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RPG Lord of the Rinds: The Wrath of Sauron


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Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to him the Rings of Power- the means by which he will be able to rule the world. All he lacks in his plan for domination is the Ruling Ring, which has fallen into the hands of good. Whomever chooses must make a perilous journey across the reamls of Middle-earth, to the crack of doom, deep inside the territories of the Dark Lord. There they must destroy the ring forever to foil the Dark Lord of his evil purpose.
The adventure begins in a small village of the Shire, a pleasent place filled with small creatures called hobbits. It is a welcoming place, where Elves, Dwarfs, and human alike often stop for rest. It has a good reputation among most life in Middle Earth.
On a crisp cool morning in the Shire, the hobbits of hobbiton are only getting up to meet a new morning. However, a treveler has just reached the shire, on a mighty stallion. A proud elf of the Elrond clan. He heads around, looking for the local bar, where someone is waiting for him. He gets off his horse, and approaches an elderly hobbit.

???: Hello good halfling, can you direct me to the Golden Perch?

Hobbit: Indeed I can, but it would help if I knew your name.

???: I am Relvenar, son of Bonomir.

Hobbit: Well, travel down this path and turn right. You can't miss it. It has the best ale in many a mile.

Relvenar: Indeed I think you, farewell.

The elf marches down the road, and rounds the corner. He sees a large building with a sign 'The Golden Perch' written on it. He walks in, and looks around.

Relvenar: A tankard of your best ale please barkeep.

Relvenar takes his tankard, and approaches someone, that he knows well.
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Kool, you signed up in 'The wrath of Sauron' sign up. This is the play version of the sign up.
Ralvenar aproaches Siren, one of his oldest friends.

Siren: Greetings Ralvenar

Ralvenar: I'm afraid the time for pleasentries has far passed. The Dark Lord hasreturned to middle earth, and searches for 'the one'.

Siren: You mean the ring?

Ralvenar: Yes. It is believed that the ring is in the shire. We must find it soon, or truly we will meet our doom.

Siren: You wish of me to find it?

Ralvenar: Yes, normally I would be searching also, but I have a more pressing engagement. I must go to the forbidden forest, where Tom Bombadil is said to dwell.

Siren: I will do my best.

Ralvenar: Thank you my friend, but I must leave now.

Ralvenar walks out the inn, and mounts his horse. He then gallops out of the shire.
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whoops. my bad. :blush: :D

*sitting behind Siren is someone who is wearing a cloak.*

person-So. u r going to try to find the ring?

Siren-yes. I need to.

person-I too need to find the ring to keep the Dark Lord from getting it. If we work together, we can get it before he does.

Siren-K. But what is ur name?


*then they set off to find the ring.*

P.S. [B]I'm a human. [/B]
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Ryu walked along the streets of Hobbiton, if they were much of streets at all, wearing a cloak that shadowed his face. Iksar were not liked in many places and if he was caught, he'd create a riot not wanted.

He noticed a figure riding a stallion in the sunset and watched him ride off into the forests surrounding Hobbiton. He snithered his tounge under his cloaked hood and kept on walking. Then he noticed a quaint little hobbit walk along the streets with another creature.

Almost bumping into them, he passes quickly so they do not spy his face. But he stopped short for he overheard their conversation.

"We must get that ring or were doomed. That little band has more magic than anything else in the world practically!" Siren didn't speak it loud but Iksar had excellent hearing.

Ryu rubbed his scaly chin and then carefully followed behind them, not wanting to be noticed at any time.
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Ralvenar arrived at the market in the shire, where old and young hobbits alike sell goods to the eager, and the weary. Ralvenar dismounts his horse, and approaches an elderly hobbit standing beind a stall of potions.

Ralvenar: Hello, do you by chance have these potions?

Ralvenar pulls out a small scroll.

Ralvenar: Dexterity
Cordial of Arath

Hobbit: I have all of those. How many do you require?

Ralvenar: As many as a group of 3 and a tall steed can carry..... so about 20 of each.

Hobbit: Well, I certainly hope that money is not your weak point.

Ralvenar: It is most certainly not, I am of the clan of Elrond. We are a proud elven tribe, and exceedingly wealthy. Never have we faced a bad harvest.

Hobbit: A.... Elrond from Rivendell........ such a great elf is he. Well known for his pride and honour, as well as power. The most trusty and poweful of elven people of old dwelled there.

Ralvenar: Indeed, as far back as Middle Earth is remembered in book or in tale.

