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Sign Up Nights of War (Much Freedom) <M- V,L, Possible S>


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Story: Through out the history of mortals there have always been certain items which have always had the misfortune of being uncovered. Items such as these always seem to be uncovered during the wartimes and even worse is that they are so powerful that the artifacts often change the course of the war. There is however one certain item that puts all of these other artidfacts to shame and that is the Bloodstone of Algath which weilds the power over darkness. There is one small problem...... It has been found.
A power hungry Emperor has found the gem and tapped into its powers, conquoring whole nations within hours with the help of daemonic assistance. It is up to the resistance, A Ragtag resistance is all that stands in his way of crushing all nations on the face of the surface world.
Well thats a loose storyline but as I stated there is very much freedom. You can fight for eith the resistance/ Allies of the resistance or the Algathan forces. I may let you bring in another nation into the story but you need permission. I'll post a profile of Emperor Deuzanhok later.
TO Create A Character

First of all I'll give you the races.

Human- These are your basic beings, They are most widespread.
Elf- Tall and slender, These are found the least because of their smaller numbers.
Dwarf- Shot,Stocky and Bad-Tempered. These are uncommon because they prefer to keep to their caves.
Shontar- These are small beings, smaller than dwarves and less strong. They are also widespread because they are liked by nearly all.
Kaverick- These creatures which are half-dog and half-human are least liked by all and are stronger than their cat counter-parts.
Kalik- These Half-Cat, Half-Humans are faster and more intelligent then their dog counterparts.
Half Breed- This can consist of any two races.

Then go wild. I hope to see you join.

Name: Straightfoward
Race: See above and pick
Class: Go Wild for this just make it at least a bit fantasyish.
Magic: This is what type of magic you use if you're class is a magic using type.
Weapon: Nothing too magically powerful but other than that you can go wild.
Bio: Nothing major, Just about how your character became involved in this.
Appearence: Written Description or Pic.
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Name: Mei-Lin

Age: 400

Race: Half-breed human/Kaverick

Class: Water Elemental

Magic: She can use powers of sacred origin, as well as manipulate the powers of water and ice, as well as her powers that she can weild because of her kaverickan heritage.

Weapon: her choice of weapon is usually a bow and arrow, and she imbues it with her sacred powers.
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[COLOR=Green]Name: Aieldail

Age: 270

Race: Elf

Class: Healer, soldier

Magic: Energy as well as dark magic, as well as advanced healing

Weapon: Besides her magic she wields a sword and a staff

Bio: She was trained by her people to fight in many different forms but stuck to sword duels, where she quickly rose to the top of her class and was unmatched by others. When the Emperor first began to conquer she was sent out to fight in a great army. The battle became personal when her friend and companions were slaughtered, as well as her home town destroyed.

Appearence: Like her people she is tall and slender, with raven-black hair that comes down to her waist. She has emerald green eyes that resemble cat eyes. She wears a light green shirt with long sleeves and tan pants which she tucks into her knee-high riding boots. [/COLOR]
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Classes are your character type, like in the D & D games which have Paladins and such.

