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What do you look for in a guy/girl?

Farto the Magic

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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]I know people always have those: what do guys look for in girls, but I want to reverse it. This should get a lot of guys here reading this. It would also be helpful for guys to have a clue what to watch for. I myself would absolutely love to know what makes women have an attraction to a guy.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=indigo][size=1]Certainly not your s/n ^_^

What do I, as a lady, look for in a guy...I look for personality and humor. As a guy, you have to be able to get my attention with smart discussion. Why? Because I am not that intelligent in many areas. And if you are intelligent in the areas that I am not, I'll cling to you so I can learn more. If you are playful, I'm definitely interested. I'm a playful person, and many of you can vouche for that ^_^, and I like to have fun. Especially, if I'm feeling bad. It's always nice to have a personality to try that will try its hardest to cheer me up.

Humor is very important. I guess it goes with the playful personality a bit. I can't go through a conversation without some humor. I'm already a downer person, I have to have humor..or I will not survive T_T If you can make fun of a depressing situation, then you rule.

Also, another thing is seriousness. It's nice to have once in a while. There are times when I need to be serious with a situation. So, it's nice to have someone who knows the importance of playtime versus serious.

Sorry guys, Annie's already taken ~_^[/color][/size]
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You know, I wish I could post something here, although I'm not a lady, so I don't really know what they look for. I think even if guys have information they got first hand from a girl about what they look for in us dudes, you should post it. It'll open up more discussion.
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[color=darkslateblue] I love threads like these, lol. XD

The first thing I usually search for is humor, followed by personal preferences. Unlike men, a lot of women don't think physical looks are as important. *mutter*

Anyway, like I said, I've never and will never be attraced to a guy who's not funny. And all of the guys I've liked are hilarious people, and most of them weren't that good-looking, I just liked them because they were funny. :3

And for some reason, guy who act like a stereo-typical guy turn me on. Although, this is a very thin line for me. What I mean by this is that guys that act like a basic stereotypical man (I know, very little people actually understand what I'm trying to get across, so don't worry if you're stratching your head, here). Examples: they're dull/thick-headed when it comes to women, they just have that 'manly' thing like when they're obsessed with football or some other sport and they argue over which team is better, they dress crappily because they have no sense of style, they eat like maniacs, etc. etc.

I guess that part falls mainly under the fact that I like guys who look like they can physically/mentally protect me. ;)

But I also need a guy who's intelligent as well. For some reason I dig guys who are smarter than me or more intellectual than I can be, and moral values and roots should be similar to mine. (ex: I don't want my boyfriend going around spewing insults to gay people or anything) Another important factor for me is confidence, because to be blunt I don't want to hang out with a guy who's caved in with his own emotional insecurities and begs for attention or something (which again falls under the whole 'protection' thing, I guess).

And physically, all I really prefer is that they're taller than me and fit. :)[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]mmmm... guys.. lots of them to choose from..

These threads are quite fun, however I or should I say, my friend figured out the foundation on which I seem to be attracted in a guy.

[b]Witty and fairly intelligent, but is prone to doing stupid things.[/b]
Famous example of this would be Charlie Sheen in Spin City.

Physically I don't mind scrawny but I prefer some muscle, nothing really beefy or defined. As for the rest of the looks, that really falls onto a preference that's different for everybody.

This all just reminds me of a cute drunk guy I met on New Years who is actually academically intelligent and witty, but also an egomaniac. Darn I find that ego so charming. I like how they can exasperate me like that.

Oh, and just plain sexual attraction, that can not be faked ;)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]I've fallen into the trap of replying to this thread. -_-

Oh well....

I don't really care what guys look like, though being fit would be a definate plus. I am really attracted to the eyes and the hair for some reason. I love touching guy's hair...lol

I tend to be attracted to geeks mostly. You know the type. Video game obsessed, loves computers, and so on. I also like a guy that is pretty humorous. That way they can cheer me up whenever I'm in a bad mood.

I also like a guy who is smart, huggable, sweet, who is a Christian, caring, nice, and has a lot of the same interests as I do.

