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Parallel Convergence : Revelation [M-VL; maybe S]


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[B][SIZE=4][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][CENTER]Parallel Convergence:

[CENTER][color=#660000][SIZE=1][B]?Raaagh!!! Aaaagggghhh!!!? [/B]

The creature moaned in pain, grasping the colossal demonic wings protruding from it?s back. This pain never ceased, but it only took its toll when they were unleashed. But if the wings weren?t let out by choice?they?d come out by force. The creature retracted its wings, withdrew it?s horns into its head. A black mist engulfed the room swirling inside like a vortex. It finally subsided, and all that was left was a bare beautiful woman, gasping for air. The door behind her opened, and a red-haired male attendant came in, giving her garments to change into. He ran his hand through her hair, then left. He walked back to the main lab, where the other assistants were waiting. He looked at the others gathered around the room, sorrow in his eyes. They all knew her pain better than any other.

The red-haired man looked at his brethren. There were seven of them. All were completely loyal to the doctor, they loved her dearly. They were, after all, her children. Helena?s creations. The red-haired man, Lust, was 6?, and had immoral red eyes. The woman to his left, Gluttony, was slender, and had short, orange hair, with eyes that were constantly searching for food. Next to her was Envy, an attractive, green-haired woman, and Pride, whose hair was jet-black, her mouth cocked into that mocking smile she often held. Away from the group was Sloth, sprawled out in a chair in the corner of the room, his spiked hair covering his face as he slept, Wrath, who stood besides the machinery, experimenting on lab rats, and Greed, who sat alone thinking of ways to use the Doctor?s experiments to make money. They were different?but united under one. The door to the lab slid open as the doctor walked in. She waltzed past her ?children? and walked to the machine charging behind all the other experiments. The Doctor put her hand against the machine, and her eyes lit up as she rubbed it.

[B]?Dimensional travel. Even in this day and age?It is thought to be impossible. But..but I?ll show them. Today, I will travel to another dimension. It must happen today. I cannot fail. I?ve?I?ve sacrificed to much,?[/B] she slid her hands over the scars left from her wings, [B]?for it to fail. He promised??[/B]

[B]+ + +Outside + + +[/B]

A young man and two of his friends rode frantically on their motorbikes towards the laboratory. They had received word of a nuclear bomb landing in this vicinity, and they had to warn the doctor. The young man, Arc, was the doctor?s son. And he knew that she planned to use the machine tonight. If he didn?t tell her not to?the result would be catastrophic. [I]Mom?I have to get to you. I know this?project means everything to you, but you mean everything to me.[/I] He accelerated, leaning into his bike. He finally saw the lab in the distance. A smile passed his face. I made it. His thoughts were disturbed a yelp from behind.

[B]?Arc! Look up!?[/B]

Arc raised his head frantically, and his eyes opened wide at what he beheld. The nuke. Since warfare had advanced, they no longer needed to launch another bomb at it. Once it hit?Once it hit?It would all be over. Tears streamed from Arc?s face, and he slowed bike to a stop. He sat there and he hit the handlebar of his bike furiously. [I]Why? Why damn it?[/I] Light streamed over his face as he cried. [I]So this is the end?wait? That light isn?t the?[/I] He looked up quickly. The light was shining from the lab. She had activated it. Her life dream was going to be destroyed, and her along with it. Arc watched the nuke crash into the lab, and watched as green and white light fused together. The wave of fluorescent light flowed over them, and then darkness.

[color=#000033][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][U][B]Across the fold of space and time:[/B][/U][/SIZE][/FONT][/color]

Seven people sat round in the holy chamber, listening to the horrid screams from the other room. Lust, in his Illusionist?s armor, grabbed the Sage?s outfit and brought it to his creator. He walked into the room, gave it to her, and ran his hand through her hair. He left, and she dressed. Her body shook violently from her transformation, but she kept together. She had finally mastered it. The lost Sage?s skill. Dimensional travel. And she would use it today. She would become the most powerful being alive. She finished dressing, then walked into the holy chamber preparing to perform her spell.

[B]+ + +Outside+ + +[/B]

A Knight watched as the dwarf he was holding died. Was he lying? Were?were they really going to perform the Ruinous Chasm Incantation on her? Sending her straight to the fiery depths below? He wouldn?t let that happen to Helena. He loved her. He grabbed a wyvern, and took to the sky, flying of to the temple as quickly as he could. His comrades traveled in close pursuit behind him. He saw the temple at last, but it was to late. The barrier had been put up around the temple, to keep anything from getting out. The giant sorcerous circle in the sky above the barrier, and shot a green blast of energy down towards Helena. But from the temple emanated a blinding white light, one that shot forth and counteracted with destructive wave coming towards it. The lights fused and spread over the land. And then?darkness.


[SIZE=1]Two worlds.

Two realities.

