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Today?s top story?The start of the 3010 Pokémon Fighting League season! Trainers from all over the world start their journeys today to??>

Kei stretched out on her couch and began absent-mindedly stroking her Persian?s ear as it lay curled up on the floor below her. Staring up at the ceiling of her tiny apartment, she sighed lightly, looking more than a bit perturbed.

Kei sat up, suddenly intrigued.

Kei sighed heavily, throwing herself back against the cushions.

The large cat, without budging from its position, flicked an ear in her owner?s direction and opened one eye.


?Myew myewmy mye mye my myewmyew??

?Myew, myeew. Mye myewmyewmyew myew myew, mye. Mye myeme myewmyew.?

Kei said as she got up and began walking back to her bedroom.?>

?Myew mye.?

?Mye myew mye myew myew mymyew myew.?

Kei rolled her eyes as entered her room and grabbed her Merger from her nightstand. Whipping the strap around her wrist and buckling it, she sighed lightly.

?Mye myew myew.?


[b]Side note:[/b] When you see text inside brackets, then it means it's translated from the speaker's native language, in this case, Japanese.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]Jonah Harris was sitting in the café section of the Local Pokémon Centre calmly drinking some tea whilst his Pokémon ate their Poké Food around him. All through the Centre there as a buzz as the trainers, old and new, were discussing the start of the new season in the PFL and all of them harbouring dreams of becoming the newest champion.

This buzz served as a welcome distraction for Jonah because of his status as a well know trainer it was rare he could come into a Pokémon Centre without being swamped, even by the staff. Just as he was finishing his tea the television in the café switched to a news bulletin, more stolen Pokémon.

?...the trainer said that she was going about her business with her Pokémon going about their usual training exercises in preparation for the start of the new season within the League when she was attacked and upon regaining consciousness discovered her Pokémon had vanished.?

What followed was a list and description of the trainers Pokémon. Jonah set his tea cup down and called to his Pokémon to return to their Pokeballs, and one by one they disappeared in a flash of white light. Leaving the pay and a tip on the table Jonah got up from his table and walked out into the city.

?This is shaping up to be one interesting year.? He said quietly to himself before his Merger watch notified him that he had an incoming call. Checking the caller ID he felt a smile creep across his face before responding to the call.

?Well good afternoon Kei...?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=purple]"Kirlia, let's try that Psychic attack again." Kirlia stood in front of Kelsey and focused on a tire lying on the grass in front of her. The half moon was high in the sky, giving a blue glow to the surrounding night. They suspected it to be about 4 in the morning. Kelsey, being a night person, slept in the afternoon unless something important caused her to do otherwise. She hoped that her tornament participation would take place either early in the morning or at night--otherwise she would be very tired and in poor condition for a battle. Her Pokemon were the same way--in fact, Kelsey had adjusted her sleeping patterns to match the routines of her Pokemon.

Now, it was Kirlia's turn for training. Alakazam had teleported to a random place in the world--she loved to explore and often told Kelsey about the places she visited upon returning. Kelsey found it to be a great advantage to be able to talk to her Pokemon and understand what they said. Misdreavus, meanwhile, was out hunting, but not for meat but rather for souls. She often wandered about at night, scaring people and stealing energy from them. Her frequency in doing this was evident in the color of her neck orbs--some deep rose and some the color of blood.

Behind Kirlia, Kelsey closed her eyes and focused on the tire just like Kirlia did. Kirlia then unleashed her psychic energies. With them, she levitated the tire and began to shape it. Kelsey, though, was the one that controlled the shape--their minds were connected in a way. Indeed, Kelsey's Pokemon were very close to her--they shared aspects of each other's personality, interests, style, and even abilities. However, Kelsey knew she couldn't actually use any of those Pokemon abilities without merging. She didn't like to merge often anyways--she went with the idea of "seperate yet alike". Even when physically apart, the two seemed to merge together in mind and spirit. This was true with all her Pokemon, not just Kirlia.

