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Sign Up By Moonlight [M-SLV]


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[SIZE=1][CENTER][COLOR=Red][B]Warning-This RP will contain scenes of gore right from the start, hence the 'V' rating. Also, considering one particular member who will be in this, there is the rating for Language. Also, the S is there for a precaution, if you feel it fits in with the story; feel free to take complete advantage.[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Silver][B][U]By Moonlight[/U][/B]

A dark night, the air humid and rank with the smell of rotting flesh. A hunched over shape is silhouetted by the dim moonlight as it shovels handfuls of decaying flesh into it?s open mouth. The only light other than that of the moon is a small glow at the end of a man?s cigarette. He looks no more than 25, though his years surpass most others. He is a vampire, a child of the night?a pest.

The cigarette flickers out as the vampire crushes it in his hand, ignoring the burning in his pale palm. He looks at the quivering shape, still hunched over the dead body even though it is very much aware of the monster?s presence. The creature slowly turns it?s bald head, it?s large yellow eyes staring open in shock and fear as the sleek blade of an ancient katana cleaves it?s head in twain.

A grunt escapes the vampire?s lips and he wrenches out the blade, it?s bright silver marred by small rivulets of black blood, dripping slowly from the tip. He turns his head and flicks back the long strands of silver hair he is known for and stares into the distance, a small smirk crossing his face. [B]?Eliminator?so good to finally see you.?[/B]

As he finishes the sentence a silver arrow skims his face, cutting a few strands of delicate hair. He scowls and wipes his katana in the fur of the creature he has just killed, sighing at the waste of a good body. Again he turns his gaze to the distance, now seeing the horse he knew would have arrived. On the horse sits a young woman, her bow poised for another shot. The black stallion beneath her stands perfectly still, its eerie blue eyes staring intently at the forest ahead. A means of escape, should one be needed.

He connects with his mistress, the deep sound of his inner voice echoing in her head,
[I][B](He is fast this one; you do not want to underestimate him)[/B][/I]
The woman does not turn her gaze from the stationary vampire and she only nods, drawing back her hand for another shot.

The vampire opens his mouth and laughs, dodging as the second arrow misses him completely. He runs forward, leather trench coat billowing out behind him as he reaches inhuman speeds, pulling his arm out in a wide arc, ready to strike the stallion?s legs.

The young woman gasps and her stead raises himself to his hind legs before bolting for the forest, narrowly escaping the vampire?s attack. The woman grips her partners mane as he gallops deeper between the trees, only stopping ten minutes later when they reach a river.

[B]?So that was him?he?s finally arrived here in England??[/B]

Her stallion bows his dark head in a nod, tapping the telepathic link between he and his mistress once again.
[I][B](Indeed, Beth?Kuroichi has arrived.)[/B][/I][/COLOR]


Okay, first let me explain a few things. This is (obviously) a vamp RPG, I thought it was about time I started one. It is based in England with one of the most powerful vampires having arrived, his name--Kuroichi, the Silver Haired Demon.
Basically, this is far, far into the future where technology, alchemy and inner magic are used to their full extent. Telepathy has been practiced greatly and now all children and certain animals (list to follow) are born with the ability. Some, of course, are better than others as with most things. Not all humans can use magic; you decide whether you want to or not (but I don?t want everyone using it). Think of Star Wars for what the cities are like, even though there are large areas of forest and greenery still,.Britain is very well known for it?s beautiful landscape and how they have managed to blend in the cities with the surrounding vegetation.

Vampires re-emerged 200 years ago but instead of trying to mix with society, over the years they have formed underground gangs and have terrorized humans, killing them for the sheer bloodlust. There are now only precious few vampires left and it?s up to hunters known as the ?Eliminators? to travel the world and wipe them out. Since there are so few Vampires they are all extremely powerful and even the most experienced and well-trained Eliminator will not be able to bring one down by themselves.

Kuroichi [COLOR=Red](reserved exclusively for Unborn Lord Xion, because he would kill me dead otherwise)[/COLOR] is the most powerful and comes from Japan. No one knows exactly how old he is or even to what extent his power reaches, they just know that he could kill millions if he wanted to?and do it by himself. Beth [COLOR=Red](played by yours truly)[/COLOR] is an Eliminator who has only just come out of training and is a bit too cocky for her own good. She has earned herself a worldwide reputation for bringing down a vampire while she was still in training and her master had been brought down. To this day she does not remember what happened, all she knows is that she heard her master?s cries for help, all that remains of that memory afterwards is black.

