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RPG Armored Core: Rewired


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I finally got this up and to be nice I am going to incorporate everyone into the main story.

South-Gravedigger Territory
The fleet of SAF mechs came to a stop right outside the city. A solid white one stepped forward. "Alright, you know the plan, clease and leave no unjustice anywhere" He turned and marched through the city gates. The city was surrounded by a large wall that had been recently constructed in order have another defense. Groups of soldiers marched through the city, rapidly becomeing smaller and smaller as they came across more streets. The Commander boosted onto of a building and scanned. Not a single gang mech anywhere to be seen. Reports of cleared sectors constantly came over the radio. They were Gravedigger territory right now and other teams would be entering at the other points and one team would use the main roads to get to the central spot of the city. "Where are they?" He jumped down and began checking alley after alley. "Maybe they did leave" He stopped at one alley and switched the intercom on. 'Find anything yet?" The replies came back negative. "Shoot" He turned around and began walking out as the wall beside him exploded and a solid black mech hand slammed him into the wall. "What the?" He made out the bone cross symbol on the chest right as a beam saber sliced him in half creating a large explosion. A soldier at the front of the allley brought their guns and took aim at the Riven mech. 'Stand down now" A barrage of laser horseshoes hit it in the side causing it to explode instantly. The black mech walked out. "Nice shot Imbri"

West-Talon Territory
Two soldiers walked downt the street as reports of enemies being spotted and poeple dying flooded the intercom. "Everywhere else people are dying except for in the west sector" The other scanned a side street looking for the enemy. "Hey be happy" He turned back around and saw a Blazer mech move behind a building. 'Hey there is one over there. Switch to heat" They both changed it to heat. 'Where'd it go, it was right there a second ago" The first one laughed. "Your seeing things" The second pulled forward. "I'll prove it to you" He rounded the corner then was torn to peices by a wave of bullets. The first one sped forward then fell as a single shot tore through the cockpit casuing it to explode. A Sniper mech hopped dwon from the building and made his way over to the mech he had just shot and kicked it. The Blazer mech came from around the corner as a voice came over its inter com. "I'm bored"

East-Angel Territory
A group of soliders carefully made their way through the streets, breaking up until there was two left in a group. "This sucks, why do we have to take the Angel's territory" The second laughed. "Be glad we don't have the Devils" The frist one glanced around nervously. "You don't get it, they appear out of no where" He tunred and looked at the second who began laughing. "Your crazy" The first one pointed behind him. "Look out" The second turned as a Holy appeared behind him out of no where and sliced him in half then aimed his other arm at the soldier. The first one drew his gun and began backing away as another Holy came from around the building and brought out two mounted beams blades and sliced him into four induvidual pieces. The first one cloaked again and stood next to the other. "This is two easy"

North-Devil Territory
Two soldiers took cover behind a building as ion shots form the Nemesis down the road tore up the surrounding area. "What do we do?" The second peeked around the corner only to come back as the shots rained down on that area. "We wait until he runs out of ammo or stops. They waited a minute watching to see when the firing would stop. "It's a Nemesis, they got more ammo than a Holy. here's what we do.." He turned around to find his freind get torn apart by a Blazer mech. "Yikes" He boosted backwards into the street then stopped when he realized what he had done. "Oh no" Shots rained down on him leaving nothing left except a smoldering frame. the Blazer mech came out from around the side. "Think you shot him enough?"

Central-Rogue Terriory
A group of soldiers entered the central wall and looked around. Seeing no one they made their way then ended up in the exact center of the city. Soon mechs surrounded them and opened fire. When they were done a pile of burned SAF mechs were all that remained. The Rogues left then after a minute two untouched mechs forced their way out. "That was close" Suddenly a energy blast completely incinerated one. The last soldier turned and saw a Photon with its twin barrels still steaming. "I'll kill you" He brought up his gun to find it shot out of his hands by a Blazer off to the side. "Or not" He drew his sword and charged the Blazer only to be shot and sliced repeatedly.

There is the opening and you can take it from there. Care out sensless destruction but the outer gangs will lose and the two remaining mechs of each gang will each retreat back to the Rogues territory and then the twists will begin
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Kyle stood proud, they had managed to hold the army off for the time being. But he knew that this was only a temporary victory. Soon they would be back and in greater force. Though he didn't like the idea of having to lean on them, he knew he may have to lead the gang into the rogues territory, but this was only to be there last resort. Til then he would allow his men to celebrate there victory even if it only lasted the night.

