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RPG Pokemon: Rush [M - VL]


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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Maki sat quietly on a bench, Umbreon at her side. Gently stroking its dark fur, she felt the warmth as its rings lightened and darkened. She looked at the many trainers around her. Many were standing around, just as bored as she was since they had been told to wait. And that was about an hour ago. Still glancing over the crowd, a familiar face caught her eye.

But as she looked on, the woman she recognized walked in and out of a few groups of trainers until she was completely out of view. "How strange," Maki found herself thinking aloud. Suddenly, the high-pitched voice of one of Oak's young aids caught her attention. He was shouting at them to board the approaching ship. Turning her head, she let out a small gasp.

Many trainers gawked at the mere size of the vessel. It was well over twice the length of the dock, and a good twenty feet taller. The conversations of some of the trainers drifted through Maki's ears, and she heard their relief of being able to travel to Hoenn by boat. Maki, however, was disappointed.

"I wanted to fly," she pouted to no one in particular. Traveling over seas on her Salamence was one of her greatest joys.

"I'm disappointed, too," came a deep voice from behind her. Her head whipped around to lock eyes with a tall young man. She stared at him for a moment before smiling wide at him.

A quiet howl came from the pokemon at her side as the large boat came to a halt and a ramp was slowly lowered for its passengers.

"It's big, isn't it?" Maki commented, turning back to the ship. She had to lean her head back quite a bit to see the top of it.

"How else would it carry us all?" the man chuckled back.

Maki stood up from the bench as the aids motioned for everyone to start boarding. "Do you like traveling by boats.. er..?" "Shin," he replied. "The name's Shin."

Maki smiled. "Do you like to travel by boat, Shin?" "It's not my favorite," he grinned back. The two boarded with the others and were given the keys to their bunk room once they reached the deck.

"I'm 6E. How 'bout you, kid?" Shin turned to Maki after taking a glance at the number on his key.

"It's Maki. And I'm 5C," she nudged him in the side. "See you around?"

"Hopefully," he smiled, shaking hands with her and walking off towards his room. "At least I know someone on this boat," Maki giggled. Umbreon nibbled at her hand. "Besides you, silly," she smiled. Maki turned and went to find the dining hall. She'd forgotten breakfast that morning, and her stomach was starting to growl.

OOC: Everyone can talk about what they did before (or after) they got on the large ship. We're currently in Vermillion, just so you know. I don't have a name for this boat, so just refer to it as "the ship" unless you can think up a creative name for it. xD And the bunk room numbers range from 4A to 6G. (All the others are reserved for crew members). You may bunk with another character if you'd like. As long as they don't mind.

Now that that's done, [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=46824]here[/url]'s a link to the Underground thread. Direct all questions there. Soo.. It's up. Post away! ^_^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Book Antiqua]Carter looked up at the large ship, then at the trainers boarding on it.

[I] I wish that Flygon was not scarred of the Ocean. Riding these boats are so boring.[/I]

As he boarded he the boat he was checked for tickets and such things that he was accustom to. The area where you boarded the ship was do in a red color, with violet covered benches and a great chandler hung down from the ceiling. On his belt two of his pokeballs began to shake and let lose a Minun and Plusel, who jumped onto his shoulders. They began to scan the room and hallway as Carter walked slowly looking for room 9b but was having difficulty finding it. As he walked he bumped into a crewman.
? Sorry? he said looking up at the guy he was talking to. ? Geez what?s your problem kid.?
? I?m sorry I didn?t mean it could you help-?
?Another punk who is lost, was your ticket check? he reached in to Carter?s back pack, ? Lets see? Minun looked at the guy menacingly.
?You pokemon battle he asked? holding up a pokeball
? Ummmmm not battle I compete-?
? Then what is the point of battling I mean having pokemon. All they are good for is to battle.? The two electric pokemon jumped of his shoulder and shocked the crewman with a signal jolt of electricity. The mans face turned red as a tomato
? GET THOSE POKEMON INSIDE THERE POKEBALLS RIGHT THIS INSTANT YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!? Carter turned and ran down the hall as fast as he could, his two pokemon behind him. He managed to bump into seven more people before another passenger helped him find his room. Once inside he sat down at the computer and sent some of his pokemon to his Professor in the Orange Islands (OOC: That one is prof. Ivy right TT_TT). His party changed a little his dewgon and flygon were switched for Corsola and porygon. He released all of his pokemon. Corsola, porygon, Minun, Plusel, Meganium, and Ralts all appeared in a flash of light. Ralts wore a bright green ribbon, which he had won in a contest while Carter was in the region. Meganium wore many different colors of ribbon, almost one of every type. He congratulated his friends on their victories and recalled them when another passenger opened the door to the room and sat down on the bed. The two began chatting about pokemon and items until they both fell asleep.
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"Look at them." Ace said to himself as he quietly observed the other trainers. "They are so full of themselves, not having a care in the world. They all look like some rich kids who just wanted to go on a cruise. I'm willing to bet that almost none of them are really serious about this mission."

Some of the other trainers stared at him nervously, wishing he would look somewhere else. "Humph. They aren't going to last. What are they doing here anyway? I could complete this mission myself. Oak just had to announce it to the whole world. Guess I'll be stuck with them for the trip. I'll just get some training done with my pokemon." Ace turned his back on the other trainers who were babbling annoyingly like a bunch of school girls who found their finger nails fascinating. He walked up the ramp, flipping a coin in the air as he looked around.

"Who does he think he is?" Ace heared someone behind him ask another trainer. Ace just smiled and continued up the ramp. The ticket collector, who waited at the top of the ramp, was huge.

"Where's your ticket?" he demanded with a greedy grin, "Give me some money while you're looking for it, or else I wont let you on this ship."

Ace looked up at him, showing the man his ticket. "Here's my ticket, and as to the money, I don't need to tip your lumbering carcass." The ticket collector's face went cherry red and he reached out to grab Ace. Ace punched him strait in the nose and knocked the man backwards onto the deck. The man was out cold, blood streaming from his nose.

