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RPG Assassin Academy [M-LV]

Sir Gawain

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Far into the deserts of Saudi Arabia, a secret temple was built long ago. At that temple, men, and women, were trained to kill. These warriors were trained to battle the Crusaders of Europe who had come to take 'their' holy city. The Europeans had great power, and were called Hashish.

But those trained to kill the leaders were the Hashish eaters, or Hashshashins. This word latter became assassins, much more acceptable to the world at large. From that time, many have tried to become the greatest assassin for hire. But only one place still turned out the best of the best. The Hashsashin Temple. The Assassin Academy.
- - -
January 1, 2005
Hashsashin Temple
Saudi Arabia

Twelve new recruits stood before the Master of the Temple. He was a tall Eurasian man who appeared to be quite weak due to the lack of muscular arms. Some in the line up thought that they could take him in one or two swings.

"So. You have come here to train as assassins? Ha! I've seen kittens more threatening." the instructor said. His words were carried by the spit that landed on many of their faces. "I'd like to see you try to beat an infant! Pathetic. But that's why you're here, isn't it? You want four year's training so that you won't be weak anymore. Too bad some of you won't survive."

Before any of them could respond to his last comment, he turned and walked out of the small stone room. Through the same door the other had just left, a beautiful brown headed woman stepped into the room. One or two of the men tried to hold their composure, but the rest let loose some rather, unneccessary comments.

"Well, I see that some of you are still men." Several people chuckled. "I am Marianna. Please report back here in two hours time. Then we'll have your rooms ready. In the meantime, explore the temple. But be wary. We let loose a leopard two weeks ago and haven't heard from six of our students since."

The look on her face told them that she wasn't kidding. "Well?" she snapped when nobody did anything. "Get moving before I have to ruin any chance of family you've got!"

That got them moving out the door.
- - -
OOC: So, here it is. Just explore the temple, castle, whatever you want to call it until you're given a little blue slip with your room number and location on it. I'll be PMing you with which room that is so that nobody else can intrude.

Actually, I encourage Private Messaging here as a way to talk between characters without everyone else knowing. This will be the letter system. So if anybody doesn't understand a post, it's probably the result of the letter system.

All information provided about Hashsashins is 100% fact. Even the word itself. So don't bother me with that. Start posting and get ready for one wild ride! Oh, also, there are other people at this academy. Feel free to hand them their asses on a platter, but they are more experienced, so make it a close fight.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Immediately, a young woman leaped into action. She went to the entrance of one of the hallways. "Well, are you all just going to stand there like idiots?" She disappeared in the darkness of the hallway, her voice carrying down the large, empty hall, saying something that sounded like, "Is [I]everyone[/I] dumb nowadays?" The sound of a blade unsheathing was heard, then there was silence.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Right away Garet walked through the door and started looking around. Seeing the massive building fron the inside was a much better view then looking at an old temple from the ouside. It was definatly better taken care of from inside, but he guessed that it was better to make the inside of the temple nice, Garet walked around looking around admireing the ancient structuer. He had his hands in his pockets and wasn't really paying attention when he bumped into another student their, after he did he didn't say anything he just kept going. The other guy called to him a little pissed off.

[B]"Hey jackass! Whats your problem? Can't even say sorry?"[/B] The student walked and grabbed Garet on the shoulder and turned him around. Garet removed the guys hand.
"I really don't care what you say. Just don't touch me."[/B] The guy started poking him.
"Huh how do you like that?"[/B] Garet was getting annoyed very fast. He grabbed the guys wrist, twisted it until his back was facing him and kicked him in the spine. The guy flew forwards and rubbed his back. He looked at Garet.
"Oh your going to pay now."[/B] The guy got into a fighting style stance, Garet didn't take him seriously so he staretd walking. The guy ran at him and gave him some well placed and strong punches in his ribs. Garet lost his breath for a moment but got it back, he saw the guy wasn't kidding so he got into his fighitng style.

[B]"Alright let's go."[/B] Garet charged him, he threw a few punches at the guy. He seemed to block them but Garet got more in and he hit the guy in the face a few times. The guy and Garet duked this out for about 7 seconds, then Garet finally got his shoe in the guys throat and held it there. He looked down at the guy with a bruise or two on his face.

[B]"We're done ok? Now leave me alone and i'll move on."[/B]
"Fine."[/B] Garet removed his shoe and resumed his walk down the hall. To see the new Academy he was at.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Bobby walked into the temple, looking around at the great complex. It had taken him almost a year to get here, hopping from boat to plane to envoy to what ever else was coming in this direction. Having no money was a bitch. That was the real reason he wanted to come here. Money. If this job was as good as they said it was, he'd be making serious dough. It'd be a nice change from the nothingness of poverty he was used to.

As he walked into the temple behind another man. He walked for a bit behind this guy, looking around at the massive complex as he walked. He sudddenly looked in front of him and stopped himself abrubtly. The guy in front of him was getting in a fight. Bobby hung back and watched. He didn't know these people and didn't feel compelled to help eigther one of them.

