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Oh My! [M-LVS]


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[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=4][color=royalblue][b]Oh My![/b][/color][/size][/font][/center]

[center][b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3][color=red]Caution! Contains language, strong violence, graphic sex scenes, adult language, nudity and crude humor.[/color][/size][/font][/b][/center]

[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue]Just another boring day at Itsumi High. Or so Ishikawa Tomoe thought. She would later find out that it would end up being far from anything 'normal'.[/color][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue]"Hi, Yota. Hi, Ito." Tomoe waved to the two girls. She just recently met Yoto, and they were already on a first name basis. Ito was one of her best friends, until recently...Tomoe still remembers the day.[/color][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue][i]"But-but why?" Tomoe asked, with tears in her eyes. She and Ito were best friends. In fact, they had grown up together. But somehow, she expected this to happen.[/i][/color][/size][/font][/center]
[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue][i]"It's too complicated. I just want you to, okay? From now on, don't call me Yoshimi anymore. Call me by my last name, Ito."[/i][/color][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue]That was about a year ago, but it seemed a lot longer than that to Tomoe. If there had never been that conflict she and Yoshimi might have developed a more intimate relationship. But she had two other people to think of now. Kasanagi Keiko, one of the more handsome boys in her grade and Mori Kirari, a girl who liked to fool around with Tomoe. She liked to have fun with Kirari, but her relationship with Keiko seemed like it was going to start getting a bit serious.[/color][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue]Tomoe sighed. She already had a lot on her mind, but what she didn't know, was that she was a direct descendant of the leader of a band of female ninja warriors. Or that her fourteenth birthday happened to be the exact date when the ninja warriors came together. Today, and perhaps the rest of her life, was going to be far from normal...[/color][/size][/font][/center]

[left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]Today was going to be the last class of the day, gym class. Tomoe kind of liked gym, since it meant that school was almost over. Well, almost over. There was still the clean up before the students left. The thing that Tomoe hated the most about gym class, were those ridiculous bloomers that they had to wear. She always wondered why they had to wear those. Why could't they just wear shorts like the boys did?[/b][/color][/size][/font][/left]

[left][b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff]Tomoe sighed and put away her books in her bookbag. She followed the other students out the door, and headed for the girl's locker room. On her way there, she heard the other students talking about how they were going to play softball today. It was going to be guys versus girls, as usual.[/color][/size][/font][/b][/left]

[left][b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff]OOC: Well, that was a long post, wasn't it? :animeswea I know it's off to a slow start, but if you don't know how to start, just start a conversation with Tomoe, okay?[/color][/size][/font][/b][/left]
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[COLOR=Plum][FONT=Century Gothic]Hitomi took a batting pose. She gripped her pretend bat and swings "Hehe my legendary swing!" She smiled and tipped her pretend helmet. " Hehe be hitting some balls with this perfossianal swing, yes chief. Winner buys food! Get ready to feed some hungry girls, boys" She says to the boys with a confident smile.She hears somone pass them as she was talking. She looks back and sees Tomoe " Tomoe hey! Lets play baseball!....err i mean softball. What are the rules again?" She turns to one of the boys and ask. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Shun was sitting in the bleachers when he heard some of the others talking about playing softball, well he wasn't much of a player, but it still sounded like fun. Plus it would be a good way for him to break the ice, he had only been at this school for a few days and he still hadn't had a real comversation with any of the other students. He stood up and went down to one of the girls standing on the side of the court "Hey, I hear you guys are going to play softball, mind if I join you?" SHe looked him over "Are you any good?" Shun hesitated then smiled wide "Not even a little bit." He said almost sounding proud. The girl looked at him for another moment then chuckled "Okay, sure. It'll be the boys on the girls." Shun took on a smile again "Okay, I'll see you out there." Shun felt prettty good about himself, he finally went and talked to someone, and a girl to boot and a cute one at that. As he walked away he stopped and realized something "Hey, miss. I didn't get your name, I'm Shun." She looked back at him " My names Hitomi." Shun smiled at her "All right Hitomi, hope I get to see more of your pretty face in the future." He said as he ran out to the rest of the guys and as he did all he could think was[I] 'god that sounded really cheesey'.[/I]
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Lee stetched to his knees. He didn't really wanted to play, but the guys ta school wanted the best athletic to destory the girls in a game of softball.
"Jen came over eating a small hotdog.
"Hey Lee, got a new face." A guy with black hair arrived behind him.
"Alright, what position do you play...."
"Its Shun.... and i never played softball really."
Lee hated how he was the only one out of the entire boys team he was the only one that at played.
"Alright, you can play right field, just go and catch the ball with your glove when the ball comes right at you."
He then picked up a bat and walked to the dugout where everyone filed onto the bench.
"Alirght listen up everyone, i want to get this over with and get a free lunch............. And yes, look at hot girls in those short short pants." The guys laughed.
"Aright we're hitting first, Shun, grab a bat and take the swing and i'll come after you. The rest of you just pick an order when to bat."
He marched out of the dugout and watched the girl pitching and sighed.
"man, i have to do my homework....jeez all this for a free lunch."
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Plum]Hitomi walked to pick a bat after that whole Shun thing. [I]' Hnn pretty wierd, but such a nice compliment!'[/I] SHe took a bat to get a feel of her bat. She heard Lee say something about all for a free lunch. SHe laughed and tilted her head at Lee " Free lunch yep chief! Think about it!After all this, we girls be starving after kicking ya guys butt. Since were growing girls we need to eat alot. Better empty your wallets boys!" She said to Lee as she put her helmet on and swinged at her imaganiry ball.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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He gave alittle grin to Hitomi and watched as Shun approched the plate. Poor guy, doesn't know how to stand up there. He popped the ball way up into the sky as that was the first out.

