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[COLOR=Darkred][size=1][i]'When science goes to far, and the wolrd teeters on the edge of distruction, who do we blame? We can only blame ourselves.'[/i]

[b] [Center]Guilty Gear: Rebirth of Outrage[/center][/b]

[b][u]Magical Science[/b][/u]

In the early part of the 21st century, scientists discovered a new source of power, which promised unlimited, pollution-free energy for all. It was labeled ?magic.? There were four types of this magic, based off of the primal elements of nature: Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Water. These were the elements officially recognized as being part of Magical Science. However, there was a fifth element, the element ?Ki.? Very few people had the ability to use it, most of who were of Asian descent. The abilities and powers of Ki cannot be duplicated or harnessed by machine; so while Ki is one of the types of magic, it is technically not part of Magical Science.

In the years after its discovery, Magical Science quickly proliferated, becoming the ultimate technology. The old technology?the crude machines that raped the earth and threatened to turn humans into nothing more than fleshy cogs in a giant machine?was banned by most of the world, labeled as ?Blacktech.? However, Magical Science would end up unleashing a horror upon the world that eclipsed anything ?Blacktech? had done.

[b][u] Gear Project[/b][/u]

The original purpose of the Gear Project is unknown, lost in the fog of war and the shadows of time. These Gears were supposed to be a means to further evolution?in that they are not themselves a separate species, but an altered one. An existing being can be transformed into a Gear by binding Magic to its DNA, or those Gears can be created from scratch. Gears can be created from any animals, be they lions, whales, dogs... or humans.

In 2016, the first true Gear was created. A scientist by the name of Dr. Frederick Angheiz, an American, was turned into the prototype Gear. Afterwards, the Gear Project mysteriously shut down, its researchers and facilities vanishing overnight. The now-Gear Frederick disappeared, and his exact fate is unknown (at least as far as official records go). The Gear modifications imbued Frederick with enormous, seemingly infinite power, as well as stopping his aging process.

However, shortly after Frederick?s disappearance, stories began to circulate about an extremely powerful and skilled bounty hunter who seemed to appear from nowhere, as suddenly as Frederick had vanished. And all thoughts of Gears were dispersed in the silence following the Project.

[b][u] Outrage[/b][/u]

Among the head scientists on the Gear Project was a man known only by the name ?That Man.? In 2073, Frederick received word that the United States of America was restarting the Gear Project, in secret, headed by ?That Man.?

When Frederick learned of the reborn Gear Project, he began work on a massive Anti-Gear weapon: the Outrage. The only person who knows what the Outrage is truly capable of, however, is Frederick himself; its creator has been the one person to see it in its true form. The Outrage was created in eight separate parts, the Jinki. Each of these Jinki, or tools, was designed to amplify the magical powers the user possessed.

The eight Jinki are:

Fuuraiken (Thunderseal Sword?Thunder Element) [Sword]
Fuuenken (Fireseal Sword?Fire Element) [Sword]
Zessen (Stopping Fans?Wind Element) [Fans]
Senga (Flashing Tooth?Water Element) [Sword]
Ekitoku (Increasing Fervor?Fire Element) [Battleaxe]
Kojouhaku (White on the Lake?Water Element) [Trident]
Senhoshiken (Thousand-Star Sword?Wind Element) [Sword]
Getsu no Kuroi (Black of Moon?Thunder Element) [Whip]

However, the Outrage?s true potential is unknown, as it has never been used in its ultimate form, save once...

[b][u] Justice[/b][/u]

The purpose of the new Gear Project was different than that of the original. This time, the purpose of Gears was not to provide a means of furthering evolution?but to act as bioweapons. In order to ensure that the Gears would follow orders, they were designed to have no free will, to run on instinct, to be completely obedient.

The production model Gears?those that were mass-produced under the program?were successes in this regard. They would obey without question, not caring about themselves or about any aspect of life other than fighting. However, they were just production models, all the same, all inferior to the Perfect Gear that had come before them.

This Gear was named Justice. As the first True Gear, Justice possessed more power than practically all the rest of the mass-produced models combined. The power of Type 01, as she was code-named, was absolute. Yet Justice was different from the mindless puppets that came after in more ways than sheer power. Whether this was intentional on the part of ?That Man? who created her, or whether it evolved within her naturally is unknown, but it is a fact that Justice came to possess free will.

She was the first Commander Gear, the most powerful. The Command-Type Gears would be able to give the lesser Gears around them some semblance of free will, to direct their power towards certain ends. Through her power, Justice transformed some of the more powerful non-production models into Sub-commanders. They too had a form of free will and could control the many lesser models, yet they were but relays in a chain. Justice had the power to create them all, and she had the power to control and override them all. Without the Sub-commander Gears, normal Gears would relapse into their obedient state; without Justice, the entire chain would collapse.

Whether Frederick knew of Justice?more specifically what she was capable of?or not is also unknown. It is clear that Frederick, wielding the Outrage, attacked the research facility in an attempt to kill ?That Man.? The Outrage?s one and only use was here, where it delivered a powerful, near-fatal wound to the newly born Justice.

The attack failed, and the Outrage was split into the eight Jinki once more, which came under the custody of the United Nations. Yet Justice did not escape unscathed. The immensely powerful attack weakened her so badly that she only survived through the aid of a powerful, mechanical battle-suit, which she wore from that point on.

That battle-suit would become a feared and hated image in the mind of humanity from then on. Justice rallied all the Gears that had been created, and led them in rebellion against humanity. And thus began one of the darkest periods in human history?the Crusades.


In the year 2074, Justice?s forces struck quickly and powerfully, unleashing their might upon an unsuspecting world. Their first act of war was to attack the island nation of Japan. Those few who witnessed the carnage and survived to tell the tale were forever scarred, unable to put those horrible images into words. Japan was all but obliterated. The cities fell to the might of the Gear onslaught, crumbling into burning rubble. The few Japanese survivors were placed in camps, to prevent the extinction of their race?which had been all but wiped out already.

That initial, crushing attack will always be remembered as the most vicious of the Crusades. Humanity was unprepared for the tide of war, and they were overwhelmed. Yet the humans refused to succumb without a fight. Resistance sprang up, eventually forming cohesive groups that warred against the Gears.

By far, the most famous of these groups is the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. It was founded in 2113 by the legendary blademaster Kliff Undersn, who is the only non-Asian to fully master the use of Ki. At a young age, he had been saved from a Gear attack by an amazingly skilled anti-Gear bounty hunter. Kliff resolved that he would one day save people in need like the mysterious bounty hunter had done for him. So he created the Sacred Order to fight the Gears. And the Crusade continued, a cycle of destruction.

