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Spirits of Emara (M-LVS)

Albel the Wicked

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'Tears filled the eyes of a young boy as he watched the most horrid of things. He watched as the greed of man destroyed the land. It was horrible. Blood being shed by blades, houses being burned by fire, and chaos being thrown about the land by war. The boy didn't know why the two countries fought and killed each other. "[COLOR=Teal]Why is there so much killing?[/COLOR]" the boy said, thinking he was alone on the mountain top.
"[COLOR=DarkRed]Because, the greed of man can lead to horrible things. They come with armys, weapons, and kill each other. It's done because man can never have enough. He can't have enough power, land, wealth, or anything else that is good on this world. If there stood but one united kingdom, there would still be no satisfaction. They would try to take what is beyond this world and even beyond that.[/COLOR]"
The boy turned to see a cloaked figure standing behind him.
"[COLOR=Teal]They fight each other for land?[/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=DarkRed]This particular war is fought for power. The power of these....[/COLOR]" The dark figured held out four gems. One being red, one being blue, one being yellow, and the last being pure black.
"[COLOR=Teal]Are you the one who started this war?[/COLOR]" the little boy said, with more concern in his voice.
"[COLOR=DarkRed]Me? Oh no. I never started this war. Two of these gems were held by one of the kingdoms while the third one was the other kingdom's hands. The first kingdom wanted the third gem, so war was declared and the other kingdom fought back with intensity, because they wanted the other two gems. Then they would only have to find the gem that I held. But men are so easily steered from their paths, that they become blind. That is how I swiped the gems so easily and they still don't know. These gems have the power to end the war. Do you wish for this?[/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=Teal]Yes. Anything to stop this killing![/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=DarkRed]Then follow me.[/COLOR]" The dark figure led the little boy up the mountain side to the very top, where a cave resided. They stepped inside and the little boy saw many men in cells, weak and feeble. "[COLOR=Teal]Why are they like that?[/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=DarkRed]Because, they would kill anyone, just for these stones. Even if they were held by you. That is why the safest place for them to be is locked away from the outside world.[/COLOR]" The figure led the little boy to a shrine that looked like a giant dragon. There were four slots. The figure put in the four gems and chanted some sort of incantation. "[COLOR=DarkRed]DRAGON! HEAR ME! I HAVE BROUGHT THESE MEN AS A SACFRIFCE TO BRING YOU TO LIFE! NOW, FILL ME WITH YOUR POWER![/COLOR]" A beam shot at all the men in the cells and in an instant, their bodies were gone. A beam then shot out of the statue of the dragon at the dark figure. The figure started to melt into the statue and the rock skin of the statue started to come off, chip by chip. The boy looked in horror. "[COLOR=DarkRed]See boy. Now I have the power to stop this war. I will go and destroy everyone and the war will be over![/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=Teal]No, I didn't want the war to end like that! I wanted it to end by peace, not more killing![/COLOR]" It was too late the dragon had set out of the cave and flew down from the mountain towards the battle. The men looked in horror at what was coming for them. A ball of black smog emitted from the dragon's mouth at the men, killing a squadron of them. They now ran from the dragon. "[COLOR=DarkRed]Humans. They're pathetic. They will declare war and act as though they are not afraid to die. Then, when many of them die, they flee with their tails between their legs like dogs![/COLOR]" The dragon kept using it's dark powers to destroy the armies. There were but few left. The dragon stood up high above them, about to finish the last of the men, but an arrow flew towards him. The dragon looked to see that it was the boy. "[COLOR=DarkRed]Why do you attack me, when I am putting an end to this, just like you wanted?