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Sign Up Beast Wars: Fight for Gaia [PG-V]


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[SIZE=2][I]Fight for Gaia[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]


Several weeks ago the Maximal Council of Elders dispatched the science vessel Axalon to pursue and capture the renegade Predacon ship commanded by the rebel known as Megatron. The last report from the commander of the mission, Optimus Primal, stated that the Axalon was preparing to intercept the Predacon ship. Since that time there has been no contact between the Axalon and the Council of Elders.

It was thought by the Council that the Axalon had failed and that she, along with her crew, had been destroyed by Megatron and he had been able to escape Maximal custody. Weighing their options carefully the Council agreed that they should dispatch a second vessel to bring Megatron in and to discover the fate of the Axalon. Command of this vessel was given to seasoned veteran Sabre Prime and his team, the reason for choosing Sabre Prime was that many believe Primal had failed because of his lack of combat experience.

The Tripredacus Council also had access to the information and possible demise of both ships. While the Council publicly denounced Megatron as a traitor they had heard of his plans to gather enough Energon to replenish the Predacon forces and take control of Cybertron. At their command a ship was dispatched to follow the Maximal vessel but not to engage them. Unfortunately for the Tripredacus Council, the commander of the vessel, an associate of Megatron, plans to dispose of the Maximals and follow Megatron to aide him in his mission.

The Maximals sent out their ship, the Hyperion, to the last know location of the previous vessels, and they were followed by the Predacon ship Shrike. As the Maximals neared the area of Transwarp space the Predacons opened fire, as they two ships battled they entered the Transwarp anomaly and were thrown across time and space. Finally the two ships fell out of the anomaly and were deposited in the far future on the planet Gaia.

Damaged and unsure where they are the two sides adopt Beast modes to disguise themselves. Neither side knows what planet they are on but there is a mysterious energy source, unlike anything they have seen before, which prevents them from using their Robot forms for to long.


[I]N/B: This RP has no connection with Armada, Energon or Cybertron/[/I]

Clearly this RP is based on the Transformers series ?Beast Wars? but with a difference. As you all know the sequel to ?Beast Wars? was ?Beast Machines? where Cybertron was reformatted along with the populace. However before this series there were two Japanese series made that took place around the same time as ?Beast Wars? so the whole Techno-Organic story arc hadn?t entered into. The main inspiration for this RP comes from ?Beast Wars the Second? but you don?t need to have watched it to understand this RP.

As you would expect we?ll be playing the Maximals and the Predacons. All of your characters must be original and not based off of characters from the other ?Beast Wars? series or the ?Beast Machines? series, so no Cheetors or Terrorsaurs running around. The basic set up is similar to that of ?Beast Wars? but we?re not on Earth in the past so no digging up Autobots or Decepticons while we go about our business. Before you ask the mysterious energy source is not Energon OR Super-Energon.

The RP structure will play out like previous Transformer series in that the Chapters will be referred to as episodes (Regardless of their length) and only certain characters will post in each chapter but there may be some chapters which involve all characters. The only reserved characters are Sabre Prime (myself) and the Predacon leader (Lady Katana), there are four positions available for each side making it a five-aside deal.

If you have any questions please ask them in the forthcoming Underground Thread.


[B][U]Character Profile Sheet[/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] [Keep in line with Transformer naming.]

[B]Allegiance:[/B] [Maximals or Predacons.]

[B]Function:[/B] [Your primary function, I.E. Strategist or Scout etc.]

[B]Beast mode:[/B] [What alt. mode has your character adopted?]

[B]Weapons:[/B] [You?re allowed up to three weapons.]

[B]Height:[/B] [Keep between 6ft and 8ft seeing as Maximals and Predacons are smaller than Autobots and Decepticons.]

[B]Quote:[/B] [As with all Transformers your character requires a motto which sums up their take on life and beliefs.]

[B]Profile:[/B] [Detail your characters history, personality and anything else you?d like in this section.]

[B]Abilities:[/B] [All Transformers have unique abilities; you can also describe your weapons.]

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] [All Transformers have a weakness, there is no such thing as an invincible Transformer.]

[B]Sample Post:[/B] [The situation is that you and your Team Mates are on a scouting mission that gets ambushed, you take it from there.]


[B][U]Sabre Prime Character Profile[/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] Sabre Prime.

[B]Allegiance:[/B] Maximals.

[B]Function:[/B] Maximal Supreme Commander.

