn't anyone getting angry at her? She's even later than me."[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]It was a matter of the fact, as to what Irie had said. Zenjia had gone out and did not return. Thoughts ran through her mind once more, deepening as Irie stood beside her. She shook her head and looked to the child in front of her. Irie smiled sweetly and innocently, as though to beg the Empress. A smile washed over her face and Nicoleta stood.[/i]

"No one is mad at you, my little one. Just disappointed that you went and found a victim. You could have been careless and been caught, am I wrong? But...do not worry. You shall have your fun. Come along."

[i]Nicoleta walked to the door and let Irie out first. She then followed behind. The noise had subsided as Irie walked to the stairs and Nicoleta stood at the rail that looked down on everyone. There was to be a meeting, only for the assassins of the Blood Brood. Several silent chuckles were sounded as shadows passed by the other vampires, bringing chills to their spines. Nicoleta walked away from the rail and down the hallway to the other side that led to the enclosed den. The shadows of vampires were there, as well as Irie. Nicoleta walked down the stairs with graceful, watery movement. The vampire assassins bowed to her in respect, one had pulled her chair out for her as she descended upon them. She smiled and sat in it as he pulled it back in. The others took their place, Irie on her left hand side, an empty seat for Zenjia on her right.[/i]

"Empress, Zenjia is still not back yet. Perhaps something has happened to her?"

"No, no. Zenjia is able to take care of herself. She has a curious mind, you know. She always reminds me of a black cat strolling through the cities and alleys, creeping up on innocent, unnoticing victims. But...let us go to the real reason as to why I called you. Irie?"

[i]With a respectful head bow, Irie began to speak.[/i] "I have asked Nicoleta if we could...[i]do[/i] something tonight. She has granted the few of us the privilige of going out."

[i]Murmurs were sounded all around the table, yet one intelligent assassin spoke up.[/i] "Empress, do you think this wise? The RGSD, VAC, and Lowendove are searching for any Brood vampires out on the street. We cannot feed, we cannot kill, what can we do for fun?"

"I am glad you asked that. My children, do you remember me telling you about Paine's Museum?" [i]Silent nods came forth and the vampire that spoke silenced himself.[/i] "Well, then. Go there and give yourself a night's worth of fun. I am only sending you there because I know you can keep a cool head upon those shoulders. The others' are a bit hot-headed and may not let me send any more of you to her "Museum". So..." [i]Nicoleta reached in her sleeve and pulled out a small cardlike disc, several of them, and placed them in the middle of the table. Each assassin took one and looked it over carefully.[/i] "take that and enjoy your night out. This will ensure your safety inside and your entrance fee. Go on. Have fun. If you happen to see Zenjia on the way, take her with you." [i]As the vampires stood to leave, Nicoleta called back the oldest of them.[/i] "Ghost, my dearest Ghost, make sure the two young ones are safe. Keep an eye on them and do not let either of them leave your sight or any of the assassins', understand me? If Irie or Zenjia comes back with even a small scratch, it will be your fate. You are dismissed."

[i]The assassin bowed in respect as he left. Nicoleta sat back in her chair and interlocked her fingers as she relaxingly looked at the closed doors. Irie wished this and she had recieved it. Deeper thoughts still emerged from her mind, worries carried her, yet she knew the assassins, also known as the Rogue Shadows, would keep close watch on the younger vampires. She trusted them and trained them personally to hunt any vampire. There was no problem to worry about, no problem...or was there?[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=gray][size=1]The silent which fell after the loud shots of the two desert eagles, resting in the hands of a man, was so sudden that it would almost hurt your ears. The smell of gunpowder, the smoke coming from the guns and the ash on the floor seemed to be stunning for the people who were just walking on the streets of London. But the silence didnt last long. It seemed like everyone had decided together to scream at the exact same time. The ravage right after that was undescribeable. Everyone was terrified and started running around, jumping in the first shop or hiding place they could find. The vampire who had unleashed the bullets, had dissapeared in the croud...

