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My fave mangas are Inuyasha, DNAngel, Case Closed, .Hack//legend of twilight, Azamanga Dahio, Orphen, Fruits Basket, and Megatokyo! :catgirl: I just love my DNAngel and Inuyasha, :animesigh :anime

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[color=darkblue]Just for future reference, there are much better ways to start a topic of this genre. You can use my post as an example.

As far as my favorite manga goes, there are quite a bit that I enjoy/have enjoyed reading, such as:

[b]Naruto[/b]- Naruto's plot, character development and design (simple, yet cool) are basically what drew me to it. Well, that and having everyone around me talking about it relentlessly. After having seen a coupld of chapters of it published in the American Shonen Jump, I decided to get the first volume of the manga. A friend of mine introduced me to the anime, and I completely fell into it from there.

The characters in the story are so interesting and it's great to see them develop as the series goes on. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and even the minor characters like Chouji and Kiba just make you want to keep on reading the series just to see what happens to them. The comedy factor (who can't laugh at Ibuki and the Sexy Technique fiasco?), as well as the action, also helps add to the enjoyment factor, making Naruto a very balanced read. ^^

[b]Rurouni Kenshin[/b]- This is one of the series I fell into because I love the anime series. I often have the habit of looking at the manga to see the original story (since most anime add and take a few stories away from the manga when it goes to animation), so I just wanted to see what it was like. I've fallen behind in the releases, only just now getting ahold of Vol. 7, but I plan on catching back up since they're seemingly pretty far in the Return to Kyoto arc.

[b]Ghost! (aka Eerie Queerie!)[/b]- A nice shounen-ai series that I came across one day. It's what really broke my gums on the genre, which I've really fallen for, heh. I'm currently trying to get ahold of some other series like [b]Fake[/b] and [b] Descendants of Darkness[/b]. Mitsuo and Hasunuma are very cute and develop sort of awkwardly at times, but it's still a nice series, if a bit short.

[b]Yuu Yuu Hakusho[/b]- Yet another series I fell into because I love the anime. A bit better than the anime in some respects, but I do love hearing John Bergmeier...

[b]Jing: King of Bandits[/b]- This manga is off the charts on the cool meter for me. From it's weird art style and characters to town-hopping plot, Jing just gets all around high marks in my book. And I just love how you learn so much more about Jing as it goes along. I don't have all of them and I haven't even broken into Twilight Tales yet, but I know they won't disappoint. ^^

Those are just a few of my top ones for the moment, heh. I'll more than likely add more when I have time. ^^[/color]
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[quote name='Lady Katana][color=darkblue][b]Ghost! (aka Eerie Queerie!)[/b]- A nice shounen-ai series that I came across one day. It's what really broke my gums on the genre, which I've really fallen for, heh. I'm currently trying to get ahold of some other series like [b]Fake[/b] and [b] Descendants of Darkness[/b'].[/color][/quote]
If you enjoyed Eerie Queerie, you totally need to take a look at [b]Hands Off![/b], also from Tokyopop. While it's closer to pure shoujo than shounen-ai, it covers similar themes and mixes comedy with drama really brilliantly. It's a fun series, but also manages to stay somewhat grounded in reality.

Speaking of shounen-ai, I wouldn't say that [b]Gravitation[/b] is my favorite manga or anything, but I absolutely worship the ground that Maki Murakami (Gravitation's manga-ka) walks on. I'm normally a pretty humorless person, but her titles always make me hurt myself laughing. [b]Gamerz Heaven[/b] is just as hysterical and appealing as Gravitation, with wholly different themes and without any of Gravi's shounen-ai--which more or less cements her talent in my mind. :catgirl:

At the moment, my favorite manga is probably [b]Death Note[/b]. The story is unbelievably good. The thought of Viz treating this as they've treated some of their other titles makes me want to cry, so I've started buying the Japanese tankoubon as a sort of insurance. I just love the artwork and the characters, especially L. *points to avatar*

[b]Gunslinger Girl[/b] would be my second favorite. It's beautiful and haunting. And it's a big testimony to the strength of the characters & plot that I eagerly await each new volume, despite having already seen the anime (which is almost identical to the manga, in most parts). I wish ADV would try to put this out a little faster.

