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Astartes, The Legacy


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[COLOR=CRIMSON][CENTER][U][I][SIZE=2]Astartes, the Legacy[/U]

?To thee I pledge myself
In thine image I make myself
In thine service I shall live
To do thee honour is my purpose
I shall pray to thee forever


There was a time in history when Myths, Legends, Hero?s and Gods were as real as you or I and they walked among the lands of the mortals blessing them as they went hoping to give them a more full and rich life and in one of the many worlds out of the many realties there is a world where this remains the truth, the world is called Courras but the manner in which these apparitions take form has been greatly warped and mutated by the forces of Gautesh who sought the power of Courras for themselves and in the process changed the world forever until the changing of the Universe?..or so they thought.

The patron deity and on-high Guardian of Courras who is known only as Astartes came upon the planet in search of a select few among the races whom he deemed worthy of saving their home world and restoring peace to Courras, they are known simply as ?The Legacy? and this is their tale.

When Astartes looked upon what remained of his beautiful world after Gautesh had had his way he was full of misery but he soon realised that not all of his creation had been perverted and so he was filled with hope, for he knew that he could not save the planet himself but he must allow the beings who dwelt their too because if he saved them they would take it for granted and squander Courras and forsake it.

And so it came to pass that Astartes descended on the free regions of Courras and selected the most worthy of the five races remaining, regardless of their social standing or past history for Astartes knew that, when united, this group would have the power to overthrow Gautesh and enable Courras to heal itself from the deep wounds inflicted upon it. And so it came to pass that Astartes choose those worthy and united them and gave them the quest to save Courras from the grip of Gautesh.


Before the dark times Courras was a world of Beauty and Enchantment, the world has since fallen into Darkness and Depravity after Gautesh and his daemon hordes came upon the world like a plague and turned all on each other and changed the world to suit their own nefarious purposes. Though the appearance of the world has not changed and there are several Kingdoms that have survived the scourge of Gautesh. They are [B]Seraphiem, Edhellen, Kar?Han, Aulsim and Ichoria[/B], though more will be said on the lands; let us for now acquaint ourselves with the populous of Courras.


[U][I]The Free-Races of Courras[/I][/U][/CENTER]

[B][U]The Seraph[/U][/B]
The Seraph are the winged and chivalrous people who dwell in the region of Courras known as Seraphiem. They are the physical manifestation of all that is good and honest on Courras. The Seraph live by a strict code of honour which is akin to the Knightly Codes of Earth and they travel everywhere with their armour donned and weapons at the ready in preparation to face any evil that may manifest it?s self in their realm. In appearance they are humanoid and usual between six to seven feet at adulthood with long, flowing blonde hair [both sexes] and bright blue eyes that shine with the power of the Gods.

[B][U]The Eldarian[/U][/B]
They are the graceful and knowledgeable people of Edhellen. They are the keepers of the wisdom on Courras and they know all that has happened upon its soil and so are very keen upon History and feel it has far more value than vain attempts to predict the future. Dressed in traditional flowing robes which are traded for gleaming suits of armour in times of war they appear very formidable to all but the most powerful enemies. They too are humanoid measuring between five to six and half feet tall with pointed ears, arched eyebrows and long hair of varying colours, their eyes are usual green or pale brown and able to look into the very depths of someone?s soul.

[B][U]The Dra?Kahn[/U][/B]
The only race that graces Courras that can be said to have been war-like and very aggressive before the coming of Gautesh and his daemon-hordes yet they are still very honour bound. Inhabitants of the scorched and flame-ridden land of Kar?Han they have been the long time enemies of the other races of Courras. They, like the Seraph, are always ready for a war but unlike the Seraph they are usually the instigators of such a conflict for it is during times of war that their race prospers and grows the most. Standing at an impressive seven feet on average with green scaled skin like a lizards, the mouths house a forked tongue and small sharp teeth. They entire body is hairless and covered in green scales and their eyes are always a deep malicious red.

[B][U]The Fennrik[/U][/B]
These are the stunted and hardy people of the ice caped region of Aulsim. They are master crafts men, able to craft the mightiest of weapons and the most magnificent dwellings. Sharing no border with the Eldarian they are highly distrustful of the ?pointy-ears? and will avoid them unless the situation deems otherwise. They live in the mountains of Aulsim which are carved into the very rock and their walls tell stories of events passed and of things to come. Generally standing at four and a half feet to five feet, with their large, long and full beards they are incredible sturdy and will never retreat in the face of the enemy.

[B][U]The Miadan[/U][/B]
The Miadan are the most similar to the human race on Courras, they mostly inhabit the region known as Ichoria. I say mostly because the Miadan are the most adaptable of all the races on Courras and so can live almost anywhere but chose Ichoria mainly. And they are also the most fickle, in their race can be found the most noble of Hero?s or the most wretched of Villains. They live a more mundane life than most having a specially trained army so the entire population is not geared for war. Standing roughly between five to six feet with hair of varying colours they are the only race where one member can look radically different from the next.

[CENTER] -======================-

[U][I]The Free Regions of Courras[/I][/U][/CENTER]

Little is known about the area outside of these lands for since the arrival of Gautesh all contact with the old allies has suddenly ended and the inhabitants, including the Dra?Kahn, fear the worst.

