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Who do you think is the better zoid pilot, Bit Cloud or Van Flihyte

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I would say :cool: Van is the better pilot seeing that he's been in countless battles, where is life was in danger. He has that killer instinct, where as Bit fights againts opponents who are not trying to kill plus he's never had any real training when it comes on to zoid piloting. As for Van he has had the best military training...

What do you think?
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I remember when I used to wake up at around 600 A.M. to watch this show, that must of been 4 or 5 years ago.... how time flies.

Anyway I must [I]concur[/I] with you opinion. Van defintely has much harder battles, and it looks like he is just an all around better pilot. Also his zoid is much stronger due to that thing that goes inside the core (man I wish I could remember the name).
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS]yeah, I think Van would be the better pilot too. After all, he HAS been in life threatening battles, while Bit has only been in like tournaments.(think i spelled that right :animeswea) Oh, and I remember that that zoid that went around with Van, its name was Zee, and that it was some ancient zoid, or somethin like that,*damn, I wish I could remember* :animestun[/FONT] [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkred]I'm going to have to go with Bit :Waits for gasps lol:. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]If I remember right, Liger Zero's core contains one of those AI things like Van's Zee, but His is just fused with his core or part of his core, though I might be wrong. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Van does has had more formal training, and pressing circumstances, but I thing Bit has more natural skill than him. Also I think Bit has been in a more diverse range of battles, Liger Zero being alot more adaptable because of his Attachments.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=#656448][SIZE=1]^ Oh yeah, but they were situated in completely different circumstances. If there ever was a war in Bit's time, he and Liger Zero would *probably* be that era's Van Flyheight and Shield/Blade Liger (maybe even better, considering the fact that Bit's an unusually lucky dog). But still, it's [COLOR=#F76590]Van[/COLOR] for me!

It's mainly because I like Chaotic Century more New Century that I'm always rooting for Van. He's gotten out of pinchers much worse than New Century ever threw at Bit and it was very clear that Van evolved, making him look cooler and tougher.

Now if [COLOR=#F76590]Blade Liger[/COLOR] was as customizable as Liger Zero... Mmm hmm. You'd be looking at a god-moder, ladies and gentlemen.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Wow, a zoids thread! *almost dies from surprise-ness...ess*

I have to say that zoids CC was may fav. show for about 2-3 years! Then the blox one came out and was stinky...

Anyways, I have to go with Van as well. True, the Liger Zero had a "black box" and all those different attachments, but if it came down to the better pilot it would have to be Van. Alot of Bit's skill comes from the liger because it can move and make desisions on it's own. Van on the other hand attended the Republic Army training thing and mastered piloting without a Organoid (Zeek).

Wow, i'm surprised I remembered all of that :animesmil
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[quote name='Killer7]Anyway I must [I]concur[/I'] with you opinion. Van defintely has much harder battles, and it looks like he is just an all around better pilot. Also his zoid is much stronger due to that thing that goes inside the core (man I wish I could remember the name).[/quote]

THe name of that thing was Zeke and it was called an organoid. There were a few of them as I recall. There was Shadow, Ambian and a blue one I can't remember right now.

anyway I will agree that Van had a much harder battles and was a much better pilot, but thats not to say Bit never had to fight for his life. If any of you saw the last episode when he had to defeat the beserk fury without any armor. THE BERSERK FURY, a soid that single handedly destroyed three Geosaurs at once with a single attack. So sure danger was far more common for Van, but Bit had his problems too, so don't go knocking him.
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i think they're pretty much even except if it came to a zoid battle between the two i'd say Van would win cause he has been able to fight without Zeek (nooooooo idea how to spell it) but also through out most of the series Van usually does have Zeek with him
And Bit sometimes i reckon he wins thourgh just pure luck or because of his Liger i mean yeah his a good pilot and all but he has no brains what so ever he just charges into battle hoping his liger can win

but overall i'd say they're prety much even :catgirl:
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I think bit would win.

  They both don't have real training...  

But bit has had real threats just like van.    The difference is that there wasn't a war going on..


Bit as a pilot is a superb pilot when it comes to adapting and having a natural skill while van just gets what he learns from zee foe the most part. 


Liger zero actually for a while was not bits friend...  Bit willd himself to learn how to move with him and so forth before any actual partnership.... 

Overall  if bit was given  as much time as van when he was young to his more mature years...  Bit would win 

Because when van first got the shield liger .  Or blade I forget.   He was pretty reckless 

Bit in the other hand seemed to know what he was going except liger zero made it difficult for him to control  

Matter fact even pilots before bit could not control it  ... 

I think if they both vs  

Bit has it period. 

Zeek helping van or not .



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