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Is the gaming within you??

Ice Dragon v2

I am a/an _________ gamer  

  1. 1. I am a/an _________ gamer

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    • Oldschool
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I think some people might remember this (which I highly doubt) but let's see if the other people can answer this.

There a five types of gamers:

These are the most dreaded of all gamers. Personally, I can't stand most of them. A Ninty
fanboy will buy and fully support any product that is made or made for Nintendo. A Sony
fanboy does similar for Sony. These people deny all sense. The only reason certain crappy
games get put on the market, is because these people buy them. These people often never buy
outside of their company. Ninty fanboys hold steadfast to their games, but have never played/bought
anything by Sony. They often have never even played an RPG! The same goes the other way
around from Sony fanboys, and all other types of fanboys. If these people were eliminated,
companies would actually have to produce quality games to stay ahead. Anti- Anti'share the
opposite of fanboys. An Anti-Ninty will stand firm and insult Nintendo games that he's
never even heard of.

Sony does the same. These people will go so far as to defy all logic. Some people have
legitimate reasons for disliking games such as OOT and Final Fantasy 7, these people do
not. They just don't like the games because of who makes them. Some will even not play
games that were produced by a third party that only work on particular systems. Ex: They
won't play Megaman X4 (made by Capcom) because it is played on a Sony Playstation.

Oldschool Gamer:
These people have been around since the first two or three generations of games, sometimes
even earlier. They've experienced all genres, though many of them don't like certain ones.
These people will only buy a game if its good. They know the different companies, but don't
buy games based on who made them. When an oldschool gamer sees Squaresoft, they think,
"Hmm, could be good, they're a quality company." However, they don't buy a game because of
that. You'll find the largest amounts of these gamers playing games in the RPG genre.

Actual Gamer:
Okay, that's not the real name, but it's what I call them. These people haven't been around
as long as oldschooler's, but they know what they're doing. They might not have played all
genres, but they usually express an interest in knowing more about them. They don't usually
know a lot about the different companies, but they have some idea. They don't buy games
based on the developer. These guys are really just the newer and less experienced version
of the oldschool gamers.

Genre Specific Gamer:
These people only play one genre. There's nothing wrong with that; it's just their tastes.
There are a lot of driving gamers. You'll also find a lot of shooter gamers, along with
sports gamers. There's a reasonable amount of RPG gamers. They only play on genre that's
about all there is to them. Well, that's all folks. Questions? Just ask.

As for myself, I was a genre specific gamer because of racing games. Since that went down a bit (no, a lot). I became an actual gamer. How?? Even though I don't have the systems, there's always emulators. :D :D And i have like 45 ROMs, which a bunch of them sux. But hey, at least im experiencing something new (well not entirely)
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[SIZE=1]I'd be genre specific. I mostly stay with progressive games like Zelda and Brave Fencer Musashi. I just think their more fun because their are less (if any) cheats for the games to make 'em easier, you actaully have to learn what to do and take you time doing it.[/SIZE]
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woo baby i'm a mix of an oldskool gamer and an actuall gamer (i'v been around the block a few times ;) playing all of the different types.. and i also like to take my time and learn up on the ones i like) :D long live pong! lol, i actually bought and fixed up a pong.. :) good as new.. if not better.. i took apart an nintendo controller (nes) and converted it into a atari controller.. :D lol.. its way better then the sticks.. :)

anywho.. some nintendo fanboys have played an rpg.. mario rpg (great game) .. zelda.. etc..

i'm not too hip on zelda.. :/ i dont know why.. i'v just never got into it..

i'm much more of a bomberman fan.. :) i'm very pleased with the story mode in the bomberman touni for gba, i love the karabons(sp?)

i like pretty much all of the brands :) .. some more then others.. but i always pick a game weither its good or not.. or if i like it, i'll buy a game i like.. even if other people dont like it.. i dont get games to be popular.. (like alot of people.. ¬_¬ .. *glares at the tonyhawk fallowers*)
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I suppose I am an old school gamer. I have had almost all the systems, and get games based on MY opinion of it, no matter what anyone says. I know and respect certain developers over others, based on their past games, as well as what games they have coming up.

I started with the Commodore64 (old computer) playing Jumpman (JUMPMAN RULES!!) and other games (can't even think of them now =( sorry). Then we got an Atari, then the original Nintendo. We later got the Gameboy, and the SNES. I bought the Sega Genesis for my B-Day a long time ago, the first system I ever bought on my own. I then sold it to pay for the Nintendo 64 I have. I bought a PS1(or PSX for those that care) from my bro with some nice RPGs. I got the PS2 because a friend HAD to get rid of it (nice and cheap), and got a few games for that. I then saved up and got the GBA, and then, got my GAMECUBE. . which I love, and am highly anticipating the hordes of great games that are coming out!! =) WOOT!!

All I have to say. . *shuts up*
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i]
[B][color=indigo][size=1]I'm definitely an oldschool gamer. :)

Long live Game & Watch! lol.[/size][/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

Though this probably wasn't what you were talking about. . Anyone remember the Mario game on the watch? I LOVED that game, and when I had one, before the thing broke, I played it non-stop whenever I was away from home. It drove teachers insane, because rules on that sort of thing were unclear, and I was good not to play it during class. . LOL

As for the Fanboys that Ice Dragon was refering too. . I don't know that many would admit to being a Fanboy. . I LOVE Nintendo, and will jump to it's side if someone insults it on the drop of the hat. . but if someone is bringing up a good arguement, I will listen, make my points of defense, and respect when they make a good counter. I respect Playstation and Sega for the simple fact that each is really good at what they do. Playstation has, and will have some of the BEST RPGs, and I love them for it. You can not top most of the games that they have. Sega rules the arcade market, and they do a great job of making consol games out of their arcade fathers. All in all, I love Nintendo to death, and will/would do almost anything to get it's back. . but at the same time, I know and respect other gaming companies. . . so perhaps I have a part of a Fanboy in me? ^_^ If so. . then good :D
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I think i would be an old school. But i am not sure about that, i haven't been around to play very long ( i have been playing since probly i was five, and i am 13 now, you do the math). But i know i use to play the old atari (spell) and the oddessy (spell). a lot of people may not know what hte oddessy is though. i am not sure who made it, but i know it was way back. maybe even before the atari, but i don't know. and now i have a plain nes and a 64.
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[B]I would have to say i'm a mix of old school and actual, i was around at the gameboy launch etc. and i enjoy the older consoles as well. But i still like the new games that are coming out, and i don't buy based on a specific genre or developer. LONG LIVE EMULATORS![/B] :)
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