[/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=Teal]Rivers of blood won't bring peace and even bigger rivers can't! If you even kill one of them that are left, I'LL KILL YOU![/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=DarkRed]You, kill me? HA! Not with my power! I can kill you with just my claws. Here, let me prove it![/COLOR]" The dragon flew towards the boy and the boy readied another arrow. As the dragon got closer, the boy concentrated. When the dragon was about to deliver it's swipe with a claw, the boy shot an arrow at the black gem in it's chest. The gem was cracked an shattered. "[COLOR=DarkRed]WHAT!? NO! I haven't purified this world yet![/COLOR]" In a giant flash, the dragon turned back to stone,but so did the boy. The men looked at the statue, forgetting completly about the war and wanting the stones. They relized how stupid this war was and that this boy sacfrificed his life to end it. The men went close to the statue and a flash came from the three remaining stones. The men readied their weapons, wondering if the dragon was coming back, but found a small dragon came out from it. It looked at the men curiously and walked towards one and started to rub against his leg. "[COLOR=Green]I think this is a gift from the boy.[/COLOR]" said one of the men. Another dragon popped out, different from the first one and went to another soldier. Dragons kept coming out until each soldier had their own dragon, each of them different. "[COLOR=Blue]I think that now, the statue gives dragons to everyone.[/COLOR]" said another soldier. All of them nodded. They were amazed at this, but soon remembered the shards of the black gem. There were four different shards. "[COLOR=Navy]Four of us shall take these shards, making four seperate kingdoms, to make sure that this gem won't be remade. Our kingdoms will flourish and be peaceful and fruitful. We shall build a city here, around the statue and it shall be where all of our four kingdoms unite and where our people can recieve these dragons.[/COLOR]" Everyone nodded. Four soldiers took the four pieces and had their troops follow them. They rebuilt and four kingdoms were made in the place of two. Each of them were peaceful with each other and the capital, where the statue was, became a holy place where those of proper age would go and recieve their dragon spirit. People believe that to this day, the boy is still fighting the dragon and he is weakening the dragon little by little, by giving the dragon spirits to his people.' "[COLOR=RoyalBlue]That is always such a good story to listen to[/COLOR]" said Namasha Hakaru. He closed his book. "[COLOR=RoyalBlue]And it is true too. If it wasn't, then I wouldn't have you, Haraka.[/COLOR]" he said, stroking a snake like dragon that suddenly appeared. "[COLOR=RoyalBlue]It's so great that we are united and now everyone can relized the greatness to have a dragon spirit. Well, I best be off to my meeting, or else the emperer might be mad.[/COLOR]" Namasha walked towards the palace, where the emperor resided. This was the emperor of Ikar, one of the four kingdoms that flourished. Namasha was the emeperor's advisor. The other kingdoms had emperors too. They go as followed. Ikar, Romet, Tsunita, and Hemar. Each of them formed the continent, Emara, which was what the capital was named as well. Each kingdom live in peace, but that would soon change.......

