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RPG AMD3: The Reason for Life [M-LVS]


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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Arial Narrow][CENTER]Chapter 1

Day 1[/CENTER]

This chapter will be to get the sides clear, especially for those that decided to stay natural. I sent Pms to all of you and they should have given you some idea for your first post. Any questions you can either express it in the underground or PM me. Have fun!

Reoan rushed from under the tree she had been resting under, and towards the small motel. The red vacant light flickering as she raced past it. Reoan shoved the glass door open, brushing dripping strains of hair from her face.

?Nasty night,? the man behind the counter motioned towards the door, rain pelting its surface.

Reoan said nothing as she shook her arms in an attempt to dry off. The man smirked and nodded as he went back to work. Reoan looked about the small lobby, its delicate yellow and white decore accenting various points in the room.

?Room.? Reoan turned abrutly, her voice matching her expression?cold.

?Y?yes,? the man held his breath for a moment before checking for vacancies.

?Room 123, Miss.? The man said after taking the small information Reoan had and collecting her payment.

She reached forward and yanked the key from the man?s hand. He motioned out the door and to the left for where her room was located. She grabbed her bag and left the lobby without another word.

?That girl sure was strange,? the man behind the counter spoke to himself as he watched Reoan leave the building.

Sliding the key into the brass lock, turning the key until the lock clicked, and shoving the door open, Reoan walked into the single bed room. The theme was hard wood and deer racing across most of the furniture and walls. Reoan sat her bag next to the door after closing it and started towards the bed.

A large television sat upon a fairly large entertainment center at the bottom of the bed. The bathroom was to the left of the door with a single window adjacent to it. A small night stand with one drawer and a lamp sat on the right side of the bed, away from the window. The carpet was a soft brown and stretched across most of the floor.

Reoan made her way straight to the window, drawing the curtains shut. She chanted some words in an ancient tongue before crawling onto the bed. She sat in the center, the sheets still laid neatly across the mattress as she ready herself for meditation. Folding her legs and placing her hands on either leg, Reoan cleared her mind and slipped into another realm.


A thick fog rose all around Reoan as a violent wind ragged through the small meadow. Reoan was dressed in traditional garb of the late 1300s. She pulled the heavy brown cloak around her as she awaited the appearance of the approaching footsteps.

?How did you find me,? came an all too familiar voice.

?You spent time within my mind, Jacob. Do you think I did not share some of your own thoughts as well?? Reoan replied simply.

The man that came to appear before Reoan was the Guardian that had helped bring the ex-Guardian back to life. He smiled at her. Her hair had grown longer, stretching to the middle of her back now. Her eyes had grown cold, bitter as they stared back at him, but they were still so beautiful.

?I cannot stay long.? Reoan broke the long, drawn out silence.

?I still have been unsuccessful in locating the Guardian you seek.? Jacob pressed his lips firmly together as he creased his brows together.

?Keep searching.?Reoan turned from him, looking behind her. ?They?re here.?

?Go,? Jacob said quickly, reaching out to touch Reoan?s arm knowing the neither would be able to feel the physical embrace.

?I shall return to you soon.? Reoan said just before she vanished.


Reoan's eyes flew wide open, turning towards the door just as a heavy thump sounded. Reoan watched as the door threaten to burst from its hinges, but only for a brief moment before she raced toward her bag. She struggled to pull her new weapon from its wrap.

Stumbling back into the room just in time to avoid the door swinging open, Reoan readied herself as the open door relieved nothing. A stiff breeze rushed into the room, but there was only the vacant parking lot and empty rooms across it.

Reoan wrinkled her nose as she stood up straight, allowing her body to relax. She held the hilt of her sword in her right hand as she approached the door. Reaching out, she clutched the thick metal door and stared out into the dark stormy night.

"You may have been able to take Caleb from me, but you will not have Jacob." Reoan bellowed into the rain.

She slammed the door shut and threw her back against it, sliding to the tile floor below her. The small muddy puddles she had created when she first entered raced across her jeans and through the material until it found bare skin. She made no attempt to avoid the water as she softly stuck the top of her sword into the tiles.

"Where are you, Guardian? Some one powerful enough to defeat Ezeequel, but vanishes without a trace." Reoan thought allowed as she stared at the vacant wall in front of her. "I will found you, and nothing shall stand in my way."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Kariz stared out at the sidewalk in front of her threw a dripping short strand of hair. The rain was pouring down on her, but she didn?t care. She lit a ball of flame in her hand and surrounded herself in it?s warmth as she walked. She heard a crunch of someone landing behind her. Slowly she pulled her 13inch hunting knife from her knee high boot and spun around, flinging it at the shadow. Pinned by the wing in the brick wall stood a man, a half angel. Kariz walked toward him slowly, observing him trying to remove her knife where it held him.

[B][COLOR=Silver]?What did you do that for? I'm here to help you, to watch over you.?[/COLOR][/B]

[B]?Is that right?? [/B] Kariz said, approaching closer and leaning toward him placing her hand on her knife [B]?Well, I neither want nor need your protection halfbreed. [I]mesmo vai para o deus[/I]? [/B] she ripped the knife from the wall and placed it back in her boot. Kariz turned and began to walk away.

[B][COLOR=Silver]?That?s it? You?re just going to walk away??[/COLOR][/B]

[B]?[I]Si, adeus[/I]. Don?t make me kill you.?[/B]

The angel fell silent and Kariz continued to walk. She paused and turned to see the angel still standing there. [B]?You want to help me? Tell me where Reoan is?[/B]

[B][COLOR=Silver]?I? I don?t know that. No one does.?[/COLOR][/B]

Kariz gave a cynical chuckle. [B]?Oh, I can think of at least one person who does? [/B] She looked up at the sky and then back at the man. She nodded to him and then continued to walk, continued her two year search for Reoan. Only now she felt strangely that she was getting closer?[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]"Who do you think we should contact first Lord Adiol?"[/B] spoke an angel younger then himself, but very similar from a physical standpoint.

[B]"The demons are easily coaxed. As much as I hate interacting with them on any level, they'll help our cause later on. The Zodiacs are those we should be concerned with. The girl already has a few on her side, and since we ourselves cannot restore balance, we must rely on them to do it for us. Her influence is great as well, very few have yet to hear of her story and we'll have to do our best to put this to an end quickly. I will first contact the one called "Rubedo," his thoughts tell me he thirsts for balance, as well as a woman of some sort. I believe he'll find our cause a most admirable one."[/B] spoke Adiol, confident as always. [B]Afterwards I shall contact Raven and Zane, who's displeasure for Reoan will work in our favor. Raven and Rubedo long to reunite as well, I can feel it."[/B]

And with that the young angel nodded and disappeared. It was his job to report to the powers that be with all the details and progress that had been made. As much as Adiol hated to follow someone elses guidlines, it was in his best interest that everyone who needed to know of the situation, knew.


[I]Hello Rubedo[/I] spoke a solemn voice in his head. Nowadays Rubedo was use to the casual conversation cluttering his mind, but this voice was one he hadn't heard before.

[I]What do you want[/I] he answered bluntly.

[I]It's not about what I want, it's about what you want[/I] Adiol returned, his soft voice somewhat calming to the persistently enraged Guardian.

[I]I don't like people entering my mind unannounced, and in your case unwelcomed. I suggest you leave before I decide to hunt you down and take care of you myself[/I] Rubedo returned, not at all impressed by the civilty of the intruder.

[I]Is that really what you want? Or is it Raven that you want? To a create a balance for her maybe? I can do that you know[/I] Adiol spoke reassuringly.

[I]Who are you...?[/I]

And with that Adiol appeared in front of the Guardian, light eminating from his every pore as he floated to the ground slowly, wings spread to their very limits. His feet reached the ground as well as several glowing white plums encircling his figure. [B]"Hello Rubedo."[/B]

[B]OOC: Finally got this thing started.[/B][/SIZE]
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OOC: Didn't anyone read DC's PM? Aren't we supposed to be in hospitals?

[size=1][color=DarkGreen][i]" Mmm..." Raven mumbled as she slowly opened her eyes, the crisp sunlight of early morning waking her. " Morning..."

As the sun rose, it illuminated the room Raven was sleeping in. The bright white walls and smell of disinfectants greeted her as she slowly sat up. She had been in this infernal hospital for a while now. She and Kariz had been found after the massacre of the Zodiac by the Yakuza. However, the Greek government, hearing of Raven's condition, decided to fly the two back to Greece for treatment. Now all Raven could do was watch the world go by outside, as if she was a statue.