The frozen and mountainous land of [B]Aulsim[/B] is home to the [B]Fennrik[/B] and, as could be expected, this is where their race is able to thrive the most. The capital city of [B]Kauz Fraz[/B], if it can so be called, is situated roughly between the border with Seraphiem and Ichoria and it is truly impressive with thousands of homes and halls built into the core of the world?s tallest mountain [B]Zek?Tul[/B]. The realm is covered with similar cities and towns but not of the same grand design and along the [B]Kar?Han[/B] border are several [B]?Fortress Mountains?[/B] which serve as the first line of defence should an invasion occur on the border. In the north are the towering [B]Ice Sculptures[/B] made by the ancestors of the Fennrik millennia ago to honour Astartes and the other Gods of Courras.

The green lands of [B]Edhellen[/B] are, like the inhabitants, in strike contrast to [B]Aulsim[/B] and the [B]Fennrik[/B]. This land is home to the graceful [B]Eldarian[/B] who have lived in the lands of Courras before time began. The capital city of this beautiful land is [B]Enedil[/B] which is a huge city with towers reaching up into the heavens where the [B]Eldarian[/B] are able to look upon the future of Courras and predict the fickle nature of some of their gods. Many of the towns and cities within [B]Edhellen[/B] are more than match for many of the major cities of any other race, including the Seraph and so are looked at in awe by the [B]Miadan[/B]. All over the lush green fields are rune stones, mage dwellings and other areas of a magical nature due to the fact that the [B]Eldarian[/B] are very in touch with the magical winds that blow over the lands of Courras.

[B]Ichoria[/B] is mainly a rural land with farms and villages in more abundance than the other lands but that is not to say the [B]Miadan[/B] are inferior to the other peoples of Courras, quite the opposite. The [B]Miadan[/B] are the most technologically advanced species of the others because of the discovery of [B]?The Black Powder?[/B] or what we would call gun-powder and they use this to make firearms of varying powers and they have also harnessed the power of the steam engine. The capital city of [B]Ichoria[/B] is [B]Alcance[/B]and is home to the [B]Imperial Foundry[/B] and [B]Imperial Mage College[/B]. The [B]Miadan[/B] are not as magically adept as the [B]Eldarian[/B] yet they can still control some part of the Magical energies. As said the main feature of [B]Ichoria[/B] is the many small villages and farms, this is because much of the land is dominated by forest and so it is very hard to find enough clear space to make a start on a major city.

[B]Kar?Han[/B] is a land full of desert sand, lakes of fire, monstrous beasts and most terrifying of all the [B]Dra?Kahn[/B] themselves. The most prominent feature that stands out from this arid land is the geysers and oasis? that are dotted around the land and this is where most of the major cities are found. [B]Kacsk?Var[/B] is the capital city but it is not a city of sorts because even in their own land the [B]Dra?Kahn[/B] are a nomadic people and don?t make many lasting settlements save around certain lush areas in a bleak landscape and [B]Kacsk?Var[/B] is one of them. The lake of [B]Tisli[/B] is the largest ?lake of fire? in [B]Kar?Han[/B] and many people avoid it because of the dangers associated with it. Though the [B]Dra?Kahn[/B] may be somewhat war-like they are also a proud people and so have not given themselves in to the service of Gautesh because they see that as slavery.

[B]Seraphiem[/B] is unlike any place that you find anywhere other than Courras. The actually land of [B]Seraphiem[/B] is an overgrown jungle that looks as if it has been growing since the time of the [B]Eldarian[/B] and this is not far from the truth. The reason for this, what some would call carelessness, is that the [B]Seraph[/B] live in air-borne cities that float in the skies due to the magical energies put into keeping them aloft and there are few of other races that can boast being within one. The greatest of these [B]?Floating Cities?[/B] is [B]Valeim[/B] which is the size of a small island and is sometimes visible with the naked eye from the forest canopy. So it is very rare that anyone makes the journey through [B]Seraphiem[/B] on foot but on the [B]Cloud Rakers[/B] that were made by the [B]Seraph[/B] with help from the [B]Miadan[/B].

[CENTER] -======================-

[U][I]The Classes[/I][/U][/CENTER]

There are many beings living in all the lands of Courras and it is obvious that not all of them follow the same path in life. The main classes that are favoured among the free-races are [B]Warrior, Paladin, Knight, Mage, Cleric, Ranger and Daemon-Hunters.[/B]

[I][U]The Warrior[/I][/U]
These are made up mostly of [B]Miadan[/B] or [B]Dra?Kahn[/B] because they do not need to be particularly skilled in any field other than combat and so it is easier for them. You may find the occasional [B]Fennrikan[/B] or [B]Eldarian[/B] warrior but not often. They have no magic ability and can carry three weapons.

[I][U]The Paladin[/I][/U]
The elite of Society are inducted into the ranks of the Paladins once they prove themselves in a quest or on the battle field. The majority of [B]Seraphim[/B] become Paladins as well as a moderate percentage of [B]Eldarian[/B] and it is very rare to find a Paladin from the other races. They can use one magic spell, one prayer and can carry one great weapon and one normal weapon.