Both worlds are suffering from a time of war, between two great powers. One reality?s war is fought with Mechs, machine guns, the other fought with beasts, sorcery. Doctor/Sage Helena, the most revered scientist/ powerful mage of her time, has finally made blueprints for a machine/ recovered a spell, to make dimensional travel possible. Determined to ensure that she would be successful, she made a deal with the dark one. He granted her a new form, and unlimited knowledge. With this knowledge she worked towards her dream. And, at the exact same moment in both realities, Helena put her method to test, only to have immeasurable amounts of energy interfere with the process. The result of these catastrophic events was simple. Two realities were destroyed.

And one was created.

Now the residents of both worlds have been fused together with their counterparts. Skilled snipers from the future have been melded together with their archer counterparts. Planes have fused with Phoenixes. Tanks and Behemoths have become one. And the two Helenas have finally come together, in a body far from human. But?She has gone mad. Wild with delirium, she seeks to reverse the ?chaos? she has caused by bringing together the two realms. By slowly destroying the planet. No single being can stand up to her might.

Except for them. Arc, Helena?s lover, and their comrades.

[SIZE=2][B]Sign-Up/ RP Notes[/B][/SIZE]
[QUOTE][RIGHT][SIZE=1]· I?ll be needing someone to play as Helena?s lover. Him and Arc (me)will play a large role in this. Don?t worry about trying to make him any specific way, do whatever you please. Just make sure to include how much he loves Helena. Oh, and he must have wings as one of his genetic variations. ^__^ If you?d like any help just PM me.


[B]Name:[/B] (Futuristic or Olden, depending on the reality you originate from)
[B]Age:[/B] (18+)
[B]Class/ Job:[/B] ( What were you in your reality? Past ex. A Black Mage, Dark Knight, Beast Tamer, etc. Future ex. Sniper, Swordsman, Mech Pilot etc. These are times of war, so chances are you are enlisted in the army)
[B]Weapon:[/B] (What weapon do you carry around for protection?)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Detailed description, picture, or both)
[B]Natural Abilities:[/B] (Fairly simple. Can you manipulate flames, read minds, or phase through walls? The futuristic person (s) has one as well)
[B]Genetic Variation:[/B] (Due to the creation of a new reality, our bodies have been altered. We exist only in one realm, an thus have no counterpart to join with, so our bodies have gained new features. This includes any new abilities you are now able to perform.)
[B]Personality:[/B] (Simple enough. What kind of person are you?)
[B]Motivation:[/B] (why do you travel to stop Helena? Is the pain she?s causing the world to inhuman, or do you love her to much to watch her suffer?)
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] (This is just to measure your RP-ing skills. What happened before you went to warn Helena of her impending doom)

I'll post mine after a couple of sign-ups.

[LEFT][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][B]Characters:[/B][/SIZE][/FONT]
Azuroth Darksoul-[b]Chief Predator[/b]
Arcaiel ?Arc? Reijin-[b]Archangel[/b]
Katchya "Kat" Valentine-[B]Sakura[/B]
Ashagi Nagashandie-[B]Deucalion[/B]
Kwi Merhinna-[B]Kitty[/B]
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[b]OOC: -[/b]Looks good, Archangel.
-If you don't mind, I'll take the Future person.
-I added in a small section about the Mech. I based the systems off Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you want me to list weapons then I will.
-I don't really know if the Character Snippet was what you were looking for.
-Let me know if I should change anything.

[size=2][color=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Katchya "Kat" Valentine

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Class/ Job:[/b] Mech Pilot

[b]Mech: [/b]Named Chiméiteki, nicknamed "Chi". [url="http://www.vandreaddvd.com/"]Here[/url] [I couldn't find a better pic]

[b]Weapon: [/b]Is the Mech counted? Sakura carries a pair of [url="http://img209.exs.cx/img209/9176/jerichoall9ot.jpg"]guns[/url] [bottom left corner] in holsters on her waist.

[b] Appearance:[/b] [/color][/size][font=Verdana][color=Navy][url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she wears a white, button up dress-shirt and navy blue cargo pants when she's being casual. While piloting her Mech, she wears [url="http://img189.imageshack.us/my.php?image=newbgc34es.jpg"]this[/url] [the first one] which connects her to the computer's mainframe, letting her pilot the mech and constantly watching her vitals.

[/color][/font] [size=2][color=Navy] [b]Natural Abilities:[/b] Telekinesis, Can now fly

[b]Genetic Variation:[/b] Sakura sprouted wings from her shoulder blades, they're dragon type wings, dark navy blue in colour. She learned how to fly with them and use them for transport, though she's still getting used to it and needs to stop every once in a while if her wings are too sore.

[b]Personality:[/b] [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy]Sakura's a caring person that loves having friends. She's active and very fit and flexible. She's incredibly stubborn and will fight to get her own way if she's really set on something.