The sound of water splashing up echoed through the sewers of London. From down here you couldn't hear a thing of what happened above. In here, you could only hear a man running through the waters. His soft mumbling had a sense of annoyance in it.
"I shoot the vilian, and what do I get in return? A big headache thats what. Foolish humans, not knowing what great danger is just walking between them..."
If you look well enough, you can see his sharp teeth moving up and down whilst he's talking, his pointy ears while his hairs move away, his hardened eyes, who had seen things no one else has seen. Eyes, who were taunted by the sight of death and terror, as if they had looked the devil in his own eyes.
His mind was suddenly drawn by the sight of his watch.
"I better hurry if I want to return to base in time."
With that, he made his run a sprint and as a spear he went through the sewers.

"Alright people, I'm back!"
"Welcome back. How was your hunting, Boris?"
"Same as ussual. Shot a lunatic vampire and then got some roses thrown at me as a thanks."
"Just keep dreaming and one day those roses will come, untill then, you'll have to do it with bricks mate."
"Heh. Well I better get showering, I heared the boss wants to speak with me, no?"
Without waiting for an answer, Boris went off to the showers.
The shower was a real release, as always. But this time he was less happy. He was wondering what the boss wanted... Was it going to be negative or positive?

Sorry for short ending of post.. My writing ran dry.
Boris is in the HQ of the RSDG by the way
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The city lights glow deminished behind sheets of white snow. The wind howled through alleyways and abandonded buildings. Reaper lifted her arms, allowing the strong winds to lift her trench coat and carry it about. Her dark hair licked and danced around her expressionless face.

[i]It is so cold, yet, I feel so warm...The scent of death is strong, I can taste it in the wind..[/i]

Reaper's fangs bit lustfully at her tongue, hungry for a drink. She bites at her bottom lip, forcing a small trickle of blood to seep down her chin. Her tongue slithered out, slowly licking the small amount of blood. A soft smile edged to break across a porcelain face. Reaper ran her hands down her breasts and stomach, her heavy steps crunched and sank in the thickening snow. Regretfully, her thoughts were shattered. A presence broke through her senses. She stops in the middle of the street. Her eyes gazed about the field of pure, stark white. The city had become an ocean of powdery snow. Buildings portruded like iceburgs, burried vehicles created the feeling of waves crashing and rising.

Reaper stood still, her hand on the hilt of her blade. Her sensitive hearing picked up on light padding, steady breathing. Her sense of smell detected a male, young as she, yet older than herself. She blinked in slight confusion. The sound of his footsteps grew closer. His feet no longer hesitated to be silent. His pace was casual and care free.

[b]"What is a creature such as yourself doing out in this torment of weather by herself?"[/b]

Reaper smiled. This was something she never did often. In fact, the only time she ever produced such expression was in this presence. She turned about slowly to face her visitor. He stood just yards away, hands thrust into the pockets of his tattered coat. His black sunglasses shone brightly as the light reflected from the lenses. His hair deshelved and cast into the nipping winds.

[b]"Come now, it has been var too long, my da'ling,"[/b] the Russian replied, hand gripping the hilt in anticipation.[/color]

OOC: I have a certain someone *coughsMetatroncoughs* planned for the reply to this post..but if he doesn't start posting, then I will PM someone to respond to this..[/size][/font]
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Commander and Mission Planner David Arestapoli was sitting with his office space within the RSDG Headquarters in London, England. Sitting in his beloved red leather chair, chewing amongst his preferred brand of cuban cigar, he reveiwed a small stack of folders with holding the files of the most accomplished and well known RSDG agents the Guild had to offer. He was also awaiting the arrival of these particulars. Each of the agents behelled a certain legend amongst themselves, each holding a different and extrodinary skill. The list was short, but the names on them were known to be worth ten, twenty men each. These names were as followed;

[U]John Katsukawa[/U], an English/Japanese mix in races. He was born in Japan and is highly skilled in both hand to hand combat and long range knife throwing. Aswell, he is a particular to holy water. He holds a nasty grudge against vampires. It'd be a good idea to keep him in a seperate, Boris Abtop, and VAC agents. Possibly even go solo.

