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ane walked to the altar. Th red light shown through the pillars. The light inched across the iron blade stuck in the granite rock. His left hand reached down over the ivory hilt. His hand grasped it and he pulled.

The blade was named after the Angel's homeland Asgard.Pulling out the sword was the last resort to save Asgard from total destruction. Instead it blew up. That was the last of Asgard.

There were very few Angels left on the earth. But at least one angel was left. Zidane layed there almost dead. He grasped the hilt of the sword with his right hand, with his left he felt the inscribing of ASGARD.

"I.. will..live.." He said as he fainted into oblivion. He knew there were Angels left. With that he swore vengance on the destroyer of Asgard, his brother Alkaine....


Sign ups:

Name: Be creative

Age: 14-30

Weapon Anything but guns

Personality:How your character feels

Race: Demon, Angel, or human

Bio: wow me

I'll post mine after some replies.
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Name: Chonuko [may edit later]

age: 17

wepaon: JUYO TOKEN (japanese sword)

personality: hatrid for the angel race

race: demon

bio: born human the life he did not want to live banished by those he dispised most angiels "they did me a favor , and sealed their fate in one motion" spent the last 2 years in combat training and ready for battle.
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Name: Kyria Ryuu

Age: 14

Weapon:Uses a a really big bladed sword...It's a wonder she can carry it...it's name is Baryuu

Personality:sort of mad at times,she cane be quiet the wise one...coming up with wise sayings no one gets.She is very mature for her age and seems to care about everyone who isn't trying to kill her

Race: half demon....wolf and human

Bio:post laters...
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth Darksoul

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Weapon:[/B] A chain known as the Daggertail, the chain is binded into his arm so it has a soul connection to Azuroth and lets it communicate with him.. It is a long row of double-sided blades, extreamly sharp, the length is underterminable since it's length is decided by Azuroth for whatever he needs it for and it sometimes shows it has it's own will.

[B]Personality:[/B] Azuroth is very sinister when it comes to his enemys, he is just as cold to the people he knows. He calculates every situation to the way he wants them to end. He seems to have the knack for being able to read what people are gonna do before they even do.

[B]Race:[/B] Demon, [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/DarkPrince_Throne.jpg] this is a more accurate picture of what he and his Daggertail looks like.[/url]

[B]Bio:[/B] Azuroth grew up like any other demon, learning that angels are not friends. They should be hunted and killed slowly, and that humans are nothing but food and play things. And as he grew the more his demon nature showed, he turned out to be a lot more agressive then his teachers thought. When he turned about 18 he went on a killing spree, he killed at least one hundred other demons before he was caught and thrown in prision. Even among demons that is a heavy crime, after awhile they couldn't keep him locked up due to his ever growing intelligence and strength.

He would constantly play around with any other prisoners, either he would toss them around or he would play mind games. Before they released him the branded him with demonic symbols on his body, restraint symbols, symbols not used lightly in his society. Only high priests,very educated demons (which are not to many) and angels and humans specializing in demonology can read them and actually use them to restrain Azuroth. One day a rouge demon shaman saw Azuroth as a very useful tool, so he took the Daggertail and binded it to his body through his left arm. It has since became Azuroths prime weapon and his companion.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Clous Silas

Age: 18

Weapon: 8 ft. long buster sword

Personality: He is very chipper. He likes to see people smile, but if something involves him, and his breed, he will become stern and use full force to end it as soon as possible.

Race: Angel

Bio: The year he turned 18, he was sent to the planet to learn how everything works. He had been in training until then, so he was not totally sure about how the world works.

Yes, he knew that a war was breaking out, and as much as he wanted to stay and help, he could not. He was being forced to go, as much as he wanted to stay. So, while he was in the mortal world, he tried to get his mind off of the others, he found that it was hard.

Soon after, he had gotten word that Alkain had killed off most other Angels. Clous got enraged, he began to focus on training so he could avenge his brotherin.

A couple days later, he was able to go back, and was finally able to see the horror with his own eyes. He went into his room, found his sword and prepared himself for a war.

This ok? pm me with any changes needed.
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Name: Leon Lasson

Age: 18

Weapon: Huge dia katanna

Personality: Nice when he is not fighting but becomes a cold and dark when he is fighting making his wings turn black

Race: Angel

Bio: Leon stared at the sky gazing at the stars. The light from he moon showed his wings changing from black back to white. The blood became illumitated as the bodies came into view. He would be getting in trouble again fro letting his dark side come out but he didn't care. He was stronger that way. Leon turned at the sound of movenemtn and drew his sword as eight demons came into view.