"Well done, Kirlia."
<"Well done, Kelsey. If I'm not mistaken, I'd think you can actually use telekinesis.">
"Oh shut up. Just because Dolly could doesn't mean I can. I don't care what David used to say either--you know perfectly well I can't."
[i]Well, at least not by myself...[/i]

Dolly was a girl Kelsey met when she was very young. Dolly, just like the old gym leader Sabrina, was gifted with telekinetic powers. But she said that you have to be born with those powers to use them, and Kelsey certainly did not fit that description.

[i]Still, she didn't know about merging, so in a way I can.[/i]
"Well, Kirlia, how are you feeling tonight? Do you think you're ready for the big game?"
<"I hope so. I'm kind of nervous, though...">
"So am I. I kind of wish Dad was here, though... It's hard to believe we haven't heard from him all this time... I miss him so much. Heh, I could kill Celia over him. I hope she shows up in this tournament, because I'm ready to face her when she does."
<"Wow, what gave you that determination? You used to scared of her, remember?">
"I know. David left me because he thought I ws a pathetic coward. As far as I see it, he was right. But now I see that if I run away, the curse only gets worse."
<"Hey, that rhymes!">
"Wow, you're right! But don't worry, we'll do fine. I know how you are when you get caught up in battle. You show even more determination that I know."
<"Aww..."> Kirlia blushed at these words.
"Well," Kelsey sighed and looked at the moon, "I wonder where Alakazam and Misdreavus are. They must be having fun. Hey, wouldn't it be great if Alakazam found my dad? Wouldn't it be great if Misdreavus stole Celia's soul?" Kelsey laughed at the possibilities while Kirlia sat there and admired the stars and the icy yet soothing breeze.

Alakazam was somewhere in France, watching a Pokemon battle from behind some trees. It was daytime there, and she amused herself by reading one of the trainer's minds. It was nice to see how he thought out a strategy for the battle. He was panicking because he was battling a Pidgeotto with his Trapinch--an obvious type disadvantage. Alakazam liked to do this because the trainer's thinking often sparked ideas for new battle strategies. She was very creative in coming up with these, though some were quite complicated. Still, Kelsey often knew what Alakazam was talking about, though most of the information had to be transferred telepathically because words could not describe them well.

"Whew, it's quiet here," said a little girl who was walking through the park not far from where Kelsey was. Normally she was afraid of the dark, but the moonlight put some confidence in her. She had to walk to her grandmother's house, and the easiest way was through the park. But after walking a few steps, she heard leaves rustle, and a soft moan was heard far off to her left. The girl stopped short to listen closely. Another rustling. A small cry. A whistle from the wind. The girl breathed a sigh of relief--maybe someone else was walking through the park as well. But she barely took another step when the rustling got louder and louder, and a split second later, a loud cry close to her left made her jump and fall over. The girl tingled all over as a dark figure moved over her, eyes glowing. Then the girl felt herself drifting into sleep, as if energy was draining out of her. Six red orbs twinkled about the figure.
"Misss..." The dark figure smiled and moved silently back to the clearing where the girl with her Kirlia stood. She had gathered all the energy she needed for the morning.[/color]
OOC: The words in triangular brackets are translated from Pokemon language, and italics are thoughts. Just in case you didn't already know...
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[I]Alright, This is less fun than I thought....[/I]
Damien thought to himself silently as he flopped against the deck chair at the beach exhausted after the ordeal of having to swim back to shore because of the Sharpedo that he caught having torn his Dinghy apart. Behind him his very wet and incredibly angry Zangoose stormed out of the water, Damien realised that he had forgotten to return Zangoose to the ball.

"Oh sorry about that." Damien apologized to his pokemon, Zangoose knowing that it was really sarcasm behind that apology. All that cam in return to the apology was an angry glare and grunt indicating that Zangoose wasn't amused.
"Well, I couldn't exactly use Sandslash now could I?" Damien explained jokingly, not making Zangoose happy at all. He left it at this, knowing that Zangoose was never happy about what happened.
[I]God, I thought Zangoose would be happy in Sydney[/I]

In Damien's Board Shorts his phone started to ring [I]I'm suprised that it still works[/I] and with those thoughts he awnsered the soaked but still working phone.