[U] Kevin Mask[/U], a Brit/Scot mix. He was known for his ability to keep a unit secure, and protected, but the problem was it was extremely difficult to gain this trust. Thankfully, theres a small team, so he won't be required to acquire the trust of several people.. Maybe solo aswell. He is known for his skill with small arms and close range melee.

[U] Borist Abtop(?)[/U] a Russian immigranted agent. Vampire aswell. He is a talented fencer and small arms handler. His unpredicatable attitude makes him a dangerous asset, but he is still a valued agent. It'd be best not to have him lead a team. He does, fortunately, work well with others.

[U] Jamael Mestanabe[/U], an American ex-Military personel. He prefers the name Mr. Jacobs for some unknown reason. Trained highly in urban combat aswell as powerful leadership skills. Good material for team leader, his ability to become trusted is a good asset. He will work well with the other team members well. He is also a talented rifle's expert, aswell as having an unpredictable close range fighter, his weapon of choice is his combat knife and unorthodox body attacks. Thanks to his tactical training, he will most likely be assigned team leader.

[U] Kim Li Su[/U], a Korean explosives expert and sniper. Another vampire aswell. His personality is one that belongs in an insane asylum. He is a wild fighter who's ability over takes his minds uneffencies. He can defuse any bomb, rig any form of explosive to near unseeable, and hit a target enemy between the eyes from two miles away thanks to his vampire senses. Apart from his ability for long range combat, his mad personality makes him a ruthless hand to hand fighter and thanks to his vampire skin, it would take much gunfire and silver nitrate to stop him from ripping men apart barehanded. He also has a taste for grenades. It'd be best to inform other team member to be cautious of him.

This team would be a five man SWAT style squad. Each was informed of the meeting that would be taking place this evening two weeks ago. David personally sent out a letter to each agent. He was growing a bit impatient though, for none of them had shown up just yet. To keep his mind off this annoyance, he rehearsed his words to himself. David knew that if this team came together succesfully, many of the RSDG's and VAC's problems may be answered. Both concerning the ever evolving Blood Brood, and the Lowendove Brotherhood... David's thoughts were interupted with a knocking at his door.

"Please, do come in. The door is open." David said in a polite and calm manner. At this, the door slowly opened to reveal a pale faced man with blonde hair. Dressed full in black, he looked at David threw almost ghostly green eyes. David took a moment to look down at his files. It was the Russian, Boris Abtop. "Oh, welcome Agent Abtop. You are actually the first to arrive. Please take a seat." David said, opening his arms out as to point out the chairs.

"Thank you, but I'll stand sir." Boris replied, as he looked around the office, examining the several platter and awards hanging on David's walls. "You know, I've heard the legends. Its amazing to finally be in the presence of the legendary 'God of War'." Boris said with a sarcastic smirk as he looked at the older man, wrinkled with age. "You'd think such a prestigous warrior would still be in the feild."

"Well, promotion is obviously a forgein concept for you. I was needed for the position, and so I was given it. But, I do however, miss the old hunt." David repleid with a bit of a sigh at the end of his sentence.

"Whats stopping you from hunting?" Boris questioned. David just stared at him momentarily. Before another knock came from the door. Without even a word, a dark skinned vampire stumbled threw the door, flashing his fangs in a smile. It was Kim Li Su.

"Is this the right office?" Kim asked with a tired demeanor. He looked drunk and the smell of draft beer reaches David's nose as soon as he stepped in the door. David simply sighed and nodded.


OOC: Kim Li Su will be a NPC played by me mainly.[/color][/size]
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The door to the office opened revealing a tall black man walking in wearing a standard black T-Shirt, Camo pants, and a pistol belt revealing a holstered custom MX-57 scoped Special Forces armor piercing handgun, and a 10 inch long combat knife.

"I was requested. Sir?" Jacobs asked, obviously uncomfortable.

"Yes, you were. We have something to discuss... sit down." David spoke accenting his polite gesture with an outstretched hand pointing to a seat before him.

"I have something to discuss as well. I was pulled from hyper K-9 detainment/termination to come here. May I ask why sir? My record if I may say was exemplerary."