Zeke came over the comm to him "So your enjoying this even though you know they'll be back soon enough." Kyle looked up to the top monitor "They deserve it. They fought in the name of the Angels, they get the right to enjoy themselves." Zeke sputterd "Pfftt.... Your such a softy. How did I end up with you." Kyle grinned and stepped out of his mech to address the gang "Fellas, tonight we celebrate to the glorious defeat of the SDF forces, who will never take the land of the Angels. We are the Angels of death and we are not afraid." The men on the ground cheered with a loud shout. Kyle looked down on his men as they ran celebrating. Booze and ladies were the medium of entertainment tonight. Kyle sat and as the leader plotted how they would manage there defense another day. He sat at the head of the party atop the foot of his mech and kept and up beat appearance.

On that note, what was he going to do tomorrow when they return? They have been attacking all the gangs in the city. Not tha he cared about what was happening to them, he was only concerned about the fact that he couldn't hold them off alone forever. Which means he might have to rely on the others, agin only as a last resort. though it would hurt his pride, he had to look out for his gang and the families that lived in there territory. He was a kind and powerful leader so noone questioned his choices. He knew, though they would hate it, if he asked them they would leave the territory and go to the rogues with the families and members. He didn't want it to come to that, so he kept his mind focused and prepared to deploy.

He listend to the radio as the other gangs slowed down as the SDF retreated. "So it seems that there returning to the city limits." Kyle said to himself. He could only think that soon they would be back. Until then he would spend a few more hours with his girl and enjoy the night, for in the morning new hardships would come the likes of which he had never experiencied in the threee years he had lead the Angels.
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Jason walked down the roads next to Imbri, assessing the damage. "I don't think we can take much more of this"

Imbri's voice came over the intercom. "Well what are we going to do?"

"I'm bored"

Jason shook his head. "Shut up Sia. First I want to check on Taka and maybe have to retreat into the Rogues domain. We will need Taka and some of his group for that. If the Angels and Devils didn't do good then they will have to do the same but then it will probably not turn out good."

"We are all going to die, well you at least"

"I wish there was some way I could shut you up"

"You can't, so I can keep talking as much as I want"

Imbri's voice came back. "Sia, please be quiet"


"How do you do that? I can never get him to shut his trap" He heard her laugh over the intercom as the approached the Gravedigger-Talon border.
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"the only reason he listens to her is because he is her boyfriend" Day chuckled Imbri blushed
"be quiet!" Imbri said blushing Day chuckled Jason came over the intercom
"you talking about me honey?" Jason said
"Nothing dear" Imbri said blowing him a kiss Imbri saw a lone SAF mech she ran over and caght him near a wall
"Bye" Imbri said as she shot a razor band threw the middle of the mech as it fell over
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Takayanagi looked through his scope one last time to make sure nothing was on its way. After about a minute of this, his chip broke the silence.

"Yo, Taka. There is nothing out there. Are you even listening to me? Man, I want to move a little." Reiji said, letting out a sigh as he did so.

"I know Rej. I just don't trust computers all the time." Taka said after he stood his mech up. He turned to the side as Ayuka came up beside him.

"Hey, Taka. Jason is at the border. He said that he needs to talk to you."

"Lory, hey there. Long time no see. You never come to see me anymore." Reiji said bursting inot the conversation.

"Well Rej. I really don't have much of a choice on where we go. And even if I did, why woul-" Lory was suddenly cut off as Ayuku came back on.

"Lory, quiet. This is serious." She said nearly yelling at her chip.

"Ayuka, hold down the fort till I get back." Taka said as he ignighted all of his thrusters and boosted to the border.

" 'Bout time you got here 'lil bro." Jason said comming from behind a building.

"Thnks for the warm welcome. Whats your problem?" Taka said looking around for anything moving.

"I wanted to know how your area is standing. Mine is doing ok, but it could always be better." Jason said as he did the same as Taka.

"I'm bored agian. Lets go do something." Sia said yawning.

"Hey, so am I. They always just sit here and talk don't they? I don't think I have ever seen them fight together." REiji added making both him and Sia laugh.

"Wait, there was this one...never mind. Your right they havent." Sia added laughing harder.