Two of the top Eliminators have heard of Kuroichi?s arrival in England, they also know he is on the hunt for one Beth Archer and they have made haste in starting their journey. One is from America and the other is from Asia (doesn?t have to be Japan) and both are highly skilled, known for killing many Vampires.

I?d like six people tops in this RP and two places are already taken, so four more to sign up and I?ll be happy. Two more Vampires and two more Eliminators is what I need, thank you kindly. If all the places are taken before Friday, feel free to try out for one of the spots, I?ll pick whom I think is best.

That?s it, I believe, any questions go to my Inbox, I may start an underground thread when the RP starts but I doubt we?ll need it. Oh, please, no making your characters all-powerful. I?d like them to be at least a little realistic. The only person who can go truly crazy is ULX, because Kuroichi is badass and I?m not even sure if we?re all going to survive this RP against him. I?ll decide as we go along. (Please note, the Vampires don?t have to side with Kuroichi--in fact it will be better if they are against him. More diversity, you see)

[RIGHT][U][B]Sign Up:[/B][/U]
[B]Name-[/B] (Humans, stick to your nationality, Vampires?whatever)
[B]Age-[/B] (Humans 24+, Vampires?again?whatever, please add the age they look as humans)
[B]Alliance- [/B] (Eliminator or Vampire)
[B]Appearance-[/B] (Humans can choose whatever they want but I?d love it if you made your character look like a fighter of some sort, you know, interesting. Vampires I?d like to look gothic, unless you think of a better idea) Picture or good description.
[B]Weapons-[/B] (This may be tricky. Since we are in the future, your weapons can be pretty much anything. Please keep in mind though that vampires are still weak against your traditional silver and stake and cross, if you think of how to incorporate those into modern weapons then go right ahead.
[B]NB:[/B] Beth has the bow and arrow-[B]no touchy[/B] (I want a range of weapons))
[B]Extra- [/B] (This can be extra items etc. even put your mode of transport here, max 6. (excluding transport)
[B]NB:[/B] Beth has a horsey- again, [B]no touchy[/B])
[B]Personality-[/B] (You know the drill)
[B]Fighting Style-[/B] (Magic, hand to hand etc. If magic, state your spells (max three, keep it basic--this also applies to Vampires))
So please, don?t be a lazy bum. =)[/RIGHT]

[U]As far as telepathic animals go, the list is as follows-[/U]
?Any forest dwelling animal
?Birds of any kind

Also, there be creepy beasts in England because of the thick forest. These creatures are said to be a mix between Vampire and wolves. So watch out and feel free to add them in whenever you want. (If anyone can think of a name, I?d appreciate that, too) ^_^;[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=red][b]Name-[/b] Becca Nightbird
[b]Age-[/b] Physical: 17/ True: 439
[b]Alliance-[/b] Vampire

[b]Appearance-[/b] Standing 5?11? with a lithe, willowy, and wiry form, Becca has just the right curves in all the right places. Graceful arching feet, long, artistic hands, and an oval face with a small, round nose, and a very full, very pout-y mouth. Long, sharp, glistening fangs protrude slightly above her bottom lips, skin pale, and lips blood red. Her hair falls to well past her waist, stopping just short of her knees, in a cascade of honey-gold and silver curls and waves. She has it pulled back in a long braided ponytail. Her eyes are slanted attractively, and are deep green, though glassy, and sensitive to bright light. She tends to wear tight garments that show off her figure, which will make any mans blood stir. Currently she wears tight doeskin leggings, knee-high dark brown riding boots, a form-fitting peasant top under a leather vest, and a long, hooded cloak of black.

[b]Weapons-[/b] Her fangs, twin seven inch steel knives, hidden in her boots, and a single five inch steel knife like [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/saifai/photographs/knives_fantasy_jackalkl.jpg]this[/url].
[b]Extra- [/b] Becca has a cat ?familiar? as she calls him; his name is Briary and he is jet black with huge green and gold eyes.

[b]Personality-[/b] Becca is seductive and playful, and likes to trick young mortal men into her bed. She?ll play with them like Briary plays with a mouse, and then will feast, easily taking what she wants. She has no temper, and is not easily frightened, and though cocky, she is very wise and very sly. Becca knows what to watch out for, and is not easily tricked. She will go along with traps and then just laugh, disappearing into the shadows at the last moment. She loves trickery, and has made a few of her own fledgelings.

[b]Fighting Style-[/b] Hand-to-hand fighting is what Becca favors, though she has a few spells that almost all vampires know; hypnotism, causing the victim to do what the caster says; ?fading?, the ability to hide IN shadows; and levitation, the ability to levitate objects, creatures, and herself. But other than that, she fights with her hands and her weapons ? her fangs and her claws. She fights dirty.