Things to know:
Dragon Spirits: Dragon Spirits are gifts given by the Dragon Shrine. Each one needs the person it is paired with and each one matches something about the person their paired with.
Emara: The capital and the name of the continent. The capital is the most populated city and is where the Dragon Shrine is located.
Ikar: Ikar is one of the four kingdoms that resides to the east. It is mild weather and mostly covered in plains and forests.
Romet: Romet is one of the four kingdoms that resides to the north. It is colder and has mostly mountains.
Tsunita: Tsunita is one of the four kingdoms that resides to the west. It is tropical and has much coast to it.
Hemar: Hemar is one of the four kingdoms which resides to the west. It is mild and has many canyons and valleys.

Sign-up sheet:
Kingdom: (Ikar, Romet, Tsunita, Hemar)
Position in the Kingdom: (Farmer, Shopkeeper, Advisor, etc. No one can be the emperor)
Other: (Anything else you'd like to throw in. Weapons, family, etc.)
Bio: (I'd like at least two paragraphs please)

(Optional fill outs. These you should only fill out if you want your character to START OUT with a Dragon Spirit)
Dragon Spirit's name:
Dragon Spirit type: (Spirit Dragon, Winged Dragon, Dragon of Wisdeom, Etc.)
Dragon Spirit's ability: (Go ahead and be creative.)
Dragon Spirit's weakness: (This is to make sure that no one tries to post an 'ultimate dragon spirit'. It has to have some weakness that contradicts its ability)
I really hope this turns out.
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[FONT=Arial]Name: Drizzt Memoria
Age: 21
Personality: He likes to keep to himself. He loves a peaceful area, nothing but to relax under a tree. When a battle comes to seek him, he controls his anger and unleashes onto the enemy. Thoguh he searches for peace in his heart, he can't excape the past that lies heavy on his heart.
Kingdom: Ikar
Position in the Kingdom: Ex-Soldier
Other: Drizzt carries a large great blade (like Cloud), it takes alot of muscle to use it just to hold it up.
Bio: Drizzt has done awful things in his life. It all started when he was a boy. His father had taut him the way of a soldier. It was just him and his father when a band of theives arrived. They killed his father and bruned down their house. Drizzt then went in rage and started to kill anyone at sight. Using his father's Great blade, he cut down any foe that stood in front of him. He finally found the band of theives and killed them easily. BUt his heart was already cursed with darkness.
When a monk found him, he saw the darkness in his heart. But he also saw that his anger made him a strong fighter. He trained him to control his anger and use it as a weapon. After several months of training, Drizzt set out and joined the Hemar army, but he felt too much like a dog. He quit and followed a path until he reached Ikar where it was peaceful in its forests. There, he doesn't worry about controling his anger.[/FONT]
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Sign-up sheet:

[b]Name[/b]: Nait Tormeld
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Personality:[/b] She is quite open and is most of the time a very cheerful person to be around. However she is also very sensative to certain thingsthat can make her emotional as well. She is strong in heart and wont give up if she starts something.
[b]Kingdom:[/b] Tsunita
[b]Position in the Kingdom:[/b] She owns a shop that sells different objects. From fruit in the tress near her home to shells she finds on the beach and polishes up. She makes different things with some shells.
[b]Other:[/b] She has a little brother that she cares for but he is old enough to do on his own just fine. She is just to kind to kick him out.
[b]Bio:[/b] When she was about 3 she got a little brother and they were always close. When she turned 15 her father died and a few years later her mother got sick. She now takes care of her brother and runs a small shop. She gets by and doesnt mind not being one of the well known people. She likes her quiet life.
She does not like water. When she was young she fell into a river and almost drown. Shen ow wont go near water such as large lakes deep rivers or oceans. Which makes collecting her shells somewhat difficult. She is almost over her fear of it but it still bothers her a bit.
[b]Appearance: [/b]Pretty much the same except she has green eyes and wears a shirt that covers more. She also wears longer plain pants.
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Name: Lokin Iruna
Age: 21
Personality: Freindly and outgoing. Can be blunt at times and will state whatever is on his mind. Is completely the opposite when he fights, becoming cold and heartless.
Kingdom: Romet
Posistion: High Ranking Soldier
Other: wields a large dia katanna
Bio: Lokin grew up in a soldier family. Every man in the family line had been a soldier for the emperor of Romet, protecting the borders with their very lives. No one who was an enemy of Romet could make it past them. Lokin wanted to kept the familt tradition going and decided to join the army as well. With his name being known he was easily able to traverse the ranks faster than anyone else. After he main training he thought it would be best if he got a blessing from the shrine to help him keep the land safe. He took his test using what he did best, fighting and passed it. He found a solid black dragon perched on hsi shoulder. The color of its skin made it hard to see at night and it was very violent.

On his way back home a group of bandits rushed him, he killed two when he felt a weird sensation. The dragon was on his back and almost like ti was trying to connect with him. He gave in as it dug its claws into the base of his neck and into his back. His felt all emotion rush out of him and felt only darkness and anger. The bandits stared at him intently as he made eye contact. "What the..." Lokin killed them swiftly, hacking arms, legs, anything his sword touched. The last bandit fell to the ground as his leg was cut off at teh knee and Lokin stood over him. "Have mercy" Lokin cut off his head then truned and walked away. The dragon parted with him and stood on his shoulder. Lokin looked around at what he had done. "Great. Now I have a split personality

Dragon Spirit's name: Nemesis
Dragon Spirit type: Dragon of Darkness
Dragon Spirit's ability: Turns the person into a cold and heartless warrior, turning the heart and mind as black as night. Allows the user to do dark spells
Dragon Spirit's weakness: Being a dragon of darkness it is weak to light attacks.
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Name: Terrance "Terry" Plesaning

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: A happy individual with a love for his work. He loves to loaf around for the most part and only really shows dedication to his work, other then that. He has a firm moral system and concept of right and wrong, but has a hard time deciding how to act when he is presented with a moral crisis.

