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RPG Battle For Haven [M-VLS]


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[size=1]The heady scent of gunsmoke filled the air as the thick cloud of smoke separating Gabriel from his target cleared. He coughed as he inhaled some of the smoke, then turned his head and twisted a cigarette into his mouth. Like the smoke from that would be much better. He waved a hand, clearing the smoke away, and saw the blood-and-rain-soaked body lying in front of him. It was a young-looking man, probably late twenties, possibly early thirties, with blonde hair turned dark by the rain, plastered to the floor. His build was solid, although not muscular in the way Gabriel's was, and he had strong-looking arms and legs. But none of that mattered now, because he was dead.

Gabriel took a battered notebook from his pocket, and a short stub of a pencil, and crossed out some of the writing on the page. There were two names crossed out now, and many still remaining. The man he had just killed was known as Belial, but Gabriel did not know his real name. That was how this business worked. The other name crossed out was "Mammon." There were several names remaining: Behemoth, Astaroth, Azrael, Abaddon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Satan, Beelzebub and Lucifer. They were the five heads of the Demons, a notorious gang in Haven City.

The second page of his notebook was filled with other names. There was Uriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Raphael, Jophiel, Zuriel, Arel and Michael. None of these were crossed out.

Gabriel fished a Zippo lighter from his pocket, flicked it open with a metallic clink, and ignited it. The flame shot up, and he put it to the end of his cigarette. Once it had lit, he flicked the lighter shut with a flick of the wrist, and put it back in his pocket. He took a puff on the cigarette, and turned to leave.

"You know, that's a filthy habit," said someone in the darkness, about a foot away from Gabriel.

"Do I look like I'm worried, Sariel?" he asked. The rest of his crew emerged from the shadow of the alleyway. Sariel Oki, Katrina Cleever, Sakura Hiwatari, Alchemy Forte and Kugo. They were all armed.

"Did you get him?" asked Kugo.

"Was there ever any doubt in your mind, Kugo?" replied Gabriel.

"Hey!" shouted a voice from a few metres away, "You can shut up!"

The crew turned to see a group of men coming towards them, dressed in black leather jackets with red wings stitched on the back. Demons, probably coming to avenge their fallen comrade.

"You can't just kill one of us and expect to walk away from it!" he shouted, drawing a pistol. The other men in the group drew their weapons, handguns mostly, but there was an occasional automatic weapon. They all flicked the safety catches off and aimed, ready for a firefight.

Gabriel, slowly and calmly, took the cigarette from his mouth, dropped it to the floor, and stamped on it, crushing the ash into the gorund with his boot. He then opened his jacket to reveal an array of firearms, all fully loaded and ready. He signalled to the others, who drew their own weapons.

The first shot was fired...

(OOC: Ok, here it is. Sorry it took so long to get up, but I was busy with a few other things. Umbra II has had to pull out, so we currently have no Demons, but I may have someone to join them lined up. For your first posts, I just want you to be engaged in a firefight by the docks. You can interact with other characters, as well as having a fight. Beta, if you want to post, then we can have your character intervening in the fight. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing all your posts)
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Arial Narrow]Sariel sank back into the alley as she dropped her first clips from her handguns. She pulled fresh clips from within her coat and shoved them into each gun. The constant shots echoing across the dock as Sariel rolled back out into the fight.

"How many are there?" Sariel called out to Sakura who wasn't too far from her.

"Can't tell, six maybe seven?" Sakura replied as she too replaced her clips.

Gabriel was completely focused on the targets before them. [B]Him and that damn habit of his.[/B] It frustrated her beyond all belief to watch him puff away on them cancer causing sticks. She grit her teeth as she focused on what was at hand.

Shots wizzed by her head as she ducked back into the alley. "Damn it." She cursed, shoving her handguns back into their holesters on her hips. She pulled the two from the holesters hidden within her coat and ducked back out of the alley. She fired three shots and finally one of the Demons fell; hopefully dead. Two more Demons fell before Sariel was out.

"I'm out!" She called out.

"You should learn to conserve your ammination better." Katrina said simply.

Sariel kept quiet and nodded her head.

"Here," Sakura called out, tossing Sariel one of her handguns.

Sariel caught it easily and looked the weapon over before bringing her eyes back up to Sakura. "Thanks," Sariel whispered as she took aim at the Demons yet again.[/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: Hope this is ok...wasn't really sure what to write and I hope Sakura and Kitty don't mind me adding their characters in my post.
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Alchemy knelt down into the shadows, taking careful aim. [I]I could blow up a building if the thing misses the mark.[/I] She couldn't help but smile, though it went unnoticed. [I]Lucky me for not needing any bullets...specially modified by yours truly.[/I]
Her gun steady she watched each person from the Demon group. They were shoting recklessly, nearly every bullet ricocheted off the metal in the alley. One finally had the nerve to come after her, jumping into the shadows. She dodged a fist, and pulled the trigger. A orangish light emitted from the gun, catching him in the stomach. She walked up to him and saluted to him mockingly before getting back to the fight.
"Having fun, Gabriel?" She asked amused because he was fighting in close combat.
"A blast!" He growled hitting the one he was fighting with in the head with his gun, knocking him unconscious. Alchemy laughed heartily as she hurriedly placed her uzi in her belt, and bending down to her boot to whip out a jagged dagger. She threw it at the one unproaching her, getting him in the shoulder. She never really could hit [B]exactly[/B] where she wanted to on a person.
"Damn knives," she whispered, punching the guy in the nose. She swiftly pulled on the dagger and swiped it across his neck. [I]Yeah, two down![/I]
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[SIZE=1]Kugo laughed and disappeared almost instantly at the sight of several firearms being removed from their once insulated coats. He drifted in and out of the shadows, pondering moves to make and demons to kill. He was quickly spotted and heard the pull of several triggers and the clicks of automatic guns firing bullets in his direction. He swung the large sword from his back and held it in front of him, deflecting the attack in almost every direction.