She has a lot of talents from extra curricular activites since she had so much free time after finishing school work, some of which are; playing the [url="http://www.harmonyonline.com/0013.jpeg"]flute[/url], martial arts, painting and drawing, gymnastics and acrobatics, horse riding, weaponry and programming.

Sakura loves piloting her Mech, its an experience that not many people are privelidged to have. She has a unique bond with it andit will only allow her to pilot it. Now she's setting off to stop Helena so the world can be at rest somewhat.

[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy] [b]Motivation:[/b] To stop her from destroying the world.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b] Sakura swung a few times around the bar and let go, bending her legs for the impact. Her feet pressed into the mat and she straightened, her arms outstretched in front of her in the correct position before she moved them to her sides. She let out a whoosh of breath and walked over to the bench she had put her towel on. She picked up the cloth and wiped her hands, then her arms, face and neck. Sakura was currently at the base of the organisation that sent out Mechs to help defend. She had come early today to do some physical work. She yawned and sat on the bench, stretching her limbs after going through a whole gymnastics routine.

Sakura had just got up when the intercom crackled to life.

[b]"Sakura Hiwatari, suit up and go to Chiméiteki's dock immediately." [/b]the voice of one of the operators came through, then it fell silent again.

Sakura was happy and got into her specialised plug in suit. She got to the dock as soon as she could and looked at her partner, Chi. She climbed up to the bridge and got into the entry plug. The door sealed behind her and she sat comfortably in the cockpit seat, feeling at home. It was dark, and there was a whoosh as the plug was filled with a strange liquid that leaked into her suit to surround her. Sakura just breathed in normally, used to what happened. The lights came on and she could see out of her Mech.

Sakura checked the controls, pushing buttons and flicking switches.

[b]"All systems operational and functioning. Mech Chiméiteki and Pilot Sakura Hiwatari reporting, all set and ready to go." [/b]Sakura spoke into the built-in microphone in her helmet.

[b]"Confirmed, Pilot Sakura. Prepare to launch." [/b]the operator replied as the controllers adjusted the path the launch would take.

Sakura watched as the restraints that kept Chiméiteki in its dock moved away and the hatch that was above Chi slid open. Sakura bent Chi's knees for the launch.

[b]"Prepared for launch." [/b]Sakura said.

[b]"Affirmative, Chiméiteki launch!"

[/b]Sakura gripped the controls as she felt the g-force as Chi rocketed up and through the tunnel, turning sharply to follow the path set. Sakura saw a large square of sky and knew she was close to the exit.

Chi shot from the hatch, which closed behind them and it landed on the ground. This was training, she was in the centre of a forest clearing and she could see several fake robot enemy mechs around and knew there were some hidden. The robots were just reprogrammed real robot enemy mechs used for training and stun weapons were used instead of proper damaging weapons.

Sakura whipped out the stun gun and jumped up, hammering them with stun bullets, as they shot at her. The robots made winding down sounds and Sakura landed, spinning around in a circle and firing as the other robots emerged from the forest. She was surrounded by fallen robots and she heard the sound of more coming, she whirled and tried to fire about the new group of robots but she was out of bullets. Sakura tossed it aside and pulled her stun knife, running through the robots waving the knife, just touching them so they fell.

[b]"Good work, Pilot Sakura. Now report back to base immediately, there's trouble, major trouble. We need you to go to stop a woman, Helena from doing something that will change our lives if she succeeds. The hatch you came from is open, travel back quickly." [/b]the operator told her firmly.

As soon as Sakura heard that, she picked up the stun gun, returned both weapons to their concealed places and sprinted for the hatch.

[b]"Affirmative. Heading for the hatch now, will be there in a minute." [/b]Sakura answered, then jumped into the hatch. She didn't want anything to happen to the world, she already protected it from enemies, now this. What did this Helena plan to do? Sakura's mind swam with thoughts as she took the quick launch back to base.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Ashagi Nagashandie

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Class/Job:[/b] Demon Hunter; Ashagi made a pact with a dark entity to use demonic powers against demons themselves. Those that choose this path are scorned by most, though none change as much as Ashagi has.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Demonic Embrace: The two blades he carries around with a multifacted swatsika for good luck. Very sharp, and gleams with fire from time to time.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.blizzard.com/inblizz/fanart/ScreenShot.aspx?ImageIndex=245&Set=0][color=darkred]Ashagi[/color][/url]. He usually wears nothing but pants, so that when he accesses his darker powers, the extra appendages and such don't hinder him.

[b]Natural Ability:[/b] Can control fire, and summon/enslave demons for a peroid of time, with an arcantie knowledge of their magics. Also has a limited control over nature.

[b]Genetic Variation:[/b] Ashagi's skin has changed, giving it a mithril like quality; smooth and flawless, but extremely tough and durable. No blades have every pierced his skin since the transformation.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ashagi is a lover of nature, amd most creatures never shy away from him, no matter how timid they might be. Dispite his pact with the darker forces of the universe, Ashagi is a caring and sweet kind of guy, and will offer his helping hand-or claw, at times- to people in need.

