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RPG Project: Elemental Replica [M-SLV]


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[COLOR=Red][I][CENTER]'Let the tears fall down like rain...
And forgiveness wash away your pain...'[/I][/CENTER]

The wind blew softly against the rain, making the day seem dismal and decayed. Tear drops camouflaged in the rain as it trailed down upon a porcelain face. A face of beauty and sadness stared upon the empty boulevard?waiting...hoping?wanting something. She held out her slender arms as if to grasp something?then she was gone. Disappeared without a trace of any existence, leaving the boulevard empty?leaving it to its own misfortune.

?Why did this happen?how could we have [I]lost[/I]??, said a young female with a tone of desperation seeking salvation.

The tattered room stood silent without a word to echo, only the faces of people who had lost hope stared upon her. She soon became uncomfortable and began to crawl back into the shadowed corner of what once had was a radiant bedroom?.they?they had lost.


Remember the Celestial's had lost...so you know you guys are all mad and gloomy...while the Satanic are all proud and prissy. the Earhtian's are either talking about it or planning something.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=LightBlue]Looking at all the faces of her comrades Kiana felt unnerved. "Perhaps the Earthians will consider helping us." She heard a man say. Looking out at the land through a shatered window she thought about the pain and misery all her people had felt. The satanists had destroyed their once beautiful land. "But what about the next step. We can't just sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. Something must be done." She said aloud, stepping out of the room into the cool night breeze.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Micky wandered around and her a woman's cry. He couldn't recall her name but knew she was on the Celestial side.

"Excuse me miss? Are you alright? I know we have lost but we can fight once more.." He said comforting her.

"Our group can once more take power back from us so why don't we bring all of the Celestials and form a plan again?" [/COLOR]

[B]OOC: Sorry can't think of much..[/B]
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Kelwin walks over to the two Celestials and shakes his shaggy black hair out of his eyes. His tattered pants fluttered in the breeze as his face twisted into a sneer.

"You should've expected the loss, I don't know why you bothered," Kelwin spat at their feet, "I'll be back with the others to start sorting this garbage out." He turned on his heels and walked away, finally disappearing into the shadows.
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Kou looked hard at the building that housed both the celestials and the satanics,"Dammit. Why the hell did they have to start a war now? Even if it is over, it was a waste of life." A young girl stood next to him,"Kou? What are you talking about?" Kou clenched his fist as the ground started to shake,"It makes no sence at all. And where the hell are the other earthians? Why arent they here?" The girl started to step back as she realized that he was the one making the ground shake. He turned to her,"Tristen. Go home now. It may get a little dangerous." He saw the terror on her face as she turned and ran away.

Kou slowly started to make his way into the building,"Hello? Is anyone here?" He walked inot a room that looked like a bedroom and saw two people in the corner. There was another in the other side of the room. All three looked to be celestials,"By the looks of it, ya'll have lost. Is anyone here injured? If so, we need to get them help, no matter what side theymay be on." He looked at the girl cowering i nthe coprner, then the guy trying to comfort her. Then he turned to the other girl on the other side of the room,"Are you ok?" She nodded as did the other two. Kou sighed as he walked out of the room and looked around for anyone else that may be alive.
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T'kure watches the earthian go in the gets off the bench and walks down the sidealk, his black leather trench coat catching the breeze. He sees someone coming the other way. "Humans" T'kure punchs the man when he passes him sending him flying across the street and into a building. "Vile" He stops and holds his hand palm up as a plasma ball forms and hovers. "All will fall to the Satanics, there is no stopping the enevitable"
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"T'kure, try not to hurt them. They are only human." Talan spoke as he watched the ice on his arm retreat to the safty under his shirt. He pushed his silver hair out of his face as T'kure sneered and stalked off. When he was gone Talan walked over to the human and placed his hand over the mortal's head and a blue light emited from it. The wound on his head dissappeared and Talan returned to the shadows. He sighed sure they had won the battle, but there would be more fighting, much more. Leaning against a sturdy brick wall and looked up away from the blood soaked ground, coated with the blood of innocent humans and bodies. THe starry sky soothed his aching eyes.
"Forget about it Talan, remember no one is innocent. Everyone is guilty of something at one time or another, no matter how trivale." He closed his black eyes as he reasured himself that what he had done was right. Still in his heart of hearts he knew that murder was wrong, even though he was a Statnic it felt wrong. He was different from the others and he knew it.
"I hate your attitude Talan. Lighten up we won and its over, so stop being a baby." A voice said coldly to him as he slowly opened his eyes.