[I]Guns are no fun[/I] he thought to himself as he smiled. Shots were continually fired in his direction, missing miserably as he moved back and forth fluently. He noticed a demon towards the back of the group, almost secluded from it. This would be his target. He loved to sever little sheep from their pack and cut them down all alone, begging for their life, futile. He appeared in front of the rough looking man, his sword shining in the dim light. He swung his head, water flying in the man's direction from his dampened hair. "Didn't they teach you how to use that thing?" he asked with a laugh.

The man grunted and threw the gun to the ground, running towards Kugo with clenched teeth and fists. He swung rapidly, apparently his hand to hand combat was much better then that of his gun skills. Kugo quickly sheathed his sword as his forearms clashed with the fists of his enemy. Seconds seemed like hours as they continually threw punches back and forth, neither man wavering or conceding to the other.

Soon enough fatigue began to set in upon the young demon, Kugo laughed as he jumped back, dodging a swift uppercut. "Getting tired are we?" he asked with a jaded grin across his face. The man stopped, panting heavily as he wiped the sweat and droplets of rain from his face. He ran towards Kugo, swinging as hard as he could. Kugo grabbed his clenched fist and twisted his arm roughly, feeling the bones stretch to their limit confined by his white demon skin. However, he was caught by surprise when the demon pulled a knife from his pocket and sliced quickly, catching Kugo's stomach and slicing a fine line between his tensed abs.

He looked down and saw blood falling from his open wound. He ran his finger along the line of red across his stomach. "That wasn't very nice" he said as he glared in the demon's direction. The man just smiled and ran towards Kugo once again swinging his knife back and forth. This time, however, Kugo stepped to the side, and in one fluent movement drew his sword, sliced through the demon's wings, and threw him to the ground. He held the large red wings in his hand "Aww, did you lose your wings? Just as well, fake wings for a fake demon such as yourself," he said with a laugh.

The man rose to his feet, a look of fury upon his face, he screamed as he ran towards Kugo. However, Kugo had no time to wait for an insolent demon's death. He gripped the handle of his large sword firmly and rose it over his head. He began to swing it in a circular motion, rain shooting from the edge as it gained momentum. He lowered it slightly and let go, watching as the sword left his hand and glided through the air towards his opponent. It sliced briskly through the demons torso, a clean incision cutting the man to two pieces instantly. He slouched a bit as the sword made a turn and rejoined his hand, giving a bit of support. He smiled as the fragments of body fell to the ground. He walked past them, throwing the wings upon a newly fabricated, wet grave.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]A young girl jumped from her place on a building. Her head was down and rain soaking her hair and neck, slowly she looked up at Gabriel?s Crew. ?Who are you people??? Her voice had a heavy German accent, but she was understandable. Water dripped from her golden hair that stopped at her waist, she examined each and one of them, then to the dead demons on the floor. ?You did this? Then you are stupid?? Lifting her head back to the group she saw that someone had came out from the group. Puffs of smoke came pouring out of his mouth, Beta watched as he came to a stop in front of the rest of his little crew of people. ?I am Gabriel?and this is my crew. These? people needed to die. They were getting in the way.?

Kneeling down she felt one of the fallen men?s faces. She slowly arose and sighed, ?You could have talked to them? no need for so much bloodshed. I may not have been friends with these people, but you chose to start violently I must end this violently.? Crossing her arms she withdrew two silver Sais, she sensed the others drawing their fire arms or knives. Smiling she jumped into the sky, and on to a roof. Pistol shots rang out toward her, spinning her Sais she stopped their path toward her.

Running the roof tops more shots were intended to hit her, not one completing their task. ?She?s good?? Gabriel smirked as she stopped on one of the rooftops. ?Please, do not shoot anymore. I sense that something bad will lurk at the end of this battle. I will be seeing more of you? good bye for now.? Beta made her exit by jumping of one rooftop appearing at the entrance of the alley. Sheathing her Sais she walked away slowly, being drenched did not bother her.

Beta lied to the strange people, she stopped fighting. She did not want to hurt anyone, or was it someone in particular? [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[color=Navy]As soon as the Demons had arrived, Sakura had positioned her hands over her guns at her waist. There were two more visible in shoulder holsters. When Gabriel had given them the signal, she whipped out the twin guns from her waist and twirled the quickly, darting to the left to take cover behind a large bin. She peeked out from behind it carefully, the guns in her hands. Sakura heard the silence and fired some shots before ducking back behind her cover. There was lots of gunshots but Sakura recognised the sounds of the guns of the other members of the crew.

She saw Sariel get behind a cover near her and she changed her clips quickly. She talked to her quickly about the numbers, which wasn't many before she left, guns blazing. Sakura shook her head, she was trigger happy, Sakura usually preferred to take careful shots to not waste bullets. Soon Sariel had crouched under cover again.

[b]"I'm out!" [/b]she said.

[b]"You should learn to conserve your ammunition better." [/b]Katrina told her.

Sakura frowned and pulled one of her semi-automatic guns from her shoulder holster and tossed it carefully over to the other girl. Sariel caught the gun and aimed, then thanked Sakura.

[b]"Pick your shots, I don't have much ammo." [/b]Sakura told her.

Sariel nodded and aimed at the Demons carefully. Sakura nodded and fired off several shots, piercing through the skin of their enemies.

She noticed that the Demons were moving back and she would have to get from the cover to get to them. Sakura ran out with her guns blazing, though still taking careful shots. She hoped it would be over soon.
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[color=blue][size=1]Katrina had done her part in the little firefight, but wound up only killing one. She felt a bit bored, and had decided to be lazy and let the others do the job. Instead, she had observed her fellows, watching how they did battle, though she'd seen them kill before.

Sariel had run out quickly, as she normally did. [i]"Trigger happy kid,"[/i] Katrina huffed before giving her any advice. In fact, most of the ones who used guns had wasted their ammo, firing nonstop even after their target went down.

[i]"They all need to work on that,"[/i] she thought, watching her particular victim go down after two well-placed shots. She jumped back into the shadows of the alley to continue watching as she returned her pistol to the hidden pocket in her boot.

The ones who didn't use guns interested her the most. She, herself, was also more inclined to using knives. But a gun was always handy. Kugo played his usual game, and Katrina was entertained.