"Hi Damien, It's me"
[I]Oh god, Not now. I don't need to talk to my brother now[/I]
"What is it Micheal? I don't have time for this"
"Guess what I found"
"Oh bloody hell, I don't have time to talk about you finding a rare pokemon"
"I've caught a Lapras"
[I]A Lapras? How could he catch a Lapras?[/I]
"Yeah you heard me. I'm down in Auckland"
[I]I don't really care[/I]
"Well, I gotta go. This call will cost a ton."

At this Damien hung up and started to contemplate how these turn of events could happen. His brother had caught a really rare pokemon and He had caught a bad tempered Sharpedo. Granted, Micheal wasn't the best trainer unlike Damien who was pretty good but it still wasn't fair. But he would prove his family that he was better than his older brother by winning the PFL.
Sorry That I didn't post this sooner. I thought that Nefertimon was before someone else instead of me so thats my explanation.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]The scratching of swift pencil strokes on rough paper, and the humming of the sketcher were the only noises this quiet morning, besides the cheeping of the sketch-ees.

The sketcher was lying flat on her stomach, head in a bush, trying to remain unseen by the flock of Torchic pecking around in the grass. Skillful strokes had already rendered seven of the flock in almost-photographic motion, downy fluff and tiny claws shining in the light that seeped through the trees. The eighth was just an outline, his (her?) beady eyes the only thing darkened. Lucille O'Donnell smiled as she sketched. This picture was coming along phenominally. Torchics were among her favorite Pokemon to draw.

"Scy-scyther-sky!" She didn't look up from her tablet. Her Scyther took offense at that, poking her in the leg with one clawed foot. "SCY!" She rolled over on her back to glare up at the Pokemon.

"What?" She saw what the instant she opened her mouth. Towering behind Scyther was a Blaziken, eyes narrowed in a very unfriendly manner. She gulped. "Oops..." She scrambeled madly to collect her pencils, shoving them into her backpack without once breaking eye contact with the huge bird Pokemon. She was just starting to slid her pad into her pack as well when Blaziken snorted. Lucy yelped, dropping the pad and breaking into a run, Scyther running ahead of her, then darting behind and all around like a supersonic bodygaurd. Only once she was out of the grove did she stop running.

[i]You could've just fought her, you know...[/i] She silenced her mental voice.

[i]That wouldn't have been right, she was just defending the chicks.[/i] She sighed, leaning against a tree and speaking into her Merger.

"Mightyena, out please..." The Merger whined for a second before Mightyena appeared from inside. "Could you get my notebook back please?" The dog-like Pokemon nodded her head once, breaking into a swift lope. Lucy continued leaning against the tree, only dimly aware of Scyther mimicking her movements to lean on the other side of the tree. This was the third time this year she'd been run off by annoyed Poke-mothers. She smirked slightly. At least the other trainers at the PFL wouldn't attack her for drawing them...Migghtyena reappeared, the notebook in her mouth. Lucy took it, rubbing her behind her ears...she moaned when she looked at her picture.

The pleasant woodsy scene now had a giant, clawed footprint right in the middle. [i]Least it's...slightly fixable...[/i] She put it back into its flap, and shrugged into her backpack. Thinking of the other trainers had reminded her of her appointment with one of her fellow countrymen. He'd been very kind in posing for one of her commissions [i]for[/i] the League, but her appointment for the rest of his picture was in ten minutes...and so, for the second time in five minutes she found herself running.

"Come on...we have to meet James to get his colors right..."[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Sorry for the lateness of this, I meant to post sooner but just couldn't seem to write anything. The brackets in this case are used for Irish.


[I]The waves lapped gently against James' feet as he stood staring out at the horizon, he enjoyed passing the time here, it helped give him a sense of perspective. Drawing in a deep breath he grimaced, two weeks after his battle for PFL Irish Championship he still had the same aching pain in his chest, he went to scratch his chest and felt the hospital bandages underneath. Four broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, still it could have been worse, he could have four broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and not be PFL Irish Champion. The tide lapping further up his legs brought him back to reality, the tide was beginning to come in and he had a meeting with Lucille later in the hour.

