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Sign Up Stone Templet [M-LSV]


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Two thousand years ago, there was a king thaty ruled over most of the country. He had so much power, he mainly ruled by fear, and force. Everyone feared, and hated, what he could do with the snap of his fingers.

With all of his power, he created many enamies. He had so many, they seemed to grow faster than his own royal garden. Ther were so many, adn they all hated how he ruled so much, they decided to meet oine day to decide on what to do with the horrible ruler.

When they met, they decided to perform a spell that would split the king into six diffrent gems. Each of these gems would have incredable power. These are the six gems:

1. Ruby- the fire gem
2. Jade- the earth gem
3. Saphire- the water gem
4. Gold- the lightning gem (Reserved for Raze_3103)
5. Crystal- the wind gem
6. Quartz- the dark gem (REserved for Silverwolf_fang)

The six gems flew across the country, and hid themselves so they could never be found and used to rule over everything agian.

Two thousand years later, a person found one of the gems. He was able to learn of its power, and began to use it to kill innocent people. He used it so he could become ruler over everything.As he crossed the land, he gained fallowers, and searched for the remaining five gems, so he would never have any resistence if he became ruler.

The only problem that he has faced so far is this: the remaining five gems have found owners. They found humans that they could trust to use their powers to stop the evil that the dark gem posseses.

Now, the owners of the remaining five gems will have to protect themselves, the people of the land, as well as stop the dark gems owner before he can get his handds on the other gems.


OK, the is limited spave for this one. You can be a person that has a gem, but there will be a competition for them, depending on how many people sign up for the that are there. If more than one person signs up for a gem, then I shall choose which one gets the position.

If you do nto want to have a gem, you cam be a person that works under the dark gem, or a person that tries to protect the owners of the other five gems. its your choice.

Here is the profile.

AGe: please, no younger than 16.
Personality: just long enough to get a glimpse of how your character acts.
Gem: Do you have a gem? If so, which one.
Weapons: Besides the gem(If you have one), what weapons do you carry.
Appearance: pic of paragraph, either or.
Bio: how did you find a gem(if you have one), or why do you wish to fight with the dark gem, or the other five.

Thats it, pm me with any questions.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kain Savage

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Kain is cold and almost to the point of being emotionless since the death of his wife, almost 5 years ago, he trust almost no one. He is merciless and willing to kill anyone who dares challange him, he does still hold a sense of justice and what is right.

[B]Gem:[/B] Kain holds the Ruby gem.
Weapons:[/B] A sword known as the white dragon sword, a sword that belonged to his father and was forged from one of the teeth of a white dragon. It has designs carved into it of white fire swriling like a savage storm at sea. The pommel is made of scales and one of the claws from the dragon, the dragon has since disappeared from the world. But some say that the blade still holds the spirit of the dragon and the goodness it carried with it.
Appearance: [/B][URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/TheFlickChicksMovieReviewsTheChroni.jpg] Kain Savage[/URL], he also wears a long forest cloak with a broad hood and no goggles

[B]Bio:[/B] Kain was walking around his town like he did every day, enjoying the view of his city, taking in the fresh air and the comfort of being in such a wonderful place in his eyes. He was doing his walk when he came to the country side, it was his favorite part of the walk, he enjoyed the clear blue skys, the lush green trees and bushes.

The fields of wheat and cotton that would be growing around that time of year, he was walking on the gravel road when he thought he would walk through the field this time. And as he was walking, he noticed something glowing, something glowing with a deep red color that he could not stop looking at. He soon saw it was a gem, it was cut perfectly to his untrained eye. He picked it up and just stared into mezmerising color and the brilliance of the gem in the sun light, right then a voice spoke to him.
[I]"You are the one I am looking for."[/I][/B] Kain held it up higher, able to grip it in one hand and look it over with an odd look on his face.

[B]"You spoke. How did you do that?"[/B]

[B][I]"That will be told in due time, until then. Protect me, protect me from any evil that dares to touch me."[/I][/B] The voice faded and Kain looked down to the ground, the gem still held tightly in his grip. He took a deep breathe and took a moment to gather his thoughts.

[B]"Protect the gem? But how would I...."[/B] Kain trailed off when a thought hit him, he stuffed the gem into his pocket and bolted off to his home. He opened the door to his small home and slammed the door, his wife, Kira was in the kitchen. Cooking something that smelled of stew with meat and vegetables, he walked into the kitchen and kissed her lightly on the lips and bolted up stairs. He went thrashing through his closet until he found a clean wooden case, polished and covered in a thick layer of dust.