[b]Character Snippet-[/b]?[b]Briary, is Michael here yet?[/b]? Becca said, rolling over lazily on her plush cushions of red velvet and purple satin. The black cat sat in the window, eyes closed to mere slits, watching closely the goings-on of the day outside.

[I]::No, Becca. But I feel him. He is near.::[/I]

Becca smiled one of her sly smiles, and got up with the grace of a cat. Going over to her oaken wardrobe, she told Briary silently to close the drapes over the window. Briary jumped out of the window, and batted the drapes closed with one paw before going to settle himself on Becca?s bed. The vampiress opened the wardrobe and pulled out a silky nightdress in blood red, one that easily slipped off her shoulders and she quickly changed clothes. Arranging herself on the cushions, she leisurely unbraided her hair, allowing it to tumble about her in luscious waves.


The vampire smiled slyly, and relaxed back into the cushions, allowing her chest to rise and fall alluringly as Michael came in. Closing the door behind him, the slightly older vampire smiled, slipping his hood down to reveal a crown of dark gold curls and bright blue eyes that were glassy like Becca?s own. Slipping off his coat, he put it on the coat rack. His muscular chest rippled beneath a tight black shirt, and he walked over to look down at the woman before him.

Becca fluttered her eyes at him, lips parting slowly as Michael folded himself down beside her?

^____________^ I?ve been waiting for something like this. Thank you, Jamie![/size][/color]
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[b][size=1]Name [/size][/b][size=1]Alexander Jackson
[b]Age [/b]31
[b]Alliance [/b]Eliminator
[b]Appearance [/b]Eliminator Jackson is an exceptionally tall man, nearing six foot four. His face is pale, with numerous faded scar-lines, most notably one stretching from above his right eye, through the eyepatch he wears to his chin, passing through his mouth on its path, the puckered scar tissue twisting his lips into a permanent wry smirk. His remaining eye is so pale grey as to almost be white. He is usually seen to be wearing a full-length charcoal-grey coat over similarly coloured slacks, black boots and an open-necked white shirt; the ensemble is topped off by a wide-brimmed black hat.
[b]Weapons [/b][i]Decapitator shurikens;[/i] small silver discs which, when thrown, flick out into a four-bladed star designed to remove heads.
[i]Wristblades;[/i] devices strapped to Jackson's forearms which, when he claps, flick out forearm-length silver blades that extend over his fists, for close-quarter fighting.
[b]Extra [/b]Jackson also carries a pack of cigarettes and a jacked-up silver Zippo.[b]
Personality [/b]Jackson is something of a cynic. Eliminating vampires no longer gives him the rush it did when he was younger, but he has long since accepted that a) he is one of the best in the world at it and b) he isn't much good at anything else. He has a bleak outlook on life and a wry sense of gallows humour.
[b]Fighting style [/b]Jackson considers stakes to be unwieldy, preferring instead a straight beheading; that way there is no ambiguity as to whether or not the vampire is down for the count. He prefers long-range combat, making liberal use of decapitator shurikens, and while he is an above-par hand-to-hand fighter, wounds he has sustained fighting vampires over the years tend to slow him down, so he avoids getting up close and personal when he can afford it. He only ever bothered to learn one magic spell: [i]Mesmerism,[/i] which places anyone looking at Jackson when he casts into a temporary trance-like state.
[b]Character snippet
[/b]Alexander Jackson stepped off the cruiser and strained his head back, peering up at the sky, until his neck emitted a loud [i]crack. [/i]They never accounted for the exceptionally tall when building international passenger craft.

The pale man rummaged in an inside pocket of his coat, emerging victorious with a weatherbeaten Zippo and crumpled pack of Marlboros. He shook a cigarette from the packet, placing it between his lips and deftly catching a small passport photograph as it fell from between the white rolls. He flicked the Zippo open and lit his cigarette with a jet of flame a foot high.

The photo was a little out of focus, but it definitely showed a girl. On the back were scrawled the words [i]Beth Archer[/i] and an address.