OOC: The person can be anyone. I don't really care.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=1][RIGHT]Talan was always too compassionate for his own good. The poor kid was going to get seriously hurt if he kept going like this...and not by her. He had to be given a warning.[/RIGHT]

[B]"I hate your attitude Talan. Lighten up - we won, and it's over, so stop being a baby."[/B] Helie's voice was cold, and much harsher than she meant. [RIGHT]Still, the words were already out of her mouth, and the damage was already done - she could see it in his eyes. It was odd - Helie felt so much older than Talan, even though in reality he was three years her senior.[/RIGHT]

She walked over some of the rubble beside him, and knelt down. There was old blood among the rubble, and broken toys scattered throughout. Papers fluttered everywhere, blown about by the hard wind that had descended, as if the breath of death in the war.

[CENTER]Yes, they had won.[/CENTER]

[B]"Talan?"[/B] Helie whispered. Sometimes she felt so...[I]old[/I]. As if she had already lived for centuries...

He looked over at her. [B]"Yes?"[/B]

[B]"...nevermind. Do you know where Jason is? He was supposed to be here..."[/B] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]"I'm here, Helie dearest," said Jason sarcastically. He dropped down from the roof above Helie and Talan, landing perfectly on his feet.

"Now what the hell do you want? We won, didn't we? The Celestials are gone! Nothing stands in the way of our victory now!" he said, his loud voice booming.

"We still have the Earthians to contend with, Jason. Don't start celebrating just yet," said Helie coolly.

"The Earthians?" Jason spat, "I can't believe you would even grace them with a chance of stopping us, Helie!" He conjured a fireball, letting it sit in his hand.

"We will find them, we will fight them, and we shall destroy them!" he crushed the fireball, letting it explode in a shower of sparks, "They will not defeat us..."[/SIZE]
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T'kure leans against a wall of a building. "Try not to hurt them they all are going to die anyway" He clenches his fist. "If not in the next war, then by me" He turns to the wall and brings his fist back as plasma surrounds it. "I'll make sure of it" T'kure hits the wal sends a blast destroying part of the first floor, causing the building to begin to lean aliitle. "Stubborn aren't we?" He destroys enough of the first floor sending the building crashing into another taking them both out and sending smoke and dust every where. T'kure watches fire leap up from the flames. "Cool" He contiunes walking away and sits down on another bench watching people pass by.
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[color=blue][size=1]"It's over. We're finished. They've won."

The words traveled through the room, striking each person hard. All stayed silent.

So many ways to put the final outcome. A war, having lasted more than anyone could have wanted, had ended. That fateful day had come and gone, taking the war with it. It was over.

"I don't believe it," one against the wall mumbled. "Rin.." another beside her sighed, grabbing her arm, trying to quiet her. It was best to be quiet now. To be peaceful.

"No!" she growled, pulling her arm away. "I won't sit here! This is bullshit! We can still fight. And we're far from powerless! Just get out there and [i]do[/i] something!"

Around her, the broken ones stared, their eyes wide. The tension was unbearable. Everyone waited for someone else to talk sense into this foolish girl, but nobody stepped up. Nobody wanted to break her spirit. She was probably the only unbroken one there, anyway.

"Rin," a man finally spoke up. She took a step back as he took a step forward.

