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Sign Up The Mixed Experiment[PG-13, VL]


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2 of the remaining 4 captials have been destroyed. The life on Gia is dieing. The people of Fujin rebel aganist this high-tech army. While the Fujinian's use bows and arrows, this new-world army use giant machines and guns. Some say they are trying to take over there world, though they are really after the sacred gems that where forged long ago. these gems say to have powers to rule over all. How can the Fujins win this hopeless war? The elves won't help them not after the war they both had 3,000 years ago, Other races only care for themselfs. In the end, only one group will be victories.....if they can survive.

Setting: Fujin world, a Final Fantasy kind of world

Main Races: (this does not mean you have to pick out of these races, you can make some up!)
demons-all kinds of them!

Side: (again, can make them up, but they to be a small group. can't be a massive organizion)
Fujin army

Sign ups:


Name: Gale
Age: 18
Race: Human
Side: Fujin Kingdom
Abilitis/Magic/Weapons: wields his father's crimson sword and inside him is an evil power within that ended the war against elves 3,000 years ago.
Personality: gets along with others well. will never back down to no one. his leadership is compared to old cammanders of huge armies. When angry or a force of sarrow hit him, anyone around him is doomed for 2 souls live inside him.
Appearance: wears bright red armor from neck down. he has black hair and dark blue eyes.

Have fun! Ask me if you have any questions!
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[B]Name:[/B] Crysanthema- Crys (Chris) for short
[B]Age:[/B] looks 19
[B]Race:[/B] Winged Fire Demon
[B]Side:[/B] Fujin-not officially in the army
[B]Abilities/Magic/Weapons: [/B] The wings allow her to be able to fly. She uses a scythe-like weapon made out of a hard onyx crystal that?s very hard to obtain. Along with general demon attributes like increased speed and strength, Crys is very apt at wielding fire.
[B]Main specials[/B]= [COLOR=Orange][I]Fire Scourge[/I]-[/COLOR] Two crescent blades of red energy are flung by her wings, immediately setting fire to any enemy they touch. Limited range according to how much power is released. [COLOR=Orange][I]Heat Wave[/I]-[/COLOR] Waves of pure volcanic heat spread over the surounding area, making it very hard to funtion if you aren't use to volcanic conditions. Again, the affected area is limited by how much energy is released. The closer one is to her position, the worst the symtoms.
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/1103927299_by_aelithe.jpg][I][U][COLOR=Red]Crysanthema[/COLOR][/U][/I][/URL]
[B]Personality:[/B] Crys is a carefree girl, loving to just relax and enjoy things. However, she can grow very serious when it comes to matters dealing with the invaders. She carries a burden upon her shoulder's that will frequently put a hamper on her parade, as she's still in the stage between childhood innocence and adult responsibility. Originally from a town high up in the volcanic mountains to the south, she left her selfish-acting kind to help the Fujins. Cyrsanthema has a fiery spirit when it concerns things she cares deeply about.

( -.- I know, its pretty short and general.)
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[B]Side:[/B]Neutral, Main works with the Fujin forces
[B]Abilities/Magic/Weapons:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/achilles-sword.jpg] [B]Achilles Weapon[/B][/URL]. His weapon is made out a trinium that he bargined for from a merchant, very sturdy but not very flexible. He has incredible reflexs and speed for a human, he has an extensive knowledge of humanoid physiology.
[B]Personality:[/B] Achilles tends to be rebellious against orders he is given, he usually likes to do things his own way and get them down quickly. In battle he is the most cold hearted being you could imagine, but off the battle field, he is a normal person. He lives and acts like a normal human, except for the occasional bar fight ot what not. He is never afraid to face any opponent, whether they were tougher looking or scared or bigger, he always faces them head on. And all he wants in his life is to have his name last through the ages.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/SiegWarheit.jpg] [B]Achilles[/B][/URL]. Except he wears this [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Achilles_armor.jpg] [B]Armor[/B][/URL].[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Okay count me in

Name: Emillio Batou

Age: 19

Race: Kappa (Water demon)

Side: Assasin for hire. No definte side

Abilities: The ability to manipulate and solidify fluids of and kind (Including his own blood and only his blood).

Weapon: He uses the water and solidfies it to form whatever he wants. he carries three gallon jug of water in case he find himself in a situation where water is not readily available. Prefers short sword and Wan-dou.

Personality: Will follow any job if the price is right and is very loyal to his employer. However he holds stiff contracts and will bare his fangs if it is only slightly violated. Not well liked amongst others and has only few friends(mostly other assasins) but is still loyal to is friends through and through.

Appearance: six feet tall. long brown hair with a toned build. He dresses in long coats for the most part, but for a mission he dresses in a much lighter attire. He prefer his black trench coat and heavy boots, but also wears his battle attire under it. His battle attire is made of black leather and is very tight to his skin.
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ehh i'll bite...

Name: Amer

Age: 20

Race: Harmonizer (A race that kills demons and steals their soals so they can fuse with them at a later time for elemental powers.)

Side: Sicks to his own race, hates war (normally his brother, the same age. His name is Sarin)

Abilities: Able to shift into any elemental by stealing demon souls. Can only stay for a short amount of time.

Weapons: A sward he dubbed the Shining Tear. It was made with extream care to where it can be sharpened, but never broken. It is only about three quarters of an inch thick and about seven feet long.

personality: while outside of battle he is very gentle. he would never dare to urt anyone, but when he gets into battle, he becomes inraged by the demons that he uses.

Appearance: below

did it at school. Put a pic when I get home
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Name: Sarin
Age: 21

Race: Dark Dragon Demon Shapeshirter/Harmonizer

Side: His own, chaotic neutral

Abilities: Shapeshifting and dark magic. Increased attributes(speed, strength, ect.) The shadows are his to command and during the night his power grows

Weapon: In his human form He weilds a cursed dia katanna (a katanna except a lot longer and a little wider) called Oblivion, unbreakable with other unknown powers and in demon form, his claws and teeth. Can use magic in both forms. Also has a huge cursed axe named Inferno that was made by the same person who made Oblivion.

Personality: Loves girls and will do just about anything for them.

Appearance: human first, demon second. The harmonizer froms vary
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Abilities/Magic/Weapons:Black double swords, one of each side of his hip.
Personality: He just plain hates people. He was different, everyone hated his difference. They all rejected him. Tough life, it was better not to have any emotion.
Appearance: His appearance reflects his soul, dark and hateful. He wears black. He wears a long black cloak, most of the time with the hood up, as to not let anyone see his face.. or his ears.especially his ears. His ears are only slightly pointed, between the dull curve of the human ears and the sharp points of an elf's. His skin was amazingly pale. He wore black gloves and long sleve shirt. He wore black pants and black boots. His hair was just as well night black spicked in a way (Genis from tales of symhponia's haircut. If you need an image of his haircut, go to a search engine website,(google.ca) click images, and type 'genis tales of symphonia', ok?) that cannot be described, and can hide his ears. The few that see him have only seen his nose and mouth area. ( nose like inuyasha anime nose, kay?). He was more thin and a little smaller than humans his age. His dad was the elf, his mother the human.
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