[I][U]The Knight[/I][/U]
This class is mainly made up of [B]Miadan[/B] and [B]Eldarian[/B] and to a lesser extent the [B]Seraph[/B]. The Knight is usually known as a Paladin in training and that is why there are more [B]Miadan[/B] and [B]Eldarian[/B] Knights because they often choose not to become Paladins. They cannot use magic spells and can carry two weapons.

[I][U]The Mage[/I][/U]
Some say the mage is the most powerful but that is not the case when physically speaking because many of them are frail because of their reliance on magic to keep them protected. This is the one class that can have any race within it?s ranks, even the [B]Dra?Kahn[/B] but they mainly deal in dark magic and Necromancy. They can have five magic spells and carry one weapon [Their staff].

[I][U]The Cleric[/I][/U]
Those who have devoted their lives to Astartes are inducted into the order of the Clerics and, though it may surprise you, the order has a high amount of [B]Fennrikan[/B] members because they are the most spiritually inclined race on Courras. You may find [B]Miadan[/B] within the order and often a few [B]Eldarian[/B] as well and there is very little chance of finding a [B]Seraphim[/B] Cleric. They may use two prayers and carry two weapons.

[I][U]The Ranger[/I][/U]
Finding their number mainly from the [B]Miadan[/B] and the [B]Fennrik[/B], the Rangers are gifted in the art of concealment and secrecy. The Rangers usually stick to themselves and only rarely do they accompany a group of people, they are very skilled at tracking and seeing things that are unseen to others around them. They have no magical ability and can carry four weapons but one must be a bow.

[I][U]The Daemon-Hunter[/I][/U]
This highly secretive and, what some would call, xenophobic order is made up of those who have encountered the daemons of Gautesh and survived to tell the tale. They come from all the free-races and have been forever warped by their experiences and harbour a deep loathing for anything associated with Gautesh and go so far as to point the finger at innocents and attempt a forced exorcism or execution. They may use two prayers and carry three weapons, one of which must be the sign of Astartes.

[CENTER] -======================-[/CENTER]

Okay, I think it?s safe to say that?s the largest amount of info I?ve given to one of my RPGs in a long time and if you?re still reading I?m going to assume you?re interested in this and go to the part of the RPG that not many people like but still has to be done, the rules.

When signing up for this RPG please keep in mind the quality of your post I.E. Grammar, spelling and such.

Similar to the first rule when the RPG starts please keep your posts to a good standard and try to post once or twice a week at least.

As with my other RPGs I don?t want this to be all about bang-bang chop-chop and all that so I?d like to see some character development and such as opposed to constant action.

If you have any major questions or grievances please don?t post them here or in the RPG thread but PM me and I?ll see what I can do.

And most of all have fun and enjoy yourself.

[CENTER] -======================-

[U][I]Application Sheet[/I][/U][/CENTER]

Just the basic thing really but because of the classes there are a few differences between the sign-ups so I?ll just walk you through it.

[B]Name:[/B] [Name of your character, give it a fantasy style]

[B]Age:[/B] [The range is from 25-40 but because the Eldarian are immortal just put what age they appear to be]

[B]Gender:[/B] [The usual, male or female]

[B]Race:[/B] [What race do you belong to? You can choose from the five I have listed]

[B]Birth-Place:[/B] [This doesn?t have to relate directly to your race but it?d be helpful if it did. The kingdom in which you were born and the town/city would be fine]

[B]Class:[/B] [Choose one of the Seven listed]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [Either a picture or good description will do]

[B]Personality:[/B] [How does your character interact with others and react to situations?]

[B]History:[/B] [An outline of your characters past, what they have done and such. If you want to make up the birth place feel free to]

[U][I]Class specific[/I][/U]

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] [Most can use the normal weapons but there are exceptions. [B]Paladins[/B] can use one great weapon which is a weapon that has a magic ability as well as one normal weapon. [B]Mages[/B] can only carry their staff and these count as a weapon as well as a channel for their magic. [B]Rangers[/B] must have a bow regardless of their other weapons and finally the [B]Daemon-Hunters[/B] must have the ?Sign of Astartes? which comes in may forms but it has been blessed by a Cleric and is empowered with magic designed to banish Daemons]

[B]Prayers/Magic:[/B] [[B]Mages[/B] and [B]Paladins[/B] may use magic spells but there is a difference. [B]Mages[/B] have five spells which can be varied or can concentrate on a single element I.E. fire. [B]Paladins[/B] may have one spell that has to focus on White Magic [Or Light Magic] and a single prayer. [B]Clerics[/B] and [B]Daemon-Hunters[/B] may use two prayers each, a prayer is different from magic because it comes from Astartes instead of the person and so they cannot always perform it, I?ll post a list of prayers in a while so sit tight till then]