He can be aggrivated, though he usually doesn't do much then, unless it's a paticuarly nasty reason for him being angry. Against most, Ashagi shows too much mercy, in his father's words, but to demons....that's another story. Away from the scorns that come from the job, many people harbor a deep respect for the sacrifice of his own future to help the present.

Interested in tailoring and enchanting, when he chooses to and disugses himself, Ashagi can sell the stuff he enchants and makes for a reduced fee, believing that everyone should have something that they can call their own.

[b]Motivation:[/b] To liberate the people and creatures changed by the merging of the worlds.

[b]Character Snippit:[/b] [b]"Come on, come on..."[/b] Ashagi muttered to himself, as the gigantic humanoid spread the lacy wings that were ment for a much bigger creature, and flew into the air. At that time, the small glowing shard in Ashagi's hands glowed bright purple, and he threw it into the air, then kicked it expertly, sending it through the gigantic Dreadlord.

Crashing to the ground, it reeled in pain, monsterous claws grasping it's head in death throes. After a while, the demon's body fell to the cool, drafty stone, twitching softly as it's eyes rolled back in it's head. Dead? No. It was enslaved to Ashagi's will now.

[b]"Rise, Thriandas."[/b] With no apparant struggle, the collasped dreadlord stood, the twisting and curving jet black horns, laced with gold and various gemstones running across the rocks, carving small little gashes into the surface.

[b]"You called....?"[/b] The bastardized creature asked, with a tint of...what was it...a masochistic urge to slaughter Ashagi, you would call it. Craning it's red neck to the side, the bones made a wet sort of [i]crunch[/i] as Thriandas cracked his neck, in a resistance. It could move of it's own free will, until given a command, and then...

[b]"It's time for you to get wiped from here."[/b] Without another word, Ashagi pointed to a deep chasm, full of barbed thorns and the swords of those that had tried to cling on, but reversed by whatever sick presence inhabited there. The universe was full of mysteries. Thriandas used whatever willpower he could muster to plead with Ashagi.

[b]"No, master...no....please....Don't...."[/b] With the will that came of years of demon killing, Ashagi blocked it out, and made it move with a flick of his finger, beckoning it again, to the pit. With an indominable strength that was unbreakable by the very pact that had condemmed Thriandas to this world, he walked a stiff death march to the edge of the cliff and wordlessly threw himself in.

Sighing, hearing the horrible screams of the Dreadlord as the blades ripped and teared, the thorns straggling in the skin, Ashagi ran a hand through his dark blue hair, and pulled out the hair band, letting it fall. Another hand went through, pushing out the small bits of filth and gore that had come from Thriandas' mouth. Ashagi had caught him feeding on the local livestock. Humans, that was.

Shortly after, the hair band went back on, and with a finger, he pried off the band that covered his eyes. They were white with a rim of fire, most thought Ashagi was blind. He was far from it, he could see better than an owl in the night, a bird in flight, anything. Just a side effect. Running his hand over his forehead, Ashagi cleared the sweat away, flicking his wrist as the salty liquid flung off of his hand.

[b]"Psh....I hate demons."[/b] Without another word as the band went up around his forehead, just over his eyes, Ashagi left the enclave of the damned, as Thriandas fell through a neverending hell, ripped and torn to shreds by the sick will of another demon. That inspired more hate.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kwi Merhinna

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Class/ Job:[/B] Beast Tamer

[B]Weapon:[/B] Do the animals she command count? Other than them, Kwi carries a small, but decent sword called "Kiyomeru". Etched into the blade is "Master of Dragons" in a dead language. She also has a small whistle around her neck to summon her devoted beasts.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=11]Click[/url]

[B]Natural Abilities:[/B] Kwi was born with the ability to communicate with animals.

[B]Genetic Variation:[/B] After the fusion of worlds, Kwi gained the ability to transform into the animals she commands, or ones she creates herself. This she can control. However, her eyes are permanently that of a dragons (though smaller to fit her head), including vision abilities and color and all that.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kwi is a bubbly young woman, always eager to help another. She does tend to be stubborn, and can act foolish quite often, but her heart's in the right place. She is a bit clumsy, usually tripping over her own two feet, and into the lap of some stranger. This is normally how she makes friends, though, so she doesn't mind it so much. But she does become frightening when angered, and is angered only when her animals and human friends are hurt.

[B]Motivation:[/B] One of Kwi's best friends, Kangu, was taken and experimented on by Helena. It haunted her for quite a while, and now seeks out to take her revenge.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [b]".. Papa might be worried, though. I haven't written to him and Mama in ages,"[/b] sighed a young girl to her dragon friend, laying quietly beside her on the cool grass. The dragon grunted, saying something that only she could understand. [b]"Quiet, Ruchi. It's not polite to say those things,"[/b] she scolded, slapping her companion on his neck, though she knew he would barely be able to feel the contact at all.