"What," she scowled, taking another step back.

"Don't be foolish. You're a young girl, and we are weakened men and women. There's no way we can go up against the Satanics again. We gave it a shot. There's nothing we can do now. Nothing [i]you[/i] can do," he explained.

She was silent. Everyone turned away, positive that he had, indeed, crushed all of her hope and rid her off spirit. "I'm sorry, Rin. But I had to rid you of those.. ridiculous notions," the man apologized quietly.

"You're wrong."

Their eyes, that had just been avoiding the two figures in the center of the room, snapped to attention. She had spoken out. Her spirit was still there. Still strong. There was hope.

"They're not ridiculous. And we aren't weak. Just because [i]you[/i] were one of the first defeated, that doesn't mean you can call the rest of us weak! We lasted longer than you, and next time, we can out last them. I know it. And you know it, too," she smirked, seeing the look in his eyes, "But you don't want us to go. Because you know we'll leave you behind. [i]Weakling[/i]."

"Enough," came another voice.

The man Rin had just been arguing with stood silent, looking as still as a marble statue. But inside, he was shaken and his pride was bruised. It was in his eyes. Written all over his face. He stepped back to his spot against the wall. What was left of his spirit escaped him. He was broken. And unfixable.

Rin growled as she spun around and faced the one who had barked.

"No more of this, Rin. Your outbursts are pointless. We will [i]not[/i] go up against the Satanics again. They have beaten us, and we will stay beaten if we want to live," he demanded. His voice was stern. His look was superior and frightening. But he was no older than she was, yet his orders were obeyed, while he was respected and feared.

"And you're a coward!" she shouted, the windows bursting open, and doors flapping madly. Anything that wasn't living was picked up and thrown around by the invisible force. Her hair whipped across her face, and her eyes cried for someone to believe her. Just one.

"Stop this nonsense, Rin. Now!"

"No! I don't have to listen to you. It's your fault, Karn! It's all your fault..."

Her voice faded with the winds. As she calmed, everything else did. Whatever had been picked up now gently fell back to the floor, and her hair calmly returned to her cheeks.

"It's all your fault," she repeated, stepping backwards. "It's all your fault." A tear streamed down her face as she reached her spot on the wall. Silence enveloped the room again, and Karn stood in his spot, eyes locked with Rin's.

As they stared at one another, Rin mouthed a final message at him before slumping and falling to the floor.

OOC: Sorry it took so long. << And the room they're all in is where most of the Celestial's are just standing around. Hope that's alright. ^_^;;[/size][/color]
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Kyle runs up to Kou. "Sucks that we are the only known Earthians doesn't it?"

Kou nods. "Yeah it does"

Kyle peeks inside the room at the celestials. "I feel sorry for them. I say we help
them beat the Satanics. With both of us the two sides would be even"

Kou shkaes his head. "I don't know"

Kyle turns to him. "You my not have decided, but I have" Kyle walks into the room and looks at all of the Celestials huddled in the corners. "Don't worry I'll help all of you beat the Satanics"
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Kou slowly walked back into the room after Kyle. He looked at the expressions on everyones faces as Kyle told them that he would help.

"Hey, Kou. Arent you gonna help too?" Kyle asked looking back at him.

"I..I uhh.." Kyle ran up next to him and wispered in his ear, "C'mon man. Look at em. All they really need is a little positive attitude. they need encouragement. Even if we cant help them that much, we can at least say that we gave them inner strenght."

Kou looked around the room agian and fianlly nodded,"Fine. I guess that we could lend ya'll a hand." He looked dow at the girl that looked as she was having a nervous breakdown,"Hey. Whats wrong? C'mon and get up. You shouldn't be sulking like that. Waht we need to do is determine how we can really help ya'll." The girl slowly raised her head and looked at Kou as he got on his knees.