"That'll teach you to mess with me." Ace said to the unconscious man as he stepped over his huge body. "Someone better help him before he drowns in his own blood." Ace said as he continued on his way. The trainers behind him just stared at his back in shock; not believing that Ace had just knocked out a man that was twice his size.

Ace walked down the halls of the ship and found a room that suited him, room 6F. The man hadn't given him a key for a room so Ace just broke the lock and entered. It was large and clean with three large windows opening out to sea. "Just what I was looking for. The perfect place to practice and work out." He took up his pokeball and released his pokemon, as none of them were too big, and commenced practicing.

He went over to one of the windows, took off some of his clothes, opened the window, and dived into the sea. All of his pokemon followed after him, not questioning their trainer. They all disappeared into the water, leaving small ripples that betrayed their presence.

"No one better come into my room while I'm swimming." Ace thought to himself as he continued sinking deeper into the water. "I have to cool off." His pokemon finally reached him, swimming around his suspended body as he remained immersed in his thoughts. "The ship isn't leaving for another hour so this is the best thing I can think of doing for the moment. Toughening my pokemon for the coming battles." He struck out and burst to the surface of the water, exhaling and taking a deap calm breath as he stared up at the ship. Some one was watching him from the ship deck. "You'd think that people would have better things to do." he remarked as he swam towards the ship.

His window was about 60 feet above the sea level. "Wartortal, charmeleon, boost me up there." He waited as wartortal and charmeleon quickly rose to the surface, right beneath Ace and knocked him straight into the air. "Yeah, this feels great. I can't wait until you turn into a charizard, charmeleon, then we'll be able to fly for as long as we wanted." He shouted out with joy as he reached his window and easily flung himself inside. Someone was in his room, staring at him. "Oh great. That just ruined the moment." Ace mumbled to himself as he observed the stranger who was staring at him, shocked.

"I didn't know that anyone else was in here." The stranger stammered as she retreated out the door recognizing him as the person who decked another man larger than himself. She blushed furiously as she closed the door, "What happened to your clothes?" she asked Ace closing the door as she finished her question.

"Oh shoot," Ace told himself as he looked around for his clothes, "I forgot that I had taken off my clothes." He found them and hurriedly put them on, not minding the salt water that was beginning to dry on his skin. "This is going to be a long trip." He said with a weary tone. He went back to the window, retrieved his pokemon leaving them eating poke food in the room, and walked out to get something to eat.
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[color=Navy]Sakura had travelled to Vermillion City from the Johto region using her Pidgeot. She loved riding the winds on the fast bird because it was an adrenaline rush. As she had flown over the harbour she could see into the ocean and saw water pokemon lying beneath the surface.

When she arrived she got off Pidgeot and returned him to his pokeball. Sakura looked up at the ship, it was extremely large. She sighed, she wished she could fly across on Pidgeot or Salamence, or sail across on Lapras.

Sakura patted her clothes and pulled out a ticket as she walked over to the ramp. She gave the ticket to the people and they checked what she was carrying, finding a Pokedex, palm computer, healing items and her pokeballs. They nodded to her and she entered the boat.

It was large and there were a lot of other trainers there. She decided to find her room first and searched the halls. Their names were written on the doors already so she just had to search. She found her name written on the door of 5D.

Sakura pushed open the door and looked around the room. It was simple but elegant. She sat on the large bed and plucked the pokeballs off her belt, she opened them simultaeneously and looked at each of them. She returned Pidgeot into his pokeball and walked over to the computer that sat in the corner. She logged in and placed the ball into the contraption, sending it off to Professor Elm in Johto with a flash of light. The pokeball had disappeared, then she checked her pokemon box and chose one of her stored pokemon. There was another flash of light and another pokeball was in the machine.

Sakura picked it up and logged out, she released the pokemon and there stood Rapidash. She stroked the firey flame that was her mane and just rested on the bed, her four Eevee evolutions that she carried with her were curled up on her sides, Mightyena was curled on the foot of the bed and Rapidash was lying on the floor. None of her pokemon enjoyed being kept in their pokeballs, so whenever she could, she let them out. Her pokemon soon fell asleep but she stayed awake, what was this new disease that was affecting pokemon? Sakura was just glad that all of her pokemon had been vaccinated ahead of time. Sakura started stroking the soft fur of Flareon absentmindedly as she continued in thought.
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Katrina was quick to act when she saw the ticket collector go down. She ran up to him and called to the nearest crewman for help. "This man needs a doctor," she said. "Can you show me to the sickbay?"

"I know where it is," the crewman told her, "but we may not be able to get him there in time. It'll take too long to move him."

Katrina pulled out a Pokeball. "You leave that to me. Go, Gardevoir!"

She threw the ball, and the Psychic-type Pokemon emerged. "We need to get this man to the sickbay," Katrina told Gardevoir, "and we need you to move him. Cn you handle it?"

Gardevoir nodded, and Katrina turned to the crewman. "Lead the way."

The doctor on duty looked up as the door slammed open. A crewman ran in, followed by a Gardevoir levitating an unconsious and badly injured crewman. A female Trainer brought up the rear.

The doctor wasted no time. "Put him on the table over there," he instructed. Gardevoir moved the man over the indicated medical table and lowered him down gently. The doctor went right to work.

After a few minutes, the doctor looked up from his patient. "It was close, but he'll live. There's been a lot of internal bleeding, and I think his skull is chipped. What happened to him, anyways?"

"I saw it," Katrina told the doctor. "Some asshole decked him in the face because he wanted a tip."

"[i]What?![/i]" the crewman explained. "Jesus Christ!"

