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Sign Up Angelic Suicide (M-VLS)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Suicide is a personal thing. Its how you feel about the world, and how you feel that they feel about you. Its all about how you feel, I guess. But it's also selfish, because there are, no matter who you are, some people who care for you so much, that the loss of you is devistating. I guess I'd know. See...I tried it once.

They say death is a beautiful thing, but I didn't think it would be so...painful. I guess I thought of it as a release from all that tormented me. See, I was sitting in my room, with nothing but my stero on...and I saw my box cutter. I always liked sharp things, so I began messing with it.

Then...I guess I sorta saw something. The door swung open, and a guy with black clothes was standing in the doorway. And his face...woah...you don't want me to tell you about it. And at that time I had a drug addiction, right? My little joint was sitting next to me on the bed, and so he picked it up, and took a deep puff. I just looked on in horror.

[b]"Come on, Alex...you know its beautiful over here...just grit your teeth and cut..."[/b]

The next thing I knew there was red on my arm, and black danced around my vision. And then, as darkness fell over me, I realized.[b]"I'm so damn stupid..."[/b] 2 days later I woke up in a hospital bed, a white gause pad on my arm, taped down with medical tape. My girlfriend came in.

[b]"That was a stupid thing to do!"[/b] But she cried, and she cried.

Now its a few years later, right? Yeah...well the only reason I saw that ugly guy a few years ago was because...yeah, this is farfetched, don't believe it myself....I'm a half angel. And I heard of others that are like this. I think something big's gunna happen.
This is, I think...a new twist on your classic depressional RPG. Basically, we're all half angels, right? This allows us to see demons, like Alex's encounter with Death himself. And all of them, however, are sucidial. They all think this is just one big nightmare, which pushes them closer and closer. Question is, will they snap?

[b]Sign Up Sheet:[/b]

[b]Age:[/b] 14+
[b]Apperance:[/b] A picture or detailed description will do fine.

[b]Powers:[/b] You're an angel. Angels have powers. Simple, no? Just describe them. No uber "I kill Death in one hit." Stuff.

[b]Personality:[/b] Dark, dank, and damp is how we like it in the hole. However you can put up a cheery mood. Don't really care, just give me a paragraph.

[b]Bio:[/b] How/why did you attempt your suicide? Give me at least two paragraphs.[/color][/size]
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[color=Navy][size=1][color=Black][b]OOC: [/b]Let me know if I have to change anything.[/color]
Name:[/b] Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender: [/b]Female

[b]Apperance:[/b] [/size][/color][size=1][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles, she wears [/color][/size][size=1][color=Navy]long black pants made of leathery material and a tight black top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbows. When not wearing that she's usually still wearing leather.

[/color][/size][color=Navy][size=1] [b]Powers:[/b] Sakura has the power to control gravity. She can make things and people heavy so they can't move, or the opposite to make things and people float, she can create black holes, bend light, make objects move. Pretty much anything that has to do with gravity.

[b]Personality:[/b] [/size][/color][size=1][color=Navy]Sakura's a quiet person who doesn't really talk much. She usually only talks if she's with people that she knows well or is angry. She keeps an emotionless mask most of the time because she thinks that emotions are weaknesses. But of course everyone needs an outlet for their emotions, so Sakura's is through playing music on her [url="http://www.harmonyonline.com/0013.jpeg"]flute[/url]. The music she plays is beautiful, and many that listen to it are oblivious to the fact that it is how she feels.

[/color][/size][color=Navy][size=1] [b]Bio:[/b] [/size][/color][size=1][color=Navy]Sakura hasn't been a happy person since she was a child. She was both physically and sexually abused by her father when she was 10, she had no mother because she had left, fleeing from the monster she had called a husband. Somehow he had won the custody for Sakura by making up a whole bunch of lies with his lawyer.

She had gotten her flute when she was 8, her mother had encouraged her to pick up music because she had liked it. Sakura held onto it and was determined to be the best of the best. By the time she was 9, she was at an incredibly high level, especially since she had only started a year ago. She became well known and she was happy to play for audiences.