I guess that it isn't too hard since I love computers and I can play all sorts of video games like no tomorrow...lol[/COLOR]
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Guest Rabjonic2
i look 4 sum1 like my rather recent ex:( caring loving and always ther 4 me, but i think having a good body does matter. It gess its not a v good time 4 me 2 talk about this but ah well. u c @ the mo, im kinda almost braking up with my gf, and although this is an anime webby, i feel i mist tell u, it is beacuse of anime. After i questioned her, she told me she only went out with me 2 stip pepl questioning about her love of anime and that i have always been second choice 2 her favourite, bakura, i know this thred was 4 sum1 else, but i need 2 speak my mind.
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[quote name='Rabjonic2']o and btw i am a guy, but i just needed 2 speak up 4 1nce[/quote]

Rabjonic, double posts are not allowed on the OtakuBoards. If you need to post directly after your own post, please use the "edit" button and add to your existing post. Because of that your double post will be deleted.

Make sure your posts are well thought out with care given to grammar and spelling. As they are now they are very difficult to read. Failure to follow the rules of the board may result in closing of your account.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators.

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What I look for in a guy...(and to the people who mistake me for one, I'M A GIRL, DAMMIT!)
Well, to me, appearance never has been important, but that doesn't mean I'll go out with a zit-faced slob. If he's at least OK looking, that's good enough for me. Mainly, though, I look for a guy who's caring, sensitive and not afraid to admit it (for once), and, well, sweet.
Lucky for me, my boyfriend meets all those standards, and goes beyond that.
^^ hee...
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Farto! You're posting again! Yayness!

Just wanted to say that, but so I don't get accused of spam....

[quote name='Farto the Magic][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen] It would also be helpful for guys to have a clue what to watch for.[/COLOR'][/FONT][/quote]

I'd rather not. Honestly. Different girls are attracted to different things in guys, and I've wasted too much of my life trying to alter my personality for them. If a girl likes me fine, if she doesn't and I wish she did, I'll find a way to deal. Besides, it hasn't come up yet, but it inevitably will, that many females find confidence to be the most attractive quality. How is one supposed to have confidence when one is constantly 'watching for' ways to make oneself more attractive?

Obviously, everyone should bathe, do their best to deal with their acne, and work out from time to time. Beyond that, it's out of your control. Be yourself is the most cliched advice on the matter, but still the best.

Carry on... Oh, and welcome back Farto my man!!!
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Well, if my history is anything to go by, I'm attracted primarily to opinionated jerks. :p

Phrased more diplomatically, that means I like people who have forceful personalities. A (good) sense of humor helps, and I've always loved long hair, assuming it's clean and relatively well-groomed. I guess I'd say that looks are pretty important in my book; it's not often that I'm strongly drawn to someone, and when I am, s/he's usually very good-looking. That's just the way I'm wired, I suppose.

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what i look for in a guy is personality, and it also helps if he isnt completely horrible looking, but then again, the guys with the good personalities also look alot better once you get to know them. its also good if they're funny and nice and chivalrious to some extent. also its really cute when guys tell girls that they have beautiful eyes...and also i think most of us girls prefer it when a guy tells us we're beautiful verses being told we're hot, but i dont know, that might just be me.
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What woman look for in a guy?
A senses of humor- you dont want to go out with a guy whos a grump, he can also cheer you up if your down with a joke or two.

Things in common- this helps in conversation plus makes the realtionship last longer and makes the relationship start also.

Someone that cares for you- This is one of the most importants things for me safety the fact that i know that if anything happens to me I can trust him. Someone that ill have a shoulder to lean on.

I dont ask for many thing, and I dont expect much from a men cause I have learn to fend formyself but I atleast one some company , trust and most important love.
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[color=darkviolet]I'm tempted to say 'this' then upload a picture of my husband onto this post and leave it at that, but that would be spam. And spam is bad...mmm kay?

As far as I know most women want a man who loves them for who they are, not for what they want them to suddenly morph into. For that matter I think that's what most guys look for too.