A sudden breeze blew through the field, forcing the grass to dance, and her hair to fly out from underneath her. She took a moment to fiddle with it, and when she had finished, realized that Ruchi had raised his head alertly, staring fiercly out in the opposite direction of the town that they had not yet entered.

The large, frosty blue dragon growled again, a bit longer, and with an angrier tone to it.

[b]"What are you crying about? This area is far out of the way of any demon pack. And even there was one coming, which there [i]isn't[/i], you and I could easily fend them off, even without your big brother. There's nothing to worry about,"[/b] Kwi responded arrogantly to the large dragon beside her. But he did not share her confidence.

Ruchi let out a mighty roar, chilling the air a good ten degrees. Kwi immediatly stood up, sword unsheathed and gripped firmly in her hand. Though sometimes she felt this particular dragon was a bit paranoid at times, she knew he'd never react so strongly to 'nothing'.

Squinting a bit against the glare of the sun, she saw what Ruchi was so worked up about. In the distance, the shape of an approaching pack of imps was visible. But these were no ordinary imps. Each individual imp was bulked up to twice its usual size, and their natural colors of dark redish brown were now changed to a deep purple.

[b]"Just [i]look[/i] at those ugly things!"[/b] Kwi burst out, disgusted not only by the sight of them but by the stench that traveled faster than they did. Ruchi bent down low to the ground, making a low growl to signal for his young companion to hop on. She did so, with ease after many years of practice, and the dragon lifted off the ground and towards the speedy imps.

[b]"I bet Helena's behind their coming here,"[/b] Kwi thought aloud, her hatred accenting the witch's name, [b]"Imps never travel out this far. Their breeding grounds are almost a six towns' distance east of here."[/b]

Suddenly, the imps caught sight of Kwi's companion and began to circulate in an odd formation she had never seen any pack do before. However, they couldn't escape the mighty dragon's rath. Ruchi roared loud and fiercly as he came upon the first imp, taking a large, meaty bite out of its altered body. He spat it out immediately, disgusted by the stench and the taste. [b]"Yuck!"[/b] she called from a top Ruchi's neck, gagging from the attack on her nose.

One of the imps floating above decided to dive at Kwi, but was unpleasantly surprised when she stabbed it right in the stomach with Kiyomeru. But to Kwi's surprise, the imp lifted itself off of the blade of her sword and flew away, dripping yellow blood. She grimmaced at the thick, yellow liquid that covered her sword, but kept to watching and waiting for the imps.

Ruchi had bitten into and spat back out about five, and frozen another four of the sixteen imps that made up the pack, and Kwi had stabbed, cut, and sliced about four more before the remaining three decided to turn back. The dead imps littered the broad fields, and left a horrible odor in the air. When Ruchi landed and Kwi jumped off, she nearly fainted. Sheathing her sword, she glanced about with a face that would convince most people that she was very ill.

[b]"Well.. It's only fair that we clean up the mess we made.."[/b]

Ruchi let out a whine, not unlike one that a dog might've made, but a bit lower in pitch, and a lot louder.

[b]"Oh quiet. You made most of the mess, so it's mostly your responsibility. Now help me figure out a way to get rid of all these bodies without touching them myself,"[/b] she said, sitting down, legs folded, onto the grass that coated the wide field. Ruchi stomped over and laid down, placing his two large forelegs crossed before him, and resting his head on them.

[color=#003aaf]OOC: Sounds awesome, Archangel. *nod* I'll fix the rest later. ^_^;;

EDIT: Added my snipit and appearance, and made an itty-bitty change to the weapons. Hope you don't mind. :3[/color][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth Darksoul
Age:[/B] 30
Job:[/B] Mercenary
Weapons:[/B] He has four, fourty-eight inch, curved, double-edge, retractable blades, which are made out a very strong almost indestructible and light weight metal, the one on the right arm is called Dante and the other is called Dricona, hidden up his cloak on both arms. He has one dagger on each arm with the dagger handles protruding out and the daggers are in sheaths in his shirt. The dagger on his right arm is a poison dagger and the other is acid dagger. He carries his FellBlade at his side, it is a black blade with an acid edge and gold heron in the blade . Showing that he was a great swordsman in his time.
Appearance:[/B] He's a 6'2", 187 lbs man that wears a black, short sleeve shirt with a demon skull painted on it and black, loose jeans with hidden pockets on it to carry his certian equipment for "special" jobs. He has some dark shaded thin armor covering his left arm and torso. He wears a long cloak with a broadhood to cover his face. He has dark green eyes with a face that looks ageless. He also has long, black, spiked hair that comes down to mid-back. And has right arm is a new black demon arm with clawed tips and demonic brands, due to the world infusion.
Natural Abilites:[/B] An excellent tracker due to his incredibly powerful sences, hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell with impossible speed, reflexses and strength.