He cast a final glance towards the horizon before sighing and walking slowly back towards his home, the PFL tournament he was entering would be without a shadow of a doubt the most arduous challenge he had ever faced. While he was ranked in the top ten in the world, there was still that sense of apprehension that he always felt before a tournament. Winning the PFL Irish Championship had been a stroke of luck with a good helping of skill, in this coming tournament he'd need his skills to be pushed to their absolute limits and if luck favoured him in a couple of matches along the way well so much the better. The skin beneath his merger watch began to itch, at twenty eight he was going to be one of the more seasoned trainers in the competition which would probably be an advantage. The merger watch itself was a fascinating piece of technology, though it did have the tendency to provoke odd poses from certain trainers when they used it.

While most of the time James lived with his parents, he did have a house of his own which he lived in a far bit of the time between tournaments, times when he didn't want or need not to be disturbed. Pushing through the timber front door the smell of freshly cooked food wafted up his nostrils, obviously there was someone in the kitchen preparing a meal. James guessed it was his mother, she was always coming in to do jobs, complaining that he didn't eat enough and as such always looked thin and shouldn't live on his own so far from his family. In reality James lived less than a mile from the family home, but that didn't stop his mother from making it seem like a transatlantic voyage to get there. Moving through the double doors to the kitchen, he found his mother in front of two pots and a frying pan humming merrily to herself.

James wasn't even remotely surprised and just went to set the table before Lucille came, moving over towards the cupboards he removed two plates, two knives and forks, two glasses, a fair of serviettes and finally a few bowls for the Pokémon. [/I] <"What's the name of that nice girl who's coming over here for dinner ?"> [I]James had completely forgotten about his mother and nearly dropped the tableware with his shock, like all Irish people James spoke fluent Irish and English, but preferred to use English because it was the more common language[/I]. "It's Lucille O'Donnell mam, you know, that famous Pokémon artist. She?s coming here to do a few pictures of me and my Pokémon for my big win in the PFL.? [I]His mother had obviously thought that this was a social evening, she worried so about her only son, he was too thin and didn?t even have a girlfriend.[/I]

[I]James sighed heavily sometimes his mother was so obvious in her intentions that she lacked any kind of subtlety, though he supposed she intended her statements to be that obvious. While he usually kept his Pokémon ready for battle, and thus in storage, after his win in Dublin he?d decided to let them out for a few days to enjoy the weather and have some relaxation. Erebus his Lairon had taken to it with a fierce gratitude, though being that it had only recently evolved from Aron he suspected his enthusiasm to be a holdover from youth. Ticon was powering through the cold Atlantis water as though it were a small pond, the Walrien?s fierce strength was one of his defining aspects. Atlas however preferred to take a more relaxed position, sitting outside, snoring and soaking up the sun. After seventeen years with the Venusaur, James didn?t begrudge his friend the rest one bit.

The doorbell chimed, and James realised how quickly the hour had passed...[/I] [/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]"Hi, Jonah! How's my favorite British hottie doing today?"

"I'm all right." Kei pretended not to hear the smile in his voice.

"Did you happen to catch the latest news on your side of the world?"

"About the Pokémon nappings? Yeah. It's bad news."

"Glad we're on the same wavelength, then." Kei flopped down on her bed, brushing aside various odds and ends she was planning on packing for her trip to America. "We're going to have to be on high guard this season. Seeing that all these events are connected, some new organization must have popped up recently."

"You would think after seeing all those other teams collapse in the past that people would just stop trying this sort of thing out."

"Yeah, but there are those whose greed knows no bounds. But, like I said, we're going to have to warn all the trainers to be on their guard this season. There's no telling what can happen. The main thing that I'm worried about though is that I haven't heard anything from HQ about stuff like this happening. We usually don't have to get our news from the networks."

"Yes, this is a bit odd. You plan on looking into it?"

"Of course."

"Well, all right. If you find out anything important, be sure to let the rest of us know."

Kei smiled broadly, which surprisingly made her look very cat-like.

"You know I will. I can't let cute guys like you go walking around without being well-informed."

"Guys aren't 'cute.' They're handsome."

"Well, I think you're cute and I'm your superior. So deal with it." Kei was sure that she heard some sort of mumble on the other end, but didn't pester him about. She always managed to ruffle Jonah's feathers one way or the other and she always got pleasure out of it, but she figured she'd give it a rest, given the current situation.

"You're headed to the States, aren't you? For the PokéShowdown?"

"Yeah, I am. Why?"