He gave a yawn as Girls from the stands yelled out Your hot Lee!! and Hit one out.
He walked to the plate and stared at the pitcher. She floated the ball acorss the plate. Crack! The ball zoomed off to deep center. It was a no brainer that it was out of the park. He round the bases and touched home. He glanced at Hitomi and smiled.
"Might need to reach deep into your wallet because i can eat a truckload."
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Shun sat and watched Lee smash that ball [I]'man, that guy can play'[/I]. He sat and watched all the girls out there and thought to himself 'man there are a lot of pretty women here'. He looked at all the other guys in the dug out and began to feel akward as he realized that he didn't know any one else here. He felt kind of stupid for deciding to play, since he didn't have the faintest clue how to play and was still amazed that he hit the ball. He looked out into the field and with out a thought in his head. he was tring to keep his thoughts simple and pure, kind of hard with all those girls in bloomers out there he had to keep his thoughts out of the trash. He wasn't used to this, the last school he went to was guys only. He felt kind of uncomfortable living here now, since he had to rely on his cousin, Nanasei, to take care of him. She had to drop out to look out for him, so he had to do his best at this new school. He looked back out to the feild as another guy stepped up to bat, it was at this point he realized he didn't know how many outs there were. He looked out to the field and looked out to the right feild, since that was where he was headed. He couldn't keep himself together, it was bad enough he didn't know any of the guys, but now he was playing a game of softball against some of the hottest chicks he had ever seen, which was both a little exciting and sad since he seemed more excited then any of the other guys. He saw the ball fly into the guy and a girl in the center catch the ball and the girls begin running to the dugout. Shun sighed "Guess I've got to take the field."
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[COLOR=Plum][FONT=Century Gothic]Hitomi leaned on her bat looking at the boys as the play. She heard some of there girls scream to Lee. " Wow Lee i didn't knew you got fans from the stupid and blind!" She grinned as she watched Lee hit the ball and run around the bases. She took of her eyes away from the game and saw Shun sitting. 'Poor guy, he get use to this school no doubt. Well i hope the other guys are nice to him. He seems sweet.' She smiled at Shun and wondered if he noticed. She heared alot of screaming fans and looked at Lee. He just hit a home run and glanced at her. She saw him smiled and say to ready her wallet. " Lee if i wasn't so short i punch you in the face. Since i am like three times smaller then you I'll hit lower...." She said with a grin. " It only the begining chief! We girls well soon get the lead" She saw Shun hit the plate. She crossed her fingers behinde her back and said " You can do it Shun!". Then she mummered " French fries, hamburger, large soda, ice cream and umm chicken nuggets!"