The clinking of the breakfast trolley grew down the hall as her stomach grumbled. She was used to waking at the crack of dawn. It was now habit. Gingerly, Raven slid to the side of her bed and let her feet touch the cold latex floor below the bed. It sent chills up her spine as she crossed the room, switching on the television to listen to the early morning news.

[b]Good morning, and welcome to the seven o'cock news. I'm Brian Starch.... and I'm Reza Watkins. Today's top stories are....[/b]

Raven walked to the window as the news presenters droned on about rising fuel prices and the taxing of plastics. Why didn't tell have anything on this war between Heaven and Hell? Surely there have been eyewitnesses to their expeditions. Raven couldn't count how many were on that plane they had saved two years that was attacked by winged demons, on their way to Japan.


Raven shivered. Just the thought about that country made her angry, sad and confused all at one time. Rubedo had left her upon the arrival to the airport. Her heart ached but she firmly pushed passed the feeling. She didn't know why she still felt for him after so long. Then the attack of the Onis and Kitsunes.... then the massacre of the Zodiacs. Her head thumped painfully.

" Why..... why did I have to survive when the others were lost?"

Her ears pricked up. Something was happening next door with Kariz. She hear another voice... a male one. Raven's hopes soared. Maybe it was Zane. She listened closer. No... it wasn't Zane. It wasn't his voice. Raven grabbed one of her H&K P8s from underneath her pillow and went out into the corridor, concealing the gun masterfully. She knocked on Kariz's door.

" Kariz? It's Raven."[/size][/color]


[font=Times New Roman][color=Navy]It was night on the other side of the world. In Los Angeles, Calfornia, Zane was sitting in the park nearby the hospital where he and Ima ended up after the massacre of the Zodiac. The stars sparkled above him as he looked up at them, his brown hair falling softly to the side.

" Two years it's been," Zane sighed. Anger filled his chest. [i]Camilla.....[/i] The Virgo Zodiac she was. He was attracted to her the moment he saw her enter that Spanish restaurant two years ago. A beautiful woman... such a lady...

" It wasn't to be..."

At the massacre of the Zodiac, she had fallen. And she had fallen gracefully. He would never forgive Reoan for doing such a thing to the woman he was attracted to, and to his most invaluable friends. He knew that Raven and Kariz had survived the attack, but he didn't know where they were these past two years. Normally, he would have felt their presences, no matter how far away they were. But over the last two years, nothing. Not even a slight hint of where they might have been.

Standing, Zane made his way back into the hospital, pushing his purple-lensed sunglasses up his nose slightly as he entered the brightly light building. He and Ima had been here for two years, in and out because of various ailments, most of them Zane refused to discuss with Ima, even though he was a doctor.

" A doctor second, a Zodiac and friend first."

He bade the nurses a good evening. They giggled amongst themselves as he past. They were all very fond of him because of his looks and nature. One had even asked him on a date, unfortunately, they found out how cold he could turn. He didn't mean it, but the thought of romance immediately made him revisit Camilla's death.

Treading up the stairs with hands in pockets, Zane made his way to Ima's room. Technically, he wasn't allowed to be outside, but he caused such a ruckus that they had no choice but to let him blow off some steam. Knocking on the door, Zane paused for a moment before asking to enter.

" Ima, you awake?"[/color][/font][/i]
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(OOC: I talked to DC last night before I posted. She said there was a mix up because she forgot about the two years later thing. I reminded her that in our posts on our sheet we were separated: Zane and Raven one way, Ima another and Kariz another. So she agreed that we should start off at the 'two years later' point and try to find eachother. I thought she would have pm the others too...)
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][I]Is that really what you want? Or is it Raven that you want? To a create a balance for her maybe? I can do that you know[/I] Adiol spoke reassuringly.

[B]"Who are you...?"[/B] spoke out Rubedo in a very profound manor...obviously not intimitaded at all by this...

And with that Adiol appeared in front of the the Zodiac, light eminating from his every pore as he floated to the ground slowly, wings spread to their very limits. His feet reached the ground as well as several glowing white plums encircling his figure.

[B]"Hello Rubedo."[/B]

Rubedo immidiately recognized him...he had seen this man before...about two years ago. He licked his lips with pleasure as he smelled the angelic auroma that he presented before him. He had just finished killing off a demon who had been following him...

[B]"Rubedo...you were once a proud Zodiac...surrounded by others who held your same ideals...one who even came to love you..."[/B] but Adiol was immidiately interrupted by a sudden outburst of laughter on Rubedo's behalf. The laughter was loud, evil...and yet amused at the angels comment. It annoyed him greatly to be treated this way by such a human and grew angry.

He didn't seem to care at the sudden change in mood by the angel...Rubedo felt no threat by him and simply continued to laugh the way he did.
"What are you laughing about!" [/B]Adiol finally questioned...

With that Rubedo slowly brought his laughter down to nothing and cleared his throat with a scary looking smile on his face...

[B]"Save me your manipulative words Adiol...I know what you seek...but I don't think that you do. For starters...don't you remember me...haha...I am no mere human fool...I'm a Guardian...just like Reoan."[/B]

The angel gritted his teeth due to this individuals rudeness...trying to contain himself...
"The killer of Ezeequel, one of your closest angels at your service..."[/B] as Rubedo mockingly bowed before the angel. He rose his head up and looked upon the angels facial expressions. As like any other...they were blank...but he could feel that he was getting annoy'd with Rubedo.

[B]"You're words mean nothing to me...I know already what you bring and it is meaningless to me. Bringing Raven into this will not bring you leverage either great one."[/B]
"...I do know you...have we met...on some distant battlefield"[/B] the angel finally questioned...

[B]"No Adiol...but I know your cause all too well....and killing Reoan to bring balance is just not a good enough answer that you can give me to bring balance."[/B]

Adiol was shocked at hearing this...[I]how did he already know what he was to propose...[/I]

[B]"You say your side is the right side...but from the enemy's point of view you all are the ones who are evil...so with that motion alone...I will choose no sides, and continue to kill like I've always done."[/B]

The angel tried to speak but the Guardian again interrupted him...

[B]"Please...do not come to me so weak heartedly in your reasoning...if you talk of true balance...then both you and Reoan both must die. So stop wasting my time..."[/B]

Rubedo had had enough talk and suddenly dissapeared from sight...leaving Adiol alone and lost in throught...


Miles away from their initial meeting, Rubedo appeared like a ghost in the middle of the forest right alongside a dirt path...

Rubedo brushed his long red hair away from his face and began to walk like he always did...his long, ripped and trampled red trench coat blew with the wind, his black pants and shirt were slashed and muddy as he made his way across the path towards the next neighboring town...

[I]So dissapointing...an angel of his stature...and yet so foolish...he knows not what he just met this night...I'm becoming bored with all these interruptions. Manipulation and planning on both sides...they should all just die. I've killed so many...they all fear me...[/I]
"What do I want Adiol?"[/B] Rubedo muttered underneathe his breathe....[B]"I want your head for me to feast on in the halls of God himself. I want my people to be freed of your hypocracy and negligance...I want life...to return to balance...not your balance...you are no God...I am"

And with that he laughed his evil laugh once more and continued his way into town...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][RIGHT][SIZE=1]OOC: I know Rubedo is a littly freaky and a bit random...but he is somewhat psychotic...and yet very powerful and knowledgable about everything that's going on, and there is a reason for it. Kamura...Rubedo has met Adiol before...that's why I mentioned that in my post. [/SIZE][/RIGHT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Something tugged at his mind.




Asariel threw himself from the hotel bed, one hand catching the hilt of his glaive. Landing in a crouch, the fallen angel allowed himself a moment to listen. Only the silence of night reached his ears; he could see nothing out of the ordinary. Letting out a breath, Asariel rose to his full height, propping [i]Ashen Hand[/i] against the wall absently and turning on a small lamp beside him. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pondered for a moment what could have awakened him from such a deep sleep. The angel's senses were better than most humans -- he had felt something was wrong...but he could sense nothing now. Why? What was it....

In the faint glow of the lamp, the figure next to Asariel stirred. The girl rested her hand lightly on the angel's bare shoulder, shaking back lengths of dark hair from sleep-weary eyes.

"What is it?"