"I agree,"' Katrina said. "If I ever see that guy, he'll wish he hadn't done it." With that, Katrina returned Gardevoir, then left the sickbay.
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Aquaria stood outside looking outward toward the bright daylight and the bright blue ocean. As she stood stiff she could hear the other trainers talking, a crewmember yelling at a trainer to put his pokemon away, and an older boy criticizing the younger trainers. She lifted her hand to her hair band and retrieved a poke ball. It was the size of the center of her palm at first, and then as she pressed the white button in the middle it became larger. As she held it outward it grew red, [B]?Misdreavus? Show yourself?? [/B] a purple pokemon emerged, it had large yellow weeping eyes and a jewel necklace. It levitated in the air and nudged against Aquaria.

A crewmember walked toward Aquaria shaking his head, [B]?Miss I am going to have to ask-?[/B] before he finished his sentence Aquaria had turned around and looked him straight in the eyes. ?[B]I am on a mission?maybe you hear of it, the pokemon virus that?s going around?? [/B] The crewmember nodded slowly his brow arched. [B]?So I shall have the right to have my mere Misdreavus out side her poke ball because she becomes uncomfortable. Now please take your self and walk away in your pathetic sailor uniform. Good-bye?[/B]

Aquaria turned around once more and the crewmember opened his mouth to say something, [B]?I believe I said good bye.?[/B] The crewmember walked off growling, some trainers looked at her back amazed at how the girl could handle situations. This was Aquaria Dark, the gothic cute girl. Her strong intelligence and common senses are to her advantage, she was born a genius.

Aquaria put her hand on Misdreavus?s head, the pokemon purred and then made a weeping sound. Aquaria kept on a straight face and then broke a small smile, [B]?I am an evil, cute, genius.?[/B]

OOC: Sorry for the shortness, I promise my other posts will be ten times longer.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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As Gale walked onto the ship, people turned to stare. But when he took a glance at them they all turned away quickly.

Gale sighed. "This is going to be a long trip. Guess I better go find a cabin."

Gale walked across the deck of the ship absentmindedly. When he finally found room 5F, he let out an exasperated groan. Ship security had spotted him. He knew the drill, and he knew it too well.

"Excuse me, sir.Their was an incident at the entrance of the ship. I am going to have to detain you for questioning," said the officer, a look of suspicion on her face.

Gale let out a huge smile. "Hey, you must be the Jenny from Cinnibar's younger sister. She's told me so much about you!"

"How do you know my sister?"

"We worked together a few years ago. She's a close friend of mine. I helped her out with a Pokemon smuggling ring operation. It was a huge success. Maybe she's mentioned me?"

Jenny stood there with a puzzled look on her face. Then it dawned on her. "Are you... no, you can't be. Is it possible that you're..."

Gale rolled his eyes. He knew this part too well. "Ash Ketchum? No. The name's Gale Scott."

"Oh, right. I remember now. Sorry. You must get that a lot."

"Yeah, that two-bit hack has been stealing my thunder for the past five years."

"That must suck. Listen, the passengers were very worried, so I'm going to have to see your ticket."

A scared look passed across Gale's face. [I]Oh man, she'll never believe that I lost it. I'll never make it on time now.[/I]

"He's with me," said a friendly voice.

"All right, then you'll have to show me your ticket."

"That's fine with me," the girl replied. "Here"

Jenny looked at the ticket quickly but carefully.

"All right, everything seems to be in order. Carry on." Jenny walked away with a smile.

As soon as the officer rounded the corner, Gale let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks, I needed that."Gale extended his hand. "Gale Scott."

She shook his hand with a smile. "Maki Nakamura. Listen, is this really your room?"

Gale nodded. "I just lost my ticket while flying on my Dragonite. Listen, thanks for your help. I guess I'll talk to you later."

"Sure, no problem."

As soon as Gale entered the small room, he flopped onto his bed.

[I]This is going to be a rough journey...I can't wait![/I]
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[color=blue][size=1]Maki smiled as she left Gale and continued down to her room. It took her a moment to find it because the "C" on her door looked more like a "D", but she managed to figure it out. "That's going to drive me nuts," she muttered, opening the door and strolling in.

"Nice and cool," she sighed, noting the temperature as she took her bag off and fell backwards onto her bed. Even though the ship was still docked, she could feel it moving slowly with the waves.

Unfortunately, the dining hall was closed because the cooks hadn't finished preparing the meals. Maki sat hungrily on her bed, staring out her still open door. "Umbreon, can you shut that," she asked her pokemon. Obidiently, her pokemon quickly shut the door and returned to her side. "Thank you," she giggled, petting him on the head.

She paced around her room, quietly in thought. "So hungry.." she mumbled, still pacing. She perked up as she remembered packing a few snacks in her bag. Rushing over, she clawed through her belongings until she found a small candy bar. Umbreon began to paw at her arm. "You hungry, too?" she asked her pokemon, her mouth full of chocolate. Reaching back into her bag, she pulled out a can of pokemon snacks. Opening the lid and pulling out a hand full, she held it out in front of Umbreon.

"Haff attit," she told her pokemon, her mouth crammed with the candy bar.

Umbreon gave her a quizzical look, but began to nibble at the treats. Finally managing to chew and swallow the rest of the chocolate bar, Maki scratched her head. "I bet the others would like to come out, too.. But only Absol would be able to fit," she chuckled at imagining her large dragon pokemon crammed into her tiny bunk room.

After Umbreon finished all the treats in her hand, she went back outside and stared over the rail. "They can swim," she smiled. She released Absol beside her, and let her other pokemon out over the water.

Dragonite did a few happy flips in the air before diving underwater. He was quite the good swimmer, after all. Charizard glided about, but refused to go in the water. "Don't feel like swimming?" Maki teased, patting her pokemon on the head as it neared her. Flygon perched on the rail like an oversized pigeon, and Maki couldn't help but burst out laughing. Salamence soon joined Dragonite in the water, and the two splashed around as they played together.

"Like children, those two," Maki smiled absent-mindedly.

Her pokemon had been cooped up for quite a while. Maki hadn't planned on keeping them in their pokeballs as long as she did, but large pokemon weren't allowed to be released on the dock in fear that they might destroy it. "They're not wild animals," Maki thought aloud, remembering her small confrentation with one of the aids on watch.