When she was 12, the abuse had started and she changed. She continued to perform at concerts but everyone noticed a change in her performance, she put more emotion into them, not always sticking to the list of songs decided on before hand.

She made some friends at school that she got used to and slowly opened up toward, though still keeping a lot of her burden on herself. Sakura never gave in to peer pressure, she didn't believe in following other people around, whatever new trend to follow it.

Sakura wore a lot of black and dark colours after she started being abused, enjoying the dark colours. She liked leather too, she enjoyed the feel of it and wore leather a lot as well.

Everyday she got abused by her father because he was always drunk and enjoyed making life hell for her. She never told anyone about what was happening, not wanting to release information that would make her vulnerable.

A lot of the time she puts on a strong, brave facade, but underneath she's nothing more than someone wishing her life had turned out different.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=Navy]Sakura soon that she wasn't strong enough to hold up through the pain, so she attempted to kill herself, finding a new razor of her father's. There were so many around since he didn't shave any more. Sakura sat in the bathroom, leaning over the sink with the blade in her right hand. She didn't know that one of her few friends had come over to see her, which her father had just let roam in the house. As Sakura pressed the blade into the flesh of her left wrist, the door swung open and her friend paused, seeing what she was doing and rushed over. Sakura had already pricked her skin. Her friend pried the blade from her fingers and put pressure on the cut. She dragged Sakura by the wrist and got it bandaged up.

Her friend was incredibly upset and gave her a large lecture, that Sakura didn't listen to. After that, her friend stayed and they talked slighty before she had to go. She made Sakura promise not to try to do that again, Sakrua reluctantly promised. When her friend left, she got her flute and played a mournful song, she wished she could leave her hell hole of a life.
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[font=tahoma]Hum, why not? I haven't seen an RP like this in my 2 years.

[b]Name[/b]- Gabriel "Gabby" Larson
[b]Age[/b]- 17
[b]Gender[/b]- Male
[b]Apperance[/b]- [url=http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/pics/Angel_Sanctuary/20/20/117.jpg][u]Gabby[/u][/url] can be seen wearing mostly what he's got on. However, he does prefer to keep his shirt down, and wears a thick, black leather choker.

[b]Powers[/b]- If you know anything, the Arch Angel Gabriel is the angel of healing. Gabby shares this power with his father. Yet, despite the gift to heal, Gabby can only heal others. He's never been able to heal himself.

That's not the only thing he can do, mind you. His father--whom he's named after, Gabriel, was not just a healer, but was very powerful with hypnotizing techniques he performed on his patients to help soothe their pain. This power is both used for the good, and to bid evil intentions. It all depended how it was used, who it was used on, and the user's mind stability.

[b]Personality[/b]- He's been dubbed as a "lady's man", but really does not hold much interest in the opposite sex. Though, no one can peg him for being homosexual. He's never seen with either a male or female, one-on-one. But, he's usually seen around a group of people. He's a smooth talker, hence his nick name. He can charm both the ladies, and the gentlemen. He's not overly friendly, nor is he a total jerk. Sometimes, he's just hard to get along with; one minute he's happy and talkative, then a few minutes later, he's struck with silence and depression. One can look in his eyes and plainly see that Gabby is a confused individual.

[b]Bio[/b]- To understand Gabby, I guess I'll have to introduce you to him directly.

[i]"Why did you do it, Gabriel?"

"I wanted to know if I could take the pain," I sat there on that uncomfortable leather recliner.

It suited this pompus prick of a man. I was offended to be of the male gender after sitting through the third visit. What was he after? I had already told him the story twice before. I didn't spare him the gruesome details either. The sick bastard.

"So, tell me again-" his double-chin giggled as if he were growing impatient.

If anyone was to be impatient, it'd be me. I mean, I had already been in this office--this leathered-up, smoke-infested office--for two hours trying to convince this shrink I was not crazy. He wouldn't listen to me, like he's supposed to. He was getting paid a great deal of money from my 'parents' to help me. All he did was anger me, and I never get angry.

