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Sign Up Armored Core: Rewired [M-SLV]


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The year is 3029 and the world has gone through major technological advances. Mechs have become the new weapons and are constantly becoming stronger and stronger with new armor and weapons of mass desruction.

A new military force has grown into power called the Armored Scion Federation or ASF. Led by a direct descandent of a powerful dictator and took over the country when he died, Filn has dedicated himself to cleaning up the world by riding cities of terrorsit organizations, gangs, and other unjust rulers. The only problem is that they don't care about the famlies of the gang and terrorist members from the cities that they target that have done nothing wrong and were shot on sight along with every person doing wrong. City by city, country by country the ASF took them over and impsed a new rule, where no one had any rights and had to do as they were told. By doing this they are going against the very thing the stand for, justice and freedom. In thier mind they are doing a better thing for the world by creating everyone equal. The rich and the poor are gone and have no distance. Everyone has to pay the same taxes and everyone makes the same wage. Every resistatnace force has been wiped out completely, not a single member of each remains. They defend themselves by saying that they are 'cleansing' the world.

As they moved across the world the came across the country of Shevr, which was acutally one giant city that houses five extremely brutual gangs. These five gangs are called the Deadly Five and have the reputation of being the five worst gangs in the world. Each controls a portion of the city and constantly fights the other four, some have allainces with others and some are still carrying on wars that have lasted many years, the Talons west, the Gravediggers are south, Angels are east, Devils are north, and the Rogues are the central gang. The Rogues have been instigating wars between the Angels and Devils for years and cover their tracks very carefully. Now with the help of mechs the gang wars have reached a new level in the city and caught the ASF's attention. After several attempts of sending a small control force in to take care of the gangs and haveing them completly demolished, the ASF have focused all of their attention on this one city-country and are intent on 'cleansing' it of all impurities. Now with the presence of the ASF, wars have taken on multiple sides, since the gangs are still not working fully together to drive out this new threat that has invaded their home.

You will be playing as a member of one of the gangs of your choice. Each gang can have up to two members. No one is allowed to play as the SAF since they are the main enemy in this.
Each mech has a Animal Chip. the chip increases one of your attributes like speed or sight. Each is a different animal and has its own personality. It is in the mech and talks to the pilot telling it necassary information. They can be very loyal or complete jerks to the pilot. These chips run your mech so without them you would just stand there and look pretty. So if you have nothing better to do you can agrue with your mech.

Each mech can have a maximum of eight weapon spots but you would be heavy and slow. Please base your weapons on what class you are. A Sniper wpouldn't have a bazooka across his back. There are not really any limitations on weapons so you can have a nuke or a very destructive laser but you are trying to save your home city not destroy it so keep that in mind. Below are the classes and preferrred weapons. Some weapons are mandatory for a class such as a Sniper has to have a sniper rifle.

Argon: Basic mech with standard weapons and armor. Good speed and can carry a variaty of weapons.
Blazer: A close combat Mech with light armor. It is faster than an Argon and always carries some sort of machine gun.
Photon: A mech that uses only energy weapons. Standard armor and is about as fast as a Argon. Preffered mech of the Rogues
Holy: A very fast mech but has very light armor. It is the preffered mech of the Angels and has a beam sword.
Nemesis: A very strong mech with strong armor, preffered by the Devils. It comes with a engery devil's spear which is a two pronged trident.
Sniper: Sniper mech with light armor and is as fast as a Blazer. It always has sniper rifle. Preffered mech of the Talons
Launcher: A heavy mech with very strong armor. It comes with a bazooka and missle launchers.
Riven: Preffered mech of the Gravediggers. A upgraded Argon with stronger armor. Same variety of weapons.

Here are the already reserved spots
Talons: 1-Raze_3013 2-Ice_Falcon0
Gravediggers: 1-myself 2-digix
Angels: 1-Loco 2-Starwind
Devils: 1-Derald 2-shadowofdeath13
Rogues: 1-Stark 2-Lionheart

For gang symbols and their alliances please check the link below

Singups (if you don't want a certain weapon spot please just put N/A
Age: between 19 and 28
Chip Name:
Animal Chip: what type of animal. Please make it real and vary them. I call wolf
Mech Name:
Mech Appearance: optional
Class: one of the above
Right Arm:
Right Shoulder:
Right Leg:
Left Arm:
Left Shoulder:
Left Leg:

Please vary the mech classes as well, it will increase your chances
There you go almost forgot to put the signup sheet
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Name: Imbrium (Imbri) Raemit
Age: between 20
Gender: female
Gang: Gravediggers
Chip Name: Daymare
Animal Chip: Horse
Mech Name: Railer
Right Arm: laser horseshoes
Right Shoulder: bladed bands that can cut threw almost anything
Right Leg: spring loaded leg that has powerful kick
Chest: a orb that absorbs attacks and send them back at half force
Left Arm: shoots a lighting blast
Left Shoulder: same as right shoulder
Left Leg: same as right leg
Special: opens all other weapon each has a special orb that shoots a torrent of water
class: Hanryo
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/slinkyblackdress1.jpg[/IMG]
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Well at least one signed up