Kingdom: Tsunita

Position: He is a free lance weapons maker, usually crafting tools for hunting and any nessacary police work. He specailizes in bladed weapons and is very skilled.

Appearance: Below

Bio: He grew up in outter regions of the kingdom, living near the tropical forests that were throughout the kingdom. He lived with his parents til he was 13, at which time he left to get his dragon spirit. Once he returned he took his steps as a man and left home to go to the city. In his journey he met and old weapons maker, this old man taught him all the tricks of the trade and how to craft the perfect blade. After he finished his training he continued his way to the city and bought himself a small shop. He started up his weapons shop and slowly began to grow. Eventually he became one of the most well known weapons makers in the kingdom. Despite his success he never opend a new shop or added on to the old one, he kept the same humble little shop and never changed it. He loves where he lives and loves his kingdom, he's very patriotic. He has never been married or even any girlfriends, he's always been kind of a recluse.

Dragon Spirits Name: Amonoko

Dragon Type: Dragon of nature

Dragon Ability: He allows Terrance to manipulate the four natural elements that surround him i.e. Fire, Air, Water, Earth. (He generally only uses the air and fire in his weapons crafting.)

Dragon's Weakness: His dragon requires a high and pure oxygen content for his power to work. If the oxygen content in the air drops below 12 percent his dragon becomes incapable of using any of it's powers. Note: the average oxygen content of the air is around 13-14 percent.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B]Sage "The fiend" Rashna ( A name given to him by those he fought with.)

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Personality:[/B] Sage is a very cold man, his heart seems to have frozen over with time and battles. He still seems to hold a sense of justice and what is right, but he still manipulates all those he can, and whenever he can.

[B]Kingdom:[/B] Ikar- Forest region
Position in the Kingdom:[/B] Sword for hire

[B]Appearence:[/B] [Url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Picture11.jpg] Sage[/Url]

[B]Other:[/B] He rarely takes the mask off, only when he sleeps or eats. other wise that mask is on his face. But when he does, he looks like this, [Url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/prince1.jpg] Sage[/Url]. He also uses two hand made samurai swords, one crafted from the teeth of a white dragon and the other from a black dragon.

[B]Bio:[/B] Sage started out as a regular child, playing with the other children, working where he was needed. That was, until he meet a very odd man, who weilded a very odd sword, that is in Sage's eyes. Sage soon found out that this man could teach him things he would never of dreamed of, Sage came to know this mans fighting style as, Bushido. A skill that was not known to Sage's simple mind and was never introduced into his simple life due to its, unusual beliefs in the world around him.

After several years of the training he recieved from the old warrior, he was handed two swords from his mentor. At that moment, Sage became the master, his mentor shortly explain the story behind each sword. He first explain what the swords were made from, teeth from two seperate dragons, he wouldn't tell Sage how he got the teeth. He would only tell him of what these swords were suppose to represent, the white sword is suppose to represent the good that is left in the world, the black is to represent the evil in the world. Basically, giving Sage balance between good and evil, light and dark, mind and body. A balance that all bushido users need to be if they are to be masters of their trade.

Only three years after Sage had recieved the swords and the acknowledgement of his strength, his mentor passed away from old age and Sage lost all that mattered in his life. His heart faded and he left his simple town, off to find battles that would fill his void, after several jobs in armed forces he was given the title Sage The fiend, is what his enemys called him. That name has stuck with him ever since, he is now up for hire and does what he wants, using people the way he needs them to be used. Shortly after he heard of the Dragon spirits and the power that they grant, so he took the oppertunity to take one for himself. He left for the shrine and passed the tests that were handed to him.

The spirit attached it's arms to his arms and its legs to his legs, Sage had taken the Dragon spirit of Balance. It balanced strength and speed that greatly improved Sage's sword abilitys, but his arms and legs took on a scaly look and feel and his fingers grew claws. Sometimes you can see the dragons ghostly face in his own, the mask covers up the chance of anyone ever seeing that happen.