After all the amateur demons were down, the group was greeted by a strange girl. Katrina, however, had no interest in her, and went to picking up ammo and goods off the dead bodies. Ransacking the dead was a fun little chore.

"Okay boys an' girls. Pay attention," Gabriel chuckled, having enjoyed the night's happenings so far. Katrina, who was usually one not to pay attention, knew it was best to listen. She checked one last body then walked back over to the group.

OOC: Sorry it took so long.. and that it's so short.[/color][/size]
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[font=Verdana][size=1]"Ok, boys and girls, pay attention," said Gabriel, his loud, clear voice cutting through the quiet of the night, "We may have taken a few of them down tonight, but we are nowhere near destroying the Demons. And, even after we have taken all of them out, we are still left with the Angels, and from what we saw of that girl tonight, they could be even tougher than the Demons. So we need to be prepared. We need to..."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1] [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]His words were cut short by a gunshot ringing out, the bullet slamming into his shoulder, sending him spinning to the floor. A man stepped out of the darkness, his pistol holstered already, his hands clapping. His silver hair fell into his eyes, and he wore a black combat suit with a long black jacket over it. He flicked the hair out of his eyes with a movement of his head, and said:[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1] [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"What a rousing speech. I was quite moved myself, until the part where he said that the Angels were more powerful than the Demons. That part annoyed me a little." He had a clear English accent, and was quite well-spoken.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1] [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"Who the hell are you?" said Kugo, stepping forward, raising his fists in a defensive stance.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1] [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"My name is Asmodeus. I have been given specific orders from Lucifer himself to take out Gabriel, and then to bring him Katrina Cleever, that little whore who left him for Gabriel. I plan to follow these orders through, and anyone who wishes to stand in my way will face the consequences." He drew his shining silver pistol and twirled it around his fingers, making it glint in the harsh glow of the street-lamps. The entire crew stepped forward to join Kugo, drawing their weapons...[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1] [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1](OOC: You can do whatever you like with Asmodeus, but don't kill him yet. Also, an old friend of Gabriel's will be joining us very soon)[/size][/font]
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Alchemy gazed over at Katrina, smirking at how pissed off she looked. She stole one quick glance back at Gabriel, still having perfect aim at the man chest.
"So, people? What do we do when someone makes a [I][B]cheap[/B][/I] shot at one of our members?" She called to her allies and friends. Clips were inserted into guns and knives drawn with speed. "That's right, we kill them."
"No, not yet." Kugo, on the other hand didn't here it and Asmodeus got to taste cold steel first.
"What?" Sariel asked about to fire. Alchemy took two hurried steps over to her.
"Shoot, don't aim to kill, let 'im limp away." The Demon was taking aim at them, waiting for one to break ranks.
"Oh, right," she also smirked. [I]My turn.[/I] She pocketed her gun, and threw one of her daggers at him, he dodged it though. Alchemy knew she wasn't going to get that dagger back until he fled, or she got the nerve to go to it.
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Beta sat on the roof top quietly. It had been only a few seconds since her little run in with Gabriel?s Crew, it wasn?t what she expected but she had fun with it. Then hearing Gabriel say something she crawled over to the edge of the roof top, she saw the crew clearly and hear Gabriel like a gem.

"We may have taken a few of them down tonight, but we are nowhere near destroying the Demons. And, even after we have taken all of them out, we are still left with the Angels, and from what we saw of that girl tonight, they could be even tougher than the Demons. So we need to be prepared. We need to..."

When that bullet hit Gabriel?s shoulder Beta quickly stood up and looked around for the source of the shooting. Two people were approaching her with guns aimed.

?Hello little Angel??

The two men started to fire at her dodging the bullets Beta maneuvered her way over to them. Her face had some scratched, the bullets swiped across her face. Beta retrieved her sais and took a swipe at one of men, un-successful one of the men pushed her down both taking aim.

?So little Angel?any last words??

?Yea, Du Arschloch ?

The two demons looked at each other confused; Beta threw one of her daggers at one of their faces. He dropped his gun screaming holding his face staggering backwards, in one more step he fell off the roof top.

?GAHHH!? The demon left standing started shooting at Beta she laid there still, his shooting was off; it was easy to tell he did not know how to handle a gun. Smiling Beta tripped him with the flinch of her foot. As he fell down Beta stuck her sai into his chest and retrieved it quickly.

Jumping of the house she got her other sai, wiping off the crimson liquid that coated its tip. She quickly ran around the house and saw that Gabriel was sitting up gun in hand trying to protect himself. It was against her code to help anyone who was not an Angel, especially if they are and ex-angel. Beta quickly ran toward Gabriel holding his shoulder.

?So, the little strange girl came back to help??

?It appears so.? Beta located where the bullet had penetrated his arm.

?It didn?t go in that far, I can get it out.? After a few seconds the bullet was in Beta hand she threw it out and got up.

?You are going to have to face that guy alone right now?. I can?t.?

?Wait. What?s your name??


OOC: Whoah, in another RPG my poast ended like that too. Weird...
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial Narrow]Sariel watched as the Angel darted from the crew and back into the alleys. Sariel squinted her eyes as she heard shots fire. She brought her attention back to the fight at hand.

"Thanks for letting me use your gun, Sakura." Sariel ducked behind the woman as she handed back her weapon. Sakura looked at her puzzled for a moment, then took the weapon back.

"Won't you need this?" Sakura asked above the roar of noise.

"I'm better at hand to hand, but it doesn't matter. I need both my hands for what I'm about to do any ways." Sariel nodded softly as she crawled back behind the lines and docked into an alley way.

"What are you up to, Sariel?" Gabriel growled.

"I'm going to look up the statics on ugly." Sariel shouted back. She pulled out her electronic organizer. She had gone through all the members before starting any of their missions and asked about all they knew about the members of the gangs they were in. She complied her data into her organizer, along with some extensive research she had done on some of the higher ranked members.

"What did you find?" Gabriel shouted.