[B]Genetic Variation:[/B] Because of his new arm, he is able to control dark magic that can either alter appearance or be used to form dark weapons or items for his own personal use and has new sharp, slit, demon eyes, for night time visablilty.
Personality:[/B] Azuroth is a lone some man, he likes to work alone for his job and he never gets close to anyone who pays him or is forced to work with. He is usually a cold, heartless man feeling no shame what so ever and will use other people to do his mission and will never leave a lose end alive. But occasonaliy he will give half his money or more to poor families that he has known for years. Azuroth never straies from what he is supposed to do, and since he doesn't like working with other a lot, he tends to go off by himself and do what he wants.

[B]Motivation:[/B] His motivation is simple, for the incredible amount of money he was going to get to kill off Helena or her lover.

[B]Character snippet:[/B] He was sitting at his table with his feet up and leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed and head leaned back as well. A man was walking silently up to Azuroth.
"Don't even think about it."[/B] Azuroth said without opening his eyes. The man froze and stood their with a knife in his hand, clenching it tightly until his knuckles turned white. Azuroth brought his head up and opend his eyes and smiled.

[B]"Nice try. But no one can sneak up on me. No one can kill me that easily either. So what do you want?."[/B] The mans eyes narrowed and he had a scwol.
"By the way your face is I would guess I killed someone you love, or a family memeber or friend. So which one is it?"[/B]

[B]"It was all the above!"[/B]
"Really? Well I can see why you would want to kill me then. But I have no time to play right now. I need to get to work."[/B] Azuroth stood up from his chair and started to walk past the man to the door, the man just stood there in his own rage while it was building inside of him. The man finally lunged at Azuroth, Azuroth caught his arm and spun him around and had the mans own knife up to his throat.

[B]"I told you, I dont want to play."[/B] He then let the mans arm go he then flicked his arm and drew one blade from Dante and swung it, cutting the mans head off cleanly then retracting it back into his cloak. The man dropped like a rock in water, with his head rolling off to one of the walls, lieing lifeless on the floor. Azuroth just bent over and started to search him for any money he had on him, he then heard footsteps behind him. He pulled out both blades and turned around lightning fast. The man had his face covered and was only about three inches short then Azuroth when he stood up staright, Azuroth looked down at him.

[B]"What do you want? Want to kill me too like this poor bastered?"[/B] The man just shook his head slowly, Azuroth then retracted the blades back. He then pulled out his arm with a huge sack of gold, the man opened it and Azuroth just stared at it. All the coin shining brightly in his face. While Azuroth was still staring when the man spoke in a raspe voice.

[B]"Its 50,000 gold pieces if you complete this mission."[/B]Azuroth looked up.
"What do you want me to do?"[/B]

[B]"I want you to either kill Helena's lover or...."[/B]

[B]"Or?"[/B] Azuroth said with tension.
"Or Helena herself." [/B]Azuroth thought about it a little, he knew how hard it is to even get near the temple. This would be a challenge he never faced before. He looked back to the man.

[B]"Consider it done." [/B]They both shook hands and Azuroth bolted out the door with his extreme speed. As Azuroth Sped over to the temple, jumping from roof top to roof top, he constantly kept thinking about the money for him when he returnd.

[B]"I will finally be able to live like a regualr person. No more of the mercenary crap, and all the poor familys can come live with me, they will never have to live in the dank holes they are forced to live in. My mother will be happy to see me again, after so many years."[/B] He said to himself over and over agian as he headed for Helena, smiling. Something he hasn't done in years.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][color=#660000][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B][U]My Sign-Up[/U][/B][/FONT]

[B]Name:[/B] Arcaiel ?Arc? Reijin
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Job:[/B] Infantry Unit. Secret weapon of the army.

[I]Dragon Gauntlets-[/I] Two gauntlets that were imbued with the power of the five elements. On the back of the two gauntlets are pentagrams, symbolizing the unity of nature. They are made of an extremely powerful, yet light, metal.

[I]Glock 17-[/I] A semi-auto handgun that Arc keeps at his side. The bullets have been blessed.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Mech.jpg]Arc[/URL]
Hair- Red with black tips on the bangs. He leaves it out in back, and often spikes it.
Eyes- Dark Red
Height/Weight- 6'3", 165 lbs.
Physical Stature/Attire- Arc's arms and legs are lean and muscular. He the shirt shown in his pic. His pants are black and fit him loosely. On his right hand he has three rings, a silver wolf band on his pinky, a bronze lion band on his index, and a golden dragon ring on his middle. He also wears a pair of goggles.