David smirked. "Better than any before you if you consider the lack of RGSD casualties. But your record is why you were pulled from the unit and summoned here. Sit and wait for the others and all will be revealed."

Jamael looked to his side and remained calm. "I thought the soviet and the Class-5 mental patient as they were reffered to in the logs, were not allowed to be on any type of squad due to company policy."

"Things change my friend." Boris responded.

"I hope so. If I go back to standard hunting I'm going to be upset. They are too easy to kill, and it's cold this time of year." Jamael laughed before sitting down.

"Is that how you treated your superior's in the military?" Boris asked the ex-captain.

"Sometimes." Mr. Jacobs smirked.

"Damn Americans. They always think they are the best." Kim laughed.

"I would shut up about that. If the USA knew Britian had the same Vampiric and other supernatural problems it does in such a small and concentrated area... this country would be rubble." Jamael sighed.

"What? Why?"

"Because such creatures in such a small area are a much bigger threat to the acual humans living in the area. And if it only takes 1 head shot to half a standard clip to kill one vampire. A single sidewinder can destroy hundreds."

"But wouldn't countless people be killed as well."

"Yes. But it's not as if they think about THAT issue anymore. As long as no American soliders or civilans are harmed."

the room went silent before the door opened.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]She had watched the man disappear into the shadows...But could not see nor feel his presence anywhere near now. [i]How...How could I have lost track of him?[/i] she thought: [i]If the Empress should happen to know...[/i] She stopped. Jumping down on the build's fire escape railing, she stood and began to walking the way she thought he had gone. Calmly as she went she took down her web of string lad traps.

However going further and watching the shadows. There was something irregular about them. They moved not as the should went light hit them. Stopping; she heard her name said lowly. [i]Zenjia...[/i]; it then drifted away in an eerie silence, but soon returned again.

"Irie?" she asked to the shadows.

There was a faint, hunting, shrill like laugh in the darkness. Zenjia pulled the string around her figures tighter. Not noticing how it cut her fingers.

"This isn't very funny."

The shadows began to take shape. "Your not very fun."

"Who are these others, here?" she looked at the blood dripping from her hand, "I've not seen them before."

Irie smiled slightly, she replied; "Their some of Nicoleta's assassin."

"So then, the Empress has returned..." Zenjia trailed off and looked upwards.

"You've been out longer then I."

"I would have came back on my own."

Ghost stepped forwards, "We're heading to the 'Paine's Museum'. And were to look out for you."

"I see."

Irie motioned forwards, and all of them went together further down the dark alleys. Heading on their way. But as they went further questions began to pop into her head; [i] Should I go report back to Nicoleta? The RGSD memebers are doing new things to extermenate blood thirsty vampires. This can't be the saftest thing can it...[/i] Zenjia stopped. The others went on a few steps but stopped too and looked back at her.

A shiver ran threw her, she grew hesitent about her choice in words, "We'll be caught..."

But the others couldn't hear her. And started again, Zenjia ran to catch up to them. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Nicoleta was looking over her balcony, watching the young ones train for battle. Some were interested in only attacking with blood thirst, others shoot and drink, yet the rare ones, the ones with pure mystery in them, they wanted to train like her assassins. She smiled and spun on her heel, only to meet a scream in the training garden. Worry overtook her and Nicoleta quickly walked downstairs. She pushed the double doors open and walked to the injured vampire.

On the ground, holding his leg high, was a small boy, about 15, 16, perhaps. He had scraggly brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a moderately slim body. He was short for his age, but quite powerful and agile. He wasn't a pure-blood, for pure bloods are able to withstand, or at least know when to withstand great pain. His blood was that of a lower race of vampire and a human. Nicoleta knelt down beside his trainer and saw the blood trickle down his leg. She looked to the trainer.[/i]

"What happened?"

"I was training with him and he jammed his leg into a broken branch, Empress." [i]The trainer had his eyes cast down towards the boy's leg. He wore a dark green shirt with dark blue jeans.[/i]

"You see this blood?" [i]The Empress swiped a bit off of the boy's leg and gently licked it off of her fingers.[/i] "This blood is craved by my men. If I hadn't heard his scream, do you know what would've happened?"