I like guys with a good sense of humor and good hygene and that treat me nice. I also want to be able to have good conversations with them that involve more than 'pro' wrestling. We don't have to agree on everything, I don't even agree with Lincoln about [i]everything[/i]. (Hell, I could probably date Drix or DB and not kill him) we just have to have good intelligent conversations about more than 'gangs' and backyard wresteling unless they're spoken of in the past tense.

Looks come after. Sure if you just want someone to look at all day looks should come first. But if you want someone to look at all day you could just buy a poster of some goodlooking person or print one off a website...or get a blow up doll for that matter. :laugh:

And you should be able to trust the person because with out trust there really isn't any point in starting a relationship is there?

So everything I mentioned is what I look for in a guy...if I was still looking of course.[/color]
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Well, mentally I like.... a lot of different guys. I've gone after jerks (The not good kind), sweeties, dorks, idiots, and right now, I think i've found what suits me best. Like Dagger, I like opinionated jerks. My opinionated jerk is awesome. He's egostical, sweet to me, a jerk to his friends when they're being stupid. He doesn't completely disrespect people, but he's not all peaches and cream to some of his idiots. (who worship him for some reason.) He's a geek, too. Ask him about computers, and he knows the answer. So he says, anyway, but as I said, he's very egotistic. But I think the best is him treating me nice. :love:

Physically, I'm pretty simple. Not buff, but lean. Very lean. All skin, bones, and hot muscle that's not huge. That makes me drool. I've never cared much about the face, its the shoulders and chest that make me happy.

Well, that's just me, though. All girls like different kinds of guys.
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I geuss what really attracted me too my current boyfriend (whos lovely, I think so anyway). Is that hes genuine, and he likes me for who I am and stuck with me regardless of what other people thought of me.

Apart from that hes playful which is always a plus and is pretty chivoulrus (in a sweet way, not a freaky controlling way). And he likes to pick me up and spin me around, but that may not work for every girl.

Hope that helps
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well-i've never been accused of being the typical female(or the typical human, for that matter) so you might not want my opinion on the subject, but, of course, i'm going to share it anyway.
what i look for in a guy above all things is an original perspective on the world- someone who can make me think from a different angle about something i thought i knew absolutely-and open up new worlds.
secondly, i'm a sucker for the smart ones with a wicked sense of humor. biting wit is perfect.
i also like guys who aren't afraid to spar and rough-house with a girl but can tell when i need them to be gentle with me.
a certain amount of insanity can really make hanging out more interesting, too...
as far as looks go- i can't answer that, really. i'm an anomaly, i guess, because i don't have a type outside of the cerebral.
i also like spontaneous and unpredictable.NOT unreliable, but unpredictable.
if he doesn't have a sense of humor or can't take a joke, i'll be sick of him really quickly. :sleep:
he must be genuine,as well...and self-assured- i hate it when someone is always fishing for reassurance...it's not my job to boost the guy's ego-that's what his actions are supposed to be for...not that i won't compliment him- i just don't want to be the determining factor in the guy's self esteem.
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Guest idrilcele21
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Century Gothic]What i look for in guy[/FONT]:[/COLOR]

[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=MediumTurquoise] Humor, thier fun to hang out with when their funny! I hate it when they always act so tough all the time. And looks arn't a big thing. But of course, there is a limit. And it good when their sensetive some times. And they can be theirself around me[/FONT].[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue] [FONT=Century Gothic]Thats pretty much all.[/FONT] [/COLOR]
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I dont know if any males have asked these questions before or if someone's posted them.....

Well....This morning my best friend asked me a question which kind of left me wondering for along time. You see he asked me what would I look for in a girl? meaning what type of girl would I even look at...or think of dating.

I never really thought about it until now. Living with grandparents who are just....cruel and heartless well you miss out on alot of human things (lets not go into that). I've been with my step parents ( who are my aunt and uncle) for a year now and still i just don't understand the whole love thing although I can admit I've done pretty well without it and It doesn't bother me.