No one was left untouched by the sorrow of the great war. Kliff Undersn?s stepson, the Holy Knight Tesu Undersn, was captured during a raid... he was never heard from again. Yet the now-aged swordsman refused to let the despair overwhelm him. The war raged on...

It was the year 2174. If there was good news for the human side, it was the presence of two new powerful warriors in the Sacred Order. One was the young yet brilliant swordsman Ky Kiske, the Frenchman who even at the young age of 14 was appointed as Kliff?s second-in-command. The other was the enigmatic, taciturn former bounty hunter who went by the name Sol Badguy.

[b][u]Ky and Sol[/b][/u]

If there was one thing that the young Frenchman despised about Sol Badguy, it was his nonchalance. Ky himself trained and studied the use of magic for hours upon end each day; it was through these rigorous exercises and his own considerable talent that he managed to attain his impressive power in battle. The blond teenager was highly charismatic and intelligent, a master strategist?those qualities, along with his loyalty and morality, were what caused Kliff to select him as his successor.

While Sol was no less intelligent than Ky, he simply didn?t seem to give a damn. The bounty hunter frequently bordered on insubordination, rarely following orders. He never trained, never sought to increase his power. But what infuriated Ky Kiske more than anything else?even though Sol never studied nor trained, even though Ky worked daily to become a better fighter... Sol was always more powerful. Whenever the two fought, Sol would inevitably end up walking away, leaving a defeated Ky on the ground. Sol never took him seriously, which caused Ky?s rage to build.

Since it was the most official faction representing humanity in the Crusades, the United Nations gave the Sacred Order two of the treasured Jinki?the Fuuenken and the Fuuraiken. Kliff Undersn wielded the Thunderseal until his retirement as the head of the Holy Knights. The ancient swordsman received the massive Dragonslayer blade, and passed the Fuuraiken as well as the leadership of the Sacred Order to the then-16-year-old Ky Kiske.

Shortly after the leadership passed to Ky, a fight between Sol and the Frenchman escalated past what was considered normal for a training duel. That night, Sol Badguy left the Sacred Order, taking the treasured Fuuenken with him.

Sol Badguy

The theft was not a theft per se, however. Sol Badguy was merely stealing back what was rightfully his property in the first place. Shortly after his initial transformation into a Gear, the scientist Frederick took to wearing a band on his head. This band contained a device known as a Gear Cell, which suppressed Frederick?s Gear form, allowing him to remain in a human state. It also sealed away the vast majority of his power, yet he was still far beyond any other, even in his sealed state.

Sometime after the beginning of the Crusades, Frederick took on the name Sol Badguy, and devoted his life to the hunting down and killing of all Gears. It was he who had saved the young Kliff Undersn, and it was he who had been recruited by the same Kliff Undersn into the Sacred Order. With the Fireseal Blade, which he himself had created in the first place, Sol Badguy left the Holy Knights.

[b][u] The Fall of Cliff: Testament[/b][/u]

One of the problems with the Gear forces, as Justice saw, was that they lacked true free will. The Gears took orders from the Sub-Commanders, who in turn took their orders from Justice herself. If any major change were to take place in a battle plan, it would have to come directly from Type 01. While the Gears had the advantage in terms of sheer battle power, this lack of versatility was one of their biggest weaknesses?one that led to several defeats.

To remedy this, Justice decided to create a new class of Sub-Commander Gear. These Gears were either created from humans who had been captured, or were created using genetic data gathered from corpses of fallen warriors. These Gear/human hybrids had power far greater than that of the normal Sub-Commanders, as well as possessing greater free will than any other Gear save Justice herself.

If there were a flaw in this plan, it became readily evident. Several of the new hybrids rebelled, breaking off from Justice?s forces and forming their own faction. The ultimate goal of these rogue Gears was the destruction of Justice, yet they were not averse to attacking humans?and humanity rarely held back, even against the Gears not allied with Justice.

While the presence of this new faction troubled Justice slightly, the Queen of Gears still had many of this new breed of Sub-Commander Gear on her side. One of which, her right-hand man, had been created from the captured Holy Knight Tesu Undersn?Kliff?s son. This new Gear, who went by the name of Testament, became almost as feared as Justice herself.

When rumors of Testament reached the ear of the ancient blademaster, Kliff knew that he had to stop what had become of his beloved adopted son. Ky Kiske found out about what Kliff was planning to do, and set off to assist his former master in any way possible. Although he was utterly unconcerned with either Ky, Kliff, or Testament, Sol Badguy realized that this was the best time to strike at Type 01. And so, the five warriors?Ky Kiske, Kliff Undersn, Testament, Sol Badguy, and Justice?converged on an ancient battlefield.

[b][u] The Fall of Cliff: Grave [/b][/u]

What purpose the monument served in the days when Japan was a living country is now unknown. After Justice?s forces swept through the city of Kyoto in that initial onslaught, however, its purpose changed. It became a tomb. The endless stairs that climbed up to the scorched sky were still stained with blood, were still scarred from the battles that had taken place there. Nothing lived in that godforsaken path to hell, which made it a fitting place to die.

It was there that Kliff Undersn, the strongest warrior humanity has ever known, met his adopted son in combat. Testament was Justice?s second-in-command, and had every ounce of the power that would be expected as such. The battle was fierce, forcing both parties to call upon every ounce of their courage and strength.

Forces that cannot be explained with mere words shook the sepulcher. The battle raged for the better part of a day, with neither of the two gaining the upper hand. However, in the end, even the might of Testament succumbed to the power that Kliff held within. The powerful Gear fell before the man who had been his father... and yet, Kliff spared his life.

The aged warrior had not seen the desire for humanity?s destruction on Testament?s face. A burning pain lurked within the young Gear, the power of Justice?s command. Rather than kill his adopted son, Kliff turned his sights on Type 01 herself, who had been watching the entire battle from the top of those battle-scarred stairs.

Kliff and Justice had fought sixteen times over the course of the Crusades. They were equally matched in power. However, the master swordsman was weakened from his fight against Testament...

There, upon the tomb that led to the scorched skies of heaven, among the ruins that were once a city of hundreds of thousands... Kliff Undersn fell.