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Shun walked out into the feild as Hitomi walked right past him "Nice try Shun." This made him feel a little better, but that didn't mean his game was going to improve. He headed for the right and slid his glove on his hand "Okay, do or die time" he said to himself as he watched Lee step up to the pitchers mound. Lee took his stance and pitched the ball to the girl up at bat, she swung quick and hard and, of course, the ball came right to Shun. He heard Lee yelling at him "Grab it, grab the damn ball!!" Shun jumped forward and slid on his stomach only to miss the ball. he felt pretty good since he came pretty close, but Lee was fuming "Idiot, pick it up and throw to second!!!" Shun jumped to his feet in a hurry and pitched that ball right to the catcher at second. The girl stopped at first and Shun felt good that he was at least contributing though you couldn't tell from the look on Lees' face. Shun kept his head up and stood back again in his postition. Shun watched yet another girl take the plate and hit that ball high and far, thsi time it went to the left so Shun didn't have to throw himself out there this time. The ball popped up and was caught out in the left, so she turned and went to the dugout. Next up was Hitomi, she took her palce witha smirk plasterd across her face. She looked to Shun for a second and smiled, this made him feel a little akward. Lee hurled that ball at her and to Shuns surprise for not being very tall, Hitomi could hit like a giant. That ball took off and flew right back to Shun, now he got it she was smiling cause she knew to hit it to him. Shun stood out there and watched that high ball come down to earth like a comet. He hestitated then started to step back and put his hand out to catch the ball. his eyes were set straight into the sun and for a moment it was as if the world around him stopped and all he could hear was his own thoughts. This lasted, overall, about five seconds til the ball landed square on his nose anf floored. Shun blacked out shortly following and didn't remeber much when he came back to.
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[COLOR=Plum][FONT=Century Gothic]Hitomi ran around the bases making a home run. She saw Lee wasn't very happy. She grined and did a little dance. " I told you Lee legendary swing!" She said while dancing, her victory dance. She stopped and watch some people look at the outfield. She someone was knocked out. SHe squinted her eyes and said " OMG IS SHUN!" She saw people gather around him. She try to look over the crowds shoulders. She huffed and looked at Lee. "Sorry Lee but i have to do this!" She runned behind Lee and jumped on his back"
Lee looked at her on his back " WHAT THE HELL YOUR DOING!?"
Hitomi just replied " Let me see you guys are gaints i have to see what going on!" [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Suprisingly she didn't way alot. What happened to shun though. In the mist of thinking pain shot through his head.