"Fine, you twisted f--k," sitting on the edge of the recliner, I took off the black leather--funny how I wore leather when all this office was was the material--choker I now made the fashion statement, "I stabbed myself in the throat. I used a #2 pencil, and it was dull. For some reason, I didn't die quick enough, so I dug around. I felt the strong muscles flex and push on the pencil, and I was curious"

"I understand that, but I want to know why you did it? What drove you?"

"Everything. You have no idea who I am. You could never understand what blood courses through my veins. My God has turned on me, my friends--superficial friends--turned on me, I..I even turned against myself. I wanted to make it go away," this is unbelievable, I'm actually breaking down to this head shrink.

He just stared at me and unconsciously flipped the page in his small notebook. I sat back again, still uncomfortable in the recliner. I, Gabriel Larson, tried to kill msyelf three months ago. It was during fourth period, Algebra. I sat there staring at the filthy desk my body occupied. My teacher was hardly the teacher he used to be. The man was in his early sixties and was tired of high school punks, resulting in his classroom being a total choas; especially fourth period. Every kid around me tossed notes, started arguing with each other over who was going to score with a set whore, how bad they had it at their house when really, they got whatever the hell they wanted. None of my friends where in this class, even if they were, they had friends that didn't like me. And sadly, my friends would hang out with them; they didn't really care.

I gazed around the room, kids sitting on their desks, which made me focus on mine. To my surprise, my left hand grew idle and wrote in a language I'd never seen. I've studied Spanish and some Latin, but this was nothing like I'd ever seen. Apparently, I had been drawing on my desk so hard, the graphite had worn down to the wood. I couldn't help think of my 'father' the night before. He swore he'd wear my a.ss thin if I messed up the entrance exam to his choice of a university. It would be a valid statement, he's beaten the spit out of me many times for things like not taking the trash out before I left for school, or if I left the bathroom door open. My 'mother' did nothing for me. In fact, if my 'dad' didn't pick up on something, she'd make it her life's goal to let him know that I needed some form of punishment. Many times I turned to 'God' for help, spiritual help. But I received a deaf ear. I still went home to a belt waiting for me, I still woke up with someone pulling at my hair, and I still hated going home after school or staying the night with a friend.

So one Sunday in church, I listened to the priest tell the story of Moses and his journey to the top of the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. When he came down from the mountain to give his people these set rules, he found them worshiping a golden cow. I zoned out through the rest, my mind was on the way Moses had to have felt. Betrayal and anger must have pulsed through him. I wondered if he blamed God for this, or if he blamed his people. I found myself relating to him. My life, I struggled to make the best grades in school, I tried to keep myself from the 'wrong crowd'. And when I would present my righteous self to my 'parents', they were too preoccupied with themselves and their luxuries.

So here I sat, in the midst of a cesspool of laughter and words of hatred, I stare at this worn down pencil and wonder why I was allowed to live for the past seventeen years. And I wondered if I could shove that dulled pencil into my flesh. Would I be able to feel it, would it be able to pierce, would anyone notice..

And it worked, only..I didn't die. Unfortunately, because now I was forced to sit in front of this overly-plump man and try to keep whatever sanity I had left. Why did I, of all people, have to put up with this? I know who I am.. [/i][/font]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Ellen

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearence: [URL=http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a265/Shadow_Maiden/100x120_image.jpg]Here[/URL] She has black hair and wears dark make-up around her eyes. She has a long black coat that hugs her upper-body. Underneath she wears a tight gray tee-shirt and black jeans with black skate shoes.

Powers: Matter. She takes surrounding matter and forms it into white blasts that can destroy many things, but is weak compared to most heavenly beings. She also has the power of flight.

Personality: Dark and hard to talk to. Usually Ellen ends up pushing people away with rude or sarcastic comments. But, once someone gets close to her they find a lot of kindness she supresses most of the time. She likes to be in the company of people, if she admits it or not.

Bio: Her home life was completely screwed up. Her parents died in a terrible accident when she was two, she was shipped from relative to relative until her aunt took her in. She was forced to go to bording scool with a bunch of preps and snobs. Ellen didn't make many friends, she mostly hung out with drunks and druggies.