[b][u]Meet Again[/b][/u]

Maddened with grief over the loss of his mentor, the young Ky Kiske charged Justice, yet even the brilliantly skilled swordsman was no match for the Queen of Gears. Ky?s final, desperate, Ride the Lightning was interrupted by a powerful energy blast from Type 01, and the young knight was downed. Yet the current that young Kiske had channeled had shorted out the battle suit that Justice had worn?and the control along with it.

Before Justice could kill the unconscious human, though, she was stopped by a figure from the past: Sol Badguy. Then, she shed the armor in which she had been trapped in for a century, and the Angel of Death spread her wings. The full-power Justice was easily able to defeat the Corrupted Flame, however, as the bounty hunter knelt at her feet, Type 01 realized that his power, too, was sealed. With a swift blast of electricity, Justice broke the Gear Cell on Sol Badguy?s forehead, releasing the Perfect Flame once more?

Type 01 met her prototype on the battlefield. After an eternity of combat, the Angel of Death was victorious over her demonic counterpart. Yet before she could finish the job and kill Sol, she was interrupted by a stranger, an elegantly dressed man smoking a pipe. The man, calling himself ?nightwalker,? halted all of Justice?s attempts to wound him, yet did not retaliate. He informed Justice that this was not the final battlefield, and it was not the final confrontation between Alpha and Omega yet. Justice retreated from the Grave.

Likewise, Sol staggered to his feet, intending to kill the ?nightwalker.? However, the old man retreated, leaving Sol with a simple haiku.

The next to awake was the knight Ky Kiske, who had watched the entire fight from a semi-conscious haze? realizing that Sol was a Gear, he climbed to his feet, lurching at the wounded Sol, intending to kill him. Even in his weak state, Sol was able to defend himself from the wounded Ky. Sol left the young boy with the message that he alone was the hope of humanity. He alone was the hope of the world? and then Sol left, and Ky promptly passed out.

[b][u]Aftermath: Dizzy[/b][/u]

When Ky Kiske awoke, there was no one around him. There was nothing living around him, and there was nothing dead around him. Even the body of Kliff Undersn had mysteriously vanished. Despairing, Ky managed to stagger back to the world of the living...

Justice, under the cover of the fog of war, had retrieved the unconscious body of Testament, as well as the corpse of humanity?s greatest warrior. She returned to her hidden sanctuary, where she proceeded to nurse her own wounds as well as those of her second-in-command. Justice constructed a new armor based upon the one she had previously shedded, except without incorporating the Gear Cell into the design.

She harvested genetic material from the body of Kliff Undersn, and used that material?combined with some of her own DNA?to create another Sub-Commander Gear. This one, unlike all the others, contained some of Justice herself. So as one might expect, the new Gear was impossibly more powerful than any other?save Justice herself. This, Justice?s ?daughter,? also had true free will. She was not merely a Sub-Commander, she was, like Justice, a true Command-Type Gear.

Justice named this new creation Dizzy. Dizzy?s first act was an attack on the most heavily defended structure in the world?the United Nations. The sight of the winged Gear shrugging off attacks that would have killed practically anything alive will forever be burned into the minds of those who survived.

In that attack, the six Jinki still in the possession of the United Nations were lost. They were scattered across the globe. Thankfully, none of them fell into the hands of the Gear forces... Ky Kiske returned with the Fuuraiken and the Fuuenken that Sol Badguy had left behind. They are absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of mankind.


Jeez, still here? This is why I haven't been posting much lately, so sorry. But, now for the sign ups.

Human or Gear:
Physical Description: pic or good discription
Weapon of Choice: Any weapon but projectiles
Innate Magical Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning):
Preferred Jinki (Human only): One of the ones listed
Bio: Explan in detal what happened to your character.

Ok, PM me if you wish to be a premade character. I'll post my sign up somtime later.


There are some who believed that Blacktech was not innately harmful. With the outlawing of that technology, those people founded the floating continent of Zepp, the one place in the world where Blacktech is still used. They maintain a mostly friendly relationship with the planet below, yet are not averse to looking out for their own interests.

The leaders of Zepp are President Gabriel and his student, the massive warrior Potemkin. Formerly a slave soldier, Potemkin?s incredible strength was instrumental in allowing the group led by Gabriel to overthrow the previous dictatorship of Zepp.

Standing with Justice: Potemkin has left, so they need not worry about joining Justice. Currently sided with Jusice.

The Jellyfish Pirates

When his father was killed by a Gear when Johnny was a young boy, the child swore that he would take care of any orphans, he would ease the pain of those who suffered. As an adult, Johnny founded the Jellyfish Air Pirates, a rather infamous criminal organization. Yet the label of ?criminal? is far too harsh?as Johnny and his crew have rarely been known to kill, and even then only when necessary. Johnny takes care of any female orphans the war has produced...

The leader of the Jellyfish is a man who simply goes by the name Johnny. One of the last few masters of Iaijitsu swordfighting, Johnny sees himself as a chivalrous pirate. It has been said that he is a womanizer, yet his loyalty to his crew is unsurpassed.

Standing with Justice: Currently trying to kill Justice
The Assassins' Syndicate

As the name indicates, it is a syndicate of assassins. It was founded by Slayer centuries ago, and continues to this day. Its current leaders are Zato-1, and Venom. Zato-1 is a man who traded his sight for the power to control shadows?one of the Forbidden Magics. However, the shadowbeast?named Eddie?threatens to overwhelm his body and to take it for its own. Zato?s right-hand-man is a British assassin by the name of Venom. After Zato disappeared, Venom took over, intending to hold the Syndicate together in Zato?s name no matter what.

Standing with Justice: They are supporting and helping Justice

The Sacred Order of Holy Knights

The most famous of all the factions, they have been the ones on the front line against the Gears since the beginning of the Crusades. The warriors of the Sacred Order have few equals among the ranks of humanity. They are currently led by the French swordsman Ky Kiske. After the fight against Justice, Ky?s injuries should prevent him from fighting himself? but he fights anyway. He is a brilliant commander, charismatic and well-liked. He normally wields the Fuuraiken, but in his current state, he is looking to relinquish it to anyone who he feels is skilled enough to wield it.

Standing with Justice: Currently trying to kill Justice

Renegade Gears

Composed of the Sub-Commanders who went rogue and betrayed Justice (as well as any other Gears that joined them) this group has no affiliation either with humanity or with the forces of Justice. They approached Sol Badguy after the fight with Justice, offering him a chance to join them. Sol reluctantly joined, realizing that they would be able to get him closer to Justice than any of the human factions would. He is their current leader, but has gone missing, his whereabouts unknown.