I've been thinking about it really hard all day....and I guess....the only thing I can come up with is someone totally opposite to me. Someone whos...caring, warm, understanding, gentle, honest....someone who has a heart unlike mine...someone who's heart wouldn't be over turned by mine...my cold heart and ways can sometimes turn others hearts exactly the same no matter how warm hearted they are.....and It bothers me alot

Although I must admit..there was one who was like that...one who...I'll always remember. Her name was Eliza. I met her while being with my grandparents...she was truely an amazing person...she never had a cold, sadistic, heartless bone in her body, she was always happy even when something was getting her down. She was honest with me all the time and that worked out good. She understood me right from the first time we met.

She wasn't a pushy or clingy person or the type to stand back and giggle like most girls (although I could be wrong about that..i'm talking about the girls in my area ok..so no offense to those around the world)...but....i pushed her away every time she showed me any love only because I never understood any of it but she didn't mind that at all, no matter how many times I pushed her away or became cold to her ways she always smiled at me and she never tried to push anything on to me especially anything to do with love...she understood always...you could say...she was truely one in a million..she was a friend that...well...i wish was still around...but that is all a memory now. Funny how I've only just noticed, shes been dead for a long time now...but...it feels as though sometimes..it all happened yesterday.........

Anyway back to the questions. What do other guys look for in girls?, is it there personalities?..what?....and why do SOME girls do that?..why do they stand and stare? giggle at you? (is it because you have something on your face?) and why do they follow you around?......I mean i walk through the mall and so many girls just stare! or giggle or follow or even stand beside me and just look at me all dreamy eyed...... why do they do that?. (excuse me if I've offended any of the girls on here...I just want to know)

This can be for girls aswell. I'd like to know what your answers are on this, good or bad. Thank you
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Well, I'm not an expert on the matter, but they stare at you and giggle because they like you/think you're hot/cute.

This thread was here a whilst back. Oh well.
- Thin/slender, but not bolimia thin.
- Cute. This is better than a hottie for me.
- Soft, warm eyes.

And onto less materialistic traits.
- Compassionate
- Cares about me
- Funny, but doesn't have to be a comedian.
- Can listen to me/Respect me
- Who wants all of the above back from me.
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[QUOTE=Heero Darkangel]why do they stand and stare? giggle at you? (is it because you have something on your face?) and why do they follow you around?......I mean i walk through the mall and so many girls just stare! or giggle or follow or even stand beside me and just look at me all dreamy eyed...... why do they do that?. (excuse me if I've offended any of the girls on here...I just want to know)

This can be for girls aswell. I'd like to know what your answers are on this, good or bad. Thank you[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Navy]From my experience, a lot of girls can be boy crazy from an early age. I remember my best friend when she and I were little. She kept chasing this boy trying to kiss him. She was only eight years old at the time, lol.

It could be that you may have something on your face, but that's not usually the case. From what you told me, it seems like a lot of girls there are [I]into the boys[/I] ...heh

If they look at you all dreamy eyed, that must mean that you have something they like...whether it'd be personality, intelligence, or looks. Maybe they giggle because you're funny. If I were you, I would just not worry about it. You only live your youth once. Enjoy it while you still have it.

Girls mature at a quicker pace than guys do, so that's what may be going on here. They are getting into romance, while guys aren't quite there yet. Being in a relationship with a girl isn't all there is in the world. Sure, they are great. It sounds like you are pretty young. Your time will come.[/COLOR]
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Sorry I'm not a guy, but I'm going to reply to your post anyways. I use to be like you, infact half the time I thought relationships we're pointless, still did even when I had a boyfriend for awhile, but later that began to change. The reason? because I didn't go searching for one, it just sorta happened on it's own. Your young, and actually getting serious with someone isn't the smartest thing to do. Japan_86 is right when he says there is more to the world then just having someone, which I'm sure you will find later on in your life.