"Yes, ma'am." [i]Fear penetrated the air, as the blood craving vampires neared the Empress, the trainer, and the boy.[/i]

"Get him to the doctor. See to it that he is healed." [i]Nicoleta stood with grace and faced the others, who were backing away.[/i] "No vampire will [i]ever[/i] touch blood, unless I say! If one of my men is drenched in blood, you stay away from him. Hold your thirst! Understand?"

[i]Murmurs and mumbles were heard, but all agreed to stay away from the blood. They were thirsty, yet Nicoleta gave them the need every so often. It was near that time once more, which was the reason for Ghost and the others' disappearance. Nicoleta walked into the house and into the large meeting room. She sat at the far end chair and grasped the phone, dialing Ghost's cell phone number. He answered.[/i]


"Irie and Zenjia are alright and having fun, I believe?"

[i]Ghost, a man who was nearly 6' with broad shoulders, a moderate build, icy blue eyes that were concealed by asian-style sunglasses with lenses that were , military style short cut, with a scar running down his right eye. He wore a long, black leather trench coat over a men's black suit shirt, along with men's suit pants, and black dress shoes, looked to the two female vampires and were still walking toward's Paine's Museum. Another of the assassins looked back and nodded that they were across the street.[/i]

"We're across the street of the "Museum". We have Zenjia and Irie with us."

"Good. Gather the cards and walk across. Do not worry, Paine's Museum is in the middle of a large street, which means she has security all around, undercover agents working, and they know everyone. Go on. I know you are not standing there, are you?"

[i]A nod came from Ghost to the other assassin, who was a female. She nodded back and led the team of assassins, Zenjia, and Irie towards the front of the "Museum". Irie was filled with excitement, while Zenjia grew wary and frightened. Ghost said his good-bye to the Empress and walked to the front of the group, while the others circled around Zenjia and Irie. He handed the bouncer the cards, who looked at them and eyed Ghost, but scanned them on a strange device that looked similar to that of a small, portable computer scanner. Foreign words came up and the bouncer let them in. Ghost was handed the cards back and the group entered.

Zenjia still was worried that someone may capture them, yet she grew familiar with the place as she saw that there were various weapons similar to hers. She smiled, as did Irie. The assassins remained emotionless and calm. The female assassins walked up to Ghost and whispered into his ear.[/i]

"Revenante, c'est ça sage? (Ghost, is this wise?)"

"Je ne la devine pas en second lieu. (I do not second guess her.)" [i]Ghost looked to the female.[/i] "Ni devez vous, Vipère. (Nor should you, Viper.)"

[i]The other assassins walked on and kept an eye on Irie and Zenjia, while Viper, the female assassin who spoke to Ghost, stood alone. She was ashamed, but kept her head high and walked with them. She was unlike the others that trained at the mansion. She was similar to Nicoleta, yet different. She was much more action, less talk. More blood, less talk, more of everything, and no passiveness. She wore her long brownish red hair in a ponytail and wore a silk black jacket over a black tank top, with pinstripe pants on the bottom, that made her emerald green eyes shimmer, yet they changed every so often, as did her look, so no one knew who she really was. She walked on and watched as Irie and Zenjia admired everything around them. She could see why the Empress brought them here. It was the perfect hide-away.[/size][/color][/i]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Warrington stepped forth from the shades of the building, his hands still stuck deep within his pocket. As his face came under the light, his expression changed to that of a slight smirk, with obvious contempt etched into every portion of his face. His eyes, though hidden by the dark glasses, glistened slightly, indicating a slight rush of adrenaline within him.

"Didn't I mention... that I despise being called 'my da'ling', or whatever way you pronounce it in that infernal accent of yours?"

Reaper purred in response, her hands softly stroking the end of her hilt. Warrington slowly moved his right hand from his pocket to his face, and took off his glasses. He folded the glasses neatly, then let them fall into his pockets as he lifted his eyes at Reaper. She purred again, though there seemed to be something more subtle in her purr this time.