Asariel turned his face to hers. [b]"It's nothing, dearest. Go back to sleep."[/b] The seduction was rich in his voice, like silk and blood. She complied, pulling the covers up under her chin and giving a small sigh of satisfaction. Asariel allowed himself to grin in the darkness. A beautiful girl, one of the attendants at the hotel where he had set up for the evening, easily coaxed into his arms. The angel had not forgotten the pleasures of the flesh -- he considered them among the mortal world's most prized aspects. And, of course, he missed no opportunities exploiting his own expertise in that area.

But something was different now...as he looked at the girl, his smile grew wider. Dark hair and pale skin, with eyes that shimmered -- except for her eyes, the girl looked just like...

[i]Hahaha...I amuse myself sometimes,[/i] thought Asariel.


There it was again. A tugging at his mind.


Asariel dressed quietly and quickly, strapping his glaive across his back. Striding easily towards the door, the fallen angel paused and looked back at the girl still slumbering in his bed. Something stirred within him -- an ill will about leaving her so alone. [i]Am I going soft?[/i] thought Asariel bitterly. [i]To Hell with it all...[/i] Weaving a simple spell of memory, Asariel let the unseen weave fall around the girl's temples. In the morning she would awake and remember none of what had transpired that night. Pushing aside the aching emptiness in the pit of his stomach, Asariel's hand fell on the doorknob.

[b][i]"My fate lies not with you,"[/i][/b] he whispered quietly, and the door clicked shut behind him.

Reaching out with his mind, Asariel struggled to feel the resonance of Reoan's energy. After scrabbling a few minutes blindly, he consented to locate Amber and David, close followers of hers. They were easier to sense, a tad closer than he had expected...he would remain with them until Reoan's energy appeared again. Following the resonance of Amber's power, Asariel departed the hotel and headed off into the night. [/color][/size]

[b][size=1]OOC: Just figured I'd establish Asariel's basic character once again, before I sent him off after Reoan. Hope that's OK with you, DC ^^[/b][/size]
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[i][size=1]It's been a while, [/size][/i][size=1]thought the demon as he raced through the streets. Rain pounded the street, and great, rushing torrents of it flooded down the gutters. He was looking for someone, someone he knew was here, someone who knew him, but not as he thought. He squinted through the lights in front of him, trying to make out the dark figures ahead.

Then he felt it. A sudden rush of energy, a burst, like seeing something you knew was there but was just out of view. He knew where the person he was looing for was. A sharp right turn would take him almost directly there.

* * *

The fallen angel walked slowly along the street, his wings tucked in to hide them. He seemed to be following something, but people watching him couldn't quite make out what it was. His head was hung, his chin almost touching his chest.

Suddenly, a car swerved directly in front of him, blocking his path. He looked up slowly, ready to destroy the driver for his insolence. The passenger door swung open, and a voice said from inside:

"You want a ride? Its freezing out there."

"I don't take rides with strangers. Especially not ones who annoy me like that," replied the fallen angel his voice cold and unemotional.

"Well, what about old friends?" asked the driver. The fallen angel looked in to the car, and although there was something vaguely familiar about the driver, he couldn't quite place him. He reluctantly got in the car, and the driver sped off.

"So are you going to tell me who you are, or am I going to have to kill you for wasting my time?"

"That's classic Asariel for you. Never with the trust."

"How do you know me? Who sent you?"

"I sent myself, and I know you because we were with each other when something happened to me almost two years ago. There was another as well, I don't know what happened to him."

"Stop being so cryptic and tell me who you are!" said Asariel, his voice rising slightly.

The driver laughed.

"You really don't recognise me? And I spent the best part of a year trying to find a body that matched my old one. Well, I guess war can do that to a body."

"Tell me who you are, or I will kill you right here and now," said Asariel, the [i]Ashen Hand [/i]now pointed at the driver's throat.

"It's me, Asariel. Kraven."

The fallen angel started a little, withdrawing the glaive which was placed against his former team-mate's neck. He turned and watched the road for a minute.

"But I watched you die," he said, not believing what the driver had just said.

"Yeah. I died a couple of dozen times before that, and since this war started, I must have died at least four times. I'm a traveller. I travle between bodies, switching as each one dies. How do you think I've lived fo so long?"

"So, when you died on that rooftop, you found another body?"

"Well, that time was different. I don't really want to talk about that right now. But we have more pressing matters at hand right now. We need to find Reoan. I guess from what you were doing that you're trying to follow Amber's power trail?"

Asariel nodded, still slghtly shell-shocked about the whole thing.

"Well, I've been trying to do the same thing for weeks now, and I tell you, its not easy. Her energy signature has been jumping around all over the place. One minute she's supposed to be in California, the next she's in Northern Russia. They must have been doing something to try and fool Adiol and the other angels, but unfortunately it means we can't make it out among other signatures. We're going to have to do some manual searching for her."

"Well, I had expected that. Amber's signal has been jumping around so much in the last couple of hours it was giving me a headache."

"Guess its out on the open road for us, then," said Kraven, slamming his foot down on the accelerator...

(OOC: Hope that was ok, Seibzeihn)
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[B]"Tsk, tsk, tsk!"[/B] Sartael's body lay in a corner her feet crossed, her hands under her head as she stared at the ceiling. [B]"I take it things did not go your way Adiol."[/B]

He wasn't happy and was now more irritated with her always dropping in unexpectedly, but that was normal for her.

[B]"I wonder what your small mind is speculating Sartael?"[/B] He replied cooly turning to her slowly and shunning his obedient follower, who had obviously been coming in to warn him of the unexpected company.

The angel did as commanded and left, leaving the two acquaintances alone. Sartael kept staring up, her expression relaxed totally unfazed by the angel standing before her. A smile crawed across her face.

[B]"Now, now!"[/B] She sat up and looked at him her hazel and blue eyes still as brilliant as always. [B]"There is no need to lie, for you know the power I hold, but I do not even need that to tap into with what you're thinking.[/B] She stood up and stood in front of him one hand cocked on her hip. [B]"Besides you must remember.... Ooops I almost slipped."[/B] She covered her mouth with her finger and shushed herself. [B]" I must remember to hold my tounge in public."[/B]

Adiol hated, but loved Sartael's secrecy, he didn't know if her slip of tounge was accidental or intentional joking on her part.

He glared at her as another smile escaped to her face and she backed up, knowing that now was no time for a confrontation.

[B]"Either way, its my business Sartael, and I don't you making a mockery of it."[/B]

[B]"Hmmm, interesting."[/B] Sartael started moving closer to him and into his shadow. [B]"A mockery, I wouldn't go that far old friend. Besides, I have a little something in mind that may turn this whole thing in your favor. You just have to trust me, and let me pull a few strings here or there."[/B]

With that Sartael disapeared, leaving a disgruntled and somewhat confused Adiol behind.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

OOC: Kamuro.. I know this post is a little sketchy but there is a method to my characters madness. I will confer with you by PM okay.
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[color=DarkGreen][size=1]Raven sighed as Zane's illusion finished. It was a replay of the events that had happened to both of them straight after the massacre. Both fo them had felt heartache and loss - the loos of friends and ones that were very close to them. They sat in the rather comfy sapphire-blue velvet armchairs in Raven's apartment.

Zane had a glass of red wine in his hand. Raven had sunk into the bottom of her chair. Those emotions that illusion provoked was almost still too real to bear. The four Zodiac had met up after that, but only briefly, and went their separate ways, doing what they thought was right.

[i]Ima... Kariz... I wonder how they are doing...[/i] Raven thought to herself.

Zane looked over to Raven. [color=Navy]" I wonder that too sometimes.[/color]

" Sometimes I wish you didn't read my mind."

[color=Navy]" Unforunate habit of mine. These powers are undeveloped as of yet. I don't mean to. They just sort of filter into my mind, as if you were speaking to me normally."[/color] Zane took a sip of the red wine, swirling it slightly in the glass.

" These powers," Raven said, holding her hand up before her face, " I wonder if these are truly gifts or just curses."

[color=Navy]" I wonder that too."[/color]

Both of them sighed in unison. They had become very close friends during the one-and-a-half years they had been in each other's presence. Raven had been so kind as to let Zane stay with her since his house had been destroyed by what they were fighting.

But they had rarely seen a demon during the two years. There was a few minor ones here and there, but nothing like they were when they were fighting them permanently. Raven looked outside at the night sky. The lights of Athens almost reached the stars. The sounds of late-night traffic echoed through the buildings.