[B]Skills:[/B] [There are several class specific skills.]
[B]Warriors[/B] [I]are able to use almost any weapon they find with ease so this gives them an advantage in battle and they are often psychically stronger than others.[/I]
[B]Paladins[/B] [I]can tame animals in the area because of their experiences with all manner of beasts and monsters, but the animals vary from each Paladin.[/I]
[B]Knights[/B] [I]are under the blessing of Astartes and so can sometimes call upon his power but this is not similar to prayers, the power varies from each Knight.[/I]
[B]Mages[/B] [I]have the ability to create a defensive shield around themselves and others, this does not count as a spell but the intensity and time it lasts depend upon the mage in question.[/I]
[B]Clerics[/B] [I]can call upon the power of Astartes to heal those around them or themselves after a battle should they be injured, this does not count as a prayer. The healing ability varies from Mage to Mage.[/I]
[B]Rangers[/B] [I]can effectively blend into their surrounding given there is a good amount of cover and avoid detection from the enemy, some can pull this off better than others.[/I]
[B]Daemon-Hunters[/B] [I]can cleanse the area around themselves thus preventing any evil beings coming close to them and harming them, this does not count as a prayer. The cleansing ability varies from Hunter to Hunter.[/I]

[CENTER] -======================-

[U][I]My Character[/I][/U][/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] Artilis

[B]Age:[/B] 32

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Seraph

[B]Birth-Place:[/B] Seraphiem; Valeim

[B]Class:[/B] Paladin

[B]Appearance:[/B] [I]I've got a picture, I'm just having trouble attaching it but I'll get it on soon[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] Artilis is one of the most proud people you will ever meet in life. What ever happens he feels that he can do no wrong and so hardly ever listens to advice others give him, even if its for his own good, and he will never except help until the very end. This is quite a large failing for a Paladin some say but, of course, Artilis dismisses this by saying they are jealous of his social standing. Being proud is really his only major flaw personality wise because other than that he is a very social and trust-worthy friend to have around. Some of the other Seraphim look down on him because he makes company with not only some of the other Orders but other races as well, which they find to be a failing. Artilis will never abandon his friends when they are in need of help, this seems to coincide with his reckless side because he tears off in search of danger whenever he can.

Unlike others of his race, or class, Artilis does not look down on the other races or classes that his fellows deem to be lesser than the Seraph or Paladins. It is this quality that gives him the appeal and friendship he gets when he is around those of the Miadan and Fennrik. To sum Artilis up in a few words one would say this: Brash, Headstrong, Reckless, Proud, Honest and Trustworthy. These are all traits that many Seraphim and Paladins share but because Artilis has them in, shall we say abundance, and that is why Astartes has chosen him to be a member of the Legacy.

[B]History:[/B] Artilis was born to a high-class family, in a way at least, and so his life has always been quite easy and that is why he has become so reckless, his parents never really put restrictions on his doings during his early years. It was the city of Valeim that he called home and he was, and always will be, in awe at this amazing city and would spend hours on end flying around the sky-scraping towers and marvelling at the immense amount of Magic used to keep the city suspended in mid-air while hundreds of Seraphim went about their lives. It was the child-like curiosity that led him into all the hidden places of Valeim and into trouble on occasion but he never listened to the warnings the elders gave him. His father was involved in the diplomatic relations of Seraphiem and so Artilis had a lot of contact with those of other races, most notably the Miadan and the Eldarian, and so he made ties with them that would be very useful in time.

As he reached adulthood Artilis was inducted into the Order of Knights after constant complaining from his parents because they wanted him to do something with his life but he had always refused but now, out of sheer annoyance, he had accepted and gone to the centre of the Knightly Order in Seraphiem. As he grew within the ranks he made many friends and went on many a quest but he was always filled with a felling that what they were doing seemed to be pointless and his small group shared his feelings, though they never acted upon them. Eventually he, though this amazed even he, became a Paladin and a change sort of came over him and he became much more serious about his role in society. When he first started hearing the rumours of evil doings in the east at first he paid them no heed for he thought they were simply rumours and misgivings passed on by travellers passing through the five kingdoms but he soon learned he was wrong. He battle valiantly in the other Kingdoms but they soon fell to Gautesh. Know he is full of purpose to evict this foul entity destroying his home and has pledged to Astartes that he, and the Legacy, will remove this threat from Courras.

[U][I]Class specific[/I][/U]

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Artilis carries with him a powerful great weapon known as the ?Axe of Sephil?, Sephil was one of the first Seraph Paladins to be recorded. The Axe has two heads connected by a metal pole about two and a half feet long, this pole can be broke in two and each head used as one weapon, the power of this great weapon is that it generates an Aura of White Magic and so many daemons fear it. Ar-Tilis also carries a War hammer which was crafted for him by a Fennrikan because Ar-Tilis had saved his life and Fennrikans never for get a favour or a grudge come to that.

[B]Prayers/Magic:[/B] [I]Prayer; Soul Flame:[/I] Artilis can produce a powerful energy within his body that allows him to attain high levels of strength and endure more pain than he would be able to normally. [I]Spell; Astartes? Gaze[/I] When cast this spell forces a pure and powerful light on all dark creatures in the vicinity and should they not escape it would destroy them in seconds.

[B]Skills:[/B] Artilis? favoured creatures are the huge and magnificent birds which inhabit the trees of the jungle beneath the cities of the Seraphim and so these are the creatures he can tame with the most ease. Generally he can control one for up to six hours or so and two for three hours and so on.