[B]Beast mode:[/B] Sabre-Toothed Tiger.

[I]Primary Weapon:[/I] Typhoon Blaster.
[I]Secondary Weapon:[/I] Sabre Missiles.
[I]Tertiary Weapon:[/I] Energon Sword.

[B]Height:[/B] 7ft 3ins.

[B]Quote:[/B] ?I will protect the freedom of the Galaxy until the day I die and after that I will have no regrets."

[B]Profile:[/B] Sabre Prime is a pure hearted Maximal soldier. He was chosen by the Maximal Elders to pursue the renegade Megatron and to discover the fate of the Axalon and her crew. Sabre Prime is a fearless leader and a noble warrior. His Maximal soldiers obey his every order and treat him with the utmost respect. He is an expert tactician and can form battle strategies in the blink of an eye which can grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. He would gladly give his life if it would ensure the safety of his troops and of Cybertron. Now on the Planet Gaia he is faced with a new challenge, he must defeat the Predacon forces and prevent them from gaining access to this mysterious energy that seems to be coursing through the planet.

In the aftermath of the crash Prime was badly damaged and separated from his comrades but he was dragged to safety by a sabre-toothed tiger who took him to a vein of the energy which restored him, his idento-computer then scanned the creature and Sabre Prime adopted it as his Beast Mode.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Sabre Prime is one of the most powerful Maximals in the history of Cybertron. In beast mode he becomes a powerful sabre-toothed tiger capable of achieving high speeds and stalking enemies in absolute silence. In robot mode Sabre Prime has a plethora of special attacks. His trademark attack is his Typhoon Blaster. With the tiger head on his right shoulder he can generate a powerful burst of wind that can overpower nearly any foe and send them hurtling uncontrollably in the opposite direction. Sabre Prime can also draw a sword from subspace for close range combat. He is also capable of extending his beast modes fangs out of his shoulders and fire them as a powerful set of missiles to blow opponents away. He carries with him a Maximal Matrix of Leadership with which he can communicate with previous Supreme Commanders and ask them for their advice.

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] Sabre Prime is a fearless and battle-hardened warrior. He has a great respect for life and nature. He will openly sacrifice himself for the safety of others, especially his own men. The Predacons are more than aware of this and attempt to take advantage of this flaw at all instances. If he is for any reason separated from his Matrix he may not be able to function well as the Supreme Commander.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][b][Edit][/b] Alright Bill, that's everything done and dusted and hopefully all up to scratch. Anything you want changed, just give me a holler on AIM.


[B]Name:[/B] Long Fang

[B]Allegiance:[/B] Maximal

[B]Function:[/B] Maximal Vice-Commander/Tracker

[B]Beast mode:[/B] Timber Wolf

[I]Primary Weapon:[/I] Energon Blade-Claws
[I]Secondary Weapon:[/I] Harmonic Disruptor
[I]Tertiary Weapon:[/I] Incursion Grenades

[B]Height:[/B] 2.36m [7ft 7ins]

[B]Quote:[/B] "There is no such thing as a hopeless battle, all battles through skill and effort can be won regardless of enemy opposition"

[B]Profile:[/B] Long Fang is a battle-hardened Maximal warrior but a relatively green commander, he?s not truly comfortable with the mantle of command placed on his shoulders but is willing to do his level best should be need arise. In his own words, he prefers to just do the fighting while command gives to orders, he trusts them to do their job well and they can trust him to do the same. The Predacons and the vaunted Tripredacus Council are, in Long Fang?s mind scum that should be irradiated from the face of Cybertron and later the face of the galaxy. The only thing that Long Fang hates more than the Predacons are Maximal traitors, he despises them more than he could ever hate a true Predacon because Predacons are born Predacons, but a Maximal traitor is an insult to all the Maximals and Long Fang have ever fought for.

Generally Long Fang is good humoured, if you?ve a problem, he?ll listen and do his best to sort it out, if you need some help and advice he?ll do what he can. Most of the time you?ll find him either working away at something that needs repairing or upgrading, or you?ll find him conversing with Sabre about what he calls ?command things?, or he can be found simply standing watch for Predacon activity. If you try to engage him in conversation when he?s working, you?ll meet a wall of silence, he works in silence because it allows him to focus solely on one task without being distracted by people talking to him. At other times when he?s not working he?ll discuss a plethora of subjects ranging from frontline combat to Autobot history, which incidentally is his favourite subject.