[B]Natural Abilities:[/B] Elemental control. He can manipulate and control all four elements with ease, though he cannot do so endlessly. It takes a strain on his body, and if he overexerts himself he will overheat. Then he will need to rest for days to recover strength.
[B]Genetic Variations:[/B]

[I]Gateway-[/I] Arc?s arm was drastically changed, though the visibility of his weapon depends on it?s form. In it?s dormant shape, it appears just like his arms would normally, save the rune symbols that line it. When unleashed, it has 6 forms, one for every element, and then it?s true form. The elemental versions are simple, ex. Tempest- his arms is encased in flames, but it keeps it?s true strength, Water- encased in ice, etc. The true form is spectacular. Three spikes emerge from his hand, one from his middle finger, one from his thumb, and one from his pinky. They are two feet long, and come out at a 75 degree angle then jut into a 130 degree angle after a foot. His arms is white and mechanical, and is transparent. His skin is their, but barely, for open panels 3in. long span it, with only a 1 in. gap of skin between. Inside of his arms is an orb of energy.

[I]Marks of the Dragon Lord-[/I] Arc?s body was greatly changed as the worlds were merged. He acquired great dragon characteristics, some that are less visible than others. He has dragon eyes, and dragon markings on his face, as well as a dragon horn. His skin looks normal, but is as thick as dragon hide. The greatest change was the mighty dragon wings that were infused into his back. Though retractable, they itch when left inside.

[B]Personality:[/B] Arc is a level-headed, friendly person. He gets along with almost everyone, and never has problems confronting others. He speaks his mind whenever necessary, but tends to avoid fighting. For the safety of his opponent. He looks out for others whenever possible, though that choice causes him to very rarely look out for himself.
[B]Motivation:[/B] He wants to save his mother, but in all honesty he knows that if what?s she?s doing is hurting innocents, he will be forced to kill her.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] (See background story)[/color]

The sign-ups are looking great everyone.I should mention that I removed the limit on the number of people allowed from the past and future. ^__^I?ll need Ouroboros to post his sign-up, and I believe Kamuro is going to sign-up as well. I still need someone to sign-up as Helena?s lover, but I?m not to worried. Oh, and I?ll be posting the Underground thread soon, where I?ll give an in-depth description of the NPCs.[/SIZE]
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[B]Name-[/B] Gabriel
[B]Age-[/B] 28
[B]Class/ Job-[/B] A dark sorcerer, also Helena?s Lover

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/8864/wings0cq.jpg]Gabriel[/URL]-
Height/Weight- 6?; 153 pounds
Eye Color- Blue Grey
Hair Color- Black with grey tint; a neat, short cut hair that is never messy
Physical Appearance- Gabriel is of a medium build with muscles that are slightly defined, enough to show but not too look over exaggerated. He has an aristocratic look to him with his hair smoothed back and his clothing in a royal fashion.
Attire- He wears a dark gray tunic with black trimmings underneath a full length black cloak held by a [URL=http://www.carpatina.com/DublinClasp.jpg]silver clasp[/URL] that appears to be an emblem of two intertwining serpents. On his lower part, Gabriel wears black pants and [URL=http://museums.ncl.ac.uk/archive/old_fotm/old_fotmmr98/boot.jpg]dark brown boots[/URL].

[B]Weapon-[/B] A master of the weapons, as well as the magicks, Gabriel can either be seen using his sorcery or wielding a [URL=http://www.kultofathena.com/images/PA1032_l.jpg]broadsword[/URL] created from the finest and strongest of metal and bound by a spell cast by Gabriel that cannot be broken. It is a spell that allows only Gabriel to feel its light feathers wind around his hand and let him fight freely without it being a burden but when others try to hold it, the sword becomes heavy and almost unbearable to hold even for a few seconds because of the massive weight it had gained.

Gabriel is seen wielding the broadsword in his right hand, while the left holds a dragon staff. It holds great elemental powers and even more mysterious powers that are unknown. The strange thing about the dragon staff is that, it appears as if it were manmade but whenever Gabriel uses the power of the staff, what appears to be a large black jewel awakens and turns out to be a dragon. It?s a mystery as to how the dragon infused itself with the staff but henceforth, the staff has been known as, lo and behold, the dragon staff- a weapon unlike any other.

[B]Natural Abilities-[/B] Gabriel was known for many things during his lifetime. He was known as one of the greatest knights in all the lands, as well as a valorous protector. But being a great knight and courageous hero wasn?t all that he was, he had much more up his sleeves than most people would think.

This dark sorcerer was known as a great and powerful weapons master, able to wield any weapon in sight without fault. He was also known as a knowledgeable scholar who spoke with truth, an unorthodox alchemist who blew up nearly every laboratory heard of, a beast tamer that would go alongside his title as the captain of the army, and once upon a time, he was a blacksmith, working his way up to the top, gaining respect and filling himself with wisdom and knowledge.

Now, Gabriel is known as the master of sorcery and the bender of the elements. He has become a man who can soak up a million words and remember it word for word without fault, a man who?s senses are heightened and equal to that of a dog, maybe even better. But overall, Gabriel is but a man who is blessed by an almighty force to have done such wonderful things.