"It's nice seeing your face... da'ling"

Warrington snickered indifferently, then drew his hand out before him, his fingers spread wide open. He flicked his fingers lightly, and a thin strand of wire, nearly impossible to see, flickered into a dim silver color for a moment, then returned to the colorless realm. Reaper's smile tensed, her grip tightened a tad on her blade.

"Found new toys I see... what happened to that venom of yours?"

Warrington lightly closed his hand into a fist, then put it back into his pockets carefully.

"I still retain my venoms for more... worthy opponents..."

Reaper drew her blade, then readied herself.

"I'm sure I'm worthy Warrington darling..."

Warrington chuckled in response, then shivered slightly. His cloak suddenly seemed to erupt, then a brown object shot out from under it, missing Reaper's blade by a mere fraction of an inch. As Reaper looked back at Warrington, her eyes flaming, she noticed a smaller figure standing in front of Warrington, holding the chain that was connected to the cross that just barely missed her.

"Aw... it's hard to aim from under the cloak..."

A small boy, with a childish expression of disappointment, stood before Warrington. He shrugged, then pulled the chain back, deftly catching the cross with his right hand. Warrington chuckled amusedly at Reaper's expression of surprise, then crouched down, hoisting the child onto his left shoulder.

"Let me introduce you to... Brendan... my partner..."[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]As they entered, Irie didn't seem to notice the bouncers, which was a good thing. As long as she ignored them, she couldn't start a bloody riot. As she and Zenjia passed through the doors, Irie glanced up at the many staircases that seemed to net the ceilings. Her eyes immediately alighted on a shadowy figure, but it faded into the darkness as quickly as she locked on to it. About to pursue it, Irie found her way blocked by Ghost.

He shook his head, "Remember, no hunting. Especially not that certain individual."

Irie glared, and then sighed, "Fine." Shrugging, she turned back to where Zenjia was standing. Ghost watched her carefully, but for now Irie seemed to be keeping her insanity in check. It stressed her, though, and when she couldn't channel it regularly out of her system, it was critically dangerous. That it had been only a little girl this time was luck in itself. Had anything of greater proportions happened, Ghost was sure that Nicoleta would have had all their heads on stakes. She was highly unstable, but at the same time, extremely useful.

As she walked, Irie skipped at intervals, excitement like a static charge on her skin. Her eyes were wide as they passed through various rooms. It was only her second time here, and the first time she had only looked through some of the rooms as Nicoleta conducted business. This time, however, was different. [I]This[/I] time, Irie was going to have some fun.

"Zenjia, where do you want to go?" she asked, like an impatient child. The other assassins had disappeared, but were no doubt close by, keeping their eyes on the two vampires. Ghost stood slightly behind them, watching the others and their 'activities.'

Not waiting for an answer, Irie led the way to a set of thick, heavy-set doors, which emanated the smell of blood. Three other bouncers lounged around the doors, and various scars marked their distorted faces.

She pulled Zenjia along with her, Ghost close behind, "This is the basement, right? Let's go in!"

"Irie..." Zenjia said in warning, eyeing the bouncers. Her muscles were already tense, her senses heightened by the scent of blood.

Irie laughed, "Don't worry Zenjia. Don't ruin this for me." She turned, and walked to the doors. A glance at the bouncers, and they froze. A few more seconds she stared into each of their eyes, allowing them a warning not to interfere. But she didn't have to continue - each of the bouncers seemed to be listening to something.. Irie cocked her head and waited, trying to hear what was whispered to them. Moments later, they opened the doors, and Irie started down the stairs, which had been laid with a red carpet. Deep red, stained over years of use...and of victims' blood.

"Zenjia, are you coming? Come on, lets have fun!" Irie's eyes glittered in delight as screaming, mixed with riotous cheers, reached her ears. Her short hair hid the expression for a split second, and when she brushed it back, she had a smile on her face.[/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Reaper eyed the child with much curiousity. Such a sweet face, gentle eyes. Yet, Reaper knew better. An aura of mischief and intense strength flittered in those child-like eyes. Something telling her that this child was much stronger than she had first thought. Nonetheless, Brendan smiled lightly, slight disappointment still lingered in his lips.