One summer, she returned to her aunts home. Her aunt had gone insane and decided to attack Ellen. They fought for several hours until finally Ellen got hold of a pair of scissors and stabbed her aunt numerous times.

She buried the body in the woods during the night and crept back to the house. She burned her clothes and sat in the dark, holding the blood-stained scissors. She sat there staring at the medal shining in the moonlight. It drove her mad. She stood up and held the scissors over her head. When she brought them down, she missed her heart by milimeters. She fell to the ground and layed in a pool of her own blood all night. The next morning a neighbor found her and took her to the hospital.

No one came to visit her, except one. A beast named, Lucifer. He sat gloading over her until she cried to God, (Something she had never done before.), for help. She received a vision of others like her. Goths and suicidal people, but... they were different. All seemed to be glowing strangely. When she awoke, she felt at peace. And she knew who had helped her that night.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Jack Harvey

[B]Age[/B]: 18

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Apperance[/B]: [I]Stature[/I] - Jack isn't tall, but not entirely short either, he comfortably sits at an average size. He is a slender man with deteriorating posture. He often finds himself slouching, his hands in his pockets. He has muscles, but his body is no where near defined and his laziness leads to a lack of passion for taking care of his body.

[I]Hair & Eyes[/I] - Jack has mildly long black hair flowing just past his eyes and around his neck. He never takes the time to comb it, so it often looks grundgy and unkept. His eyes are a darker shade of purple and and often seem to glow. This gives him an overall dark look at first glance, causing most to stray away from him.

[I]Clothing[/I] - Jack wears long black pants just barely covering the tongues of his shoes. He likes them to be a bit baggy around his legs so sometimes they can be seen falling down. A tarnished metal chain hangs from a belt loop connected to a black leather wallet in his pocket. In which he keeps a picture of his love and nothing more. His shirt is also a tinted color of black with long sleeves and messy cufflinks missing a button on each side. It usually remains unbuttoned revealing either a white undershirt, or even his bare chest at times.

[B]Powers[/B]: Jack is able to manipulate water in any form he chooses.

[B]Personality[/B]: Jack likes to put up a front for those unfamiliar to him. He acts as though nothing is wrong, and smiles as if he's happy. However, those who know him know he has lead a troubled life and struggles even now to keep going. Alone Jack finds himself sad and spiteful towards others. He yells at himself for the things he's done and often makes even the best situations seemingly horrible. For the things he's done he must repent and he does so in the worst ways possible.

[B]Bio[/B]: That night, how dreadful it was. Everyone knows, yet feels the need to make me relive it over and over again, why? They enjoy making me suffer, I think, they just can't get enough of it. So there I sat, across from an old wrinkled man and my parents, if thats what you'd like to call them. The man wore a suit, brown and covered in lint. As much as he likes to judge others, you think he'd have more pride in his own appearance, yet there he sat, an eye sore to the world under 60.

I really didn't believe any of them deserved an answer or explanation to why I did what I did, but I knew they wouldn't let me leave otherwise, so it was best to just tell them. The night before was one of the worst of my life. Events of misfortune cluttered my days and the desire to live had turned to an insatiable hunger for death.

In the corner of my room I sat. My sleeves were rolled up as I scanned my arms for another place to insert the blade. However, I was unsuccessful in finding bare skin yet to be cut on a previous occasion. I sighed, several nights before had left me scarred with no form of release or atonement. Words echoed throughout my head and thoughts of death, once illusions, became the only way to end my pain. As lackluster as it seems, the only sure way to end my pain was by the pull of a trigger. My parents were oblivious to the gun kept under my bed, for safety precautions mostly, or an occasion such as this I suppose.

I held it in my hand, my finger caressing the trigger, my only way out, or so it seemed. I placed the barrel to my head and felt the circle press against my skin, my hair conforming to it's shape. My eyes closed, hand clenching around the handle, my finger pressed the trigger slowly. As the gun went off I fell to the ground, my head bleeding from it's open wound. The gun clattered as it slid across the floor, my hands falling limp. Apparently the bullet missed the innards of my brain and I was left to live, the cold steel still dormant in my head.