Zane finished off his glass of wine. [color=Navy]" I think I'll go to bed. Do you have an early start in the morning?"[/color]

Raven shook her head. " The Chief gave me a midday start. But I have to work late. You'll have to make dinner."

[color=Navy]" Very well. Be home for lunch?"[/color]

" I'll go get some pizza from around the corner."

[color=Navy]" Sounds good. Night Raven..."[/color]

" Night Zane."

Zane headed off to his room - the room that Rubedo had used when he stayed with her.

There was a sudden pain in her heart. [i]Rubedo.... damn you.... why can't you just get out of my head..... you left me years ago.... just go away!![/i] She dragged herself into the bathroom to have a quick shower before bed. As the steam rose around her, she couldn't help thinking about her role as a Zodiac in the world.

" Maybe.... maybe these powers are a gift after all..."[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][I]I witnessed your encounter with Rubedo, not quite as impressive as I'd expected[/I] spoke the divine voice in Adiol's head once again.

[I]You've got no idea what I'm planning. Probing my mind offers you only the most basic of thoughts. Rubedo will join me, I assure you[/I] Adiol returned, his confidence as strong as ever. [I]As much as he distrusts me, Reoan suffers the same fate. I'll be sure to visit him again soon. Guardians are so foolish, as neutral as he wishes to be, when the truth comes out he'll be forced to choose, and he will choose me...or I'll kill him.[/I]

[I]Don't be to hasty, I too believe he's leaning towards our side. Not because of your persuasion tactics, merely because he hungers for battle, and what better opponent then yourself?[/I] the voice spoke, following a booming laugh. [I]And keep an eye on Sartael. It's hard enough keeping track of her as it is, I don't need her crossing between plains or bothering the Zodiacs.[/I]

[I]She means well, her methods are just a bit unorthodox. Luckily for you I'm one of the only people able to keep her in line[/I] Adiol returned.


[B]"...you just have to trust me, and let me pull a few strings here or there."[/B]

And with that Sartael disappeared, leaving a disgruntled and somewhat confused Adiol behind. Soon after he was joined again by his young messenger. [B]"Hello Sir Adiol,"[/B] he spoke quietly. [B]"I don't have time for this now. Until Sartael returns I'll have to leave the Zodiacs be; it's best to humor her for now. I'll continue working with Rubedo, and maybe some others now that I think of it..."[/B] Adiol spoke, immediately disappearing and leaving only a single white feather behind.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Beelzebub walked slowly down a crowded market street of Egypt. Though he touched no one as he weaved in and out of the people. He chose to walk even though he was capable of much more effecient means of travel. Walking allowed him to have more [b]"fun"[/b] as he would call it, his sinister laugh following the word. In truth Beezlebub somewhat enjoyed being on earth, yes he found humans to be detestable but they were entertaining all the same. Where ever he would travel, a path of mysterious, brutal murders followed and it was the same here.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]"[b]The human soul, so easily temped, the forsake God until overwhelmed by darkness, then beg for his mercy. Disguisting and spinless, yet twistedly entertaining"[/b] Beezlebub's deep, coarse voice rang as he gazed apon two bodies, each with each others heart in hand.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]They were just broken toys to him, things that had outlived thier pupose, in this case his sadistic amusement. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"I believe I have played enough for one day, but who shall I visit...........the Zodiacs, Kariz, Ima, Raven, Kane, Rubedo, yes Rubedo, or maybe Adiol, that would prove to be fun"[/b] Beezlebub laughed as he dissapeared into the shadows.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]He reappeared softly behind a ragged figure. "Hmm You would make a powerful ally of hell, though this I'm sure you know" Beezlebub thought as he took a step forward recieving a cold voice.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=#8b0000][b]"I though I told you to save it Adiol"[/b][/color][/size]
[size=1][color=#8b0000][b]"I probably would if I were Adiol"[/b] Laughed the demon drawing the attention of Rubedo.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=#8b0000]"[b]I'm rather tired of these interuptions.....are you here to get me to kill Reoan as well.......If you wan't your balance restored do your own dirty work"[/b] The guardian spat back.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=#8b0000][b]"Do not insult me lightly, I will not shy away from it like Angels, and oh how I do like to rip out tounges"[/b] Beezlebub replied clenching his fists anger building, though he calmed himself enough to answer the comment.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=#8b0000][b]"And oh how I'd love to kill her. I rather enjoy that feeling, you know the one I'm talking about. The feeling when you have complete control over someones life, its as if it where an egg in your grasp, waiting to be crushed. A puppet at your will, not to mention the wonderous color of heart blood, yes I would enjoy it very much"[/b] Beezlebub stopped for a moment his eyes bearing heavily on the man infront of him [b]"If I were to kill her, who is to say that I couldn't tip the balance in hells favor. This would be your balance, kill who ever needs die, but one thing is for sure.............she must die."[/b][/color][/size]
[size=1][color=green]OOC: I hope that is ok Kairi, same goes to you DC, correct me if I made and wrong references to the balance.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][B]2:30 am.

London England.


Rain. She loved the rain. Loved to feel it on her skin, in her hair....her face...she loved the rain, but not as much as she loved fire...[/I][/B]

Which is why, tonight, instead of haunting the town in the rain, she was in a hotel room, staring at the embers in the fireplace.


Lightning crashed outside her window, sending the rumble of thunder through the walls seconds later.


These things meant something to her. She didn't know what. She just knew that they meant...something.

They had...always...meant something. Or as long back as she could remember. She remembered...she remembered flames, most vividly. And perhaps...only. She remembered waking in a clean, steril hospital...but nothing before that but fire. Her face told her that she was - maybe - in her mid twenties; there should've been years of memories. Instead...there were two. Two years of memories, and nothing to base them on. Two years of being alone.

There was something different about her. Something that seemed to drive people off...the breezes in her room stirred as she thought this, almost as if they wished to prove her train of thought. This difference was just enough that...that for the two years she could remember, she had been alone.

It hadn't always been this way, she thought, letting the charcoal stick in her hand wander over the paper stretched on the floor. She could remember laughing, talking...[i]belonging[/i]. Wherever that had been, it was gone. And without even her own name...she had no way to find it again.

Finally, after what felt like hours, she drew back on her heels. Leaping out of a page of black and grey flames was a tiger, claws spread, fanged mouth opened wide. Flying over one of the tiger's shoulders was a huge, black bird - over the other was a bluejay, or nuthatch, or some other small bird. Looming in the background was a...a bear, or a wolverine, or some large bulky animal. But the shading made it clear the tiger was the focal point.

She sighed, lifting the paper up.

[B]"I wish I knew what you were trying to tell me..."[/B] she remarked to the paper, conversationally. [B]"It would make everything so much easier..." [/B]She set it on the table gently; with the other twenty she'd sketched since coming to London two weeks ago. Somehow, the pictures told a story. The others had other animals, had [i]creatures[/i] and angels and bat winged [i]things[/i]. They were telling [i]something[/i]...

Now, if only she could figure out [i]what[/i].

She crawled into bed, listening to the rain on the window; the thunder outside, the soft crackle of the flames...she let the breezes overwhelm the candles she'd spread on the floor for drawing; they stirred the fire in the process, causing flames to once again lick at the logs.

And the woman with no name drifted off to sleep. [/SIZE]


[CENTER]Just an establishing piece...fun to write, but nothing plot changing, yet. The main idea is she's out there...[/CENTER] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]"I've been searching for the last two years, Asariel," said Kraven, whilst also trying to keep his mind on the road, "I've looked all over the world, from Australia to New York. Let me tell you, things aren't looking good for the world. Almost all of the major towns in Northern Russia have been taken by demons, although I'm not sure who they are commanded by. Beelzebub is in Egypt, doing God knows what. As of yet I'm uncertain as to where Adiol is, but I'm pretty certain that Rubedo, the Guardian that Reoan has been searching for is somewhere in Europe. I know that gives us a lot of ground to cover, but it's a start. Reoan is begin particularly tricky to find at the moment, though, although I know I'm getting close. I need to find Amber and David, and then they will know where Reoan is. I'm guessing that Reoan is hiding out somewhere, using underworld connections to find hiding places, which means it will be a lot harder finding her. Do you have any ideas?"

"Well, I have one idea that you can talk for your country, Kraven. you never used to be this talkative," said the fallen angel.

"Well, things have changed. i needed to give you a large amount of information in a small amount of time, so that was the easiest way to do it."