Standing with Justice: Currently trying to kill Justice

[b]OOC:[/b] I-No is saved for Imi, and the Senhoshiken (Thousand-Star Sword?Wind Element), for Sakura. (The user)
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Chipp Zanuff
[B]Age:[/B] Early 20s
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Nationality:[/B] American (though he fiercly proclaims it to be Japan)
[B]Human or Gear:[/B] Human
[B]Faction:[/B] Unnaffiliated

[B]Personality:[/B] Chipp is not your ordinary ninja. By this, I mean his is not sly, clever, devious, and deadly. He's a punk. You average street punk, in fact, with a loose code of honor that can be summed up in Dartagnion terms: "You have offended me! You must die!" Elsewise, he's a space case, a brawler, and a surly bastard who gets in fights more than he assassinates.

Despite his otherwise rough personality, Chipp will never use drugs, alcohol, or mind altering substances, due to the trouble it got him into early on in life. Well, except a little sake now and then. He tries to be honorable in battle, for the most part. However, he is a ninja, and thus is not opposed to sneak attacks or deceptive tactics.

[B]Physical Description:[/B] See Attachment
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Arm Blade
[B]Innate Magical Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning):[/B] Wind
[B]Preferred Jinki (Human only):[/B] Senhoshiken

[B]Bio:[/B] Chipp never knew his parents. They are but a hazy memory, faded by age, indifference, and the drugs that nearly destroyed his life. When he was a child, he became addicted, living on the streets like a mongrel dog. At last, he was "saved" - by the mafia, no less. They made him into an underling for their illicit activities. But he quickly outserved his usefulness, and was going to be killed.

Then, he truly was saved. By a ninja, no less.

His master killed the mafiosos about to murder the young Chipp, and took the boy under his wing. The wise old man trained him in the art of ninjitsu, and made him into the man he is today - an honorable warrior with a bit of a nationality complex. Unfortunately, his master was killed.

Since then, he has sworn to seek revenge against the killer. To do that, he travels the world, becoming stronger, smarter, and better. He will not let anyone stop him, and will do anything to get the strength he desires. His vengeance will be slaked. His power must be absolute. A dreamer, a warrior, a revenger. He will strike down his opponent.

He will destroy the mafia.
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[b][size=2][color=Navy][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy][color=Black]-Thanks for the reservation, I was in a rush to get to one of my exams.
-Let me know if I have to change anything.
-And this sign up is subject to changes if I change my mind.[/color][/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy]

Name: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Kaze Kitsune

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Age: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]19

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Gender: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Female

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Nationality: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Japanese

[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy] Human or Gear: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Human
Faction: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]The Jellyfish Pirates
Personality: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Kaze loves having friends and people to talk to. She's very active and fit and flexible. She likes to live life to the fullest and has an outgoing personality that gets along with most people. Even so, she's incredibly stubborn and will fight to get what she wants. Kaze doesn't really enjoy wearing skirts and dresses because it doesn't let her do all the movements that she wants to, so she usually opts to wear pants instead.
Physical Description: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], she wears different outfits most of the time, but the main outfit she wears [font=Verdana]is her goggles with [/font][/color][/size][font=Verdana][size=2][color=Navy]a tight black or navy blue top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbows and pants made of a leathery material that covers the leg part of her almost knee high, black boots.[/color][/size][/font][b][size=2][color=Navy]

Weapon of Choice: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Blades and Swords, [url="http://www.galbadiax.com/ff10/screens/tidus.jpg"]this[/url] and [url="http://img124.echo.cx/img124/6479/samurai3000ninja7bj.jpg"]this[/url] crossed on her back, with [url="http://img200.echo.cx/img200/8436/horussill1cc.jpg"]this[/url] and [url="http://img271.echo.cx/img271/8650/wpsw046oe.jpg"]this[/url] tied to her belt in sheaths.[/color][/size][b][size=2][color=Navy]

Innate Magical Element: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Wind
Preferred Jinki: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Senhoshiken [Thousand-star Sword]
Bio: [/color][/size][/b][size=2][color=Navy]Kaze lost her parents when she was 5, because of the Gears. She was taken to one of those camps where any Japanese that were still around, stayed. They were given provisions, but sometimes it wasn't enough as she was growing, so she learned to become a good thief, but she never took too much from another person because then they would have nothing to eat.

One day, when she was 9, that camp in particular was attacked, so those that survived fled. Kaze just ran and she soon came across the Jellyfish Air Pirates. The man in charge asked her questions, then told her about the group, asking if she wanted to join. She accepted, since she had no where else to go, and everyone else there were orphans too, and mostly female.

Kaze learned how to wield sword and blade weapons from Johnny as he slowly taught her. He was surprised that she picked the skill up so quickly, being graceful and deadly with the weapons. Kaze was determined to be one of the best, so she could avenge her parents and people at the camp by killing the Gears. She learned to do gymnastics and acrobatics to make her flexible and soon she was a good thief that could move well and deadly with bladed weapons. Each of the weapons she carries was a present from someone in the crew to congratulate her and welcome her.

She swore to herself that she would kill the Gears for what they did, no mercy.
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[b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Name: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Kyo Takasugi[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]
Age:[/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] 25
[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Gender: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Male
[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Nationality:[/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Japanese
[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Human or Gear: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Human[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]
Faction: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Jellyfish Pirates

[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Personality: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Outwardly, Kyo is an outgoing, friendly, positive individual that delights in showing off and making others laugh. While he does derive genuine enjoyment from the life he's chosen, he can never seem to shake the feeling that everything he does, from joining the pirates to fighting Justice, is an attempt to escape from the pain in his past.
[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]
Physical Description: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Kyo is of a little less than average height, with eyes the deep blue of a stormy sky and black hair styled[/color][/size][color=DarkGreen] into a long ponytail and two tendrils framing his face. He is of slight build, and wears a looted, obsolete military dress coat, deep green with threadbare gold braid at the buttonholes and epaulettes. When heading into combat he carries his weapon coiled around him diagonally like a bandoleer, one end hooked to his belt.[/color][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]

Weapon of Choice: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]a long chain with a bladed hook on one end.[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]
Innate Magical Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning):[/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Wind
[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Preferred Jinki (Human only): [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Zessen

[/color][/size][/font][b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen] Bio: [/color][/size][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=DarkGreen]Kyo has been an orphan since the first Gear assault on Japan. He survived in the camps by begging and stealing, becoming a streetwise, competent thief, more than capable of taking care of himself. As soon as he felt able to, he escaped the camp and fled to the sky pirates. The freedom of the sky, to him, was the exact opposite of the cramped, oppressive atmosphere of the camps. He isn't in this life for booty of either kind; he's in it for the sheer unbridled freedom of it, living outside the law. When the Jellyfish Pirates began fighting the forces of Justice, Kyo joined in with zeal and passion against the forces that destroyed his homeland and his family.