[b]From Eroica with Love[/b] is also excellent. The artwork has a lean, old-fashioned delicacy to it, and I find the episodic stories delightful. The main character is so ridiculous and vain that one can't help but admire him; similarly, the antagonist is also likeable in his own militant, repressed sort of way. Naturally, the amusing shounen-ai innuendo and wacky "caper" stories are another positive factor.

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[COLOR=#FF5646][SIZE=1][b]^[/b] Mmm...[b]Descendants of Darkness[/b] would be a nice catch. I've the animated series and there are bits and pieces of the plot that actually made no sense until I read the manga translations (i.e.[spoiler]How did Muraki survive Tsubaki's attack? Turns out he's been building up his resistance to poison! Very Count Cain.[/spoiler]).

I ♥ [b]Saiyuki[/b]
Kazuya Minekura's a goddess in panel-work and I absolutely adore the characters! It combines healthy doses of violence and comedy with an unconventional retelling of [i]Journey to the West[/i]. Beautiful, [i]beautiful[/i] illustrations; surefire way to hook up people who need visual stimulation. It's an effective way to lure a wider audience into reading classics.
I heard that it topped Tokyopop's 2004 sales. I'm not surprised.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Filipinorocker1']Whats your favourite manga(s)? Mine is D.N. Angel, Ragnarok and Naruto. They're realy interesting and they're fun to read. So just reply ur favourite mangas.[/quote]
My favorite would have to anything made by [B]CLAMP[/B]. Clamp is the best. i have read almost all their books. i can't wait for the fith vol. of Tusbasa to come out this month i have been waiting for so long for it. i have 1-4 so i am so gald that i am able to catch a manga that is still be written. i also collect other mangas, but Clamp is the best, i would have to say. i have read DNA also, it's really good.
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Ah yes. The ever difficult question.

Well let's see.

I absolutely *adore* [B]Descendents of Darkness[/B]. Love it to pieces there. The characters are hilarious, and I love the element of mystery it has to it. That and the hints of boy-love....heh...as far as I can tell it's mostly just hinted with the main characters...but it does touch on it in other stories. I am anxiously awaiting the fifth volume's release...and watching it on AZNtv... :D Good stuff.

I love [B]Dragon Knights[/B] as well. The story's light-heartedness at the beginning is what drew me in...but now I'm so absorbed I'm practically biting my nails off awaiting the precious moment that the next book will be on the hold shelf at the library. I love Rath and Kharl...and all the other characters. They almost seem real to me... :animeshy: Maybe I'm just weird that way...
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My favirotes are:

Yu-Gi-Oh: I prefer the manga over the anime in this series. What I love best is Dark Yugi's personality and how he punishes others for being cruel. I love how he is drawn in the manga.

Pretear: I love the manga for this as I feel it has a little more humor in it than the anime has. Though I like both of them.

Eerie Queerie: This one is great too. The story of a boy being possesed by ghosts is just too funny and the awkward situations that result because of being possesed. I would love to see this one made into an anime. :animesmil

I'm sure there are other great manga's out there, but I don't own very many.
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Kill Me, Kiss Me - its a gender bender gone horribly wrong, mixed with gang fights, love...quadrangles... and gay ppl...ITS GREAT!! i strongly reccomend this for anyone who wants a laugh!