"Why did you need to give me the information in such a small amount of time?"

"Because we're being followed." Kraven turned and looked out of the back window. There were huge, hulking demons, at least four of them, barreling down the street after the car.

"Take the wheel, Asariel," he said. The fallen angel grapsed the steering wheel, and Kraven opened the sun roof. He grabbed something from the back seat, and hoisted his upper body out of the sun roof.

"Take this!" he shouted, and fired the shotgun he had grabbed. One of the demons was blown backwards, its body shattering into millions of dusty particles. Kraven laughed, and cocked the shotgun. Another two shots dispatched a second demon. Then, as he tried to cock the weapon again, it jammed.

"I never liked that thing anyway," he said to himself, throwing the gun away. He drew his trusty USP, and fired three rounds into the nearest demon. Three bullets to the head stopped it in its tracks. There were more of them coming.

"Kraven!" shouted Asariel, "We have a problem!" He stopped the car, swerving it so it stopped across the road. There were at least a dozen demons in front of them, and around six behind them. They were surrounded.

"This is my favourite part of the job!" said Kraven, pulling himself up through the sun roof and drawing his swords.

"Come on, Asariel, you're missing all the fun!" he shouted. The fallen angel blasted the door off the car, and stepped out, the [i]Ashen Hand[/i] now in his grasp.

"You're going to regret the day you ever tried this, demons," he said, and charged the demons in front, the glaive flashing in the pale moonlight...
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Sartael's body arrived in the shadows of a building her body immediately being pelted by the rain and cold air. She moved out of the shadows and down the empty street, whistling as she went. Luckily Adiol was not able to press her further of her plans. She had to set things out just right and she didn't need him or the divine one getting in the way.

[I]Divine one.[/I] She scoffed as she moved along. Her attitude was not very reassuring to him as he began to stir in her head.

[I]What are you thinking Sartael. That I will not keep my word.[/I]

She scoffed again and kept her facial expression plain as she listened to him comtinue.

[I]I know that you are working hard in my favor, and I will see you justly rewarded for what you are doing here on Earth.[/I]

[I]Thats not what I'm complaining about. You know what it is yet you have no need of explaining yourself. For you just do. And here I am shunned for many years and only two years ago am I allowed a chance to change things. I just wonder is it worth it.[/I]

[I]You have never doubted me before and there is no reason to now. Just do as I ask, and things will right themselves.[/I]

[I]I did before I was sent here. But I guess I became a little too tricky for your liking. But do not worry, the balance will be restored, you just have no say in my part of it.[/I]

She resumed her conscious walk down the road stoping in the occasional shadows feeling for who or what may be lurking. She kept moving along. Her bosy merging in the shadows occasionally and appearing in another sector of the world. Its location unknown for a moment then refreshed as she moved along. She continued to examine the shadows until she stopped in front of small hospital.

[I]Interesting that you be here.[/I] She thought for a moment as she moved into the buildings shadows and into his darkened room.[I]After so many years, to see you like this, what a shame..... Lucifer.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Kariz heard the squeal of tires first. Then the crush of metal and a swish of swords being drawn. [I]This wasn?t a gang brawl she was listening to[/I].

She hurried down the street and around the corner to find a car, sidewise about two blocks away from her cutting off the road. One man stood on top of the car, a sword in each hand. Another, who radiated of unworldly energy, came through one of the car?s doors. They were surrounded by demons. The man she took to be one of the fallen, charged the demons. The man who stood atop the car grinned, obviously enjoying the prospect of the fight.

[I]These two were no angels. She had not often seen demons attack their own? unless? Reoan?[/I]

Kariz walked then with a steady and purposeful step, pulling her guns and checking her ammo as she went. She fired at the backs of the nearest two demons who flinched, one falling to the ground. The other turned and faced her. He sneered and ran at her. She was still too far away to pull the sword, so she continued to fire until he was nearly to her, and he too fell cracking the cement as he hit. Now she had their attention. Two who weren?t fighting the men came for her. She had continued to approach the fight, and she was close enough to them now to use the sword. She pulled Ima?s sword with her left hand and created a fireball in her right.

One of the demon?s growled at her [COLOR=Black][B]?Zodiac.?[/B][/COLOR]

She merely smirked at them through her dripping short strands of hair. She had come to thirst for and love the fight. Her skills had much improved since she left the cinders of that hotel as she had spent the past two years fighting her way closer to Reoan. She knew she was one of the few left who had not picked a side, who remained neutral. But it was a demonic force that most often attacked the Zodiac, leading her to believe they didn?t want any of them to find Reoan, which made her curiosity and drive to find her ever stronger?

[B]?Come and get me [I]bastardos do inferno[/I]. And when you see your boss, tell him who returned you??[/B][/COLOR]

(OOC: hope this works for everyone, if not, pm me. I wanted to get Kariz back into the action :catgirl: ...)
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][B][COLOR=DarkRed]"If I were to kill her, who is to say that I couldn't tip the balance in hells favor. This would be your balance, kill who ever needs die, but one thing is for sure.............she must die."[/COLOR][/B]

Rubedo yawned with more enthusiasm than was necessary for yawning and covered his mouth...bringing the demon out of his current 'mood.'

Beezlebub stared in annoyance as the young, yet scruffy looking Guardian leaned up against a tree. The night was becoming dark, yet both could easily see each other in the darkness.

Rubedo again yawned began to stretch himself against the tree...after a few moments of silence, with neither being making a sound Rubedo finally stood and made his way towards the demon with no fear at all. A confident stride that surprised the demon a little bit...even after the words that he just spoke.

[B]"So you like tongues huh..."[/B] finally spoke Rubedo. And without hesitation, he pulled out a dagger and began to cut his own tongue out. Slowly slicing away at the muscle, blood began to spew out of Rubedo's mouth at the vein within the tongue finally was cut completely, blood rushing out of his mouth as if it was a river as the tongue dropped to the ground.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"What in the name of..."[/B][/COLOR] spoke the demon, but finally held his own tongue as Rubedo began to carve into his own body...first starting from the top of his right chest...using the blade in his left hand, Rubedo stabbed himself right in the lung and began to run the blade all the way down to his mid-intestines. His once muddy clothes now began only soaked with blood as a puddle began to form underneathe him.

Beezlebub took a step back as Rubedo began to walk towards him with his mouth wide open exposing his long lost tongue...or what used to be his tongue.

Finally after he had his fun cutting up his body, Rubedo made some distance between he and the demon and suddenly snapped his head back in the most sedistic laughter that could be heard and burst in a flash of light which blinded Beezlebubs sight for only a moment.

Once he regained his sight...he looked upon the Guardian completely healed with a smile on his face.
"Hold your threats demon...they mean nothing here in this place."[/B]

Beezlebub finally understood what this Guardian was made of and looked upon him differently. Rubedo was but only a rumor to both realms...a Guardian gone psychotic...he finally understood why...

[B]"Before you interrupted my peaceful walk I was visited by Adiol with your same proposition...funny how such a petty Guardian could cause so much ruckus." [/B]Rubedo again smiled as he continued....

[B]"I know your kind...I've served yours and the angels for centuries...and I know how you all work. If all this were merely about Reoan...then you must also understand that Adiol has begun this as well once he fucked that poor thing."[/B] the 'fucked' was obviously more emphasized than the other words...
[B]"Then you will kill her then...?"[/B] [/COLOR]questioned Beezlebub who had suddenly realized what he expected to arise out of this man was far different than he anticipated.

[B]"If you want to be that way...I should kill you as well...and believe me...I can..." [/B]quickly brushing aside his cloak Rubedo pulled out of a normal sized katana shealth and revieled a abnormally long scimitar of about 50inches inches in lenght in the blade alone.

Beezlebub immidiately prepared himself with no fear in his eyes as well...preparing for anything...

But Rubedo simply stood there...holding his weapon to his side...staring at the demon with those goldish red eyes of his...
"You have no idea what I've become Beezlebub...you of all people I could come to respect, for it was your kind that trained me. As Reoan had her masters...so I had mine...but do not treat me as a fool. If there is to be balance...then both Adiol and Reoan must die...but only when I choose. There are far more power forces at work here...but rest ashured...she will die."[/B]

Beezlebub withdrew his weapon in approval at upon listening to the Guardians words...but realized that Rubedo has not done the same...