She shook it off, and returned to watching her pokemon run and fly about. To her left, she noticed other pokemon playing in the water. "Guess I'm not the only one," she said to herself.

"When's this boat going to leave, anyway?" she wondered.

OOC: Just felt like posting again. ^_^

Go [url=www.freewebs.com/nonbelievers/]here[/url]. It's a site about this RPG that I felt like making. xD[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=#FF33B1][SIZE=1][B]OOC >.< Excuse my lateness.[/B]

Quincy's chest heaved as he sprinted toward the harbour in Vermillion City. He'd had a week of solid travelling to get from Cinnabar Island to Vermillion, choosing the long route for extended training. He looked at his Arcanine's Pokeball, and then re-attached it to his belt. [B]"Mustn't make him...tired." [/B] he wheezed to himself, almost tripping over his own shoelaces.

Steam was rising from the boat's funnels and Quincy ran faster, his cheeks flushed a bright red by the time he reached the boarding plank. The ticket collector gave him a funny look as the boy almost collapsed, reaching into his back pocket. [B]"Trainer...virus...water!"[/B] he panted, holding up his ticket.

[B]"Oh, right you er...you go right ahead inside, sir."[/B]

Quincy just nodded and somehow managed to drag his feet aboard the boat. He knew letting his Arcanine out in here would be near impossible, seeing as the Pokemon was rather sizeable itself. He found his room, B4, and dropped his bag to the floor before collapsing to the bed.

[B]"That's what I get for sleeping in, I guess."[/B] he mumbled into the pillow. After a few minutes of catching his breath, Quincy reached down to his trainer belt and pulled off a Pokeball. [B]"Come on out, Absol." [/B] he said, a loving tone in his deep voice. The Pokemon shook it's beautiful head as it was released, licking it paw before settling it's head in Quincy's lap.

The boy smiled and leant back, softly stroking his Pokemon's soft, white fur.

[B]"Ah, this won't be too bad..."[/B]

[B]OOC >.<;; I changed Clefable for Absol, sorry about that.[/B] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple][B]?What time is it??[/B] Sean asked one of his pokémon as he was sitting in his room, he could hear the waves on Vermillion Shore crashing against the surface of the beach. Espeon looked over to the clock and Sean followed her eyes. He looked away, then suddenly looked back.
?Oh god?Everyone in your Pokéballs! Wait, apart from Kadabra, do you think you have the power to transport us onto the boat??[/B]

Kadabra gave a small nod, and Sean smiled. [B]?Thank god, well, we can leave now then, no need to rush, heh.?[/B]

Kadabra moved into the centre of the room and focused on Sean, he closed his eyes and in a second Sean and Kadabra appeared on the main deck of the boat, Sean was taken aback by the new surroundings, but adjusted within seconds. He smiled and thanked his pokémon and sent Kadabra back to his pokéball.

[B]?Sorry I?m late?[/B] he whispered to no-one in particular but someone heard him and replied, [B]?Oh, no problem, as long as you have a ticket.?[/B]

Sean dug into his pickets and grabbed it, ?Here it is!? he said turning aroudn to a smiling face, [B]?I'm not really the ticket collector, silly!?[/B][/COLOR]

My muchly apologies for being late, I never realised that this was up. ^^;; Sorry![/SIZE]
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Katrina made her way to the ship's cafeteria to get some food. She was just finishing her meal when the guy from earlier walked in, the one who had punched out the ticket collector. As soon as the guy got his food and sat down, Katrina stood up and made her way over to him. She tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned to look at her, she decked him right in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Katrina took a couple steps backwards, putting herself out of the guy's reach. She waited a few seconds for him to recover, then said, "Didn't like that, did you? Well, other people hate it, too."

"Who the hell are you?"

"Just the person who got the man you almost killed to the sickbay. You're lucky I don't want the cops after me. Otherwise you'd be in even worse shape than him."

The guy stood up. "Yeah? Why don't you back that up?"

"No," Katrina said. "A bastard like you isn't worth my time."

The guy was really pissed off now. He ran at Katrina, but Katrina was prepared. He hadn't seen her do it, but she'd grabbed one of her Pokeballs and readied it. when he charged, she dropped it, releasing Gardevoir. The Psychic-type acted fast, telekinetically throwing the guy to the ground.

"You think you're so though," the guy said, "but you're just hiding behind your Pokemon. And I'd bet that they can't stand up to mine."

"Why don't you proove it?" Katrina replied. "I'd be happy to take you on in a Pokemon battle. I'll be on the port-side deck. Come find me if you want to accept my challenge." And with that, she returned Gardevoir and walked off.
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"Hah, she was so easy to fool." Ace thought as he turned around to go eat his food. "She actually thought that she hurt me. I love doing that. Making people under estimate me and making them think that I'm a hot head who can't think on his feet. I'll accept her challenge. She doesn't know who she is messing with, yet."

Ace continued eating, anticipating the challenge. "That Gardevoir wasn't very strong at all. It should have been able to throw me across the room but it wasn't able to. I could feel its psychic energy straining against me. Even my pupitar would be able to defeat it any day. I wonder what else she has, maybe some of her pokemon might be able to give my charmeleon a good fight. I hope charmeleon will evolve into charizard." He finished his food and got up, walking to his room.

He reached his room and gathered up his pokemon: charmeleon, treeko, ponyta, wartortal, scyther, and pupitar. He left his room again and walked to the port-side deck. He stepped onto the deck, the clean ocean air filled his lungs, cooling his nerves down. "Well, at least I'll get some fun on this trip." He looked around, searching for the lady who had challenged him. She was nowhere in sight. "I hope she didn't decide to back out of the challenge. I was starting to look forward to this." He walked over to the railing and stared out at the ocean, observing the lapras and occassional gyrados whipping through the waves.

"Hey you!" some one shouted from down the deck, "Are you done looking at the pretty fishies? I'm ready to battle." It was the crazy lady. She was standing at the far end of the deck, staring hard at Ace. Ace just glanced her way, and gave her a strange smile.