"Don't just stand there! Carry me over to him!"
"Jeez, can't you just walk?" He yelled at people around them to move. She gave him directions on the way.
"left...right....no, left dummy! Yeah take few steps...oo that guys hot. Yeah keep going.."
"Alright i don't need directions there i can see where i'm going."
Man was everyone here to watch the game?
Lee looked down as Hitomi looked over his head.
"That's got to hurt....Poor Shun." Said Hitomi as she got down form Lee.
"Ok....poeple get back, give him some room..." Boy right on the nose. oo this guy doesn't look to good... Shouldn't have yelled at him like that.
In the crowd a girl yelled, "We're tied!" and a boy roared back, "Hell nah! That didn't count." Pretty soon the teams argued if it should have counted.
"How bad is it?" Asked Hitomi as she peered over Lee.
"Looks pretty bad. He's knocked out. I'll carry him to the bleachers." He bent down and heaved him up.
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Plum]"Chief! be careful!" SHe said as Lee picked Shun up. She walked beside Lee as he carried him to the bleachers. " Ugh, great about this, since the game probaly won't countinue because of a injured person. I buy you lunch Lee and Shun too...when he wakes up. Don't get wrong idea ain't no groupie! You still have to buy mine for me been so kind! Also half of the box lunches the girls give ya.... " She said as they walked. " Hehe and your back was pretty comfortable!" She laughed as Lee laid Shun in the bleachers. She looked at Shun and got a tissue and holded his nose.[I]'Poor boy probaly going to have a hard time after this' [/I] She sat next to Shun trying to stop the bleeding.[/COLOR] [/FONT]
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Lee sighed as he went back to the field.
"Alright listen up evceryone.. The game has been cancealed!" It seemd as everyone moaned in the crowd.
"No worries...we can make some kind of game next time..." The crowd dissolved as Lee packed his stuff in the dugout.
Boy was it tough day, luckily it was a friday. Jen walked over to him smiling.
"So you coming to the party tonight? Lots of girls... Might get lucky."
"...I'll think about it.."
"Come on man, if you go, the whole school goes to the party. Plus, I love your groupies."
"Alright i'll go, i'll see ya around 8."
"Thanks man."
He nodded and walked back to Hitomi.
"Hows he doing?"
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[COLOR=Plum][FONT=Century Gothic]" Alright Chief....the swellen in his nose is still there but his bleeding has stop...." She said taking a big sigh." Heard going to some party? Let me guess your groupies and followers well be there?" She smiled and got up. " No matter i won't be there to make fun of you, so sad huh? BRings tears to my eyes..." She said wiping imaginary tear off. " Can you watch him for me as a get ice? Also to get out of this stupid clothes we have to wear.." She said and walked away[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Lee dug through his bag and found a coke. he took a seat next to Shud and took along sip. The whole day he has been feeling kind of... Weird. Today didn't feel like a normal day. He felt someone was watching his every move. It all started when he finished his morning running and went to school when he spotted Tomoe and her friends. After that he hasn't felt the same. He took alook around. Everyone seemed have left. He took a sip and looked at Shun. He was still knocked out, but he could see he was trying to wake up.
There it was again, that feeling. He got up and looked around...nobody was there. He didn't like it... He finsihed his coke and went close the girls room.
"Hitomi! Are you in there?"
"Of course chief! What do you want?"
"....Just making sure..." What was weird also he would get that feeling around either Shud or Hitomi as well, but not as strong.
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Shun woke up finally, how lomg he had been out he couldn't tell. He couldn't even remember why he blacked out int eh first place. he sat up and looked around, he was on the bleachers, hsi nose was red from the bleeding and a disgarded coke bottle was sitting right next to him. He looked out to the field and saw that everyone had gone home. He didn't see anyone near him at the moment, but he knew he wasn't on the bleachers when he went down, so someone must have moved him here. He put his hand up to his nose and felt that it was flat "Owww, crap, yep it's broken. Need to fix that." Shun started to get up when Lee came up to him "You sure you should be moving, you took a pretty bad hit." Shun looked ovr at Lee who was at the far end of the bleachers opposite the way he had been layed down "Yeah, I'll be cool. Thanks for getting me off the field." Shun felt his nose one more time and squinted again in the pain. He turned himself to face Lee "Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a set of pens you don't particularly care about do you." Lee looked at him for a second "Sure,... I'll go get them. I'll be right back." And as he said, like he had moved with lightning speed he was back with a blue and a black pen in his right hand. SHun reched forward and took each in another hand "Thanks man." He took one end of each pen and put it in each nostril. Shun hesitated then "Okay, one....two .... Three!!!" He shouted pulling both pens forward as his nose came back into place with a snap. Shun screamed and almost passed out again.
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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=deepskyblue][b]OOC: Thanks guys, you've kept it moving along nicely. ^^[/b][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]After the game, Tomoe headed to the girls' locker room. She found an empty locker near Hitomi, and started to undress.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]"God I hate these things, don''t you, Hitomi?" Tomoe held up the pair of bloomers she had just taken off.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]"Yeah, they're way too short and snug. I'm just glad we don't have to wear them all of the time." Hitomi replied, and Tomoe nodded in agreement.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]Tomoe took off her shirt and her sports bra, and grabbed a towel.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]"Do you want to join me in the showers?" Tomoe asked Hitomi.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]Hitomi nodded, and grabbed a towel as well.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]"Oh, and before I forget, we're going to the usual place tonight, Hitomi." Tomoe said as she turned on the shower. As she bathed, she kept getting the odd feeling that someone was watching her.[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]"Hey, do you feel like someone is watching us, Tomoe? Do you think one of the boys are peeking again?"[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff]"I doubt it, especially after they got caught last time. But I know what you mean. I feel it too..." Hitomi replied as she looked around.[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff]After school was finally over, Tomoe grabbed her bookbag and hopped on her bike. She soon came to the eentrance to the Ai Hot Springs. It was going to be nice to get a chance to relax, before going to the club. She chained her bike up in front of the entrance, and waited for the other girls to show up.[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][color=#00bfff][b]OOC: The 'usual place' is a hot springs that most of the girls go to after school. The boys can go there too, if they want. (There are some parts that are co-ed.) after that, we'll all meet at their other hangout. (I'll announce it later.)[/b][/color][/size][/font]
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hey guys, sorry i haven't posted... family stuff......not enough time to get where i want to...