"Hold on! Still searching." She replied almost bitterly.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Gabriel crawled back into the alley, his shoulder bleeding, but not badly. He clamped one hand over the wound, and with the other hand he grabbed a pistol from inside his jacket. Beta had both of her sais drawn, but Gabriel didn't know whether she was going to use them to kill him or Asmodeus. He guessed it would be her prime directive as an Angel to take out any Demons she found, but he had a feeling Michael would want him dead as well. He decided to take a chance and let her do her thing.

"Sariel!" shouted Gabriel, "I'm gonna need something soon!"

"Hang on!" she shouted back, "I've almost got it!" Her fingers tapped at the small keyboard on her organiser, and then she shouted:

"Gabriel! Asmodeus may be a good fighter, but he's a cocky little shit! If you can use that to your advantage, then go ahead. That's all I have right now. I'll get back to you in a minute!"

Gabriel nodded to her. It wasn't much, but it would have to do for now. He stood up, his shoulder still bleeding, and his gun still drawn. He held his arms out to either side of him, and dropped his weapon to the floor. He was taking a gamble, and it had to be worth it...

"Ok, Asmodeus," he said, "You've won. We can't hold you back. I'm all yours."

"Awesome!" shouted Asmodeus, twirling his gun around his finger in the style only a rookie would, "I can't believe you ever beat Belial, not with that attitude. I never thought the great Gabriel would give up so easily! Lucifer's gonna be pleased with me!" He walked towards Gabriel, his gun hanging limply from his hand. Gabriel saw this, and he knew his plan was going right.

"You were too good, Asmodeus. I never stood a chance against you. You were always a better fighter than me, and I take back any comment I made about the Angels being stronger than the Demons."

"Well, it is all true," said Asmodeus, now right up next to Gabriel, his face right up to Gabriel's, so close he could feel the Demon's hot breath on his face. Gabriel had waited until now, and now he struck. He swung his knee upwards, smashing it into Asmodeus' crotch. The Demon's face changed, turning from a self-satisfied smile into a grimace of pain. He doubled over, and Gabriel drew another pistol.

"You should have searched me for weapons, idiot," said Gabriel coldly, aiming his gun directly at Asmodeus' head with a grim smile on his face. He pulled the trigger, and the Demon's body fell, splashing backwards into the water of the docks. Gabriel aimed, and fired again and again into Asmodeus' body, making completely sure he was dead. He was not like his would-be killers. He was a professional.

"That's another one down," he said to his crew, turning back to face them, "And now I think it's time for a drink."

(OOC: Ok, from now your posts are going to be in the bar where Gabriel's Crew makes their base. This is the time for character interaction, so make some good interaction)
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"Yeah!" Alchemy couldn't help but smile. She was one who's actions would cause someone to flinch a lot. She can't help herself though. Between what happened to her in her younger years-anything below her age now-and the things that happened just a couple of days ago; she takes to anything with liquor in it. It's pretty funny though, she used to only drink wine, now it's a wide rage.
"Alchemy, how much do you drink?" Came Kugo's voice as they all walked in convoy to the bar.
"Uh, how much is legal?" She asked in a thoughtful voice.
"Like .5% or less, I think," Sakura answered.
"More than that then!" She stated laughing. Katrina just shook her head.
"Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, it's Gabriel you should worry about. Smoking all the time," Sariel said giving Gabriel a piercing look.
"You try and quit, I've given up on quitting now." Alchemy laughed as Sariel playfully pushed Gabriel over out of the line. [I]Yep, it's great to have people surrounding you that like to attack, but are still funny.[/I]
"You know what?" Alchemy started, thinking about something.
"What?" Said the group instinctively.
"I'm the youngest here. I just realized that," she watched their reactions, trying not to laugh. It was expected to see everyone roll their eyes in response, but the funniest, by far, was Katrina's because she not only rolled her eyes she seemed to hit herself in the head.
"I thought they said you were smart," came her nice little sarcastic response.
"Ok, I'm twenty-two and have developed over fifty bombs for the USA alone, I've done even more in Russia. Tell me that you've met someone with book smart, but no common sense."
"I can name two," Sariel jumped in, very bubbly, "Gabriel and you." Everyone was now laughing.
"Hey, that was uncalled for," came Gabriel as they entered the bar.
"I was joking, you know that," Sariel called back to him.
"Yeah, yeah, who else is with me in saying shots are in order?" Alchemy was already at the bar, and not waiting for answer, she began to down two at a time.
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[SIZE=1]Beta slowly walked down the stairs to the subway. It was crowded, just the way she liked it. Approaching a wall she looked around and walked straight into it, she was soon found in a large spacious dark room. Looking around she head his voice.

?Did you kill him??

With a sigh Beta answered his question, ?No Michael I didn?t.?

?What!? You took his place as second in command and you don?t take him out??

?I don?t have to take him out; you want me to take him out.?

She took out her Sais and walked over to a table placing her weapons down first then taking a seat herself.

?He turned into a renegade, you know the story all ready!?

Beta smiled to herself, she looked toward the corner, which is where Michael always stood in the darkness. Every time he talked she only saw his hand movements, but barely. He wore black gloves that were partially covered in his brown leather trench coat.

?So what happened there anyways??

?Well I faced off against his crew. They mostly use firearms, some of them use sharp objects. Their aiming is absolutely outstanding, I am amazed myself I got out of there without being shot.?

?He has a crew??

?Michael? you knew that all ready. Now may I continue??


?Then they ran into Asmodeus. Gabriel killed him.?

?He killed Asmodeus!??

?I just said that didn?t I??


?Where are the others??

?Out, but? I sensed Gabriel was hurt. How did he survive??

?I helped him? Beta?s grin turned into a small smirk. She loved teasing Michael, she wasn?t as quiet around him as most people. He took her in when she first joined the Angels.

?Very well Beta. I will be going now.?

?Be my guest.? [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial Narrow]Sartael walked behind the counter of the bar to mix her own drink. She knew the bar tender on duty was good at his job, but she still prefered her own drinks. Cocktails were her speciality along with various shots, Alchemy loved them, but she was too busy downing the shots the bar tender were serving her currently to ask for any.