"Yes, I'm done looking at the "pretty fishies", as you call them." Ace replied as he turned his body to face her. "So, you want to battle me? I thought that I wasn't worth your time. How many pokemon do you want to use? I'll be willing to let you have all six of yours while I just use charmeleon. That would be a close to fair match; I'd still be a little better."

The lady looked mad at this remark. "Probably just faking it." Ace thought to himself as he watched her careful and calculated movements. "She looks extremely experienced. I have to be on my toes on this one. She might actually be a challenge." He smiled to himself as he watched her getting ready to battle.

Ace turned around and took two steps back. He turned to face her, she looked extremely calm and focussed. "Yep," he thought to himself as he prepared for battle, "She's experienced alright. I'm willing to bet that she was once a pokemon league champion. That's alright, that doesn't really mean anything to me. I've defeated the best of the best. Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak have lost to me. Even better trainers than them have been defeated by me. This is going to be a piece of cake."

The lady spoke up. "First lets decide how many pokemon we'll use . . ."
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[color=darkslategray]Shin leaned against the boat, his Milotic softly swimming in the water beside the boat, as he waited for the boat to take off. He released everyone else. Metagross floated in the air, its psychic powers easily manipulated its own body. Shin remembered when he had been the Leauge Champion, the fame on his shoulders.

It was a year ago when he lost his title. He had been defeated by a fault, one of his Pokeballs jammed shut, the one with Metagross, his most powerful. He had still beat the guy almost, and if Metagross would of been out, he would of pounded. But no, he had to have it jam.

[b]"Bullshit..."[/b] He spoke aloud, thinking of the memory.

[b]"What?"[/b] Maki asked. surprised.

[b]"Just thinking of when I lost the championship...my Metagross' Pokeball got jammed, and it wouldn't open. Still almost won."[/b]

[b]"Shame."[/b] She said simply.

[b]"Wanna battle? Just a friendly one, to test the skills."[/b] He asked her, looking at Metagross and Milotic.

[b]"Sure. I'll use...Salamence and Dragonite."[/b] She beckoned them forward.

[b]"Metagross and Milotic."[/b] Shin ruffled his blond hair, the clothes flowing on his body gently as the wind rose from the passing of Metagross.[/color]
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(occ...yeam i know me late sorry....)

Zero slowly made his way to his room 4A on the front of the ship," Dammit. i just had to get a cozy one." He walked in as Ninetails, Manectric and Absol came out of their pokeballs in a bright lite."Ya'll just dont want to be in there do you?" They all spoke happily. "Well I say we go and take a look around.." Hwe made his way out the door and found the stairs onto the main deck,"This is bigger than you would think. As he was walking down the deck his Absol stopped and looked at a trainer that just pulled his ticket out of his bag."So big guy, you want to say hello?" His Absol nodded as it started to walk over to him.

Absol stopped right at his feet and started to nudge his shins."Soll......soll..." The trainer looked down at Absol and patted him on the head,"Well hello there. And who do you belong to?" Zero made his way over with Ninetails and Manectric fallowing,"Hes mine. I'm sorry if he bothered you, but he told me that he wanted to say hello." Zero reached his hand out as to shake the other trainer's. The other trainer grabbed it and smilled, "I'm Sean Lithum. And don't worry about it. Its better than him bringing bad luck." Zero let out a small laugh,"Thats too true. My name is Zero. And it ends at that. Say.. what kind of trainer are you? I was wondering, because Absol has a small inclination on whose a good rtainer and who isn't. I mean if you want, we can have a little red card battle. Nothing serious. Whatcha say?" Zero leaned up agians the railing and grabbed Sharpedo's pokeball and let him go into the ocean with a small spash. Zero yelled down tto it,"Be back in ten minutes. If you arent then Flygon is gonna get a little swim." The shark turned and dove into the watter without looking back. "Now whatcha say on the practice fight?"
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[color=Navy]After a while her pokemon stirred from their sleep, they were all refreshed. Sakura talked to them for a bit before returning all but Mightyena into their pokeballs.

[b]"Let's go see who else is on this boat." [/b]Sakura suggested.

Mightyena barked in agreement and they left the room. Sakura hummed quietly as she explored the boat. When she arrived at port side, she saw two people, a male and female. She recognised the female immediately, she had been the Pokemon League Champion two years ago.

Sakura nodded, and walked on, arriving at another place, there were another two people about to battle, she recognised both, the female was in the room beside her, and the male had been in the League Champion and a year ago, at the Championship he had lost the title from default, since one of his pokeballs jammed.

Sakura continued walking with Mightyena beside her, she soon arrived at a place with two more people that looked like they were preparing for a battle, this time it was two males. She just shrugged and walked on.

Sakura finally found a place where there was just one girl sitting there. Sakura saw that she was dressed in black too, and she had thought she was the only one.

[b]"Hi, I'm Sakura." [/b]Sakura smiled.

[b]"Aquaria." [/b]she murmered.

[b]"Nice to meet you." [/b]

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that's ok Lady Dust. You can do whatever from there. If you want it changed PM me.[/color]
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Gale stood on the deck, quietly taking in the salty air.

"Jeez, it looks like I'm the only one on this boat [I]not[/I] having a battle. Damn. I better go find someone before I miss out on all the fun."

Gale scanned the area, tying to find someone, anyone, who wasn't battling yet. Just then, he saw too ladies dressed in black sitting having a conversation. One of them looked very uncomfortable.

"Hey does either one of you want to have a Pokemon battle?"
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[color=Navy]Sakura looked up at the trainer, she didn't recognise him. She stood and Mightyena came up beside her.

[b]"I'll accept your challenge. I'm Sakura."

"Gale. Three pokemon." [/b]he said.

Sakura nodded and started to think of her line up. She decided on Flareon, Jolteon and Mightyena.