tie for second...D.N.Angel and Fruits Basket


uhh..honorable mension.. The Demon Ororon, Wish, Azumanga Daioh, and Wild Act, which i am currently reading

most wanted:Kill Me, Kiss Me #4, 5 Saikano #2 and Negima #6

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Guest Klauskixass
:animesmil mes loves RUROUNI KENSHIN and FULL METAL ALCHEMIST the most mes went all the way 2 TOKYO on spring break al;ong with seven other cities and came back with half a suitcase and a crate of OTKAU merchandise inclucing the FMA series and RK special edition stuff along with 53 other manga :animestun :D *grins innocentally*
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Guest animechick25
I love Pita ten, Inu-yasha, DNAngel, Peach Girl, First Love, Mars, Reavolutionary Girl Utena,and Love Hina, well Love Hina is kinda going down hill for me, i'm now on around book #9 or somethin and it got kina borein 4 me, and oh yah Chobits is cool.i also hear that Mars gets kinda borein towards the end. :sleep:
Peace out
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3][COLOR=Blue]Some of my favorite mangas are Inu-yasha, Wolves rain, Planet Ladder, Demon Diary, Crescent Moon and many others... Oh! Like, Fruits Basket, Kill me kiss me, Eerie Queerie, Descendents of Darkness, Saiyuki Hands off, Gravitation, Fake... and i think that's it.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [/FONT]
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Let me see.....

Kindaichi Case Files- What it is is more or less a darker and more mature look of Detective Conan without the weird "Men in Black" Subplot. A seemingly normal highschool boy is the grandson of a famous detective and uses his logic and reasoning to solve many characters.

Tuxedo Gin- Ginji Kusanagi meets a girl, falls in love, and asks her out, but dies in a motorcycle accident the day before the date. Then he is reincarnated into a penguin and ends up living with his potential girlfriend until his natural penguin lifespan ends so he can be human again.

Negima!- 10-year-old magic genius Negi Springfield becomes a teacher at a girls school and deals with many issues both magical and non-magical. Written by Ken Akamatsu

Thats all off the top of my head.
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Guest LArc~En~Ciel
My fav. Manga would most likely have to be Naruto and Gravitation. Why you ask?

It's full of shinobi action with a wonderful story and beautifully drawn art. Masashi Kishimoto is a wonderful inpiring artist! [bows down] :p

This goes to anyone who hates men... if you do read gravitation. It's a funny drama! Shuichi brings so much humor into the story. I tell you this my firend [who is a guy] hated gravitation I told him just to read on manga and watch the DVDs and he loved it. So you can't judge a manga by it's cover or [cough] love interest. :animesmil

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uhh..honorable mension.. The Demon Ororon...

[color=#141416][font=tahoma]Finally, someone who knows that one. I can't begin to explain how badly I love that manga. I guess it's because of the characters; especially Ororon. His personality is just so cool and smooth, blended with sheer evil. His style is just impeccable, and down right sexy.

The art work is another, and main reason, why I love it. It's simple and sleak, stylish and modern. I loved the artist's style.

My first favorite, and most obsessed, manga is [i]Angel Sanctuary[/i]. I am completely insane for that manga. Once again, the art is a major determining factor. The detail is amazing, the character's attitudes/personalities/mannerisms all reflect through their appearance (which makes them all the more sexier), and the story is unbeatable. Not just the idea of the story, but Yuki has done so wonderfully that even after 7 books (that's what I've got at the moment), my interest hasn't whithered. Every book is full to the brim with surprise, expectation, and adrenaline.[/color][/font]
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Guest RoronoaXfanatic
Inu-Yasha and One piece...
Inu-yasha: I have volumes 1, 2 and...16...hehe...I went out-of-order :animeswea
One-piece: I have volumes 1-5, I'm getting #6 friday and then I have to wait until my birthday for #7(thats when it's coming out) and then sometime in october for #8, thats because I don't understand/know japenese(at all :animecry: :animeswea ) and They're already up to volume 30(i think) in japenese...it's not fair,..how hard are they to translate nto english? :animecry: I want them now!! :animesigh
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sorry....I really REALLy love fruits basket. It is one of my favorite mangas and a "fruits basket month" is always a good month.

I term "fruits basket month" the month that a fruits basket volume comes out...and I always get really excited

two other mangas are really coming thru with a tie for second place.


though I collect religiously mangas like maison ikkoku, kare kano, xxxholic, and hot gimmick...those other three are the ones I look forward too when they come out.

(LOL...a funny little tidbit....fruits basket month is usually the same month as DNAngel comes out....so it is double the excitement)
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Berserk or Love Hina.