"Rej, quiet. I'm puicking up a heat source." Taka said looking in the direction of it.

"Yeah, I know. Saw it a while ago. Didn't tell you because you said something bad about me before we left." He said with an attitude in his voice.

"Taka, you should get going. If he sows up, you won't be a match. You will be to close." Jason said as he put a hand on his brother's shoulder. Suddenly an explosion was seen, then Ayuka came around the corner holding the enamie head.

"Well, you sure do you job good Lory." Reiji said happily.

"You should keep her. She looks good, and she is watching your back, even when you don't know it."Jason wispered in his ear as he flew off back twards his territory.
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Jason let out a laugh as Ayuka came around the corner when his radar went off then fell silent. 'That can't be right" He did multiple scans still not picking anything up. "Imbri, hon, are you getting anything?"

"No, nothing"

Taka scratched his head. "That was weird"

Ayuka looked around. "Maybe it was one of your or one of our own gang members"

Jason frowned. "Taka get to higher ground" He watched as Taka moved but the barrel of his gun hit somthing unseen. "Crap" He grabbed Taka's mech and threw him into the air then grabbed at the object. It shimmered revealing a SAF mech. "Cloakers" He threw it to the ground as Taka landed on it.

"You could have warned me" The buildings around them fell completely flat, showing several dozen SAF soldiers.

"Don't move and eject your weapons"

Jason backed up until the four of them made a square. "Gladly" He hit a button the joystick as he went to one knee and fired his EMP emitter disabling the group in front of him and brought out his beam sword slicing them in half.
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[FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Back in Devil Territory....

"Why should I listen to you?" Thanatos questioned, "You think a lowly human such as yourself can just use me for your own bebefit...."
"There's someone behind us," Felix stated quietly.
"It's a sniper," Thanatos replied.

The SAF sniper let out two armor-piercing rounds. He looked back at his target, yet no one stood at the tips of his crosshairs....
The head of an energy spear thrust out through the mech's torso. Felix raised the impaled sniper off the ground with the energy spear, and as the pilot of the SAF sniper looked towards the pitch-black mech, Felix raised his mech's left hand to face the sniper's cockpit. "May you find comfort in hell." Felix fired an armor-piercing round right through the mech. Then, silence.

"Yet, you and I have much in common," Thanatos says to Felix.

Then, the black mech faded into the city.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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"Oh dear stupid SAF I was about to get out and give my honey a hug" Imbri said frowning she was exaghted from all the fighting and wanted to have a nice date with Jason she sighed and pressed a few buttons
"Magnet blast* She said the Rail gun charged and shot at a a few SAF mechs but nothing happened they charged for Imbri but couldnt get past the 3 feet mark
"Ha! thanks to my rail gun your mechs are negativly charge my mech is positively charged so you cant touch me nah nah!" she said she opened up an intercom with Jason
"Honey next chance we get we have to go out to somewhere nice or atleast get out of these mechs its been so long sinse I've seen your face in the flesh" she said
"Hey! I thoght you liked me" Day said whining
"I do but I like Jason better" Imbri said she as she countiued her fight
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[size=1][color=darkred]Fayt sat in silence waiting for the two SAF mech's to come within range. He patiently watched as the blips on his radar moved closer and closer. The rounded the corner as Fayt shot one of his smoke canisters inbetween the two mechs. The smoke was a custom color of black to match his mech. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Don't shoot no matter what"[/b] One pilot of the SAF mechs yelled as Fayt circled the ring of smoke in his mech. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Taking aim with his right arm he fired his gattling gun into the air as he circled. The display was met by the added fire of one of the mech and the sound of tearing metal.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Did I get him?"[/b] The pilot who shot asked as a gust of wind picked up and blew away the smoke.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]A black and gray mech stood infront of him with its left arm aimed at his cockpit. The SAF mech beside him still smoldering from the bullets. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"No Quite"[/b] Fayt coldly stated as he let the shogun blast ring out into the sky.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]The mech fell backwards slumped onto the other, Fayt didn't ever turn to look as he sped away.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"See I told you it would work Lucifer"[/b] Fayt said smirking.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"I never said it wouldn't, all I said is you would have a better possibility if you waited for Felix"[/b] The voice from his mech replied.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Blah blah blah, you know you love my style"[/b] Fayt finished before opening up a comm line.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Felix, what is your location?"[/b][/color][/size]
[b][size=1][color=green]OOC: sorry its so late guys, I hope thats ok Derald[/color][/size][/b]
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Sean waited impatiently, his mech Zeruel hidden in the shadow of a large abandoned office block. He knew he should be focused on the mission at hand, but he was too enthralled with the thought of fighting alongside Kyle Endow himself. He was only 23 when he rose to become leader of the Angels, and Sean couldn't help but hope that he would soon get his own chance to rise through the ranks. If only...