Jackson sighed, blue smoke billowing from his scarred mouth. This country looked small on the map, but there was certainly enough of it to make finding Beth Archer sound like a lot of effort.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]Name [/B] - Vince Yuric
[B]Age [/B] - 215 (Looks to be around 25)
[B]Alliance [/B] - Vampire

[B]Appearance [/B] - [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y193/deannemyarsonist/demon.jpg]Vince Yuric[/URL]

[B]Weapons [/B] - Vince uses two main weapons. His first being a shotgun kept hidden underneath his cloak. The second being a long katana kept at his left side.
[B]Extra [/B] - Vince carries small bombs that can be lit with the twitch of his finger as well as particular bullets for specific purposes. His familiar is that of a wolf named Frost. Frost is rather large with a lavish white coat. Usually travels with Vince in secret.

[B]Personality [/B] - Vince is a usually outspoken person with much to say. However, his years of seclusion away from those of his own kind have made him cautious and a bit eccentric. He enjoys killing things, watching them suffer, and feasting in triumph along with Frost. He seems like any other person most of the time, however on the battlefield, or when hunting, he changes. Becoming infuriated, he is merciless, and sometimes loses his head in the heat of battle. He often longs to find more of his own kind, a never-ending search for the affection of those close to him.

[B]Fighting Style [/B] - Vince uses a combination of brute force and speed in the execution of his attacks. He uses his shotgun for ranged attacks and his sword for melee. Sometimes he likes to combine the use of his weapons in an onslaught of attacks against the enemy. He knows only the spell of "Fading," aiding him in the manipulation of the shadows.

[B]Character Snippet [/B] - A young man walked alone down an alleyway late at night. The moon shined bright and it's reflection gleamed from the puddles blanketing the cold ground. He looked around cautiously; he'd heard the tales of what happens to those who stay out late at night, and how vampires brutally devoured their souls from the veins coursing throughout their neck. He began to walk faster, the darkness seeming to chasing him through the night. [I]Your minds playing tricks on you, theres nothing there, vampires...hah, yeah right[/I] he reassured himself.

Nearing his home, he sighed in relief. [I]Almost there[/I] he thought, slowing his walk, sensing his victory, he was so close. However, before his feet reached the stoop of his house a wolf leapt from the shadows, wrenching it's fangs deep in the boy's arm. He fell to the ground, shouting in pain. Quickly rising to his feet, he ran in the opposite direction. But before long, a man stepped seemingly from nowhere, stopping the boy in his tracks. He pleaded anxiously "Please!" he shouted "Don't hurt me," clutching his blood drentched arm.

The man just smiled and laughed, his noise echoing throughout the discord of nearby alleyways. The boy stepped forward, swinging his fist in a futile attempt to down the man. However, he found his once capable hand soon severed from his body and thrown to the side by the mercy of the man's long sword. Another cry of agony left the boy's mouth. Blood now erupting from his uncovered nubs he fell to the ground, tears streaming from his face. The man licked the sanguine fluid from his sword, enjoying the salty taste of blood overcoming his lips. He let out another laugh, entranced by the situation and the crimson that dripped from his open mouth. And with that, the boy's eyes closed tightly, feeling the precise edge of the man's teeth upon his neck. Burrowing into his skin in search of the blood he longed to consume. The next few minutes consisted only of Vince, feasting on his victim's soft flesh.

When the moment subsided he allowed Frost to finish his meat and turned from the lifeless body, his cape whipping behind him. He walked away slowly, blood dripping from his lips and hands staining the hard ground on which the boy lay. Frost following close behind.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: I'm thinking there will be a lot of people signing up to be vampires, so if theres an excess I can post an alternate eliminator sign-up.[/SIZE]
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[size=2][b]EDIT: [/b]Let me know if I have to change anything.

[/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Name-[/b] Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Age-[/b] 25

[b]Alliance- [/b]Eliminator

[b]Appearance-[/b] [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles, she wears [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy]long black pants made of leathery material and a tight black top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbows. Her silver cross hangs over the top.

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy] [b]Weapons-[/b] Sakura carries two [url="http://img209.exs.cx/img209/9176/jerichoall9ot.jpg"]guns[/url] [top left corner] in holsters that use pure silver bullets. She also carries around a [url="http://img124.exs.cx/img124/6479/samurai3000ninja7bj.jpg"]katana[/url] looking, long sword.

[b]Extra- [/b]A [url="http://www.sharps-jewellers.co.uk/hot-diamonds/images/dp021.jpg"]silver cross[/url] [without the diamond] that hangs from a fine silver chain around her neck. She carries plenty of spare clips and extra silver bullets. Her familiar spirit is a grey wolf named Sakai that ravels around with her openly. Sakura travels around via her magic of teleportation.

[b]Personality-[/b] Sakura isn't someone that talks very much and likes to keep to herself. She talks to Sakai alot because he's the only companion she has. Sakai has many battle scars from helping Sakura and she's grateful toward him. Sakura is a stubborn person and when she's out to hunt down a vampire, she'll get it done, no matter what. She's one of the best hunters out there and she enjoys it.