Name: Jason Sin
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Gang: Gravediggers, leader
Appearance: [URL]http://fruitloopsgallery2.tripod.com/sso/orphen_03.jpg[/URL]
Chip Name: Sia
Animal Chip: Wolf
Mech Name: Striker X
Class: Riven
Right Arm: Mounted double barrled energy rail gun that can split.
Right Shoulder: EMP emitter
Right Leg: small meteor missle pod
Chest: opens up to two gattling guns
Left Arm: Two mounted energy machine guns that can split
Left Shoulder: Static discharger
Left Leg: Houses hyper beam saber
Special: System X-boosts all functions of the mech making it stronger, faster, ect. for a short peroid of time. When it wears off the mech must recharge.
Mech Appearance:[URL]http://dreamers.com/ravennest/images/wall/ac208.JPG[/URL] without the arm energy blade and gun. It is solid black with a large white bone cross on the back and a smaller one on the middle of the chest.
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Here, I finlly am putting my guy up. Hope everyone likes him.

Name: Takayanagi Sin (Goes by Taka)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Gang: Talons, leader
Appearance: Below
Chip Name: Reiji
Animal Chip: Crow
Mech Name: XXX-0012 "Glacier"
Mech Appearance: Below as well
Class: Sniper
Right Arm: XPJ Twin barrel sniper rifle. It has a clip that holds 24 roundsinstead of 8. It also has a beam scythe that attached to the side of the rifle, for close range.
Right Shoulder: Booster
Right Leg: Nothing
Chest: Optic camo mod. Lets his Mech change color to blend into its surroundings.
Left Arm: Light Sheild
Left Shoulder: Booster
Left Leg: Nothing
Special: Mega zoom. Lets him see twice as far as normal sniper
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[I][B]Name:[/B][/I] Sean Ecori
[I]Age:[/I] 23
[I]Gender:[/I] Male
[I]Gang:[/I] Angels
[I]Appearance:[/I] Sean stands at roughly 5' 9". His eyes appear dim green in colour, and he has darkish brown hair which is tied into a neat ponytail, reaching down below the shoulders. He prefers to wear a faded black officer's uniform (he refuses to disclose where or when he found it) with the rank insignia removed and replaced with the white-wings emblem of the Angels. The emblem has also been added to the back of the uniform, though in a considerably larger size.

[I][B]Chip Name:[/B][/I] Elanajt
[I]Animal Chip:[/I] Lion

[I][B]Mech Name:[/B][/I] Zeruel
[I]Class:[/I] Holy
[I]Mech Appearance:[/I] See attachment, without the weapons/equipment. (Note: The gun-looking thing on the chest is a part of the overboost system, not a weapon)

[I]Right Arm:[/I] Standard energy blade, mounted.
[I]Right Shoulder:[/I] Small missile launcher, single barrel, fire-linked with the other leg/shoulder launchers.
[I]Right Leg:[/I] Same as R. Shoulder.

[I]Chest:[/I] Overboost drive (see special)

[I]Left Arm:[/I] Standard energy blade, mounted.
[I]Left Shoulder:[/I] Same as R. Shoulder
[I]Left Leg:[/I] Same as R. Shoulder

[I]Special:[/I] Overboost system - a powerful booster drive built into the chest part. Provides an intense forward boost, useful for both evasive and offensive purposes. If activated for more than a few seconds it is likely to overheat the mech's engine, causing serious damage to internal systems.

[B]OOC:[/B] Yeah, that'll do methinks. PM me if you want any changes.
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Name: Kyle Endow

Gender: Male


Gang: Angels, Leader

Appearance: Below

Chip Name: Zeke

Animal chip: Python

Mech Name: Israfel

Mech Class: Holy

Meach appearance: Below Plus


Right arm: Standard beam sword

Right leg: Small triple missle launcher

Right Shoulder: Same as Right leg

Chest: Active camoflage genarator (See Special)

Left arm: Small heat laser equiped to forearm

Left Shoulder: Same as right

Left Leg: Same as right

Special: Active Camouflage. This is a system that allows the unit to alter it's exterior to almost seemlessly blend into the surrounding it's given. The generator activly changes as the mech moves making it extremely difficult to see. The only down side is it derives energy from the shields when active so all damage is made drastically more severe.
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I will be the last Talon person

Name: Ayuka Tari
Gender: Female
Gang: Talons
Appearance: [URL]http://ludrem.tripod.com/Anime/thumbnails/400x300/Female3.jpg[/URL]
Chip Name: Lory
Animal Chip: Falcon
Mech Name: Zion
Mech Appearance:[URL]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/f91-msv/f91-twinvsbr.jpg[/URL]
Class: Blazer
Right Arm: High powered machine gun
Right Shoulder: Gattling gun
Right Leg: Semi auto energy pistol
Chest: extra ammo
Left Arm: Same
Left Shoulder: Same
Left Leg: Same
Special: Dissapator- Silences her mech so it can't be deceted. Also Gets rid of her heat and electrical signal so no one can detect her those ways either.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1]Is this all right?