[CENTER] -======================-[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=CRIMSON][B][I][SIZE=2]To You I Pledge Myself
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Name: Jaryn Tyelth


Gender: Male

Birthplace: Ichoria, Alcance



Appearance:[URL=http://de.geocities.com/rpgamer04/images/ogrebattel_64/art-34_3.jpg]Just change the eye color to emerald with a hint of azure[/URL]

Personality: Jaryn is cold, brutal, and strongheaded. He shows respect to his superiors, but he scorns weaklings that challange him to a duel.He adapts to any situation quick, but won't usually take advice from his allies unless they are his close friends. He often says nothing good, unless you count ruthless brutal advice as good. The reason for this nature is lack of freedom and strict severity.

History: Jaryn grew up with his older cousins, Jarek and Larek. They aren't actually his blood, though. They were rich, but they tried to kill him on several occasions, for his parents died on a steam train wreck and left him with them. They beated him regularly, and starved him. Through all of this, he devloped a strong mind and body, even though the malnutrition was countering this ever so slightly. When he got back from his 'lessons' at his school, he reported Jarek and Larek. Jaryn had been taking
self defense classes and swordsman ship classes to protect himself. So, he had nothing to fear from them.

[I] What should I do now that I have a life? Prehaps I will join the army to protect other kids from what I went though.[/I] And with that he joined the armies. He was at knighthood at 21, and soon became a Paladin. What sets him apart from the others, is that he is cold. Some of his superiors grew to respect that, while others shunned it. He has been selected by Astartes for his combat prowess and mental focus.

Weapons: [I] Soul of the Typhoon[/I]: The blade shown in his hand is an anicent blade that he stole from Jarek's personal arments. It was used by the first Miadan Paladin. It is said that the archbishop of the hightest calibur blessed this blade. It can summon a great wave of freezing water to crush his foes.

Longsword: A regular longsword he recived after he finished his introduction to knighthood. Not much special, he only uses it when he has nothing else.

Magic/Prayer: [I] Frozen Soul [/I]: Jaryn prays to Astartes and his musles grow stiff, allowing much more pusnishment. Also makes his thinking faster.Magic spell: [I] Blinding light [/I]An intense blast of light burns and blinds enemies. Blindness is in effect for a half hour.

Skill: Jaryn can tame tigers the best, controlling them for up to 5 hours. He is pretty much the average with others, the longest he has done with any other is 4 hours. Has been praticing this skill since he recived it.
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That was a long read. Here's my character.

Name: Cid S. Taveras

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Miaden

Birth-Place: Edhellen, Ivainclaid

Class: Mage

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, tan skin. Buttoned black duster like Trenchcoat. Pants are mostly hidden by the the trenchcoat. Trenchcoat has large pockets. Near the waist, there is a black belt. Small studs run across the belt. He wears a large hood with a quill through the left side near the base.
His boots are buckled and his pants overlap them. He wears a pair of gray gloves as well.

Personality: Cid loves to decipher anceint texts. He is quite interested in the first ages of the world and how it all came to be. He is sometimes shy near new people but recoveres quickly.
Cid is okay with his family and his village although both are not as great as others. He accepts tragic things quickly and often is more interested in how to fix them than suffering over them.

History: Nobody within the Taveras family were able to use magic until Cid came along. He was trained to control his powers by a man named Azuke who had mastered magic. Cid grew up fast and enjoyed his childhood but he knew a much greater life was always ahead of him.
He left to train by himself in the forest of Lainwood. Cid wanted to go on an adventure deeply. He wanted to be a hero and he knew his that since he was the only one in his family to have been gifted enough to be able to use magic, that there must be a reason why he had them.
As more years passed word arose about some evil destroying kingdoms and killing many. Cid hurried back to his village to find himself kneeling over in tears with the death of his family and friends.
His village burned hard and as he stood a look of revenge spread across his face.

Class specific

Weapon(s): The staff of Chilidok. The staff is plain and black. There is nothing great about it except that because of its plainess, magic can travel through it easier then with jewels and other such items attached.

Prayers/Magic: Magic 1; Fire- Can harness flames to be used as an attack but flames must be around to be used.
Magic 2; Hellfire- Fire can be created by the mind and then channeled through the staff as an attack.
Magic 3; Water- Can be harnassed if water is around. The amount of water that can be controlled is dependent upon the minds skill with magic.
Magic 4; Earth- Can harness such things as plants or ground. Since ground is always around can always be used.
Magic 5; Wind- Can harness the Wind. Wind is always around so can always be used.
Skills: Cid's shield is very weak. It can last about 2 minutes and even if not totally used cannot be used again for a long time. Cid isn't good with the shield because he' still knows very little about magic is is always learning.
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[size=1][color=gray]-I'll update this with history tomorrow -.- remind me of it..-

[b]Name:[/b] Alendral Kiting

[b]Age:[/b] Appears to be 21

[b]gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Eldarian

[b]Birth-Place:[/b] in the capital city of Edhellen: Enedil

[b]Class:[/b] Cleric

[b]Appearance:[/b][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19689&stc=1]Click pic[/url] (sort of sucky drawing, scanned with Digital camera..)
On the right of the drawing is Alendral (the other was an old sketch -.-). He is wearing a robe and underneath it is a chain mail. The scar on his cheak is supposed to be more on his jaw instead.