"Hey, bar tender, give me something on the rocks." Sariel turned to see Gabriel with his shoulder freshly bandaged.

She smiled and nodded with a "yes sir," before she ran off to do his drink. It was a slender glass of some clear liquid that she sat before him and he quickly downed it. She shook her head in disapproval as he lit another cigeratte.

"Why do you do that?" Sariel asked as she sipped on her cocktail.

"Habit." He said simply as the others sat around the large bar counter.

Sariel brought her eyes over to glance at Kugo quickly before turning away.

"Why don't you talk to him?" Gabriel asked as he blew out smoke through his nose.

"I don't think the others much like me, other than Alchemy, but I think that's because I can make her powerful shots." Sariel looked at the floor after finishing her drink.

"Its 'cause you're too quiet and keep to yourself all the time." Gabriel motioned for another drink. Sariel quickly full filled his request and stepped back from the counter, cleaning up the slight mess she had made on it.

"I've learned that its best to keep to oneself, that way nothing can be taken from you." Sariel said simply, keeping her eyes from the surrounding people.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=Navy]Sakura followed the others back to the base and took a seat on a stool in front of the bar. She sighed and put her right elbow on the bar, propping her chin up with it. The bar tender put a glass bottle in front of her. Sakura looked at it and nodded in thanks, taking a hold of it. She twisted the cap off and took a drink, the bottle was full of sprite, her favourite drink. Sakura loved lemonade, and was completely against alcohol.

Sakura put the cold glass against her forehead and sighed, she looked around the bar and spotted her fellow members of Gabriel's crew, along with Gabriel himself who was smoking. Sakura was tired and needed to relax. She finished the rest of her sprite and threw the bottle into one of the bins.

Sakura got off her stool and walked over to where some of the others were, sitting and joining in the conversation, making sure they didn't drink too much.

Sakura got another sprite as she listened to the conversation, her eyes were drooping and she kept rubbing them, trying to stay awake. Someone noticed and advised her to go to sleep. Eventually Sakura agreed and walked away, throwing another empty bottle into a bin. She said goodbye and left for her sleeping area.

[b][color=black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=black]Sorry, couldn't think of anything.[/color]
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"Nah, Sariel, I like you not only 'cause you make good drinks, but because you're real helpful at times, and funny at others. But then again, I'm just easily amused." She smiled at Sariel, even though she was being kind of rude in evesdropping in on the conversation, but hey, when she drinks she doesn't become tone deaf.
"Yeah, all right, want one?" Sariel asked her as Alchemy had finished seven shots in a minute.
"One, I'm trying not to drink too much," she said trying to act like she knew what she was doing.
"Right, Alchemy, cut back on drinks, that'll be when hell freezes over," Kugo said.
"One of these days it will, like I said before a couple months ago, I'm right eventually," she emphasized 'eventually' to give it the dramatic effect.
"Whatever you say," Sariel sighed, handing her the drink.
"Thanks," Alchemy said and downed it. She smirked at Sariel and replied quickly, "the strongest yet, I'd have to say."
"You always say that after your normal seven shots," Gabriel replied exasperatedly.
"Yeah, but I mean this time, besides, all those other times, I was drunk out fo my mind." Alchemy stood up on pretty straight legs for having seven regular shots and one extreme. She walked around in a circle before starting to sit down. "See, not too drunk." They all laughed because she had missed the stool and landed hard on the ground. [I]I guess I am a bit drunk.[/I] She stood up and was laughing with the crew as she sat down at the bar.
"Good going," Kugo said and patted her on the back.
"Yep, I've got skills like that."
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[color=blue][size=1][i]"She's drunk off her ass again,"[/i] Katrina smiled, always amused by Alchemy's odd behavior. She was sitting beside the young girl, and laughed as she awkwardly got back on her stool.

"I should've known you were the youngest," she grinned.

"Oh? And why's that?" Alchemy replied, pointing a wobbly finger in her direction. "It's simple. You're the only one here who actually relaxes." Katrina shot a glance at everyone and saw their reactions. They all stared either at their feet or at the bar, not daring to look anyone in the eye. They all knew it, but it couldn't be helped.

As each day passed, they grew more stressed and their relations grew more tense. But, of course, Alchemy hadn't seemed to notice.

"That's s-stupid," she stuttered before letting out a sneeze that sent her backwards off her stool. Something like this would've normally sent the group into fits of laughter, but they kept quiet, with the exception of a few chuckles.

Katrina, however, wasn't bothered by the silence. Taking advantage of the peace, she began to think to herself.

[i]"The bastard knows I'm alive.. Oh well. It couldn't be helped. I knew news Gabriel would spread quickly, but I didn't know anyone would recognize me.. Eh. Screw it. I'll kill him whether he knows I'm comin' or not."[/i]

"Want a drink?"


She looked up. It was the bartender. "Oh.. Sure. Strongest you got." Alchemy nudged her. "And you call [i]me[/i] an alcoholic?" Katrina raised an eyebrow, then sighed. "You are. At least I can hold my liquor."

The bartender handed her a large glass full of the strongest he had. "Yum," she muttered to herself before taking a big swig.

Conversation had sprung up again, and soon enough the base was filled with chatter and laughter. Katrina kept quiet, not one for pleasant talking. Alchemy had tried a few times to get her to talk again, but she'd be waved or grunted away.

Katrina took another sip of her drink.

OOC: Couldn't think of anything. >_<;[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial Narrow]Sariel smiled lightly to herself as Katrina's words raced through her mind. It did seem like a running problem with the group, but she wasn't about to try and change it. She sort of preferred it rather business like, kept emotional ties from becoming more than just business partners. Sariel sighed heavly at the thought, she missed her Angel so much.

Sariel brought her head up and saw that every one was trying desperately not to laugh at Alchemy's latest drunk charade. Sariel smiled lightly to herself yet again as the room filled with chatter again.

"Kugo, would you like to play some pool?" Sariel spoke up suddenly. Gabriel turned to look at her with a strange gaze, his cigerrate half way to his lips. She paid no attention to Gabriel's stare as she waited for Kugo's reply.