[/b]I changed my element and Jinki - decided wind was a more in-character element for such a free spirit. Hope that's okay.
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[color=darkred][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Sol Badguy
[b]Age:[/b] Over 150, but his aging process has stopped.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Nationality:[/b] American
[b]Human or Gear:[/b] Gear
[b]Faction:[/b] Neutral right now, but definately for the destruction of Justice.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sol's an iron wolf, born to be alone. He's cold, unforgving, and a frank bastard at times. Doesn't give a care about anything but the destruction of all Gears. This train of thought serves him well, but damages his social play greatly, as everyone shrugs him off as the sterotype bounty hunter. Sol never practices at anything, and is lazy when it comes to trival matters. Even when he was still human, this now Gear was still cold, but at least he had mercy. Sol has a hidden sense of compassion, mostly for for Ky and Kliff, which explains why he's saved their lives a couple of times.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url=http://www.binaryculture.net/images-content/e3/ggisuka_sol.jpg]Fuuenken can be seen in his hand.[/url]

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Fuuenken
[b]Innate Magical Ability:[/b] Fire (His Volcanic Viper and Tyrant Rave have slaughtered many Gears.)
[b]Jinki:[/b] Fuuenken (He automatically gets it.)

[b]Bio:[/b] [b]"Why the hell ya wanna know, punk?"[/b] Is what he'd say if you went and asked him yourself. I suppose its to keep the horrors unbeknownst to this generation. Or because he doesn't like conversation. Or because he just wants you to bugger off so he can listen to [i]Queen[/i], his favorite band, in peace.

So I'll tell you.

Sol started out as Dr. Fredrick, the head scientist on the Gear project, the first installation. However, he was also the volunteer to undergo the Gearifcation process, I guess you could call it. It sealed enormus power within his body, but made him something that both man and animal hate, but revere.

So he broke out. After wandering for a while, he started work on a 'Gear Cell', to keep his enormous power in check, and keep our once Fredrick in a human state. After his 'death', rumors of an extermely powerful Bounty Hunter sprang up. It looked like Fredrick wasn't quite done yet.

Fredrick fashioned a new life. He was now Sol Badguy, bounty hunter extrodinare. He made much money this way, but enemies too. Everyone has enemies, but those who had something with Sol, they didn't make it out alive. No one did. Sol Badguy, the Corrupted Flame, was a path of destruction.

However, when the second Gear project started up, he knew he'd have to go fix it. Lightly speaking, that is. So our brilliant Sol began construction on the Jinki, the weapons designed to become Outrage. And so he launched and attack on Justice, that failed in one part. But weakened her greatly.

Years later, he was recruited into the Sacred Order, but Kliff Undersn. However, things between him and Ky forced him to leave, taking back his Fuuenken. He continued to work as a bounty hunter, before going to fight Justice.

Sol lost the battle, and his Fuuenken. He vows to get them back from Ky, and strike down Justice, to end this war.

[b]OOC:[/b] NOT EVERYONE WILL HAVE A JINKI! So don't plan on it, and make sure you like your weapon. Sol automatically gets it, even though Ky took it back to the Order. A midnight raid, in case you were wondering.

The sign ups are great, but I'd like to see a few Gears out there! C'mon![/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]I still need to edit a few errors in my sign up, but please let me know if anything else needs to be changed thus far.

[u][b][i]Sign Up.[/b][/i][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Gui Reu. (Re.)

[b]Age:[/b] Unavailable.
[b]Gender:[/b] Female.
[b]Nationality:[/b] Jamaican.

[b]Human or Gear:[/b] Gear.
[b]Faction:[/b] The Assassins' Syndicate.

[b]Personality:[/b] To protect and serve is her main arguments. [i]"Because we can find salvation, and freedom within Justice. Justice shall be the gear's salvation."[/i]Quite and not very out going, submissive, caring, and slightly numbed to the world. Re has a compulsive disorder.

Stated by that fact Re is able to stay on task and not waver. Allowing for others to rely on her, she is actually often uncertain about what to do and how to go about things. But her drive makes her unable to worry ponder or worry due to fear of failure. She is very obedient, and although she has the Freedom of Will, she still rather take orders. Re doesn't seem to understand things going around her other wise, and by humans of which she meets is often mentioned to others that she has a child like behavior.

However from another stand point, she can become rash when speaking of religious or political affairs involves Justice or Dizzy. Re seems to have strong 'emotions/feeling' for these two. Believing that they will someday be the salvation of the Gears, and wipe out humanity.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] I've draw Re's design. My apologies for detail lost in the resizing. Please see character's design, [URL=http://brokeneyes.250free.com/re002.jpg]here[/URL] .

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Steel Tip Whip. Grenades.
[i] - One may obviously find the use for the Steel Tipped Whip. However, whips are generally used in combination with other small objects. Such as Gun Powder Packets, or in this case Grenades. Re uses these as an extension to her whip. When for far distances of which her whip cannot reach, she will roll miniature grenades and throw them.[/i]

[b]Magical Element:[/b] Unavailable.
[b]Preferred Jinki:[/b] Unavailable.

[b]Bio:[/b] A Sub-Commander created by Justice, she is one of the original ten who choose to stand by Justice. And stand up to all that oppose her including the Rouge Gears Re once called allies. Most of Re's story is uncertain, but it's presumable that Re has no trace of any actual human beings within her. Other then small amounts of generic strands from specific corpses.

It is bluntly known that Re has respect for other Gears, she is somehow numb to their world as they are with Human's. Working as a tactics scout for the Syndicates' Faction Re is often sent away from her unit when mapping. Other then the information that she is given, it is the only she has learned much about Humanity.

[i]--- .Gear _ Regenerated. ---
Code: Gui Re.
Alias: Unavailable.
Unit: The Syndicate.
Production: 00007.

Field Report. - 030576. Since seven of ten of the Regenerated Gears have become corrupt all systems have been checked. It was a successful procedure, since the check was undisturbed. Those whom have survived most recent attack camps have not yet been found. Probability due to factual error is above then fifty percent. Focus is not currently on find and terminating survivors. of the Syndicate, sub unit three has been redirected to the South. While sub unit five has been redirected to the East. Due to reports of sightings of of various Faction.