[B]"But I warn you...if you continue to manipulate this game...and continue to fight in this upcoming war...I will kill you...and you'll learn why both angels and demons have come to fear me...and the people of this world...who have come to call me...the ghost."[/B]

And with that...Rubedo vanished...however his presence still lingered as Beezlebub looked around the area...trying to find his location. Then...mist began to surround him, dust forming in the shape of Rubedo's face.

Turning sharply to his left, Beelzebub punched with his right hand, but hit nothing but air...then the same dust was in back on him, laughing at him...smiling. The demon continued to attack as Rubedo easily moved around him with his great speed.

Beelzebub stuck out a foot in a swipe kick fashion...trying to connect with the Guardian...but hit nothing. In his kneeling position, Beezlebub looked up and saw for only a moment Rubedo in his red cloak running straight for him before he was upon him, hitting him right in the abdominal area with full force.

The impact was far greater than he expected and cried out in pain as his black wings burst out from his back.

Looking up at Rubedo who still had a sedistic smile on his face, came with his opposite arm and smashed Beezlebub in the face with his palm, casting him right into a series of trees.

[I]...thanx Ezequeel...your strength is quite spectacular...[/I]

Slowly rising to his feet, Beezlebub summoned three fellow fallen angels who had been in the shadow and persued upon Rubedo.

Not flinching at all at this new development...Rubedo raised his right hand...and with a quick flash from his hand...three seperate bursts of fire errupted around him from the ground and assended up as high as the clouds...all three flames burned while they stunned the beasts in their persuit only to have Rubedo quickly slashing at their wings and just as quickly, decapitating them.

By the time the flames had died down...the Guardian was gone...


Across several countries...Rubedo finally materialized in a dark ally. In this part of the world is was light which was to his liking. Looking like a bum as he made his way to the streets, the people simply ignored him as he made his way into a very fine looking hotel.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, staff members began to surround him...trying to send him away because of his filth only to be greated by American hundred dollar bills.

Everyone parted away from him as if it were the Red Sea...[I]Moses was such a cool guy[/I]...Rubedo thought to himself as he made his way to the desk...
"what is your desire sir?"[/B] the man at the desk spoke in Italian...the city of Rome as a wonderful place to stay...one of Rubedo's favor...and the best place to eat.

[B]"I would like a room please...and some...essentials to clean myself up."[/B]

About an hour later...a mistress had brought him a razor and shaving cream along with all the food that one could wish for.

In the bathroom, Rubedo began to shave off all the facial hair that he had obtained over the past couple of months...and took the first shower that he had taken in God knew how long.

Pulling his long golden/red hair away from his face, he could finally look at his demonic eyes once again. They were golden like his hair...with a tint of red and black that wasn't human at all. With his clean shave and silk looking hair, he could pass as royalty.

He walked out of the bathroom to find a new pair of cloths which pleased him greatly. The feel of new clothing was incredible upon his request to the mistress...his red cloak which came to his knees was majestic in style, and his tight black shirt and baggy black pants were comfortable as well.

Finally resting himself upon a chair at the dinning room table of the hotel room, he began to feast to his hearts content...

[I]Ha...angels and demons...being one doesn't make you any better than the rest of us. To be blunt...God favors humans over you...and it doesn't make you all powerful. You all fight over your petty sides...when humans...the ones which you supposibly rule over are never considered...well that will change....that will all change...[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][RIGHT]
OOC: Sorry if I had Rubedo kick you ass shadowdeath...but it was a point that I wanted to make. Being an angel or demon does not make you invisible nor superior...and Rubedo is one bad 'bad ass.' Just wanted to show that a little more into his power and persona.[/RIGHT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkOrchid]"[B]You've changed quite a bit since the last time I saw you.[/B]" Reoan said softly as she stood dramaticly posed by the large window of the Italian hotel.

Rubedo did not stop his eating, nor turn to look at her. She allowed a playful smile to dance across her face at this. She watched him for a moment, taking in all his features. His power and essence radiating through the room, seemingly over powering her own.

[COLOR=SlateGray]"[B]I see you've learned to mask your power.[/B]"[/COLOR] Rubedo said with food is him mouth.

"[B]Keeps those that are looking for my head guessing.[/B]" She replied stiffly.

Reoan pushed herself from the window with her back and carefully strutted over towards the large display of food. She ran her finger tips gently across the tables surface as she took a position just across the table of Rubedo. She inhaled, taking in the sweet scents of the delicious looking foods, and then smelling something else. A wicked smile crept across her face as she stared down at the food between them.

"[B]Charming. You're wanted by even by them.[/B]" Reoan chuckled lightly as she danced her fingers across a finely made bowl.

Rubedo rose his head, his mouth full still.

"[B]Do you think that you could kill me as easily as the others?[/B]" Reoan brought her head up now, staring deep into the gold and red eyes of Rubedo. Her nearly black eyes searched through his very soul as he sat there staring at her.

[COLOR=SlateGray]"[B]What do you want?[/B]"[/COLOR] He said cruedly as he went back to eating.


Rubedo's head juttled up for a moment and then he sneered.

"[B]They're already your enemy, Beelzebub and Adoil. Why not help me to destory them?[/B]" Reoan's voice did not faulter, make any high pitched noises or change pitch at all for that matter. "[B]I do not come bearing bargins for you or gifts. I simply want your talent for killing things. You may refuse me, and you shall never hear from me again, but stand in my way,[/B]" Reoan pulled her head down allowing a devilish smile to play upon her face. "[B]And I will kill you." She brought her head back up quickly, swirling around away from the table. "You may have your choice of Sartael or Beelezbub, or both. Doesn't rightfully matter to me, but [I]Adoil[/I] is mine.[/B]"

Rubedo said nothing, and his silence did not please nor dis-please Reoan as she approached a neighboring window. She pulled the curtain from the glass structure and stared out into the busy city, the sun streaking across her face and warming it ever so gently.

"[B]What did they offer you? I'm sure Adoil promised you Raven, that lovely little Zodiac you were falling for; and Beelezbub with his threats I persume?[/B]" Reoan said idly as she stared out the window.

[COLOR=SlateGray]"[B]Why do you care?[/B]"[/COLOR] Rubedo said dryly.

"[B]Just curious how low both Hell and Heaven will go to try and stop me.[/B]" Reoan turned around, placing her hand on the hilt of her sword as she walked towards Rubedo.

"[B]I'm not sure you've ever been scorned by love. Some one that claimed to have loved you and promised to protect you and be by your side always. But its a deadly blow to one that believes in that person claiming such things.[/B]" Reoan made her way to the table, slamming her palms onto its end watching as Rubedo didn't move at all. "[B]I will not rest until I have both Sartael's and Adoil's head on a platter. You could send me back to Hell a thousand times, but I will return to this god-forsaken plane and I will extract my revenge with or without your help.[/B]" Reoan's voice slowly went from calm and collected, to completely ruthless and harsh. She realized that she had lost herself in her hatred once again and tore away from the table towards the door.

"[B]I do not see you as an enemy,[/B]" she hissed, stopping just before the door. "[B]But I do not see you as an alliance either.[/B]" She reached out and grabbed the handle to the hotel door, pausing for a moment. "[B]When you have your answer for me, you'll know where to find me,[/B]" and with her last words you quietly left the hotel room.

Reoan made her way through the hotel's many halls ways and down into the lobby. People crowded around her every where, but were unable to see the massive sword that was strapped to the ex-Guardian's side through a clever cloaking trick she had resently learned. She walked to the street curb as a bell boy hollared for a cab. Climbing in, she told the taxi driver her destination as he pulled away from the curb.

The massive Casa de Campo was just what Reoan needed to relax her mind and body under the sun and near some beautiful water. The castle that laid beyond the gaint fountains brought back old memories of a life long since past. She wandered through the park aimlessly, looking for a spot to sit and mediate without having to worry about attackers. After a long hour of searching she found it and nestled herself in the grass.[/COLOR]


Freeing her mind, she transended into another realm yet again, finding herself standing in a dark alley way. She looked about, a horse-drawn carriage making its way hastly down the cobbled street. Behind her was a wall of bricks and trash.

"[B]Reoan,[/B]" a faint whisper beckoned for her attention.

"[B]Why are we here?[/B]" Reoan questioned as she turned around and started towards the back of the alley.

"[B]They're looking for me, so I have to keep relocating.[/B]" Jacob's face came into view as Reoan stopped in front of him.

