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Akieen Cloud

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It is a different time now; no longer are humans the only race in the universe. We still want to be and we are prejudice against all that are not our kind. But in a school on a planet called Reytalon race means nothing. There assassins are trained to fight and kill with the Sahada, a form of blade fighting that is unmatched, it is said that one who masters it is called a Blade Dancer and can kill anything or anyone.
Blade Dancers who are already in the league are sent out to get new students for the school and are to give auditions, and bring them back. The students are then trained in a facility where there is no mercy, if a challenge is given and taken then the challengers will fight till one yields or one dies. That is how it is in this school.
But the students do not realize is that the military league and freedom fighters are recruiting from the school. They have each sent out an order for the school to empty and send all its students to either side. All the teachers can do is take the trainees deeper into the school and finish their training so they can SELL the young assassins for their own benefit. The trainees have no idea of the actions, all they know is that they are there and they have to fight for their lives. But first they have to live through their auditions with the Blade Dancers they encounter.

Sign Up:

Age: (No younger then 19 please)
Race: (you can make one up, be original and explain what your race looks like.)

Here?s mine-

Name: Violet Minishka
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Joriean/Human ( Jorieans are supposed to have light blue skin and long black hair claws that extend when they are angered or frustrated. They are also supposed to have six fingers. (Origanal Joriean) )
Apperance:[URL=http://captsolo.net/info/my-img/blue-babe2.jpg]Put her in black hip hugger jeans and a black tank top. Her eyes are actually solid blue.[/URL]
Personality: She is dependable and strong willed, she hates to admit she is wrong. She seems very cold to people but once you get to know her she is a good friend. She never backs down from a fight and can be arrogant at times. Her pride always seems to an issue for her to show her feelings.
Bio: Violet was born on earth as an illegal alien and was hidden by her mother, always wearing shades to hide her forieghn eyes. She is the result of her mother being sold to a slaver and her mother being raped. Raised in the underground tunnels where a popluationof illegal aliens dwell. After 12 years of it she and her mother surfaced she became a professional Shockball player (If you?ve ever played FF10 it?s like Blitz ball) but was discovered trying to bury her mother in the woods after her untimely death of a simple disease that was lethal to her kind, Chiken Pox. She was then taken in and questioned by police and then deployed from the planet in a very rude fashion. Now living on the pirate ship known as the Cladshop she is trying to get to her mothers hom planet when a form in a material known as Dimsilk shows up infront of her and challenges her to a duel, moves only. She accepts with out knowing he is a Balde Dancer and it is an audition for her to go to the assasin school on Reytalon.
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Guest thrashax
Name: Pyro



Race: Human/Offworlder (Offworlders are a race that are closely related to humans but are from a far away planet. Their planet is a harsh one therefore they are much faster and stronger than most species. to remain this way they live an almost spatan life, and have developed spikes down their spine that extend when preparing for combat, and slitted eyes with thermal vision. Some even have tribal tatoos. Mostly they keep themselves to themselves)

Personality:Pyro's father came from the 'Offworld' and fell in love with his mother. Pyro is like a diluted version of an offworlder. He has small bumps instead of spikes, is still faster and stronger and, bizzarely, he can switch his eyes from thermal to normal vision. He has tribal tatoos on his chest, back and the back of his neck. Little else is known about Pyro, except that he has a condition called the 'bloodlust', occasionally occuring in offworlders. When they reach their peak in battle,they can hardly feel pain and have accelarated healing. Thus Pyro is a formidable soldier and becomes a mercenary until he's approached by Raven, a man who challenges him to a duel, hand-to-hand combat,and promises him a reward for winning. He accepts, and Raven smiles knowingly.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Azuroth

[B]Age[/B]: 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Crushak demon (There are plenty of different demons, Azuroths type looks more human then most. They only grow to about 6'3" at most and have green slited eyes with vampirice looking teeth and long curved back horns and clawed hands and there skin as a black tint to it.)

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/prince1.jpg] Azuroth,[/URL] except he has long spiked hair going to mid-back.

[B]Personality:[/B] Azuroth has a weird sence of humor, when people are hurt badly he tends to get a kick out of it. But you really can't blame him since he is a demon, he also likes to be the one to cause the serious damage to his a opponents. He does have his cocky moments but he does respect his peers and is very helpful when it is asked of him.

[B]Bio:[/B] Azuroths specics of demon are some of the better breed ones, since they were more human they tend to be smarter, faster and stronger then the other demons. And he liked to gloat about it when ever he won contest of strength, speed and intellegence. So when he was in his 20's his parents sent him off to a planet where he could hone his skills to better use and not always use them for self gain. So he agreed to go to this planet where more trainee assassins were needed, he thought he would be good at that job since he was a good killer in his world. And he was looking forward to fighting with Blade Dancers, they were well known to his people and he wanted to see one very badly. Which is another reason why he took up this training. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Auska


Gender: Female

Race: Luocien (A race that is from Pluto's core. They can live in extreamly cold envorinments, as well as most others. Because of the lack of sunlight, she remains very pale. On rare ocasions, ice will grow in her hands, but unless she is in alot of stress, they remain nomal. Because of the remote regon, they have very sensative ears.)