Misc. Entry: Dizzy doesn't seem to be at as much easy as she or Justice usually may be. But they do not seem to be on edge either. The Enemy Factions are becoming... Irritating. I still do not fully comprehend what is the Errors in the seven 'rouge' Gears. They should be re-captured and reconstructed, or they may end up destroyed like those of which they call 'Allies.' Or their 'Allies' may turn, they'd be safer with Justice.

-- .End _ Report. --
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] I-No
[B]Age:[/B] In her 20s
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Nationality:[/B] Unknown
[B]Human or Gear:[/B] Unknown
[B]Faction:[/B] Unnaffiliated
[B]Personality:[/B] I-No is a sultry and confident woman who?s good-looking and damn well knows it. She flirts with her opponents and allies alike, taking great pleasure in seeing the men squirm, especially once she?s beaten them into submission. She is a powerful woman who loves what she does, talking and joking with an enemy before she battles them. I-No, while she is self-confident, is by no means arrogant in her approach to life and therefore is always prepared for an enemy to be stronger than her.

She seems to very much fight for herself and is almost completely shrouded in mystery.

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://lunatic-hour.hp.infoseek.co.jp/image/top-ino.jpg]I-No[/URL]
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] An electric guitar
[B]Innate Magical Element:[/B] Lightning

[B]*bows to Ichigo* Danke.

*stares at Epsilon* Is there anything you [I]can?t[/I] do, woman? ;_;[/B][/SIZE]
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[color=#663300][SIZE=1][CENTER][B][u]+ + + Sign Up + + +[/B][/u][/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] Vengeance

[B]Age:[/B] N/A
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Nationality:[/B] German/ American

[B]Human or Gear:[/B] Gear
[B]Faction:[/B] Renegade Gears

[B]Personality:[/B] Vengeance, as his name applies, never lets a comrade or loss go unavenged. Whenever he led Gears into battle they would most likely come out victorious, and Justice and Testament began to take notice of that. They often sent him off on one man missions, and he would complete them without a second thought. Despite his fierce determination and warrior's heart, he was/is a person of compassion.

He knows the extent of his strength and that he is more powerful than most humans and gears, but he treats every enemy the same in battle. He learns their strengths, their abilities, and never underestimates them. He wants greatly to destroy the monsters Justice and Dizzy, and will stop at nothing to do so. Both the human and the Gear inside of Vengeance tells him that what they are doing is wrong, and that they are the reasons humans hate gears.

Though he hopes that Humans may one day accept Gears, his is not foolish, optimistic, nor naive enough to expect that to happen.

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Vengeance.jpg]Vengeance[/URL]
His hair is golden, and his eyes are an unearthly crimson color. Boots cover his feet, black with golden plates over them. He has armlets underneath his sleeves, and rounded wristlets as well. He also wears a pair of slim, rounded shades that have the gothic crosses on both sides of it.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B]
[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/FeuerBerstenSbel.jpg][I]Feuer Bersten Säbel[/I] (Fire Burst Sword)[/URL]
[URL=http://www.silverbulletcomics.com/img/product_images/propic-00053600-01-full.jpg][I]Vulkan Säbel[/I] (Volcanoe Sword)[/URL]

[B]Innate Magical Element:[/B] Fire
[B]Preferred Jinki:[/B] N/A

[B]Bio:[/B] Vengeance was once a man named Kaine Gevast. He was raised a warrior, trained to weild and use effeciently every weapon known to man. He was a prodigy among teenagers, he was one of the few apprenticeses in The Sacred Order of The Holy Knights who could beat some of the adult Knights. He mentally aged quickly, becoming a brilliant strategist in his early adulthood. He often planned battle formations, but he loved moreso to go into battle himself.

One day the war came to his hometowon, and destroyed it. No man, woman, or child was left alive. His wife, so, and daughtered were all slaughtered. Out of rage he went recklessly into battle and fought the Gears. He had no chance, however, and was easily felled. He was close to dying, and they took him in. Justice changed him, and made him a gear. That day Kaine died, and Vengeance was born. He was one of the specially created Sub-Commander Gears.

Although for a time Vengeance followed Justice he never trusted her. The free will he had, and the human subconcious that still dwelled inside of him told him that what she was doing was wrong. Some others of the Sub-Commanders felt the same, so they fled Justice and created the Renegade Gears, a faction dedicated to destroying Justice and Dizzy. He one of the Generals their and leads the Gears with the strategical mind his human counterpart possesed.

He has often had run-ins with the Sub-Commander Re and has fought with her, but found that he could not defeat her. Her loyalty to Justice fueled her in battle. But Vengeance never faltered either. His lust to destroy Justice kept him going in the same way Re's loyalty did. Vengeance has made it one of his top prioritys to beat her, as she poses a catastrophic threat against his soldiers and their mission to annihalate Justice and Dizzy.[/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] I hope that everything is okay Ichigo. Tell me if anything needs changing.
[B]Epsilon:[/B] I hope you don't mind that I included you in my Bio as my rival. If you want me to change anything, please tell me.
[b]EDIT:[/b] I changed the way Vengeance looks and the way [i]Vulkan Säbel[/i] looks.[/SIZE]
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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=darkorange][b]Thanks for saving me a spot, Ichigo. It's funny that I just started playing Guilty Gear when I saw this. ^^ Well, I hope my sign up is okay. I'll PM you about it.[/b][/color][/size][/font]

