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anime songs! wats your fave!?!


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Hm..... man, if only I can [B]remember[/B] some anime songs I like! :animeswea

Um, I believe some of my favs are Every Heart from Inuyasha, Trust from Vandread, and WILD WIND ~Yasei no Kaze no you ni~ from Yu Yu Hakusho.

...... sorry, but that is about the only songs that pop into my head at the moment!
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Tooku Made from Vampire Hunter D
Shinjitsu no Shi from Inuyasha
BT from .Hack
Tsukikage De Mou Ichi-Do from Blue Seed
Little Prayer from Fruits Basket
Aoi Kioku from Card Captor Sakura
Butterfly from Digimon
Hear me cry from Fushigi Yuugi
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Guest AzureSea
hmm, there's so many I like:
FMA-Kesenai Tsumi(Unerasable Sin)1st ED,Ready Steady Go 2nd OP,Undo 3rd OP, and Riraito(Rewrite)4th OP
.hack//SIGN-Obsession(OP), Yasashii Yoake(Gentle Dawn)(ED), To Nowhere, Key of the Twilight, Fake Wings, The World, In the Land of Twilight Under the Moon, and there may be others, but I haven't heard all of the songs in the series
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex- Inner Universe (OP)
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet- Emerald Green(ED)
InuYasha- Every Heart(one of the EDs), Shinjitsu no Uta(Song of Truth)(newest ED)
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Guest Tsurugi
Alone - 2nd ending to Saiyuki
Tight Rope - Saiyuki
Open Your Mind - Saiyuki
Fuaki Mori - Inuyasha
Every Heart - Inuyasha
READY STEADY GO - FullMetal Alchemist
Kesnai Tsumi - FullMetal Alchemist
Tobira no Mukou e - FullMetal Alchemist
ano yume no mukou e - FMA

:animeswea :animeswea ;)
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[quote name='RiflesAtRecess']The only anime songs I really find pleasure in listening to are from FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, and some of Samurai Champloo. In fact, after watching FLCL, I searched for and bought several of The Pillows' cd's.[/quote]

The best way to get music from FLCL is to buy the CD FLCL addict.

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Mine are:

Bleach - Yonuha (Closing Theme)
Bleach- Oramge Range-Asterik (Opening Theme)
Bleach - Life is like a boat & Thank you (Closing Themes,Well ALL bleach Songs)
Naruto - Fighting Dreamers (I guess.. ^^)
Cowboy Bebop- Opening Music
Detective Conan (Case Closed) - All Songs Both *** and ARB

Pumpkin Head
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the beginning of samurai champloo and the ending.
cowboy bebop: walk in the rain
azumanga daioh: fancy hearing cake
the beginning and endings of full metal alchemist
tenchi muyo GXP: midnight sun and your the worst
anything on ranma 1/2
FLCL: ride on shooting star
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Guest Blackangel576
my fave r the ending theme 2 samurai champloo opening 2 dnangel almost all of hte fruits basket most of inuyasha theme 4 zatch bell and both 2 fullmetal alchemist but i cant find any website that will play the theme 2 dnangel do u kno of any?

:catgirl: yuki
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[quote name='wolf45neko45']there are soooooo many anime songs out there!!!!!! i also like wind from naruto(sp?) .hack//sign aura is cool too! and witch hunter robin silence! :animesmil[/quote]

How did you get those awsome icon thing's ya know that inuyasha and the moveing cat :catgirl: Please let me know!
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple]FLCL - [B]Ride on Shooting Star[/B]
.hack//SIGN - [B]Obsession (OP)[/B]
Zone of the Enders: the Second Runner - [B]Beyond the Bounds[/B]

So, Zone of the Enders is a game, not an anime. It's got anime [B]in[/B] it, so it counts, right? :catgirl: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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