[b]Fighting Style-[/b] Sakura mainly uses her sharp shooting skills and agility to attack. Sometimes she'll use her sword and that's when her strength is used to put force into her slashes. But she has some simple magic like teleportation, and healing.

[b]Character Snippet-[/b] Sakura walked along the dark cold street, she wore all black which made her incredibly hard to see unless you looked really closely because what little light there was bounced off of her silver cross pendant. A wolf walked beside her quietly, he was her only companion and when she flew over from Japan, she demanded that he stay in the passenger area with her instead of the baggage hold. After a lot of arguing and persuading, Sakura was allowed to have Sakai with her. She didn't teleport over to England, because frankly, she didn't know where England was and didn't fancy being dumped in an ocean or a foreign country because she got her directions wrong.

Sakura rummaged in her pockets and pulled out a slightly crumpled photo. She tried to iron it straighter in her hands and looked at it. She couldn't see it so she walked over to the closest street lamp. Sakura stood under it and peered at the photo, it was a female and on the back was an address along with the name [b]Beth Archer[/b]. Sadly, Sakura didn't know her way around England and was clueless.

Sakura sighed and memorised the address, putting it back into her pocket. She rested her hands on her guns for safety, you never knew what could be lurking in the darkness. Both guns were fully loaded with her special, pure silver bullets in clips.

Sakura walked over to a store and bought a map of the country, she guessed that this wouldn't be an easy thing to do.

[b]"This'll take a while, Sakai. Help me find it on the map then I can teleport there." [/b]Sakura said, standing under another streetlamp with the map unfolded.

She put it on the ground and her silvery grey companion scanned the map with his sharp eyes, which were better than hers to read the tiny writing. Sakura had good night vision, just not with reading extremely small font on maps.

[i][b]"It's right here." [/b][/i]

Sakai rested his paw on a thin line and Sakura squinted at the name. Now she knew where it was. Sakura hoped she wouldn't get lost and appear somewhere wrong. She knelt and wrapped an arm around Sakai's body and they disappeared.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]Name- Paul Englin
Age- 27
Alliance- Eliminator

Appearance- Paul stands at 5'10, and weighs about 160 lbs. He is quite good-looking, as he is always dressed in dark clothing, but in a style that imitates most movie stars and celebrities for its style and flair. While his suits and slacks may look flashy, they are picked and tailored to allow him the most ample of room, allowing them to not hamper his movements at all. He has jet black hair and intense green eyes, which more than one vampire remembers as the last thing he/she saw before they were sent to the pits of hell.

Weapons- Paul owns a cane given to him by his father, within lies a sword crafted of pure silver, and which has been enhanced with runes of warding and blessed by the Pope himself. He also carries stakes (both wooden and silver) that have been crafted so that they are aerodynamic, allowing him to use them quite effectively as both long range and close quarter weapons.

Extra- Paul carries many extra's on his person that give vampires a world of hurt. He has golden cross that he carries on his person at all times. He also has a small compact mirror (many people think that its because he's vain or something...if only they really knew) as well as flashbangs, which emanate a very potent flare of UV light (think Van Helsing) because they are so hard to make, he only carries one on him, and has a total of five (vampires found the maker and killed him, making these five among the last in the world) He also carries a flashlight that shoots out UV light. (think Blade 2)

Personality- Paul is disillusioned with life. He has been trained all his life to be an Eliminator, but even more so than that, he has been trained as an exorcist. He was an orphan when a nun found him lying on the steps of the church. After taking him in, a priest there raised him as his own, and taught him much in the ways of God and humanity. When he was 12, he witnessed his father exorcising a woman, and became fascinated. He went to the Vatican, and was soon acknowledged as one of the best Eliminators around. But soon, the demands of his father to make him into a priest, and the constant suffering and death that surrounded him led him to leave the order, and try to make his own life away from the church. Yet wherever he went, he always found the Devil, right there making his life miserable. He is now a bit of an alcoholic, and can be flashy and overbearing when drunk, but when in control and sober, he is quiet and dedicated, as he slowly somes to the realization that killing abominations is what he's good at, and he can't do anything less than keep at it.

Fighting Style- While not as brutally strong or fast as vampires are, Paul still chooses more often than not to engage with them blade to claw. His technique and skill with the sword are good enough to have helped him walk out of various encounters with vampires as the victor. Along with learning excellent battle techniques, he knows a spell of healing, and a spell of searing light.