Sakura picked three balls off her belt, two were occupied, the other wasn't. She held it out to Mightyena and a beam of silver light engulfed him before drawing him into the ball. She held them in her hands as she waited for Gale to decide his three pokemon.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Sorry about the length.[/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]"You better put up a good fight," Maki giggled, bouncing on her heels. The excitement of a battle kept her from standing still. As their pokemon settled between them, Maki realized they didn't have enough room.

"Step back a bit," she called to Shin, while she, herself, began to walk backwards. He followed suit, and soon there was a large enough space for the four pokemon to fight. "You ready?" she shouted over to her opponent. Before he could answer, a loud horn sounded, and the boat made a sudden movement forward, knocking Maki to the floor. She sat up, a bit startled, and glanced over at Shin. He had held onto the railing.

"You okay?" he asked her, walking over. "Yeah," she nodded, a bit embarrassed. He helped her up, and she scratched her head.

"Guess we're on our way to Hoenn," she chuckled, the pink not leaving her cheeks. Shin laughed, then returned to his side of the deck.

"Alright. Ready when you are."

She gave him a nod, and the two began shouting their commands.

"Salamence! Fire Blast!" Maki ordered, her pokemon quickly shooting out fire from its mouth, headed straight for Metagross. "Dodge it," Shin commanded, his pokemon managing to get out of the way. "Metagross, Meteor Mash. Milotic, Ice Beam."

Shin's pokemon immediatly launched their attacks towards Maki's pokemon, who were instructed to dodge. Salamence followed up with a charging Hyper Beam while Dragonite barely managed to hit Milotic with a powerful Thunderbolt. Milotic was down for a bit, but got up before Dragonite could hit it again. Metagross attempted to hit Salamence with a Psychic, but was cut off when Salamence released its Hyper Beam. Metagross avoided most of it, but its left arm was hit.

The impact of the Hyper Beam on the deck immediately released lots of wood and dust into the air. Maki shielded her eyes with her sleeve, and coughed a bit as the specks of dust entered her lungs. The debris missed her for the most part, though she recieved a large cut on her thigh which she viewed through a squinted eye.

"Ow.." she murmured. Still unable to open her other eye, she slowly lifted her head up to see if her pokemon were visible yet.

OOC: The boat's moving! Yay! Jian, your turn. x3[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Green]Kenji ran like the wind, rushing past people. He clutched the ticket in his hand.

"Gotta get there!!!!" He thought, ducking and weeving through the crowd.

He tripped and landed right infront of a crewman. The crewman helped him up and smiled.

"Hello sir...we are about to leave so you made it just in time!" the crewman said.

"Great!" Kenji shouted.

He handed the crewman his ticket and got inspected before heading inside. Kenji found his way to 5D and opened the door. As he stepped inside, he felt the boat lurch into motion.

"Well...I think someone else is here....but, I'll let you guys out until they get back." he said, reaching to his belt.

He pulled out his customized pokeballs and released Whismur,Pichu,and Zigzagoon.

"Pi!!!!"His Pichu shouted as it started dashing around the room, glad it was out of its ball.

"Well I'm glad you guys are happy" He said, smiling. As he watched them he noticed that Zigzagoon was looking a little gloomy. Kenji squated down and pet the Zigzagoon. "You hungry?" He asked. When he saw Zigzagoon's eyes light up, he realized that it really had been a while since they ate.

"Ok...I'll get some food.Let's go check the cafeteria!" Kenji said. He set his stuff down on the made bed and walked out in the hall, followed by his 3 pokemon. "Now...where to go..." he questioned, looking around.

OOC: Sorry I'm late...kinda just found this site... Yea...THANKS MISS KITTY!!!!!!!!![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Book Antiqua]OOC: sorry that I have not posted.

Carter got up from his nap and looked around, finally turning to the window. He noticed that the boat had begun to leave the dock. Spectators where waving good-bye to there loved ones who were one the boat. In the crowd a male who Carter recognized as Zane. Zane was the person that ralts beat in the contest in the region.

Flash back

The stadium cheered on the two boys standing in the stadium waiting for the judge to give them the okay to release their pokemon. ? Ready release? said the judge

? Go ralts? said Carter

? I choose you, Starmie?

? Ready and begin the contest of Smarts?

? Go start with a confusion Ralts, followed by a double team, just like we practiced.?

Starmie light screen? A sheet a glass appeared in front of Starmie. ? Now hit it with a water gun? the water hit the screen and mad a rainbow that reached up to the top of the stadium. This drew the judge?s attention.

? I thought that this way a Intelligence contest not a beauty contest.?

? First I get the judge?s attention, then use a hydro pump.? Starmie began to spin as water shot out of its arms. Making the rainbow bigger.

? Knock that rainbow down now Ralts, psychic attack.? A purple aura surrounded the little pokemon. Soon Ralts was engulfed in the aura. The rainbow lost its affect on the crowd and they began to chant Carter?s name. The judge looked at Zane and then in a bold tone said ? young man this is the wrong contest for you. You should have entered in the beauty contest, not this one.?

? Yes but I already have that ribbon I don?t need it again?

Zane?s talking to the judge lost his own concentration. Ralts then used a grow to intimidate Starmie, then a double team followed by a Psy wave attack. The rings of white light hovered over the Ralts for a second then slowly rose into the air in the shape of a cone. When the rings meet each other a purple light emitted from them. Showers of little stars came from the light. The stars illuminated the field with a dazzling green light.

? Starmie try a water plus? a bubble surrounded Starmie and it grow bigger until it was almost 4 times the size of the pokemon and exploded. The water ended Ralts demonstration. The timer rang and the pokemon were returned and the panel of Judges made their decision. Ralts was declared the winner of the computation and awarded the ribbon.

End flash back
Carter waved as the boat pulled out of the dock. Just then two trainers jumped from the dock onto the ship. They turned to each other andn began to talk smack once again as they began to battle.

[I] this could be fun to watch[/I] thought Carter as he backed up to give the two room to battle.
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"What's the matter?" the guy taunted. "Afraid? Well, that's understandable. Nobody beats Ace, least of all you. If all your Pokemon are as weak as that Gardevoir, then I could do this with my eyes closed."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You mean about the Gardevoir? The thing couldn't even throw me across the room. Hell, it was struggleing to hold me down."