Name: Lynx Olaiha
Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Guardian
Magic: Being a Guardian, Lynx weilds minor curate magic.
Weapon: Lynx weilds a long sword strapped in between his shoulder blades, he also carries multiple daggers with are strapped around his person.
Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/e/edge01.jpg[/IMG]
Bio: Lynx was born into a poor family in one of the first cities that was destroyed by the Emperor. Up until that day he was enjoying training as a Guardian which he earned by defeating a member in a duel. It was on the day before the slaughter that he found out that the member had let him win. The very next day he set off to reapply for entry into the brotherhood but when he reached the outer rim of the city that he saw the attack from the Emperor and his fiendish allies. Within minutes the town was nearly razed and thousands of the inhabitants died. Lynx was buried under some rubble for hours and when he was able to free himself, everthing was destroyed.and a dream was taken away. When he searched around the city for survivors he came across the corpse of his brother, quite cold and quite dead. He reached down and took up his brothers sword and made a vow that the Emperor would fall by one of the protectors of the people. And so the resistance was born....
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Name: Nick
Race: Human
Class: warrior/white mage mix
Magic: Nick is more of a warrior/fighter than a magic user, but he does know some white magic spells to help heal and protect himself and others.
Weapon: Nick carries a large sword, it is long and wide, very powerfully, but very heavy. There are 3 blue crystals embeded into the handle of Nick's sword
Bio: Nick is a strong young guy who wants to join the resistance. many towns and areas neighboorhing his hometown have already been destroyed, and he fears his hometown is next,thats why he needs to help fight the emporor and end this madness
Appearence: Nick is average height and weight for a 19-year-old huma. he has short, dark brown hair and green eyes. he usually is wearing baggy blue pants and t-shirt, plus a hooded ble sweatshirt.
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Name: Latharix
Age: 18
Race: Kalik
Class: Priestess
Magic: moonlight magic; white magic
Weapon: a scythe made from the wood of the rare and powerful Deviloak
Bio: As the high priestess of the Kalik's Moon Temple, Latharix became concerned when an evil grew in the West. Fearing the destruction of her temple, she quickly joined the resistance. Now she wonders if it was all a mistake; will her temple be safe without her protection?
Appearance: She stands at a height of 6 feet with dark brown skin and fur. She has a long cream colored shock of hair, crowned with two long, brown cat ears. She wears a short, white lacy jumper with, of course, a hole in back for her tail.
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Name: Shenlong
Age: 19
Race: Half human/ half elf
Class: Druid (shapeshifter)
Magic: Shapeshifting, power over animals and forrest
Weapons: He uses a staf made of a rare dragon claw
Bio: Shenlong got involved because his forrest was being destroyed for more living space. The power hungry Emporer had decided to expand his city, so he started to destryo the forrest for wood, as well as space. Shenlong could care less about the resistance, yet he knows that it is the best chance to save his forrest if he joins. Even though he isnt fighting for the same reasons, he is still fighting against the Emporer.
Apperance: see below
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[COLOR=Red][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]Name: Ai
Age: 300 (has the apearance of a 14 year old)
Race: half breed- Human/Kalik
Class: assassin/necromancer
Magic: can summon the dead and can control dark powers
Weapon: Scythe with she can channel her magic through
Bio: She was peacfully going from place to place calling upon the dead making friends with them. When she had travelled onto a battle field a Algathan soldier tried to kill her. She got angry and killed all the soldiers in the vicinity. She likes to finish what she started so she's determined to get to Algathan and kill the Emperor and take his Bloodstone of Algath to put with all her other stuff that she uses to summon the dead. :devil:
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[quote name='AnimeJunkie00][COLOR=Red][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]so can we start? :animesmil [/B] [/FONT'] [/COLOR][/quote]
I'll leave the sign ups open for another couple of days and then we can start.
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Here is the Create sheet for the Emperor, Anyone can pick him if they want but that means they will be on the side of the enemy.

Name: Emperor Barbarossa Deuzanhok
Age: 37
Race: Human
Class: Emperor of the Algathan forces, Warrior/ Necromancer.
Magic: He wields nearly all the poweers of darkness that can be found using the Bloodstone.
Weapon: The Emperor weilds a massive two handed sword.
Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/b/barbarossarugner01.gif[/IMG]
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Name: Harlan
Age: 18
Race: Half human/ half elf
Class: Druid (shapeshifter)
Magic: Shapeshifting and power over animals and forest
Weapon: two guantlets that cover his entire forearm. One allows him to control fire and the other ice.
Appearance: below
Bio: Harlan lives in the same forest as Shenlong. He started fighting back when his home was destroyed by the Emperor when he started to make his city bigger. He hates dwarves. He can summon various creatures
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