[b]"A partner? That is quite a surprise, Warrington,"[/b] Reaper flipped her blade and dug the blade into the snow.

[b]"Is it?"[/b] Warrington's face remained solid, his cold eyes locked on the vampire.

[b]"Why a child? Why get an innocent child involved with this line of work?"[/b]

A hint of hesitation and concern crept into her throat. Warrington quirked an eyebrow and shifted the boy on his shoulder. Brendan gripped onto his elder's shoulder for balance.

[b]"What was that, Yelena?"[/b] Warrington narrowed his hard, beady eyes.

Reaper flinched with the realization of what she had just done. She had hoped it was not too obvious. She had always kept her emotions free from society. But she could not shield herself from this slip up. Reaper shifted her weight and raised her blade, beads of melting snow trickled down the smooth, glowing blade.

[b]"Why would you need a partner for anyhow?"[/b]

Reaper's voice hardened as the ice that curled around the light posts. She gripped the handle and held it inline with Warrington, keeping her eye on Brendan. The boy sat a tad higher, his eyes quickly changed from a child's innocence into a ruthless killer's. Warrington quickly whispered to the boy and he soon relaxed. He then lowered Brendan onto the snow-driven street. Reaper lowered her blade onto its sheath and slowly pulled it back and slid it into the sheath. The impeccable metal produced a gentle hum and a sharp clap.

[b]"Warrington, sir,"[/b] Brendan looked up and tugged on his partner's hand,[b] "Are you going to fight her? If not, I would like to."[/b]

Reaper smiled in the child's enthusiasm. It was adorable seeing Warrington so submissive by this child. Something Reaper would never have imagined. Warrington smirked and glanced at the Russian.

[b]"Why don't you ask her, Brendan?"[/b]

A chesire grin swept over Warrington's still face. Brendan turned to face the frozen vampire. Her eyes betrayed her for the first time, in Warrington's presence. He immediately absorbed Reaper's stunned and fearful aura, chuckling lightly into the wind.

[b]"Well?"[/b] Brendan's hands flicked and tapped at his sides.

[b]"Damn you, Warrington,"[/b] Reaper hissed and turned.

[b]"I suggest you do not turn your back on Brendan, he's rather hungry for a vampire kill,"[/b] Warrington gloated slightly, [b]"And what was with that emotion? That was quite the surprise, if there was any."[/b]

Reaper, looking over her shoulder at the boy, ignored her beloved enemy and leapt into the air.

[i]I've got to stay away from that boy....What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I just forget?......Damn you to Hell, Warrington...[/i][/size][/font][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkred]OOC: Sorry for bein' late. I'm kinda lost in what's going on so if someone could PM me and tell me what's happening.


John's motorcycle stopped at the red stoplight. He looked around, and sighed. He then stretched out his arms and yawned.

"Another late day. The boss is gonna be pissed. But I don't care." John thought o himself as his motorcycle reved through the streets. Again he stopped at a red light. He saw an elder women get picked on by a couple of pickpockets.
John looked around and saw that everyone noticed but they didn't care.

He gave a "Hmm...." then sighed. He then pointed his motorcycle to the car in back of him. He reved it up and then 'Vroom' he was off. His motorcycle used the car as a ramp. As it landed in the bare lane next to the lane in which he was once in he jumped off. He then walked toward the two pickpockets and shoved them down, but kept on walking.

"What the...- Who was that bastard?" Said one to the other who just shrugged. One with a cheek grabbed John by the shoulder. "Hey man, what gives you the right to push us around? Do you know who we are?"

John gave a silent snort and shrugged. "No I don't know, and don't care.... And will I ever...? No."

"What? Old man, you better change your act when around the Poison Brothers."

"Hrmm... What? Oh yeah by the way, give that elder's purse back."

"We don't need to listen to you man." The pickpocket then felt pain in his gut, as all the air escaped him he fell to his knees.

"The purse, chum." John laughed as he knelt down and grabbed the purse from his hand. "Oh yeah, by the way... Tell me your name... I'm sure to remeber it sometime."