[b]Personality:[/b] Alendral can be seen as a very quiet person. He likes to think a lot, sometimes posts and posts long (=P). His team work aint bad, but Alendral preffers to not have to rely on someone.


[i][u]Class specific[/u][/i]

[b]Weapon(s):[/b] -[i][url=http://bladezilla.com/media/valermos.jpg]Valermos, sword of fire[/url][/i]
-[i][url=http://www.onestopknifeshop.com/images/united/uc-kr14.jpg]Serpent Dagger[/url][/i]
Unlike the most Cleric's, Alendral preffers using swords instead of maces.

[b]Prayers/Magic:[/b] -awaiting list of prayers-

[b]Skills:[/b] Mass Healing- Heals everyone in like 10 meters reach, excluding himself. This skill works really well, but it uses so much energy of Alendral, that if he uses it too much, it can be fatal. Mass Healing only works on people who Alendral has in his mind as an ally, so even people neutral to him wont be healed.
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[size=1][color=darkgreen][b]Name[/b]: Raodin Numair

[b]Age[/b]: 30

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Maiden

[b]Birth-Place[/b]: Small Village in Ichoria

[b]Class[/b]: Ranger

[b]Appearance[/b]: Standing at 6'2'' Raodin has shoulder length, shaggy/messy black hair and deep blue eyes. He has a very short beard (fuzz, you could say) and has a strong build. He wears a long sleeved dark brown shirt under neath a black tunic that goes down to his knees. He has a black belt where he keeps his sword, [i]Rathhausak[/i] on the left side and his dagger, [i]Hildurra[/i] on the back of the belt. He then wears black pants with comfortable black boots. Underneath his "outer layer" he wears a layer of leather armor that wraps around his torso. He also wears black knuckle cut gloves and a forest green cloak around his neck. Straped around his back is a large quiver with arrows, his bow is thin enough to fit into the quiver as well. Also straped to his back in a leather casing is his 5 foot long glaive, [i]Faleron[/i] that is hidded behind his cloak.

[b]Personality[/b]: Raodin is a mysterious person who keeps to himself and is always on the move, never staying at one place for too long. Although he rarely ever does, he is known to have travelled with some caravans as a normal person. When he is around people for a longer amount of time he is a kind and caring person who won't hessitate to help with the kids. Raodin has a long patience, even some of the most stubborn people can't get him to just give up and move on. Raodin cannot stand innocent death and his emotions sometimes get a hold of him when people who weren't even fighters are killed.

Raodin is ranger who works with out being asked, and even though they didn't ask for his help in the first place; people will usually pay him a fee, but if it is too big Raodin will give some of it back. He has a long temper, but when he is angry it will take some time to cool his head. Some people describe raodin as a shadow. You'll see him clearly when the sun is out, but when night comes around he disappears.

[b]History[/b]: Raodin was born in a very small village far away from Alcance or any other large cities. The village had to grow there own crops and servive completally on their own. They had problems with bandits, who would burn crops and steal what little money the people had. Raodin's father the one and only guardsman of the village. He was great swordsmen, but not even he could hold of two dozen raiders. When these raiders came there was no stoping them, the survivors of the village fled on their horses or by foot. The murderous raiders saw them as a game and chased them completally out of Ichoria, eventually catching up with them and killing ever person. Raodin was the only one who survived, hidden under his fathers cloak near his limp body.

Lucky for Raodin, a group of Eldarian had heard the thunder of hooves from the raiders and found Raodin who was only two at the time. They took him back to Enedil with them where he was raised by an Eldarian man who had adopted him. For the next 15 years Raodin grew up as if he was a Eldarian. He was taught many things and became very wise with the past of Courras. From an early age he showed much interest in swordsmanship and fighting with weapons, he was taught how to fight and defend by his Eldarian father who was a mage, but [i]his[/i] father had taught him swordsmanship as well.

When Raodin was 17 he mysteriously left Edhellen with out a trace. He had heard of the people called Finnrik, most Eldarian would talk about how the Finnrik despised the Eldarian, but he also was told that most Finnrik's were rangers would could track and blend in with nature almost prefectly. This fasinated Raodin and he was soon eager to leave, the only person he told was his adopted father who helped Raodin by putting a spell on him, this spell allowed Raodin's clothes to blend in almost perfectly with his surroundings, but he would have to learn to do it with out the magic first for the spell to activate. He traveled to Aulsim where he requested many Fennrik to teach him to be a ranger. Though many said they didn't have time to teach a boy something he probably wouldn't be able to learn. Near the end of his rope, Raodin asked one last Fennrik to teach him. He told Raodin it was impossible to teach someone how to be a ranger, he would have to tech himself.

Raodin then understood and spent the next eight years living off of nothing but the land in a un inhabbited area of Aulsim. He learned to track different kinds of animals and hunt. Realizing that his Dagger and Sword wern't going to help him much, Raodin made his bow from strong oak wood and after killing a mammoth sized creature he made his bone glaive, forging the blade into the bone. Raodin had soon mastered blending in as well. Sense it was un inhabbited, many robbers and bandits would hide out in the area and blending in was something he needed to learn, he soon mastered it very well and the spell he had recieved long ago startd working.

