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[QUOTE=Kenshin DX]It will be more than a year before PS3 drops its price.

And with the discontinuation of the 20GB model you are going to be waiting quite awhile for the PS3 to get cheaper.[/QUOTE]

Yeah i guess. i am not sure untill i do that. i will wait as long as it takes for the ps3 to go down in price and i can afford the Next metal gear solid installment that is going to be on the ps3 :animeswea

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A couple of things I'm pretty certain everyone is aware of by now.


First is the PS3 slim and the price drop. I forgot the date when it's suppose to be released (I think Sept 1st), and it's going to cost $299. We knew it was going to happen, and all I can say is FINALLY. While it's still a bit out of my price range at the moment (having no job and whatnot), I can actually look forward to buying this when I finally get a job. But atm, it's about time I start using layaway again. (Especially with the way the economy is now, it might actually be a smart idea to use that thing. Now I just gotta find a store that still does it.)


Second thing is that the PS3 will not ever play PS2 games. I know people can be lazy (I'm one of them), but I don't really see this as a big deal. I don't mind disconnecting and reconnecting between a PS2 and 3, but then again that's probably just me.

I'm not into the competitive market or anything (nor do I keep up with it), but one has to wonder with this price drop will sony be able to contend with the other consoles? Your thoughts.

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[font=franklin gothic medium]I almost feel that the PS3 Slim is the "real" launch of PS3. Prior to this, Sony just wasn't terribly competitive. It took them a long time to get the PS3 firmware right and Home took forever to hit the market.

Also, price was a huge factor for many people (myself included). I would have paid that price if PS3 had offered really brilliant exclusives...but owning an Xbox 360 kind of negated a lot of that for me. It just didn't have the appeal.

But now things have changed. With a price drop and an improved design, I think Sony can "re-launch" the PS3 and actually have a better chance of competing.

Backwards compatibility is a big sticking point for me personally, because I still play PS2 games. Some games I am likely to just buy on the PlayStation Store (especially those that end up with some sort of visual improvement), but it's kind of lame that I have to re-buy my game library.

I'm sure backwards compatibility isn't a huge issue for many consumers, but I do think Sony underrates it quite a bit, especially considering that PS2 is [i]still[/i] a viable platform.[/font]

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[center][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=royalblue]Well I had to get talk into getting ours(my husband is a diehard PS fan boy) at first. I mean the price:animenose didnt lower at all until the slim, so that was the biggest draw back for me. Besides having to buy everything extra that adds up pretty fast as well. :o But now that we have ours the only thing that is that major downer is that it is only backward conpatable for the PS1 games. Leaving our PS2 games dusty and forgotten. The best thing for me is it BlueRay player and how amazing it is to watch a movie on it. Our first movie was the new Batman Dark Knight and let me say it is so much more vivid and clear!!!! Props to the late Mr. Ledger as the Joker of corse.:blowup: We have rented so manying others and pick up a few more on a good deal. We have just gotten the internet so that feature is still new to us. So as for me I would say the PS3 is a multi use buy and worth it!!:catgirl:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/center]

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