"They just said that the last napping was near there, so I'm thinking that there's a strong possibility that they might strike there next."

"Hm, I see your point. I'll keep a lookout while I'm there. I'll talk to you again soon."

"All right. See you."

Kei turned off the phone and threw it over her head, not totally watching where it was going. Hence why she was surprised to hear her lamp break as it fell to the floor from being struck by the phone. Moaning audibly, she began trudging off to the kitchen to fetch her broom.

<"I'll keep a lookout if I don't miss my plane first... That's what I should have said...">[/color][/size]
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[Color=DarkBlue]< Oh crap! I overslept again! >

< Yes, everyone left already. >

< And you didn?t wake me up? >

That?s how Daniel?s day started out. Between Mosh and Point not waking him up, and his family?s competitive nature, left Daniel an unknown amount of hours behind them all. He cursed quickly, and jumped out of bed, grabbing his clothes from the chair next to the bed. He quickly grabbed his Watch, and ran downstairs.

< Why didn?t wake me up? > He yelled at his mother as he flew down the stairs.

< Because it?s only 9 AM and the whole shindig doesn?t start for another two hours. > She said curtly, eyeing him.

< But the clock? > He started.

< Was set ahead. What else would they do? You would do the same thing. Now go get out there, and make me proud. > She said, smiling.

< I bet you gave all the others the same speech. > Daniel muttered as he headed out the door.

< No! I changed proud for lucky and other adjectives. > She called to him, causing Daniel to laugh.

Daniel looked back, waved, and jogged out, with Mosh and Point behind him, causing a happy commotion. Daniel smiled, and stopped for a second. He was coming upon the woody area that connected the family estate from the road into town, which would bring him to Hamburg, through which, he would play his Lapras pass, and head over into Africa.

Daniel had always wanted to visit and this was the best time to start. With the free trip, and the possible prospect of new pokémon, Daniel didn?t need to be asked twice. He wasn?t worried about any language barriers, although his closest sister was freaked out by it. Most of them were staying in Germany, because they had friends in other areas that they wanted to pound.

Daniel laughed at them, because very few of them were going to get anywhere in the league by hanging around. Daniel personally thought they were just scared of leaving their parents, but he wasn?t one to say anything. This would be the first time he would be going and fighting with someone from the family as a support. All six of them were going off to fight, to live, and to win and lose.

Daniel continued to walk, Point and Mosh a couple of paces ahead. As he came around a bend, a sudden roar, caused Daniel to fall backwards in fright. His older brother and his Charizard stepped out from behind a tree.

< Hah! If you get scared that easily, you won?t get anywhere in the League. > He said, offering a hand to Daniel.

< Yeah, yeah. Being a jerk won?t get you anywhere either Johannes. > Daniel said, standing up.

< Well, the others already got the first bus, and there?s still a thirty minute wait on the next, so I thought I?d see how ready you were. > Johannes said, smiling.

< I don?t have time to battle you. We?ll save that for later. > Daniel said, smiling back.

< Fine, but before you think about taking on Julia and Geherd, you?ve got to win the chance by beating me again. > He said, walking off.

< Sounds good. Hope you like having your face handed to you on a plate! > Daniel shouted back, laughing.

As he walked up to the bus stop, he thought, < This is it. I?ve made it. The journey?s about to begin! >

How right he was?[/color]

* The wonderful greater than and less than signs mean German is being spoken.

** I'm sorry about not posting. I keep getting in trouble, and losing my train of thought. ^^;
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OOC: It may not seem like my turn to post--I'm just going by what Jokopoko told me... Anyways I'm trying to do this and school at the same time, so it might be slow...

[color=purple]Kelsey didn't even flinch when Misdreavus told her about what she did while she was out. She knew what her Pokemon liked to do and was okay with it, even though those happenings may seem evil. Kirlia sat by Kelsey, fairly tired from the training. A few seconds later, Alakazam appeared in front of both of them.

"So Alakazam, what's in the mental box tonight?"
<"Not much luck today, unfortunately. The subject boy was panicking in the battle--he was battling a Pidgeotto with his Trapinch.">
"Well, we won't have that problem, won't we?"