Katrina couldn't believe this guy. [i]What the hell is he going on about? Who the fuck does he think he's fooling?[/i] "Dude, the only reason gardevoir didn't throw you across the room is that it wasn't her intention. She was only keeping you from attacking me. And about her struggleing to evendo that, well, it's obvious that that part's total bullshit."

"Sorry, lady, but you're flat-out wrong there."

"Jesus Christ! Are you even lying to yourself about that whole thing? Maybe you should back down from this. I don't know if your overinflated ego could handle the beat-down I'll deal you."

"I don't think so. talk means nothing. Let's see you back up your words. Now, how many Pokemon?"

"I honestly don't care," Katrina said. "You decide."

"I don't like wasting time against wimps, so let's make it a short battle, two Pokemon each."

the two selected their Pokemon, then released their first choices. Ace was using his Charmeleon, while Katrina went with Absol.

"Let's do this," Katrina said. "Absol, start things off with Thunderbolt!"

Charmeleon dodged Absol's Thunderbolt and attacked with Flamethrower. Absol countered with a Flamethrower of his own, and the two Flamethrowers canceled each other. Absol then used Quick Attack, which made contact. Charmeleon recovered quickly and attacked with Slash, but Absol managed to avoid it. Charmeleon came in with Flame Wheel, but its straight path made it an easy target. Absol attacked with Thunder, cancelling the Flame Wheel with enough leftover enregy to hit Charmeleon. Absol followed up with thunderbolt, hitting Charmeleon and taking the Fire-type down.

Ace was shocked. "How the hell did you do that?"

"Well, I seem to be much better than you at this. That might have something to do with it. Now, on to round 2."

Ace's Pokemon of choice for round 2 was Wartortle, and Katrina sent out Gardevoir. "Bad choice," Ace taunted. "I know how weak that thing is."

"I think it's about time to show you how wrong you are. Gardevoir,hit it with Psybeam!"

gardevoir used Psybeam, but Wartortle was quick, and managed to barely dodge. It attacked with Bobblebeam, which Gardevoir cancled out by using another Psybeam. Wartortle tried a Water Gun next. Gardevoir dodged, and Wartortle came in using Tackle. gardevoir was him, but managed a very quick recovery and hit wartortle with a Psybeam. gardevoir finished the match with Thunderbolt.

"I told you you were full of shit," Katrina said as she and Ace returned their Pokemon. "You're not exactly bad, but you aren't good either. Moderatly experianced, I'd say, and I doubt you've have much trouble with the earlier Gym Leaders, but you're not good enough for people like me yet."

"And just who are you?"

Katrina smiled. "I am Katrina Alkarlo. You might have heard of me. I'm a former Pokemon Leaugh Champion, so a lot of Trainers know who I am. Not that I'd expect the kind of person you seem to be to accept that anyone better than him exists, but whatever. We're done here." And with that, she walked off.
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"All right, this could be an interesting battle," said Gale, a frightening grin starting to appear on his face. He started to grab a Pokeball, but then reconsidered. [I]I'm going to have to be smart this time. I have to make the right decision.[/I] He thought for a minute.

Sakura, who had been standing there for five minutes, finally got impatient. "Are you going to stand there all day, or are we going to battle?"

Gale held up a finger to silence her. "I've made my decision." Gale grabbed three Pokeballs from his waist: Dragonite, Gyarados, and Crobat.

Gale's whole manner seemed to change. The happiness in his voice was gone. All that remained was the regimented voice of a drill sergeant.

"All right... Sakura, was it? Yeah, you make the first move. Send out your Pokemon. LET THIS BATTLE BEGIN!!!"
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[SIZE=1]Quincy sat up from his bed, his Absol's head jerking up suddenly before it yawned, slightly miffed by his trainers sudden movement. Quincy stretched and stood up, recalling his Absol to it's Pokeball.

After packing some things away, he stretched again and yawned lazily. "I suppose I better get to know these people."

He walked outside only to be knocked down by a water gun attack. "You [I]idiot[/I]!" a girl cried, "What the hell are you doing stepping into a battle?!" she quickly slipped into Japanese and Quincy could only assume she was yelling insults at him. he grinned sheepishly and stood up, bowing in apology.
"Gomenasaii, minna-san." he said, hoping his rusty Japanese was at least somewhat correct.

"I'll just...er...I'll just leave."

He laughed again and quickly left, feeling both trainers eyes burning into his back. Grumbling slightly, Quincy made a conscious effort to watch where he was going; attempting to find someone he could talk to.[/SIZE]
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Zero watched as Sean was awkwardly holding all of his stuff."Ya know what. Go unpack and we can battle later." Zero looked down as Ninetails started walking twards a trainer that was bowing for getting in the way of a battle."Nine? Hey wait. Sorry Sean. See ya later!" He went running after Ninetails as his tew pokemon fallowed. "Hey Hold up!" Ninetails stopped at the bowing trainer and looked up at him, stopping him from going anywere else."Hey man I'm sorry. I didnt mean for her to stop you." The other trainer looked at Zero and smilled."Its quite alright. She hasnt done anything wrong." Zero bent down and put his hand on Ninetail's head,"C'mon girl. Lets go find a battle so we can get ready." Ninetails just looked from Zero back to Quincy. "Is something wrong with her?" Zero stood up and sighed."No. But I think that she wants to battle you. You want to? just a practice. Say...oh...three at a time. Oh and by the way my name is Zero. you?" Zero reached out his hand as Quincy took it."Its Quincy."

Zero walked back a little as to allow room for both of their pokemon. and recaled his three."If ya want to then select yours." He put two of his pokeballs back and grabbed two other ones."Well? Ya wanna? Otherwise its gonna get kinda boring kinda quick."
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"That was over quick." Ace thought as he left the deck. "What did I do wrong? I still have a lot to learn. What was wrong with my pokemon? It seemed as if they didn't want to fight her pokemon. I guess I have to work more with them."