"Two SAF mechs closing in, 5 o'clock. Remember - I'll lead, you follow."

"Understood." Sean struggled to hide the excitement in his voice. "Waste 'em?"


In the blink of an eye, Kyle's mech pulled away and shot around the corner of the building, seemlessly melding with its surroundings as he activated his active camouflage. A heavy thud of metal against concrete echoed rang through the air, and the first of the two radar blips faded away. Sean quickly shifted Zeruel out from the shadows, bringing it around to face the second target, which was bringing it's weapon up in a feeble attempt to avenge the fallen mech. Bringing Zeruel's arms up, Sean flicked the overboost switch, which was set to give one short but powerful boost. Within half a second, he was within spitting distance of the SAF mech, and brought the energy blades down and across. The blades cut through the armour in one smooth motion, and the remains of the machine fell to the ground, sparks flying.
Kyle's mech, Israfel, shifted back into active camouflage mode.

The comm system buzzed. "This is too easy."

A high pitch click followed - indicating that Kyle must've switched over to an open frequency. "Endow to all Angels. Finish off any remaining patrols in your area, then head on home. We've shown them how the Angels fight, now let's show them how we party!"

A second later, Sean pulled out his earphone, the roars and cheering still quite loud regardless.

A low, steady voice sounded from the main console. "Sean, you seem to be in pain. Do you want me to request a medic?"

Sean laughed lightly. "No thanks Elanajt. Just take us home."



Sean didn't want to be in the thick of things. He never had liked parties, even the more subdued ones. But even at the edge of the square, Kyle's voice was loud and clear.

[I]"...tonight we celebrate to the glorious defeat of the SDF forces, who will never take the land of the Angels. We are the Angels of death, and we are not afraid!"[/I]

Sean stood and cheered with the rest of his fellow gang members, but sat down as soon as the music started up again. Kyle had joked that the battle had been won too easily, and Sean couldn't help but agree with him. As much as the men deserved to relax, he couldn't shake the feeling that their victory had been just a little bit too convenient.
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[FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I]That evening-[/I]


"There's something jamming your ally's signal," Thanatos said to Felix.
Felix remained silent.

Out of nowhere, three SAF mechs deactivate their active camoflauge.

"These soldiers seem to be a couple notches above the rest," stated Thanatos,"I believe the SAF is becoming impatient."
"More souls in need of judgement," said Felix quietly. "I shall end your suffering."

The three mechs immediately fire their automatic energy rifles. The ground around Felix is pulverized and he fades into the dust.
"Did we get him?"
"Not sure."
"Hey, you, go over there and check."
"Why me?"
"Because you're the noob. Now GO."

One of the mechs walks over to the smoldering city block. He checks the area with his scanner, but finds no trace of Felix. He looks back to signal the others that nothing's there, but he sees no one.

"Hey, you there? Come in. You guys there?"

The soldier turns to the side. There he sees one of his fellow soldiers on the cold asphalt with a scorched gash through the cockpit. He then hears the sound of an energy rifle being discharged repeatedly. He follows the sound to find his other comrade but a smoldering pile of scrap melded to the ground. Then his scanner picks up movement behind him. He turns and immediately fires his rifle to find his shot deflected by an energy shield.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" the soldier screamed. The soldier flared up his leg boosters and started to flee.
Felix took aim and fired an armor-piercing, ion-charged round through the mech's leg.
The soldier crashed into the ground. As the mech turned itself over, it could hear Felix's mech coming towards him, and quickly turned over and tried to fire a round.
Felix grabbed the mech's arm, smashed his foot into the mech's torso, and tore the arm off. There, as the soldier lay there looking up, he could see a bright light growing above him. "Is this light...heaven?" the soldier coarsely whispered.
"No." Felix drove his energy spear into the cockpit.

"The enemy seems to be upgrading their forces." Thanatos stated, "I have never seen those types of mechs before, or those beam rifles." "You think your companion is doing well?"
"Let's go see, shall we?" Felix responds.