"Yeah, sure." He said with a quick smile as he got up away from the bar. "Ladies break?" He called over his shoulder as he headed towards the table.

"Why not?" Sariel smiled as she hopped over the bar counter. She choose her stick and started to line up her shot.

Upon breaking the balls Kugo shouted out, "nice shot!" and Sariel instantly felt her cheeks turn red.

About half way through the game, Alchemy rushed over the table, almost laying flat across it. Kugo burst out laughing as he helped her back up.

"I want to play too!" She shouted out, stumbling over a few words.

"You can't even stand, let alone shoot straight!" Kugo chuckled and Sariel smiled at the comment. The others were watching now, laughing at Alchemy's behavior yet again.

"Next game," Sariel called. "You can take on the winner of mine and Kugo's game. Alright?" Sartiel smiled at Kugo and he gave it back.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Gabriel pressed the cool glass of scotch to his face, the icy coldness of the glass cooling his face slightly. He sighed, and sank down slightly in his bar stool. Maybe Sakura had the right idea, going to bed early. God knows the Demons would be out in full force tomorrow. He drained the contents of his glass and placed it down on the table.

"Goodnight everyone," he said, "I'm following Sakura's lead and getting to bed early. I'm going to guess that we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, so you lot shouldn't be too long out of bed."

"Ok, mom!" said Alchemy sarcastically, but in a single long slur. She had had way too much to drink for her age. Gabriel gave a small smile and headed upstairs to bed. As he climbed the stairs, something which seemed to take an eternity, something happened outside. Through the walls, Gabriel could hear murmuring, something about disturbing the peace. Then he heard the metallic clinking of something large, and then a strange noise which he didn't recognise. But he did a few seconds before it happened.

It was the sound of a heavy weapon firing, and Gabriel realised with a split-second to go that this was not good news. Seconds later, an explosion rocked the building, ripping off one side in a blazing inferno. Fire licked around the rafters of the building, and Gabriel had to hold his arm over his face to avoid pieces of shrapnel flying towards him. His intuition told him to go for the people on the higher floors first, as they were in more danger if the structural integrity failed. He ran up the stairs, away from the rapidly advancing flames, and ran to Sakura's room. She was asleep. Damn, that girl was a heavy sleeper.

Gabriel ran over to her, only to find that she was in fact unconscious, not asleep. He picked her body up, and ran back to the stairs. Flames had completely engulfed them, so Gabriel grabbed one of his handguns, and fired a few rounds into the highest step. The wood splintered, and Gabriel put his foot through, and as he did, the wood of the rest of the stairs collapsed, leaving a gaping hole where the stairs had been.

Gabriel took a deep breath, a few steps backwards, and then jumped across the gap. He landed on the floor below, and rolled with the impact, dropping Sakura to the floor. He ran into the main bar, leaving Saura in the relative protection of the cellar, and found the others in similar states, coughing and spluttering, Alchemy lying on the floor laughing, still completely under the influence of alcohol, but the rest of them had drawn their weapons and were ready for any kind of clean-up crew.

Something came skittering across the floor, and the crew looked at it, beofre realising what it was. It was a stun grenade. As it exploded, Gabriel was knocked unconscious, and the rest of the crew threw themselves into the various pieces of cover left.

A Demon clean-up crew walked in, and, seeing that the rest of the crew were still trying to shake off the effects of the grenade, they walked over to Gabriel's prone form, and picked him up with a great effort, and carried him out of the bar. The others dropped a few explosive charges around the bar, and left them to detonate with an explosion which would essentially vaporise everything in the bar.

As they walked away, the charges detonated, blowing the bar to pieces, and they bundled Gabriel into the back of a van, and drove away, leaving the others inside the bar...

(OOC: My next post will explain what is happening to Gabriel, and don't worry, the rest of you aren't dead. The next post from everyone should be how you escaped from the bar, but I do want you to have some injuries. It would be illogical for you to go through that and come out unscathed. After that you will be planning a rescue mission for Gabriel)
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[color=blue][size=1]"Shit shit shit shit shit," Katrina chanted as she crawled along the floor. Her leg had been hit by a large chunk of the bar, and was bleeding quite badly. It hurt to stand, and walking was out of the question at this point. So, she crawled, as fast as she could, towards the giggling Alchemy.

"Idiot girl," she muttered angrily, ducking as a flame flared over her head, nearly singeing her hair off.

"Alchemy! Move it," Katrina barked, grabbing a hold of the young girl's upper arm and tugging as hard as she could. "It's hot in here.." she mumbled in a very drunk fashion. "Shut up."

After a few moments, she heard some beeping. It took her a moment to realize what the source was. When she did, she froze, eyes wide and jaw hanging open. Alchemy was crawling behind her- not because either of her legs were injured, but because she saw Katrina doing it and, being extremely tipsy, copied her- and bumped into her.

"Heeey... Wha's the hold up?" she asked, blinking oddly.


"I didn' do it.. I think.." Alchemy answered. Had they not been about to fry and/or collapsed in on by the rest of the building, Katrina would've enjoyed saying things and hearing Alchemy's alcohol-enduced responses. But the circumstances kept her from feeling anything but pissed off.

"Run, damnit. RUN!"

With all her might, she pushed herself up using a non-burning, knocked over bar stool and began to hustle awkwardly towards the back exit. She looked back briefly to see Alchemy still crawling. "GET UP!" she shouted angrily, wanting to go back to and drag her out, screaming about how she should never drink ever again all the way outside. But her leg stung horribly the moment she tried to spin around.

"Damnit," she cursed, biting her lip as she held back tears of pain. Alchemy eventually reached Katrina's legs, and was immediatly pulled up by her collar and shoved outside.

The moment the bombs were detonated, the two of them jumped through the doorway onto the ground. The flames whooshed past their heads, the heat unbearable. It passed, but left the air sticky and stale. Sweat seemed to be flooding out of every possible pore on her body, trying to keep her cool. But it was so hot. Katrina felt like falling asleep right there. No longer wanting to care about Alchemy, the others, or the Demons and Angels.