The fight ended with the man Bobby had followed in winning, pinning the other under his shoe. The man walked off and let the other student get up. Bobby shrugged to himself and walked off, going in a different direction then the man. He started to think about what the lady at the door had said.

[i]"We let loose a leopard two weeks ago and haven't heard from six of our students since."[/i]

'Man, it would be a bitch to run into that thing my first day,' Bobby thought to himself. And wouldn't you know it, but as soon as Bobby turned the corner he came face-to-face with a leopard.

"You go to be kidding me," Bobby had enough time to shout as he lept back and fell to his back, letting the leopard fly over him in a leap that would of caught Bobby in the throat if he hadn't dodged it. He quickly jumped up and spun, dodging a swipe.

He juked one way and ran the other, moving towards the leopard. As he ran by he leapt against the wall, dodging the leopard's leap, and kicked himself off the wall. Using his momentum and speed he planted his foot in the leopard's rib cage. There was a minuscule cracking sounding, eigther bruising the leopard's ribs or just rubbing them together.

The leopard flew back a little and immediatly picked himself up. He let out a roar of rage and lunged at Bobby. Bobby reached inside his coat and pulled out a fiv-inch pocket knife handle. He leapt back and pointed it at the leopard. As the leopard came towards him, Bobby hit the button on the handle. The switch-blade flicked out and was burried into the leopard's flesh. Bobby ripped it out, twisting it while doing so to rip out more skin, and took a few steps back. He put his flicked his knife back into its handle and looked back.

The leopard was sitting there, licking its wounds and backing away. It knew there was easier prey to find here. It turned around and walked away. Bobby sighed and turned around. And ran straight into another student.

((Opening for whoever wants to take it.))
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Sean didn't take notice to the woman and her threats. Family wasn't an option anyways. He decided to sit down, take out his pistols, and clean them. A man walked up and decided this was the opputune time to comment.

"Your a new recruit huh?" the man asked.


"What are your plans?" he tried to continue.


"You know it is quite rude to not address me with courtacy."

Sean now looks up, polishes his the name on his handle, "Sue", and looks up to the man and addresses with his type of courtacy. A gun was now pointing into the all too friendly man's face. Sean slowly stands up, holding the gun steadily as he rose to his feet. The cold silencer was pressed deeply into his skin.

With an almost primal instinct the man disarmed Sean of his weapon and reached for a throat thrust. He slighly moves so the right and the fingers miss him by centimeters. He twirls the students's fist around and with his other hand draws his knife slicing into the man's inner elbow. With the tendans cut the man's forearm down goes limp. With a stoic face the student readies himself for an end that would never come. Instead Sean picks up his pistol and holsters it. "Good Day."

Walking through the large temple and smiles at the serenity. As he turns a large corner he witnesses a student being attacked by the leopard that she had talked about.

The match was reletively quick, ending with the man unscratched and the leopard with another scar.

Sean takes a second to look this fellow recuit head to toe. The leopard was an interesting opponent for this man to face, as well as slightly impressive.

"...You don't have firearms?" He asks the man.

"That doesn't matter, we all have our specialties. What matters is how we use them in the field and your skill with a knife is evident. I would very much like to spar with you if you don't mind. I believe the entertainment would be most satisfactory."
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"Well Hugo? What do you think?" Marianna was asking the Eurasian instructor who had 'welcomed' the new students. Hugo was stroking an imaginary goatee, gazing deeply into the image presented by Security Camera 17. One of the newcomers had beaten what was technically a sophmore.

"He is talented. Seven seconds flat. Here." he gave Marianna a slip of paper. "This is the first room assignment. It should be interesting to see how Alexander retalliates later on."

Marianna was gazing for a long time at the slip of paper. "Are you sure about this? We've never put two such incompatible people in the same room."

"Don't worry. The next time those two face off, I want, who was it? Garet. I want Garet to beat Alex in less than five seconds. That justifies the assignment. Oh, and what's this? It looks as if another freshman has found Jaken. Come back when you've given Garet his room number and key."

Without any seen movement, Marianna was gone. Hugo preoccupied himself with the security cameras again. [I]I hope that we get some experienced vandals out of this bunch.[/I]
- - -
Okay, Chief Predator. Marianna is going to meet up with you soon. Don't read the note aloud, er, put what's on it in your post. I'll PM you with all the information. Also, Jaken is the leopard. (Inuyasha fan?)
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Hamano wandered through the dark halls. She heard the squabbles taking place behind her and a few around her. She kept her sword unsheathed, but she held it loosely in her right hand, just in case she met any problems.

She turned a corner, looking at the walls instead of in front of her. Suddenly, a foot collided with her left cheek, sending her spinning backwards. She caught herself on the wall with her left hand, her sword held in frong ot her face. She could feel that her cheekbone might have fractured or broken completely. Nothing she could do about it.