[color=#4169e1][color=darkorange][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Name: [/b]May[/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Age:[/b] Unknown. Birthday presumed to be May 5.[/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Gender: [/b]Female[/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Nationality:[/b] Unknown (Johnny told May that she is Japanese, but for some reason he wants her to keep it a secret.)[/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Human or Gear: [/b]Human[/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Faction:[/b] Jellyfish Pirates[/size][/font][/color]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=darkorange][b]Personality: [/b]A somewhat proud person, May will protect you forever if you get on her good side. She's very loyal to her friends and family. May usually doesn't lose her temper unless you interfere with her love for Johnny, (she can be very jealous, and constantly compares other girls to herself,) hurt her friends, or happen to be...bald. (She can't stand 'Baldies' and if she's around one, she'll get goosebumps.)[/color][/size][/font]
[color=darkorange][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Physical Description:[/b] [/size][/font][url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/Alice1/Johnny-May.jpg"][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=darkorange]Johnny and May[/color][/size][/font][/url]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] A large ship's anchor[/size][/font][/color]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=darkorange][b]Innate Magical Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning):[/b] Water[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=darkorange][b]Preferred Jinki (Human only):[/b] Senga[/color][/size][/font]
[size=2][b][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkorange]Bio: [/color][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkorange]P.W.A.B. Report #4058:[/color][/b]
[b][/font][/b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=darkorange]Subject works directly under Johnny as a member of the Jellyfish air pirates. She wields a ship's anchor as a weapon. Her complete devotion to Johnny will make her easy to control, should the need arise. Although her birthplace is unknown, evidence suggests that she is of Japanese descent. We are currently seeking confirmation on this matter. While not particularly dangerous by herself, the thought of a powerful organization like the Jellyfish Pirates holding a Japanese woman is rather disturbing.[/color][/size] [/font][/size][/color]
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[B]Name-[/B] Neutria
[B]Age-[/B] Appears to be in her early 20s, though her age is unknown.
[B]Gender-[/B] Female
[B]Nationality-[/B] Unknown
[B]Human or Gear-[/B] N/A
[B]Faction-[/B] Unaffiliated

[B]Personality-[/B] Neutria is a complex and puzzling character. She is incredibly intelligent with a thirsting want for knowledge. Though, her personality seems to be just as cryptic as her background and herself. All they know is that she is spirited in what she does and is a devoted fighter, as well as that she has a passionate hatred for violence and the like unless it is needed. She has beliefs that she holds adamantly, albeit she has a tendency to argue with anyone who disagrees with her till the bitter end, but will change he mind if she is proven wrong. Many times, humans and gears have tried to figure out who or what Neutria is, but she perplexes them further, giving them a confused mind.

When Neutria speaks, it is rare. She doesn?t speak unless absolutely necessary and when she does, her speech is discreet and straightforward. If something rash has been done though, Neutria?s speech will become almost fiery and scathing, letting others know that she is not one to mess with. It makes her seem secretive and inscrutable, strangely refined.

Though, Neutria shows a different side when she fights. It is as if she is telling a story, almost singing a song that is sullen and puzzling, just as she. Her movements are smooth and dance like, but have absolute precision to them, not faltering for a moment. She sees everything on terms of black and white, what is right and wrong, in this sense, Neutria will rarely make a wrong decision, which also makes her worry little of the consequences. It also makes her fighting style almost flawless and surpassingly well thought out.

The only vice that Neutria keeps is a distrust of everyone around her. This makes her distant and apparently stoic. She keeps to herself and faces any affliction by herself, never asking for help. She?s become tortured by the outcast she is, though she doesn?t show it. It seems that she is truly a enigmatic character, only wishing to know who she really is.

[B]Physical Description-[/B] [URL= http://img288.echo.cx/img288/2193/misu4by.jpg]Neutria[/URL]- Around her neck are [URL=http://www.djbooth.net/dj-equipment/dj-headphones-reviews/phones_MDR-V700DJ.jpg]headphones[/URL] that enables Neutria to listen to nothing but the silence. She wears a black top similar to the one in the picture and black baseball gloves, as well as a black silk jacket that comes a bit past her waist. She has flaming red hair that possesses black streaks and is long and spiky, yet it appears similar to that of a boy?s haircut, though suits her perfectly.

[B]Weapon of Choice-[/B] Wrapped neatly around Neutria is a whip that has spikes protruding from it. The spikes act as a grapple to hold onto whatever it comes across and tears its target apart, but it can become dormant for the time being and merely act as a regular whip.

The second set of weapons that Neutria has are customized sais that have been created from a metal unknown to gear and human. It was created to fit Neutria?s needs and style. The handles and the blades have become elongated to become accustomed to fit her hands, the blades have been sharpened on each sides so that it is similar to that of a double edged sword, but more rounded, and the tips, not including the main blade, have been curved at the tip so that it may tear at the flesh or armor of the target. The customizations on these sais make them a deadly weapon.

The last weapon Neutria possesses, she keeps on her back. It is a [URL=http://www.sandspromotions.com.au/images/products/lg/D505b.jpg]boomerang shuriken[/URL]. It is shaped as a boomerang and stands a few inches higher than Neutria. It has heat-seeking, radar-honing, and scrambling devices that make is an excellent accessory. Not only that, it can also be used as a transport, changing its image into whatever Neutria wishes.
[B]Innate Magical Element-[/B] N/A
[B]Preferred Jinki (Human only)-[/B] N/A

[B]Bio-[/B] Unbeknownst to mankind and gear alike, Neutria was born under the sky. Where she came from, no one knows, when she appeared, no one knows either. Some say Neutria is of human and gear origin, while others believe she is something else. They believe that she is a goddess or perhaps a guardian from the heavens who came down to protect the innocent and slay the sinned. She watches and learns about all that is around, absorbing large amounts of vast information, yet quietly responding only to her. To everyone else she is a cryptic being who walks amongst human and gear, who she is a question, no doubt.
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Name: Mimari Tashi




Human or Gear:Human

Faction: The Sacred Order of Holy Knights

Personality: Mimari keeps to herself, its not that she is shy but she is very secreative. She does not like to let people in and see her weak side. She hides her emotions and is very serious. She has lost her innocence, you will never catch her smiling. She is afraid that if she shows emotion that will make others think she is weak. She is strong and determed if you get in her way you will just be left behind. She is always training and always showing off for Ky, trying to stay at the top of her game always trying to be the best.

Physical Description: [URL=http://www.d4rkw00d.net/gallery/wallpapers/wallpaper_the_war_of_genesis_3_part_2_06_1280.jpg]Mimari[/URL]

Weapon of Choice: any type of throwing weapon (knives, stars) katana

Innate Magical Element: Wind

Preferred Jinki (Human only): Zessen

Bio: Mimari has lived and trained with her father inside the Order. Her mother was killed when Mimari was 8, ever since she has been training none stop with her father to become apart of the Order. Mimari's father was one of the more skillful memebers of the order and knew Ky very well. Mimari looked up to her father wanting to be just like him. When he was away she would train in her room waiting to show her father how much better she has gotten. At the age of 15 Mimari was almost ready to stand beside her father. The day before her ceremony to become a soldier of the Order her father was called out to battle. Weeks went by and still her father had not come home. She became a soldier without her father there to see it. A few weeks after the ceremony the soldiers from battle had returned all but one, Mimari's father. He was killed by one of Justices men. Mimari was torn apart. She became more and more distant wrapped up in her training. She vowed herself to the Order and the fight aginst Justice. She would not become weak. She would not fail. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=darkred][size=1]Alright, everyone. I must say, I love the sign ups so far. I'm leaving the sign ups open 'till monday. I'd like everyone who hasn't completed your sign ups to get them done by then, also. But overall, everyone is looking good so far.