Character Snippet- Paul sat silently at the bar table, comtemplating the whiskey inside the glass with an almost forlorn expression. He was tired of life here, the damn locals were nothing less than a bunch of ragtag idiots who couldn't tell right from left, and the women weren't good looking enough to catch his attention. Not only that, but the damn bartender didn't even know how mix a good cocktail. Damn morons the lot of them were, and it would have been better is maybe he had allowed that hellspawn that was Miruko to kill the whole lot off. Lord knows that by making them spawn, they villagers would have proven less of a nuisance and waste of space. At least then God would approve of killing them off. Smiling bitterly into his glass, he swigged the contents down before getting up and slowly staggering off his chair and to the front door. He was halfway there when the door opened suddenly, and a gust of the outside wind helped clear some of the fog from his mind. Looking up slowly, he saw the same damn clothes on this guy that all the other guys wore, the same guys who always proved to be a pain in his ***. Letting out a groan of frustration, he walked over to the young priest. [B]"Just give me the damn particulars now and you can be on your way."[/B]

[B]"Umm...are you the one who..." [/B] the young priest began, setting up the code they were supposed to use to identify those they didn't know of the order.

[B]"Yea, yea, i'm the one, here"[/B] Paul replied, cutting off the other before he could reply and showing him a tringular tattoo on his forearm. [B]"Now what is it that you want to give me?"[/B]

Though confused by Paul actions, the other did not hesitate after seeing the mark, and handed Paul a manila envelope. After giving it, he made his way back to the door, and out, but not before crossing himself, and then turning and directing a crossing to Paul.

Waving him away, Paul turned and opened the packet. It seemed that big bad *** Kuroichi had finally decided to make his appearance, and was after that new hot-shot, Beth Archer. It looked like his ticket out of this place had finally arrived, and it was taking him to merrye olde Englande.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Age: 400ish (looks 20s)

Alliance: Vampire

Appearance: picture

Weapons: Carries two dagger like claws, one on each hand.

Extra: Malkav wears a mask that reminds people of a joker on a deck of cards. It was his calling card of sorts

Personality: It is said that there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity. But a select few have blurred this: Nietzsche, Lector, and Van Gough. This man, Malkav, is brilliant. Be it through his seductive tongue? His graceful movements? Perhaps his deceptive stare. A manipulative man, his mask hides his emotions as well as his face, if one was to judge just from talking to the man, they'd believe he was laughing at them the whole time. This however, does not get in the way of his passion, a pervert in his own right, Malkav may in a few instances give way to sadism and find himself loving to hurt things. Few people, from simply meeting him would know of his madness, nor of his intentions.

Fighting style: Obfuscate-can become invisible, Dementation-may figure out what scares his victim and induce the image of it upon them. His fighting style is very unorthodox, employing bends, leaps, and strikes that would put a contortionist and a mime to shame.

Character Snippet:

Some 400 odd years ago...

[i]What is he in here for? He never screams, disobeys, or try to escape. I've actually had a conversation or two with him, he's not crazy at all...

He murdered them though, the whole family, and ate the dog...

Are they sure it was him? This guy, besides the mask...is sane, actually a genius...

That's why the judge gave him this instead of prison. He's a trickster, don't let him fool you...

I have yet to, but I'm telling you, they've made a mistake...[/i]

The Asylum doors opened, revealing the plastic chamber which held him. But something was wrong. The prisoner was no where to be found. Quickly one of the two men pulled out a two-way radio and began radioing for help.

"Alert! We have a runner, we have a runner!" he yelled as he opened the plastic cage.

He ran inside to look for ways the prisoner got out, but suddenly heard the door shut behind him. Before he could turn, he felt a sharp pain in his back, and a cold, yet beautiful voice whispered in his ear. "Though this be madness, there is method in it..." the killer disappeared once more.

The night drew on, and the police found their way to asylum, inside was nothing but horror. Bodies were piled up at the door. Blood was all over the walls. But it wasn't splattered, it was drawn perfectly into images, drawings, and writings. Only a true madman could do this. But what caught the attentions of the police was what was written upon the wall adjacent the door. All ye who enter here, abandon all hope...

[i]A madman who quotes Hamlet and Dante?[/i]
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[COLOR=#FF0055][SIZE=1]I'm closing sign ups tomorrow, then Unborn Lord Xion and I will be discussing who's in and who's out on Saturday, that's when I'll start it. ^_^

I think ULX will be in charge of choosing Vampires, I'll do the Eliminators. That should be good with him...wherever he is.