The semi-darkness of the hallway almost concealed her attacker completely from sight. Hamano stood straight up, her sword clasped in both hands and her eyes searching calmly through the darkness for any sign of movement. She heard a sound to her right and ducked, avoiding a punch aimed for her head. Raising the point of her sword up towards the ceiling, she jumped out of her crouch and impaled her attacker.

The sword had only pierced the man's shoulder. Before she could pull it away, his fist met her injured cheek and sent her reeling away in pain. She fell to her knees, her head was ringing. The man, obviously older and more experienced than her, removed the sword from his shoulder and advanced on her.

He was inches away from her, ready to strike again. Before he got the chance, Hamano released the blades in her gauntlets and sprung up, slashing any part of him she could reach.

He fell to the floor, bloody and slashed to bits. She took her sword back and swung it through the air to clean off the blood. Hamano sheathed it as she wondered aloud, "Was I [I]supposed[/I] to kill him? I hope they don't throw me out..." She bowed her head in respect, then continued on her way down the hallway.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]Teigra calmly walked out of the door, unimpressed by this lady's threats.

[i]If she wants the entire Italian Mafia bear down on her, she's more than welcome to try.[/i] She smiled to herself softly. Teigra wasn't normally an outwardly vicious type, however, her thoughts are more than often vicious.

Walking along the cold stone corridors of the temple, Teigra felt a tense silence around her - so tense that she could almost feel the animosity in the air. Seemingly taking no notice of the tense air about her, Teigra documented the corridor's path in her mind. She was good at navigation, for some odd reason. Normally her talents lay in the black arts - assassination skills. Her father and mother could only teach her so much before she could outdo them.

Up ahead, the sounds of a scuffle resonated down the corridor. Teigra immediately picked up on the noises. Shadows and silence was her thing - not anything like Rambo. Coolly walking towards the scuffle, she could hear growls of a cat - deep, throaty growls that indicated that it was a big cat of sorts.

Turning the corner, she ran straight into another student. Teigra got knocked to the ground as the other student held their head where the two had hit each other.

" Ow....." they murmured. Teigra recognised it was a male's voice. She slowly got to her feet and inspected him.

He had short black hair, amazingly blue eyes, a strong jaw with a small scar on the left side. His body was well-built and stood about an inch or two taller than her at 5' 11. He wore jeans with black boots, a red shirt and a black leather coat. As her father said '...you tell a lot of a man by the way he looks and what he wears...' - an extremely important lesson that Teigra learnt for most of her undercover work.

There was also another male behind him. He wore a black leather jacket with a woollen inside and long baggy grey pants with black boots. He too had a strong jawline, although no scars. A longish, undercut hairstyle and stubble on his face. Rough and tumble - basically.

Behind them, Teigra caught a glimpse of the leopard slinking away into the shadows. She walked straight past the man she had just run into and the other and crouched down near the leopard. It turned, sniffing slightly. Teigra could see the full extent of its wounds. The first male student and the leopard were the ones she heard.

Slowly the leopard came up to her and started to purr softly, nuzzling into her outstretched hand. The male students turned around and wore looks of shock. Teigra could sense the look of shock and smiled to herself.

" I have a gift with cats..." she said softly, stroking the leopard along its muzzle. She kissed it between the eyes and then stood, facing the other students.

" My name's Teigra. It's Italian for tiger. Nice to meet you.... your names?"[/size][/b]

OOC: You're up XYZ or ShagaMage! And sorry it took me so long to post. Away for the weekend.
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OOC: Sorry it took me so long to post i was gone all weekend.
After seeing Teigra calm the cat, and being asked his name, the man with the scar on the left side of his face across the eye said,"Impressive, my name is Black Wolf, at least that's my code name, if you earn my trust then and only then will i give you my real name, and all i can say is good luck with that, for i trust nobody after what my father did, but that's a story for another day. At any rate, i wish you would have come along and tamed it a little earlier, i felt bad having to kick it, considering it was only doing what wild intsinct tells it to."
Black Wolf thought about trying to pet the cat, but thought better of it, considering he had just beat the shit out of it. He looked at Teigra and said,"Well, i'm gonna go to the library, do some reading and web surfing, maybe some hacking but i doubt it cause i have nothing to find that would require it, anybody that wants to join me is more than welcome."
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Hugo was once again stroking his imaginary goatee. "Impressive. This young lady is definitely worth her salt for that talent alone. Yes, perhaps, Siberia? Yes, that will be their first mission. And that pest has become more than a mere nuisance. But it will seperate who the true feline master is."

The guards in front of the wall of screens looked at each other a shrugged. Two months ago, one of their own had overheard such a conversation with the headmaster between himself, and had proceeded to twirl his finger around his ear in the universal sign of crazy. Now, two months later, they still hadn't found more than that very finger wrapped riggidly around his mircophone.