Long Fang is the current Magnus, the highest honour any normal Maximal soldier can hope to attain. The title is awarded to only the greatest Maximal warriors and there can be only one Magnus at any given time. A new Magnus is chosen only when the current Magnus is killed, challenged by another in honourable combat and defeated, or gives up the title of their own accord, and only then can another be chosen. The title is granted by a vote by the Council of Primes and any surviving previous Magnuses, and the title itself comes from the single greatest Autobot soldier in Cybertronian History, Ultra Magnus. Of all the commendations that Long Fang has been awarded, being made Magnus is the most important one to him, to a normal Maximal solider it is the equivalent of being made Prime.

After the crash on Gaia, Long Fang found himself in a large wintry forest separated from the other Maximals and possibly within range of a Predacon attack, Long Fang?s scanners were unable to pick up any other Transformer life-signs as he searched and the cold was beginning to impair his motor functions. Hearing a sharp pitched howl, Long Fang turned to find himself facing a lone Timer Wolf, it?s eyes probing him as if to determine what kind of a creature it was looking at. Long Fang for his part saw that the wolf was unaffected by the intense cold and used his internal scanners to copy the wolf?s physical parameters and attain his Beast Mode.

[B]Abilities:[/B] While in Beast Mode, Long Fang is the Maximals most expert tracker and scout, being able to track enemies over hundreds of kilometres on pure scent or other identifying particulars. His eyes scan through the entire light spectrum, allowing him to detect even cloaked enemies from a range of over a kilometre, his hearing is so acute that he can perceive even minute sounds and distinguish their respective locations from a distance of ten-thousand metres. When at full speed, he can reach a velocity of up to 240 KMPH for brief periods, allowing him to chase down some of the speediest Predacons though his ability to turn quickly at such high speeds is compromised.

In Robot Mode, Long Fang is one of the tallest and strongest of all Maximals and possibly the most expert in hand-to-hand and close-quarters combat. His energon claws, which he has access to in either for are significantly lengthened in his form, beginning at his forearm, just below the elbow and extending thirty centimetres beyond his knuckles. There are three blade claws on each forearm, which Long Fang is capable of using to their extreme as weapons, the claws themselves are a titanium polymer able to channel energon through them to increase cutting power, durability and allow them to be used against other pure-energon beam weapons.

Adapting his vocal circuitry while in Beast Mode, Long Fang was able to generate harmonic disruptions, capable of compromising exposed enemy (and ally) circuitry and sensors, as well as causing physical pain from the sound. This attack can be used in one of two forms, the first in Beast Mode when Long Fang howls with sufficient force and the second when his Beast Mode head transforms into the Harmonic Disruptor rifle which Long Fang carries in Robot Mode. The final weapon, if you could call it that, in Long Fang?s arsenal are Incursion Grenades which are highly advanced sensor disruptors, basically very futuristic chaff-grenades. The Incursion grenades are capable of disrupting all sensor and scanner activity on all spectrums for a limited period of time over a limited area, they are used for distraction mostly.

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] Though Long Fang is the current Magnus, he is in no way invincible and has several weaknesses his enemies would be capable of exploiting. His first and most obvious weakness is Long Fang?s penchant for close-range combat, he prefers to engage enemies as close as possible to make full use of his blade-claws, which enemies can take advantage of by hitting him from a distance and outside his sensor ranges. Long Fang?s skill with a typical blaster rifle is also no more than quite good, and thus swift enough enemies would be capable of avoiding his shots altogether and returning volley fire causing him to take cover. Finally Long Fang?s final weakness is his absolute hatred for Maximal traitors, which will cause him to go near berserk in his need to destroy them, his logic algorithms seem to take a back seat when he is engages Maximal traitors as do his common sense protocols, however Long Fang does not get so angry as to make foolish mistakes, he is more vulnerable as he focuses his attention solely on destroying his target.

[B]Sample Post:[/B] You?re making me give a sample post ? Bill after all our years together I though we were beyond this kind of thing.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#7D8593][B]Name-[/B] Shadow Wraith
[B]Allegiance-[/B] Predacon
[B]Beast mode- [/B] [URL=http://ubbt.moby.com/userfiles/2891090-fossa3.jpg]Fossa[/URL] and Harpy Eagle
[B]Height-[/B] 7 ft. 5 in.
[B]Function-[/B] Predacon Combat Specialist/ Special Ops Combatant/ Assassin
[B]Quote-[/B] ?To fight an adversary means to fight with honor, so I shall sharpen my blade and grasp it in chaos, I will bring forth wrath upon my enemies and repay those that hate me.?