[B]Genetic Variation-[/B]
[i]Ianus Imperator Subcribo-[/i] Being connected to Helena spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, Gabriel too went through a dramatic and painful transformation. He was given strange attributes and characteristics that one would not see on a human. He acquired draconic eyes that give him a clearer vision and focus, also allowing him to instantly change eye colors according to his emotions. He also was able to obtain elfin ears that curl back in an elegant fashion, giving him the ability to hear better than the average human, as well as elfin and demonic powers that strengthen his magic by tenfold and creates a thin yet powerful barrier around his body, making it almost impossible to penetrate, and he received tribal-like markings on his face and on the [URL=http://www.norvagoth.net/community/neokim/fortiertat.jpg]palms[/URL] of his hands. Among that, he also has wings that grow up to ten feet in length and three feet in width. The strange thing about the [URL=http://img314.imageshack.us/img314/1121/diabolos8ux.jpg]wings[/URL] is that it isn?t shaped as any particular wing type such as a dragon?s wing or an eagle?s wing, but more skeletal with sort of a metallic element covering the structure and what?s odder is that, the wings almost have their own mind, doing what it wants, appearing and disappearing at any moment it pleases.

[B]Personality-[/B] A happy-go-lucky and carefree person is who Gabriel is. He brings hope and light to those who are down, he lends people his shoulder to lean on when times are rough. Overall, Gabriel is an amiable person with a calm and collected mind, never allowing his self to explode in front of others or even exploding at all, but always with a smile on his face and an optimistic heart. He is filled with joy, patience, understanding, and self-control, some things that most people do not have or cannot gain in their lifetime.

Though, Gabriel is a good and kindhearted man, there is a demon in everyone and anyone that can awaken any moment. He may be a merciful, compassionate, and benevolent man but he can also be malevolent, sadistic, and even merciless in any given situation. He can be ruthless in battle, taking no prisoners and destroying anything in sight yet he knows his boundaries and his limits and will not harm those that appear weak, injured, or harmless. Albeit, he is still wary of those he is not comfortable with.

Gabriel is a person who is open-minded but also open-mouthed. He speaks his mind when necessary but can be a bit blunt sometimes, but never intending to hurt anyone. Even if Gabriel was a bit too straightforward, people always know that it is for the best and that whatever he says comes from the heart and rarely has problems with anyone. This makes Gabriel one of the most loved and well respected man anyone has ever met and in that sense, he is a man of honor, loyalty, and trust, never failing to help a friend in need.

[B]Motivation-[/B] Helena was Gabriel?s first and only love and he can feel the pain and torment that she is feeling. It only hurts him just as much as it hurts her but the world cannot be destroyed because of her pain. He wishes not to harm her but he cannot allow the death of the innocents. Gabriel will see to it that Helena is stopped in whatever way possible, even if it means killing her.

[B]Character Snippet-[/B][/center]
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[B]Class / Job[/B]:
Infiltration Expert / Assassin

A very lavished dagger, one you might find strange in the hands of a simple man such as himself. The blade is of a dark red color and has been refined and altered to the sharpest variety. The hilt branches outward and then down in front of his fingers. The handle is of the best known material and at it's very tip is a ruby, placed solely to match the tint of the blade.


[B]Natural Abilities[/B]:
Ashen is blessed with the ability to distribute his blood and brainpower to benefit whichever physical or mental attribute he chooses. An example - if the situation calls for speed he is able to focus his energy and place it all in his legs and arms allowing for quicker movement.

[B]Genetic Variation[/B]:
Along with Ashen's new power and increased abilities, he has lost something very dear to him. Although he remains the same physically, he lost one of his most important senses, touch. Although he's able to hold things and use them as he chooses, his ability to transfer specific cells between body parts has left his physical senses scrambled and unable to process the interaction with objects. He doesn't feel pain, but he also can't feel the more sentimental things, a woman's touch, for example.

Ashen isn't a bad person, but after merging with his counterpart and losing something so dear to him he's become much more reserved and independent. His previous job allowed him to 'act' as another and play whatever part the situation called for, or the army called for, on numerous occasions. It's hard for people to decipher his feelings and get to know the real Ashen, since he's so use to evolving his fallacies.

Ashen doesn't care much for the drama surrounding Helena, but he doesn't appreciate the situation he's been stuck with and is motivated to aquire all the answers to his questions.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]:
I don't really have anything to write here, kill me later Archangel :p [/SIZE] [/CENTER]
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[QUOTE=Kamuro][CENTER][SIZE=1][B]Character Snippet[/B]:
I don't really have anything to write here, kill me later Archangel :p [/SIZE] [/CENTER][/QUOTE]
[color=#660000][SIZE=1]Don't tempt me...I might just end up doing it. ~__^

Alrighty![B] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2]SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED[/SIZE][/FONT][/B], save Ouroboros [who I will personally force to get into motion :modrod: ]. Expect to see this up today or tommorow, depending upon how much energy I can divert back to my mind...>.< [/SIZE][/color]
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