"Now, who to check on next? I have an idea. A most wonderous idea! You there!" Hugo shouted suddenly at the nearest guard. "Call Vermillion. Tell him, Code Cerebrus." The guard nodded, saluted, and grabbed his microphone. No time to ask what exactly Code Cerebrus was. His fingers were going to live a long, if not peaceful life.
- - -
A short, muscular man was sharpening a deadly looking knife against a strap of leather. His streaked blonde hair glistened in the scant light that peered warily into the otherwise black room. He stopped long enough to pick up his cell phone, set to vibrate. Couldn't be too careful.

"What?" he asked in a blunt, overly bored Austrian voice.

"Mr. Vermillion? This is the security room." a quavering squeek answered.

"Which Code?" Vermillion replied shortly. He knew that the only reason the security room should ever call him was if Hugo wanted something.

"Co . . . Code Cerebrus, sir."

Vermillion's breath shortened. Code Cerebrus was extreme. He began wondering if Jaken and the other cats were killing students again. The guard dared not break the silence on the other end of the line. "Very well. Tell Hugo it will be done, but it'll take three weeks. Oh, and, good day." He could almost hear the sigh before he hung up.
- - -
OOC: Okay, another update. Here's a list of the known teachers and their fields:
Hugo- Master of the Temple
Marianna- Hugo's 'Secretary' and teaches weapon tactics and marksmanship.
Vermillion- Discipline Counselour, and teaches all levels of in depth strategy development.

Don't worry if this doesn't make much sense for now. This is exactly why I didn't sign up as a main character and instead control and introduce the staff. Please contact me if you have any ideas for additional staff.
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Dante watched the people file out of the room. He saw one that he thought look

familier. "I want to saw his name is Garet but I'm not sure" He took his own route

through the complex" He found his way to the upper level and out on the

balcony. "Damn" He had himself a cigarrette then walked back inside and alsmot ran

into Garet. "Hi. Name's Dante. Don't I know you from somewhere?"
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((hugoxx, they were refering to my character, not yours. I'll try to make up for your mistake.))

Bobby spun around as a a new man spoke. He hadn't even heard him come up. Sneaky little bastard.

"Listen man," Bobby started, a bit annoyed at the man's attitude and the fact that the girl was talking to him, "she was talking to me. And you just kicked the leopard's butt? I'm sorry, but I just got done doing that. you must be refering to an earlier time when you did it. Geez..."

Calming himself, Bobby turned to Teigra. "My name's Bobby. You must be new here as well." Bobby grinned. "So I guess we're sorta classmates." He then turned to the other man that had asked him about sparring.

"Yeah, I'm Bobby, as you just heard me said, and about sparring. It sounds like fun, let's do it." Bobby brought up his hands into his fighting stance, a mixture between boxing, street-fighting, and assassin stealth styles. "Come on," he grinned, "let's have some fun."
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Within the blink of an eye he draws and swings at Bobby's face. But Bobby leans back as he feels the breezy wake of the vicious slash on his face. As he goes for another stab, Bobby kicks the blade out of his hand.

Disarmed, he decided to go low. He does a spinning sweep with his left foot which catches the inner part of Bobby's knee. With this loss of balance he trips and falls onto his back, as he looks up he sees Sean's steel toe boots coming down in an axe kick to his head. Quickly grabs the foot, but the force behind it wouldn't let him hold it for long. He lets go and rolls out of harms way. Flipping back onto his feet, Bobby lands three jabs into Sean's face. To finish off the barage he swings for a right hook, but Sean dodges backwards and catches his fist. Twisting free Bobby tries for a roundhouse, but it is cought and Sean trips him to the floor, but Bobby strenuously kicks him in the chest with his free leg, loosing himself from Sean's grip, making Sean stumble backwards a few feet.

"You can call me Stone Rook, we don't need to further this match, it is evident that you are quite skilled and deserve to be a fellow student."

He picks up his knife that was disarmed from him in early combat.

Looking to Teigra, "Ma'am." As he turns to walk away Teigra gets a glimpse at a wedding ring.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet stared at Dante for a moment or two before he spoke.

[B]"I'm Garet. Good to meet you. Now I have to go."[/B] Garet turned around and started walking when all of a sudden Marinna came out of nowhere causing Garet to react deffensivly. He had drawn his arm blades and held them up to her throat, after he realized who it was he sighed and retracted the blades.