Kain wipped the dust off with one hand, he found two bronze latches, he unlatched them with his thumbs and lifted the lid. Inside of the box lied a white sword, his father most prized possesion, the one thing he gave him when he passed on. Kain treasuered this one sword from that point on, he slid on finger a half inch on the blade and drew back his finger. He looked at it and an almost invisible cut dripped blood.
"Still as sharp as ever."[/B] Kain sucked on his finger as picked it up with his other hand, He looked it over and then stuck it into the ground. He lifted the linen that the blade had lied in and pulled out the sheath the sword was meant to be placed in. He starpped it around his waist and yanked the sword out of the floor and slid it smoothly into its place. He closed the box and stuck it back into the closet, he walked back downstairs and sat down in a wooden chair at the dinner table, he sighed. Then his wife came by and kissed him on the cheek.

[B]"So how was your walk to day?"[/B] Kain smiled lighty at her question.
"Well it was rather interesting."[/B] He said as he started and told her the whole story of the new gem he had found. Later that night Kain had a dream, a dream of fire that swirled around him in a mad rush. Engulfing him and turning his body to ash. He awoke violently the next morning he found himself outside of his home, it was burned to the ground, Kain later found his wifes body. Burned badly to almost beyond recognition, in his mind, his soul died that day. He later found that the dreams were induced by the gem he had found, the fires was produced by it and cause him to destroy all he loved. All that made it out of the fire was his sword, he then spent 4 years honining his skills with his sword and gem.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype][B]Name[/B]: Ceara Hannay

[B]Age[/B]: 19

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Personality[/B]: Ceara is quick to anger and easily frustrated, so much so that her friends joke about her ?flash-flood temper?. Her sense of pride is such that she would never let anyone see her cry. She doesn?t want to look weak or be weak. Her contempt for men (other than her two brothers) is extraordinary and usually gets her into trouble.

[B]Gem[/B]: Sapphire

[B]Weapons[/B]: A wooden staff she made out of hard maple (light colored wood) and etched with symbols.

[B]Appearance[/B]: ?Small? and very sensitive about it, Ceara is only 5 feet tall. She looks deceptively weak. She has long, wavy black hair and deep blue eyes. In the winter she?s very pale but during the summer she manages to work up a tan working in the sun all day. Ceara has been considered beautiful by many people? too bad she refuses to marry. ~[URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/PrettyGirl.jpg]picture[/URL]~ Ceara either wears a simple sundress or a blue tunic with long pants and boots. ~[URL=http://www.yale.edu/anime/imgarchive/Scrapped%20Princess/design-raquelle.gif]outfit[/URL]~

[B]Bio[/B]: 4 years ago...

?Ceaaaaaaaraaaaa!? a tall, green-eyed young man called, walking down the pier. ?You can?t just wander off! You?ve got to mind the nets properly!?

?I AM minding them, Oran,? Ceara hissed from her position crouched on the pier?s end.

Oran laughed and ran his hand through his black hair. ?Oh, I didn?t see you there! You?re so small, after all.?

Ceara leapt to her feet, ready for a fight, but someone grabbed her by the shoulders.

?No fighting on the pier,? a second young man scolded her. ?You want to fall in the river??

Ceara glared up at the boy. ?But Riordan, Oran called me small again!?

Riordan gave her shoulders a squeeze. There was sympathy in his grey eyes but there was worry too. ?I don?t want you to fall in. The river?s dangerous here and you know it.? He looked up. ?And Oran, leave the kid alone. It doesn?t matter if she?s small.?

?I am not?? Ceara began, but Riordan silenced her.

?There?s nothing wrong with being small,? he explained. ?Now, you go play and let your older brothers watch the nets for a while, hn??

Ceara sighed, nodded and walked away, upstream. Those brothers of hers? Suddenly, something sparkling on the riverbank caught her eye. It looked like a blue stone, but by the time she got to it, a wave had washed it into the water. Squinting, Ceara peered into the river. There it was! Upstream, the river was slow enough that the stone hadn?t washed away!

Ceara waded into the river up to her knees and reached out for the stone. She almost had it? almost? With a sudden splash, Ceara fell into the river. Her hands clutched around the small stone but the current had suddenly gotten stronger.

?Riordan! Oran! Help me!? she screamed as she was dragged down the river, barely able to keep her head up. Ceara clutched the stone harder. [I]The water?s moving so fast? Make it stop? I don?t want to die? I don?t want to die?[/I]

Riordan was about to leap into the water after her when something made him pause. The river? the river had stopped completely.[/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Name: Samuel "Sam" Chartin



Personality: He's a bit free spirited and people find this irratating sometimes. It seems as if he dosn't care about anything and just lets himself get walked over. He claims to hate violence and avoids fights, but the scar on his bacck in the shape of a cross only seems to bring his true personality into question. He carries a word with him, but claims it's for intimidation.