Kelsey remembered a Pokemon battle in which Alakazam was up against an Umbreon. However, the battle wasn't too hard, and Alakazam only took one Faint Attack while making Umbreon faint with two Psychic attacks. Kelsey was amazed because not only did psychic attacks not normally work against dark Pokemon, Umbreon had high special defense.

Alakazam blushed at this--she had read Kelsey's thoughts at the matter. She had always been shy and easily embarrassed--she would hardly ever talk to strangers or operate at full power during a battle. The reason for holding back her powers was because she had once belonged to a boy named Casey since she was an Abra. As soon as she evolved, though, Casey kept getting headaches from being close to her. This made Kadabra embarrassed and Casey in ambivalence--he debated on whether or not to get rid of her. Finally he found Kelsey, who never got the same headaches. Kadabra was relieved at this, so Casey decided to trade her for Kelsey's Magby. Of course, Kadabra evolved once she had been traded.

"Oh by the way, Misdreavus, did you get the time?"
<"About 4 in the morning.">
Alakazam was about to say that it was afternoon, but that was in France. Kelsey was located right near the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, right alongside the Mekong River. Kelsey liked this place because it was fairly far from Celia's house on the coast to the south, but not too far away. A few weeks ago, Kelsey had resided in the northern part of Australia, not too far away from home. Her father had resided in Singapore ever since Kelsey was born--that's where he and Kelsey's mom met. Kelsey had traveled there over the past few months but never found her dad there. She had gone back to Vietnam when she heard of the tournament and immediately thought of Celia. She wanted to keep nearby her in case she got the urge to challenge her in a Pokemon battle.

"Well, now that we're all together," Kelsey finally said, "let's start heading over to the arena. That's... oh, say ten miles from here, back in Vietnam."
<"According to my calculations..."> Misdreavus added, <"that shouldn't bee too far from Celia's house.">
"You're right..."
<"Not scared now, are you?"> Misdreavus asked in a humorous tone.
"Well, I know I used to be... but hopefully that will all change. Not only will this tournament be a chance to introduce our unique battle style, it will be a chance to show Celia exactly who we really are. In fact, Misdreavus, as I now see it I think you're even scarier than her Banette! And if you don't scare me, I don't see how Banette will!"
<"We'll scare them instead!"> Misdreavus cheered sinisterly. <"Then I'll haunt Celia with the very curse that she imposed on your dad. And Banette is in for the fright of her life. I've been practicing the Shadow Ball and the last time I used it, my victim, an oh-so-tough businessman, turned white as a snowman and went berserk once he got back to his mansion. Ooh, that was fun...">
"Heh, it's too bad you can't steal Celia's soul in the middle of that battle, that may be against the rules or something." At this Misdreavus laughed. Everyone except Kirlia giggled along--Kirlia was emotionally sensitive and felt uneasy under the toture methods Misdreavus often described.

<"Then what do we do now?"> Kirlia asked, hoping to change the subject.
"Let's start by crossing the river."

So Kelsey and her Pokemon walked down through the woods towards the river. Alakazam walked too--she didn't like to teleport except for long-distance travels or battles. And she hadn't seen the arena before and thus couldn't just teleport there. When the four of them reached the river, Kirlia tried to walk across, but the water was too deep. She ended up levitating herself and floating across. Alakazam did the same, and Misdreavus just used her natural ghost abilities to do the same. Kelsey, however, was aided across by Alakazam's telekinesis, so she felt like she was flying. The experience was so fun that the four didn't land on the other side of the river but rather floated on for another few miles towards the arena. In the distance, the sky grew lighter, awaiting the next two hours when the sun would rise.[/color]
OOC: Wow, wouldn't it be great to travel like that?
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]It had been a few hours since Kei?s phone call and Jonah had moved on from the last city, he was on his way home to do a last minute check of things before he left for America and the Pokémon Showdown being done out there. He was roughly a mile and a half from his home when he stowed his fold-up bike into his bag deciding to walk the rest of the way. As sods law predicted the sky gradually grew greyer as he walked down the country path then as his house came into view the rain started, not just a little drizzle but full force English summer rain. Jonah stood there for a few moments letting the rain wake him up slightly before reaching for his Pokéball.

?Farcaster, go!? He called out as the Pokéball flew from his hand and deposited his first Pokémon.