Hobbit: Well, here are your potions.

Ralvenar hands the hobbit a large bag of coins.

Ralvenar: Keep all that is spare.

Hobbit: My...... thank you.

Ralvenar then walks towards a weapon store.

Ralvenar: Hello my good sir, I require the followind arrows:
22 inch oak arrow, with steel tipped poison barbs.
20 inch pine arrow with iron tips and 5 inch flights.
25 inch steel arrow with flammable cerosene tips.
20 inch oak arrow with average tip and flights.

Hobbit: My, you certainly are knowledged in weapons.

Ralvenar: Indeed, I do not face a task unprepared.

Hobbit: How many of each do you require?

Ralvenar: Well, my quiver is able to hold 60 arrows.... and my counterpart Siren has a quiver of 40 arrows...... so 25 of each please.

Hobbit: Well, that'll come to a pretty sum.

Ralvenar pays the hobbit, with another bag of coins. He walk out, struggling with all his supplies.
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[color=crimson][i]Ken walks into the Market, he accidentally hits Ralvener and Ralvener drops some arrows[/i]

Ken: Oh... excuse me... let me get those for you

[i]Ken picks up the arrows and hands them to Ralvener, Ralvener thanks Ken and walks off... Ken walks to the arrow shop[/i]

Ken: Excuse me, But... I need some arrows.

Hobbit: What kind?

Ken: Some Oak Arrows, and Some Steel Arrows. 100 of each.

[i]Ken pays the hobbit and puts his Arrows in his quiver... he walks back out and sees Ralvener again[/i]

Ken: Excuse me again for a moment.... but are you going on a adventure?

Ralvener: To save this land... that is the adventure i'm going on

Ken: Well... i was wondering if i could... come along... i have my own horse and i am a extremely good archer.

[i]Ken waits for Ralvener's answer[/i][/color]
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*Juno in the corner of the weapon shop*
Juno: Well I see that there are others who is on the side of good is looking for the ring also.

Hibbit: Here is you things sir there have been many buying supply today.

Juno: Yes there is for the worse is yet to come.
*he exit the shop and follow Ralvener for he knew that he is a great warrior and one he can trust*
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Ryenzau heads off to leave and find the ring.

???: WAit!!!
Ryenzai turns around to see Ryenzai (his brother ) run after him.
Ryenzai: You will ned this.
Ryenzau: what is it
Ryenzai: Its ur head wrap.
Ryenzau: thanks. I mus leave now I need the ring.
Ryenzai: You get the ring and we can get the money we need to get back to our house..
Ryenzau: Then I must leave now so we can get our house back.
Ryenzai: Maybe while were at it we could use a good supply of Enktai.
Ryenzau: No, I only desire for what we need. not what we want.
Ryenzai: Oh I see. Well i need to go train some more.
Ryenzau: OK do that Ill see you a long time from now maybe 1 year from now.
Ryenzai: Yeah thats when im 16.
Ryenzau: Yes my brother.
They hug each other one last time for it will be the lat time they see each other.
Ryenzau: I must go now.
Ryenzai: Bye

Ryenzau walks in a distant direction toward the heart of China.
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"Ring?" Ryu mumbles under his breath but his mumbles were too loud and caused Siren to turn to him. Ryu made haste and acted as if he was interested in buying the old hobbit's wine.

"... the best ever made." repeated the hobbit to Ryu. Ryu paid the hobbit his money and took the wine. The hobbit was so happy with his sale, he didn't pay attention to how much Ryu paid him. Not less than the price, but more.

Ryu walked along behind Siren and Kool, keeping distance. He gave the wine to some poor hobbits that needed it but never even looked at them. He just walked on, curious about the rings.

"I feel were being followed." Imediatly, Ryu jumped toward a sale booth and acted again as if he wanted to purchase an item.

"Hmm... that guy is suspicious. Let's hurry." Kool warned and the two sped up alittle to keep safe distance from Ryu. Ryu turned to them and slithered his tounge once more.
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siren was aware of ryu's presence and told kool to meet her at the oak tree in the square kool looks at her wairly

kool: alright...

after a few mins ryu continued to follow her... siren turned off in to a side ally ... when he followed her she sliped behind him and pressed her dagger to his throat...

siren: move and i'll slit your throat
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Ralvenar: Well, your archery skills will be decided when it matters. You are welcome to join me on my journey, if you are prepared.

Ken: I am.

Ralvenar: Then let us make haste. I must deliver some of these arrows to my elven friend Siren, and also give her some potions.