"Kou, you do know that they have lost once, dont you?" Kyle said as he had a concerned look on his face. Kou shook his head,"No. I would rather think of it as a way to learn. An experience that no one will forget. Something to show what they need to improve on." He stood back up and looked around the room once agian,"So. What shall we all do now?"
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]"Rin is right." Kiana said, her back still to all of them. "If we don't take action we will never regain our home."
"WE LOST! Isn't it enough we've been humiliated?!?" A man in the back yelled at her.
Turning around she looked at all the Celestrials and the few Earthians. Shaking her head she began to pace the room, thinking intently her eyes began to glow white. "Are you feeling alright?" A man asked her, stepping into her path. Looking at him, her eyes returned to normal. "I don't know..."[/COLOR]
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Kyle looks down at Rin and sees on the floor. "Poor girl" He walks over and puts his

arm around her. "Still got fire in her and ya'll are trying to put it out. You know that

she's right and ya'll just don't want to admit it" Kyle watches the others turn their

faces except for Kiana who brightens up a little. "I say if all of you don't help then I

guess it will be me, Kou, her and this girl" Kyle motions with his head towards Rin in

his arms. "Now who else is going to help?"
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SeaGreen]Goodness, Jason was irritable today...

[B]"Perhaps you're right, Jason; perhaps the Earthians have no chance against us, but I would rather be sure of that,"[/B] Helie said quietly. [RIGHT]She watched the sparks flow from his hands into the black earth.[/RIGHT]

[RIGHT]He had a cruel smile on his face.[/COLOR] [B][COLOR=DarkRed]"Are you afraid of them?"[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=SeaGreen]His hands clenched and unclenched in turn, as if itching to cause terror once more.[/RIGHT]

Helie looked away. [B]"No, not afraid - just wary, that's all. Not to mention, not even all of the Celestials are dead yet. If we failed to wipe them out completely, how can we even think that we are secure in our victory? Everything poses a threat at this moment - even the Earthians."[/B]

She looked over at Talan to see his reaction, but he wouldn't meet her gaze.

[CENTER]Sighing, she turned back to Jason, who was torturing a wounded bird he had found. [B]"And Kelwin seems to have disappeared again - I can't find him. Him and T'kure both."[/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]

OOC: I'm just trying to get everyone involved, aka the Satanics together so we can start a rampage or something of that nature...:animeswea[/SIZE]
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Kelwin appears in the shadows and walks over to Helie. Smirking, he pulls out a cigarette and a lighter.

"Well, have any new plans for us? with the Celestials in a sorry state, and the Earthians...well, who knows what they're doing", He blows out some smoke and inhales again, "...We should crush all of them, so we are truely the victors," Finishing his smoke, he tossed it the ground and put it out. "When do you think the others will get here? I don't have all day you know."
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"Helie does have a point. They can still fight and if the Earthians and Celestales join together we might have a big fight on our hands." Talan spoke quietly and the others looked at him. A small smile appeared in Halie's face, but dissappeared as the others looked at her. Talan sighed and began speaking again, "I'm only trying to be honest. We shouldn't celecrate just yet. Oh and Jason stop playing with that, you don't were its been and can't you see that it's already in inof pain."
"I like the sight of pain, Talan, so just shut up."
"Well I can't help my pasifist nature."
Talan ended the conversation and walked over to Helie putting his arm around her and sighing into her hair.The sweet smell soothed him and he smoothed the out of place hairs, giving her a smile.
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T'kure walks back up to the group. "I agree with Kelwin. If we don't finish them off now we could be already defeated. We must keep the Earthians and Celestials form joining" He looks at Kelwin. "Got another?" He lights the one Kelwin hands him. "Thanks" He turns away. "Now all I need is a little beer and somehting to kill, then I'll be fine" He looks at Talan. "What the fuck are you smelling her hair for?" He shakes his head. "How the hell did I ever get stuck with you, stupid bitch" Takes another puff. "Weed would be better" He goes and sits down on a bench. "Come get me whenever your ready to do somehting"
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[SIZE=1]"If we're gonna do it," said Jason, "Then we'd better do it now! We have to crush the Earthians now, or we'll never do it! Who's with me?"