Appearance: add wings
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Name: Cheska Delgado

Age: 21

Weapon: Daggers that she uses as projectile weapons, a little Alchemy, and small explosives that she makes on her own.

Race: Human

Personality: Cheska is the calm, quiet sort who is more observant than is necessary. She is the scholarly sort, and loves to solve riddles and puzzels when she gets the chance. Her emotional reactions seem rather off at times, but she is, overall, a sweet person who only wants to see those she cares about be happy.

Appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/b168/Yomiko_Lee/?action=view¤t=dc93ef91.jpg]Cheska[/URL]

Cheska is a slender young woman who stands around 5'4", with deep eyes and long black hair that she keeps braided or in a ponytail. She dresses in loose clothes so that she can stow away her daggers and explosives with greater ease, so that no one catches onto what she carries on her person.

Biography: When she was 14 Cheska learned the basics of the Alchemic art from her father, the reason being that one day she may need that knowledge more than anything on earth. Whether her father genuinely knew anything of the future, Cheska would never know--he was killed not too long later by a group of renegade demons while she was in town buying precious supplies.

When she returned to her home she searched through the carnage, searching for those articles that were of the utmost importance to her father. He was a researcher as well as an Alchemist, and had been studying various uses for Alchemy as a curative measure, not as a creator of various weapons that caused death and destruction.

The papers were left as untouched, but her father's copy of The Alchemist-Adept Codex had disappeared. While the book was useful for learners, her father had used it for jotting down notes on everything he deemed worthy enough to study.

Cheska knew that her father was an Alchemist, and that he genuinely wanted to help people, but she had a sneaking suspicion that he was doing more than he said he was. She set off in search for the book, as there was no doubt in her mind that the volume contained information that could prove disasterous if it landed in the wrong hands.
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Name: Israfel Biblio

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Weapon: Powerful sword seen in pic

Race: Angel

Personality: He has a indifferent personality. He is often very cold in his emotions, making him very hard to read. He dosen't communicate well, and likes his privacy. He is often seen as cold hearted and is shunned by many for his apparent indiffence toward the destruction of Asgard.

Appearance: Below. He stands 5'10

Bio: He left Asgard when he was 17. He left to learn about the world he had been denied for so long. He had never been allowed to venture tot he planet so getting to go was really very exciting for him. Once he left he found he had taken a shine to the mortal world and was intent on staying. He felt for as cruel as they could be, there cruelty was nothing next to that of his own species. He took up a lot in the world as an exorcist, banishing the evil from the planet, demon and angel alike. He left the war and abandoned the land he once called home, in place for the world of mortals. Despite the fact he had discontent himself witht hem, it didn't mean he still couldn't tell what was happening there. When he felt the light in the sky fade, he knew his worst fears had been realized, Asgard had been destroyed. He had been on the earth for five years, without so much as thinking about returning, but he couldn't let the loss of his home land go. Now he searches for the reasons he dosen't have. Who? How? Why? Something happend up there and he didn't know what, but he wanted to know. He has set on a quest to discover this truth and find the source of this disaster, and nothing would slow him down.
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Name: Aliyah Tusunami

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: Mind powers and mage powers.(she is a mage)and 2 daggers.

Race: Human

Personality:Very provocative, and can be seducing. She is very charming and beautiful. She also has a bubbly personality but she can be deadly and serious too.

Appearance: [url]http://www.nnm.ru/imagez/gallery/other/anime_wallpapers-1120639877_i_9375_full.jpg[/url]

Bio: She left home when she was 15. Her parents both died in thw war. and with no one to stay with, she had to get a job to pay for food and a roof over her head. Thats when she met Agatha, her friend whom is giving her house and board.
She is still dealing with the pain of losing her parents, and she can be very quiet because she has flashbakcs and premonitions. She still likes to kill....
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Name: Cliff Stryfe

Age: 21

Weapon: two large 6ft long swords

Personality: He is fearless,Quiet and serious about things.

Race: Angel

Bio: He managed to escape the descruction os Asgard. He also seeks revenge on the destroyer. He wanders around the world looking for the other angels that survived. He look for the angels thats seeks revenge on the destroyer of Asgard.

With Black wings and a beaded necklace and
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