"[B]How am I going to find you each time?[/B]"

"[B]I don't know.[/B]" Worry took ahold of his face as he stared at her. "[B]Did you locate the Guardian you were seeking?[/B]" Jacob broke the ackward silence.

'[B]Yes, he's in Italy.[/B]"

"[B]Have you spoken to him?[/B]"



"[B]Waiting for his reply. What of David and Amber?[/B]" Reoan shifted nervously from one foot to the other, glancing over her shoulder every once in awhile.

"[B]They're fine. I have good news[/B]." A bright smile lit up across Jacob's face. Reoan raised in eyebrow in puzzlement as he went on. "[B]Kraven's back[/B]." Jacob watched with joy as Reoan's expression turned to surprise. "[B]And he's found Asariel. They're both looking for you.[/B]"

Reoan lowered her head.

"[B]What...what's wrong?[/B]" Jacob took a step forward, but did not dare to advance more.

"[B]I must go. My time is up[/B]." Reoan said softly, not even bothering to look up at Jacob as she blinked back to reality.


[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Reoan sighed heavily as she tilted her head back to look up at the sun. Things were falling together and the time would be coming soon for her to face Adoil for the final time.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=1][color=green]OOC: NO problem Kairi, I wasn't implying that I was invincible, in matter of fact humans posses untapped power, I was just emphasising the little amount of patience Beezlebub has for anyone without honor, mainly humans though, it was a test so to say.[/color][/size][/font]

[size=1][color=darkred]Beezlebub propped himself up against a tree, the moonlight dimly illuminating the forest. The flames left by Rubedo still thrived ever so slightly, feeding off everything in reach. No standing strait he spit a mouthful of blood, a sinister smile crept across Beezlebub's face, almost mimicing that of Rubedo.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Good, Excellent"[/b] Beezlebub laughed his deep voice radiating for miles.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"You are far more twisted than I could have ever imagined, you truly should be a Duke of Hell[/b]" He added, his laughter seeming to make the trees groan.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"The potential the human soul is capable of, good and evil, you have pleasanly surprised me Rubedo, you have earned my respect, but even though you were trained by my kind, you have yet to see the true darkness of hell, something I could show you......"[/b] [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"I respect you more than most, because of this you have my blade in battle, for you take far more action than most, especially angels, their tendencies to talk and manipulate are rivaled only by Lucifer"[/b] Beezlebub finished jumping up in the sky and spreading his massive wings, dissapearing in the night.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Beezlebub stood in a dimly lit room, a glass of vodka in his hand. Stepping out onto the balcony, the barren frame of the Eiffel Tower, silenly watching over the city. A cool breeze greeted his large frame as he took another drink from the glass.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Reoan, it seems as if everything intends to spiral down on you, though you are far more capable than most, what do you intend to do? Kill Adiol for all I care, that holds little signifigance to me, but Kraven, you are who I am really here for, Reoan just seems to be in the crossfire, though your death will restore the balance"[/b] Beezlebub spoke to himself before returning inside.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]"Zodiac!" Kraven shouted to the newcomer, as his sword cut through a demon, "These demons hate fire! Create a ring around us, and we should be safe!"

The Zodiac nodded, seeing that there were too many demons to take down physically. She summoned a ring of fire, which jumped up around them from the ground. The three fighters backed against each other in the centre of the ring, protecting themselves as much as possible.

"What's your name, Zodiac?" asked Asariel.

"Kariz. You are a demon, are you not?" she replied.

"Not really. He is, however," Asariel said, indicating Kraven, who was crouched, touching the ground, "I am a fallen angel."

"Really? And what's the difference?" she asked.

"Big difference," said Kraven, "Maybe I'll explain it to you one day. But for now would you two shut up for a second. I'm getting something here."

"What have you found, Kraven?" asked Asariel, "Is it Reoan?"

"It could be," he said, "I can't be sure. I just felt a massive surge of power a few blocks south of here. In a hotel, I think. I saw dinner plates, maybe a restaurant. It was definitely the power of a Guardian."

"So it could be Reoan."

"Yes," Kraven replied sullenly.

"What's the matter?"

"Well, if Reoan's been masking her power all this time, then why did she just uncover it? The more likely option is that it is the energy signature of the other."

"You mean..."

"Yes. Rubedo. A powerful Guardian, but he will slay anything in his way to achieve balance. There is a good chance he will kill Reoan, and we can't allow that to happen." Kraven ran and jumped in the car, sheathing his swords. Asariel jumped in the passenger side, and Kariz got in the back.

"Who said you're coming, girl?" asked Asariel coldly.

"Oh, yeah, like you're gonna leave a girl to deal with the demons alone. I'm coming with you whether you like it or not."

"Fine. Just don't get in our way," said Asariel. Kraven gave him a sour look, and Asariel shrugged.

"Hold on tight," said Kraven, slamming his foot down on the accelerator. The car sped forwards, blasting through the wall of flame and on towards Reoan...
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]Rubedo suddenly appeared right before Reoan's face as she looked up at the sun radiating its warmth upon the park....glaring at her in curiosity...
"Who were you talking too?"[/B] he questioned as he made he walked around her to look straight at her front as she sat upon the grass...

Reoan's heart beat jumped slightly at his sudden appearance...but held in the surprise to not show anything. His power was indeed intimidating as when she first entered his hotel room.

[B]"Hello Rubedo..."[/B] she smiled with some happiness in her appearance...[B]"what took you so long?"[/B]

[B]"Even the wisest and most powerful of us has to think and meditate...don't you agree?"[/B] Rubedo responded...commenting on what she was just doing with a sense of arrogance. Reoan despised it a bit, but he had good reason to have as such...he had earned it.

Rubedo took a seat in front of Reoan and crossed his legs after he had taken out his blade and placed it at his side. Reoan noticed this but did not react....
"You know better than I...that angels and demons are not to be completely trusted, especially by our kind...we are mere puppets in their eyes."[/B]

Reoan remained quite...shifting her position to something more comfortable...pulling our her sword as well right beside his.
"I believe every Guardian has endured a sense of loss in regards to love...love...the thing that God himself favor above all of his attributes within us. And yet we are commanded to do no such thing, and yet it is the thing that would drive most..."[/B]
"However, it does not cover up the negligance that you had done with Adiol...and for that you must die as the demon Beezlebub and Adiol himself have proclaimed."[/B]

Reoan wanted to protest...fearing the possible threat that Rubedo now imposed upon her...but she remained still...not giving away anything to this now predator before her.

[B]""But..."[/B] he responded with a smile that stretched from one cheek to another...[B]''Adiol has suffered no punishment...but you have...so for balance to be brought back...he must die as well..."[/B]

[B]"So you've chosen to fight beside me then..."[/B] her voice was glad in a sense...but confused because it felt like Rubedo was leading her around in a circle.

There was silence between them...their gaze upon one another was constant...never altered in those passing moments...

Suddenly a voice fluttered into Reoan's mind...a connection that she hadn't felt since Jacob..a comforting feeling of support but firmness that she did not expect...

[I]...but you must die as well...but not yet....not yet....[/I]

Reoan lowered her head and took in those words as Rubedo rose to his feet and picked up his blade and shealthed it...it subsiding back into a smaller form of the sheath.
"I will fight with you...but understand that when the time comes I will kill you myself. The others...demons and angels alike will be decided later. If I feel one is out of line...then yes...I will kill this Sartael and Beezlebub...but not until it is necessary for my cause for balance. I respect Beezlebub...I have a great taste for the demonic of sorts...but still kill them at my discression."[/B] his voice was profound and confident as he continued his decloration before her.

She looked up at him, seeing almost a glimpse within himself the man that he once was...

[B]"You are a Guardian like me...and with that alone I have great respect. I shall journey with you till the end of your days...but know that I am no subordinate, but as a friend watching over you till the time is right. I fight for the humans...and me of course"[/B] as he began to laugh that sedistic laugh of his.

[B]"And when the time is right....we will have our moment to become Gods ourselves when the littlest of us will rise and conquer against their masters."[/B] Rubedo suddenly flipped for a moment, dancing around in a circle with joy and evil intentions that Reoan honestly couldn't understand...but enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy that he had within him.

Finally calming down...he looked down at Reoan who was looking at him in a sense of wonder, but also a little lost and confused when he finally said...

[B]"So...where too?"[/B] as he clapped his hands together and began to rub them...[B]"I'm bored..."[/B]

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[color=darkred][size=1]Asariel glanced at Kariz, then back at Kraven.