[B]Name:[/B] Felix Stone
[B]Age:[/B] 22
[B]Appearance:[/B] ? (Veiled in a dark cloak)
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Gang:[/B] Devils, leader

[B]Class:[/B] Nemesis
[B]Mech Name:[/B] Oblivion
[B]Chip Name:[/B] Thanatos
[B]Animal Chip:[/B] Modded Prototype Chimera (stolen from ASF's labs)
[B]Right Arm:[/B] Modified Two-Pronged Energy Spear (higher electrical discharge added)
[B]Left Arm:[/B] Built-in Doubled-barrelled Wrist Cannon w/ armor piercing, ion-charged rounds
[B]Right Shoulder:[/B] Accelerated Charged Ion Chain Gun
[B]Left Shoulder:[/B] Area Signal Scanner
[B]Right Leg:[/B] AntiGravity Booster
[B]Left Leg:[/B] AntiGravity Booster
[B]Chest:[/B] 90-second Self Energy Shield (recharge time - 5 minutes)(only effective against energy weapons)

[B]Special:[/B] Outbreak-
A savage overdrive mode which grants the Mech significantly enhanced abilities, increases beam weapon energy output, charged ion weaponry power is raised to lethal levels, and shielding has no time limit and can additionally deflect non energy attacks. However, if this mode is active for over 180 seconds, internal mechanics of the Mech will begin to wear down. Regardless, there is a 180-second recharge period for the Mech in which it can only operate at half of its average abilities at max.

[B]Mech Appearance:[/B]
Can anyone find that 'Dark Mode' of Escaflowne?[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Pilot Name: Alex Washington

age: 21

appearance: (edit later)

Gendar: male

Gang: Rogues

chip name: Zero

Animal chip: Bear

Right arm: High powered Twin Beam cannon

Left arm: Beam sword

right shoulder: heat seeking energy beam launcher

left shoulder: same as right

right leg: standard energy pistol

left leg: same as right

Mech class: Photon

Mach Name: Hellfire
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[b][u][size=2][color=dimgray]Pilot Information[/color][/size][/u][/b]
[color=dimgray][b]Name:[/b] Fayt Lunier
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Gang:[/b] Devils
[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment, stands about 6'3" and weighs about 160 lbs. Wears dark denim jeans and his jacket has black demon wings on the back.
[b][u][size=2][color=dimgray]Mech Information[/color][/size][/u][/b]
[color=dimgray][b]Chip Name:[/b] Lucifer
[b]Animal Chip:[/b] Panther[/color]
[color=dimgray][b]Mech Name:[/b] Exile
[b]Mech Appearance:[/b] See attachment, though black with some charcoal gray trim
[b]Class:[/b] Blazer [/color]

[color=dimgray][b]Right Arm:[/b] Forearm mounted gattling gun
[b]Left Arm:[/b] Forearm mounted Shotgun[/color]
[color=dimgray][b]Right Shoulder:[/b] Extra energy sword
[b]Left Shoulder:[/b] Extra energy sword[/color]
[color=dimgray][b]Right Leg:[/b] Missle Launcher-Triple barrel
[b]Left Leg:[/b] Smoke canister launcher[/color]
[color=dimgray][b]Chest:[/b] Electro-magnetic Shield (120 sec running time, 10 min recharge)[/color]
[color=dimgray][b]Special:[/b] Faust - A special back attachment for Exile holds two Plasma swords. Can build up energy in Plasma blades making them stronger for melee for about 3 min. or the energy can be discharged along the blade into two plasma beams. The special drains all the power of the Plasma blades making them useless except for thrusting. The blades can be used for normal combat.[/color]

[color=dimgray]I hope this is ok[/color]
*EDIT* I've changed it according to your new rule, I hope that its ok now.
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Alright everyone is in but I need to go back and put it a new rule. Only one weapon per a spot so if you have two you need to choose between one. I know it is hard but you can do it.
And great job to sticking to the classes poeple. I didn't even really have to make a rule sheet because poeple aleady know what to do
Just a reminder that your special doesn't have to be already on your mech. It can be something completely different.

I will make the list of who is done and who still need to make a few small adjustments to there profile tomorrow

I hate to do this but Stark has three more days then his spot becomes open. Sorry it is just that I want to get this up and going before poeple forget about it
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(OOC: Sorry it took me so long! I wasn't home at all yesterday--had no time to get online. Again, sorry. But, I do have it ready.)

Name: Khiana Lee

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Gang: Rogues

Appearance: Khiana is a slender, willow like young woman with a strange air of innocence around her. Any stranger she meets would be surprised to see that she takes part in some particularly violent activities.

She stands about 5?6?, and has long black hair that curls wildly. As a result, she has to tie it back in a ponytail when she?s working.

Chip Name: Dart

Animal Chip: Fox

Mech Name: Caster

Class: Blazer

Right Arm: Machine Gun

Right Shoulder: Beam Saber

Right Leg: Missile Launcher (Works with L. Leg)

Chest: Energy Shield (Limited time frame?no more than five minutes)

Left Arm: Retractable blade for close combat

Left Shoulder: Automatic Energy Pistol

Left Leg: Missile Launcher (Works with R. Leg)

Special: Light Screen?A burst of light that temporarily blinds and disorients the opponent.
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