After becoming a ranger, Raodin visited old friends and family along with helping those who needed his help and hunting down murderers and other villains. When raodin had heard of the evil Gautesh, he imidiatly went to investigate to see if these were rumors or reality. It was reality and Raodin rode his horse for nearly three days straight, his horse dying when he reached Enedil and sounder the alarm that the evil was indeed true and they were starting to crush other kingdoms.

Although almost all five Kingdoms went to fight the evil, they could not prevent the fall of the others. Raodin is now preparing to protect all five Kingdoms and their people no matter what it takes.

[i]Class specific[/i]

[b]Weapon(s)[/b]: [i][URL=http://www.kultofathena.com/images/KR12_l.jpg]Rathhausak[/URL][/i] (The blade is much longer though)
[i][URL=http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/b/i/bitterashes2/spear_set.jpg.html]Faleron[/URL] [/i] (the second to last one, the blade is thinner though)
[URL=http://www.hightowercrafts.com/bow%20ranger.JPG]Ranger Bow [/URL]

[b]Skills[/b]: Raodin is an excellant tracker. He can tell where some thing has been by the smallest shifting in the ground to a small twig snapped in two. He also has very keen senses that help him track and blend in with his surrounding when danger in near. He is excellant at blending in due to his clothes that can change color when needed to. Raodin is also very skilled with different types of weapons mainly his glaive.
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Name: Myria Halo

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Race: Seraph

Birth-place: Seraphiem; Valeim

Class: Mage

Appearance: Like all Seraph, Myria has long blonde hair with almond shaped, bright blue eyes and is about six foot tall. She has dark red lips and tanned skin because she spends a fair bit of time outside. She wears a white tank top and short white pants with knee-high leather battling boots.

Personality: Myria is a very kind person. She loves helping people and making them happy. With her magic, she entertains the children of her race with simple spells and tricks. Myria is a free spirit and loves to just fly around over the world. She is very artistic and has a passion to draw anything she deems worthy.

However, she also enjoys fighting. When she fights, she does it with passion and controlled fury. Myria also has a very high morales and standards for herself. When she trains, she pushes herself to her limits and beyond them, always striving to be better than everyone else. However, she also has a strong sense of justice and doesn't mind acting judge in other races' quarrells.

History: Myria grew up peacefully with her parents until she was 18. She had a older brother who she adored. Unfortunately, he was sent to fight in the war and never returned. A man brought her the news that he had been killed by Gautesh's forces. Myria vowed she would reap her revenge for her lost brother. Since then she has been training and training until the day she would join in the war against Gautesh.

Weapon: A silver alloy staff that is very light with a crescent moon on the top.

Magic: Myria is what you call an elementalist. She chose the hardest avenue of study for a mage. Each attack is based on one element. She conjures the essence of each element (earth, fire, water, air, spirit) as a ball on the end of her staff and throws it at her opponent.

Skill: Defensive shield
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[COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Gavin Arvad

[B]Age: [/B] 27

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Race: [/B] Miadan

[B]Birth-Place: [/B] Alcance, Ichoria

[B]Class: [/B] Warrior

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://www.toddlockwood.com/BitterChiv_det.jpg][U]Gavin[/U][/URL]

[B]Personality: [/B] Gavin is the most cold-hearted, and untrusting person someone could meet. If their name is not Gavin Arvad, they are untrustworthy, or so Gavin believes. After contracting a childhood disease that left his face scared and somewhat disfigured, people judged him by looks, poking fun at his ugliness. So in response, he became on the inside, what others saw on the outside. Ugly.

This was added upon when a young girl called him ugly, and would have nothing to do with him. Then several years later flung herself at him in "rapture." He knew her lust was only for the money that his grandparents had acquired, and willed to him. Since then, women were on top of the list of his most untrusworthy beings.

[B]History:[/B] Gavin lived a decedent life. He was descended from one of the wealthiest families in Alcance, which put him in a uncomfortable position. Farther back than he could remember, he always wanted to be a great swordsman. His parents did not approve of this desire, but eventually it got the best of them, and they allowed their beloved son to learn to become a Knight. This pleased their son for quite some time. That is until he found himself unable to survive the rigors that they went through, the expectations that they were held to. Thus he left the Knighthood, and left behind his family. To strike out on his own. To hell with his fortune, to hell with his family, to hell with Astartes.

In the wilderness Gavin became a warrior. He took up small jobs here and there to protect caravans, merchants, nobility, all the sort. It was hard starting out, but he has managed to make a living off of this life style. Now he just waits for the next challenge life is going to throw at him.

[B]Class specific[/B]

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] [URL=http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/dlcs_gallery/DLCS_EX6.jpg]His Sword[/URL]
He also carries a simple dagger that is not pictured.

[B]Prayers/Magic: [/B] N/A

[B]Skills:[/B] Gavin is practically a master with swords and daggers. If he trained himself more the could almost be able to weild a sword and a dagger together in battle, giving him quite an advantage, but, he has decided to just stick to one weapon in a battle at a time. Unless he finds need for another. Also, with being on his own for so long, Gavin is quite capable in administering first aid. Mostly to himself, but if someone he is supposed to protect is injured, he will grudgingly tend to their wound.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Godric Sedric (Doesn't mean he's a God...)