[B]"You shouldn't sneak up on someone like that. It will get you killed."[/B]
"I know."[/B] Marinna said, she beckoned for Garet to follow so he walked behind her, she started speaking to him.
"We saw you beat up that classmen."[/B] Garet freaked a little.
"Hey he was aggrovating me I took the deffensive when he hit me."[/B] Marinna laughed.
"Calm down, we were impressed with what you did. But we know you can do better."[/B] Garet had a small smile on his face then it faded, they kept walking for about another minute or so and stopped. They ended up infront of a training room.
"And since we know you can do better your going to prove it to me."[/B] Garet looked at her questionable.
"What do you mean prove it?"[/B] Marinna just smiled. A door opened in front of them and a light shot out from the crack in the door, momentarly blinding Garet. He held his hands up and covered his eyes, when the door opened fully Garet saw a massive training room, with several different ways to hone thier skills. Garet and Marinna stepped into the room and the doors closed behind them, she moved Garet so he would stand in a certian spot. He went along with it but was suspisious on where this was going, he stood there for a few seconds when suddenly a door opened up in the floor and a cage rose up and a panther was bashing against the cage bars trying to get out. Garet looked at Marinna.
"Now what's up with this?"[/B] Marinna walked over and stood right in front of him, she removed his guns and all his weapons save for his wrist blades, she walked away to the doors. He looked at her.
"Why are you taking my guns?"[/B]

[B]"Because, it would be too easy if you could just shoot the panther. You have to out do the panther and kill it." [/B]Garet sighed.
"Alright."[/B] He flicked his wrist and drew his blades and waited. Marinna left the room and the doors closed behind her, the cage poped open and the panther lunged for Garet. He spun and tried to hit the beast with a blade but missed, he started circling as did the panther, it growled and hissed as it looked for the oppurtune moment to strike. Garet was waiting and carfully calculating the animals abilitys and striking power, the panther jumped for his throat. Garet spun to the side and swipped again, this time cutting the animal across the side. Garet smiled and the beast snarled and crouched reading for another jump, Garet charged it this time and threw it off guard. He got his foot in it's head and pushed off, spinning in mid-air. He used his wrist blade to stab the panther in the neck where the spine met the skull, going straight through the flesh and muscle and clear to the other side. The animal froze for a moment. Garet pulled his blade out and the beast dropped dead on the ground, blood slowly ozzing out of its neck wound. Marinna came back through the door.
"That was good, 7 seconds. But, you'll need to get faster. Se were going to work on your speed before we give you your room."[/B] Garet groaned.
"Oh god. Alright lets go."[/B] Marinna took him over to where he could increase his speed and started working him.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry for the goof, i was in a bit of a hurry when i was reading the posts and only skimmed over them, didn't have time to read them properly, and thanks for fixing it xyz.

Black Wolf walked the halls after watching the sparing match. [i]They're pretty good, i guess the only reason i snuck up on them is because they were a bit preocupied with the matter on hand.[/i] "Oh well, i guess i'll hit up the library." No sooner had these words left his mouth than he had turned the corner and another student was standing before him. The student before him smiled and said,"Black Wolf, hm? I think since you're a newb i'll be calling you puppy."
"I thought i heard somebody following me, but I wasn't possitive. Well, now i know."
The whole time they had been talking, Black Wolf's hands hadn't left his pockets. His eyes had changed from disinterest to a dangerous, calculative look.
The man before him was still smiling, but as soon as his eyes caught the movement of his trench coat, the smile left his face and he reacted at the same speed as Black Wolf, both of their bullets made their mark with perfect accuracy as the hammers of their guns hit the bullet and resounded through the hall was the following gun shots. Both of them hit the ground, but only one rose.
"Fuck, if i hadn't been wearing that vest I'd be dead, God Damnit i need to be more careful."
He went over the battle in his mind as he headed to the library, rubbing his chest all the while, he realized that fight had lasted only three seconds, [i]Course then again, [/i]he thought to himself,[i] bullets fly faster than fists.
[/i]When he entered the library he went straight for the study books, and was suprised at the selection they had, there had to be hundreds of books on tactics, hand to hand combat, sniping, and much more. He sat there reading on hand to hand combat for at least an hour before he started to wonder were he was going to sleep, but decided not to worry about it as he lit up a ciggarete.
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((I'm a bit confused, do we have our mission equipment now or do we get it when we go on missions? And also, I'm assuming we already know our codenames.))

Bobby watched as Rook walked away. He had been a good match, pretty strong and even though Bobby had gotten more hits in, he felt as if the man had merely been testing him. Oh well, if it was that important to him.

Bobby looked to Teigra. "You wanna walk with me?" he asked, eager for some company. He enjoyed haning out with others, even though he didn't get to do it much. All the others were uptight and stern. 'The typical assassin attitude,' Bobby thought. But Teigra seemed a bit friendly. Or at least to him she did to him. Maybe she was just testing him too.

Bobby hoped she wasn't.
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"Sir!" one of the guards shouted from his post. "Sir, you're not going to believe this!"

Hugo kept his eyes on the security screen in which Garet was busily hacking away at a second panther. His time was imrpoved, but only by point four seconds. At least that could make all the difference. He replied, eyes still on the screen, "I've seen many things in my day. There's nothing I wouldn't believe."

"Well sir, I don't believe this. This freshman just took out Viper!"

This got Hugo's attention. "Viper? Are you sure?"


"Well, that's something. We were going to offer him a position as the reflex instructor. But, please forgive me, that plans seems to be shot." Several of the guards chuckled. The boss paid well, and made good jokes at the right moment. "Which one did it?"