[B]Edit: K, I finished everything. If something needs to be changed just ask.[/B][/SIZE]
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[Size=1][color=#C82356][B]Name-[/B] Hidaka Kimi
[B]Age-[/B] 16
[B]Gender-[/B] Female

[B]Appearance-[/B] Some say that Kimi is a natural beauty, though most do not know that she is blind. Despite her inability to see, she possesses a nearly immaculate appearance which she believes makes her, in fact, a natural beauty. She stands at a fair height of 5?4? and weighing at about 110 lbs. Kimi has slender fingers that are long and slim from playing the piano as well as the violin, unmarked skin that is pure from any blemishes, short and spiky black hair, and a medium framed body that possesses slight muscle tones.

On a casual day, Kimi is seen wearing baggy jeans that are faded and a bit tattered over a pair of black basketball shorts with either a boyish tank top, polo, or whatever she comes across. She also wears a large hooded sweater over her shirts and tends to not wear feminine clothing. At times, the weather will be warm and Kimi will be seen wearing a black sleeveless hooded jacket with black baseball finger gloves, black tennis shoes, and black cargo shorts with basketball shorts underneath. Though everyday, Kimi wears a blindfold around her eyes to protect it from the light and to not allow others to see them. She also wears a silver necklace that holds a pendant with the words ?Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind? which is a verse from John 9:32.

[B]Powers-[/B] Unlike others, Kimi is an Itako- a blind female shaman. An Itako can speak with spirits, as well as banish them to Hell or send them to Heaven, though she is not that far into her Itako training to do so. What Kimi can do is fight spirits, control them, sense their level of energy, and follow trails, little things that require less energy. It?s difficult for her to conjure up great strength and energy to use her abilities to call upon a spirit though, for it takes concentration and a large amount of spiritual energy.

Being an Itako has given Kimi senses greater than the average human, except for sight, but sight in itself is not just the eyes, it is also with the mind and heart, as well as the soul. She also has two-thirds of the mental intelligence of a genius and yet thirsts for knowledge. Because of this, Kimi has developed a photographic and phonographic memory, the comprehension to understand dozens of other languages, and the native tongue of the animal world.

[B]Personality-[/B] People would think her to be weak, feminine, and dependent, but Kimi proves them wrong by showing them that she doesn?t need anyone to help her nor does she allow anyone to help her unless it is needed. People had thought that because of her blindness, she was handed everything but the fact is, Kimi was never handed anything nor was she given anything for that matter. She?s had to work for what she earned just like the rest of the world, except she used her flaw and made it into a skill, something that not many can do.

Through the years, Kimi became calloused and coarse. She?s turned sadistic, cynical, and indifferent, almost emotionless, not caring for the little thing, not caring at all. In essence, she means no harm to anyone else, except to herself.

She may be blind, but her skills in martial arts, marksmanship, archery, and various others are exceptionally well. Just because Kimi is blind does not mean that she does not know how to fend for herself, in this case she can do much more.

[B]Bio-[/B] ?What did you see, Kimi??
[i]Nothing. It felt dark. I have but empty eyes.[/i]

?What did you hear??
[i]Screaming. Loud and terrified. It echoed in the room.[/i]

?What did you feel??
[i]Blood. Thick and cold. It was like a pool.[/i]

?Tell me, what happened??
[i]Chaos. Beautiful and real. What a splendor to experience.[/i]

?Alright then. I did the most strangest thing that anyone could ever have done. I did the most unpredictable, unrealistic, and unfathomable suicide attempt unknown to mankind. I stuck a jawbreaker in my mouth and duct-taped it so that I couldn?t pop it out, then I laid down and closed my eyes. I could feel my throat muscles attempting to keep the jawbreaker out of it, though it soon allowed it to pass through and quickly become lodged at the surface, closing off my airway.?
[i]Suicide. Unsatisfied and unfulfilling. End it now or stay and take the pain?[/i]