[B]Weapons-[/B] In his robot form, Shadow Wraith possesses three weapons which he uses with such finesse and grace. The first of his weapons are two [B][URL=http://www.bleachportal.net/info/images/hinamori_shikai.jpg]energy sai blades[/URL][/B] used for close combat for it can literally tear away armor like a saw because of the small claw-like hooks at the end of each blade that protrudes from the main blade. The second of his weapons are feather-like [B]seeker missiles[/B] that almost always cannot be detected or strayed. It can also disrupt sensory systems and, if by luck, paralyze whatever it may hit. Finally, the last of his weapons is

Although his robot form packs a strong punch, among other things, his beast form is equally powerful and dangerous for the sharp claws from his Fossa half can slice through nearly any substance, the beak from his Eagle half is so strong that it can nearly crush any metal, and all other are just as powerful.



[B]Profile-[/B] A dark, silent Predacon who portrays the great attributes of a ronin warrior, one who is without a master and fights for his beliefs, yet still has the honor code within him, which is what makes him thrive to find the better good in a challenge. He has lightning agility, great power, heightened sensory systems, great knowledge and intelligence, and quick reflexes as well as amazing combat skills. Even so, Shadow Wraith remains a threat to all for he has the ferocity of a Velociraptor and the excellent hunting and diving skills of a peregrine falcon, which are known for their speed in dives.

Some might say that this Predacon is too good to be true, perhaps an experiment involving long lost material and technology, or perhaps just a Transformer gone wrong. The question remains to be, is he friend or is he foe, maybe... a little of both?

[B]Sample Post-[/B] [/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkblue][b]Name:[/b] Kaos

[b]Allegiance:[/b] Predacon

[b]Beast Mode:[/b] Komodo Dragon

[b]Height:[/b] 6'5"

[b]Function:[/b] Predacon Supreme Commander

[i]Primary Weapon:[/i] Energon Whip
[i]Secondary Weapon:[/i] Fang Cyber-Venom Darts

[b]Quote:[/b] "For the sake of a world in which we live the way we are meant to....I will [i]not[/i] hesitate to crush anything in my way!"

[b]Profile:[/b] Kaos is a former Maximal. With the mindset of the Maximal Council being fools for trying to change the way of life that had been normal for so long, she became a Predacon soon after learning of Megatron's plans, which was long before he fled Cybertron. Working her way up the ranks through various means, she rose to the position of Commander only a few weeks before Megatron stole a ship and fled into deep space.

Although she has only just become a Commander, her reputation preceeds her. While always seemingly calm on the surface, Kaos can be incredibly vicious toward enemies and allies alike if she thinks they are of no use to her. She does not tolerate failure and will not hesitate to dispose of anyone she doesn't think is working toward her goals along with her.

When she crashlanded on planet Gaia, only a few of her subordinates landed beside her, leaving two on their own. Quickly trying to gain her wits and find a form that wouldn't give a sense of too much suspicion in the jungle area, she scanned a creature that had begun investigating her unconscious body, a Komodo dragon, and adopted it as her Beast Form.

[b]Abilities:[/b] Kaos makes up for her lack of power with tactical cunning and skill with an Energon whip mainly comprised of her beast-mode tail while in robot-mode. She also has a small blaster in her arm capable of firing small darts made of fangs containing a paralyzing cyber-venom, though it's effects are only temporary, lasting a few hours at best.

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] While Kaos is a cunning tactician, she's also a bit vain and refrains from taking part in a battle unless she really needs to. Also, due to her relatively small stature and armor that's a bit lighter than normal, she can be quite easily knocked about if taken by surprise.[/color][/size]
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Name: Grizzly

Allegiance: Maximal

Function: Heavy Weapons Specialist / Assault

Beast mode: Kodiak Grizzly Bear

Weapon 1: Dual Plasma Gatling Guns
Weapon 2: Sholder Mounted Missle Turrets
Weapen 3: Remote Detination Explosives

Height: 8 ft

Quote: "I'm here to kick *** and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of bubble gum."

Profile: A young and inexperianced Maximal, whose rash behavior and youthful aggression is matched only by his size and power. Grizzly joined up with the Maximals at a young age, wanting to pursue a life of adventure and excitement. He found himself within Sabre Prime's squad as the added firepower incase the ship they pursued was hostle.