"Uh, this file recognizes his code sign as Black Wolf."

"Hmm. I want him in Marianna's marksmanship class. He's going to put this school on the map. Or rather, hopefully keep it off. Put a tracker on him at the earliest possible time. I don't want him to take a piss and us not know about it."
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OOC: This is starting to bore me. What the hell are we supposed to do? And since I have to create my own team might as well start on that. What's the max number of poeple for a team?

Dante walked outside next to where a huge tank was and sat down. "Wonder when I get my room?"

A blonde haired girl with brown eyes walked out the door and sat down in another chair that was a little aways from him.

He thought to himself. "Only comes up to my shorter but she is fine as hell" He watched her carefully.

She slowly stood up and began to walk past him. As she passed by a fott came staright for Dante's head.

Dante flipped his chair back and the foot barely missed his head. He grabbed the foot on the way down and rolled back sending her spinning to the ground. He flipped up as a foot sweeped right below him. He caught an arm and spun her around to where her arms were pinned. "You stuck now, hun"

The girl brought her foot up and nailed him in the jaw.

Dante shook it off. "Owww" Her foot came up again and he let go and caught her foot then pinned her to the ground where she couldn't move completely. "Alright what is with attacking me?"

"Let me up"

He let her up as he lit another cigarette. "Answer me"

"Seeing if you had what it took to lead a team" She brushed a strand out of her face. "I see that you are better than me" She stuck out her hand. "Name's Tasha but my code name is Dolphin"

Dante shook her hand. "Dante and Mako, it is ...."

She cut him off" It's the fastest shark in the world and can beat a marlin"

"Well Dolphin even though dophin is tough sounding or anything you make it to be. So I guess you are with me then, do you know anyone else?"

"Marlin and Baracuda"

"Wonder when I'm going to meet them?"

"Soon, very soon"

Dante ducked as a fist came over his head. "I knew it" He spun around and faced a guy that was alittle taller than him but bigger. "I know how to bring this guy down" Dante kicked the guy in the stomach but the man barely flinched as Dante got a fist to the chest and fell back. "Plan B" He ducked then jump kicked the guy in the throat making him fall to the ground. "And you are'

The man gasped for air. "Hank, Tahsa's older brother, but also known as Marlin"

"I'm pretty sure you got that because normally you could fight for hours if you didn't get hit like that" Dant smiled as Hank nodded. 'Good to have you on the team" Dante helped him up the best he could. "Now to meet the other person"

"Over here" A man about the same height as Dante walked out from behind a pole. "Name's Trevor and Baracuda. Rember that" He ran froward straight at Dante.

Dante blocked Trevor's strikes with one making it through every now and then, but stared o become more and more. Dante tried to lay a hit but the man was too fast. Dante Came up with a plan in his head. He slowly got his foot behind Trevor's and sweeped it. The man caught his fall and recieved a foot in the side and an elbow in the back, pinning him. "I win"
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Marianna was having a good time watching Garet try to kill panther after panther faster and faster. His best time so far was 5.9 seconds. Of course, in assassin time, that was equivelant to about a year and two weeks. If your reflexes were good.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the tiny microphone in her ear buzzing. It was Vermillion. "Yes, what do you want?"

"Just contacted the security room. Those warrior fish guys have all found each other. Hugo wants them dispatched A.S.A.P. Little problem he said was urgent. Oh, and he also wants you to stop flirting with that kid and get out the room assignments. Now." This wasn't like Vermillion. Usually he was gruff, blunt, and to the point. But now he sounded preoccupied.

Marianna sighed audibly so that Garet looked over during his training. "What's wrong? Not fast enough progress?"

She shook her head and whispered, "Acknowledged." Aloud, she said, "Well, that's enough training for one day. I have some business to take care of. Now here's your room assignment. Be there in ten minutes or else. The instructions are on the paper. Your roommate will help you out when you get there."

Before Garet could reply "Huh?" she was out the door, moving with speed and silence that would make a panter jealous. He gazed quietly at the paper in his hand.
- - -
OOC: Okay guys, since there really isn't enough real action that this is suppossed to be about, have Marianna stop by in your next post. Then you'll get your room and your bunk buddy. I've thought up some graceful matches.
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Sitting down with his legs crossed he starts to meditate in the center of a large room. The silence lets him sooth his inner demon. The urge to kill was intoxicating his senses and he direly needed a release.

After an hour of deep meditation he decides that this is the perfect opporutunity to put together "Sharlet". He opened the latches on his brief case and removed the fake back of the brief case uncovering his prized SVDS Custom. He takes delicate care in putting together this weapon. Cleaning it for dust and other hinderances. He finally gets up and slings it over his back. Before he leaves he sets up twenty bottles, he decideds semi-auto is the best choice. Firing three round burst, he clears the bottles off the table. He lets out an loud sigh when he finds he was a millimeter from stiking number thirteen in the small red "X" in the center of the can. He picks up the cans, hearing his wife's kind voice telling him that it is the sweetest thing to clean for someone else. He finally leaves the room and starts walking down the corridor.