Ralvenar gets on his horse, and Ken gets on his own horse, and they ride to the centre of Hobbiton, where they see Kool. Ralvenar rides upto him.

Ralvenar: Here my friend, give these items to Siren.

Ralvenar hands Kool 10 of each arrow he picked up, and 5 of each potion. He and Ken then ride out out of the Shire.

Ralvenar: Ken, we are going deep into the forbidden forest. It is a place of great evil, but one of the great warriors of old lives there. It is about 5 miles due North West of here.

Ken: I am prepared.

Ralvenar: Then let us make haste. Our steeds can run for but 3 miles, and the rest we will have to take at walking speed. We have only 5 days until we must return to the Shire.

Ken: Lets go.

With that, both steeds speed up, but they suddenly stop, they can here another horse coming up behind them. A human on horseback rides upto them and stops.

???: My name is Juno, I wish to join you on your quest, as it is my task to also stop the Dark Lord.

Ralvenar: Very rare is an occasion when two strangers ask to join my travels. But I shall not refuse company just yet, but I am suspicious of both of you.

At that point, the three horses are commanded to gallop again. The three speed towards the forbidden forest, with Ralvenars cape fluttering in the wind.
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???: Ryenzau..
Ryenzau looks up in the air to see who called his name but suprised to see no one.
Ryenzau: weird
Ryenzau walks up to a small boy dressed in black
Ryenzau: excuse me boy but what is ur name.
???: my name is Perchik
Ryenzau: Well Perchik im looking for a magical ring u kow of it.
Perchik: Yes in that direction i last remembered seeing a man with it.
Ryenzau: Sauron!!!
Perchik: WHy do u need the ring
Ryenzau: My brother aand I need a better place to live and some money.
Perchik: Money is hte World's Curse.
Perchik: its that way.
Ryenzau: Thank you kind boy.
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*as they draw closer to the forbidden forest their horses stop and the three get off*

Ralvenar: From here on out we walk. Are you two ready?

Ken: Yes I am.

Juno: Always.

Ralvenar: Very well but be warn this place has many monster that few have seen.
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*kool heads towards the alley to give Siren the potions but see's the reptile like person w/ the dagger at his throat.*

kool- So Siren. Is this the person who was following us?

Siren- yes.

kool- have you learned anything about him? Is he good or is he w/ the Dark Lord?

Siren- I don't know. He has told me nothing. Yet.
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Ralvenar draws Anduril (his sword) and continues chopping down overhanging branches.

Ralvenar: This path is indeed suitable hor a halfling on foot, but for sturdier creature of lor, this is no easy task.

The three continue until they reach a river.

Ken: You think we can follow the coastline?

Ralvenar: If I remember correctly, we can follow for 2 miles, then it bends back inwards..... then we must travel through thick shrubbery for many a mile.

Juno: Well, let's go.

They walk down the river bank for about 20 minutes, then, as Ralvenar said, the coast bended back inwards.

Ralvenar: We will stay here for tonight. We will not find a better spot in this forest.
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Ryu soon learns after following the two, they have not the answers to be followed. He trots off towards the forests where Ralvenar had once galloped into. He followed a trail and sniffed the scent. "*sniff*sniff* He was here not to long ago. I best camp for it is getting dark."

Ryu settled down and lit a flame on some wood for a calming campfire. He slithered his tounge for it twas a habit.

Not too far off, Ralvenar and his company were completing the same thing. They started camp and unlatched their bundles. They sipped deliscious cordial and had sweet Spring Biskuts complete with Salin Fish from the nearby river.

Ryu could smell the food from his distance and became rather hungry. "Maybe I should try to find his camp. Besides, there may be trolls or ogres in this forest. It's not good to be alone." Ryu gathered his bundle and started off into the darkness of the forests to find Ralvenar and company.
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Ralvenar's ear suddenly twitches.

Ralvenar: Soething approaches us....

Juno: What is it?

Ralvenar: I cannot tell.

Ralvenar loosens Anduril from it's sheath, and draws his lond bow. He draws a poison dart, and points it into the darkness. A lizard like creature comes out of the darkness.

Ralvenar: Identify yourself, be you friend or foe? I will strike you down with the bow of the almighty if you do not answer!

Ryu: My mane is Ryu. I am friend. I promise you.

Ralvenar lowers his guard.

Ralvenar: I do like company, but so much draws even the most trusting of orc's to be suspicious. You may join our company, but I shall not take mercy upon you shall you cross me.
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