?Cast! Castform!? Farcaster said as he enjoyed his freedom, Jonah indulged him for a time before getting him under control.

?Alright Farcaster, use Sunny Day if you don?t mind.? Jonah looked up as his Castform as it glowed brightly and summoned the Sun and sending the rain to return to another day, not wanting to recall Farcaster Jonah allowed him to fly around as he walked up to his house.

[I]?First things first?[/I] thought Jonah as he walked up to his room. Quickly changing out of his still wet clothes he began packing the things he?d missed after the initial pack, he also released his Pokémon so they could have some form of exercise before he had to stow them away for a while as he travelled.

Harlequin went straight to her sleeping area that was in the kitchen, unusually for her she seemed overly tired compared to the other two, but then gain Jonah had been using her more in the merges than the other two. Strongarm, as usual, hung serenely in the air as he observed Jonah pack his things and Farcaster was continually zipping around the house.


It was reaching midday and Jonah had finished his packing, he was now getting a quick lunch together before leaving.

?...and in Pokémon related news there is still reports of further Pokémon kidnappings but in the European professional circuit the Irish Champion has been declared. After an exhilarating match James Griffin came through and claimed the trophy as his own.?

Jonah turned the radio off and started to slowly eat his sandwich as a thought entered his mind. [I]?Seems that James is back to his old self, don?t suppose it would hurt to pay him a visit...see if he?s interested in going to America with the rest of us.[/I]

Ten minutes later, Pokémon in their Pokeballs and bag on his back Jonah set out for America, with a quick stop of in Ireland along the way.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]"What do you mean I can't bring him in with me?" Brooke asked in an annoyed tone, a large impatient frown masking her regular placid expression. She stood over in a hunch, leaning on the counter that almost hid entirely the small young woman that stood behind it.

"Pokemon out of their pokeballs aren't allowed on the train. I'm sorry, but you'll have to put your Dragonair in its pokeball before you can get on the train," the young woman told her. "But he doesn't like it in there.." she protested. However, there was no sympathy in the look she was given, and Brooke knew there was no way to get around this woman by trying to talk with her. The woman turned around to arrange some papers on the desk behind her.

"Hey," Brooke whispered to the dragon wrapped around her. He lowered his head so that it was right beside her face. "She's not budging. You know what to do?" He nodded his head and quickly unwrapped from around his best friend and floated out of sight. A few second after Dragonair had glided away, the woman turned back around and blinked a moment after realizing the pokemon was gone.

"So, is your pokemon in its pokeball?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. He's not going to stay in for long, so the sooner I get on the train, the better," Brooke replied, her impatience shining through her voice. The woman gave her one more questioning look before handing over the train ticket.

"[i]Thank[/i] you," Brooke sighed tiredly, grabbing the ticket and walking briskly to catch her train, seeing as how the incident with the ticket lady set her back a good fifteen minutes. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a group of people looking utterly bewildered as they spun around in circles. Brooke rolled her eyes, then let out a whistle. From between their feet, Dragonair rose into the air and glided towards her.

"Hurry! Before they catch us," she giggled, running towards the train doors. One of the men monitoring the doors as the train readied to leave was rocking back and forth on his feet when he saw the young girl running towards him, followed by the lengthy dragon pokemon.

"Hold on! Wait a minute!" he shouted, trying to stop them, but she pushed her ticket into his hand as she ran by, and Dragonair weaved around him easily when he tried standing in the way. The man turned to watch them run through the train car, shaking his head. "Kids," he mumbled.

On the train car, which was virtually empty, Brooke took a seat next to the door and Dragonair filled up two seats, curling up most of his long body. The doors gave a loud gasp as they locked shut, and a sudden jerk signaled the train ride had begun.

"Ha. We're on our way, now," Brooke grinned. She pulled out her Merger and gave it a long glance. She had only just gotten it, along with her Lapras and Pidgeot pass when she recieved the letter from the PFL. It was so exciting, and she couldn't wait to experience it. Plus, she would be traveling to places she hadn't been to before, and maybe there were other dragon pokemon waiting for her there.

OOC: Apologies for not posting sooner. I was at first confused with the posting order, then I didn't know what to post about. >.<;[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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