Appearance: Below

Personality: She is very quiet. She hates to make any type of noise due to the fact her ears are very sensative.

Bio: When she was young, her parents sent her to A close by planet, still unknown to her. There she grew up in slavery, never knowing the life of a young person. When she got older, her master began teaching her a fighting style that had thaught been lost.

As she grew inot this style, she became very good. She isn't sure why she is, but she knows that she can beat most people. Most because one day a man wearing a solid red cape and black armor challanged her to a fight. She started the fight not knowing that he was a Blade Dancer.
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Name: Dante

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Vorca (Huge dog like creatures that at avarage are 7'. They are very powerful and fast as well as being extremly cunning. They wear a tribal sort of armor that makes them look like demons. They are a warrior race from Benzar which is simialr to Earth ecxept the gravity is stronger than most planets)

Appearance: He looks like a Siberian Wolf except his teeth are longer and razor sharp. He can extend his claws longer and he is pure muscle. He has cold piercing light blue eyes that shift between purple and gray sometimes. He always wears black forearm bracers with spikes on them, black shoulder plates with spikes and leg bracers as well. He sometimes wears a helmet that makes him look even fiercer

Personality; Wont take crap form anyone but respects authority. He loves the taste of blood and eats almost contiunesly. He isn't the nicest of creatures.

Bio: He grew up like everyone else trained for war and helping conquoering planets, then having tribal wars and then taking over another planet. Even thing was like normal until one day while hunting for food he came across a small human. He went for the kill but found that this was going to be harder than usual. He did not realize that he was a Blade Dancer, until he wound up on his back with a sword pressed to his throat. He took the offer on training so he coulds become and idol for his tribe and take over all the other tribes.
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]its been awhile since ive been on here let alone joined an rp so here goes nothing.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred][/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]Name: Zaion Osiris
Age: 19
Gender: Male
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]Race: Half-Darcen (A race of humanoids that live on the planet Kauld, but it is commonly know as shadow because of the planets little sunlight, and constantly cloudy atmosphere. The inhabatants are of dark skin shades some grey to black even browns(Zaion being half looks like a human but is able to shade his skin for short times), they have excellent vision in the dark. The gravity is alittle more on Shadow making its inhabitants slightly stronger but the most noticable is increasing thier speed and agility.)
[/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]Appearance: [/color][/font][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachmentid=19379"][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]Like this, but he wears a black leather jacket with a black shirt underneath, also a black tank top under that. He has loose dark blue denim jeans with a whitish fade. Also around his neck he wears a chain with an ank, cross and crown on it.
[/font][/url][font=Comic Sans MS][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]Personality:At first sight Zaion looks like a cocky, and overconfident but most of all liek the knows where he is going. Though on the inside he is very indesicive, and thoughtful person. He is somewhat cold and withdrawn whick to adds to people assuming he is a jerk. Though indecisive he is a very logical person but when fighting he cares nothing for his own safety which is why he is alive thus far.
[/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]Bio: Zaion was home schooled ever since a child at his dads wishes. Though one of the true reasons where to help cover the abuse Zaion sustained under him. Though his mother new she did nothing to stop in, afraid to steer the wraith towards her. this continued till Zaion was 10 when he was being beat he grabbed a letter opener on his fathers desk and stabbed him through the heart. Finally free from his oppresser he fled at once. Learning to live alone for him was a whole new experience for him, like learning how to walk again, better yet breath all over again. During this strife is when he learned how to fight, nothing formal but how to survive. Which surving he did from his determination and willingness to sacrifice everything to better himself. Now 16 he returned home to his mother, now changed and unafraid to show affection, he began home schooling again. Now 19 he was walking through town one day and was approached by a man in a black cloak, a blade dancer though little did he know it.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred][/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkred]I hope that its ok[/color][/font]
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Name: ZX-04 4P6A1J7D5 also known as 'Zee Ecks'
Age: 57 (appears to be 18)
Gender: male
Race: Artificial Lifeform-Humanoid Class/ ZX Model w/ combat circuit and Fight Matrix
( he was made to look like a human, and act like a human, due to a shortage of actuall lifeforms. He was made in particular to be stronger than any other, hence both circuits.
Appearance: He has long jet black hair, and it flows down to his ankles, when he wears it down. His skin is unusually pale, and his eyes are a strange red. he wears what appears to be the traditional clothes of a preistess, from an early era of the planet Earth
Personality: He's smooth, cool, suave, and quite freindly. But get on his bad side and you'll find out why he was accepted to the school.........
Bio: As a young, or perhaps, when he was a new being, his maker was forced to undergo a surgery to have her brain transplantyed into a body simmilar to his, due to her terminal disease. she is perfect now, and healthier than ever. She happens to be a teacher as well at the school, to be a good influence on the childeren. But Zee is unusually apt to make his opponents be fully aware of his strengths, and is not prepared for the world he is now entering.
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