so, my char has been in a coma, since the beginning, okay"?

Saio comes to, gasping. He sits straight up, and looks around. Flowers..... he was surrounded by flowers. He was in a hospital room, and was all alone.

Saio began to cry, he WAS all alone........

But, mere minutes later, Saio was found awake, and rushed awayt, to be checked out.

"HEY DOC!!! that's cold!!!" He exclaims, as the doctor places some metal stuff on his skin.

"Ah.. healthy as a pickle...." Saio blinks. He'd never heard that one before.........

OOC okay, some one come and get Saio.... he can't leave alone.......
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((I'm going away for the weekend, so my character might not be so active...sorry))

Genken Makai walked through the streets. He had sat on the bleachers at school and watched a softball game, not wanting to dress out today, and had enjoyed it a bit. For some reason he laughed real hard when the kid got whacked in teh nose. It just struck him as funny. As he laughed, kids had scooted away from him, some throwing him looks and the regular rumors began being whispered about him. Makai had only shook his head and jumped off the bleachers. Time to go.

But now he was walking around in the streets just checking out the places. He was deciding where to go. As he was thinking, he walked by the springs. Figuring he could try it today, he happened to have some money on him, he slipped in and looked around. There were a few students from school and as he walked in he heard a buzz of voices as they started talking about him. Makai sighed. After a few minutes they would forget about him. He walked to the counter and asked about getting into the spring for a while. He paid and then went to the changing room to change.

As he passed a girl, he heard "Makai is always smoking something and his gang's really violent - I heard they gang-raped a girl once for not paying them money as their hoe." A look of anger surged over Makai's face for a second then left. Makair smiled to himself and kept walking.
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"ooo boy. dont get knocked out again." A ring came form his pocket. He reached in and pulled out his cell phone.

"Hello? yeah.... ok.... At home? well...i was thinking of going to the springs to watch....i mean relax..... Alright i'll be there." He hung up.
"Well Shud. got to go. Hoped you had a great time...Sides that you got hit."
"Where's Hitomi?'
He looked back at the girls room.
"Don't know, anyway go to the Ai Hot springs, i'll meet ya there later."
He gave a nod and walked away.
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Mailynn quickly put on her black hat with kitty ears on the top and smiled[I].(She has always had akward obbsesion with cats thats she's not afraid to show, and everyone in the school knows it. Once in seventh grade a boy stole her hat, and she got so angry she chased after him and knocked him out cold with her baseball bat, she's was best runner on her baseball team, and had a nasty swing, so he was sent to the hospital with a concusion. Nobody ever stole from her again)[/I]
She picked up her bag and ran out the door frantically.

[I]*Today was awsome! I totally outran that kid in gym today! I think i'm gonna go the hot springs to celebrate, I havn't been there in a while.*[/I]

Mailynn turned the corner of the hallway and ran dodging kids as she passed. But right when she got to the door she ran straight into a boy with spikey blonde hair and they both slammed into the floor.

"Ow. [I]Mailynn looked at him a moment before snapping back into reality. *Damn he's hot!*[/I] Are you...ok?"

The boy rubbed his head and stood up.

"Yeah whatever."

Mailynn quickly got up and felt the top of her head.

"My hat...wheres my hat?!!"

She turned around frantically to find the boy holding her hat.


Mailynn smirked and put the hat on her head.

"So first you run into me. Then you steel my hat. Are you trying to get me angry."

The boy looked at her with a surprised/angry look on his face.