Fuck it. Fuck it all. And it all went black.

"Katrina..?" came Alchemy's voice. It sounded semi-sober. Barely escaping a collapsing and burning building will do that to a person.

[i]"Ugghh... Whaaat?"[/i] She didn't want to open her eyes. It was so nice in the dark. It was cool, and calm, and nobody wanted to kill her.

"Katrina? Wake up.. Look," the voice persisted. This time, Katrina let out a moan. She blinked her eyes open and was greeted with the sight of her friend sitting beside her, pointing at something.

She rolled over, and instantly regretted it. The pain in her leg returned, and felt as if she'd been shot there multiple times. She knew the feeling. She hated it.

".. W-What?" she mumbled, coughing a bit because of the smoke she'd inhaled. Katrina's eyes slowly moved off of Alchemy and onto the crumbling old bar, burning itself to the ground. The top floor had already collapsed, pouring out more smoke and flames. As she looked at it, her face warmed almost instantly.

She coughed again. Now on her back, she propped herself up on her elbows and rubbed her eyes as the heat began to irritate them.

"O-Others.. The others?" Katrina spat out.

"I don't know."

A long, awkward pause. If they were the only ones left, then what would they do? They didn't know exactly who did this in the first place, though it wasn't hard to guess. The Demons or the Angels. Someone ordered them all dead.

"How long was I out?"

"A few minutes," Alchemy replied, falling flat on her back beside her. It was cooler flat on the ground. After a couple more minutes staring at the burning building they had called their base, she followed suit. It was still silent, aside from the sound of flames ripping at the wooden frame of the bar.

"You know what the worst part is?"


"That bartender was the only one who knew how to make me a drink the way I like it," Katrina sighed. Alchemy laughed, interrupted by a little hiccup which sent them both into quiet laughter. It hurt a bit, though. [i]"Probably the smoke,"[/i] she thought.

"No, I'm serious," she chuckled, "Every where else they just.. dump a bunch of stuff into one glass. He.. Well, I don't know what he did, but he didn't just do that. He'd do a bunch of other stuff, too."

"We should look for them. If they don't find us."

Another pause. And to think. Katrina normally preferred it quiet. But hearing someone's voice was better than hearing the flames of the fire that nearly killed you. She sighed again.

"Yeah.. I guess."

She began scrambling around in her pockets, looking for something she could wrap her wound with. She felt a nudge and looked over at Alchemy. She was holding up a large white hankerchief.

"Where'd you get that?" Katrina asked, sitting up.

"Grabbed it off the bar. Before I sneezed. I was gonna use it, but couldn't bring it up to my face in time," she giggled. Even her own drunk activities were funny to her.

Katrina pulled her left pants leg up to the knee and frowned. There was a large cut in her calf, with a bruise above it. Where the chunk had hit and not cut, it still left a mark.

"Looks bad," Alchemy commented.

"I know."

She wrapped the hankerchief around her leg- it managed to wrap around three times- and patted it gently. It still hurt, but not as much with the cloth wrapped tightly around it.

She slowly got up, and was pleased to find that standing up no longer hurt. "Lets go," she sighed, holding out a hand for Alchemy. She helped her up, then began limping towards a place where she knew there was another exit.

"How many ways are there outta that place?" Alchemy wondered, jogging up to her.

"Plenty," Katrina replied.

OOC: Hope you don't mind the "rescue" Apherion. ^_^;;[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial Narrow]The first explosion sent Sariel over top of the pool table and into the wall. Before she had time to react the pool table came flying at her. Unfortunetly it crumbled and slammed into Kugo before it penned her up against the wall. She cried out in terrible pain as she felt her rips cave into her body. The wave of black dizziness threaten to take hold of her as she placed her hands against the wood piece that had penned her.

"Sariel!" she heard some one shout of the chaotic noise in her head.

"Over here. I'm penned!" She shouted, pushing against the wood.

Kugo ran over to her and slid down next to her. "You alright?" He asked as he placed on hand on her shoulder.

"Been better." Sariel whinced in pain.

Kugo smirked as he pulled the piece of pool table off Sariel. She let out a yelp, clutching her rip cage. Kugo bent before her and pulled her to her feet, despite her protesting. There was a sudden cling and a ping as Sariel looked about.

"Get down!" She screamed as she pulled Kugo down with her. Just as they hit the floor the stun gernade exploded. They stayed hidden under the cloud of smoke for what seemed like eternity when Sariel heard Katrina's chant.

"We have to get out of here!" Kugo shouted as he grabbed Sariel's arm and pulled her towards an exit, maybe in the back some where.

"Where's Sakura?" Sariel shouted, gasping with the realization of the pain in her chest again.

"Get out!" Kugo shoved her towards the exit as he ran back into the crumbling bar.

"What about you!" Sariel swirled around, both arms around her abdomen now.

"GO!" He bellowed.

Sariel squinted her eyes as she darted for the door. She swung it open and found a dumbster not far from her. She sucked up the pain as she climbed into the dumbster, slamming the lid shut just in time as the bar exploded. She waited until the rumbling stopped before popping the lid open slowly to peer out. The building was clasping, fire and smoke every where.

"Ow..." Sariel moaned as she climbed out of the dumbster and tumbled to the pavement below.

"Hey! Look, its Sariel!" Alchemy shouted as she and Katrina walked up to her.

Alchemy bent down and helped Sariel to her feet.

"Where are the others?" Katrina asked.

"I don't know." Sariel shook her head, taking in Katrina's leg.

Sariel stiffened a cry as she clutched her rips again.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Gabriel spluttered into consciousness as a large bucket of ice-cold water was thrown over him. He coughed as he awoke, and found himself naked from the waist up, his scars bared, with his hands chained to the ceiling. It was a dark, cold, underground room, with no windows and the only light coming from a small, pale electric light hanging above his head. As far as he could tell, there were several other people standing in the room, just out of the light. The man who had thrown the bucket of water over him was standing, with the bucket by his feet, in the centre of the circle of light.