Gem: Sam Holds the Crystal

Weapons: Below

Appearance: Below

Bio: He grew up in foster care switching from house to house frequently, as suck he has some relationship issues. He's never had a girlfriend, at least not for long. He has a hard time being honest, esspecially when the issue of his scarred back comes up. He dosen't talk much about his past and noone seems tath concerned, he acts so innocent for the most part noone ever really thought of him as being that deep.

He found his gem six years ago. He was on a trip across country, hitchhiking his way. He noticed a strange man on the side of the road, about thrity feet off the road. He ran down to the man who was coverd in deep wounds that were filled with maggots. he tried to wave a car down, but noone seemed willing to stop for a stange man on the side of the highway. He went back down hill to the man and tried to comfort him in what were probably his final few minutes. As he sat there next to the man, he reached into his pocket and pulled out this clear gem, the likes of which Sam had never seen. The man pushed it to Sam and said but a single word "You...." The mans body fell limp the moment Sam touched the gem. Sam felt sorry for the poor man, he took him and buried him off to the side of the road in the forest about three hundred feet away from where he found him.Sam was unsure of what to do with the gem so he kept it with him.

Two years after recieveing it, Sam was attacked on the streets of a city by a street gang. Sam knew that they would kill him, he had seen there faces. Sam was filled with fear. He handed them what little he had and they were obviously not pleased. He sensed they were going to kill him as one of them pulled his gun out and set it on Sams head. Sam filed with fear and anger and with a powerful yell a massive gust filled the street rolling cars and sending the thugs to the other end of the street. He looked in astonishment and felt into his pocket to find the only thing he had left was the gem which felt cold. He pulled it out to see it was dimly lit and fading fast. He wasn't sure how, but he knew that the gem did this. It was at this time he realized that what he had was vey dangerous. He now has had it sealed in a pendant around his neck which is held there by a tigth and heavy chain to keep it from being stolen. He knew it could never be allowed to fall into anothers hands, he knew what power in the wrong hands was capable of.
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Great posts so far. Here is mine, now.


Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: He acts just like his gem inplies, very spontanious. It is hard to decide on what he will do next, and he loves to use that to his advantage. He is very quick to get angry, and when he does get mad, it his hard to calm him down.

Gem: The Gold

Weapons: He carries a sword that looks like a bolt of lightning. It is very rugged and sharp.

Appearance: Below

Bio: While Gaara was young, he was raised to love and cheerish the land around him. His father had always said, one life to live, is bettter than no life at all.

With this thaught, Gaara had always thaught to protect people, not hurt them, which is what he did. He would be the guy that would go around the village, helping anyone he came to that needed.

Then, on one stormy night, a group of bandits came into the village seeking refuge. Hesitant, Gaara finally agreed and let them all stay at his house, while he slept in the loft of his barn, outside.

What happened when Gaara walked back into his house the next morning,changed him forever. It had been mid-morning, and all of the bandits had left, but had not left their mark. They had completely destroyed everything. They turned his little home into shambles, and what made it worse, they murded Gaara's father that slept in the next room. They cut his body into little peices, then left him to rot.

This caused Gaara to snap, he began to become violent, and thats when it happened. A single bolt of lightning came and landed right in front of him. When the light from the bolt fadded, all that remained was a single gold gem.
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Name: Sarin Kara
AGe: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Dark and evil just like his gem
Gem: Quartz
Weapons: Large black dia katanna that is the sme as his gem. Also has a stafff with a black blade on it.
Appearance: Below
Bio: It is in the story below
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[B]Name: [/B] Ashleigh
[B]Age:[/B] 23
[B]Gender: [/B] Female
[B]Personality:[/B] None. Seriously. At least that anybody knows of. Many have assumed her mute; she isn't one to speak aloud. Ever. Only on rare occasion has[I] anybody[/I] heard her quiet voice. Calm at all times, she takes things that come her way with a grave indifference and has a tendency to push most people away from her. She'll act like nothing is going on around her, but in reality be paying the utmost attention. Very good with chores in general, and doesn't really complain or anything.
[B]Gem:[/B] none
[B]Weapons: [/B] Daggers that she can use for both near and far rage as the need arises.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/1101761854_esANI-aqua.jpg][COLOR=SeaGreen]Ashleigh. [/COLOR] [/URL]
[B]Bio:[/B] Well it isn't the profession she would have chose, but that didn't stop her dear father from sending her off with the wrong crowd. It was just a normal workday in the yard, toiling away as usual to keep the house in order during one of her father's late sleep days after being in town all night. She was the only child in her family, her mother died in childbirth. Papa was always disappointed he didn?t get the son he wanted.