"What?! I didn't do sh*t!!"

"I was [I](laugh)[/I] just joking."

She laughed a little more and smiled.

"Well I gotta go. seeya."

Mailynn walked toward the door and looked back.

"By the way, I'm Mailynn."

With that she headed into the springs.
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Shun was finally back in his street clothes and began to leave the school. His nose still stung pretty bad from snaping it into place but it was better than before. He stopped for a second about a block from the school "So, where are these hot springs they were talking about." Shun reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, he started to to dial a number "Hey Nanasei, It's me Shun. I'm going out with some friends and I won't be back til late, okay. Yeah ...... I know ...... I love you too ...... I'll be back by 10 ...... Bye." He hung up the phone then started to look around him. He spotted a girl walking from the school "Hey, do you know where the hot springs are?" She stopped and looked him over briefly "Yeah, I'm headed their now. Just follow me." SHun smiled to her "Thank you very much." He walked beside her and they didn't really speak, but Shun was just happy nothing bad happend on the way there. They arrived and Shun saw large building that looked like a hotel, it was a light orange in color and had a red shingle roof with a sign that read 'Ai Hot Springs' the place seemed very nice from the outside. Shun walked in and began to recognize a lot of kids from school, though he didn't really know any of them since he was still the new kid. He walked up to the ocunter and paid his way in and headed to the springs. He went and got a towel, undressed and quickly enterd the hot springs, paying little heed to where he was going. He sat down and relaxed for a moment "Ahh, now this feels good af ter a hell of a long day." He sat in peace and breathed deep being completely surrounded by steam. As he sat in the spring he felt a chill run down his spine and he heard someone else in the spring
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Lee took long strides as he got closer to his house. HIs mother and father where leaving for tonight and most of tomorrow so they wanted him to pick up a key so he cant get in and get out.
Pain shot through his head. He fell on his knee grabbing his head.
Kill...kill....kill.. The voice said. The pain was strong. Kill....them... With that, the voice dissolved along with the pain.
"What... the hell?" He whispered as he slowly got up. He shook it off and contiuned home.

He entered the house and went to the kitchen. A not along with the key was on the counter.
"See you tomorrow! Love, Mom and dad." He grabbed the key and put it in his pocket.
Well, his friends where at the springs about now, he should join them. He walked out and headed towards the springs. The place wasen't far except he had to cut through some trees. the voice... What was that? was it real? Of course! he felt the pain.
he made it to the springs with no problems. He twisted around. It was the feeling again. Then he spotted Tomoe around the corner.
"...What's going on with me?"
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[COLOR=Plum][FONT=Century Gothic]Hitomi got out of school uniform and walked passed the field. She saw neither Shun or Lee where there. She pouted [I]'Great the boys probaly went to check the 'view'. Ugh that Lee making Shun go to his level'[/I] She sighed and got a coke from the soda pop machine and started walking. She walked to the Ai springs where she going to meet everyone. Tomoe went ahead of her, she staying back to catch up witht the boys. So much for that idea huh?

She sighed and streached. She feel somone watch her and just move when she streached. SHe thought she saw something in the corner of her eye. She turned around quick. Nothing. She thought [I]'Great Hitomi paranoid.I should have my own theme song NANANA PARANOID!'[/I] She sighed and started walking again[/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Lee walked into the springs and got undressed. He deserved to have a long relaxion for awhile. It was getting alittle late for everyonf he guessed for everyone began to leave. He slipped in and gave a moan for the water attacked his aching bones.
"How are ya doing chief?" He turned around to see Shun get in with him.
"...Nice to see ya... Did you just call me chief?"
"ya...well Hitomi called ya chief."
"Ya well she's Hitomi... Well i don't mind." He got in deeper to feel it all on his body.
"Long day hasen't it."
"You said it. Been long." A group of giggles came over them.
"What was that?"
"The girls.." Sun got in deeper.
"What!! They can see us?!"
"Yeah, pretty stupid how they can see us, but we can't see them.. Don't worry there way up there." Lee said as he closed his eyes. Even without out seeing them, he knew Tomoe and Hitomi where here. That feeling from both of them. He wanted it to go away. It bother him too much.
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