The dark mech fades into the black veil of night.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Kyle took his place in side Israfel and sat in wait for anymore commotion. He knew it was only a matter of time before they struck again. His men were counting on him to make sure that the civilians remained safe. All he could here was statci on the radio, which only made him more nervous. He sat and listend, all the while Zeke kept him up to date on the sonar and infared scans. For the longest time there was nothing, he thought that maybe they really had decided to call it a night. It was as he was ready to leave his post the sonar picked up a slight click, it was barely audible, but it was there. He stood at attention, but didn't move his mech in the hopes that who ever was up there would think he had already left. He picked up the radio and sent out a call, hoping one of his men were still in there mechs. "This is Kyle Endow calling out. There is an unidentified target within the perimeter, does anyone read?" He listend for a moment waiting for a return. Quickly following was a reply "Hello sir.... this is Sean Ecori. Where is the targets estimated location." It was the kid, he was a hard worker and was the best result Kyle could have hoped for. "It's location is T-13. That's the last sound we picked up, judging by this it hasn't gone far. I'll destract it and I want you to pick it up with your sonar. When you pin point his location, take him out hard and fast." Kyle quickly switched his mechinto gear and the systems came online "Now sean, we have to do this carefully, we can't afford any causalties. I feel like I can trust you. Let's do it." Kyle engaged his active camo and disappeared. In that instant a sniper shot rang out. Fortunatly Kyle was well out of the way when the shot struck the point. He quickly activated and shut down his camo drawing the targets attention "Sean, It's all up to you now."
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Jason turned around and surveyed the destoryed mechs. "Upgrades" He saw several obejects come in his radar and checked the signutures finding them to be fellow gang members.

"Sir, we were attacked by a large group of SAF forces, they are alot better compared to the others that we fought. It is only a matter of time before we lose our hold in the city"

Jason slammed his fist into a building. "Dang" He turned to Taka. "Go check on your guys, while we take care of this" He and Imbri took off with the three other gang members behind them. He stopped as he came to a large devestated area finding gunfire raging back and forth. Many of his own followers were dead on the group and the SAF outnumbered them by alot. "Imbri, go around the side and help our own guys out. Drag any that are still alive away from this chaos, while I settle this matter personally" He blow a kiss to her before she disappered off his screen and boosted into the middle of the battlefield. Missles and bullets flew passed him as he raised his twin railgun and fired destorying a large portion of the enemy fighters and several buildings. The firing soon stopped as a red mech walked out. It Had two missle pods on and two energy pistols.

"So you are the supposed leader of this gang. Let's see how good you really are" He brought up both pistols and began firing rapidly.

Jason thrusted back and forth dodging the shots. "He's good" He saw a wave of missles come towards him and flipped on the static disharger, scrambling the missles' control and making them fly around crazily. "You like all others will fall"
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Taka looked around as he got ready to flip a switch,"This is bad. Alot of them, only four of us." He said as a scythe popped off of his sniper rifle.

"Wow, don't think I have ever seen you fight close up." Ayuka said charging an enamy mech.

"Its nothing to brag about." He smiled as he activated his cloaking device. Out of nowhere an errie blue blade appeared and cut througtwo enamy mechs.

"Dammit! Where the hell are they? One fanishes, and the other three tear us apart." The leader of the attack looked around, trying t find any mobil suit that didn't belong to his team.

"Gunner, where is the closest enamy?" He yelled into his com-link.

"Sir, its...its right behind me sir!" suddenly, all was heard was static as a blue blade came down in the gunner, destroying his mect and leaving a bright fireball next to the co.