So, here we have a [I]new[/I] list.

?[B]Skye-[/B] Becca Nightbird
?[B]Straight Outta' Ensley-[/B] Malkav
?[B]x kakashi x-[/B] Vince Yuric

?[B]Blackjack-[/B] Alex Jackson
?[B]dMage-[/B] Paul Englin
?[B]Sakura-[/B] Sakura Hiwatari
?[B]Who Am I?-[/B] Yuri

?[B]Unborn Lord Xion-[/B] Kuroichi

?[B]Delacroix-[/B] Beth Archer

(x kakashi x, you misunderstood what I meant in my PM. No places except the two mentioned above are definite yet.)

I'll post the final list on Saturday. Keep the sign ups coming and please remember to complete or I will not consider you at all.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Eh heh...sorry about the lateness...

[b]Name- [/b]
Kuroichi, the Silver Haired Demon

[b]Age- [/b]
Unknown; believed to be well over 1000

[b]Alliance- [/b]

[b]Appearance- [/b]
[url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=15&pos=10]Like This[/url]
[url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=8&pos=10]This Outfit[/url]

[b]Weapons- [/b]
Kuroichi uses, almost exclusively, his ancient katana, Shinku no Umi. It is insanely sharp, and is said to be able to cut through nearly anything. In addition, it is rumored that the blade holds mystical properties, being oft-referred to as ?The Strongest Blade in Existence?.

The only time he uses any other weapon is when he utilizes his Blood-Forging ability. See Fighting Style for more info.

[b]Extra- [/b]
Through doubtlessly unscrupulous means, Kuroichi has acquired a vast fortune, allowing him to procure various forms of transportation as he sees fit. His key vehicle, however, is a custom-made, jet-black motorcycle capable of reckless speeds.

[b]Personality- [/b]
Though he claims title of ?Demon,? Kuroichi seems to be all but. Charismatic, charming, and suave, he uses his natural aura to play games with the minds of his opponents. And from this charm emerges the second legend of Kuroichi ? not the Demon, but the Seducer.

From his various skills, Kuroichi has gained a great weakness ? his ego. Driven by his own sense of overwhelming self-importance, Kuroichi is maddeningly arrogant and self-assured. The dangerous fact, though, is that his ego is well founded. And from his ego is also born his avarice and ambition, the fuel that lets the fires of his power burn.

[b]Fighting Style- [/b]
Kuroichi is incredibly powerful in all aspects. A mighty warrior of physical and mystical means, he is deadly no matter what his weapon may be. He prefers, however, to do battle in the honorable way ? sword fighting is his greatest forte. But the simple fact is, he chooses to do things the simple, and arguably old-fashioned, way. His non-physical power may be greater than his physical strengths.

Kuroichi uses but two ?techniques,? and only when he is forced to ? or wants to end things quickly. His first trick is his incredible telekinesis, a mental energy force that manifests as red energy. He primarily uses it to create incredible blasts of pure mental force, but also uses it to fling objects around. And his other is far more deadly, and far more impressive ? his ability to manipulate blood. He can change any persons blood, once it has been spilled, into a solid that is stronger than most metals. The Blood-Metal is his trump-card, and once it has been unleashed, it spells the end.

[b]Character Snippet- [/b]
Guh?I?ll do it tomorrow.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Jake Morken

[b]Age:[/b] 24

[b]Alliance:[/b] Eliminators

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=10]This body[/URL]

[URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=8] This guy?s weapon[/URL]

[b]Weapon:[/b] See above picture.

Dark Hand: This five fingered bladed gauntlet was made with a special mixture of silver and black carbonite. The result made it extremely strong and sharp, and fits formely over the hand.

[b]Extra:[/b] A white and red Skyline is his form of transport, outfitted with many racing tune ups. Jake also keeps a Sig Sauer hidden, in his Skyline. He also loves music, so has his red and white guitar in the back of his car, that he can use as a bashing weapon if needed.

[b]Personality:[/b] Jake can silent and deadly when he wants to be. He doesn?t speak much when he?s concentrating, like if he speaks, his thoughts will escape. He babble a mile a minute when he?s happy, which isn?t often. He?s got the aura of a leader around him, but he doesn?t like to put it to use, as everyone he?s ever known has died in some way or another.

This cold demeanor can keep many people guessing at what he?s thinking. Even if someone saved his life, he would most likely repay them with a thank you, and leave quietly, back into the shadows where his prey lurks, like?rodents.