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Seraph

[B]Birth-Place:[/B] Seraphiem; Valeim

[B]Class:[/B] Paladin

[B]Appearance:[/B] Picture wil be up soon

[B]Personality:[/B] Godric is... how would you say? Maybe jealous? A little. He wasn't as well of as many others, so Godric doesn't like many people that much. He normally sits by watching others with a frown on his face, and won't join in. Fun and games isn't something in his life. Though he is a Seraph, Godric isn't proud of himself, or others for that matter. It seems the only emotion Godric has is a bitter kind of emotion, but that's not true. It's just how he grew up. Though he does believe in things still, Godric just doesn't want to show any kind of affection to anyone. He's a little moody sometimes... but that doesn't stop him from fighting.

History: [An outline of your characters past, what they have done and such. If you want to make up the birth place feel free to]

Class specific

Weapon(s): [Most can use the normal weapons but there are exceptions. Paladins can use one great weapon which is a weapon that has a magic ability as well as one normal weapon. Mages can only carry their staff and these count as a weapon as well as a channel for their magic. Rangers must have a bow regardless of their other weapons and finally the Daemon-Hunters must have the ?Sign of Astartes? which comes in may forms but it has been blessed by a Cleric and is empowered with magic designed to banish Daemons]

Prayers/Magic: [Mages and Paladins may use magic spells but there is a difference. Mages have five spells which can be varied or can concentrate on a single element I.E. fire. Paladins may have one spell that has to focus on White Magic [Or Light Magic] and a single prayer. Clerics and Daemon-Hunters may use two prayers each, a prayer is different from magic because it comes from Astartes instead of the person and so they cannot always perform it, I?ll post a list of prayers in a while so sit tight till then]


Sorry, I promise to get this done by friday, I just have a lot too do...
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]Howdeh people, sorry I haven't replied as yet. I've decided that I'd like each of you to send me an example of your RPGing 'skills', if you want to call them that, so send me one of your posts from an RPG thats been done in OB and I'll see what I think of them and get back to you but right now the 'Accepted - Rejected' stands thusly:

Box Hoy
Boo - Do history ASAP
Quad - Finish sign-up ASAP
Ohkami - Finish sign-up ASAP
Vicky - Finish sign-up ASAP

So don't complain if you're not there because you might be once I've seen the RPG samples so send them and I'll get back to you.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=navy][B]Name:[/B] Rin Pascal

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Seraph

[B]Birth-Place:[/B] Seraphiem; Valeim

[B]Class:[/B] Paladin

[B]Appearance:[/B] Rin has long, shimmering, flowing, blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes like all other Seraphs. She's about 6 feet tall and slightly tanned from sun exposure. She wears a tight, white spaghetti strap top with navy blue cargo pants with pockets at the top(regular place for pockets) and near the knees and she wears battle boots made of silver, along with gauntlets of flexible silver metal that she hardly takes off.

[B]Personality:[/B] Rin is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Rin loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. Rin is strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat. She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly.

[B]History:[/B] Rin was a free spirit, she was continually happy and a complete optimist. But her whole life took a 180 degree turn when she reached 10. She learned that her father and her brother, Jin had been told to join the "army" that were called to protect everyone in their town/city against Gautesh. Rin was deeply worried because her father was getting old and Jin and herself were very close and had a very tight bond. Her mother helped her by teaching her skills, prayers/magic and combat-hand to hand and weaponry.

It was several years later, and Rin had turned 16. The troops had gone and now they were coming back. Rin and her mother stood by, watching to see their father/husband and brother/son come home. But everyone had finished arriving and there was no sign of Jin and her father. Rin and her mother decided to find the officer in command and ask about them. As they were on their way, he met them halfway. He took his hat off and held it, telling them the bad news. Her father had been injured and Jin went back to help him, getting them both killed. Rin and her mother cried for about 2 days until their voices were hoarse and they were out of tears.

It took her and her mother 4 years to recover, and they still get upset and angered sometimes. But Rin decided to train hard and vowed that she would get her revenge on Gautesh for what he had done to her family, and many others.

[U][I]Class specific[/I][/U]

[i]Great Weapon:[/i] Crystal Sword - It's made of pure crystal with a hilt made of silver and shines inwardly with Holy Magic that's been blessed by the gods/Astartes. It reflects light well, and when it's dark it can shine at will. When used, Rin can make it use Holy Magic on the enemy.
[i]Other Weapon:[/i] [URL=http://thepiratestreasure.com/knives/ptuc1149.jpg]The Leviathan[/URL]

[i]Magic:[/i] Angel's Tears - It's a spell that heals whoever she wants it to.
[i]Prayer:[/i] ~Awaiting List of Prayers~

[B]Skills:[/B] Rin came tame animals like other Paladins, her focus is mainly ground animals - whether they burrow under the ground or just walk around on the ground, which she tames with ease. It usually lasts several hours. And on some occasions she can tame water animals but no for as long.[/COLOR]
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