[b]"A Guardian, you say?"[/b] the disdain was thick in his voice. [b]"What makes you think he can kill Reoan?"[/b]

"You'd be wise not to underestimate him," grunted Kraven without taking his eyes away from the road ahead.

[b]"Au contraire, you'd do wise not to underestimate Reoan either, I think."[/b] The fallen angel laughed quietly to himself. [b]"Or me, for that matter."[/b]

Kraven sighed impatently. "I know the powers you both possess."

Asariel waved one hand absently. [b]"Nevermind. Let's just get there before everything goes to Hell, if you'll ignore the expression."[/b]

"I intend to."

As the car sped onwards, Asariel propped his glaive against one shoulder and leaned back, arms folded against his chest. Each minute brought him closer to Reoan -- to where he should be. And this Zodiac they had picked up...Asariel never understood their purpose in the grand scheme of things. Why did they exist, for what reason? It seemed like they were choosing sides much in the way that Asariel and the other disciples of Reoan had. But either way, it was not Asariel's matter to consider. This was not a time for thinking -- it was a time for action. And the fallen angel intended to make the most of every opportunity he was given.[/color][/size]

[size=1][b]OOC: Short post, sorry about that >.>[/b][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Kariz gave a quiet cynical laugh. [I]Girl huh?[/I] She shook her head, and smiled.

[I]Men never learned, demon, angel, fallen, whatever, they all thought the same when it came to women on one level or another, whether they admitted it or not.[/I]

Well, she was hardly weak nor a person to be trifled with. She had become what Ben would have called a ?bad ass? in the past two years. She figured that would come in handy when it came down to fixing the gash in the balance.

Kariz leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes, bracing a knee up on the back of the seat in front of her.

[I]So they thought Rubedo was there did they? It had been over two years, she barley remembered him. She doubted he?d even recognize her. And of course she knew the difference between the fallen and the demons, but let them think she was no more than a naive girl born with powers. Perfeito. That was to her advantage.[/I]

She lifted her head and pulled out her guns, laying them on the seat beside her as they drove. Picking one up she began to reload it. She looked up and caught the driver glance up to look at her through the mirror. She smirked at him and her eyes flashed yellow, the pupil narrowing into a cat like gaze. She held them that way for a minute, then they melted to their normal deep brown and she turned back to the gun.

[I]Let him mull THAT over in his head for a bit. What was his name again? Krayen? Kraven? Yeah, that was it. [/I]

[I]They?d be at the hotel soon enough. She wondered where this step in her journey would take her next in the ever moving war?[/I][/COLOR]
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[size=1]"Where are you going? The hotel is that way!" said Asariel, pointing down a narrow street to the left as Kraven turned the car to the right.

"We're not going to the hotel! You think Rubedo is going to stick around there after we've discovered him?" shouted Kraven over the roar of the engine, "He's moved, and I can feel him somewhere in the centre of town!"

"Then how come I can't feel him?"

Kraven didn't answer, but swerved into a small park, where there was a man sitting and a woman standing. Kraven recognised the woman instantly, as did Asariel, but the man they did not recognise.

"Shit!" said Kraven, slowing the vehicle, "That must be Rubedo with her already! But we're not too late." He turned the car to face the two Guardians, and slammed his foot down...

* * *

[color=DimGray][color=Black]"So, where to?"[/color] [color=Black]said the Guardian, "I'm bored." He rubbed his hands together, then felt something behind him. A rumbling, and a loud screeching noise. He turned just as a car smashed through the railings that surrounded the park, twisting the metal and buckling it into weird shapes. The black sedan smashed through the bench that Rubedo was sitting on, but the Guardian had stood up as the car hit. He grabbed his sword, and smashed the blade into the side of the vehicle. Three figures rolled out of the doors, landing hard on the damp grass, rolling with the impact and standing up. The car flew over the railings and landed upside down in the road.

"What the hell was that about?" shouted one of the figures who had dropped out of the car, a young girl, "You didn't kill him, but you damn near killed us!"

"Quiet, girl," said a winged figure who had come out of the vehicle, "We don't need your input right now." This figure drew his glaive, swinging it round and holding it in one hand, ready to fight. The third figure stood, drew both of his swords, and said:

"Step away from her, Rubedo."

"And who are you to tell me what to do?" said the Guardian calmly, sheathing his sword, "And tell me, demon, why exactly are you trying to protect Reoan? I thought the Dukes of Hell wanted her dead."

"They want me dead too," he replied.

"Ah, so that's where I recognise you. The Dukes of Hell and the Angels are both after you. How interesting for you. But tell me, how does it feel to be second-rate, after Reoan here, Kraven?" said Rubedo smugly.

"Kraven?" said Reoan, stepping in front of Rubedo, "Is that you?" She walked up to him, and looked into his eyes, "It is you. But you've changed a lot."

"Well, I have been through Hell," he said with a slight smile, "Now if Rubedo is here, why hasn't he killed you yet? That's what he wants, isn't it?"

"Well, actually, my friend, Reoan is off the register for now, but you, however, the angel and the girl, are all fair game. So, demon, prepare to be extinguished," said the Guardian, drawing his sword. He moved like quicksilver, so fast the eye could barely see him. In a second he had crossed the park, and slammed his palm into Kraven's chest, sending him flying back into the railings, bending them as he collided.

Kariz shouted something, and her hands burst into flames, and Asariel ran towards Rubedo, his glaive spinning. The angel and the Guardian collided, and a moment later Asariel was sent flying, landing on the ground with a thud.

Kraven stood up, his swords glinting in the pale half-light, and dashed towards Rubedo. As fast as the Guardian was, Kraven could match his speed, and his own body now moved fluidly, as though made of molten silver. His blades twirled, as though they were extensions of his own arms, and the blades smashed against Rubedo's own weapon, sparks dropping to the ground. The demon brought his face up to the Guardian's, his face twisted in an image of rage.

"Do not underestimate me because of my race, Guardian. I may be a demon, but I am no ordinary demon," he spat, "i have seen more lifetimes than you could ever dream of, I have seen great kingdoms rise, and then fall at the drop of a hat. You are nothing in the face of time itself, Rubedo. You are insignificant. So do not second-guess me merely because I was borne from Hell-Fire. I am so much more that you could ever imagine." He withdrew his blades and walked away.

"Kraven," said Reoan firmly, "Rubedo's working with us. Like it or not, he is our ally now. You must trust him as I once trusted you. Do you remember that time?"

Kraven looked at the ex-Guardian, the one he had given up everything for, and smiled.

"Of course. Now, as you once trusted me to do good, Reoan, I will return the favour upon this Guardian. As long as he grant me the same. You cannot regard me as inferior. We are all equal. Are we agreed?" he said, indicating to Rubedo his trust.

"Very well. But let me tell you this as I told Reoan. When the time comes, I will kill you. But not until you have delivered whatever it is you aim to deliver," said the Guardian, extending his hand. Kraven took it.

"Well done," said Reoan, "Now, let's get out of here..."

(OOC: I hope that's ok for everyone, PM me if its not and I will edit)
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"What the hell was that about?" [/B] shouted Kariz, rolling onto her feet and putting her weapons away, having been just barely able to grab her guns before the crash.[B] "You didn't kill him, but you damn near killed us!"[/B]

[COLOR=SlateGray][B]"Quiet, girl,"[/B][/COLOR] Asariel said sneering, [COLOR=SlateGray][B]"We don't need your input right now[/B]." [/COLOR]

Kariz rolled her eyes and flipped him off, flames licking her fingers ever so slightly.

[I]Where the hell were they getting off treating her as if she was 12 anyway? She was 27 years old and her soul stretched beyond that. That [/I] was possibly the one thing she hated the most was people treating her like she was some damn grade school princess.

[B]?[I]Bastardos arrogantes[/I]? [/B] balls of flame appeared in her hands. [I]She?d let them handle it if that?s what they wanted until she had to defend herself. [/I]

Rubedo had changed over the years, there was a shadow of his former self, [I]but it was a dark shadow. The side of his personality that had kept him quiet and reclusive from the group.[/I] Things had changed. She had once been a leader among the zodiac. Now she was on her own, a ?girl? among fighters who each had dilutions of grandeur that held themselves higher than any other fighters.

She half watched as the boys fought. Her main attention was turned to the woman.

So this was Reoan.

Kariz had been searching for two years for this woman and now here she stood, not even a yard from her... [/COLOR]
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