Anyway a small band of travelers, one of which was a good friend of Papa's who she found surprised to see up and about after the night's escapade. Had trouble walking though, a real laugh, if there weren't consequences to follow it. They came by the fence for a chat, weary from the long travel they were on. Ashleigh had no choice but to play the good hostess, otherwise her father would get mad that she turned away somebody he knew (and could have a drink with).

Inside the house, she showed them to the round kitchen table, and motioned to excuse herself from the group to wake Papa. At first she had a rather heavy object chucked at her, but at mention of Grendrel all was forgiven. Joining the party, he had Ashleigh pour everyone a good drink as they all got to talking. Many words pass around a table with a round.

Preparing dinner as the men spoke, she wished to keep an eye on everyone for her own sake, and the home's. She just finished cleaning after all. They were talking about some supposedly wickedly strong guy out traveling around, and the growing numbers that followed under him. "There'ss gonna be ssometh'n great, and we're gonna git in on it. Rumors of a new age glimmer in the distance. We're always up for another comrade to travel along with."

"Ahahah," Papa laughed heartedly. "Well in that case, take my good-for-nothing daughter with you! Maybe she'll be of some use, instead of scrounging around on my kindness." He was drunk out of his mind.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ashleigh dropped the knife she had been using to cut the vegetables onto the floor and turned around. "That's right, you heard me you good for noth'n wretch. I'm sending you off," he father replied. The girl only nodded submissively, and turned to get ready for when the group was about to leave, finishing the small salad was working on first. On her way out the door however, that same knife found its way imbedded into the wall inches from dear Papa's ear as a parting gift. He was capable of starving himself, let the drunk suffer and die slow.

And so she traveled with the band, nonetheless joining the following when the time came.
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[SIZE=3][FONT=Arial]Name- Leon Seymour
age- 24
gender- male
Personailty- he is quiet around people because he trusts no one. He has great senses, but his hearing is the best. He is always focused and never can take a joke.
Gem- none
appearance/weapon- [URL=http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/hearts_0328_65.jpg]Leon[/URL]
Leon cut through the last practice dummy. Sweat was pouring down his skin has he but away his gunblade. He grabbed a towel that was hanging from a low tree branch and dried off. the sun was now slowly going down. It was about time to head back to his village. He picked up his things and walked on the old trail back home. He looked high into the sky. black clouds began to form.
"What the? Rain clouds?" He whispered, then he saw that the black clouds where really smoke. He dropped his things and rushed for the village fearing for the worst. When Leon reached to the village, only bits of fire still remained. He looked for any survivers, but found none. He looked at his old home for his mom or dad. There bodies were nowhere to be found. Trying to hold back the tears. He vowed to find the killer/killers and destroyed them. He packed everything he needed and left to the nearest village, to get some answers. Anyone that thinks they could hurt the inncocent and kill with no reason, they all could take on him and his masterful ability with the gunblade.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Purple][LEFT][B]Name:[/B] Talon Sanny
[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Personality:[/B]Talon is a layed back sort of person. She is quiet it but not all the time. It takes her a few to open up to people. After she opens up to people she's really friendly and fun to talk to. She gives the greatest advice in tough situations since she's been there almost all her life.

[B]Gem:[/B] Jade

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/maggirl1.jpg]Talon[/URL]Keep her hair in the pigtails though with the same hair peice. That is what she looks like but here's her outfit:[URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/magna.jpg ]Outfit[/URL] And finally her weapon:[URL=http://www.firewhip.com/product-back-minisword.jpg ]weapon[/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B]As a young child, Talon lived with her mother only. Her father abondoned her mother and herself when she was just a baby, not wanting to take the of a responsibilities father. She lived with her mother until she was about 10 years when her mother was diagnose with an known diseased that for some reason killed her in less time than the doctors thought it would be. Talon's life was unbelievable miserable. She's been abused and raped while living with her aunt and uncle. She told but had not proof. Even the bruises weren't proof enough for the pain of her mother's death that had cause her such a terrible life. No one ever believed her of the rape an abuse so she just let it happened until on fateful day.
That day she ran away and left. Packed up her things and left never returning. She took her weapons and any other special things she might needed for this journey she had no clue she was going on. One day on her journey, she saw a bright glow in a near by cave. She enter the cave with caution. The source of the light was coming from the ground burning brightly that it blinded her. Digging into the earth with her bare hands she pulled out a beautiful gem the color of jade. Taking it as a sign, she put the gem into a pouch, the shade of crimson blood. Not knowing what it was, she set off once again with her treasure.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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