As he turns the next corner he finds himself staring at the woman know as Marianna. She was walking away from a training room of some sort. Now, he decided, he wanted some peach and quiet.

"Excuse me ma'am, where is my sleeping chamber, and where can I find live targets for sniping practice. It is all well that the students are kind enough to spar, but my specialties lie in my rifle." He asks her, and the tone of his voice didn't portrait impatience as much as the yearning to kill again.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet was looking at his sheet of paper. Rading some parts aloud.

[B]"429? Jessica Dailey? does not take kindly to men? found unconcious hanging by a curtain in the mess hall!"[/B] Garet smacked his head.

[B]"I get stuck with the crazy one."[/B] Garet sighed.
"Oh well, guess i'll need to be carful."[/B] He walked out of the training room, stepping over the panther pieces and bodys, before he left he room he looked over his damage.
"Man, I would hate to be the guy who had to clean this up."[/B] Garet walked out of the room and into the cool air. He walked past the mess hall to the east wing and arrived at his room, a little nervous about his roommate. Afraid she might kill him in his sleep, but he walked into the room and almost got a kick in the head. He ducked just in time and her foot hit the door, Jessica looked at him with a cold intensity.

[B]"What do you want?"[/B] She said, pissed off a little. Garet held up his sheet of paper and she snatched it away, looking it over making sure he was in the right room.

[B]"I'm assigned to this room. So move and let me in."[/B] She stood in the door way, still looking at him.
"This is a mistake."[/B] Garet was returning the look.

[B]"It's not a mistake. Now move, please."[/B] She stood thier a moment longer then moved to the side and let Garet move in. He went over to his bed while she watched him. He put his guns on the bed and tossed his gear. He looked around the room and saw a clock, it was 5:58, his stomach growled right then. He put his hand on his stomach and moaned.
"Well, i'm hungry lets get some food."[/B] She just stared at him.

[B]"Ok you just staring at me is really creepy so lets go get food. Please."[/B] She roled her eyes and walked out the door, with Garet trailing, he picked up the pace and head for the hall quickly. He was very hungry and was creeped out by the way the women was watching him, he got in the mess hall and headed instantly for the food.
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[b][size=1]Teigra smiled graciously and accepted Bobby's request. They started to walk down the corridor, the cold stone having a rather homey feel to it. As they walked, Teigra started to ask questions about Bobby's life.

" So... your name is Bobby, correct?" she asked politely. He nodded. " Where are you from?"

" Here there and everywhere basically. I've been moved around a lot. Job hazard. How about you?"

Teigra brushed her hands through her hair, imagining the warm Mediteranean air blowing across her face. The familar calls of coastal birds soaring high above her. The smell of the citrus grove in the orchard. " My family is part of the Italian Mafia, so naturally I come from Italy. We live in the countryside with a big house, an orchard and a vineyard. It's very beautiful. You should come and see it in spring. Like Heaven on Earth."

Bobby smiled. " Yeah, tha'd be nice once we finish here."

Teigra nodded her agreement. " What weapons do you carry on a mission?"

" Hmm.... I'm just going to be general for the sake of light conversation. Two guns, two knives, poisoned throwing needles, two grenades and two flashbangs."

" My, you are all fitted out aren't you?"

" You have to be ready for anything. What about you?"

" I specialise in more traditional weapons such as throwing needles, throwing daggers and smaller katanas. I do mostly undercover work, so when the situation calls for it, I can turn anything into a weapon, like a fork or toothpick. But I do have two H&K P7s which I adore. They look so sleek."

The two freshmen found themselves now in a courtyard with a large fountain in the middle. Vines hung over the stone walls, making the place look very lush and tropical. There were two benches for people to sit on. The two of them sat down on the one facing the fountain. The calming noise of the water reminded Teigra of the stream that flowed outside of her window in Italy.

" Say, what are your hobbies? You know, when you're not on a mission..." Bobby asked, curious to know what she did besides killing.

Teigra looked thoughtful. " Well... I dance. Not ballet, but more like street and funk dancing. Rock-climbing, yoga and gymnastics."

Bobby sniggered. Teigra looked at him. " What?"

" Didn't think you were the type for yoga..." Bobby said.

" It's amazing for the body. Plus it increases my flexibility as well as being relaxing. Everything I do has a purpose."

Bobby suddenly became very suspicious of her. That comment sent alarm bells off in his head, warning him of something but he didn't know exactly what. His eyes narrowed. Teigra noticed the sudden change in his composure and laughed.

" The reason why I am talking to you is to get to know you," she explained. With that Bobby became much more comfortable.

At that moment, Marianna walked out into the courtyard and greeted them in a rather civil fashion.
" I have your room assignments. And it seems you two have found your bunking mate. How convenient. Anyhow, this is where your room is." Marianna gave them a piece of paper, showing how to get to their room. " I suggest you make yourselves comfortable before you receive your first mission."