[B]Dragon Spirit's name:[/B] Azuroth
[B]Dragon Spirit type:[/B] Dragon of Balance
[B]Dragon Spirit's ability:[/B] The dragon gives Sage extreme speed and strength in his limbs, skin and/or organs when it is either requested or needed in dire situations.
[B]Dragon Spirit's weakness:[/B]The dragon being of balance only for speed and strength doesn't always think things through, is over zealous and will recklessly give off speed and strength in tremedous proportions and will sometimes paralyze Sage for a limited time, leaving the dragon exposed to any kind of attack. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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(It seems that not many people are starting out with a dragon spirit. Oh well, that's why I made it optional. The profiles are looking really good. I'm hoping to get some more. Now I guess I should post my profile.)

Sign-up sheet:
Name: Namasha Hakaru
Age: 27
Personality: Namasha is very calm man. He will usually think things through and try to give what is best not only for him, but the people around him. In battle, he will usually use spells to his advantage.
Kingdom: Ikar
Position in the Kingdom: Advisor to the Emperor
Appearence: Namasha wears a robe that is worn by all council members. It is the symbol of Emara. The top of it is a dark blue decorated with swirls near the shoulders and having white lines move down the sleeves. The bottom is a basic white bottom to any robe. His skin is somewhat pale, his hair is long and black that he'll let hang down, his eyes are green, he'll sometimes wear a pair of square glasses, and he always has a kind look on his face. His appearence will usually scare people, for his dragon spirit is attached to his physical body. The tail of his Dragon Spirit is connected to his spine and the dragon spirit will usually swirl around Namasha's torso.
Other: Outside of the palace, he'll wield a plain katana of the kingdom of Ikar. He has no family, but wishes to have a wife and kids, but his Dragon Spirit attached to his back, doesn't give him a very good love life.
Bio: Namasha lived in Ikar all of his life. He was raised in the village near the emperor's palace. His parents worked in the emperor's palace as well. He had lived a good life and he always got along with all the other kids.
As soon as Namasha was old enough, he made the decision to go and recieve the blessing of a Dragon Spirit. When he prayed at the statue and took the test through his mind, he soon had his Dragon Spirit, but it was attached to his back. He didn't mind this, for he and his Dragon Spirit were friends and would always be friends.
As Namasha grew up, he started to relize that since his Dragon Spirits was connected to his spine, that the Dragon Spirit could send mind messages to Namasha and they were one of the few pairs that could actually understand each other completly. Namasha also relized that his dragon was the Dragon of Wisdom and so it gave him vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom. He soon learned that this dragon also gave him ancient dragon spells which could be used in self-defense. This is when Namasha took up a sword and started to combine his spells with his swordplay.
Thanks to his dragon's wisdom, Namasha was able to mature at a very rapid rate and is now considered one of the youngest coucil members in the continent. He give the best advice he can towards the emperor about what is best for the people and the country. Some say that this has kept Ikar's government as the best, but this is only a rumor. Namasha loves his job in the palace and resides in the palace itself. He is not only the advisor, but will also help when there is a problem with bandits or anything else requiring violence.

Dragon Spirit's name: Haraka
Dragon Spirit type: Dragon of Wisdom
Dragon Spirit's ability: It gives off vast amounts of Knowledge and Wisdom to its partner as well as giving its parter the ability to use ancient dragon magic.
Dragon Spirit's weakness: Being the Dragon of Wisdom, Haraka has very weak power, meaning it can be killed easily. One simple swipe from a sword could kill it. In addition to this, it cannot attack itself. It has to pass its knowledge to its user so the parter can cast the spell. That is another weakness is that in battle, the partner has to do most of the work.

(There's me profile)
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Ummm, Delta, I have a couple of things to say about your profile. One, I really want any sports to be played in this RPG/world. Two, even if I did allow sports to be played in this RPG, you never said what sport your character plays. (Though I'm guessing it's baseball) Those are my main big problems with that. I'm not trying to seem mean, pinpointing on your profile, but I'm just saying what I'm trying to get. Your character doesn't have to be involved in war. Like I said, if you wanted, your character could be a merchant or anything like that.
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Name: Kanamie

Age: 19

Personality: She is very fair. When there is a dispute over something, she is the third person to go to to get help. She will listen to both sides and try to make a compramise that would benafit both sides.