Anyways as far as the stalking in the mall goes, we'll yeah there are alot of girls that go to the mall to check out guys. Vice Versa. I know guys follow me in the mall sometimes, and yeah it bugs me but you can't let it get to you. Its somewhat flattering in a stalker-ish-wierd-dont-you-come-near me sort of way. And okay about the giggling, I use to never giggle, but now I laugh all the time. Thats just me. It can mean they think your cute when they stare and giggle at you, but sometimes it could be you just have a funny expression on your face. I do that alot with my friends, if I see someone with a funny expression I laugh but then again I laugh really easily. Which is odd since I never did before, one trait my boyfriend got me use too. So you see not every girl giggles for THAT reason.

Also, as far as a guy liking a girl, guys like different things. It all depends on YOU so you're going to have to figure that one out yourself. Look around and think about what type of girl you like, sounds like you'd want someone caring, sweet, carefree, outgoing and friendly to me. How can you say what kind of girl all guys like? Some guys like short girls. Some guys like them for looks. Some guys for personality. I have numerous guy friends who look for different things. [/FONT][/SIZE]
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I look for girls that have good personalities. I don't go on a girl so much on looks. I like girl that I can have a good time with. Most times, you don't choose who you fall in love with, it just happens. But, who you fall in love with, can go into a relationship. But, being with someone isn't always the best thing in the world. Sometimes, being with someone can be hell, because either that person is abusive, controlling, a cheater, etc. But, I wouldn't worry about it, if I were you. You're young, you have your whole life ahead you. It's like the ol' sayin' "Every dog has its day."
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[size=1][color=slategray]As far as your whole mall problem: Yes, girls AND guys just go to the mall mainly to scope out hotties. But some people just take it to a point of creeposity(that's a funny word XD).
With the whole giggling thing... it's what girls do best, well... sometimes... me, I've never been a real "giggly" kind of girl, I am a full-out-laugh person. But mainly anything can make me laugh, especially when people make weird faces at me. Oh jeez... >>

With the guys around here, I could ask what is wrong with them. XD Most of the guys that are around here are shallow jocks. And that is a no go with me. I guess I am lucky not to be considered "hot" because, then, around here.... you would just get a guy that likes your bootay, bossoma, and facial features.
It is totally understandable for people to like that though, but it shouldn't be where you are only liking a person, or going out with them, if you like their physical features.

If you look around, get to know people, there will always be someone you can find. But, honestly, love relationships are not as important as growing up, and just learning everything... yeah, sure having a girl/boyfriend is part of the cycle, but it should come later.
The funny thing is, people think they [i]need[/i] to be in that relationship, when they really don't. Then they force themselves into something, which equals no happy.
Meh, I should stop talking before I get into a rant of somesort... I think I am already off topic a titch.... XD[/color][/size]
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Most of the time, girls will giggle at someone because of their appearance. For the most part, it's because they're good looking or such.

To be completely honest, I don't have preferences. Even when I have the "perfect" man in my mind, someone comes around and tears that entire image into threads. The truth is, there is no "perfect" anyone.... the only things I would want.... is to feel completely comfortable with this man.... to where I could tell him anything about myself, and I wouldn't feel embarrassed about the person I am. He wouldn't want me to be something I'm not.... but above all.... to feel special in his eyes.... would be the greatest gift the man in my life could give me. To feel.... like his only..... those are things I would want in a person.... a best friend.... that I could share happy times.... and sad times with. Where I can cry..... but be okay at the same time because he's there just to listen.... those are the things I would want.... everything else.... such as appearance.... have never really mattered in my life. I fell in love once... and this guy, lol, everyone thought I was crazy because of the way he looked.... but it was never a problem with me.... just as long as I felt special.... everything else fell into place. Personality.... well, he'd need to be a lot more stronger than me... I've got a strong personality, and when I get in my moods, lol, I can't have a man just cower to my every wish.... but I wouldn't want him to push me around either. I'd want him to be able to tell me when I'm wrong... and to show me why.... to be that guidance... that best friend.... who can tell me when I'm over looking things that should be obvious to me.... We couldn't agree on everything.... because where would the fun be in that? :laugh: But above all........ just to have fun with him.... to be able to be.... myself...... and not be ashamed of the person I am. ;)
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