"Ayuka, we need to get back to our territory. Thanks Jason. See you later." Turned his cloaking off as the boosts back twardsthe west side of the city.
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"Why do you always get to have all the fun" IMbri protested dragging the two remaining surviors from the reckoage
"Do I Have to remind you that I beat you the last time we sparred" Imbri said
"and you still have to tale me out sometime" she whined to him before closeing the link she sighed when she noticed something on the ground she picked it up
"Jason! you have to come see this" Imbri said she quickly exited her mech and broght the object in with her and examied it, it was a chip computer
"oh goody one of those SAF guys must of dropped it or something or be delivering it to someone when he was destroyed well finders keepers" she said waiting for jason she was holding something labeled
[B]Experimental fusion chip- single version [/B] she scanned it on the computer [B]allows Animal chip brain and user to merge together temporaily but may cause serious nerve or brain damge [/B]
"oh well I'll see what jason has to say" Imbri said
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Jason doged shot after shot. "Crap" He spun and unattached his nergy mahince guns. "My turn" He held both triggers as the other mech got out of the way easily only to take several missles in the leg, destorying it. The mech fell to the ground as Jason came up shooting the pistols out of his hand then aimed the rail gun barrels at the cockpit. "Die" A huge crater was all that was left as Jason flew away from the advancing SAF. He found Imbri and stopped, then opened the cockpit. "What's that"
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"Sean, it's all up to you now."

"I'll do my best sir. Ecori out." Sean leaned forward and switched the communications system to standby mode. He didn't want to risk giving away his position, especially when hunting an 'invisible' target.

Elanajt, as always, spoke in a steady, almost monotonous voice. "Entering sector T-13. Shall I begin scanning the area?"

A second shot echoed from above. It was fair to assume that the shot had missed its target, though it would only be a matter of time.

"Yes, passive sonar and EM tracking. Try to trace the origin of the gunshot if you can - otherwise we could be searching for hours."

"Affirmative. Beginning scanning sequence."


Sean lost track of time quite quickly. He wasn't quite sure whether it had been five minutes or half an hour, but however long it had been, Elanajt finally came up with something.

"Target located. Unknown mech, Sniper class. Transferring co-ordinates to navigation computer."

Sitting up quickly, Sean flicked a switch on the comm system, bringing it back online and transmitting the co-ordinates to Israfel. He smiled lightly, and took the control stick back in hand, swinging Zeruel around in the specified direction. "Get me a missile lock, and prepare to fire."

Another shot rang off, this time drawing a line from the center of the viewscreen to the bottom right corner. Other than that, there wasn't a sound.

Sean shifted uneasily. Elanajt always confirmed his instructions. Always.

"Elanajt, do you have a lock?"

"Negative. Target is not emitting an EM signature."

"What about a heat signature? Can you get a lock on that?"

There was another brief moment of silence. "Negative. Obscured by a heat signature in Zeruel's immediate vincinity."

Sean swallowed hard, trying to stop the feeling of sickness that had started to rise in his throat. Another heat signature meant another mech, yet his eyes told him that there was absolutely nothing inbetween him and the sniper.

"Elanajt, set the missiles to target and detonate at the sniper's current position." The sick feeling continued to rise in his throat, and he gripped the control stick almost as tightly as possible. "Activate launch countdown, 5 seconds."

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Launching missiles."

The launcher tubes whirred open, and the missiles shot out towards their target. If Sean hadn't already realised what was waiting in front of him, he might have been surprised that 2 of the missiles exploded within a few seconds of their launch. The missiles slammed straight into a cloaked SAF mech, leaving a gaping hole in its chest and one of its arms disconnected from the body. The other 2 missiles, on the other hand, shot up towards a cluster of large buildings - the sniper mech standing on the edge of the closest one. In the darkness, Sean saw it lower its rifle and turn to escape them, but it wasn't quite fast enough. They shot up over its head, and after slowly arching down to face it, dived straight down into it.

Sean smiled as he felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and excitement. In that moment, he felt like he could've taken on the entire SAF army and won.

He was suddenly brought back to reality as a beam sword hissed to life behind him. He quickly ignited his own two blades, spinning Zeruel round with its right arm ready to thrust at the enemy mech, but his attacker was already mid-swing. Zeruel shook violently, and several damage indicators lit up on the console. As the mech pulled back a step, Sean finished his thrust, driving the right blade deep into its chest. It stood motionless for a moment, sparks shooting up and down its body, then fell limp - slicing its upper body in half on the blade.

Sean, now more in a state of panic than excitement, switched his comm system back to active mode. He tried for a brief moment to steady his voice, then gave up.