Marianna turned and walked off, obviously in a hurry. Teigra stood, watching Marianna walk off, trying to gauge her personality. Her calculating mind was working overtime on her. She was... strange indeed. Teigra turned to Bobby and smiled.

" Shall we go?"[/size][/b]
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Black Wolf sat there, staring around at the library books, wondering what to read next when he heard the doors to the library open, and in stepped Marianna, looking important, and carrying a small slip of paper, as he watched her he realized she was headed his way, sat there and waited for her.
When she stopped beside his chair, she held out the paper and said,"This is your room number, i would have put you roomate's name in it but I figured I'd let that be a surprise." She started to walk away and said,"Oh, by the way, your to start training with me in my marksmanship class tommorrow."
As she started to walk away Black Wolf said,"Might i ask why? I've done nothing to alarm you to my talents."
Marianna smiled a cold smile and said,"My employer has his ways of finding out, and besides, when take out a high ranking assassin that was going to be the reflex instructer, not mention you beat him in a match of reflexes, it remains hard to stay unnoticed." as she finished speaking she walked out the door before he could say anytihng else.
[i]Who the hell did i kill that got me noticed by the man that runs this place? Holly shit dude, i'll be lucky if they don't watch my every move.FUCK! I wanted to get better, sure, but once again my carelesness shows. Fuck it.
[/i]With that he opened his paper and read it, locating his room, and decided, before going to his room, to do a little research. After a few minutes of hacking, he found what he was looking for.[i]I killed Viper? Who the hell is Viper?
[/i]Finally giving up, after his hacking program was destroyed countless times trying to get more info, he went to his room, opened the door, and sitting on the bed across from him was...
((Opening for whoever.))
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((Got a PM from Gawain on the room issue...different from what's posted in here))

He thumbed the paper and found that there were actually two peices stuck together. Bobby handed the one with Teigra's name to here and Booby looked over his sheet of paper. It didn't go with what Marianna had just said. He wasn't rooming with Teigra, which dissappointed him.

"Wait a minute, Teigra," he said slowly as his eyes flashed over the paper. "Listen to this: '[i]Your room is number 359. You will be bunking with one of our more experienced team leaders, Wasp, of the Insect Strike Squad.[/i]' I think Marianna messed up cause she was in a hurry. We aren't rooming together." Bobby looked up and saw what he thought was a dissappointed look on Teigra's face. "I'll meet you for dinner, though. '6:00 sharp', ok?"

"Ok, see ya' later then," Teigra said and started to walk away. Bobby stood there and watched her walk away. With a sigh he turned to go to his own room.

[i]Bobby (Macaw), we are pleased to announce that you have been selected to be the leader of the Jungle Storm Squad. Your underofficers include: Toucan, Stone Rook, and Sparrow. Sparrow is your second-in-command.[/i] Bobby ran over the passage over and over again. He couldn't believe that he was the leader. And that Stone Rook guy, the one he had fought earlier by his recollection, was below him. That was the complete opposite from what Bobby had thought would happen.

Bobby shook himself from his thoughts. He was in at his room, number 359. He opened up the door and found a man, probably Wasp, inside sitting on one of the beds. On the other bed was a pile of stuff that Bobby recognized as his mission gear. He grinned. "Guess I'm your roomate," he said as he stepped into the room, the door shutting behind him.
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OOC: Some people may be wondering (and this is a generalization) WTF? XYZ is correct. Macaw was indeed selected to be the leader of the Jungle Storm Squad. And, just so you know, Mako leads the Sea Strike Squad, and White Tiger leads the Hunter Rush Squad. I think that there may have been some mix ups with the room assignments. If so, or if anyone hasn't yet received their assignment, please contact me and we'll sort all of that out.

"Sir! Sea Strike Team ready and assembled, as per your instructions."

The four new recruits were indeed standing ready to go, but not so much as ready for a briefing as Hugo would have hoped. But what could you expect on the first day? He resigned himself to explain things a little further before the briefing.

"Alright recruits. I know that you haven't had any formal training yet, but from what we've been monitoring of your movements, you're more than capable for this mission."

"You are the Sea Strike Squad, more commonly reffered to as C Squad. As a Strike team, your priority is to accomplish the mission first. As such, stealth is the discipline you will have to master. Are you ready for the details?"

Mako stepped forward and nodded. Hugo frowned, not sure about the young man's attitude. He was a good killer, but not neccessarily a good soldier. Not that they would be learning the difference.

"All right. Your target is one Hideo Limbardi. His parents were obviously from different cultures. Hideo is currently trying to start a special ninjitsu school in the forests of China. Needless to say, if this school gets started, our attendance will drop dramatically. Kill him. Then kill everyone else who helped him. Leave no survivors." When he finished, there was a brief silence through the group. [I]Finally, they might start understanding.[/I]
- - -
(Opening for the Strike Team)
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