The Berserk manga is even better than the anime, and that's saying a lot when you consider that Berserk is my favorite anime. Some actual comedy, and even more blood and gore than in the series.

Love Hina is also awesome. Its the only manga that can get me to laugh on the regular basis. It gets a bit repetetive during the middle volumes, but asside from that...
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Here is a list of my favs:
Yakitate!!Japan-super hilarious
MAR-funny and more funny
Fullmetal Alchemist-funny and interesting
Death Note-really interesting
DNAngel-super cute and I don't know why, but is kinda tragic
Eyeshield 21-really funny
Negima-really funny
Elfen Lied
I think that's all.
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Would you look at that. There's actually a thread about favorite mangas. I thought I'd cast life on this thread just to see if some of these folks that posted before wanted to update their favorites.

[b]Basilisk[/b] - I'm more impressed with how the characters look in the anime, but the manga is no slouch either when it comes to artwork. I've enjoyed seeing every character except for Tenzen. [spoiler]He just wouldn't stay dead for nothing.[/spoiler] While I'm not big on the romance that heavily surrounds this, I will say that it is presented well. Characters abilities should've been more fleshed out imo, but what was shown was pretty decent. All women except for Oboro (She got on my nerves greatly.) were great. They used their sex appeal as an advantage... [spoiler]Kagero and Okoi truly stole the spotlight from Akeginu... [strike]Caught myself staring quite a long time at them too..[/strike][/spoiler] And for once the characters are smart. I really dig characters that use their brains, no matter how big or small the situation is. Good read.

[b]Rurouni Kenshin[/b] - Kill off Misao and Karou and you would've probably had a perfect manga title here lol. I don't really remember the artwork too much, but I remember that I liked how Aoshi looked in the anime over his appearance in the manga... (I think he looked a lot like Saitoh in the manga) My other issue with the artwork was the blood. While not an entirely big issue, it looked a lot like dirt. Couldn't see where the cuts were coming from. The arc everyone wants animated. Err.. While it was good, and I'd definately take it over what I've been seeing in other anime of the genre, I feel it's a little bit overrated. [spoiler]Seeing Enishi's Watojutsu style and all was nice. However, it just kind of went downhill when he started jumping in mid-air.[/spoiler] Other than that. No issues.

[b]One Piece[/b] - Ah, this one. At first I started out hating it. Dismissed it because I thought it was another kid's fantasy type story. While I do think it's still a kid's fantasy, I think it's presented very good here. Even the friendship theme that's been done to death (and I've grown to hate) is well done. The large cast of characters are really likable. There are a couple of gripes that I have with this one too. The first being the artwork. While there's been a major improvement in what the characters look like, I still don't really think the artwork is good. But the quirky artwork has grown onto me though, nevertheless. My other gripe is the long flashbacks. I don't care if it's for story advancement or character development. There's no excuse for having flashback chapters that last as long as 5-10 chapters. I've stopped reading flashbacks altogether because of this.

[b]Death Note[/b] - I've only read from the Yotsuba group onward. And while I think series like this are better on the big screen (because I prefer to hear informative series rather than read them) I've enjoyed this one greatly. (I hate Matsuda though.) People seemed to have issues with the 2nd half of the series [spoiler]because of L's Death.[/spoiler] I was not affected and thought that the 2nd half with Near and Mello had just as much steam as the first half. (It's the anime's 2nd half that lost the steam because of a lot of detail that's been removed.) I really thought I wouldn't like this series because of the fact that there's no action in it whatsoever, and internet people always overhype things, but I was really impressed at how this turned out. Though, there were times where it got a little tiring. [spoiler]Mainly every time Light had to say something about becoming the new God of the world[/spoiler] I found myself sighing at it.

There you have it. Only 4. (I'm still expanding, so to speak.) Black Lagoon would be up there, but I haven't read enough of it. Even though I haven't read the last couple of chapters of either, I'll just say that Naruto and Bleach has been on a downward spiral. I've been enjoying Ulquiorra, but everything else is just "meh". Naruto... ugh.
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