"Good morning, Gabriel," he said, in a smooth voice, pulling a small cigar from his pocket, twisting it into his mouth and lighting it. The smell of tobacco filled the air around Gabriel, although years of heavy smoking meant it didn't affect him. He merely looked up and said:

"I wouldn't call it that, Lucifer." His own voice shocked him. It was croaky, as though it hadn't been used for a long time.

"I suppose not. But anyway, let's get to the point. You have not been helpful to me, Gabriel."

"I was counting on that."

"You have killed a lot of my people. It only seems fair that I should have killed yours as well," he saw the shocked look on Gabriel's face, "Yes, that's right, Gabriel. They were in the bar, and I blew it up. They had no chance to escape. Your new little friends are all dead, Gabriel."

"No!" shouted Gabriel, "You're lying! It's not true!"

"Oh, I'm afraid it is, Gabriel. You are all alone, so you can forget about the little rescue mission I know you had planned. You are going to die here, cold and alone, in the home of your enemies."

Lucifer turned, and left the room, nodding to two of the men in the shadows. The rest of the men in the room followed Lucifer out, but the two men left in the room advanced on Gabriel.

"Hey, Gabriel," said one of them, "We're gonna have some fun with you tonight!"

"I'm sorry, Leviathan," said Gabriel, recognising the man's face, "I just don't swing that way."

Leviathan merely smiled at this blatant slur on his sexuality, and picked up a small electric lamp from the table. He switched it on, then ripped it open, baring two wires. He touched them together, and a spark appeared. He moved towards Gabriel, placing the wires on his chest. 30 or so volts of electricity ran through Gabriel's body, and he grunted in pain. It was not enough to kill him, or even injure him too seriously, but it still hurt.

Leviathan raised an eyebrow, curious to see how far Gabriel could go. He threw the lamp away, and picked up a 60 volt car battery, attaching two wires to it and placing the other ends of these wires on Gabriel's chest. He screamed in pain as the electricity zapped through his body. Leviathan laughed, seeing him in pain...

(OOC: Ok, Sapphire Flare, you're free to post at any time now, and your job is to torture Gabriel. Go nuts, try as many horrible methods of torture you can think of, but I think it goes without saying that you have to keep Gabriel alive. The rest of you need to regroup and begin to plan your rescue.)
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Ooc: Roast Gabriel sounds good... >:]

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Oh, it looks like I made a mark..." Leviathan maliciously smiled. "But it's not big enough..." He put the battery away.

"Now... how can I make a point..." Leviathan unsheathed a dagger. "Oh, Here we go." Leviathan's smile broadened as he touched the steel blade to Gabriels chest. Gabriel was good at staying calm, his face was still solid and cold.

[I]All the more fun to break.[/I]

"Hmm.. What time is it? I need to call my friends, tell them I'm ok." He replied casually. "I don't want them to be worried."

"Oh? And why not? They have much to be worried about... Their team leader is about to die..."

"So you admit they're alive!"

Levi had a shocked expression on his face, knowing he had been decieved.

"Mishap on my part. I wouldn't get my hope's up." He pushed the blade in lightly, blood slowly oozing as he carved two lines spelling out a capital L. Gabriel groaned slightly, he could feel the blood dripping down onto his stomach.

"Hm... Bigger." Levi remarked. He extended the bloody lines and watched Gabriel writhe in pain.

"They're alive. I can tell. And they're more than enough to take you." Gabriel grunted, his breath was getting shorter.

"Who are you kidding? Even if they were alive, which they most definately are not, they don't have the faintest idea where we are. Neither do you." Levi smiled as he started on the capital E. Gabriel began his humorous remarks again to prove that his spirit was not broken.

"I know! Let's play clue! Hmm... Dark dungeon, smells like sh*t, is it your house Levi?"

Levi's smile slid off of his face at the mention of his home. He pulled the dagger up and made a two slashes, deeper than the other ones, bloodier than the other ones, spelling out a capital V.

"Oh, is the great leader thirsty?" He mocked Gabriel as he pulled out a flask. "Perhaps he would like some fine whiskey." Levi popped open the top and spilled it over Gabriel's wounds. "Oh, sorry..." He cackled as Gabriel squirmed in his shackles, Levi could only imagine how much that stung.

"They're coming..." Gabriel looked up with a calm face. Levi took the flask and struck Gabriel across the face with it.

"Shut up." Levi saw that he had underestimated his mind, it would take a bit more to crack. But Levi also wondered, what if the others had survived? No, nonsense, there was no way out. It was just Gabriel trying to mess with his mind...[/COLOR]

Ooc: meh, hope that's not too bad. I'm not so great a torturer and definately not a Sadist so I don't have torture plans planned out or anything... Except for my math and French teachers. They are both going to be tied to a cross and burned upside down in a mix of vinegar an-, nvm. Off topic.
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[SIZE=1]Kugo ran through the smoldering hideout, leaping back and forth over the burning pillars. He shouted Sakura's name as he ran but saw no sign of her or Gabriel. [I]Damn, where did those two get to[/I] he thought to himself, mumbling curses as he threw ashing wood to the side. He made his way to the collapsed stairs and found smoking bullets encircling them, from Gabriel no doubt. He leapt up the stairs and winced as he fell to a kneel, grabbing his leg in pain. It seemed as though a large piece of shrapnel had impaired him just after the explosion.

Adrenaline had made him oblivious to the pain until that very moment when he fell upon the floor. He ran his finger over the wound and applied pressure in certain areas, gauging it's severity. He felt blood pour from his skin, but this was no place to sit and whimper over a minor injury. He rose to his feet and ran forward, finally spotting Sakura lying safely in the cellar's protection. [I]That Gabriel is a wily one he is[/I] thought Kugo to himself, laughing a bit as he lifted Sakura from the floor. He made his way out to the rest of the team lying her upon the ground before them. "She'll be ok, Gabriel moved her to the cellar before the fire spread," he said with a sigh of relief. However it was short lived, and just after his statement he felt the ground. A poof of soot filling the air around him as he hit the stone sidewalk.

[B]OOC: He's a bit tired I suppose lol[/B][/SIZE]
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