The gasping young man shook his head.

"His name is... Skipper." said the one pickpocket who ran to his fellow partner.

"Skipper?" John laughed. "Alright, Skipper... And you just get lost." Both the young men ran. "Geez, I'm even more late." John ran to his motorcycle reved it up, and zoomed off cutting infront of cars.

He parked his automobile in the place he always does, crunches were heard as he walked to the RSDG door. He opened the door and looked around.

"Your late again Katsukawa!" Shouted a deep voice.

John shrugged and plopped down on a chair.

"I don't really care boss... I needed to do something." John sighed.

OOC: Having a block right now... Sorry.[/color][/size]
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Brendan eyed the fleeing figure with calculating eyes, and readied his right arm to throw the cross. He was just about to launch it at the vampire when Warrington?s hand descended upon his arm, staying him. Though he was sure he would have hit the vampire right on its spinal cord, a staying hand from Warrington simply meant ?No?. Brendan looked up at his mentor with a slight disappointment, and lowered his arm.

?Oh come on Glaydn? I?m sure I would have killed her??

Warrington chuckled softly as the figure melted away into the snowy cityscape, then draped his cloak around Brendan.

?Yes yes? you would have??

Brendan smiled at getting the confirmation from Warrington, wrapped the excess chain around his left arm, then secured the cross on a small holder located on his waist. Warrington smiled down at the boy, then turned around and left for the darkening alleyway. Brendan looked once more at the direction to which Reaper fled with a tinge of disappointment, then quickly followed Warrington, his cloak swishing against the newly fallen snow.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Ignoring the rest following her, Irie took the lead by skipping down the red-carpeted steps. The air grew more heated as they went down, the temperature rising because of the vigorous activities below. More screams erupted, and Irie shivered in release.

"Atmosphere?" she asked in play.

"Carnal," Zenjia replied. They both felt the wild intensity in the air, mixed with the sensual scent of pain and blood. It was intoxicating to a vampire. To the human victims...it was probably a bit more frightening, although that did nothing to subdue their own desperation. But an attempt to escape from this place was futile.

The lighting was staggered, stretching shadows across the floor while keeping colored spotlights in a party-like atmosphere. The furnishings were elegant, and Irie felt quite at home. It wasn't all that different from the mansion that the Blood Brood inhabited at the moment. Nicoleta and Paine seemed to have similarities in decorative tastes.

Bodies lay in serpentine forms, wrapped around each other at pleasure's whim. Others lay on the floor, bloodied and scarred, barely recognizable as once human. However, these were quickly removed by the custodial staff, which blended in nicely with the crowd. Other beings lay on various instruments that looked extremely painful, vampire and human alike. Blood was in thick excess everywhere. And in the middle of the floor, a simple ring that held the room's position of honor. Swarms of unidentified insects covered the remains lying there, blood congealed and blackened in the last hour. It was, at the moment, being cleaned for the next round.

Irie could hardly contain her excitement upon seeing this, "Zenjia! Look! A playground!" A playground indeed...[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#696969][i]Still sitting in the meeting room, Nicoleta interlocked her fingers and pressed them against her lips. The phone rang and Nicoleta looked to it. It rang once more and Nicoleta untwined her fingers and her right hand took the phone in hand. Her silky voice spilled from her esophagus once more.[/i]


[i]Silence fell between the two speakers. The voice sounded and it was a female voice. It sounded rough and intimidating, but the Empress found it comforting to hear this voice.[/i] "Nicoleta."

"It has been a while."

"Yes. It has."

[i]Another silence fell.[/i] "Is there something you wish to discuss?"

"Actually...there is. Your people are here and I am wondering why you are not."

"Oh." [i]A small chuckle came from Nicoleta before she spoke again.[/i] "My young one wanted to do something "fun". I told her about your place. Perhaps, I should come down and see them."

"Perhaps you should. I shall see you then."


[i]Nicoleta hung up the phone and sat in her chair for a moment. She stood and walked out, looking at the vampires around her. She had seen her general and spoke with him. He agreed and she left, not speaking a word to anyone else.[/size][/color][/i]
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