I will also update this on monday, before starting it, on who has a Jinki. Remember, even if no one else has your Jinki, you might not get it.


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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Anji Mito
[B]Age:[/B] Mid twenties
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Nationality:[/B] Japanese
[B]Human or Gear:[/B] Human
[B]Faction:[/B] Unaffiliated (escaped Japanese survivor) He is searching for the gears, but not to destroy them, merely to learn about them.
[B]Personality:[/B] Anji is a warrior who always wears a smile on his face, no matter what the situation. He even takes losing with a smile and is not one to hold a grudge against his enemy. If they beat him, they are stronger, and he can go on living with that knowledge. He is a man of pure Japanese descent and his fighting moves are said to be like "poetry in motion". He is well liked by most people who are on his good side and women are known to find him quite attractive. He?ll sometimes play along with this idea and can occasionally be quite cheeky with a female opponent.

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.guiltygearx2reload.com/images/char/selb12.gif]Anji[/URL]
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] A pair of [URL=http://ps2media.ign.com/media/news/image/anji/anji_in.jpg]Zessen Fans[/URL]....and occasionally a paper umbrella...but I doubt I'll really use that.
[B]Innate Magical Element:[/B] Wind
[B]Preferred Jinki (Human only):[/B] None
[B]Bio:[/B] Anji escaped Japan before it was destroyed and, being proud of his homeland, was naturally angry but is not out to seek vengeance, It seems he is happy to go on with life, discovering things along the way. He is currently evading capture as the Post-war Admin. Bureau believe he should be taken in to custody, claiming that a Japanese man is dangerous while being left unattended.

During his travels, Anji picked up the Zessen fans and learnt to use them with expert skills, using them along with his agility and fluid movements, he can easily take down an enemy without them even knowing what happened.

While he hasn't built up on speed, his quick reflexes and steady feet have made him a very formidable foe. Anji enjoys his travels and over the years has spent time in many different towns, taking in as much knowledge as he can and slowly piecing together the puzzle of the Gears.

Not playing I-No any more, guys, Spence gave me permission to play as Anji.[/SIZE]
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[color=red][size=1][b]OOC:[/b] Taking on another character. Just cause I can. =P

[b]Name:[/b] Axl Low
[b]Age:[/b] About 23
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Nationality:[/b] Britian
[b]Faction:[/b] Unaffiliated
[b]Personality:[/b] Axl's a show off. He's flamboyant, a know it all, and a showoff. And the women love him for it. He jokes around, but gets deadly serious, especially against those who do wrong things, like drugs. He'll tell who he defeats, if he respects them, how to get better. Axl's also got a firey side, and his anger flares easily.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y50/YamatoVergil/FalcoonAxl.jpg]Axl Low[/url]
[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Axl loves his modified kusari gama to death. His kusari gama has two sickles, attached by a chain, instead of one sickle, and a weight at the other end.
[b]Innate Magical Ability:[/b] Fire
[b]Preferred Jinki:[/b] Ekitoku (Increasing Fevor-Axe)
[b]Bio:[/b]Axl grew up in the slums of an english town. He took to patrollling the streets, keeping order and peace for the neighborhood. With his supernatural strength and compassion, he managed to clean up the entire town by the age of twenty, without a single casuality. Here's the clincher. Axl Low is from the twentieth century.

In the middle of a gang fight, Axl was caught in a time warp, and sent into the future. Axl had to get home, no matter what. So he entered in the first tournament of the Sacred Knights, for the ultimate prize. The ability to go back home. However he lost, and had to stay in the future, and create a new life.

Rumors of another time traveller caught Axl's ears, though. He went by the name of "That Man". Axl has a deep distrust, but he persued rumors, which lead to Justice. He knew that Justice was the mortal enemy of all that lived. Maybe...if he destroyed her, he could go back home.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=purple][b]Name:[/b] Mitsuou Miho
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Nationality:[/b] American-Japanese
[b]Human or Gear:[/b] Human
[b]Faction:[/b] Unaffiliated

[b]Personality:[/b] Hiding a high intelligence with a fiery temper and a high-strung attitude, Miho is like a fire ? at a distance, she warms, but up close, she burns. A word of warning: never cross her or get on her bad side. With Miho, she never stops moving. Her brain is always at work, even if her tongue spouts insults to everyone who looks at her wrong, and her body never stays still. She can be pretty creative in her insults, but equally sly and seductive. Once she sets her sights on someone, she doesn?t stop till she gets him ? or her, or it. She isn?t afraid, and it?s best just to get out of her way.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] She has one more attribute in which she is like fire: she?s pretty look at. Standing evenly at five feet tall, she has a lithe, trim body with toned muscles in arms and long legs. Evenly proportioned and well-rounded, Miho is the perfect woman?s body. A heart-shaped face is centered on a small nose, with a generous, pout-y mouth, and a set of bright green eyes slanting attractively downwards. Her head is crowned in a crop of unruly black hair, cascading to her hips in curls and corkscrews, straight plaits and twirling strands. She often has it pulled back in a high ponytail.

Wearing a bare-back halter top in black with gold trim, the edge pulled down over the faded edges of a pair of hip-hugger jeans. She has a clean, yet sexy appearance from her high ponytail to her jet-black hightops. Over her top is a black jean jacket, while her slender, tan wrists have plain silver bangles, and her ears have three piercing each.

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] A thin, sturdy chain she keeps wrapped triple around her waist, plus a simple dagger.
[b]Innate Magical Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning):[/b] Fire
[b]Preferred Jinki (Human only):[/b] N/A

[b]Bio:[/b] Miho was born to a single mother who pampered her, and so, even through the reappearance of her rude and money-craving father, she got used to having her way. To everyone around her, she seemed rude and impetuous, but to her mother, she was the world, and to Miho, her mother was the world. When her mother was killed by Gears when Miho was 12, Miho became even less controllable, and her temper even sharper.

Her father attempted to claim custody of her, and nearly succeeded, had Miho not run away. She disappeared for years and has just now reappeared. Details on her life these past six years are unknown, but it is assumed she had something to do with her father?s murder, and the contemptuous looks she gives his name.

Sorry the bio is no more detailed, I have little left of my brain.[/size][/color]
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