Following the crash landing on Gaia, Grizzly found himself in a deep forest. Partially damaged, and requiring a Beast Mode of great size to survive, Grizzly scanned a nearby river, finding a large Kodiak Bear, whose form he adopted as his own.

Abilities: To support his massive firepower, Grizzly is able to secure himself to nearly any surface by generating large gravitational forces at the sould of his feet. As a result, he can also walk on walls and ceilings. Grizzly is also a demolitions expert, and creating explosives is probobly the only thing he takes seriously.

Weaknesses: Grizzly's biggest weakness is his over confidance and aggression. he rarely thinks about the conciquences of his actions, especially in battle, which commonly gets him in trouble. While he can run fast in a dead sprint, he has trouble moving qucikly (accelerates slowly) and has poor agility.

Sample Post: Will post later.

OOC: Sorry for the sloppiness, but its late, and I'm tired, and I just wanted to get a spot before they all filled. Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a better name, I'm open to suggestions.
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[size=2][color=Navy][b][color=black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=black]I will edit the rest sometime soon.[/color][b]

Name:[/b] Russet

[b]Allegiance:[/b] Maximals

[b]Function:[/b] Maximal Strategist / Scout / Swift Assault

[b]Beast mode:[/b] Red Fox

[i]Primary - [/i]Energon Daggers
[i]Secondary - [/i]Claw Missiles
[i]Tertiary - [/i]Plasma Blaster

[b]Height:[/b] 7ft 3ins.

[b]Quote:[/b] "A moral accompanied by no pain is meaningless, because one cannot gain anything without a sacrifice."

[b]Profile:[/b] [Detail your characters history, personality and anything else you?d like in this section.]

[b]Abilities:[/b] [All Transformers have unique abilities; you can also describe your weapons.]

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] [All Transformers have a weakness, there is no such thing as an invincible Transformer.]

[b]Sample Post:[/b] [The situation is that you and your Team Mates are on a scouting mission that gets ambushed, you take it from there.][/color][/size]
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[b][size=1]Name: [/size][/b][size=1]Schwarz

[b]Allegiance: [/b]Predacons

[b]Function: [/b]Predacon Hunter/Sniper

[b]Beast Mode: [/b]Panther

[b]Weapons: [/b][i]
Primary Weapon-[/i]Long-range plasma rifle (sniper-esque)
[i]Secondary Weapon-[/i]Long-range plasma pistol equipped with a zoom scope
[i]Tertiary Weapon-[/i]Beam Sword

[b]Height: [/b]6'3"

[b]Quote: [/b]"I only work [i]with[/i] Kaos. I don't work [i]for [/i]anybody."

[b]Profile: [/b]Formerly a Maximal special ops commando, Schwarz was classed as their best sniper. However, when he was on the battlefront, a sniper from a Predacon splinter group, apparently with no allegiance to Kaos whatsoever, shot Schwarz in the eye. This left the eye damaged permanently, but Schwarz managed to fight through the pain and fire back on the sniper, scoring a headshot.

After finding out that the damage was permanent, Schwarz resigned his post in the Maximal army, and went missing for months, leaving no trace of himself. He had, in fact, become a renegade, a mercenary, a gun-for-hire. He used to be the best sniper in the Maximal army, so he would prove he still was, even with an eye missing, and pick up some money along the way.

Eventually, after a few years of wandering around, Schwarz decided it was time for a new challenge, and joined the Predacons. He was discovered to be a superb sniper, and was immediately assigned to Kaos' crew, where he has been ever since. When the ship crashlanded on Gaia, he found a panther, and, seeing it to be the sleek, stealthy killer he was, he adopted its guise as his Beast Mode.

[b]Abilities: [/b]Schwarz's rifle is a specially adapted weapon that he made himself during his time as a mercenary. Adapted from a wide-bore tunneling or mining blaster, he has fine-tuned the barrel to fire the plasma blast far rather than wide, and attached a sniper scope to the top of the weapon. The same is true for his plasma pistol. His Beam Sword is a standard Predacon beam sword, with a deep crimson blade.

[b]Weaknesses: [/b]While equipped with a Beam Sword, Schwarz is not the most proficient close-quarters combatant. He prefers to stay far away from the battle, preferably in a good hiding place, with thi rifle trained at his enemy's head.

[b]Sample Post: [/b][Will Edit]
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