"I'm with you," said T'Kure from his seat.

"Let's go," said Kelwin.

"I'm there," replied Helie.

"Well, I guess I'd better go to make sure you don't get into too much trouble. We don't want anything too bad to happen, do we?" said Talan.

"I have a question, Talan," said Jason, grabbing Talan by the scruff of the neck and hoisting him into the air, slamming him against the wall, "If you're such a pacifist, then what are you doing in the Satanics? And if you hate violence, then how come I saw you torturing a Celestial until he was on the brink of death and then leaving him to die in pain? That's the kind of thing I would do, not a pacisfist!"[/SIZE]
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"Well Jason everyone does things that there not proud of and I believe that you don't need to know my reasons behind joining the Satanics."
Talan stared deep into Jason's cold hating eyes and he grined. Ice began to coat his neck and travel onto Jason's hands numbing them. Jason let Talan slump to the ground and turned.
"I want an answer Talan." Jason spoke coldly as he stared at the ground.
"You want an answer well then I'l give you one, Shut and go to hell!" Talan's voice became very dark and malovent as he spoke. He then turned and dissappeared into the shadows leaving the others to thereselves.
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T'kure watched him go. "Can I please kill the bastard already?" He stands up and puts out his cigeratte. "Jason's got a good point. Why join when you hate to kill?" He turns to Jason. "He didn't kill any of the Celestials like us. He fucking rehealed them and let them go" He begins to smile. "I think he try to feel your sister up or something. I mean he smeeld her hair, and you didn't do anything. I would of beat his fucking ass" T'kure looks at the building the Celestials are in. "I think I might go kill them now. Anybody with me?"

Kelwin pops his knuckles. "I am. You in Jason?"

Jason nods. "Yeah I'm in. Lets go sis"
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Hold up w/ the physical there, Aura_Star - I'm nobody's girl yet. :animeswea And I'm not Jason's sister either - only partner in crime.


[COLOR=SeaGreen]Helie watched as Talan disappeared into the dark, and then turned back to the others who were waiting. She sighed...

[RIGHT][I]Well, it was probably better for him to leave, poor kid...[/I][/RIGHT]
She didn't know if he would've been able to handle what was to come, especially with Jason and T'kure along. As for their close physicality, she really didn't care - she wasn't interested in Talan, but she didn't mind giving him the comfort he seemed to need. Hugs didn't cost her anything.
[RIGHT][COLOR=DarkRed][B]"Well, Miss Halcyon?"[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]Jason smirked.[/RIGHT] She knew that he was annoyed with her - he only called her by her nickname when he was aggravated with her.

Helie smiled and bowed slightly. [B]"Am I to understand that you wish to begin?"[/B] she asked, completely polite in every manner. [/COLOR]

[RIGHT][COLOR=Purple][B]"Stop with this b*tching,"[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]T'kure snarled, interrupting.[/RIGHT] Kelwin only smiled his agreement, slightly amused in his own cynical manner.

She nodded again, [B]"Fine then. Where shall we start? Does anyone have a particular group to hit first?"[/B][/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Kyle looks out the window and sees the group of Satanics standing outside. "I think we need to go now" He turns to the group. "Did anybody hear what I said?" He grabs onto the door and opens it. "We need to go now. We can't beat them with ya'll in this state. we need to get ya'll somewhere else. A place with food." He sees the Satanics start to walk towards the building. "Me and Kou will stall them"

Kou looks at him. "What the, I didn't ask to do that"

Klye grabs his shoulder and pulls out the door into the main hall. "Too bad" He looks back in the room. "Go now or risk being killed" He winks at Rin before he stands goes outside with Kou and sits on the front steps.
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