"Sir, I think we've got a slight problem."
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Imbri rushed from her cockpit and rand over across Days arm to meet Jason she embraced him briefly.
"its one of those new chips the SAF created it said it allows the user and his or her animal chip to be fused together temporaryliy I dont know what it does to help the mech out but it has to do something althogh it said that there might be some side effects" Imbri said
"Give it here I'll try it out" Jason said but instead of handing him the chip she grabbed his hand so that he came closer she kissed him.
"Oh that felt good, oh and you wont get this I'll try it out you always have all the fun its no fair finders keepers" she said running back to her mech she sat down in the cockpit and inserted the chip she she felt a wire lodge the base of her neck it hurt but only for a moment she opened her eyes and saw working parts of the mech she sot some laser horseshoes at some standing trees they hit with more power,acruacy, and speed
"Wow that was... huh" she said noticing her voice was a differnt
"so this is what it feels like to be real" she said but it sounded like Day
"so it really did fuse us together" Imbri said as she tried the blades they also were faster and more acurate she looked at the screen a timer was on it 57:23:05...
"that must be how much time we have" Imbri/day said
"Imbri sinse there is not that much time left before we have to seperate can we..."
"sure" Imbri said opening the cockpit
"Imbri that was amazing" Jason said
"Wow Imbri I see why you like him" Imbri/day said kissing Jason she stopped
"thanks Imbri" Imbri/day said
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Kyle began to feel uneasy as well, he had just downed two more SAF mechs. The first sniper he encounterd must have been a scout. Kyle thought to himself 'If only I had acted sooner they wouldn't have recieved our location' but it was to late to worry about what he could have done, he needed to worry about what he could still do. HE rushed toward Sean to meet with him, they needed to stick together to survive. He rushed his way there when he had a off feeling. He stopped immediately as a rifle shot landed right in front of him. The shot came from the right, he turned and looked to see nothing, it was obviously camo. He ran to the left and ducked behind the debris and quickly activated his own camo. He quickly ran clear of the debris as the sniper open fire on it and ripped through the chunks of concrete. Kyle watched for vapor trails from such a high caliber weapon. He activated his thermal radar to detect this stream. He picked up a faint trail, He moved slowly creaped up, allowing Zeke to guide him. He finally reached strike point, the enemy saw through his camoflage at that point. Within a fraction of a second he drew his beam saber and sliced the mech in half. He looked down at the disabled unit for a second then activated his camo again and made his way to Sean. He brought the comm system back up "Sean, are you out there still. I know were having a problem, but we have to hold out. I'm enroute to your location. When I get there we'll......" Kyle hesitated for the moment "Begin evacuation of the territory. We have to get the women and children out first." Kyle felt a bitter taste in his mouth, of all things, why did the territory have to be lost on his term.
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"sure fusion mode deactivate" Imbri said as the cords dissapeared she closed up the cockpit of her mech and ran to Jason and hugged him
"Ok what should we do anything is alright with me as long as I'm with you" Imbri said as he snuggled up against him
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Jason kissed her on the forehead as he pushed a button casuing a fake building to come up around their mechs. "Let's go to the pool hall and then sfterward you will get to decide what we do. Anything at all" He wrapped his arm as the walked down the side of the road. Other members of the gang were out walking around to since the SAF had backed of for right now and everyone was determined to make the most of it. AS they reached the pool hall, Jason opened the door for her and walkedover to a table as he began to set it up. "You want break?"

OOC Eeryone will have a little party time then the SAF will attack. Leaders it is your job to began SAF killing off everyone except for you and your partner. Then you will retreat to the Rogues territory. If you are Rogue this does not concern you, what you need to do is what you think of them taking refuge in your territory.
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Imbri hit the cue ball as the pool balls seperated two went in the holes
"You never could beat me at this game" Imbri said smiling as she shot again
"I dont understand wy you even try" Imbri taunted as she kissed him
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Jason watched her hit another one in then line up another shot. He waited till the last second then hit her on the butt causing one of his own to go in. "You missed"

'That's cheating" She gave him a sad look.

"No its not" Jason hit the cue ball makeing it spin and knock two in. "It's all a part of the game." He knocked in another then aimed for the next one when a cue stick hit his hand causing him to miss. "So that is how you want to play?"

"You started it"Imbri easliy shoot in the next two.

Jason waited until she got ready again then tickled her side followed by a knee to his ribs as he got ready. 'I'm going to get you. It's your turn"
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Imbri tried to make her shot but Jason was giving her a shoulder rub she shuttered missing her shot it was jason turn
"Oh you little" Imbri giggled she waited until he wasd about to make his shot and she kissed him which made him miss
"you are one sneaky gal Imbri" Jason chuckled imbri started to laugh
"I know" she said
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