However Jake is most routinely deadly serious, honest in work, truthful with others and devout in his morals. A firm believer in justice, eternally trying to help those weaker than himself. At the same time, he possesses a fragile mind that quickly erupts when he encounters anyone who breaks his rules or disrupts his order. In other words, he has a hard time dealing with freedom, a fact he has yet to realize.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Jake combines Jeet Kune Do, Manji Ninjitsu, and Do Dan Do to create a melody of fighting that he believes contributes to his success in hunting his prey. Manji Ninjitsu requires a blade, so Jake takes one of the sword sized talons from his gauntlet and uses it as a blade in his left hand, slashing and thrusting with his right. He?ll always fight fair, no matter the circumstances.

Jake also has Cryokinekis, the ability to form and control ice. He uses this when he needs to attack from a range, or needs another weapon.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b] [b]?Where?s my gauntlet??[/b] Jake asked himself, straightening out his hair in the mirror. The black thing of death lay on the padded footstool. He straightened out his clothes, put on some cologne , and grabbed the black weapon. The intricate designs were like pathways for the blood he had to spill. It was his duty to protect those who were weak. Defenseless.

He slipped it on his right hand, blue eyes shining as the black metal glinted into his eyes. The cool steel was firm and hard against his skin. He used his long talon to brush a hair out of his eyes. It left a small trail of liquid fire, which dribbled down his eyes and down his face. He let it be.

Jake stepped out to the curb. He had received an assignment to hunt down a vampire. It was a weak one, but one he had met before. Last time?he didn?t have his weapons, or his experience. Things would be different this time.

He slipped into the car, taking off the metal gauntlet. That certain vampire jumped him then, teeth growing outwards. Unfortunately for the vampire. Jake?s hand was on his guitar. He pulled it out of the back seat, and slammed it into the vampire?s face. With a cold look, he told the vampire to get up.
[b]Fighit fair.?[/b] Jake got his gauntlet on, as the vampire pulled out a Glock. Jake bowed, as bullets streamed for his head. He sliced the bullets out of the air, digging his talons into the ground. Ice spread from them, flying forward at the guy.

[b]?Next time, fight??[/b] Jake sent a spire of ice upwards, through the vampire. It was impaled, as it squealed with pain.

[b]?Fair.?[/b] Jake ended it quickly, with a stab to the thing?s heart. He pulled out a white cloth, and cleaned off the darkened blood from his gauntlet. With a prayer, he walked away, getting his guitar and himself back in his car.[/color][/size]

[b]OOC:[/b] You could call those vampire/wolves Vampaneize.
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Name: ZX-942 "Zee Ecks"

Age: 100

Gender: Male

Aliance: Vampires

Weapons/ abilities: Very strong, very fast, and a technological genious. He was programed to fit in with people, and to be as human as possible. His left arm conceals a gun, as well as a laser cannon, cutting tools, and other appliances.His right arm has several blades which extend from his elbow and his palm, and is used for hand to hand combat He can hover for short periods of time, using some new technology incorperated into his systems. He can link up to computers and mechanical objects,as well as other robots through the use of telepresence functions. He can also communicate through phone lines like this. He has a combat mode, and a combat limiter, which he can release, if the situation is desperate enough. He can also upload any onformation and use it.]

Extra: He has quite a few Vampiric frends, all of them good, or rather, not evil. He often calls on them to help him in a difficult task.

Personality: He's very polite, and his moods shift from one to another quickly, and he stays apart from the others, being very aloof. People think he's stuck up for this, but he's really scared that he would be found out that he's not cyber-augumented, but really a robot. He's very loyal, and would even die to protect his few freinds. His special talents make his fights seem like a Carnival fireworks display, hence his codename.

Appearence: This particular photo is of him and his creator, Dr. Naomi Saji [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery/...nesis/***47.jpg[/url]

Biography: Zee is very awkward when it comes ot other people, not only because he is a little shorter than average, but because he is not human, or any other race, for that matter. He was designed, to look human, act human, as well as have many human qualities, such as the need to eat and breathe. He is a bio-mechanical lifeform, and he has some other qualities people dont have, but he is quite a freind, if one lets him. His creator, an ingenious inventor, created him when she was in her twenties, and he is rather like a son to her. He loves her like the truest freind she is, even after she is injured in an explosion, and her brain is put into a robot body, of her own design, similar to Zee's. Zee was part of a line of artificial lifeforms, each made to be unique, and he was the final one made. However, his creator favored Zee for unknown reasons. His strength is quite astounding, some vampires are jealous. He sided with the vampires to protect the good vampires, and he often eliminates the evil ones himself.
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