Ace walked down into the ship, on his way to his room.

"Too bad I wasn't able to use the special training I did with them on this ship. Charmeleon would've lit it on fire. They should have both been much faster." Ace planned out his new training scheme, focusing on speed, combination attacks, and power this time along with the resistance training.

He reached his room and got ready to go for another swim. He released his pokemon into the room. Charmeleon was already recovered from the quick battle. The pokemon stared at Ace, wondering what he had planned for them.

"Don't worry guys. It wasn't your fault. I should have communicated more with you during the battle. I underestimated that trainer." He reflected as he talked to his pokemon. " He walked over to the window with his pokemon trailing him.

The dark ocean filled him with calm and stimulated his mind. Ace could spot a gyrados swimming near the ship, it looked angry. It's eyes wandered over the ship and feel upon Ace. The gyrados roared and reared up, attacking Ace with a bite attack.

"Charmeleon flamethrower!" Ace jumped away from the window as charmeleon's river of fire struck the gyrados right in the face. It was hurt and became even more furious. The garydos came level with Ace's window and countered with hyperbeam. It struck charmeleon a glancing blow and did a little bit of damage to him. The remainder of the hyperbeam demolished the bed.

"Go out side of the ship to fight charmeleon! The ship will sink if this continues!" Charmeleon jumped outside of the window and strait into the ocean. The gyrados turned and dove into the water after charmeleon.

"Shoot! It's in its element but charmeleon isn't. Charmeleon may be resistant against water but it will still slow him down. I have to go in there." Ace dove in after the two fighting pokemon. The water boiled around him as charmeleon managed to create some flames underwater. Ace watched the two battle, unable to give commands while submerged in water.

"Charmeleon will have to surface sometime, he can't go on without oxygen." Ace watched his pokemon try to dodge a bite attack from gyrados. Charmeleon was barely able to get above its head, avoiding its jaws as the gyrados swept past him. It turned back around as charmeleon resurfaced. Ace did the same, trying to keep charmeleon in view. The ship was leaving him behind.

"Shoot! One thing after another! I'm trying to battle a wild pokemon with a fire pokemon in the ocean, the ship is leaving me behind, with out any pokeballs to catch water pokemon, and I left the rest of my pokemon on the ship. Man am I screwed." Ace told himself as he continued to watch charmeleon struggle with the gigantic gyrados.

Charmeleon gave gyrados another flamethrower in the face. Gyrados was now severely weakened, but charmeleon was also beginning to show the effects of having two straight battles in a row, with out rest. Both of the pokemon's movements were becoming sluggish, each had only one attack in them.

"Charmeleon can't lose. If he does, then there is no hope of us getting back to the ship. I have to do something!" Ace began to swim closer to charmeleon and the gyrados.

Each only had one attack left in them, Ace could tell as he approached the pokemon. Garydos was floating, glaring at charmeleon who returned the look. Suddenly gyrados flashed forward, going in for one final attack. Charmeleon just continued to float, now severely weakened from the combined back to back battles and being in the water in his weakened state.

"Charmeleon!" shouted Ace as he saw that his pokemon wasn't doing anything to prevent gyrados from attacking. "Use your last attack when I tell you to. You have to trust me!" Charmeleon glanced at Ace, as if confirming Ace's order.

Gyrados was now only twelve feet away from charmeleon. He cmae closer and closer. Ace just watched while charmeleon waited for his command to fire his last attack. Garydos was right on top of charmeleon.

"Now! Don't hold back!" Ace shouted.

Gyrados' mouth was open, going in for a bite attack since he didn't have the energy to use hyperbeam anymore. It closed in on charmeleon. Charmeleon's mouth opened up as he heard Ace. Torrents of fire issued out of charmeleon's open mouth, his final attack. The flames consumed gyrados' head and half of his body and into his open mouth. It was knocked out and fell forward, onto charmeleon.

Charmeleon was too worn out to make any attempt to dodge it. It floated in place as gyrados' body struck it down into the water.

"No! I'm coming charmeleon!" Ace dived underwater. He could dimly perceive charmeleon's body, sinking slowly into the depths of the ocean. He increased his efforts and barely reached charmeleon as he ran out of breath. Ace struck for the surface, charmeleon?s limp form in tow.

He broke the surface, pulling charmeleon?s head above his own as he held him in his arms. Charmeleon?s fire was burning low, almost gone.
?No! You can?t die. I know you?re tougher than this.? Ace closed his eyes, wishing that he had never boarded the ship. Charmeleon?s body began to glow and rise from the water.

?What?s happening?? Ace asked bewildered as he watched charmeleon?s body rise from the water.

Ace could see charmeleon changing in the strange glow. ?You?re evolving.? Ace realized as he watched charmeleon change into charizard. ?But, I thought evolution only occurs when the pokemon is at his strongest and in its fittest condition.? The glow was dissipating, Ace?s pokemon?s new form was becoming distinct and clear. It was now a charizard alright, but it was different. (I hope that this is okay with everyone else. If it isn't then just tell me and I'll change it.) Charizard wasn?t red or orange, he was a strange silver blue color.

It sank back down to the water, its flame was now more powerful, a blue fire instead of the regular orange or yellow. Charizard?s eyelids fluttered open and he stared at Ace. Ace just looked back, staring at his newly transformed pokemon, wondering why charizard was silver blue instead of red or orange.

?It?s okay buddy.? Ace said to charizard as they laid floating on the water. ?I?m sorry for getting you into this mess. Lets try to find the boat now shall we?? Charizard grunted an answer and began to make an effort to fly. Ace was so absorbed in his pokemon that he didn?t notice that the ship was nowhere in sight. They were stranded in the middle of the ocean. With no food, water, or even any land in sight.

?We?ll make it through somehow. We?ll have to wait until you recover enough for you to fly.? Ace said quietly to charizard as he turned onto his back and gazed at the twinkling stars.
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