?What happened before you tried to kill yourself??
[i]Questions. Purposeful and unanswered. Why are there so many?[/i]

?If I told you, you?d have nightmares for days to come.?
[i]Cynical. Content yet horrifying. It?s no wonder people feel awkward.[/i]

?Don?t worry about me, Kimi. Just tell me what happened.?
[i]Nervous. Sweating and wriggling. A pleasurable sight it is.[/i]

?A warning was spoken, though you chose to listen. What happens to you is of no concern to me.?
[i]Danger. Threatening and wondrous. Something about is exciting.[/i]

?It was late afternoon going into the early dusk. The wind was chilly though not cold and the snow crunched underneath my feet as I walked towards my destination.?
[i]Destiny. Unpredictable and misunderstood. Is there such a thing?[/i]

?Where were you going??
[i]Curious. Wondering and pondering. Curiosity did kill the cat.[/i]

?I was on my way home. I had returned from the market and I placed my things down. It was then that I heard whispers and giggling. I realized that my aunt had friends over but what I didn?t realize then was that they were speaking ill of me.?
[i]Rumors. Horrid and untrue. It is gossip that angers the heart.[/i]

?Did anyone hear you walk in??
[i]Stealth. Powerful and wise. A strategy used to assassinate.[/i]

?No, no one heard me. I was quiet and stealthy, almost as if I was never there. I walked closer and the whispers grew louder and I leaned slightly and heard them say things about me. How I was a poor child who had a defect, how my mother hated me so for being blind, how I was favored when the [i]normal[/i] children should be favored, and things like that. I usually don?t allow such things to get to me but I couldn?t stand it that no one said anything to me straightforward. They had to say it behind my back, stabbing me as they did it.?
[i]Pain. Wondrous and blissful. There?s nothing like the feel of pain.[/i]

?Were you angered that they were doing this??
[i]Anger. Corrupted and coarse. The blood boils as one becomes furious.[/i]

?Of course, I was angered. It was then that I took off from the place I was and found the jawbreaker I had gotten from the market and went to my room. I didn?t shut the door, but I closed it well enough. I then attempted to kill myself with a jawbreaker. I woke up a day later to find myself at home, in my bed, with my grandmother at the foot. I felt around to find that duct-tape was no longer occupying my mouth. My grandmother had rescued me though I didn?t want to be rescued.?
[i]Rescue. Insignificant and useless. Should one be rescued if one is in peril of themselves?[/i]

?What happened afterwards??
[i]Aftermath. Future and consequences. Should I even worry about it?[/i]

?I was forced to come here and listen to your fascist words sink into my mind and make me feel as if I?m some sort of psychotic child who actually [i]needs[/i] to be told that she?s on the verge of breaking down, when in reality, I?m far from breaking down. There?s no need to tell me I?m crazy or even psychotic because insanity is the one thing that keeps me sane.?
[i]Fear. Cruel and frightening. Something that I put into people and love it every moment.[/i][/size][/color]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Size=1][B]Name[/B]: Olli Killigan

[B]Age[/B]: 16

[B]Gender[/b]: Male

[B]Apperance[/b]:[URL=http://www.hinocatv.ne.jp/~a-murata/gallery/yukito_kunisaki.jpg]Here, minus the creepy puppet thing.[/URL]

[b]Powers[/b]: Olli can effect the world around him with thought. Whether it be sending off a signal to everyone to stay clear, or just having something to move that was blocking whatever he was doing.

[b]Personality[/b]: Olli is a very quiet person. He was never known for being anything more than the boy who sat in class, did his work, and got a good grade. No one ever saw him hanging with friends, and he always sat alone at lunchtime. Very few people were ever seen hanging with him, and even then, they seemed nervous to be around him. It seems like a dark aura hangs over him, and everything he does. Does an aura really float over Olli, or is it something deeper?

[b]Bio[/b]: Olli was born into a very typical family. His father worked in a music store, and his mother was lawyer. His life was great. He always had clothes on his back, and food in his stomach, and parents who loved him. He also had many little friends, and would spend the endless summer days running around and having a good time.