Kingdom: Tsunita

Position in the Kingdom: She is one of the people you would see walking in the street with a smile. She doesn't really play a major role in everyday life in the kingdom. She is also the daughter of a rich nobleman.


Other: She refuses to carry a weapon, but if need be she knows how to use a short sword and a bow.

Bio: She grew up in a nice home, very rich. She would always have everything she needed. She hated that actually, so what did she do? The day of her 18th birthday, she left her home in search of a normal life. She traveled from the capital to the kingdon of Tsunita. She found a home with the money her father had given her, and began a normal life without the complications of a rich family. She liked the fact that she had to earn the money she wanted to spend.

When asked if she was ready to receive her own dragon, she would always say that she did not feel it to be the time. That if she got one, it would not be the one that was meant for her. Now that she is about to turn 20, she thinks it is now or never.

She was about to make her way back to the capital when she had a very strange dream. In this dream, she saw that things would begin to shed blood, things would die, people would fight each other over control and power. This dream scared her so much, she decided agianst going. She is now trying to live her life, waiting for the time she feels is right to receive her own dragon.

please PM me if I need to make any changes.

Dragon Spirit's name: Kai

Dragon Spirit type: Kai Dragon

Dragon Spirit's ability: He has the power to create indistructable barriers to protect anyone within it.

Dragon Spirit's weakness: His only weakness is that of power. If he is hit with a physical blow, he is hurt much more than if with a magical blow.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Ooh, this certainly looks like a good one, Albel.

Name: Alaster Seraphim
Age: 21
Personality: Altough seeming harsh and uncaring on his exterior, beneath it he is a kind, caring person who is loyal and committed. He is a little cynical at times, and pessimistic about many things, he still is a loyal fighter and will die for his cause. Because of this, he comes off as rather stubborn most of the time.
Kingdom: Hemar
Position in the Kingdom: Alaster was once the captain of the high Guard of Hemar, but he was cast out for reasons that the Royal Guard would not care to divulge to the public. Alaster lives on the outskirts of the capital of Hemar, content to ignore and be ignored, yet his patriotism and his sense of honor are still strong...(Note: His dishnorable discharge from the Royal Guard will be revealed during the story...)
Appearance: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/albums/userpics/10001/saladin.jpg]Alaster Seraphim[/URL]
Other: Alaster uses his twin swords, Avenger and Redeemer, when he is outside the city. He is well-trained with these weapons, and he refuses to use anything else.
Bio: Alaster Seraphim was born in the kingdom of Romet, and his mother died when he was very young. His father did not have a job, and resorted to thievery to feed his son. Ever since his father assaulted a guard after he was caught stealing bread, Alaster had a seed of resentment for his father. They were constantly moving around Romet, until eventually his father was caught once again, and he became a murderer. His father fled the kingdom, dragging his son with him, and they found safe haven in Hemar. His father, however, had connections to the criminal syndicates in Romet, and he was eventually killed because he abandoned the Kingdom, and the syndicate.

Alaster learned that his father was an Ex-Soldier, who had been cast out because of his ties to the Syndicate. He took up his fathers swords and became a guard, rising through the ranks of the army until he became one of the youngest guards in history, the same year he got his Dragon, at the age of eighteen. He was a member of the guard for two years, before his father's fate came to haunt him. He was cast out of the high guard, as his father was, and he had to barter to have his life spared. He was cast out of the Palace, stripped of his rank and his honor, and now he lives on the outskirts of the capital.

Dragon Spirit's Name: Haburasho
Dragon Spirit Type: Dragon of Honor
Dragon Spirit's Power: Haburasho can heal the wounds of Alaster, making him heal very quickly, and making him resistant to many different types of diseases. He can also heal others with his touch.
Dragon Spirit's Weakness: Because of this, he lacks the offensive power and strength of many other Dragon Spirits. Because of this, Alaster must rely on his speed and his guile to win many fights, because the spirit makes him weaker physically. The spirit is also, as a dragon of honor, unwilling to give in, even to the death of Alaster and himself.

PM me if there needs to be any other changes. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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