That came to a screeching when Olli turned nine. He and his friend Julia were out running through the forest behind her house, and night was slowly setting. The two of them were nowhere near done playing with the fish in a stream they had found. As they giggled and chased after them, they become oblivious to time. Soon, dark night had befallen them, and as they trudged their way towards home, they heard the first of many spine-chilling noises.

The branches overhead seemed to squeal, as if someone or something was sitting on them. Olli felt it creeps down his back, and he turned to Julia. ?Did, you hear that??

She nodded her head, and let out a small whimper. Olli grabbed her hand, and the pair began to walk faster. They soon began to sprint as the sound began to come from the bushes. As they ran, the sound only seemed to get closer, and closer, until finally, the two couldn?t take it anymore, and they turned around to see if they could see what was following them. What he saw scarred him forever.

A man standing at a good 6?2 with a knife in his hands, and blood splattered all over his shirt. Olli tried to turn around, but his feet were frozen in place. The man?s focus was on Julia as he began to drool. Julia who had regained the motion in her feet suddenly jerked Olli. By saving his balance, he kept up with her, and the two could hear the guy following. As they continued running, it became apparent to Olli that the guy behind them wasn?t going to catch them, because he wasn?t running fast enough.

For only a second, he began to imagine the man running fast enough to catch them both. Just for a second, he could see the man smile as he grabbed Julia and slid the knife through her? Olli suddenly tripped and fell. He thought he felt Julia fall too, but she didn?t. Instead, the guy grabbed her and stuck his knife into her stomach, and she began to cough up blood. Olli tried to turn away, but his gaze seemed fixated on the scene played out before him.

The man licked his lips as he suddenly lunged towards the girl with his mouth open, Olli screamed, and?

Woke up in a hospital bed. He looked around at his surroundings, and there were his parents, sleeping in the chairs by his bed. ?It didn?t work then, damnit.? Olli thought as he tried to sit up.

His mother heard the sheets rustle, and her eyes shot open. ?Olli! Oh my God. Jack! Jack! He?s awake.?

His father stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at Olli, and Olli could see he had been crying.

?Olli, the doctor says your throat?ll be sore for a while, and he said that you?d need to stay in the hospital for another week to make sure that you didn?t puncture your stomach.? His mom said, smiling. ?Everything?s gonna be OK.?

[I]?********.[/I] I thought to myself, still frowning. I had just survived swallowing a shard of glass. Things weren?t going to be OK.[/size][/color]
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Name: Kiyoshi Niijma
Age: 21
Apperance: He is 6 ft slim and athletic with raven black hair up to his shoulders. His eyes are silver and show no emotian but anger sometimes. He wears black jeans and a red sleevless shirt with a black trench coat. He wears sunglasses most of the time.

Powers: He can see when people will de because of his father Azrael the angel of death. He can also manipulate his spirituel energy for attacks manipulateing elements and such.

Personality: He is cold and cares not for others anymore. Seeing peoples death has done this most people who know him end up with a closer death date than they had when he first saw them.

Bio: When he was born his mother died no one ever knew why. His mothers parents sied soon to with strange accedents. So he was raised in an orphanage with nuns to teach him. When he was young an epidemic hit the orphanage killing most of the children only he didn't get sick. He never got adopted the people who came to adopt would take one look at his eyes and shiver.

When he finaly left the orphanage at 18 he saw them the demons. They would follow him taunt him try to make him do what thought about everynight. He was strong and ignored them as best he could he even fought a few. He became a criminal stealing what he needed or wanted. He had killed some people crippled some takeing their money weopons and so on.

The demons soon began to whisper about he was a bane on the earth sinning like he did. They would say how death would always follow him and no one could love him and how he is a monster. He eventualy cracked he jumped off the tallest building fallling down. Yet he didn't die most of his bones where broken but he lived. The doctors where confused by this. He woke up a year later in the hospital seeing the demons there smirking at him. Now he knew who his father was though and he smiled back he was going to make them pay for this.

OK how is this
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